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#audio drama
ophanir · 16 hours ago
All right. Okay. Something a little, uh, experimental? I love outsider POV fic, and I’ve been listening to wall to wall podcasts for the past month. So...yeah.
Summary: Ms Emilia Bishop, Assistant to Dr Taylor, Woman of Letters, has been tasked with recording for posterity statements given to the field research teams in the UK over the past 50 years. This latest one has been selected for its relevancy to the field of archangelic study. 
A woman suspected of murdering the man that conned her and her late husband out of their life savings and business, relates her story to a Men of Letters field researcher. She speaks of how she came to be a suspect, and how she encountered a man of unknown origin and identity whose presence at the scene of the murder made no sense.
[[If you notice a distinct similarity between the episode format of The Magnus Archives and this, then you are 100% correct. Call it an homage, or call it my lack of imagination!]]
Sorry for my terrible voice but I’m not a professional voice actor. :D
CONTENT WARNINGS!!: Death, accidental death, murder, attempted murder, financial difficulties, blackmail, past death of spouse, accusations of adultery, occasional mild cursing.
Full transcript available here.
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spiritboxradio · 2 days ago
Spirit Box Radio is Crowdfunding for Season Two!!
Tumblr media
Atmospheric and engaging, Spirit Box Radio is an audio drama which will lull you into a false sense of security before pulling the rug from under your feet. If you loved the creeping sense of unease of The Magnus Archives, the weird whimsy of Welcome to Night Vale and the LGBTQ+ representation of Hello from the Hallowoods, you'll love Spirit Box Radio.
Now launching it's second season, Spirit Box Radio has been shortlisted for a People's Choice Podcast award for Season One. The full cast and original creator are back, and determined to make Season Two even better.
Donate £20 (or equivalent in your currency)
Check out the crowdfunder page
More info under the cut, plus at the bottom a more detailed Image ID than the ALT description has space for!!
Tumblr media
Spirit Box Radio is an indie horror audio drama which follows Sam Enfield, the unlikely host of Spirit Box Radio, a show for witches, arcanists, and the magically-inclined. Sam took over the show after the mysterious disappearance of his mother, the Illustrious Madame Marie, a renowned psychic. With no penchant for the Arcane Arts, Sam struggles to find his feet, and as he does, he discovers that Spirit Box Radio may be haunted by something much worse than ghosts: secrets.
Season One followed the mystery of Madame Marie's disappearance and uncovered Sam Enfield's true place in the conspiracy surrounding it. In Season Two, Sam, his sisters - sardonic Kitty and cynical Anna - and his snarky immortal boyfriend will try to unearth the mystery of the Man Who Walks Here and There (AKA The Man in the Flat Cap and Shell Suit, or The King of the Blood Rose Crown) whose many titles are found under almost every stone they turn. It's a story steeped in mystery, horror, trauma and grief, with plenty of softness on the side.
The show is made primarily by its creator, Pippin Eira Major, who wrote, directed and edited every episode in Season One.
Tumblr media
Spirit Box Radio wouldn't be possible without the incredible cast of the show. Now 15 Voice Actors strong, the cast of Spirit Box Radio brings to life an array of characters, including; a shady but eloquent florist who cant be trusted; an Ominous Phone Guy; a trio of Inconvenient and malevolent entities; and numerous others.
Just like the characters in the show, our cast is mostly LGBTQ+ and many of us are young and trying to break into the industry. Here's who we are:
Pippin Eira Major (he/they) as Samael Apollo ‘Sam’ Enfield
Jessie Jeffrey (she/her) as Ekaterina Erzabet ‘Kitty the Investigator’ Enfield
Alex Peilober-Richardson (she/her) as Anastasia Morgana ‘Anna’ Enfield
Will Cummings (he/him) as Oliver ‘the Florist’ Boleyn
Billy Bray (he/they) as Scourge
Beca Barton (she/they) as Indi
Tais Grimberg (she/her) as Bliss
Kay Watson (he/she/they) as Ingra
Ellie Ripley (she/they) as ‘the Bog Witch’ Rhytidia Delphus and Stykler Snr.
Daisy Major (she/they) as Regular Caller Beth
Elinor Wood (they/them) as Additional Voice
Gary Major (he/him) as Additional Voice
Mars J Brown (she/them) as Stykler Jnr.
Rose Eke (she/her) as the Mystery Caller
Freya Meldrum (she/her) as Show-Caller Emily
If this crowdfunder is successful, we're also hoping to add five more fantastic VAs to our cast!
Tumblr media
Being such a tiny studio, Hanging Sloths can't afford to compensate our cast for their amazing work and provided the amazing performaces you hear in Season One on a voluntary basis. They've all agreed to come back for Season Two on a Profit Share model, where they'll all get a percentage of the money made on this crowdfunder. Here's a handy graphic breaking that down:
Tumblr media
Our main priority is to make sure the cast are making something for their hard work on the show. Up to our main goal amount, we'll be splitting the money like this:
- 50% towards the actors' profit share (which exludes me, Pippin)
- 25% towards guest writers and directors
- 25% towards other essential costs including hosting the show on Acast.
Our initial goal amount (£2500) has been worked out to make sure everyone (besides Pippin) who is providing acting, directing or writing for the show can be paid an industry standard amount.
If we don't make our full goal, whatever we DO make will be divided up according to the percentages you see above!
Anything made above that will go towards compensating Pippin for his work on the show, too.
A brief personal statement from Pippin on why the payment is being structured this way:
'As creator of the show, it's my main concern that everyone else who provides Voice Acting talent, writing, and directing is priotised for the amazing work they do. If we're able to raise enough that I can start to compensate myself, too, that would be amazing, but the main focus is on raising enough funds for everyone else.'
Tumblr media
Please ensure you add your email to your pledge so we can contact you about your rewards!
Any amount - a huge thank you from the entire cast and crew of Spirit Box Radio Season Two! You're helping make indie audio drama happen.
£5.00 - your name in the credits of one of the first episodes of Spirit Box Radio Season Two
£10.00 - Name a Faithful Listener! Choose your name or any you can think of to be a writer or forum user in the show.
£20.00 - Advanced Edition of the Spirit Box Radio Season Two Official Soundtrack!
£40.00 - All the rewards above, PLUS a copy of the Spirit Box Season One Soundtrack
£50.00 - All the rewards above, PLUS annotated scripts for episode one (on day of episode release)
£100.00 - All the rewards, PLUS a personalised letter from Pippin, creator of the show.
£200.00 - All of the rewards, PLUS a private chat with Pippin (limited to 3) (no you don't have to chat with me directly if you don't wanna!)
£500.00 - All of the rewards, PLUS a producer credit on the show
Tumblr media
This short, extra episode will be fully sound-scaped and completely finished, and will be set in the gap between Season One and Season Two.
A digital collection of short stories penned by show creator Pippin Eira Major, telling tales from the as-yet mysterious past of the immortal florist, Oliver Boleyn. Amongst these tales will be stories from his time at the palace of Versailles, a chance meeting with a renowned poet which may or may not have led to the creation of a certain book about a particular cursed painting, and a perilous voyage at sea.
