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creative-aces22 hours ago
Tumblr media
If you haven't read HELLO WORLD聽 now is a great time to pick up the .Exe series! Scott is a hacker ready to prove that a single voice can be a powerful weapon against a biotech company. We can't wait to have the final book in this ace hacker adventure in our hands during Ace Week!聽
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yourfinalbow2 months ago
Please please please refrain from paywalling any sort of fanfic. The lack of monetary gain from fanfiction is one of the core reasons we are legally allowed to create/share/read it.
Fair Use doesn't entirely hinge on whether or not we are earning money, but it is one of the biggest factors a court will consider.
The OTW (company responsible for our ability to legally create fanfic; also owns Ao3) already does so much for us legally, and we absolutely do not need to make their job any harder.
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books3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Writer Spotlight: Alexis Nedd
It's New Release Tuesday! We caught up with Alexis Nedd (@alexisthenedd) to talk about her debut novel, Don鈥檛 Hate The Player, which is out today. Alexis is a Brooklyn-based pop culture 鈥渇anthropologist鈥 who has only ever loved things in a big, obsessive way. As the Senior Entertainment Reporter at, she covers television, movies, and video games, focusing on sci-fi and fantasy universes like Game of Thrones and the MCU. When she鈥檚 not writing for money, Alexis is writing for no money on her socials, where her feeds consist of deep dives on weird history and analyzing pop culture as an artifact of society.
Don鈥檛 Hate The Player is a YA romance novel that follows two competitive eSports players as they navigate school, parents, and other IRL stuff, while preparing for their biggest (and only) tournament yet. As real life and online life collide, both find the boundaries between online and IRL slipping into each other.
Can you start by telling us a little bit about Don鈥檛 Hate The Player?
In one corner, we have Emilia Romero, a popular, high-achieving Puerto Rican girl who secretly plays Guardians League Online with the elite Team Fury. No one in her real life knows she games, and everything hinges on it staying that way. In the other corner is Jake Hooper, a quiet, detrimentally empathetic nerd who鈥檚 had a crush on Emilia for years. He plays GLO with Team Unity and thinks he鈥檚 otherwise invisible.
When Guardians League Online announces a huge tournament in their city, Jake is shocked to see Emilia competing. Jake is now the only person who knows her secret, and they have to work together to keep it...all while the tournament brings their teams closer and closer to an ultimate Fury vs. Unity showdown.
Outwardly, Jake is an awkward, suffering bundle of anxiety, quite successfully hiding his integrity and wit. What was enjoyable/difficult about writing a neurodivergent romantic lead?
I started working on DHTP around the same time I learned I had ADHD. Getting that diagnosis as an adult ushered in a really strange and painful period of reevaluating my childhood, knowing that I was neurodivergent and didn鈥檛 get the help I needed. I gave a lot of the traits I used to think made me 鈥渨rong鈥 or 鈥渂ad鈥濃攖he anxiety, the spinning thoughts, the self-deprecating coping mechanisms鈥攖o Jake because writing them into a lovable character felt like correcting the narrative I had grown up writing about myself.
It was difficult to excavate all of that because that level of self-evaluation totally sucks and takes forever, but by the end, I could look at Jake and think, 鈥渋f I can鈥檛 hate him for feeling this way, I have no business hating myself for having felt that way.鈥
DHTP comes alive in its use of online gaming maps and chatrooms. How did you approach getting those virtual places right?
I made my first internet friends when cameras on phones or laptops were still rare, so I got to know a lot of people through chatrooms and forums. People鈥檚 personalities, real or constructed, come off so strongly in those rapid-fire conversations. That solved one of the problems I knew I鈥檇 have coming into this book鈥攈ow do I introduce the reader to a group of characters who aren鈥檛 going to show up until the end and make them seem like part of the story the whole time? Answer: Spy on their group chat.
It was so fun to play all five roles in those chapters and determine who uses acronyms or memes, who always punctuates, what their in-jokes say about them, and so on. Truly some of my favorite parts of DHTP are in those chats.
How important do you think it is to meaningfully include online culture in YA literature?
