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a-boy-and-his-robot2 days ago
I shouldn't talk about this. They could find out. They will probably kill me if they do. Or even worse, take her away from me. But this is an experience I can't continue to keep to myself. She's so incredible, so I'm willing to risk everything to tell the world about her. I'm rambling. I'm just so excited. So let me start from the beginning. And hopefully, without some of the details for my protection, it will still make sense.
I work for a tech company with a secret government contract to manufacture life like androids for war. Their goal was to eliminate the loss of military lives. Or so that's what the government sector said. I believe they wanted soldiers they could control. Ones that will never speak out against the government, and the way vets are treated. But how can you create a synthetic life to kill real ones, but also keep them from being curious about humanity? The thirst for curiosity clashes with their programming, so the entire program was a failure.
The androids were destroyed, and the company has shifted it's focus on advancing other forms of technology. But there was one android I couldn't let them destroy. Jessica.
I named her that. She was the first one on display in the lab I worked out of. She was the first thing I saw every morning when I entered. I can't say what I do for the company, but I wasn't a part of the creation of the androids. Let's just say I was more of a person who handled the paperwork for a lot of things. When we were told to transport the androids to be destroyed, I altered some of the paperwork so that I could sneak her out without any records of her existing. After all, she was just another product to them. But to me, during those lonely nights, she was someone I could talk to even if she never responded. I guess you can say I got attached to the familiarity of her face.
When I got Jessica home, I activated her with her activation phrases. I watched her open her eyes for the first time ever. They're blue. A weird dark blue that didn't look quite right for a human. But they're beautiful. I felt my heartbeat skip when she looked at me and smiled. She said hello and introduced herself by her identity number, and asked if I was her master. I didn't know how to respond, so I didn't. Instead, I told her that I had renamed her, and for now on she would go by Jessica in order to fit in with everyone else.
"Jessica. I like my new name, Master."
I told her not to call me that. That she now had free will as long as she stayed with me so I could keep her safe. I could tell the world was confusing to her. She didn't understand what her purpose was outside of what she had been programmed to do. So I tried to teach her as much as I could the first few days we were together. And she took everything in so fast that I was blown away.
Days became weeks quickly. I had grown accustomed to her being around me. You see, I'm sort of a guy who likes to keep to himself. I've been alone for a long time, and I'll admit that hearing her sweet voice, and seeing her beautiful smile around my house brightened everything for me. The way she moves her body whenever she would hear a new song she had never heard before, her wonder about a world I had grown cynical about a long time ago, it was all new information to her. And she loved every minute of it.
I told her to stop calling me master. I didn't want her to feel like she belonged to me. But she continued to anyways. I didn't understand it at first, but I realized that she wanted to belong to someone.
"I want to be yours. Just like the movies I've watched. And the music I've heard. I want to know what love is. It seems beautiful, and I want to understand it. I want to belong to you, master."
Weeks became months, and all I could think about was her. I couldn't wait to come home to her and see how much she had learned that day. And as much as I tried to fight it, I fell in love with her. I love Jessica. The weird woman she had become. Her hunger for information, the way she looked at me like I was the most fascinating thing in the world, everything that made her more human than any human I have ever met. And I couldn't hide it from her anymore. Because in her quest to learn what love is, she helped me to rediscover it.
Tumblr media
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kati-rae2 days ago
Tumblr media
When you鈥檙e trying to get more people to read your ebooks. 馃槄
So...if you鈥檙e looking for a free ebook, I have two available on Dreame!
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kati-rae9 days ago
Tumblr media
Just dropped the cover for the third book in the Castle Gealach Series, The Luna鈥檚 Rogue Mate! This one is coming soon, but it will be released in the coming months exclusively on Dreame!聽
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kati-rae10 days ago
Excerpt from Chapter 42 of聽鈥淭he Vampire鈥檚 Dark Professor鈥
The women scattered quickly as one led him through the foyer into the main entertaining space. She gestured for him to sit at a small, round table with a mustard-colored tablecloth before she scurried off to another group of patrons seated nearby. 聽
He glanced around the dimly lit space, although he was able to see everything in full detail. The brothel was busy, and most of the tables were full of drunken men with prostitutes giggling on their laps, whispering filthy words that were not meant for Luca鈥檚 ears.
