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rainyfox3 · 2 days ago
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Here’s everybody again...
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bakulka · 11 hours ago
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caz-cina · 10 hours ago
Some things I noticed during the proposal/dinner scene
Tumblr media
1. Alma sits on a slightly different chair than the rest of the family.
Her chair looks like this
Tumblr media
Whereas the rest of the family sit on these chairs
Tumblr media
2. Judging by the layout of the family, it appears that traditionally Pepa and her family sit on one side of the table, while Julieta and her family sit on the other
Which means that Bruno would normally sit on the end!
3. In order to make room for the Guzmáns, Julieta has to squish over to Pepa's family's side, and Luisa at the end (as she has a bigger build).
- However without the Guzmáns, that leaves two extra chairs left over (which confirms that Alma couldn't bare to get rid of Bruno's or his space); but who is the other chair for?
Tumblr media
Thank you @dj-stylez !
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ranzieboo · a day ago
My brain always seems to function best at midnight so this popped into my head last night
Thoughts on possibly an upcoming fic?
Opening to closure
The wedding anniversary of Alma and Pedro is approaching and Julieta has an idea of something special to do.
She pitches the idea to the adults, who then tell the children and they agree to it.
They also tell the townspeople and they promise to do their best managing their own chores for that day so the Madrigals can enjoy the anniversary.
On the day, as Abuela goes down for breakfast, she notices there are more ingredients than usual on the counter. She asks Julieta about them and she lies terribly, struggling to get through that she put them there by accident.
Mirabel luckily saves her.
As they go out to help the community, Abuela notices that they're doing a lot more for themselves than usual. She isn't complaining but is surprised to see it all.
Towards midday, she notices that she isn't seeing much of her family. She tries to find them but is unsuccessful.
Suddenly, she sees and recognises Antonio's toucan. So she follows it and it leads her to the river where Abuelo Pedro passed away.
She is no longer following the toucan and instead starts walking her own path, tentatively nearing the river.
She hesitates before pushing back a big leaf that she could have sworn wasn't originally there previously. And suddenly she sees a picnic area set up on the grass next to the river.
She walks closer to it and the entire family surprise her.
Abuela cries at the sight of it all as Julieta Bruno and Pepa explain their plan. She hugs them and then brings the entire family for one big group hug.
They then go to start eating.
At one point, Antonio Camilo and Mirabel are playing together in the river and they call for more people to join them.
Pepa Felix Luisa and Augustín join them without hesitation whilst Bruno Julieta and Isabela stay with Abuela.
They all splash in the water together as the other laugh at them having fun.
It starts off with Antonio accidentally splashing Mirabel who retaliates and then accidentally absolutely soaks Camilo. In response he does the same but gets not only them both, but his mama too.
Felix and Augustín laugh at her and the rain cloud that forms above her and doesn't help at all. In response, she moves her cloud over and drenches them too.
The group carry on splashing each other. Pepa then calls to her brother insisting that he comes in.
Bruno refuses but Isabela lifts him with a giant leaf and slides him into the river with them.
They all laugh as he falls. Felix mocks him playfully saying that he should have seen it coming since he can see the future and all.
Bruno retaliates by kicking water straight at him and the group carries on.
Minutes later, they all come out of the water and Julieta gives them all towels to put over themselves.
Before they leave however, they allow Abuela a moment at the river before they go.
She says a few words to her Pedro, thanking for him for blessing her with what she has now. Her only regret is that he wasn't able to experience it all with her.
With that, she finally feels like she has found closure with everything and leaves with tear stained cheeks, but a lighter heart.
She returns to see her 3 children, smiling at her warmly and she embraces them all, not caring that two of them are soaking wet and a little cold.
Softly, she says, "Let's go home." And they do.
Also I'm really close to finishing my Antonio and Camilo fic I'm rly excited for you guys to see that one
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pepamadrigalbestmilf · a day ago
This just completed my life, I'm actually so sad they cut this out.
