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lindendragon · 2 days ago
So you know how Hunter canonically repressed his own trauma in the season 2 finale so that he could offer comfort and support to Gus as their entire world shattered cause Hunter had the same thing happen to him just a week prior and he doesn't want anyone to go through that alone if he can help it? I mean, from Hunter's perspective, yes the Collector event was also traumatic for Hunter, but his life already fell apart a week ago and he is used to trauma already, so obviously this hits Gus the hardest and Hunter, unlike Gus, has trained himself to push it down and be functional through trauma so obviously it falls on him to provide the support Gus needs. Hunter can handle some more time, especially with his entire life, it's fine. Hunter really has a problem with putting others' needs over his own.
And then also add the fact that Hunter has never lived in a domestic or healthy family environment and thought that the abuse he went through is normal.
Then add in the fact that Hunter has latched onto Gus due to the kindness he gave him and has by now developed protective big brother instincts towards him.
So concept, Gus messes something up in the Noceda household, maybe he breaks something or something similar. Hunter is visibly terrified but badly covers it up as he puts his hands on Gus' shoulders and states that he'll take the blame for him, much to Gus' initial confusion. Hunter tells him in a voice that is trying to be reassuring but is starting to tremble that it's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay. He doubts that Miss Noceda is even half as harsh as Belos with whatever punishment she'll enact for this, but he won't let Gus go through that. Hunter is used to worse, he can take it.
And then it clicks for Gus that this is another holdover from being raised by Belos, and he has to gently explain to Hunter that normal parents do not punish kids like that, and if he does get into any trouble it will be nothing like with Belos. Camila is not like that. Hunter chooses to believe Gus but still insists to be there as Gus tells Camila about the accident, just in case. It's there that Hunter gets to see firsthandnwhat an actually healthy family dynamic looks like.
Just, a showcase of the lingering effects of Hunter's trauma and upbringing.
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qishyliatrashdisplay · 2 days ago
What the yellow character hears before inevitably gets adopted to be the blue character's brother
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes this could be the other way around
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sakebytheriver · a day ago
I got sidetracked from my very long Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU to write this little drabble, because I have feelings about Gustholmule and Huntlow
Gus was sitting on the back porch steps, watching as Willow helped Mrs. Noceda, with her little backyard garden, excitedly learning about all the earthly plants the Boiling Isles didn't share. Before he knew he'd done it, Gus had cast an illusion spell at his feet, creating a little model of the Illusinist's Graveyard. He couldn't help thinking about how if he were still home, today would be one of the days when he would be at the graveyard fixing it up and just who he would be fixing it with.
"Hey," Hunter's voice snapped him back to the present, the illusion spell popping out of existence as he looked over to the other boy as he sat down next to him on the steps. "What was that?" Hunter asked, gesturing to the empty space the illusion spell had once occupied. Gus felt his cheeks heat up, and he looked away, embarrassed.
"Uh, well, it's this illusionist's graveyard. I kinda messed it up so the caretaker is making me and Matty- I-I mean, a friend-," he winced at himself, hoping Hunter wouldn't catch his nervous stutter. "Clean the place up. It's just today's generally the day when we do that. I guess I just kinda miss..." he trailed off as he realized just who he was missing.
"...Matty?" Hunter filled in the blank, tilting his head to the side, letting a cheeky smile grow on his face as he looked at Gus.
Gus laughed, "If you ever meet him, you can't call him that. He hates it."
"Oh? So he only lets you call him that, huh?" Hunter nudged Gus playfully.
"Ha. 'Lets me' is kind of a strong way to put it."
"So if I can't call him Matty then what do I call him?"
"Oh. Wow, huh," Hunter did his best to hold back the laugh bubbling from his lips.
"Yeah, I know. And he's just as dorky as his name," Gus really didn't mean to make that sound as lovesick as it did. "It's kinda stupid, but I had this plan- I mean not a plan plan, but an idea, a thought, just I was thinking maybe I'd do a gromposal and ask him to Grom at the graveyard next year or something." He paused, fidgeting with his hands.
"I see," Hunter nodded taking in the new information. "One question, what's Grom?"
"So you wanna ask him to be your date?"
Gus looked up at Hunter surprised, "Wait, seriously?" Hunter made a face shrugging. "Oh, well there's this demon that the top student gets picked to fight each year, Amity and Luz defeated last time with the power of dance and mutual pining, and then once the demon's defeated we have a party. People get dressed up and ask each other to go with them, and we all just dance and have a good time mostly."
Gus' eyes widened, and he reeled back, caught off guard by the question. "I-I mean, people ask each other as friends all the time." Hunter just raised his eyebrow. "...But yeah, gromposals are usually romantic and I- yeah, I want him to be my date." He looked down rubbing the back of his neck self consious.
Hunter smiled at him, "Well, you know we've got a while before next year, I can help you come up with an actual plan for your gromposal."
"You really think we'll find a way back to the Isles by then?"
The two smiled at each other silent for a moment before Willow's laughter rang out, pulling both of their attention towards her. She had her head thrown back, and her eyes closed, laughing brightly at something Mrs. Noceda had said to her as the two kneeled on the ground, planting seeds and tending the plants. With the sun behind her giving her a halo and glinting off her glasses, Hunter found himself getting lost in just how pretty she was, especially when she was laughing. Gus let his eyes slip from Willow to Hunter, he smirked as he took in the light pink blush, dusting his cheeks and the points of his ears, the look in his eyes so awestruck that Gus could tell that to Hunter the rest of the world had disappeared.