In this bonus Mini-Sode where Rhytidia Delphus (voiced by the spectacular Ripley) will host an episode of the Enlightenment Segment (or so she thinks).
A short, bonus musical episode of Spirit Box Radio, with original songs written by Maybe Wednesday and performed by members of the cast of the show.
Donate £20 (or equivalent in your currency)
Check out the crowdfunder page
[IMAGE ID: a square image of the words 'Spirit box radio' glowing in blue, like a neon sign. it's on top of a glowing yellow pentagram, trapped inside a more brightly glowing yelllow circle. behind these, a red splatter of blood. Around the circle, glowing in pale purple, a variety of stars and sparkles around 'Season Two'. Under this image, glowing yellow, it reads 'Crowdfunding now'. The background is deep purple, broken by teal grey constellations and a pair of hands, cradling the neon words from behind. END IMAGE ID] [BANNER IMAGES: Puple backgrounds with pale consetellations and yellow neon caps-locked words as described in the Alt Text]
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daitsuu · 20 hours ago
Nijimura Audio Drama Translation
Nijimura: Oi! If you have nothing to do, then go make rounds outside!
Members: Understood!
Akashi: Nijimura-san, about the groupings of the next game–
Nijimura: Oi Akashi.
Akashi: Yes?
Nijimura: What’s up with Haizaki?
Akashi: Oh, I didn’t see him since the morning today.
Nijimura: Oh yeah? I haven’t seen him since yesterday.
Akashi: Oh.
Nijimura: That’s weird. I didn’t see him the day before yesterday either. Can you please remind me what club he was a member of?
Hey! Has anyone seen Haizaki in school grounds today?
Kuroko: Um, we’ve passed each other in the corridors during lunch break.
Nijimura: I see, so he came to school huh? But he’s just slacking off of club activities. Haizaki….. Today, I’m definitely NOT going to show you mercy!
Kuroko: Haizaki kun. I wonder why he won’t come to club activities.
Akashi: Who knows. But even still, he’s a member of the first string. If his unauthorized absence continues, it’s going to leave an effect on the whole team’s morale. I think it’s about time for me to warn him directly about this.
Nijimura: Oi Akashi! Kuroko! Do you guys have any idea about places Haizaki is likely to go to?
Akashi: Kuroko, can you think of something?
Kuroko: Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen him one time at a game center after practice before. I don’t know if he’s there today too though.
Nijimura: Ho, a game center huh.
[At the Game Center]
Haizaki: Right… Right… Right… Yes!!  And just a little bit farther… Oh, it’s looking good! OH YES I CAUGHT IT!! COME TO ME, COME TO ME!
…Huh? Why the hell did you fall off at that place, I had you grabbed so good! What the fuck! They’re definitely making it loose on purpose!!
*starts to kick the crane machine*
Nijimura: Oi, oi. Don’t put the blame on the machine just because you suck, shithead.
Haizaki: Ha? Don’t you talk down on me. Come here and say that to my face!!
Nijimura: “Come here?” Since I’m in this place because I have some business with you, it’s actually a perfect opportunity.
Haizaki: !!!!! ….Nijimura….san
Nijimura: It’s good to know you haven’t forgotten my face and my name. So is it alright to assume you already know what I came here to tell you?
Haizaki: W-who knows?
*starts walking away*
Nijimura: I took the trouble to come all the way here to see you and you’re already leaving? That makes me sad.
Haizaki: Ha? To see me?
Nijimura: Yeah! Even if I look like this, I’m the captain of the Teikou Basketball team after all.
Haizaki: Hah. Did you come here to sermon me or something. You guys can still do club activities without me there right? Just leave me alone.
Nijimura: Pfft… Hahaha! That line of yours is too transparent.
Haizaki: What?
Nijimura: You slack off non-stop from club activities to get attention to yourself right? Aw, it’s alright, I won’t leave you alone. You sure are a “kamatte-chan”.
Haizaki: Don’t fuck with me!!
*attempts to punch Nijimura*
Nijimura: Oh? That was a better punch than I expected.
…..However, that won’t work on me.
[Probably in the Lunch Hall]
Haizaki: Ugh.. Ouch…
Akashi: This seat.. Isn’t taken, correct?
Haizaki: Ha? ……Akashi. It IS taken.
Akashi: I see.
*sits down*
Haizaki: I said the seat is taken! ……Damn it
Akashi: What happened with those injuries on your face?
Haizaki: So noisy, it has got nothing to do with you.
Akashi: Were you at the game center yesterday?
Haizaki: Tsk.
Akashi: I see. Then this will make things faster. Club activities for today will involve a practice match of first years vs second years. Please make sure to attend.
Haizaki: Ha? Don’t order me around. Who the hell do you think you are?
Akashi: I am simply fulfilling my duties as the vice captain.
Haizaki: Aaaaahhhh yes sir, is that so Mr. Vice Captain sir, thank you very much for taking the trouble!
Akashi: …….. Haizaki. What is the reason behind you not attending practices?
Haizaki: Reason…? I don’t have one. I just felt like it.
Akashi: If you have no plans on even attending the club, then you could always just quit, couldn’t you? Your slacking off has come to a point that it leaves a bad influence on the team.
Haizaki: Stop putting the blame on me.
Akashi: I heard that you started a quarrel with people from a different school the other day as well when you were wandering about. Learn to be more prudent before the problem gets out of hand.
Akashi: Haizaki! What will you do about club today?
Haizaki: Heh. I was actually thinking about showing my face a little bit but I changed my mind. All thanks to you.
Akashi: …………..
[After club activities]
Nijimura: Hai…za…ki!
Akashi: The cleaning and locking of the gymnasium is finished.
Nijimura: Ou. Thanks for your hardwork.
Akashi: Nijimura san, if it’s paperwork, please let me do it.
Nijimura: Huh? Oh, okay. Then, I’ll leave the continuation to you.
Akashi: …..So in the end, he didn’t show up did he? Haizaki, I mean.
Nijimura: Breaking his promise with me, that bastard. I should’ve punched him two or three more times!!
*Akashi laughs*
Nijimura: Well, that only means we have to do something about him again but anyway, how was the first year vs. second year match today?
Akashi: Yes… For the team with only the firs years, I think that the balance of fighting power among the members is close to being at the tipping point/danger zone. Moreover, with Kuroko’s participation, we are now able to create a change in the flow of the game. However at this point in time, we are not able to take full advantage of this change.
Nijimura: Yeah, since there are no players with a style like Kuroko’s… So it means that the ones playing with him must develop a technique themselves to go along with it.
Akashi: While we’re at this point, Aomine on the other hand, is able to go all out with his own playing style thanks to Kuroko’s invisible passes. In today’s match, his speed greatly improved.
Nijimura: He always practiced with Kuroko even before he came to the first string right? Either they’re in tune with one another or he’s just excited. It’s just like the straightforward idiot he is, isn’t it?
Akashi: On the other hand, Murasakibara is harboring annoyance.
Nijimura: Huh?
Akashi: Endurance, experience… It seems he feels a lack in Kuroko who is yet to catch up with the first strings regarding those matters.
Nijimura: Hm.
Akashi: Because of this, the snacks are disappearing at a rate that is 1.5x faster than before.