聽 The walls were papered in a deep shade of emerald green, with gold gilded mirrors and erotic paintings decorating the room. A gold chandelier hung overhead to illuminate the tables, and a bartender worked feverishly to keep up with the busy service on the other end of the dining area.
聽 It was a jovial atmosphere on this cool evening in Hamburg as the patrons and sex workers chatted and laughed the night away freely. But Luca had traveled a long way to be here this evening, and he was in no mood to partake in the disgusting behavior that surrounded him.
聽 A flash of auburn hair from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He had imagined this moment for decades, practicing what he would say in his mind over and over again as he turned over every rock in Europe to find her.
However, now that she was within his grasp, he froze, unable to turn his head in her direction.
聽 鈥淚 was wondering when you would find me.鈥
聽 He closed his eyes, savoring the angelic words that were whispered so quietly that only he would hear. Words that were meant solely for him.
Finally, he mustered up enough courage to meet her gaze, and he felt a fire ignite within him at the sight of her. She was dressed similarly to the other women, and his eyes flickered with interest to her rounded breasts spilling dangerously out of her corset. However, her neck and ears were dripping with pearls, setting her apart from the other women as the Madame.
聽 鈥淐ome, let us talk,鈥 she replied, her face darkening. 鈥淲e have much to catch up on.鈥
The story is currently free and updated daily on Dreame! The Vampire鈥檚 Dark Professor is Book 2 of the Castle Gealach Series.聽
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kati-rae10 days ago
You said you would do anything for me,鈥 she replied, her voice turning dark. The sound of it was devoid of her usual effervescence, and it made Luca freeze. 鈥淢y love for you is unchanged,鈥 he replied honestly, unable to turn to face her. 鈥淚 will undoubtedly love you for the rest of my days. But you only bring me unending pain and despair. This is not how love is supposed to be.鈥 鈥淥h, Luca, you poor fool,鈥 she snorted, stepping around the bed to look him in the face. As he glanced up, her topaz eyes seemed to mock him, and a smirk was smeared across her powdered face. 鈥淵ou still believe in a fairytale, an illusion of love that exists only in your world of books and fiction. One day, when you鈥檝e walked this earth as long as I have, you will learn that love doesn鈥檛 last as long as we do. Love is fleeting when you compare it against our eternal nature. The sooner you come to accept this, the better off you will be.鈥 She turned on her heel, her head held high as her skirts rustled against the floor. When she reached the door to the bedroom, she stopped for a moment without turning back to face him. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure we鈥檒l meet again,鈥 she said in a low voice. 鈥淎nd when we do, I know you will be unable to resist me.鈥 Without another word, she snapped her fingers at her servants to follow her out. The door shut behind her with a loud thud that echoed against the walls, leaving behind only a deafening quiet that consumed the lonely apartment.
Excerpt from The Vampire鈥檚 Dark Professor, available exclusively on Dreame. Currently free and ongoing, updated daily.聽
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kati-rae10 days ago
Tumblr media
Apparently, I found my marketing niche for my Castle Gealach series. 馃ぃ Gained 30 new story followers and 100 reads overnight from one Facebook group!
But seriously, if you鈥檙e interested, I have a free and completed story for you on Dreame. It鈥檚 not Harry Potter fan fiction; it鈥檚 an original fantasy romance story that I recommend for fans of Harry Potter.
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kati-rae14 days ago
Tumblr media
Procrastinating on the editing process of your original fiction, but then you get into it and realize you enjoy what you wrote.
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penelopestjames15 days ago
Her Kiss is Morphine
With opium lips聽
and a tongue like absinthe
Olive skin and onyx hair
Soft thighs and heavy moans
Her hips atop me
Her hand in my hair
Her breasts on my tongue
Her breath on my skin
Her growing noises in my head
Then they're all I can hear
My brain succumbs
To the silent numbing deadly fog
At first delightful
And then an empty horror
The world melts away
To pleasure and fear
And there is only her
And her morphine kiss
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han-boggs17 days ago
Tumblr media
just a little thing i made inspired by my book, VIOLENT DELIGHTS.
