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#test #animation three with Shintobe the #martialarts #speedster of the #evouniverse . Because she’s supposed to be fast I was going for an explosive jump kick before the run. Probably going to do three or four more of the before I work with scenes. Comments and critiques welcome. #3danimation #animatedshort

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Intriguing 1964 Interview with THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT Author J.R.R. Tolkien — GeekTyrant

Intriguing 1964 Interview with THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT Author J.R.R. Tolkien — GeekTyrant

I love coming across old interviews that I’ve never heard from talented people who have inspired me in my life. One of those people is J.R.R. Tolkien who helped shape my childhood imagination with his books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Hell, I was even writing Middle Earth fan fiction for myself when I was a kid! I still have one of those stores that I wrote.
Anyway, I’ve got a 1964…


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Me all week long: once I have all my work done, I can spend some time working on my writing

Me once the weekend comes, my assignments and chores are done, and I have nothing else going on: well now I don’t wanna

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Hi” so really nervous about this but thought I would show an excerpt of my own writing see what the response was like? it’s the start of one of my books into the zombie apocalypse! hope you like it fair warning it is a first draft! 

TW: Death, Gore-not too explicit


Her eyes trailed over the water stained ceiling as she tried to find patterns, as the boredom began to set in again. The motel that they were stuck in only had three channels on the box TV, their WIFI signal was terrible and there were only so many times that she could play Solitaire before wanting to tear out her own hair. Her nose twitched and a grimace crossed her pale face as she shifted and the scent of old cigarettes assaulted her, the ticking clock being her only companion as she waited on her friend to come back.

It had been two weeks since a black storm had hit America before heading out towards England, it frustrated her that their flight plan was cancelled and pushed back but finally they would be leaving America and heading back to rainy England, she couldn’t wait she had missed her home and the heat of Georgia had not been helpful especially with the sunburn she had landed herself with on the first day of their trip.

There was a bang as the door opened slamming into the peeling wallpaper of the second-rate airport motel, she shot up in excitement only for disappointment to come soon after.

“and here I thought I was getting a nice welcome for once” her best friend teased. he placed the white bag he’d been carrying onto the table; the steam emitting carried the scent of Chinese. her stomach rumbled.

“never” she muttered petulantly leaning against the pillows. It was this git’s fault they were stuck here.


“will you relax? honestly, it’s a couple more days before we can leave” he reminded her as he started to unpack the food, his lean form moving gracefully from one task to the next.

“It feels like an eternity and I’m going to die of boredom” she complained

“no, you’re not, their sorting out the air flights, that massive storm has passed now” he huffed glaring at her “I bought you lemon chicken" he cajoled shaking the box at her.

she grinned before moving and snatching the box of him, digging into the food with glee.

“eating in bed? there will be crumbs you know” he chastised as he ate at the small rounded table the streetlight a halo around him.

“we’ve been stuck for nigh on a month, I’ve decided to live like an animal seeing as how we’re being bloody treated like them” she rebutted

"we are not stuck; the flight plans have been cancelled as a precaution you know this” he repeated calmly for the thousandth time, bastard didn’t even have the decency to lose his temper with her.

“I don’t know why’d we have to come all the way to America to check out universities we’ve both gotten offers to the top Uni’s in England” she whined

“because I like the idea of studying abroad and your acting petulant because we didn’t go to Disneyland” he replied patiently tucking into his own duck.

She raised a hand to her chest, playfully pretending to be in pain “how dare you accuse me of such things! There’s a void in my soul, this is the end”

“eat your food, the void will be filled, and I didn’t ask you to follow me” he arched a thick brown eyebrow in her direction, hazel eyes lightly accusing.

“well, where you go, I follow, been that way since kindergarten” she cheerfully stated

“I didn’t ask you to punch Philip in the nose and declare yourself my best friend”

“he was stealing your crayons and he smashed the purple one! It’s a hangable offence” she groused into her food, still angry over it fifteen years later.

“he was four years old Liv” he sighed

“we were four years old and playing delightfully, we got gold stars” she replied smugly

Their phones started beeping loudly and Olivia frowned picking up the phone, her eyebrow raising at the news.

“what the hell-?” she questioned softly

“world’s gone mad” Ace muttered

“see this? Something about the CDC?” she showed him the tweet and he turned his phone to show her what he was looking at

“military is moving into Georgia?” Ace said his eyes scanning the post with the red alert included.

