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flowing-through-time · 4 months ago
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palpalbuddypal · 4 months ago
Gotta dump some of my Encanto headcanons
-Dolores is very good at telling if someone’s lying, as well as games that require bluffing since she can hear if the person’s heartbeat speeds up
-Mirabel makes most her families clothes, and uses the scraps from sewing them together to make a big quilt with tons of different patterns
-Isabela occasionally leaves Encanto on trips to learn more about plants, and is fascinated by biology. You can tell when she’s recently returned since the house will be overflowing with strange new plants
-After the house is rebuilt, Bruno’s room is much nicer, somewhat similar to his space behind the walls with a lot of tight, warm spaces for him to go. His vision chamber is nowhere near his bedroom
-Camilo likes to turn into people and play a fun game of “see how long I can hang out at a party before someone realizes I’m Camilo.” Once someone confessed their love for them while they were disguised as another person. It was really awkward when they turned back.
-Bruno and Isabela have hotboxed the vision cave
-Luisa decides that she wants to learn more about, well, everything, since she actually has the time now. So when Isabela returns from her trips outside of Encanto, it’s usually with a ton of books for Luisa
-Antonio doesn’t eat meat for obvious reasons
-Mirabel has dreams of expanding Encanto, or at least offering sanctuary to travelers passing through. She’s drawn out plans and the walls of her room are absolutely covered in drawings of her plans
-Antonio and Isabela both have a deep hatred of mushrooms. Isabela because they’re not quite plants, and therefore very difficult to make, and Antonio because they’re enough like animals that he can sort of hear them humming if he listens close enough. It creeps him out and he does not care for that shit
-Mirabel learned accordion from Augustín, and he’s much better at it than she is. There’s a family story about how Augustín attempted to seduce Julieta with a song on the accordion, and ended up falling and breaking his finger. Even then, he still tried to play
-There’s a trapdoor in Bruno’s vision cave— if the person he gives a vision to gets mad at him, he just throws sand at them and ducks into the trapdoor
-Camilo is genderfluid, and finds it fun to experiment with their expression. Especially when they realizes that they don’t have to fuck with normal human anatomy. The family fully support them, even if they do go a little avant-garde with their gender expression (think MUXXXE)
-Luisa is still very paranoid about her strength fading, and when it gets bad she’ll sit with Abuela Alma and the candle. Alma tells her all about Pedro, and assures that as long as the family is strong, she will be too
-Bruno has trouble adjusting to eating with the family again, as well as sleeping at normal hours. He has a stash of food in his room, and if he’s out in the house at night, Casita will help him stay quiet
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ghost-in-between · 4 months ago
things in encanto that make me choke up and get emotional/sad
(see also: happy version)
"i wish you had a door"
mirabel's little "mhm" after abuela tells her to leave the decorating to someone else, she looks like she knows if she speaks she's going to cry but won't allow herself to, so she just makes that humming noise
abuela's face falling when she sees mirabel walking with antonio and her relieved sigh when his ceremony works (and antonio clinging to mirabel on the stairs)
mirabel singing "open your eyes" to abuela and the "am i too late for a miracle"
"ay, pedro..."
luisa's first chorus (and the entire song after)
agustín and julieta standing up for mirabel to abuela after the vision is revealed
bruno's drawn plate...
"i knew how it would look, because i'm bruno and everyone always assumes the worst"
"bruno LOVES this family"
pepa's "no no no!" as the cracks start reaching towards the candle
the way camilo looks at his hand and then at isabela after they just lost their gifts
julieta shouting "mirabel, leave it!" while casita is collapsing and trying to run after her
casita's parting wave
pepa in the background telling antonio not to cry
all of "dos oruguitas", especially alma's silent scream and the candle 'exploding'
bruno in front of his door as alma walks past in the 'flashback' and mirabel's expression as her door fades
mirabel's little speech about fixing things together and saying "because of you" repeatedly in parallel to the scene of their fight
"he sent me you"
the butterflies in time with the swelling of the chorus of "dos oruguitas", feeling like pedro is smiling at them
just abuela staring at bruno for the first time in 10 years
the way bruno anxiously peeks around the broken parts of casita
julieta's gasp at seeing bruno and the triplets hugging
"we made this one for you"
antonio walking with her like she did for him
"i see... me. all of me."
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peanutcrow · 2 months ago
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pandora-spockz · 2 months ago
Encanto Characters as John Mulaney Quotes
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th3b4dk1dzz · 4 months ago
Augustín: Hi my name's Augustín with a b and I've been afraid of insects my entire lif-
Mariano: Stop, stop, stop- where's the b?
Augustín: There's a bee?!
Antonio: I guess I'm too tough to cry
Mirabel: Just yesterday you were crying about snakes
Antonio: (Tearing up) They don't have any arms
Mirabel: I think we need to do some positive affirmations. Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I am strong"
Bruno: I am strong
Mirabel: I am powerful
Bruno: I am powerful
Mirabel: I believe in me
Mirabel: Tío Bruno?