Hunter paused to think about his answer, "I think, I've seen you guys do a lot of impossible things since I've met all of you and if there's anyone who could find a way back home in less than a year, it's you four."
"It's the five of us now, you know." Gus nudged Hunter.
"You know, I could also help you plan your own gromposal." Gus rocked his body into Hunter's teasingly, knocking the other boy out of the trance Willow had put him under.
Hunter turned to Gus face and ears now fully red, with an expression of panic. "Wha- what?! I don't- I mean I didn't- uh-" Hunter stuttered, and Gus couldn't help but fall apart into full body laughter.
"Sorry, sorry," Gus said, trying to get his laugh under control as Hunter just glared at him with a red face. "I promise your secret crush on Willow is safe with me." He said, making an X over heart. "Well, and Luz and Amity and probably Mrs. Noceda and Vee, oh, and Skara and Viney, too."
"What?!" Hunter's eyes widened. "Does everyone know?"
"No, actually, lucky for you, Willow doesn't. Unlucky for you, she's the only one."
Hunter groaned, letting his face fall into his hands, his ears, and face thoroughly on fire. Gus patted him on the back, and Hunter slipped his hands down his face, looking at Gus through the corner of his eye.
"You're sure she doesn't know?"
"Oh yeah, she's got no idea. Willow doesn't really realize when people like her, she kinda has more experience with the opposite, but that's really not my story to tell."
Hunter furrowed his eyebrows, stealing a glance back to the plant witch just as she cast a little spell circle showing Mrs. Noceda how she could make the seed grow into a full plant in seconds. The excitement from the mother was almost infectious as she gasped, pulling Willow into a hug as the girl just laughed. The scene in front of him spoke the absolute opposite story that Gus had just given him. Hunter looked back at the other boy with a skeptical expression. Gus raised his hands in an 'I don't know' gesture.
"Like I said, not my story to tell. But when you ask her out, just be clear about it being a date, or she might not realize it."
"Wait, what do you mean 'when'. I never said I was going to ask her out."
"Dude, you're gonna ask her out." The way Gus said it so confident like it was a fact caught Hunter off guard.
"Wha- I- no."
"Yes. You're gonna ask her out, or I'm gonna ask her out for you."
"You're gonna ask her out for me?"
"I'll write a note and sign your name."
"No, you won't."
"Try me." Gus raised his brows in a challenge and they had a mini staring contest.
"No, you won't."
"No, I won't. But I am gonna help you ask her out, and so will Luz and possibly Amity, but we haven't asked her yet."
"Did it ever occur to you guys that I don't want your help?"
"It did."
"And we're gonna help you anyway." Gus grinned.
"Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say." Hunter sighed rolling his eyes.
"Hey," Willow's voice startled them from their conversation. She had left the garden and stood in front of them sitting on the steps. Hunter stood up immediately surprised by her arrival, cheeks red hoping she hadn't heard any of the conversation he and Gus were having.
"Hey! Hi, you um- how was uh gardening." He stuttered out, cringing as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.
She just smiled before excitedly talking about the different plants that were in the garden and the ones she was thinking about bringing back to the Boiling Isles. Gus sat back and watched his friends as they talked, taking in Hunter's lovesick smile and the light pink blush that had settled over his cheeks after his surprise had worn off, and Willow's excited rambling, the way she looked up at Hunter from under her lashes telling Gus just how mutual Hunter's secret crush really was.
Oh yeah, he and Luz were definitely gonna help Hunter ask Willow out.
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teartra · 2 days ago
Hunter’s arc is finally calling people by their first name
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umbrellazontik · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gustholomule in Hogwarts💙🤎
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owlbeastzz · 2 days ago
i am very happy that there’s gonna be more gustholomule fics uploaded because of gustholomule week
why did nobody tell me about gustholomule week
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gravityflops · 12 hours ago
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i’m a broken man
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amberjuni · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Day at the aquarium 1/?
Commissions open
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smallpapers · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Guilt of Peace
A moment in the Noceda household a few weeks after the Day of Unity.
(you.are.here: tag/masterlist)
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manzanamarim · a month ago
Tumblr media
couldn't resist redrawing this with their new looks because I can't believe we actually got to see the Squad all together. they're so dorky cool
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stephen9260 · a month ago
Tumblr media
So... labyrinth runners huh
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mysteriousowlspy · a month ago
Can we please talk about the fact that not only was Hunter secretly living on Hexside grounds this whole time, but that this decision was probably enforced by his one, single positive experience with the emerald entrails?
Jesus christ.
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moistbread · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
happy pride month! here’s the toh squad with queer headcanons and canons!
edit: changed eda’s flag to the bi flag bc i was informed that she’s canonically bi 💖💜💙
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sundrawer · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
screenshot redraw :')
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wayward-delver · 3 months ago
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hhayfever · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They’re all besties. Willow and Gus like to bully him <3
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mgtxs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
owl kids in their 20s
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trashbell · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
i really hope they poke at this in season 3
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smallpapers · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a moment with you
don't forget about yourself.
please click for higher resolution! (you.are.here series: tag/masterlist)
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teartra · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Gus’ tears really got me. While everyone is still processing, he already came to terms where he realized that he’s no longer in The Boiling Isle. He’s worried about his home for sure but I think the first thing that came to his mind was his dad. Everyone in The Boiling Isle is doomed and Gus had no way of knowing if his dad was okay or not
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