Nijimura: Stress-eating!? Really… His body is so huge but he’s really just a brat. He should be a little bit more stoic like Midorima– well, that’s not gonna happen.
Akashi: Since Midorima and Murasakibara’s personalities are quite polar opposites aren’t they?
Nijimura: Well, Midorima being Midorima is too absorbed in his own thing that he lacks awareness of his surroundings too.
….and he seems to be always holding weird things???
Akashi: They’re Oha Asa lucky items.
Nijimura: *Sighs* Really…. you guys are all so troublesome.
[Kuroko texting]
Kuroko: Hmm I wonder if this is too long for a message… Alright, this is about it. Pressing send…
*phone rings*
Kuroko: This is a ringtone right? Hello?
[ Ogiwara: Kuroko! ]
Kuroko: Ogiwara kun! Hajimemashite!
[ Ogiwara: What??? ]
Kuroko: Ahh, sorry. I mean, in a talking-on-the-phone kind of way.
[ Ogiwara: Oh I see. If you say it that way, it gets kind of embarrassing. ]  
Kuroko: The call came all of a sudden so I kind of panicked.  ]
[ Ogiwara: Haha, sorry. It’s because just when I was trying to send an e-mail, your message to me arrived so… I got so happy I called you without thinking. ]  
Kuroko: Did you receive my message?
[ Ogiwara: Yup! I received it. ]
Kuroko: That’s great to hear. Since we used written letters until now, I’m still not used to this.
[ Ogiwara: I’ll be your practice buddy so keep on sending me messages and calls, alright? ]
Kuroko: Okay!
[ Ogiwara: So, how have you been recently? Since going up the Teikou’s first string! ]
Kuroko: I feel like I’ll vomit. Actually, I do vomit.
[ Ogiwara: EH!? ]
Kuroko: The practices are so many times harder than the third string’s and it takes all of my ability just to finish them. Just remembering makes me go…. ugh—
[ Ogiwara: Oi oi oi are you alright? ]
Kuroko: Yes
[ Ogiwara: You get a feeling like… “that’s Teikou Middle School for you” right? No wonder they’re so strong. ]
Kuroko: Everyone accomplishes those kinds of practices as if it’s just everyday routine and it’s really amazing.
[ Ogiwara: But Kuroko, even before you were still in the third string, you did your best more than anyone to the point of doing independent practices, right? So you’ll definitely catch up to them one day! ]
Kuroko: Aomine kun told me the same thing before. You two definitely are similar in some ways.
[ Ogiwara: Aomine? Oooohh that friend you told me about before who’s really awesome at basketball? ]
Kuroko: Yes! Even in among the first string, his abilities are far superior. But during times I’m feeling down, he’s someone who will casually just keep his pace to match mine.
[ Ogiwara: I see. It’s nice to hear you have a friend who you can count on. ]  
Kuroko: Oh yeah, he bought me ice cream on the way home from practice before.
[ Ogiwara: Ice cream???? Even though it’s this cold?? ]
Kuroko: That day, I was so exhausted and down because I really couldn’t keep up with the day’s practice so he went “well, just eat it out”
[ Ogiwara: Oh, I see! ]
Kuroko: I thought that it was to resupply sugar into my system and to cool me down…
[ Ogiwara: Hmmmmm, somehow, I feel like he didn’t really think about stuff like that? ]
Kuroko: When you put it that way… I really did start to think it may be the case.
[ Ogiwara: Hahaha! But he really is a good guy isn’t he, that Aomine. Well that means at least, that you are able to be a first string member without being brought down no matter how hard the practices are. ]
Kuroko: Yes! How is going on your end, Ogiwara kun?
[ Ogiwara: Oh! Well for me, even if it’s just little by little, they’re starting to include me in the starters. ]
Kuroko: Starters? That’s amazing!
[ Ogiwara: Even so, it’s because there are a lot of practice matches where the opponent also uses first years. ]  
Kuroko: Even still, I think it’s amazing that you’re selected among the many first year members.
[ Ogiwara: I’m happy just being able to go out and play in the match but when the cooperative moves we’ve experimented on during practices actually work in the match itself, it really is the best feeling. It’s as if you were able to prove the greatness of teamwork. ]
Kuroko: Teamwork…
[ Ogiwara: Hmm? Is there something wrong? ]
Kuroko: Actually, there’s someone in the first string who doesn’t really come to practice often. He’s also a first year, you see.
[ Ogiwara: Ahh, so there really are people who find the practices too hard and back out of frustration? ]
Kuroko: Oh no, actually he’s a player that’s good enough to be chosen as a regular. But then for some reason, he just keeps slacking off of club activities.
[ Ogiwara: What’s up with that? Did he have a fight with a teammate or something? Or like his parents got mad at him because his grades went down because of too much balling? Did you try to hear his reasoning? ]
Kuroko: Well, I’ve never asked him directly myself but it seems that all he does is play around after school when he slacks off of practice so I really don’t think that’s it.
[ Ogiwara: Then… It really is just purely slacking off? Hmmm… No matter how good he was that he was able to be a freshman first string member in Teikou, if he keeps slacking off, won’t he be left behind by others? Does it mean he doesn’t care about that? ]
Kuroko: I think it isn’t like that but…
[ Ogiwara: Hmm but even while slacking off, he doesn’t quit the club. So that doesn’t mean that he has come to hate basketball either, right? Hmmmm… I don’t really know but if he likes basketball, he’ll probably come back. ]
Kuroko: If he likes baskeball….. I guess you’re right.
[Haizaki in stealth mode after school]
Haizaki: *Sigh* it seems I was able to go undetected but if someone from the basketball club sees me, I’ll be 100% scolded. I’m having none of that today!
Voice: Heeeeh. Who’s going to scold you, you said?
Haizaki: That hot-headed captain.
Voice: What are you having none of, you said?
Haizaki: Getting beat up, of cours— ahhh!!
Nijimura: You never learn do you?
Haizaki: Ni, Niji—
Nijimura: Oh hey there, I’m Nijimura san, that hot-headed captain! I was contemplating on how you didn’t keep our promise yesterday so I went out of my way to wait for you right here! If I remember correctly, we were supposed to have already met at the gymnasium yesterday, right? HAIZAKI? *cracks knuckles*
Haizaki: You bastard…
Nijimura: Who did you call a bastard?
Haizaki: Eh!?
Nijimura: Thanks for making a fool out of me. Come to the practice this instant!
Haizaki: Shut up! Always picking on me like a target!! Let me say this to you today as well!!
Nijimura: Oh, do tell!!
Nijimura: You— don’t screw around with me!!!!!!!
Nijimura: Don’t you run away from me Haizaki!!!!!
Haizaki: You’re so persistent!!! It’s because you keep chasing me!!!!!
Nijimura: Don’t try to reason out with me!!!!
*Haizaki trips and falls*
Nijimura: Haizaki!!! Oi, are you alright? You didn’t sprain your arm or your leg?
Haizaki: You… Just the day before yesterday you beat me up and now you say these things!?
Nijimura: Isn’t it obvious I didn’t go all out on you at that time? Don’t put it on the same thing as you just simply tripping and falling.