After the year we just had, when most social interaction moved from the analog space to the digital, I consider the transformation of 鈥渙nline culture鈥 into just 鈥渃ulture, full stop,鈥 complete. I say this knowing I am a fully discourse-poisoned individual, and other people or writers may have the freedom to think less about that all of the time. A significant chunk of life takes place on screens these days, so if I鈥檓 writing about life... I鈥檓 going to write about the screens.
One of the big themes of DHTP is that what happens online is real whether you like it or not. So what looks from the outside like a mummy and a snake beating a guy up outside a space church can actually be the beginning of an IRL love story. Just because it鈥檚 silly doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 not important.
What makes a good beginning to a story?
I don鈥檛 have any definitive advice on this, but with DHTP and the second novel I鈥檓 currently working on, I think my favorite method is putting your main characters in a situation designed to make them act the most themselves. For DHTP, we meet Jake at a party he was invited to out of politeness, so his discomfort and anxiety are front and center. Until he meets Emilia, who is only at the party because it鈥檚 in an arcade where she can indulge her gaming obsession without her parents watching. There, now we know some important things about both characters, and from here, it鈥檚 a 75k+ word journey to get them to kiss.
What鈥檚 the first book you remember loving?
This is the hardest question anyone has ever asked me. Are you sure you wouldn鈥檛 like a nice explanation of string theory instead? I鈥檓 sure I had others, but one of my formative obsessions was A Series of Unfortunate Events because as a child, I was so often frustrated with adults who didn鈥檛 believe a single word I said just because a child was saying it. Those books capture that frustration and, more importantly, do not resolve it, which I think was kinder than telling young people that everything would be OK if we read a lot of books and placed value on facts.
As a writer, how do you practice self-care when juggling work commitments and the creative processes of writing and editing?
I simply do not. After two years of working full-time and writing this book (most of it during a global pandemic), I have mastered none of the skills required to unplug and take care of myself beyond remaining alive and upright. I do not want to project the image of someone who has the self-care matrix figured out.
You don鈥檛 have to have it figured out to make something you鈥檙e proud of. You can be exhausted and smelly and know you should probably work on that soon and still create. I don鈥檛 recommend it, but it鈥檚 possible. Ask for help when you can.
What would Emilia or Jake鈥檚 blog look like if they were on Tumblr? What kind of content would they (re)blog?
Emilia鈥檚 blog would be a secret Guardians League Online stan account. She鈥檇 reblog fanart and write incredible deep dives on strategy and lore. No one would know it was her blog, but would be required reading for people who want to know the deep magic of the game.
Jake is mostly here to read good takes on his dashboard and learn something he didn鈥檛 know when he logged in. He has never written an original post, and that鈥檚 fine.
Thanks so much for taking the time, Alexis! Don't Hate The Player is on shelves from today (and it's really, really good).
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moami5 months ago
Every time you happen to look up at the night sky when there is a full moon, it鈥檚 the universe鈥檚 way of giving you a wink. Maybe it says nothing, just giving a tiny nod of acknowledgement to one of its improbable outcomes (you).聽
Or maybe it says,聽鈥渄o not worry; just watching, never expecting鈥.聽
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we-are-inevitable29 days ago
i don't think there's anything more human than annotating a book. you have a physical copy of thousands upon thousands of words- words that are meaningless, unless put together in the perfect way- and within those meaningless words, you find the meaning. you find what you're meant to find, and you make note of it. you make note of it so, when you come back, you're filled with that emotion. that lovely feeling, that heartbreak, that pain and sadness and anger and laughter and suddenly it isn't just a physical copy of thousands upon thousands of words. it's more like home.
and don't get me started on how it feels to see other people's annotations. seeing the thoughts and feelings of other people, splayed right there on the page; it's a window, isn't it? it's a way to see what they're processing. what sticks out to them, what makes them feel, what makes them tick. is there anything more human than that, seeing a person's heart and soul with your own eyes, among a physical copy of thousands upon thousands of words? they take in these words and, in return, give the physical copy something of themselves. and i think that's absolutely breathtaking.
