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trashcannotcan · 12 days ago
Saw this meme and
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moonice20408 · 16 days ago
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Look at little Mirabels drawings of her family on the wall 😭
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dmills2012-blog · an hour ago
When talking too ppl
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I swear the tags all make sense with our convo 🤣
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c-rose2081 · a month ago
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Tainted Miracle
More thoughts about the Evil!Mirabel AU, which has turned more or less into a ‘Heavily Misunderstood and Begrudged recluse who wants to tear the family apart EXCEPT for her mom and Antonio’ AU. But that’s a mouthful so we’re just gonna call it…
The Tainted Miracle AU
Kay? Kay.
Design Notes:
•I decided against going the fully corrupt, truly evil route. Mira was looking to much like a dark sorceress for my taste (which she’s not).
•Her ruana (yes, it’s a ruana not a poncho, I know the difference) does have a hood on it, I just didn’t draw it to show the back pattern.
•There wasn’t enough of the original Mirabel in my concept sketches so I brought more of her film outfit back to tie into canon and make her a bit more recognizable.
•Mirabel’s design is supposed to be very…unassuming. You wouldn’t think someone wearing rainbow patterns, glasses, and a blouse that didn’t fit right would be plotting something devious. But she is…oh yes, she very much is.
•I changed Mirabel’s main motif from butterflies to dragonflies. Both represent change, but while the butterfly represents life and transformation, the dragonfly represents emotional maturity, adaptivity, and self-realization.
•Her outfit is designed to make it look like it doesn’t quite fit right, either because she wasn’t able to get the measurements perfect with what she had, or the borrowed clothing wasn’t the right size. That and she’s still growing a little bit, and her weight fluctuates.
Few more notes regarding the slowly building HC.
• After the candle blinds her (age 10), Pepa doesn’t want Mirabel in the Nursery with baby Antonio anymore out of fear she’ll hurt him when they aren’t there. The only person against the idea is Julieta — even Augstín agrees — who is quickly overruled.
•Casita won’t build a room for Mirabel since she tried to touch the candle with ill will, so she’s taken by Abuela to the nearby farm of Señor Perez, where he allows her to sleep in his barn as a favor to the Madrigal family *this is the same barn where the donkey’s come from*
•Mirabel is left in the barn by herself at night, and is only allowed back in the Madrigal house during the day, and when someone else is present. No one really wants her there out of fear she’ll try to touch the candle again, so the family do what they can to keep her permanently outside — only Julieta will sit with Mirabel in the Kitchen for food.
•Eventually Abuela has Julieta deliver food straight to the barn to discourage Mirabel from returning. The family visit the barn occasionally just to ‘check in’, but eventually they stop except for Julieta (who brings food) and Luisa who has to put the Donkey’s away — that interaction is very brief.
•Julieta is chided later on for spending to much time at the barn, and is ordered to leave the food at the fence for Mirabel to pick up. She visits in secret for a while, trying her best to stay close to her daughter (who’s growing thin and more sickly by the day), but eventually Mirabel stops letting her into the Barn and she’s forced to just make deliveries and leave.
•Mirabel makes all of her own clothing out of things she’s given, or finds as scraps in the village. She stole her sewing things back from the family early on, but all of her other belongings are still inside Casita which won’t let her in unless invited — which won’t ever happen again.
•Mirabel eventually just becomes the village recluse, and isn’t really associated with the Madrigal family by the time she’s 15. Only Señor Perez (who leaves food and blankets) and her mother keep her from starving or needing to beg on the corner for things.
•Mirabel has been watching the family very closely for some time. She knows how the magic is fragile since Abuela’s tight grip is cracking the original miracle’s foundations. She just needs to find out how to put it out for good.
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mxndanemagic · a month ago
ever since this theory appeared on the clock app regarding a certain rat man and a "giftless" disney mc - i gotta ramble about some thoughts on how its possible but nonetheless unlikely
Bruno is Mirabels real dad theory~
A fun little theory that the skittish Bruno Madrigal is actually Mirabels father has appeared
Okay so is it possible? Course it is! have you seen how much more similar little Mira looks to her Uncle than her dad?
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Tumblr media
except its not far fetched for any of the madrigal kids to share some similarities to other relatives - maybe even more so on the maternal side?
Mirabel may have gotten much curlier hair than her mom and more reminescent of Bruno's curls but her facial features share a lot more in common with Augustín
Looking at everyone else Mirabel might have gained some nore similarities to her other relatives but I think the same could be said about Pepa Madrigal
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Tia has curls! Not curly like Mirabel or her kids but they are there just like Bruno's.
Alma and Pedro though?
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I mean sure Pedros got a little wavy action going on but Alma's hair at a young age in the tear jerking flashback scene shows just braids...and Abuela Alma's hair seems pretty straight but its held back so who knows
point is TWO of their kids inherited curly hair vs the subtle waves Pedro has which could mean theres a Madrigal relative with said curls in the family tree and thats why Mirabel shares common features her uncle has but still looks like Augstín and Julieta's kid!
but doesnt mean this theory couldnt have been a possible plot point - it wouldnt be the first time the mouse's films had a much grittier or dramatic story in consideration, look at zootopia's early concepts
aside from that i dont think encanto could have gone this route either way thanks to time constraints (the other madrigals dont really get much development because of the expansive cast already) and its a twist that wouldnt fit into the "bruno getting welcomed back like nothing happened" ending
(yes im a little salty cause its luca all over again - i get the movies message is forgiving and growing together as a family but-
Tumblr media
) without opening up a lot of plot holes
thanks for reading my ramble
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c-rose2081 · a month ago
Hi, I hope you are well! I love your tainted miracle au and I was wondering about Augustín's role in this. In canon he really is an amazing dad so I wonder what happened for him to not have any contact with Mirabel after the candle incident.
Good question.
I think Agustín probably wanted to be there for Mirabel in the beginning, but as with Felix, the two husbands are on the lowest hierarchy of the Madrigal family tree as they are technically still outsiders. Even before her accident he worried about Mirabel’s intentions with the magic, as he knew already about her desperation to understand why the miracle didn’t give her a gift.
He was pushed into agreeing with Abuela and the others afterwards, lacking the backbone we saw in him during the film, more out of family pressure and expectations then lack of love for his youngest. He genuinely thought that maybe getting out of the shadows of her siblings and cousins might help her be more of her own individual…except it didn’t. Mirabel wanted nothing to do with him after that, believing that he had betrayed her just like the rest. He tried to visit a few times with Julieta, or speak with her in the early years when she still came to the house, but she wanted nothing to do with him.
Julieta and Augstín’s marriage became very strained after that, especially when Mirabel began to shut her mom out as well. He tried to bring some form of comfort to her, trying to convince Julieta to let Mirabel be her own person, but the love was dead between them, replaced with spite and anger. They stay together for the sake of the family, their other two daughters, and the fact that neither have anywhere else to go.
Thanks for the ask 🙏🥰!
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