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#audio stim

About 2 hours ago I was listening to a podcast and doing some work when an email came in. I got the notification on  my phone which I pulled out… and the podcast went silent. Which was odd because it was in the middle of a bit.

It’s a new podcast host to me so I figured it had gone wonky. Closed and restarted it.


Okay, I can get that particular podcast on another host so check if it was the recording that wonked… That one is silent from the first second.

Okay, check if it’s the headphones. Nope - they work on my computer. Which is good - its at least a week before my new headphones will get here.

Okay, check if it’s podcasts, try the youtube app. Nope - youtube on my phone is silent.

It must be the headphone jack.

Watch a video telling me to shove a toothpick into my headphone jack (don’t do that) restart the phone twice. Open up the podcast host. Think “my NCHs are clicking like they do when audio starts… maybe if I turn the volume up something will work.

When I grabbed the phone to check the email I must have hit the volume key.

It was at zero… ^/////^

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Irrelevant to the last post…

Other Stims I Do That I Wanna Catch On Video!!

- Echolalia and a little bit of palilalia

- A weird like,, purring noise??

- General tongue clicking/mouth noises (which is ironic because I can’t stand half of these things when other people do it)

- Humming or quietly singing

- Jumping ! Up ! And ! Down ! Whilst ! Doing ! Other ! Stims ! (Usually flailing)

- Smelling lavender oil on fabric, smelling my dog (idk??)

- Wiping paint off my brush onto my arms/legs

- there’s probably more that I don’t even realize I do

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I was trying to find a way to express just how great it feels for me to listen to the first non-album disc of the Clash box set but it took the length of Pressure Drop to figure this post out and then I couldn’t type it because the intro to I Fought The Law came in and I think that says it all.

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