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I’ve been leaving for agility/rally classes early so we can take 15-20 minutes to sniff around this walking trail that’s on the way. It’s like a pre-decompression walk and I’ve noticed it makes a positive difference for Faye.


The reason I haven’t talked much about our agility and rally classes is because it’s lost a lot of the fun. One of the neighbors shoots their gun during and the sound freaks Faye out. We’ve been working through it and building up her confidence around it. But she’s clearly not enjoying the classes the way she used to.

I did learn that it won’t stop her from doing her job though. Something triggered me during agility and Faye alerted without hesitation and gave me pressure therapy to calm me down. She was on it so fast I don’t think anyone else even noticed.

Anyway, giving her time to run and sniff freely before class seems to help. Yesterday I even saw some of Faye’s enthusiasm start to return.

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Okay the main goal for right now is calmness in public places, such as my job, pet stores, etc. As a puppy we worked a little on settling in the house but not to the degree I’m going to try and take it to now.

There’s a video on youtube by kikopup that I’m using as a guide, and will try to routinely keep up with the lessons for 5-7 days before proceeding to public places.

What we worked on today was settling ( laying down, chin on paws, relaxed body etc) and calmly treating for said behavior. I cheated a little by immediately throwing the frisbee when I got home until she was tired.


I wasn’t rewarding for this, as I felt she was too fixated for my liking here ( facing/watching me) as she is used to offering me behaviors until getting it right.


This is what I was mainly rewarding and looking for from her. She’s used to the game being: chin on paws = treats. But I also didn’t want to keep witholding treats and cause frustration. We did this for maybe thirtyish minutes while I “watched” youtube and pretended to do nothing

Here you can see her getting confused why she wasnt getting a treat and offering a different position while focusing her attention on me. Again any advice, input, two cents or what have you that you have to offer I’m all ears

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One of the things Faye is trained to do is check in with me periodically. Her preferred way to do this when she’s “off duty” is to lay down and ask for attention.

This is particularly helpful right before the stairs because stairs and dissociation aren’t historically the best mix when it comes to me.

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