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a-duck-with-a-book3 months ago
A far-from-comprehensive list of authors on Tumblr:
(all authors listed in alphabetical order by last name)
Rachel Alexander // @therkalexander
Tumblr media
Laurie Halse Anderson // @lauriehalseanderson
Tumblr media
Victoria Aveyard // @vaveyard
Tumblr media
Cassandra Clare // @cassandraclare
Tumblr media
Zoraida C贸rdova // @wanderlands
Tumblr media
Neil Gaiman // @neil-gaiman
Tumblr media
Malinda Lo // @malindalo
Tumblr media
Tamsyn Muir // @tazmuir
Tumblr media
Samantha Shannon // @sshannonauthor
Tumblr media
please let me know who I am missing!
for the sake of brevity (and my sanity) this list is limited to published authors (ie. does not include aspiring authors which you can find using hashtags like #writeblr or #WIP or #my-writing and so on and so forth).
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brynwrites2 months ago
ONCE STOLEN: out now!
Tumblr media
When an autistic naga botches the robbery of a notorious cartel, a self-proclaimed hero is poisoned in his place. He strikes a deal with the dying hero: he鈥檒l bring her to her cure in exchange for her hoard of coveted power-producing stones鈥攕tones which stop the pain caused by his sensory perception disorder. But to reach them, he鈥檒l have to guide her through the desolate swampy homeland that banished him, with the cartel leader hot on his tail.
Once Stolen is a queer, fast-paced fantasy adventure taking place in the same universe as Our Bloody Pearl. It can be read as a standalone or as the start of a new series that explores the steampunk-inspired world and the fungal parasites that make their mysteriously renewable energy possible.
You may like this book if you enjoy...
Bantering hate-to-love
Insults turning affectionate
Fan boat chases
Magical swamps
Queer found family
Autistic and deaf rep
Purchase in ebook, paperback, or hardcover through Amazon聽or a variety of other distributors!
You can also add Once Stolen on聽Goodreads, Storygraph, or Bookbub!
Keep reading for a preview of the first chapter...
Banishment isn鈥檛 a curse if it means escaping all of you.
THE THRUMMING POWER OF the ignits calls to me. Five small variants of the round stones lie in the gambler鈥檚 pot, their slight glow barely visible beneath the cartel boat鈥檚 canopy. From the shade of the nearby mangroves, I grip the blue ignit on my wire necklace of precious stones. Blue for thunder, like two of those in the pot. But the gamblers have a yellow and a pair of small reds as well.
The ignit beneath my fingers pulses into my scales, primed to soothe whatever skull-shattering nonsense my body decides to throw at me today. But one lonely stone can be easily lost, easily taken. With one stone, the pain still stalks just behind me, waiting to strike. Besides, I want the gamblers鈥 ignits.
Tightening my serpentine tail around the roots of the half-submerged tree, I lift my head a little farther out of the water. I flick out my tongue. The boat humans smell of oil and gunpowder, of arrogance and cowardice and anger, and a touch of fear.
Three of them sit on the boat鈥檚 main deck, huddled around a table. The vibrations of their voices tingle across the patterned ridges along my scaly scalp. I feel the tug the nearest gives to their beard as they anxiously put down their cards, the slight splash of the lizard dipping into the river down-stream, and the landing of the parrot in the tree branches far above.
But the fishers don鈥檛 know I crouch so still that the murky water blends with the brown and black patterns along my half-snake body. The boat humans won鈥檛 notice me like this鈥攚on鈥檛 try to kill me. But if I stay here, those ignits will never thrum in my hands or hang from my wire mesh necklace.
My banishers said this desire would latch inside me like claws through flesh, like my spiny retractable teeth digging into a freshly caught capybara, like a viper鈥檚 toxin eating me from the inside out. And it has. Oh, it fucking has.
It鈥檚 just so hard to care now that it鈥檚 caught me.
The tallest human slams their cards down and strolls to the boat鈥檚 railing. Their dark skin gleams with a layer of sweat as they wave to a little vessel across the river. The fan at the back of this smaller boat thrums to life, powered by an ignit buried somewhere in its engine. It pulls alongside the larger boat.