Haizaki: You held back on me?!
Nijimura: Oh? Those are nice eyes.
Haizaki: Just as you said, don’t make a fool out of people! I’m gonna beat you up!!
Nijimura: Well isn’t that perfect, come at me!!
*Haizaki and Nijimura go at each other and Haizaki is beat up*
Nijimura: Well, you fight good but you’re still a hundred years too early to be my serious opponent.
Haizaki: Damn it…
Nijimura: Haizaki, don’t run away anymore.
Haizaki: I’m not running from anything—
Nijimura: Not about fighting you idiot. Hey, Haizaki. Why don’t you try to face basketball honestly for once?
Nijimura: ………….Ah? He passed out. *Sigh* so troublesome, geez!!
[Teikou gymnasium]
Nijimura: Ossu!!
Akashi: Nijimura san?
*Haizaki groaning in the background*
Akashi: ……? Nijimura san, could that be….
Nijimura: Yup! Hey, where are your greetings?
Haizaki: ‘Sup…..
Kuroko: (His face…. is nothing like how it originally looked like)
Nijimura: You know this guy gets really energetic and runs around all excited when he sees my face so I also did my best to bring him here!
Akashi: But….. In his state now….
Nijimura: Oh pish posh, right Haizaki? You’re super excited to be able to join practice after all this time right?
Haizaki: Yeeess……
Nijimura: Yup, that’s a nice response! Well anyway, why don’t you go join that mini game over there! Off you go!
Haizaki: OWW!!
Nijimura: Haizaki!! That was your return wasn’t it!
Haizaki: Ahh damn! Give it to me!!
*shoots ball*
Haizaki: Yeah that’s how it goes!
Nijimura: Don’t go putting on a smug face just because you made one shot! If you have time for that then get back as soon as you can!!
Haizaki: Yes, sir!!
Kuroko: Haizaki kun….. He really is good.
Akashi: That’s what you think?
Kuroko: Eh?
Akashi: He indeed has abilities that is superior than the norm, however, the ball is not going to him in a way it can be most put into effect. It’s undeniable that there’s a lack of cooperation.
Kuroko: That means that indeed, there’s a fundamental lack of practice, right? However rather than Haizaki kun, it looks like it’s the other players who are feeling uncertain about Haizaki kun’s play style.
Akashi: So you did see through it, Kuroko. It means that Haizaki slacking’s off has begun to show its effects.
Kuroko: So it’s good that the captain was able to drag him here even while he used excessive measures, isn’t it?
……Akashi kun?
Akashi: Don’t you think…. Nijimura san is a little too hung-up on Haizaki?
Kuroko: Hung-up?
Akashi: Nijimura san has an eye for people. He has from the beginning a rather correct evaluation about me, and he knew about how you worked harder than anyone else in secret. But… He’s different towards Haizaki. Even while knowing that there’s a high probability of him leaving negative effects on the team, he’s made it so that cutting him loose won’t be an option from the very beginning.
Is there any good in letting the Haizaki the way he is now, stay on the team even to the point of resorting to violence?
Kuroko: Akashi kun…
*Nijimura humming*
Akashi: I’ve locked the doors to the gymnasium. I’ve gone and returned the keys to the faculty room.
Nijimura: Oh! Thanks!
Akashi: Nijimura san…. I told you, I’ll do the paperworks.
Nijimura: Oh? Well, I’m feeling rather good today because we were able to practice with the complete set of first string members after a long time so…. since I’m almost done, you can go ahead of me if you want.
Akashi: ….
Nijimura: What’s wrong? You’re not going home?
Akashi: I have something I wanted to ask Nijimura san. Is it alright?
Nijimura: I don’t mind.
Akashi: It’s about Haizaki.
[ Ogiwara: Oh yeah, about that guy you said who always slacked off of practice… ]
Kuroko: You mean Haizaki kun?
[ Ogiwara: Did he come to club today? ]
Kuroko: Well, yes, in a way.
[ Ogiwara: “In a way”? What’s that supposed to mean. ]
Kuroko: Captain went and beat Haizaki kun up and dragged him back when he was about to go home and slack off again.
[ Ogiwara: “Beat up”!? You mean with fists? ]
Kuroko: His face looked so horrible. To think Nijimura san was that strong…
[Ogiwara: Nijimura? Eh, Nijimura…. You mean that blond haired Nijimura san? ]
Kuroko: Eh? Captain isn’t blond.
[ Ogiwara: Hmm could it be a different person? But then the last name “Nijimura” is rather rare… So that just means it just isn’t at the present? ]  
Kuroko: Ogiwara kun… You know our captain?
[ Ogiwara: Well, during elementary school, I actually watched a Teikou match once. When I did, there was this person who was a starter while being a freshman and he was so incredibly strong. That person was called “Nijimura”. ]  
Kuroko: He was blond that time?  
[ Ogiwara: Yeah yeah. Honestly though, his attitude during the matches weren’t really the best… Like he’s arrogant just because he’s good? He lashed out even when the people he’s talking to are his seniors…  ]
Kuroko: Nijimura san… Arrogant?
[ Ogiwara: So he’s the captain huh. It’s rather unexpected! ]  
Kuroko: Well for me though, the story you told me now is the one that’s unexpected.
[ Ogiwara: Really? ]
Kuroko: Yes. Nijimura san is someone who can boast great faith from the coach and he listens to our opinions even if we are his juniors. Even to Haizaki kun.. Well, the means are quite, you know… But he tries his best to bring him to practice… It’s a very different image than what Ogiwara kun knows. Besides, he has black hair now.
[ Ogiwara: Hooooh. Then maybe… Some things might have also happened with Nijimura san since that time. ]
Akashi: What did Nijimura san think about Haizaki in the practice today?
Nijimura: Well, for someone who doesn’t go to practice, his movements weren’t dull. He isn’t on Aomine’s level, but his instinct and skills to bring the ball to the goal without any qualms haven’t changed.
Akashi: Hm
Nijimura: But that’s in the end, his individual ability. He missed numerous easier and more ideal chances to get the ball into the goal. There’s also that angle where you know the others hesitated to pass the ball to Haizaki but that guy doesn’t look at his surroundings to begin with. I guess his egocentricity did him a little good here.
Akashi: So you did notice.
Nijimura: It seems you are wanting to say something. Tell me. You don’t have to hold back.
Akashi: Haizaki’s bad conduct, isn’t just his own personal problem– it is beginning to leave quite a tangible effect on the team as a whole. Even if you tell them not to mind, distrust is something that grows stronger. After all, isn’t Haizaki’s reason for slacking off in the end just pure laziness? If he doesn’t respond to repeated warnings, then I think that the effort Nijimura san goes out of his way to put on him is just a waste.
Nijimura: Heh, you didn’t really hold back at all.
Akashi: In my opinion, I think that the faster we cut Haizaki off, the better it will be for the team.
Nijimura: Well, for the team, that may be the correct decision. But hey, can you give it a little more time?
Akashi: ….
Nijimura: To you who is capable and is able to walk in a straight line in life, someone who is aimless and who always postpones the answers might just seem “lazy”. But for me, his slacking off seems like an escape.
