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rarebeauty: For the past few months, you’ve all been asking… and we’re proud to share that our products will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Like you, we love and care for our animals too.❤️
Coming September 3rd only @Sephora and

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I got to see my grandma and that’s all I really want to take away from this day. She gave me this necklace she got from my great aunt back in the day. It was made by George A Lewis Jr who was a Tlingit Code Talker and a member of the Daklaweidi (Killer Whale Clan).

My grandpa (my gma’s ex husband) was born and raised in Alaska and she got this from her sister in law (who is also from Alaska) in 1984!! So so so cool.

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random fact about me is that I collect photos of Lenin statues. I have 3 so far, I’ll post when I have 4. I also collect nice glasses that I never drink from

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I got Fromm’s Escape from freedom today, saw his name mentioned somewhere last night. it feels nice to be excited about buying books again

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Parents criticize everything you do then wonder why you’re mad at them ✌️😗

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