鈥淵ou already out?鈥 the driver asks with a series of hand motions stolen from the swamp natives. I assume the boat humans use them to talk over the vicious whirr of the fans and roar of their motors, though most also sign whenever they use spoken language, which I have no ability to hear.
鈥淟ay off,鈥 the disgruntled human signs. They climb onto the smaller boat and speed down the river.
My gaze jumps to the remaining gamblers. Even with one human gone, these two still look like a challenge. The bearded player sports muscles as thick as my own, and their slighter opponent crouches in the shadows like a jaguar, hidden beneath a wispy cowl and shawl.
I guess we鈥檙e all gambling today.
Unfurling my tail from the roots, I take a deep breath and slip into the water. I undulate as I swim, though my humanlike torso moves with far less precision than my flexible tail, its bulk twice as powerful and three times as long as two legs combined. The fish withdraw around me, the flex of their muscles tingling along my head ridges. I keep to the dimly lit river bottom.
As I pass over a scattering of stones in the clay-heavy soil, I skim the silt with my fingers. A round grey rock that could almost be a clingstone or maybe a perfectly worn hematite tempts me, but the blotch of red on its back proves it to be just a normal river pebble. I leave it be, the vision of those glorious ignits still burning in my mind.
The image of a fang embellishes the front of the boat鈥檚 flat hull, and a large cabin sits at its back, a stairway leading up to its cargo-filled rooftop deck. Two fans swoop out from either side, their blades currently dormant. I surface beneath one. With the cabin shielding me from the human鈥檚 view, I climb the fan blades like a ladder, twisting my tail into their ridges to brace myself. Unlike the massive central fan at the back of the boat, these will only bruise me if turned on. Bruises fade. The scars I received learning that lesson won鈥檛.
I near the cabin鈥檚 roof, but the rumbling vibration of a shout halts me. I peek around the corner. At the gambling table, the bearded human鈥檚 face shifts, their mouth and brows moving. These expressions mean little to me, but eagerness wafts from the human as potent as the sweet burst of an overripe mango on the jungle floor.
I pull myself onto the cabin鈥檚 rooftop deck and slide between the crates, just out of sight. A burst of new scents hits me鈥攍eather and wine and the sun. I spot the owner through the cracks between two crates: Rubem, the newly established head of the Fang Ignit Cartel, who slipped in like a rat in the wake of the last leader鈥檚 sudden death. When the crew talk about him, they keep their signs small and their mistrust big.
He crouches near the back of the boat, his mass of dark braids tied in a high bun. Three claw-like rings sprout from his right earlobe. A pistol glimmers at his belt, the sheen of the dark copper hilt matching his skin. Its embedded emeralds contrast the shock of scarlet hemming his loose brown clothing.
I try not to look at his hands, at the fishnet gloves I know I鈥檒l find there, but when he flicks a vial of glowing green liquid between them, my gaze goes to his fingers anyway. My scales itch, a creeping pain that only diminishes when I focus on my ignit鈥檚 gentle pulsing.
Despite the vial鈥檚 impeding presence, Rubem signs with a contained sharpness, the motions fluid but precise. 鈥淵ou know where they are, you were her daughter. But you clearly aren鈥檛 using the damn things. Let them not go to waste.鈥
The person he speaks with looks delicate, the soft curves of her tan face placing her somewhere well beyond childhood but not quite worthy of anyone鈥檚 respect yet. About my age, then. Her brown curls spill down her back, and grey and green fabrics hang off her in layers, a scarf wrapped like an ana-conda around her neck. A chain on her ankle rattles when she hugs her legs closer. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care.鈥 Her hands tremble as she makes the motions, her lips remaining closed. 鈥淭he cartel can鈥檛 have them.鈥
鈥淵ou realize that whatever you choose, I will find them.鈥 He makes his claw-handed grabbing motion for the word will far stronger than the rest. 鈥淭here are stakes here more important than you realize.鈥
But the prisoner only stares toward the front of the boat, tapping a steady rhythm against her leg. She jerks at the vibration of a laugh from downstairs.