Akashi: Escape?
Nijimura: To never be ordered around, he’s walking around living selfishly but he’s probably just frightened to be bound to one place.
Akashi: I somehow sense some first-hand experience/feeling into what you said.
Nijimura: Hahaha, seriously you’re too sharp! Well, you can say that when I was in first year, I was also a bit sharp around some edges. When I look at Haizaki roaming aimlessly, I kind of remember myself and get embarrassed.
Akashi: So in other words, Nijimura san is projecting himself onto Haizaki? Therefore you think he’s going to change like you one day?
Nijimura: You really say it so bluntly. Well yeah, that’s probably it. Haizaki’s reason for joining the basketball team could probably just be because he’s just better at it than others. But then, why do you think he doesn’t quit if he just keeps slacking off?
Akashi: ….
Nijimura: Well, let’s go home. But you know I’m kind of hungry so maybe I’ll buy some meat bun from the convenience store? Do you want to come along, Akashi?
Akashi: Isn’t it already time for dinner by the time we arrive home?
Nijimura: Oi oi Obocchan. Don’t tell me you’ve never just went out and bought food to eat? There is a different room for these foods in the stomach apart from the one for dinner! It’s delicious because you eat it while going home.
Alright! I’m going to initiate you into the art of buying these foods so let’s get going!
Akashi: Nijimura san! I’m not exactly hungry…
Nijimura: This is my treat, don’t be shy!
Nijimura: Kuroko! Your right leg wasn’t raised enough in your take-off!
Kuroko: I apologize!
Haizaki: Hey, lameass.
Kuroko: Haizaki ku–
Haizaki: Give it to me.
Akashi: !? Haizaki
Nijimura: You’re late, Haizaki! Hurry up and go get changed!
Haizaki: *Sigh*
Nijimura: Answer!
Haizaki: Yes sir!
Akashi: Did you do something, Nijimura san? To think Haizaki will come to practice on his own…
Nijimura: Who knows? Maybe he’s learned his lesson after being beaten up too many times?
Akashi: I don’t see the merit on both sides in using force on Haizaki to practice –
Nijimura: I will force him, Akashi. As long as he’s in the basketball club.
Akashi: ….Why?
Nijimura: Because… I’m the Captain of Teikou. However, it’s up to him from now on if he will change or not.
Akashi: Is that Nijimura san’s way…?
Nijimura: Yes it is. But don’t worry. I won’t tell you to do the same thing as me.
Akashi: ….
Nijimura: Well, I’m not gonna tell you to copy this *cracks fist*
Today, I’m gonna have you pay the debt for all the times you’ve slacked off until now!! Prepare yourself, Haizaki!!!!!
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junosteelyourgirl · 8 days ago
cecil “we are not history yet. we are happening now. how miraculous is that?” gershwin palmer vs buddy “we are not legends either. we’re better. a legend is an old story, a dead thing, frozen forever. and we are very much alive” aurinko
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onigiriico · a month ago
Mikoto Audio Drama – English TL
I got possessed by my own Mikoto brainrot and stayed up until 5 am translating this, so here you go 😂😅 I apologize in advance for any potential mistakes, my Japanese is far from perfect agdhsvdbs
⬇️ translation under the cut ⬇️
M: (sighs) What am I doing in a place like this…?
E: Yeah, I wonder.
M: Woah! 
E: Well, figuring that out is Milgram's task anyway.
M: Come on, don't startle me like that, Warden-kun…! Isn't it basic manners to knock on the door before you enter?
E: Shut up. Don't talk back.
M: You're always so bossy...!
E: (sigh) We're going to start your interrogation, inmate no.9, Mikoto.
M: No, no– you might be saying "interrogation", but I already told you, there's not really anything I'm hiding.
E: Your name and age?
M: Uh… Mikoto Kayano, 23. Wait, no! I've been wanting to talk to you this whole time, Warden-kun!
E: What is it? Make it short.
M: Alright… when is this whole thing going to end?
E: Hah?
M: No, it's obvious, isn't it?! Suddenly being dragged to a place like this, being told all this weird stuff about killers and all that– is this some kind of comedy? A reality TV show? One of those monitoring things? I've been holding on to that thought this whole time, and that was also the reason I tried to get along with the others, y'know – because that'll look better on a TV show, right?! – but look, this is stretching out for way too long…! What's up with this?
E: (sigh) You really still believe that? That Milgram is some kind of joke?
M: I do! Of course I do! I mean… I really don't remember. Even if you talk about sins or murderers– I don't know about any of that! I'm just a normal worker at a company…
E: Hmm…
M: What? Why are you smiling like that when someone's just having an honest conversation with you?
E: (huff) Now that I think about it… this is the first time I see an inmate who acts like they have no memory of what they've done.
M: it's not an act! Seriously! I seriously don't know! See? Look into my eyes! See?!
E: Don't touch me like we're friends.
M: No, really, just properly look at me!
E: (sigh) Hmm~
M: So? I'm telling the truth, right?
E: Like I know. Did you expect me to say something like "if you were lying, you wouldn't be able to meet my eyes"? My judgement of you doesn't rely on naïve ideas like that.
M: Ugh, c'mon…! (pause) Hm? No, wait a sec. Even you don't actually know what I've done, right? 
E: Yeah, I have no clue.
M: What's with that?! Aren't you getting ahead of yourself then, just labelling me a murderer like that?
E: I'm not. Milgram tells me that you did it. That's enough for me.
M: Why are you just blindly believing that? There's no way of talking(/getting through) to you…! (sigh) Anyway. I really don't know anything! Nor have I killed anybody, or done anything bad! I was just living an ordinary, everyday life… and yet I got dragged into something this weird! (slamd hands on the desk) Of course I want to think of all this as a joke…! Wouldn't anyone?
E: (noncommittal hum)
M: I have my own life, you know? And I just got accepted into the company that I was aiming for… If I get fired, you'll have to take responsibility for that.
E: I see. Interesting.
M: Is that something you should find 'interesting'?!
E: (clap) Fine. I'll humor you and your view on things  – all of this is just an experiment. Mikoto, you have done nothing wrong.
M: Yeah! That's exactly it, Warden-kun!
E: Just for now. For now, let's not think of you as inmate no.9 Mikoto, but… let's see… yeah, just as Mikoto-kun.
M: I like that! Let's go with Mikoto-kun! I'll also act more familiar with you by calling you Suu-kun– (?? probably as a short form of "Esu" 😂)
E: No, thank you. Don't get cocky.
M: Eh–
E: In return for my going along with you, accept every one of my words as the truth. Milgram is not a show of any kind, it is reality.
M: Mhh… like… the stuff about this being a facility full of killers and all that? And about their crimes being showcased through songs and videos?
E: Exactly. Following what you said, everyone here other than you has committed murder.
M: Being locked up in a place like that sounds too awful…! None of the others really look the part, either. Listen, there's even a primary schooler here.
E: (sigh) You'll be better off not saying that to Amane's face. That'd turn into trouble.
M: Huh? Why?
E: Well. It's not like I don't get what you mean. I'm stunned too, doing these interrogations. Your impressions of people can really pull you along. (???)