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lariskapargitay · 19 hours ago
Each Madrigal grandkid and their favorite adult
Isabela and Alma
Tumblr media
Now this may seem controversial considering it was Alma putting the pressure on her to be perfect, but she as also the favorite golden child who could do no wrong. Imo Pepa loved her but it irked her that her daughter was conserved lesser than so she was never super close with her Tia or Tio, her parents were too worried about Maribel and Louisa to really pay her a lot of attention, so she was left to be doted on by Alma. Even after her transformation I see Alma still being closest to Isabel
Louisa and Félix
Tumblr media
Every other adult in the family expects Louisa to be strong always and never falter. Félix is the Tio you go to have fun with and just relax, and when he saw her carrying something of a reasonable weight he’d always offer to carry it for her or at least help, even though she always turned him down bc she’s supposed to be ‘the strong one’ and the strong one doesn’t ask for help and doesn’t let people help her
Maribel and Augustin
Tumblr media
She remembers when she was little and all the adults were so worried and concerned over the fact she didn’t get a gift, her dad was the ONLY person to go ‘okay she isn’t magic… and?’ Like he really could care less about the fact she doesn’t have a gift and she heard him complaining about Alma to Julieta several times. And when Maribel really needed to rant about her abuella, she would go to him bc she knew he agreed with how stern she was
Dolores and Pepa
Tumblr media
Not only did Pepa’s try her best to make Dolores feel as special as Alma treated Isabela, but when she first got her gift, Dolores had a LOT of bad nights where she could hear everything and couldn’t sleep and was exhausted and she was overwhelmed to the point of tears and then just total shut down, and her mom was the only person who knew how to comfort her and also knew what it was like to hate the actual gift, not just the chores that come along with it. She made everything as quiet as she could, she would always hold her and rock her asleep, she taught her to concentrate on something to filter out everything else (her mamás heartbeat & her papás breathing was the two biggest) and for the longest time Dolores slept with Pepa and Félix because it made concentrating on those and the ability to block things out easier
Camilo and Julieta
Tumblr media
I think it’s clear that Félix and Camilo don’t get along that well. He’s a typical 15 year old and his dad gets annoyed at him super easy, and Camilo hates putting Pepa between them, especially with her anxiety. So he goes to his Tia to talk things out, and she’s calm and understanding and she lets him get teary eyed in front of her when he gets upset after a fight he and Félix had and she just hugs him and tells him that everything is gonna be okay.
Antonio and Pepa
Tumblr media
While his favorite person in the world is Maribel, out of the adults it’s his mom who he’s closest too. He wasn’t just a surprise baby, he was her own little miracle considering she thought she couldn’t have any more children after Camilo considering it’s really hard for her to get pregnant (she’s a triplet, they have some medical issues, it’s valid). And so she not only got pregnant with Antonio but she managed to get pregnant at *forty five*. And he’s the baby out of not just her lot but all the grandkids so he gets a little spoiled and loved on by his mom
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stravvberrysaurus · 2 days ago
okay but can you imagine how jarring it is for augustín to have witnessed all of the drama go down with bruno ten years ago, have your kid be given no gift, start to pick up on your wife’s worry about the connection between the two and mirabel possibly going down the same path as her brother, and then walking into your daughter’s room and seeing an intense glow of green?
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doloresswife · 11 hours ago
P. B. and J.
triplets x platonic!reader
summary: you always come up with the stupidest nicknames.
7 Years Old
"hola, bruno the great." you greeted with a wide smile, showing off the area where your teeth had recently fallen out of. "how are you on this fine morning?"
"i thought i told you not to call me that." bruno rolled his eyes but smiled nonetheless.
"what? i think it fits." you told him. "mean, you are pretty great— not as great as me, but still." you teased, wrapping your arm around his shoulder. "where are we going?”
"i am going home." bruno informed, emphasising on the pronoun ‘i’.
"great, i'll be able to see pepa the fair, and her royal highness, julieta, with my very own two eyes!” you pretended to faint before having to run up next to bruno.
"how do you manage to come up with the worst nicknames possible?" bruno laughed at your antics.