Rubem flinches as well, glancing over his shoulder. When he looks back at the prisoner, his expression makes her curl tighter into herself. 鈥淚f鈥攚hen鈥攕he finds out you鈥檙e here, she鈥檒l flay you alive and string your guts from the canopy to get ahold of your mother鈥檚 hoard. So, I would be quiet for a while if I were you.鈥 He pockets his glowing flask with a sharp snap, bursting to his feet. 鈥淎nd we鈥檒l have a longer conversation about this later. Giving up that hoard is for the best, you鈥檒l see.鈥
Threats, kidnappings, torture鈥攁ll usual cartel methods. But this sounds different. Bigger.
I duck as Rubem marches by my hiding place and de-scends the stairs, his footsteps remarkably silent for such fury. His shouting vibrates off my head ridges a moment later. It fades as he and the shadowy gambler walk into the cabin beneath me. The bearded human continues to watch their cards鈥攁nd the ignits. I rub the ignit on my necklace and clench my jaw, unhinging and rehinging it.
Motion behind me flickers along my head ridges. I turn to find the prisoner poking her head around the crates. Her eyes widen, long black lashes drawing back to reveal hauntingly blue irises. A shiver runs through me. I coil the extensive loops of my tail, preparing to lunge at her.
She lifts her hands. 鈥淪top, please鈥擨 don鈥檛 know if you understand this, but please鈥攈elp me.鈥
I can鈥檛 smell her emotions, can鈥檛 tell whether she鈥檚 truly panicking or only trying to lure me in, but her words still make me pause. I have absolutely, positively no desire to talk to this scentless boat human. But being banished to a place where most people want to kill and eat you does weird things to a person. Things like making them hesitate.
Liked the preview? Buy now for $3.99!
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galactic-mages14 days ago
How to write bilingual people who grew up monolingual
aka people who grew up monolingual but had, for various reasons, to master the language used in your wip
(PSA: these all come from my own experience as someone who fits into the criteria. i learnt the english language almost as if it were my native, but a) im not raised bilingual b) my experiences are affected by my two languages being english and greek c) bilingual people arent a monolith! im just putting my experiences out there. its better to consider what languages your character speaks and learn about them (for example, some slavic languages are so similar that slavic speakers can roughly understand them even if they dont formally speak them.) as always, do your research, but i believe this is a good place to start.)
that post about how multilingual people won't mix the languages when speaking isn't entirely right. people often do include words from a different language, but they also take into account their audience (for example, i wouldnt straight up speak greek to someone who i know doesnt speak the language, although it should be noted that ive almost done it multiple times and bilingual friends of mine often forget i dont speak their language- again, not a monolith).
the most easy words to blend into a different languages are the smaller ones, like 'why', 'hi', 'what', 'yes', etc.
sometimes sounds also get mixed up. for example, where english uses 'huh', im more likely to make an 'eh' sound, where it uses 'oh' id use 'ah', and so on. it comes much more naturally to me. it's best if you look up those types of sounds in your target language.
sometimes you could transfer a proverb from one language to another. it's not rare for me to say something and then ask "wait, is this a thing i can say in english? does it make sense?" proverbs and phrasal verbs are confusing.
if you have a family member or cose friend who is also fluent in the second language, you often speak to them in it. ive carried whole conversations with my sister in english.
this is more of an english thing i believe, but non native speakers are almost bound to get prepositions wrong, especially verbally. theyre hard, very specific, and oftentimes have nothing in common with our native languages.
sometimes, when the audience can speak both languages, people can randomly switch from one language to another. since there is a variety to choose from, we pick the one that best expresses the idea we have in our heads.
blending goes both ways. i use greek words in english and english words in greek.
many languages have gendered objects, so their native speakers are more inclined to view objects that way. if someone asked me to personify a door, i would most likely view it as a female, or view a mirror as a male. it happens subconciously, and it can sometime transfer to a foreign language.