M: See? Like, Yun-chan and Mucchan are just highschool girls, Haru-kun looks like someone who can't hurt a fly, and Futa would be an umbrella thief at worst. Then there's Mappi, who is just a nice person– well, and well… Kazu-san and Shidou-san and… Koto-chan do kind of seem like they could do some bad things, I guess.
E: (sigh) Those are your personal impressions, Mikoto-kun. But those are the people that Milgram chose. They've all without a doubt been involved in someone else's death.
M: Hmm… well… Okay, fine. I'll believe it for now.
E: Alright, then. For someone innocent like Mikoto-kun to be chosen as well… what do you think could've been the reason for that?
M: Uhm… they got the wrong person.
E: Oh?
M: I can't imagine that they know the details of what we look like. Mistaking me for someone in terms of gender or clothing style... something along those lines.
E: So Milgram made a mistake, is what you're suggesting?
M: Yeah, exactly. There's no other option that I can think of.
E: Is that so? I have another idea. You have forgotten that you've killed someone.
M: ...Huh? 'Forgotten'? About killing someone? Is that even a thing?
E: You're not lying. Milgram is always right. If both of those statements are true, it's only natural to arrive at that conclusion, isn't it?
M: Forgotten? Me…? About killing someone?
E: To get rid of [psychological] stress, humans may repress certain memories as a coping mechanism. It's not unheard of.
M: S-stress? (laugh) No, no. (heavy breathing) Killing someone without even knowing it… there's no way…!
E: If I believe you, there's no other logical conclusion, since I still prioritize my faith in Milgram over your statements. There is no way I would question that.
M: No… no, no…!
E: As the warden, my judgement is... that you are a murderer.
M: No way, no way–! Time out, time out! Stop it! (scratches head(?)) Saying all those awful things…!
E: (sigh)
M: Becoming a murderer… without even knowing it…? There's no way, no way…
E: Let's give it some time. The threads of your memory might untangle themselves eventually.
M: (gasping / choking(?) for air)
E: A murderer without memory of killing… in which case, how should I think of you… Hey, Mikoto–
M: (screaming)
(Mikoto starts to attack Es)
E: What is–? Mikoto?
M: (heavy breathing/growling)
E: (cough) You… attacked me…? No way… That can't be…
M: (more heavy breaths) Fuck… Fuck…! Stop pissing me off!
E: There should be no way– for a prisoner to attack me–!
M: Shut your mouth!
E: (gasp)
M: You keep blabbering on and on… I'm gonna fucking kill you, you piece of shit!
(he continues to hit them)
M: Going on, and on, and on… all high and mighty… like you aren't just a kid! Serves you fucking right!
E: ...emember...
M: Huh? I can't hear you. You're no more than an unimportant brat.
E: Remember… your murder…!
M: Huh?! (laughter) You prefer it when it hurts more, huh? (Es gasps) That's fine. I'll beat you up all you want.
E: Go ahead… and try…
M: You don't need to tell me twice! (screams)
(Kotoko interrupts & kicks? punches? Mikoto idk honestly)
M: What's with you…?!
E: You…
K: I saved your life, didn't I, Warden-san?
E: Kotoko… Why?
K: We can talk later.
E: (gasp)
M: One like the other… You're pissing me off!!
(Mikoto and Kotoko proceed to throw punches at each other for a while)
M: Don't fucking mess around with me…!
K: Your technique is definitely that of an amateur… (?? she adds something about his amount of muscle / how he uses it)
M: Annoying… you're annoying…! Argh…!
K: I could be saying the same.
(they continue, Kotoko eventually knocks Mikoto out)
E: Knocked him out… with one hit…?
K: Be grateful to me. You got banged up pretty badly as is. Are you okay, Warden-san?
E: (cough) Kotoko… you…
K: What?
E: Did you… sneak in before the interrogation…?
K: Huh? You don't intend to accuse me of anything, do you? If I hadn't intervened, you would've ended up dead.
E: Why… were you in the interrogation room…?
K: I've already noticed Mikoto Kayano's weird behavior a while ago, and since I'm in the room right next to his, I kept an eye on him.
E: Why did you save me…?
K: Because your existence is helpful to me.
E: That's… not an explanation…
K: I guess you're right. I'll be answering that question when it's my turn.
E: Damn it… Mikoto… Suddenly lashing out like that…
K: Warden-san, look over here.
E: What is it now, Kotoko–?
(Kotoko "tries" to punch them, but her hit gets blocked by the usual barrier)
K: The hit got blocked mid-air… So it's true that inmates can't attack you. Then why was Mikoto Kayano able to hit you…?
E: …This is bad for my heart. Stop it. Besides, that's what I'd like to know as well…
(bell rings)
E: It's time… Get out, Kotoko.
K: The song extraction thing, huh. Are you trying to say that's something I'm not allowed to see?
E: I won't acknowledge it. Get out.
K: Hmm. Either way, this has become interesting, hasn't it?
E: Kotoko…
K: You've realized it too, haven't you? Based on this confrontation, it's likely that Mikoto Kayano has dissociative identity disorder, or in other words, a split personality. Well, of course there's also the possibility that he's just putting on an act... What do you think? I've never met anyone like that in real life, but if he really does have a dual personality, should he be punished for crimes that were committed by his other side–?
E: Kotoko!! It's my job to consider that, not the prisoners'… not yours…! Only myself and Milgram have the right to… finding out what the truth is… and what their crimes are!
K: (giggle) Yeah, yeah. Alright, I'll be leaving it to you. See you.
E: ...Hey.
K: What?
E: Thank you… for saving me.
K: You're welcome.
(Kotoko leaves)
E: (sigh) There's so much that I don't get about this yet, but… I'll have to do my job anyway.
(they walk over and smack Mikoto(??))
M: Ow! What– what are you doing, Warden-kun?? When did you– Argh, my head hurts…
E: i bet it does.
M: Ugh… Wait! You're covered in bruises too! What's wrong? What happened?
E: You really… don't remember anything, huh?
M: Huh? What…? What are you talking about?
E: You're acting so clueless it still makes my blood boil… But it's fine. I've acknowledged your attitude now. Although I may not know if that attitude is actually yours… or someone else's.
M: Seriously, what are you talking about?!
E: Prisoner no.9, Mikoto… Now, sing of your sins.
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deathbydyingpod · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Bi Visibility Day from the bisexual Obituary Writer and the bisexual Evan Gulock! Keep putting the bi in obituary, we love you all 💜💙💖🖤
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mx-riley · a month ago
Audio dramas are amazing. Can you believe we get to have these stunning works of art made by literally anyone who has a vision and will and find a way just because they're passionate enough not to give up?
Podcasts are my favourite thing about this century, holy crap the amount of thanks and hugs I want to give so many of these creators. Like they just...make these stories with these awesome characters and just...give them to us??? For free??? And we love them so much we do everything we can to help them keep making the thing we love???
It's just an amazing thing and I love it and the people who create them are actual heroes.
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picktreebrag · 4 months ago
Here's my thing with podcasts (and audio dramas specifically).
These are stories posted for free on extremely accessible platforms where most anyone can access and enjoy. They're on spotify, Apple music, podcatchers, or a podcast specific website.