"What do you mean, brunito? i know you love them really." you gently punched his shoulder.
"stop calling me that, too. i will be taller than you one day.” he glared lightly at you, making you snicker.
"as if." you rolled your eyes. "just accept the fact that i am, and will always be, taller than you, brunito." you stuck your tongue out at him before running up to the casita. whilst running to casita, you saw pepa. “hola, pepita!" you stopped, but saw bruno running after you from the corner of your eye. "adiós, pepita!" you squealed as you ran away from her, before bruno could get any closer to you.
"Y/N! get back here!" he cursed as he leaped to tackle you to the ground. he caught you and you both rolled down the hill together, the adrenaline overtaking any pain you would've felt. "got you." he panted.
"that's only because i stopped to talk to pepa." you rolled your eyes in annoyance. "i'm too fast, you wouldn't have caught up to me otherwise."
"seriously?" julieta groaned in annoyance as she towered over the two of you with an unamused expression on her face. "you're filthy, and-and your arm!" she squealed, crouching down and opening her satchel. before you could say a word, she shoved an arepa into your mouth, but you didn't dare protest, choosing to just chew and swallow.
"gracias, your highness." you smiled widely at her, showing off your dimples.
she just rolled her eyes before dragging the two of you inside.
14 Years Old
"hola, peanut." you poked pepa's cheek, making her swat your hand away.
"not the time, Y/N/N." she rolled her eyes as a cloud formed above your heads. "he's dancing with her again." she pointed over to félix, her crush, who was dancing in the parlour with some girl.
"maybe they're just friends." you shrugged, sitting next to her. "i mean, we dance like that all the time and i don't like you like that." she turned to you. "not that i don't think you're pretty- you're very pretty, i just-" your rambling was cut off by pepa's sweet laughter, as a rainbow formed over her head, making you smile.
"you're adorable, Y/N/N." pepa laughed, pinching your cheeks.
it was your turn to swat her hands away. "stop it, peanut!" you squeaked.
"why do you call me peanut?" pepa then asked when the two of you calmed down, with a pout on her face. "i don't get it."
"well, you know, pepa, bruno and julieta- pb & j.” you shrugged. "you're peanut, bruno's butter and julieta is jelly.”
"that's so stupid." she chuckled.
"yeah, but it makes you smile." you accused, matching her smile.
"meh." she mumbled, making you gasp in offence.
"oh, wow. you don't like my nicknames? you truly wound me, pepa the fair." you held your hand to your heart and dramatically collapsed onto your back. you opened one of your eyes and saw her looking at you in amusement.
"Y/N!" you heard bruno shout angrily.
"well, gotta blast." you saluted pepa before running off.
“get back here, you little-!” bruno cut himself off in annoyance as he sped up.
“you can’t catch me, butter!” you shouted behind you, ignoring the people that whispered things about you and the triplets.
25 Years Old
“told you you’d never be taller than me.” you whispered to bruno, making him stick his tongue out at you.
“children.” julieta scoffed, setting the table.
you rolled your eyes at her before turning to pepa and félix. “so, félix, what are your intentions with my sister?” you asked, making pepa groan in embarrassment, sinking into her chair.
“sister?” félix asked, looking to pepa in confusion.
“we’re not related.” julieta clarified as she sat down next to her fiancé. “they just like to call themselves our sibling.”
“ahem.” you brought the attention back to you. “so?”
“well, i plan on marrying her.” félix said, making pepa blush deeply.
“well, thank god.” you groaned. “she’s only had a crush on you since we were 10.”
“Y/N!” pepa hissed, kicking you under the table.
“what? it’s true.” you glared at her. “and, as your older sibling, it’s my job to embarrass you, pepita.” you then smirked.
“you’re barely older than us.” julieta rolled her eyes.
“oh, don’t even get me started on you and augustin.” your smirk grew as julieta felt her cheeks heat up. “when we were 15, she ran into my house crying, because-“
“okay!” julieta cut your story off. “that’s enough.”
“suit yourself.” you shrugged before turning to bruno.
“oh, no.”
