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Back to dining in at our favourite spot in Melbourne with this sexy sizzling faux duck in plum sauce 🥵

Brother Bon

Northcote - Melbourne - Australia

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Whats on Today?
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The Seekers A World Of Our Own 1966 (New Digital Remastered Soundtrack)

“We’ll build a world of our own that no one else can share.
All our sorrows we’ll leave far behind us there
and I know you will find, there’ll be peace of mind:
When we live in a world of our own!”

— “A World of Our Own” – The Seekers, 1966

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🆕 Gold Mining New Zealand 1800s Gold Nugget Prospecting

I’ve lived in New Zealand most of my life. I also lived in Western Australia for 29 years. Always fascinated by gold mining, I now live within 5 kilometres of an historic gold mining area that blossomed in the 1880s. Here’s a picture of the old gold mining town of Waiorongomai, back in about 1883:


Isn’t it amazing? 

Some of these old buildings were transported 5 miles back to nearby Te Aroha, and are still standing today!

The gold in the Waiorongomai Valley was deep, volcanic gold locked up in quartz seams in hard volcanic rocks that had once flowed as molten lava.

Most of the mining companies went bankrupt because the process of extracting the gold was simply too difficult for them. So, a lot of gold remains in them thar hills, about 600M down and still in the original quartz seams.

I took a two hour uphill trek and came across miles of old railway networks in the hills, steep inclines (Butlers Incline, and the MayQueen Incline), where railway trucks packed with ore were lowered carefully down steep slopes or inclines of about 25 degrees.

Kalgoorlie is still a gold mining town on the edge of the desert in Western Australia. A lot of folks take a metal detector and go out into the hot, dry, sandy desert to find gold nuggets there. Large gold mining companies still operate a huge open cut mine at Kalgoorlie. Finds of gold there is down to about 1 gram of gold per tonne of soil or ore.

The Editor. New Zealand Business.

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