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I locked you away in the abyss of darkness
Notifications no more
You’ve stopped to matter as I lost interest
I’m sure you would not care
Except you do, because rejection is tough
Rejection makes you want me more
We all want that which we can’t have
© 7.03.2019 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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The first chapter of my ongoing RWBY fic, set 20 years after the events of RWBY and in the same timeline as my previous fic “The Downward Spiral” was posted on May 29th 2017

So today marks the THREE YEAR anniversary of this story and as we get close to the end I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of those people who’ve read, reviewed and shared my writing; especially those of you who’ve been here since the beginning.

If anyone wants to start the story they can find it at:
FF Net

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Reach for me among the fog
I am blind but you I’ll find
Whisper secrets in the wind
As tornado howls and sings
Still I’ll hear you through it all
Catch your heart as it shall fall
© 5.29.2020 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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Please check out the trailer to my upcoming book #escapingalifesentence #movie #trailer #author #gospel #lifestyle #booklover #release #escaping #a #life #sentence #supportsmallbusiness #entrepreneur #writinginspiration #artist #story (at Fort Myers, Florida)

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blink and she’s gone - wip intro

genre: romantic thriller

pov: first person, limited, w/flashbacks

status: planning, first draft begun

setting: an unnamed town by the sea

includes: lgbt+ characters, lbgt+ characters of color, lesbian main character, lots and lots of yearning, mostly poetic prose, suspense


the day she disappears is not one to remember. it’s calm, monotonous. normal.
but she leaves no trail to track, not even a footprint in the sand, and so the partner she leaves behind can do nothing but piece together the life they would’ve had. should’ve had. could still have, if only she’d come back.
a case builds, slowly but surely, and as the missing woman’s story spreads, her partner finds herself pulled further and further away from shore.


“i”: a woman left reeling after the sudden disappearance of her partner. desperate for answers, for something, the smallest sign that she will come back. she wanders the house she and her girlfriend shared, mind flooded with ghosts. every seven days, a call to the police station. ‘have you found anything new?’ always the answer is no.
“she”: missing. gone without a trace. taken or dead or just wandering, nobody knows. she is an enigma, personified only by the memories and the dreams of the partner she left behind.
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Carmen Boullosa, The Book of Anna
Over the years she’s also learned to discern the ones who, like her brother, her mother, her father by blood, and her father by law, were born as characters, imagined by their authors, partly stolen from reality or flights of fancy as the pen flew across the page, but she’s much more interested in the people born of a womb.
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Chills upon my skin
My heart with lies you pin
And I am too naive
To say goodbye and leave
I love you just too much
Craving for your touch
Too young to understand
That all of this you planned
© 5.28.2020 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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Merely one eve, — oh-so moonlit, and guileless! — as holding onto soothing tattle, soaked in caress, along emerald lawn, at our garden of sentience, by a merry vernal volley;
Only then, under the royal blue veil of nights, we breathe tenderness. Only there, we blossom into our heavens.
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