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#audio edit
leoraidere · 13 hours ago
Youtube decided to block this beauty twice hopefully tumblr will allow this unholy swearing video stay and corrupt the tmnt tag
Chemical equation of this video:
Li(F)e + y(Uck) ➡ F(vck) + this is a kids’ show but Donnie doesn’t give a flying-
I own nothing but the incorrect tmnt quote in audio edit. Suggest my next edit here!
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altheadajoysoul · a day ago
So I made a low quality noob audio edit of Roses (no not from fnf lmao)
And by "edit" I mean legit just mashing up the slightly edited og and the remix version together-
Could've done better but I still like it lmao
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silverlunars · a day ago
Grimmjow's melons,becasue i have nothing better to do in this life than stick the audio from this
with this
( credit to LittleKuriboh for original audio, edit was done by me)
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thegrowlife · 2 days ago
মোবাইল দিয়ে অডিও এডিট || How To Edit Audio In Android Mobile Phone || Best Lexis Audio Editor App
#lexisaudioeditor #mobileaudioediting #audioediting
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deanbean-soup · 3 days ago
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camille-edits · 4 days ago
KDA - Evelynn
Victorious - Take a Hint
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racingairplanes · 4 days ago
✿ spencer reid & jennifer jareau + freak by doja cat ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @temily @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @thejeidhater @suburban--gothic @moreidism @agentshortstacc @greenaway-lewis @moreidsdaughter @spencers-renaissance @alexandrablake @jelle-jareau @yourfinalbow @pretty-b0yy
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beyondthetemples-ooc · 4 days ago
.........casually realizing that “Haunted” by Evanescence would make a really good AMV to “Haunted” the Teen Titans episode...
It has super creepy vibes that are about knowing something’s after you and the refrain ends in “I won’t let you pull me down!”
Plus, I could literally just call the AMV “Haunted” and it says everything it needs to say. 8P
My only hesitance is that I REALLY don’t want to have to figure out what to put for that line in the second refrain that’s like “saving me, r*ping me”. (I could always go the route where I just edit the song and don’t include that refrain, maybe skip right to the coda after verse two, but that might be too much effort for this silly idea.)
(btw: I’m purposely pretending I don’t know the story behind the song for This Interpretation.)
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vulcaneo · 4 days ago
iu's 'epilogue' slowed + subtle clarity
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