Bruno: Does it have to be true when I say it?
Isabella: Camilo only spent 49 seconds completing his task and spent 52 seconds doing finger guns.
Camilo: And my mental health is better for it.
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lalloronamuerte · 3 months ago
Isabela: You’re so strong!
Luisa: Yeah but sometimes I cry
Isabela, Mirabel, and me in 3 part harmony:
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obsessivelycartoonish · 3 months ago
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You’ve got Nothing to Prove💙
I know everyone always talks about Pepa and Félix but I just need some show some love for these two cause I honest to God love them too much😭❤️
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trashcannotcan · 4 months ago
So i was trying to find information
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briarquartz · 4 months ago
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Ay mariposas
No se aguanten más
Hay que crecer a parte y volver
Hacia adelante seguirás
inspo: x
Image description under the cut
[description: 11 gifs from encanto. 1st, the candle with a butterfly carved in the wax on a windowsill. behind it, young alma sits somberly on the floor, holding the triplets. 2nd, young alma hold onto a lamp post in town at night, paper butterflies hanging in vines around her from the poles. 3rd, casita's new door with the whole family glowing brightly. there are glowing butterflies carved onto the stone pillars next to the door and the arch above it. 4th, alma shows pedro a papercutting of a baby. she opens it to revel two more babies. there is a butterfly where two babies meet. 5th. mirabel and abuela hugging. they pull away and notice a swarm of butterflies around them and smile.
6th, julieta and augustín in a side hug, pausing setting up tiles with butterfly shapes cut out of them. augustín has set his upside down. 7th, abuela from torso down. she has a golden chatelaine hanging from her hip, with a butterfly clasp attaching it to the her hip. the bottom of her dress has a butterfly pattern. 8th abuela hugging a confused bruno. her black shawl is lined with shapes of butterflies.
9th, mirabel leaning against her dresser, with butterflies painted on the green wall behind her. 10th, mirable and abuela sitting on a rivebank. mitrabel notices a butterfly close to the viewer, about to land on a reed out of frame. 11th, mirabel's black bag with colorful embroidery. on the top of the pouch is her name, and below it is a butterfly, surrounded dots, flowers and other shapes. end description]
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opesodanuvem · 5 months ago
Some Headcanons about the Madrigal powers
- Julieta doesn't like to cook so much anymore, whenever possible Augustín will cook for his wife, he learned a lot from her and whenever possible he will take this burden off her back.
- Felix often takes Peppa on surprise romantic picnics, preferably far enough away so that Peppa can let her emotions out and can talk to him about her feelings without actually making it snow on anyone's plate.
- Even after returning to the family Bruno still keeps some old habits from the wall, like eating crumbs, his family tries to feed him more by putting random things in his pockets so he can find when he's alone and doesn't have to give all his food to his rats.
- Dolores learns to select which sounds she wants to hear over time, she realizes that the more she concentrates on a specific sound, the less of the other sounds she will hear, so she tends to focus on the heartbeat of someone in her family so she can control the sounds around.
- Although Isabela can create any flower they don't usually last more than a few hours if she doesn't concentrate enough, while she was still trying to be perfect it caused a lot of headaches from having to keep so many flowers alive for so long, now she concentrates more in which she is interested, after all, the beauty of flowers is fleeting and she can always do more.
- Camilo can copy anyone's form and voice, but he can't have the strength or his skills, he often locks himself in his own room to talk to himself sometimes, especially when he spends the day being many different people, he's already had one nightmare where he forgot what his own voice was like and was forced to imitate other people's voices forever.
- Luisa is afraid of hurting people, once she was carrying a donkey and ended up accidentally breaking its leg, her parents spent days with her while she cried in fear that her strength could hurt someone in her family or another animal.
- Antônio sometimes ends up having to resolve some fights between animals, such as the birds near his window that wanted to build a nest on the same branch or the two jaguars that wanted the same territory, understanding animals will not always automatically make them your friends. once a group of monkeys just decided he was boring and tried to kick him out of his room.
- Maribel doesn't have a magic room, but she has her own room outside the nursery. She decorated it herself with the help of her family, it's still definitely bigger than an ordinary room and she can create a lot of things in there on her own, sometimes she ends up getting different family members who want to spend time with her while she sews.
- Bruno created his own sign language, considering he couldn't be talking while living on the walls, he kind of trained his rats so they would understand him after he moves back in with the family they all start to learn some signs to let him more comfortable and turns out to be a familiar communication that they use even while in the village if they want to talk about something private.
- Abuela Alma usually talks with the candle as if it were Pedro, sometimes she spends long periods of the night awake talking about the things that should be done in the village and how the family is doing.