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penelopestjames17 days ago
I was always fond of Jacqualine
Smart, beautiful, lovely Jacqueline
I called her Jack for short
Hair like sunflowers
Eyes like seafoam
Laugh like a summer breeze
Two years my junior
Twice as clever
Infinitely above me
Though I longed
Though I tried
Things might have been different
In some other life
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writerforfun18 days ago
Writing advice: Show don't tell!
I'm coming in with this as a lot, a lot of writers seem to have a little trouble with this. And it's fine it really is, I had to work a lot to understand this myself. It was awful to read my old work when I did learn to describe well.
One of the best ways to improve your writing is to
It's not easy, despite being such a common part of creative writing. Some find it difficult to start of even explaining it, or implementing it in their tales.
Well, let's see if we can change that!
Let's first look at what it means:
Show don't tell: is the use of excessive descriptive words that produce an image of what you wish to show.
Confusing? Hold up I'll explain. See the main point is to use detailed action and images to show what is going on in the story.
A great example being the famously said on the topic "Don't tell me the moon is shining show me the glint of light on broken glass"
Let's look at some examples:
Telling: When they embraced she could tell he had been smoking and was scared.
Showing: When she wrapped her slim arms around him, the stench of tobacco assaulted her nostrils, filling her nose up with the filthy air. She felt consumed by the substance. Dread rose in her body, completely throwing her in hopelessness.
Telling: It was late fall.
Showing: Red-orange decorated the path in front of him, colouring the road as he walked, crunching under his weight.
Do you understand what I mean?
Here are some effective tips to help you:
1. Use strong details to give a good image. Say your character is blind, don't tell us they are blind show us. Tell the reader they are blind, let them know from the way the character acts, how they feel for things, how do they know someone is in front of them. Show it all!
Maybe she uses a cane to walk or maybe she has a dog to help her, or maybe she has a guide to take her different place. 2. Create the setting Want to show a spooky and eerie setting?
Describe it. Speak about how fog, how thick is it? Temperature, is it cold or hot? How cold or hot is it? Are there cobwebs? Crows crying out in the distance. How is the character responding to it?
How are they feeling in the scene? Showing their impression is quite important as well. You want the reader to feel what the character is feeling and actually have the reader feel it too.
Do they feel calm or do they feel scared? How? Describe it in the best way possible.
3. Use dialogue.
Dialogue is the best way to show a character's personality rather than telling about it. Showing their interactions with others, with objects through dialogues is a really useful way of showing their personality, we can understand what they value, their relationships with others.
Say you have a character who gets annoyed easily. Someone might do something or interrupt them while doing something important and they might just yell out in frustration or huff and walk away.
Show that interaction with words and dialogues.
4. Use themes.
If you wish to know more about themes let me know.
For now, I'll give a little context on how to use it here.
The language and details you use show the theme of your story. It provides the theme in a really subtle way but it's there. A reader may not pick it up at first but over time it becomes clear. It also creates that overall thread throughout your entire book.
Takes this as an example:
Tumblr media
From this, we can sense the theme is focused heavily on loneliness and craving for human connection. This is really prevalent throughout the entire book but it's done through showing not telling. So if the author was simply telling it you would just simply read it as the character was not lonely at all and she just needed a friend. Like a direct path to her thoughts but that's not what we want. Because at the end of the day, it's not interesting is it?
5.Don't label emotions Don't show emotions, especially if you're not sure whether you are showing or telling, look for actual emotional words. This is called emotive language. When you use words envoke strong emotions but describing those emotions.
Words such as happy, angry or sad are examples of telling. They tell the reader how the character feels not show.
Telling: John was depressed that day and he wanted to cry.
Show: John didn't feel well. Hos heart felt heavy, under great strain. He didn't feel joyful or motivated or enthusiastic. Instead, all he could feel was the suffocating hold of depression. The great urge to push open his eyes and let them rain. He truly wanted to cry.
Sometimes you need to ask yourself "How does this feel?" and then write how it feels.
So, when should you use TELL?
While summary narratives don't work well in stories, telling is needed at times. A great example is in the Novella Court of Frost and Starlight. Where a character spoke of her sexuality and it took 6 PAGES.
I'm not kidding, and those 6 PAGES were all on her sexuality.
Telling in this case would have been so much better.