Olivia let a grimace touch her face, she didn’t like the thought of what was going on and she felt her paranoia rising.

“right let’s pack” she stated before casting aside her food and grabbing her bag

“what why?” He questioned watching as she moved methodically around the room grabbing bits and pieces.

“because the CDC has obviously screwed something and now the military is moving in? we should head to a different airport see if we can catch a flight home” she moved into the bathroom

“which airport are we going to? They’ve all had issues remember?” Ace moved over to his own bag and started shoving some clothing into it

“we’ll head to Nashville, it’s about four hours away but out of state hopefully, whatever is happening here will remain here and by the time we get there, they’ll have some flights” Olivia planned out loud as she rummaged through the bathroom cabinet.

Ace’s head jerked up when he heard pounding on the door, his body turned towards the door as screams reached his ears.

“Liv? Something’s happening” he yelled

“what is going on?” she asked as she stuck her head out of the bathroom door

Ace yelled as the wood splintered a bloodied hand reaching through and trying to grab at him.

“JESUS” Olivia yelped grabbing onto the collar of Ace’s shirt, the pair of them scrambling backwards away from the door as the hand was waving wildly smashing further and splintering the hole wider.

Ace reached forward snatching his bag and jacket of the bed, the pair crouched crawling towards the window, Olivia shoved the curtains aside reaching out to open the window only for a woman to throw herself against the window.

“what’s going on?” Ace snapped his fingers hooked into her belt loops and tugging her back into his chest.

“newest rendition of it’s raining men? Or theatre kids? Commentary on society as we know it?” Olivia suggested sarcastically, watching in morbid fascination as the woman gnawed at the glass her clothing covered in blood and a bite mark showing through her ragged clothing.

“with a woman’s chorus?” he questioned his head tilting, eyes widening

“obviously, their progressive” Olivia replied reaching down to grab his hand and tug them both into the bathroom spinning and locking the door.

“don’t think the doors gonna stop them Liv” Ace panted “if you hadn’t noticed the lovely gent that was bringing the door down”

“it will slow them down and anyways I’m not facing up against…that…we’re legging it out the window” she decided

“like prom?” Ace perked up

“like prom” Olivia parroted cheerfully

“didn’t you break your ankle?” Ace questioned as he watched her wrestle with the lock on the window.

Olivia huffed in frustration blowing her caramel hair out of the way as she replied,

“I misjudged the height alright?” she managed to open the window and grinned at Ace her dimples showing “pass me your bag will you?”

Ace did as instructed and she shoved both of their bags out of the window, she cautiously stuck her head out looking around to see if more of those things had turned up seeing nothing, she hefted herself up, wriggling out of the bathroom window before moving over as Ace struggled, grunting loudly before he fell into a ungraceful heap at her feet.

“graceful” she commented dryly

“bite me” he grunted clambering to his full height and throwing his duffle bag around his shoulders as Olivia did the same with her backpack, she glanced around and frowned.

“I don’t think we should go around to the front, that’s where the screams are coming from”

“we can climb down the tree” He suggested and Olivia turned and stared at the pine tree in annoyance, it would be a way out that wouldn’t garner attention but then again they might end up getting stabbed by the needles.

“suppose we don’t have much of a choice” Olivia gave in resolutely ignoring the screams, it was dark and she was terrified but from the way Ace’s hazel eyes were blown out he was frightened as hell and her being blasé was helping to keep him calm.

“Don’t think so” Ace muttered flinching as a loud explosion occurred, Olivia climbed over the railings and threw herself into the tree, her hands gripping a strong branch while the needles scratched at her skin and pulled at her hair, she swung her leg over before heaving herself upwards, hissing as a needle scratched deeply at her cheek.

“see easy as anything” Olivia reassured Ace with confidence she didn’t feel as she started shuffling towards the trunk of the tree, She could hear him follow after her, letting out a low swear word as he landed heavily on his stomach.

They both climbed downwards, barely being able to see from the dim lights of the streetlamps, Olivia felt relief as her booted feet became reacquainted with the ground.

“you good?” Olivia asked Ace as he brushed down his dark green army jacket

“I smell like Christmas” he complained quietly

“you love Christmas” she replied as they crouched down in the bushes moving carefully towards the south gate which was further away from the motel and thus from the action.

