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Proactive Measures

Rating: Teen

Relationships: May Parker & Peter Parker, May Parker & Adrian Toomes, Peter Parker & Adrian Toomes

Characters: May Parker, Peter Parker, Adrian Toomes, Tony Stark, Ben Parker (mentioned)

Additional Tags: Alternative Universe-Canon Divergence, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mother-Son Relationship, plot relevant whump, canon-typical violence, kidnapping, Parker-centric [more tags on ao3]

Adrian Toomes will do anything for his family. Even destroy another.

After finding out Spider-Man’s identity, Vulture makes sure that that he stays out of the way by taking a hostage. Robbing the Stark jet is easy after that, and now both Parkers are captured with no hope of escape.

With only themselves to rely on Peter and May struggle to find a way out of an impossible situation. Before it’s too late.

“…I’ll kill you and everybody you love.”

Vulture and Spider-Man can agree on one thing: Nothing is more important than family. 

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I know this is late for me to say but I get the issue with MCU Aunt May being younger than the old & wise Aunt May we all know & love. I get that. I, too, felt the same way when I first saw her introduced in “Captain America: Civil War”. But I quickly got over it because I also have aunts as “young” as her, and even younger. So, it was fine for me but still kind of weird.

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Peter Parker x Reader college AU 


Peter Parker never thought he would be falling in love with the girl from his organic chemistry class, but even more surprising is the possibility that she may feel the same way. 


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Tony: So, how’s Peter coping with Covid-19 and quarantine?

May: He is okay. I think nothing phases him at this point. Watch this.

May: Hey Peter?

Peter: Yep?

May: There’s an asteroid headed to earth. Death is imminent.

Peter, sipping out of a juice bottle: Cool

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Thought this was a nice excuse to design my own version of uncle Ben :)

I hope to do a colored pic of him later, but no promises with me :p
Either way, i’m not unhappy with this!

I…don’t understand why his aunt and uncle were like 80 years old in the comics and other movies??
Like when did Peter’s parents have him, when they were 40…?
Or like sixty??
Idk, make it make sense ò__ó
IMO this fits better.

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I wonder if Miles ever told MJ that Kingpin killed Peter… Considering Kingpin threw some BS Spiderman dinner & said they were “good friends” & MJ was there…

Actually, now that I think about it - what about Aunt May?

And what about the fact that May & Liv know each other?  They’re friends? Apparently?  I wonder if they ever talked about Peter’s death???  And Liv’s involvement with Kingpin…

And I wonder what the villians felt once it was revealed that Spiderman was a 26 year old grad student??? Whose been fighting since high school???  Villians being beaten by a literal kid/minor? For 10 plus years???

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Steve - are you small or tall?

I think I’m tall? I mean, I’m 5’7 and that’s average, but I’m taller than most of the people in my family. Buttt I did have a best friend who was like, 6’2, so I looked like a bunny compared to him. It was good, though! When he was walking too fast for me to catch up, I’d just duck under everyone to catch up to him! It was fun!

Valkyrie - what’s your favourite drink?

GLAD YOU ASKED! I love pina coladas, absolutely adore them. I haven’t tried them with alcohol yet, but the virgin ones are really good!

Aunt May - who or what are you most protective over?

My kittens (technically they’re not kittens, since their birthday was on Monday. One year old!!!), and my friends. More specifically, my childhood friends @perseusjaxon and @goldenavenger02, and my best friends @jaybaybay-01 @thespydersargon and @goldenavenger02. If any of y’all hurt them, you better be prepared to deal with ME.

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