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#auditory stim
moonstonesandmangoes · 8 days ago
so apparently my habit of listening to a new song i’ve found over and over on repeat, for hours, isn’t just a habit and is in fact a type of auditory stim
huh. nifty beans
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autismawesomeness · 3 months ago
**Listens to a song I really like and it makes me so happy that I start rocking back and forth because I HAVE to move and, doing that makes me happier so it's just an endless cycle of happiness until I get tired**
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madd-with-adhd · 3 months ago
Auditory stims with misophonia be like:
Me: *auditory stimming* :)
Somebody else: *same stim*
Me: >:(
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My brain: “that sounds so cool. you’ll need that later.”
Me: “??”
At 3am, my brain: “DJ, play that back”
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wwwrequited · 4 months ago
New sensory toy!
Very pleased with it. Helps during long car rides and during my testing I did today. Sorry for the loud audio + bad cropping !! ^^
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neuroperson · 5 months ago
What is your ''to stim'' song?
Mine is ARIES by Water Spirit
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apple-knees · 6 months ago
just learned that listening to the same song on repeat could be an auditory stim and this definitely explains my spotify history and music listening behaviours 
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autismawesomeness · a year ago
My auditory Stim for right now is listening to the extended version of the theme song for Perry the Platypus on repeat😂😂
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daydreamer5171 · a month ago
This key board should not sound this good by flurples
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dapperappleton · 6 months ago
I have never felt better than I do when I listen to Merry-Go-Round Of Life by Joe Hisaishi on full volume on repeat and aggressively rocking back and forth and stimming
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snotstims · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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quirkdemon · 8 months ago
"Why do you make so much noise?"
"Why are you always so loud?"
"Can't you be quiet?"
Tumblr media
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