These stories are being produced and created by passionate creators who aren't beholden to traditional markets and thus they take a lot more risks in their storytelling and characterizations. Which is why you get the sheer beautiful variety in storytelling and plot arcs. Some stories have the romance you expect. Some have no romance. They can explore and access the full LGBTQ+ spectrum and have characters who identify with any variety of identities and so as someone who is very invested in stories, you're very rarely bored by the basic "guy a meets girl b and obviously they get together" plot. We've been trained to recognize and expect the boy meets girl story so much that's it's a default. But because podcasters (specifically those that are self marketed/produced/etc) don't have a parent company of shareholders and all those other traditional concerns, they can take the risks of ignoring the default.
And since they are explicitly labeled, you don't get surprise explicit scenes or forced romances you weren't expecting. So you can more readily curate what you want to listen to.
("But Picktree," you say, "don't books have genres for that exact reason?" I have encountered so many forced romances inside non romantic books I just expect them at this point. Podcasts tend to be more upfront about relationships than books. I respect them because of it.)
Additionally, they make sure that anything that could beconsidered unsettling is tagged and the listener is notified usually before the episode even starts because they recognize that this is a medium people are accessing for entertainment and they don't always want shock and awe or trauma.
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3pasubs · a month ago
MDSS Episode 12, Extra Episodes 7, 8, 9 & 10 available
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MDSS Episode 12 Extra Episode 7 [Lotus Seed Pod] Extra Episode 8 [Dogs] Extra Episode 9 [Goodnight Voice Ran Keijin ver.] Extra Episode 10 [Goodnight Voice Ran Bouki ver.] The download link can be found on our Discord server.
A gentle reminder to not reupload our files on any social media. Thank you everyone!
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heartofether · 14 days ago
Star Signs as Weird Towns in Podcasts (from someone with very limited astrology knowledge) 🔮
Aries: Crestfall, Idaho (@deathbydyingpod)
Taurus: Kepler, West Virginia (The Adventure Zone: Amnesty)
Gemini: Wichton (@jarofrebukepodcast)
Cancer: Night Vale (Welcome to Night Vale)
Leo: The unnamed town from @7ofheartspod (the most cryptic towns are those without a name ;])
Virgo: Moorgrove (The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd)
Libra: Gilt City (@thenightpost)
Scorpio: Mt. Absalom, Ohio (@unwellpodcast)
Saggitarius: Piffling Vale (@woodenovercoats)
Capricorn: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta (Nowhere, On Air)
Aquarius: Little Street (not quite a whole town, but I'm counting it) (@neighbourlypod)
Pisces: Daughtler, Washington (@heartofether) (that's us!)
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pebabmey · 4 months ago
ah yes, my favourite podcast characters!
exhausted man.
competent lesbian(s)
*vague static noises*
everyone’s favourite old man (registered trademark)
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mo-dao · 6 months ago
Mo Dao Zu Shi and it's adaptations, a comparison in how well they are received and the fandom around it
I have used Douban scores to give you an idea on how much of the adaptations are favoured.
Starting with the Live Action adaptation
Tumblr media
7.7 isn't a bad score for an extremely popular TV show! But it fails to live upto the other popular existing adaptations.
For comparison, the Donghua
Tumblr media
8.9!!!! It is perhaps the most critically acclaimed audio-visual adaptation of Mo Dao Zu Shi. Goes without saying it was a massive hit in China in 2018 and took Weibo by storm.
Bonus trivia :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It has around 3.15 billion views on Tencent Video platform !! (It is also rated 9.3 here )
Side Note : I can't help but wonder if it had been marketed well and had been available on Netflix like Untamed was, then perhaps it would have been more popular in the English speaking fandom.
Or the Audio Drama (my beloved)
Tumblr media
9.6 !!!
Despite the unusual format, it is the most highly produced adaptation out there (only rivalled by the Donghua! ) Production quality aside, it is the most faithful adaptation of the source material. Not only it follows the novel thoroughly, it adds bits that makes the flow smoother. It is as close you will get to a perfect MDZS adaptation and the score reflects that.
It has close to 500 million plays on it's official website! . [No adaptation of MDZS can be unpopular regardless of format, it seems ]
You should listen to it just for it's beautiful soundtrack!
Can't forget the Manhua, It is one of the highest liked and followed manhua on kuaikanmanhua [ the official publishing site]
Tumblr media
51.17 Million Likes! & 2.82 Million Comments!!
The Novel that started it all
Tumblr media
[ Mo Dao Zu Shi is the 1st row, followed by Tian Guan Ci Fu ]
It had more than 14 Billion points [points column is 2nd row from right] before it came under a censorship crack down and has been locked since then :(
Tumblr media
It was the #1 ranking novel on JJWXC since it had come out, never leaving that position and only got dethroned by Tian Guan Ci Fu [Currently at +40 billion points] . It has been officially translated into Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese ( all of them are available in Paperback)
On LOFTER, The CQL tag has 21.491 million views and 145,000+ participants
Tumblr media
The Mo Dao Zu Shi tag has 66.621 million views and 449,000+ participants
Tumblr media
Note: In the Chinese fandom, Mo Dao Zu Shi and CQL are considered different franchises and the tags aren't used interchangeably like it is in the English fandom, it is considered rude to tag MDZS stuff/fanart as CQL or vice-versa. Even when you are discussing the characters , you have to specify which version you are talking about. If you tag your character simply as say "Wei Wuxian" or "Lan Wangji" , then it is taken that you are referring to the MDZS version. You have to add 剧版 meaning "drama (剧) version (版)" in front of the character you are talking about if you want to discuss the live action verse.MDZS tag comprises of all the adaptations sans CQL.
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boombox-fuckboy · a month ago
5 Underrated Audio Drama: Sci-Fi Horror Edition
Between reading The Murderbot Diaries and getting back into the lab lately, I've had sci-fi on the brain. Dubious experiments in particular. Sci-fi and horror are a delicious combination, especially for podcasts, with such gems as SAYER and Janus Decending. Alongside these must-listens (seriously, if you haven't heard these stick them on your list, too) there's a small but solid collection of lesser-known but still stunning works, all unique, creative, and satisfying. So, rambling intro over, here's 5 lesser-known but absolutely quality sci-fi horror podcasts. Apologies for the shorter personal segments this week, 1) they all explain themselves really well and I don't want to ruin the mystery, and 2) I am exausted.
Accurate as of 30th July 2021
Clockwork Bird
Tumblr media
"Piece together the mystery of the disappearance of Robin Jaeger, a man with four metal limbs, in this sci-fi horror audio drama. Shelly Croft organises recordings taken from the computer of Dr Sophie Bennett, one of the lead scientists on the synthetic limbs project, and uncovers more than just scientific breakthroughs."
A queer sci-fi/horror/mystery! Well written and paced, really dives into the ethics and philosphy of the story as it tells it. Really enjoyed the worldbuilding elements and how each character's stories tie in to the overall podcast. I enjoy the writing, the music is very pretty, and small details that don't initially seem important come together very nicely. The summary above tells you most of what you need to know, and I certainly don't want to spoil it for you. The show is now complete, with 30 episodes of 10-25 minutes each.