Don't use show if there鈥檚 no value to the plot/tension/conflict/character arc by showing some mundane but necessary information, telling is preferable.
For instance, say you have to get your character to an important meeting and back before the real action happens. Maybe he has to get clearance from his superiors before he can lead a secret raid.
Rather than investing several pages showing every aspect of the trip from packing, dressing, getting a cab to the airport, going through security, boarding the plane, arriving at his destination鈥攜ou quickly tell that this way:
Three days later, after a trip to Washington to get the operation sanctioned by his superiors, Casey packed his weapons and camo clothes and set out to recruit his crew.
Then you immediately return to showing mode, describing his visits to trusted compatriots and getting them on board.
Here is an other example:
Tumblr media
Sorry, for the long post and thank you for reading.
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hanniepee19 days ago
If you want to write short stories but you get stuck before you even start, this video is for you. Here are 6 tips for coming up with great short story ideas, plus examples!
And here are 50 free writing prompts!
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kati-rae19 days ago
Tumblr media
My characters in my Castle Gealach series are in the UK, so I have to remind myself to use聽鈥渨hisky鈥 and not聽鈥渨hiskey.鈥 Another interesting alcohol fact from my former life as a hotel F&B manager is about champagne.聽Champagne is a term that can only be used for sparkling wines made in Champagne, France. If it鈥檚 not, it鈥檚 just sparkling wine.
Hope this helps bring some authenticity to your novels. Happy writing!聽
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meganspeecewrites21 days ago
Writing Prompt: Someone makes a seemingly inconsequential decision that has big consequences.
It's 6:30am and Katherine is in the drive through line at Starbucks. It is the first truly warm day of spring and she ditches the hot Americano in favor of the Caramel Frap. She drives the normal route to work, getting every green light. As she gets out of her car, she grabs her drink, the lid of which was not properly secured, and now both she and the front seat of her car are covered in light brown froth. Katherine does her best to mop up the remnants of the drink with the napkins from her glove box. Unfortunately, she has a big presentation to make at work today, so she starts her car to begin her journey home for a change of clothes.
She hits every red light between work and home, adding an extra five minutes to the commute. She changes quickly into a different suit. This one isn't as nice as the one she'd been wearing; she'd chosen her best suit for her presentation. Decidedly more flustered, she climbs back into her car fifteen minutes later.
It is now 7:05am and the traffic is worse. Katherine starts her days early precisely to avoid this traffic. The waits at lights are longer, the cars stacked bumper to bumper, each one of them containing an impatient driver just as angry to be stuck in traffic as Katherine. Katherine is pulling forward, the next one to go through the light, just as it turns yellow. Katherine smashes down hard on the gas pedal, tension singing down her arms as she watches the light turn red.
Katherine watches someone else give her presentation from a corner of the conference room. No one sees her. Which is just as well, because apparently when you die and come back as a ghost, you look just how you did when you died. So not only was Katherine stuck in her second best suit for the rest of forever, that suit was also stained with blood and her skin was embedded with bits of shattered glass. Katherine watches someone else botch her pitch, she watches as everyone leaves, disappointed in her work.
This is how she will be remembered: the woman who did shoddy work, and made someone else present it because she couldn't bother to show up on time. They don't know yet. And they'll feel bad for thinking it. But it will nevertheless be the last thing they really think about her.
She should have just had the damn Americano.
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han-boggs21 days ago
鈥攎eet the {side} characters
Tumblr media
Bonnie McBride is one of Greer Mages' best friends in the first book. She is seen as spiteful and a major gossip. Her main interest is shopping and spending time with Greer. She is popular by association.
Appearance鈥攍ong, curly red hair, plus-sized, brown eyes, round face, freckles, 5'7"
Personality鈥擭ot much is known or seen of Bonnie's character because Odette rarely hangs around her. The side Odette sees is wild, as she was the one who took off all her clothes and ran around the mansion naked during a game of truth or dare. She's invested in Odette's relationship with Grayson, but for all the wrong reasons.
Fun facts鈥擝onnie and Nadia were best friends before Greer came into town. Bonnie met Greer at the same time as Nadia when Greer and her brother accidentally blew up the school playground in seventh grade. It's hinted that Bonnie is aware of the twins' magical powers, but she never verbally confirms it.
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