“we both do, doesn’t mean I wanted pine shoved down my throat” Ace grumbled

Olivia rolled her eyes at her dramatic friend, but it was funny to watch her normally strait-laced friend bitch and moan, he usually never did. Her eyebrows contracted, he was probably doing it to calm her, she felt a rush of affection for him.

Just then, a piercing shriek cut through the air and their relative ease as they watched a woman dodge one grabbing hand and make a break for it but they moved as a pack and dragged her down to the ground before swarming her, their hands tearing and searching. Olivia gagged loudly as she saw one person clamp their mouth around the poor woman’s throat, they pulled back a hank of meat and a river of blood pouring out along with the woman’s dying screams, her body still twitching.

“oh god” Ace whispered as Olivia gagged into the bushes trying desperately to get rid of the memory.

“we- we gotta go” Olivia cobbled herself together, promising herself a breakdown together, she grabbed onto Ace’s hand tugging roughly when he refused to move, his face was ashen and eyes wide with a sheen of tears.

“t-this it can’t be real Liv, please tell me it’s not real” Ace pleaded quietly

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The Erotica Collection

You can preorder my new ebook The Erotica Collection which is a collection of my published erotica stories exclusively on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

I will update when you can purchase The Erotica Collection in paperback format in the near future.


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Building Characters: It’s All in the Name

Building Characters: It’s All in the Name #writing #amwriting #characterdevelopment

Photo by Philippe AWOUTERS on Unsplash

There is power in a name.

How many times have you avoided using a name because it reminded you of someone? Or it didn’t fit the mood and tone of the story? What names give you the impression a character is strong or weak?

The names you choose helps set the tone, declares your characters’ genealogy, and invokes them with initial power or weakness.



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Notes From the Wasteland No. 24 ‘My Top Four Lessons Learned from Teaching Classes via Zoom’

Notes From the Wasteland No. 24 ‘My Top Four Lessons Learned from Teaching Classes via Zoom’

As everyone knows, Zoom calls are (very) hard at the best of times, what with patchy wifi, variable frame rates and the various other glitches and hitches that colour the nowness of our communication. Teaching over Zoom is even harder, especially with patchy wifi, variable frame rates and the various other glitches and hitches that colour the nowness of our communication. I have been teaching…


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<div> —  Marilyn Monroe, 23rd January, <i>Staying strong </i>by Demi Lovato </div><span>Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.</span>
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Futuristic Fiction: #Research for #Writers, Part 3, Advertising.

Futuristic Fiction: #Research for #Writers, Part 3, Advertising.

If you want to read the introduction to this series, you’ll find it here.

This post looks at ‘Advertising’.

Why advertising? Who does it benefit? How will future advertising be presented? How will it look, feel, sound?

At present, advertising, marketing, promotion, call it what you will (they’re all methods of persuading people to buy), accounts for anything from 2.5% to 50% of a company’s…


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i wanna start posting my writing

poems, short stories, snippets that come flowing out when i’m inspired

whatever i want basically

so yeah :)

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday - Prompt - Close Eyes and Point

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt – Close Eyes and Point


It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and here comes Linda Hill with a mammoth box.
“Hey, Linda.”
“Duh. I’ll just leave it here on the porch. I doubt it will fit in the door.”
“Thanks, Linda. Would you look at this? I better open it and see what we’ve got. I feel like I’m on Chopped. The prompt.”
Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “close…


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Hello everybody, I have owned this account for quite a while and I believe it is time to post more relevant posts to me. I won’t be posting as many memes and I am planning on cleaning this blog up some. My reason of doing this is because I want to share my work with you all and I prefer to have only personal/professional accounts so that I can maintain them easily.

I hope you guys stick with me, but if not, I understand.

But if you enjoy…




and more…

I would recommend you to stick around and help me build my community.

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source: “Once More to the Lake” by E. B. White


Actual Poem (in case image fails to load):

Individual Shadow in the dusty field

The road was missing and the choice was to lay there in the sun

Alleys were green

The place was one of time

The illusion was indelible, unshatterable, and innocent

Authors Note: I would show you the actual blackout picture, but it doesn’t look that good so here’s just the poem. This was just for a quick English Assignment, which is why it isn’t my best work, sorry.

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