Clockwork Bird is available on major podcasting platforms and Spotify. It has content warnings in each episode description, and transcripts of each episode on the website.
Red Valley
Tumblr media
"No one at Overhead Industries wants to talk about defunct research station Red Valley, and account man Warren Godby is out of his depth. When he meets Gordon Porlock, a disgruntled archivist with a bag of tapes from the station’s last known occupant, they will begin a journey to the limits of experimental science, confront horror and trauma from the past, present and future, and try to remember the level select cheat from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Take a seat in a battered 1998 Vauxhall Astra, turn on the tape deck, and find out what really happened at Red Valley."
Cryonics/cryogenics-themed sci-fi/horror/mystery/comedy! I will note there is some (very fun and somewhat graphic) gore, and that Red Valley has a bit more of a crude sense of humour from other audio dramas I've recommended so far. Cleanly made, with engaging pacing and little details which really add to the show's character. The two leads have voices that can be a little tricky to tell apart at first, but the acting is really solid. It has 6 episodes, 15 to 25 minutes each with a 40 minute finale, as well as a 4-episode miniseries of 10-15 minutes per minisode. They are on hiatus, but not for much longer.
Red Valley is available on major podcasting platforms and Spotify. It has content warnings and transcripts of each episode on the website. You can also follow their tumblr at @redvalleypod!
Tumblr media
"An anxious astrobiologist, the terse manager of a secret Antarctic facility and an A.I keep humanity safe from the monsters they imprison."
Extremely new podcast which really makes the best of both sci-fi and horror genres. Because it's so new there isn't a lot of summary I can give beyond the above, but the characters are all really unique and engaging (I am especially fond of the AI), I enjoy all the voices and writing, the attention to detail for the soundwork, worldbuilding, and the overall sciencey vibe. Small heads-up as the intro part of E1 cuts between two scenes, which I only mention as I was tired at the time and slow to catch on. Very excited to see where this show is headed. It currently has 4 episodes of about 30-40 minutes each, and is on hiatus.
Tartarus is available on major podcasting platforms and Spotify. Content warnings and transcripts are linked in the description of each episode, as well as briefer content warnings at the start of each episode. You can also follow their tumblr at @tartaruspod!
Vile Trials
Tumblr media
"Vile Trials is a story of a medical researcher who is forced to think about what it means to do good. In order for someone to make a difference, they need control and power. But at what point does their primary focus switch from doing good to securing control and power? What are they willing to sacrifice? We also explore the amazing world of medical research on fictional gut bacteria strains and give it a nice twist of sci-fi horror."
Work and personal recordings of a lab assistant to a brand new research project that is more than it initially seems. Some familiar tape effects in this one, but I quite enjoy the soundwork. Easy to follow, good acting and nice voices. It's a lot of fun to listen to it drop trivia on different biology topics, and outside of the obvious horror element, it captures the vibe of working in a lab that most shows don't get right. Also there's cute cat noises, which is always a plus. There are 9 episodes of 6-16 minutes each, completing season 1. It is as of yet unknown if there will be a second season.
Vile Trials is available on major podcasting platforms and Spotify. It has content warnings in the description of each episode, but does not seem to have transcripts available at this time. You can also follow their tumblr at @viletrialspodcast!
Tumblr media
"Mike Walters discovers a mysterious and violent online game named WOE.BEGONE. What begins as an exploration of an alternate reality game with real-life consequences quickly becomes a search for the technology that makes the game possible. New soundtrack every episode."
This one gets more sci-fi as it goes! Simple soundwork with good music, a great voice, and very entertaining writing. It's gay, it's gorey, it's hilarious and absolutely wild. If you like time travel, alternate realities, conspiracies, endearing asshole leads, or were left wanting something more after listening to another unspecified ARG-themed podcast, it's very much worth a listen. It is still airing, with 32 episodes of usually around 25-30 minutes each.
WOE.BEGONE is available on major podcasting platforms and Spotify. Content warnings are not given, but transcripts of each episode are available on the website.
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deathbydyingpod · a year ago
Here are just some of the incredible fiction podcasts from creators of color, in the US and beyond. Listen, read, promote, learn from them, and support them in any way that you can ❤️ Check them out!!!
Tumblr media
Flyest Fables:
A hopepunk anthology of fairytales about Black kids having fantastical adventures, written, produced, and acted by the infinitely talented Morgan Givens.
Twitter: @FlyestFables, @Optimus_Mo
Insta: @flyestfables
Tumblr media
Harlem Queen:
Based on the life of "Numbers Queen" Madame Stephanie St. Clair, this historical audio drama is full of sharp writing, bold characters, and gangsters during the Harlem Renaissance.
Twitter: @AudioHarlem
Insta: @harlemqueenaudiodrama
Tumblr media
Punishment Island:
A curious girl explores the dark, paranormal phenomena that live in the shadows of Kampala, Uganda, with an absolutely incredible, haunting narration. Captivating, eerie, and beyond beautiful.
Twitter: @punishmntisland
Insta: @punishmentisland
Tumblr media
Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast:
A futuristic fantasy action adventure that is wickedly smart, grippingly funny, with a charismatic narrator who will have you hanging on every last word.
Twitter: @vegapodcast, @IvuomaOkoro
Insta: @vegapodcast
Tumblr media
A yoga-themed audio drama centered (😉) around a recent college grad who's supposed to take over her mother's business, but begins dreaming of new possibilities for her life.
Twitter: @CenteredPodcast, @beandreadotcom
Insta: @centeredpodcast
Creator's Website:
Tumblr media
I think my heart is still beating a million miles an hour because of this steamy supernatural western. The creator, Tau Zaman, is unflinching, hilarious, and masterful.
Twitter: @CARAVANradio, @TauZaman
Insta: @caravanradio
Tumblr media
Janus Descending:
Jordan Cobb is a prolific and powerful force of nature. This sci-fi horror about a malevolent presence beneath an alien planet will leave you gasping for air. Make sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming Primordial Deep 👀
Twitter: @JanusDescending, @inkphemeral, @PrimordialDeep
Insta: @nosuchthingradio
Tumblr media
Multi-talented creator Cole Burkhardt brings you a sci-fi audio drama about a sinister tech company and the bold friends who dare to foil their malicious plans.
Twitter: @NullandVoidPod, @KingColeMiner
Cole's insightful podcast reviews:
Tumblr media
Boom: A Serial Drama:
Riveting, intense – this drama about love lost will rock you to your core, with a dauntless story and stellar performances.
Twitter: @ObserverPix, @fbeemcee
Insta: @observerpix
Tumblr media
NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast:
This horror anthology series is written by Black writers and performed by Black actors. The writing will creep deep into your soul – these stories are perfectly crafted and addicting to listen to.
Twitter: @NightlightPod
Insta: nightlightpod
This is, of course, only scratching the surface – I encourage everyone to add more in the comments! Keep following, supporting, and amplifying the powerful voices of Black creators and artists.
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gracekb-art · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“Hey there, easy on the spine, all right? Backups aren’t cheap.” —Juno Steel and the Monster’s Reflection
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