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mypoeticsoul-ny · 7 hours ago
Step By Step
Brick by brick I broke it down
Stroke by stroke I didn’t drown
Breath by breath kept moving on
Till the pain was all but done
Nothing hurts here anymore
With a smile I close the door
©2021 - MyPoeticSoulNy(-mps)
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savage-rhi · 2 days ago
Help A First Time Author📚
Hey guys! Please consider using this coupon on Blurb to support my poetry book The Songbird Blues! I’d greatly appreciate it especially if you review, and share this with others! Thank you! :D 💙
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Link to The Songbird Blues 
Coupon Code Link
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plathsbitch · a month ago
I am not the main character and I am not a side character. I am that character that just needs one more push, one more tragedy, to become the villain.
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booksartandpoetryy · 2 months ago
i HATEEEE when someone writes something meaningful and beautiful, just for a bunch of salty people to make fun of the writing and of the person by saying shit like "r/im14andthisisdeep" like !! maybe they ARE 14 and it IS that deep to them!! leave them alone. as a writer i have always been terrified of putting out my writing in the world because of gross fucking people like that who will do everything to suck the joy out of some people's lives. these are the same people who will call literally everything "cringe" thinking they get brownie points for being cooler than everyone else. and yes, i AM very offended, and i have a right to be. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but NOT when that opinion includes tearing someone else down for no fucking reason u sadistic pricks !!
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negraitta · a year ago
Another Self adoration cause y’all hate darkskin woman on this app💓
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( Was in an accident ) help if you can
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lifstrand · 23 days ago
Wills for writers
If you’re a writer and your will doesn’t cover the issue of what happens to your work after you die, then please read Neil Gaiman’s blog post on the subject.  It’s for artists, photographers,  musicians, and all creatives with a few adjustments of language. I’ve also posted the link on my link page (along with the link for the PDF of the sample will).  Scroll down to “Links to other folks’…
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maxkirin · 4 months ago
With my book coming out soon, I thought I'd take this as a chance to answer a very tough question:
What's the Best Way to Support an Indie Author? Where should you buy their books? 🤔💵
Big post incoming!
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Before we start talking about the wild, wild world of 👑royalties👑, I want to make this crystal clear:
The best way to support an indie author* is to BUY OUR BOOKS. Straight up. Paying for our hard work is good enough.
You want to support me? Easy. Buy my book.
*Now, let’s say you don’t care where you get the book from or your goal is to make sure most of your hard-earned money actually goes to the indie author rather than some corporation… then, in that case, read on!
So… what the heck are book royalties anyway?
When you purchase an indie eBook the money you spend is split between the author and the retailer. Depending on the split, more or less of your money will actually end up on the hands of the author you’re trying to support.
This differs from traditional publishing, where the author receives a lump sum as an advance from the publisher (which is then split between author and agent).
The publisher then sells this book on other storefronts, which further splits where the money actually goes.
PS: It is not until the book has actually generated as much revenue as the advance that said author begins to *actually* earn royalties on books sold, which may be as little as cents per book to a percentage of each sale.
To further confuse matters, different retailers offer different royalty rates! 😵
Where should you purchase books from if you want to super-duper support an indie author?
Well, let me give you a tier list—beginning from the TOP!
S TIER: Author's Personal Shop
Buying a book directly from an author's shop is by far the best way support 'em. Outside of a small % that goes to cover for credit card fees (~5% in my case), pretty much all of your money goes to the author.
If the author has a shop—buy it from there!!
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It's not just for games, you know! Its royalty rate is one of the most generous with a default 90/10. This is crazy-good compared to most other retailers.
Seriously, more authors should start selling their books on!!
Tumblr media
B TIER: Most Retailers
Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and Kobo all offer a 70/30 split. It didn't use to be like this, tho!
If you like to have all of your books on the same platform, buying an indie author’s book through these platforms is honestly A-OK! 👍
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C TIER: Amazon
Amazon has a default 35/65 rate (ouch) and has the option for a 70/30—but it's not easy. The latter option is not available in all territories and has many prerequisites.
Also, one way to get the 70/30 split is to *exclusively* sell your title on Amazon (ooof).
As if Amazon’s system wasn’t already confusing enough—there’s also *delivery fees*. Yes, you read that right. Amazon charges the author for the delivery of the digital item based on the file size, nickle-and-diming you like it's 2004 and you went over your text message limit.
Tumblr media
I don’t want anyone to feel bad for buying books through Amazon. Like I said before, the best way to support us is to buy our books—no matter where you get them.
A sale is better than no sale at all. 🤞
The reason I set out to write this is because the average person has no clue that where you buy a book from actually matters.
You spend your hard-earned money wanting to support an indie author and the bulk of that Hamilton doesn’t even go to them.
And now you know. 🧵🔚
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poetsmusee · a month ago
Finally, in a low whisper, he said, “I think I might be a terrible person.
For a split second I believed him—I thought he was about to confess a crime, maybe a murder. Then I realized that we all think we might be terrible people. But we only reveal this before we ask someone to love us. It is a kind of undressing. 
Miranda July - The First Bad Man.
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shepardinquisitor · a year ago
I tried to find something about this to reblog and share, but I didn't see anything so I wanted to put this out there. More than 1000 authors have all signed a petition to stand in solidarity with trans rights and essentially condemning J.K. Rowling's TERF views.
This includes Stephen King (which coincides with his Twitter drama with Rowling from before), Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and more big names in the industry.
Tumblr media
Look at those beautiful trans supportive authors!
The Google doc with the letter and a list of the authors who signed it can be found here:
Here is a link to an LA Times article:
And here is a link to the Guardian article:
I thought, given all the sincere disappointment I've heard from people who loved her books, at least this gives you an alternative source.
Trans rights are human rights!
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mrnotsosilent · a month ago
writers when not writing: "writing helps me relax, and it calms me too..."
writers when writing: "what the actual f*ck is this? why am i writing bullsh*ts?"
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negraitta · a year ago
Be kind, today I cosplayed Kitana
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For those that don’t know I was in an accident monday so im using this traffic to help raise more money for the driver and I’d medical bills.
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