“oh, yes.” you nodded. “what happened between you and that fish lady— osma i believe her name was.”
“oh, she broke up with me.” he gave you a weak smile.
“oh.” your smile dropped.
“but-but it’s okay! i didn’t even like her that much anyway.”
“neither did i.” you hummed. “well, bruno the great, i’m sure you’ll find the right person for you soon.”
“all right, children, settle down.” doña alma said as she walked to the head of the table, making everyone quieten down.
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marcoofthemoon · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vibing with drawing precious Madrigal art and I really love the sketch so here's a little wip ^_^
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isabelassidechick · a day ago
Julita: Niña pequeña I can hear you stop cursing your gonna hurt Delores ears and then pepa is going to thunder
Isabela:oh Delores is fine I gave her ear plugs
Julita: that why she's been in a good mood
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moonbakery23 · 2 days ago
In your personal opinion-
Who do you think are Encanto's
Most overatted character(s):
Most underatted character(s):
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homosandhomies · a day ago
mirabel: two guys fell in love 👬🏳️‍🌈
me: OH???
mirabel: with the family madrigal 😊🏠
me: oh
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hiqhjinx · 11 hours ago
Look, I know Alma is a victim of generational trauma but that doesn't excuse the way she treats her kids and grandkids esp. Mirabel and Bruno.
Now, by all means I am not saying you cannot like Alma or that it is all black and white like some people think that is what I am saying which I am not. I am saying while Alma isn't a villian or a bad person. She is not the best person either or the best mother or grandmother. She literally assumes that Bruno left because he didn't care about the family. Granted, nobody knew why he left. But if he didn't care about the family, he would've left long before Isa or Dolores were even born. But he left five years after Camilo and Mirabel were born. Look, most of the characters wouldn't have all these problems if it wasn't for Alma putting pressure on the family. I don't think she is abusive, just to overbearing and doesn't see what she is doing is literally mentally destroying certain members like Pepa, Bruno, Luisa, Isabela, and Mirabel. Now, I do not like Alma. But if you like her that is fine. You have your opinions and I have mine. So, please. Do not attack me in the replies because of a fictional old woman. Thank you.
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hourlyencantohcs · 2 days ago
When she was younger Isa would just hang on her father's arm or shoulder as he went about his day. He always made a concious decision to avoid getting hurt or in any inconvenient situations whenever it happened (with varying amiunt of success)
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nemesisadraste · a day ago
Encanto HC
Bruno and Augustin were friends since childhood.
He had a lot of minor accidents or bee allergie incident so he spended a lot of time a la casa Madrigal to get heal by Julietta (this is actually how I think they met) and sometime after he would play with Bruno in his room if he had time.
One day when they were about 12 Augustin was very curious about how the visions worked and wanted to see Bruno in action. Bruno was scare to lose his friend if he did, but Augustin really insisted and reassured that it wouldn't happened. After all he knew Bruno just had the visions and didn't make them happend. Beside what's the worst he could see? Another acciendent he'll have in the futur? Big scoop!
So Bruno finally did it, happy to explain the ritual he made up himself to his friend and he saw Augustin growing alongside Julietta constantly healing him and their futur kids with the purest love of all. The vision cristalisation just showed a way older Julietta healing a way older Augustin so Bruno went like "Looks like you're gonna grow old in Julietta's room!" Augustin though it's mean his was to have a lot of accidents in his life and reacted like "At least I'm gonna grow old unlike my mom seems to think 🤣" And it's just years later went he married her and moved on in her room that understands what he actually ment by it.
It's actually one of his rare positive prophesy and the reason he didn't explained it was because he already knew they had feelings for each other and didn't want them to get married because he said they would, but rather because they freely chose to.
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otterlytired · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A mid week work in progress of a family picture
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kingreywrites · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let’s hope tonight is not a horrible disaster!
Collection of some great faces from the dinner scene
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dragonbonez · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Me, before watching Encanto: I am gonna draw Julia and Bruno SO MUCH.
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nodos-still-breathing · 29 days ago
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