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rataspordetras · 4 months ago
don’t even TRY to tell me that augustín didn’t make food for julieta to try to win her over when they were younger. don’t even TRY. the food was absolutely disgusting but julieta was so happy that someone made food for HER.
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camilos-mivida · a month ago
La Familia Madrigal!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vengefulsokovian · 4 months ago
one thing i dislike in Encanto is when Abuela calls for everyone to come take a picture after Antonio gets his gift and they all gather together and not one person calls for Mirabel to get in the picture. smh
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brookreader · 4 months ago
If any one of the Madrigal triplets (or their husbands) are asked how many kids they have, the answer is always “six.”
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ryanmypoorlittlemeowmeow · 3 months ago
encanto headcanons pt 2
-since it’s canon that bruno was at mirabels gift ceremony, he also comforted her when it didn’t work
-anytime pepa was pregnant dolores would fall asleep listening to baby’s heartbeat
-isabela likes dark and bitter coffee but luisa and dolores LOVE sweet coffee
-isabela and dolores LOVE to gossip
-if you made her laugh hard enough, dolores would slap you on the arm
-camilo pierced his ears(and cried)
-agustín is left handed
-camilo is really close with julieta(he’s still closer to his mamí but let me elaborate)and goes to her about his emotions so he doesn’t worry his mamí too much
-he also enjoys helping tía julieta in the kitchen and never sees it as a punishment(,:
-all of the warm colors children are natural dancers
-camilos favorite piece ever written is All The Worlds a Stage by Shakespeare
-also camilo is EXTREMELY dramatic
-bruno was the troublemaker child
-whenever mirabel sees any of her family in town she reminds them to drink water
-félix dyed his hair blue one time but we don’t talk abt that
-abuela secretly loved it but it sort of tainted the family’s image so she never said it aloud
-dolores used to practice makeup on camilo
-mirabel is starting to do the same with antonio
-speaking of antonio he loves the guitar and wants to learn when he gets older
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hi-im-fruity · 4 months ago
What the Madrigals would do if Julieta was sick (headcannons)
Tumblr media
¡Julieta gets no love and that is a crime to the highest degree so have some domestic hcs! Please enjoy💖😘😊
She totally isn't panicking (she absolutely is)
Brings her food that her sisters and papá helped with
The food is probably inedible, but Julieta still appreciates the effort
Not Luisa with the mental breakdown-
She would honestly do anything to help her mamá get better
Someone make her take a break before she crumbles apart thanks
Here to keep her company
She'd probably grow her some flowers to help a bit
Like lavender acts as a sedative and sleep aid
Honestly a sweetheart all around
He's a lot like Luisa
Helping his wife, getting her whatever she needs
But like also please keep him out of danger
Julieta can't heal him right now so we gotta keep him from dying in the first place
Either she's not worried at all or she's really good at hiding it
No one can tell
She's just here to keep the family Augustín from getting themselves killed
Wants to have a vision to make sure she'll be okay
"What if she doesn't turn out okay!?"
Probably won't risk it
Sorry she's causing a category 5 hurricane
She's panicking
She's inconsolable
Please help the village is being torn apart and 15 have been found dead
Just trying to calm Pepa down
We love Félix he just wants to soothe his wife
Joking around and saying stuff like: "Pepita, you're going to get us all sick!"
1000(sensory overload)
She's in her room with her head in a pillow
Whenever she comes out she'll probably just be trying to control her hermanito's chaos
He's the hermanito causing chaos
Shifting into his primas to make his familia go even more insane
Dear god someone stop him
Just a little sweetie
He lets Julieta borrow the jaguar stuffy Mirabel made him
Snuggles feat. all the animals
Honestly his presence probably has healing properties he's adorable
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lalloronamuerte · 3 months ago
Me: I’m not obsessed with Encanto
Me singing What Else Can I Do in the bath:
Tumblr media
Me dancing to The Family Madrigal whenever I’m making food:
Tumblr media
Me singing along to We Don’t Talk About Bruno in Spanglish while driving:
Tumblr media
Me relating to Surface Pressure when I’m supposed to be doing laundry:
Tumblr media
Me channeling my inner theatre kid while singing Waiting On A Miracle:
Tumblr media
Me probably doing some ritual dancing to Family Allies:
Tumblr media
Me channeling my 0.001% Spanish heritage dancing to El Baile Madrigal:
Tumblr media
Me disrespecting my non existent heritage by butchering the lyrics to Colombia, Mi Encanto:
Tumblr media
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dathen · 4 months ago
You know how Augustín wears one of Isabela’s pink flowers on his vest?  What if now that she’s in her Hurricane of Jacarandas Era, he changes it to one of her new unusual favorites?
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flowing-through-time · 4 months ago
agustín and julieta screaming for mirabel and fighting against casita to get to her is so personal to me
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