this is also specific for english, but past participals are hard as shit, and a common slip up is using did + -ed.
non native speakers probably dont have a set accent. some of them dont even pronounce the words correctly or they have heavy foreign accents. even if they do have believable accents, it's very rare for them to have pure american or pure british accents. american is usually the go-to because it is the simplest, but that could change depending on which accent sounds the most similar to a person's native.
non-verbal communication also differs from country to country and is a huge part of how people behave and interract with each other. theres hand and head gestures unique to some places that people use all the time. if you can find them, use them!
sometimes when talking to native speakers it is common to avoid certain words or phrases that we arent sure how to pronounce or what they mean exactly.
language comprehension is much easier than language use. your character could very much understand what people are saying, even if they cant respond fluently.
forgetting the word youre thinking of also goes both ways, and sometimes you fill in the blank with the same word from another language.
verbal communication is the hardest and always makes non native speakers nervous. dont be afraid to have them hesitate when they speak to a native speaker.
some slang and word connotation is simply not a thing all non native speakers know. this also applies to special vocabulary (for example, i have no idea what most flower names mean in english, but i do know the same flowers in greek).
many of the rules that native speakers subconciously know, non native speakers have to make an effort to remember and incorporate when speaking. adjective order, grammar rules, etiquette; those are things we have to learn and get used to at an older age and sometimes it's hard to use, especially when theyre clashing with our native or dont have an equivalent in it.
if theres is a word that is borowed or derived from our language, we will pronounce it the native way. like, even when im speaking fully english, accent and everything, i will say "mousaka" like a greek would. same goes with (ancient) greek names, and sometimes with scientific terms (mostly because i dont know how to pronounce them in english).
finally, as a non native english speaker, i would love to see non native characters mess up the language. dont use baby-speach or old school "savage speak", but certainly do show them having slip ups, backtrack to rephrase because theyre not sure how to pronounce a word, accidentally use their native affirmative word instead of 'yes', and other fun stuff. it just makes them more realistic, in my opinion.
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wybiegowriteya year ago
How to Write Trans Characters
Since it鈥檚 unrealistic for every single character in your universe to be cisgender, I鈥檓 making this post. You may want to rep trans people or you 鈥渄on鈥檛 know how to rep鈥, so here you go (and yes nonbinary/genderfluid/etc. people are trans and included here!):
1.) Talk to trans people for once. And more than one trans person. Get sensitivity readers. Do research. Something!
2.) Don鈥檛 give your trans character a deadname. It鈥檚 called a deadname for a reason. LET. IT. FUCKING. DIE.
Our deadname isn鈥檛 our聽鈥渞eal鈥 name either. It鈥檚 our deadname.
Also, our deadnames usually aren鈥檛 even CLOSE to our actual names. So like why are deadnames and chosen names so similar/have the same initial? (i.e. 鈥淛ohn鈥 and 鈥淛ane鈥)
4.)聽We RARELY, IF EVER, tell our deadnames to someone unless we trust them very, very, very deeply. Little to none of my online and irl friends know my deadname, and some I would trust with my life. I wouldn鈥檛 trust them with my deadname ever.
5.)聽If you want to explicitly state your character is trans, for the love of god do not have them say something like, 鈥淚鈥檓 Olivia, but I used to be Oliver鈥. We do not say that. We say 鈥淗i, I鈥檓 Olivia! How are you?鈥 Y鈥檏now, we鈥檙e human beings.
You can have them say something like, 鈥淚鈥檓 trans.鈥 (and even THEN some of us don鈥檛 normally say it so casually.)
6.) Please don't describe us with features that make us dysphoric.
7.) (this is coming from a white transman) We're not all skinny white uwu babies. Portray trans people of color. Stop erasing them. They exist and they matter.
8.) Write us loving ourselves. We get dysphoric and (most of us!) make changes to get the ideal body, yes, but we do love ourselves. I love that I'm persistent, ambitious, and caring. I love how selfless I am. I love that I take criticism well and make sure to do better. I love that I know how to hold my ground.
9.) We can also love parts of our bodies, too. I love my legs. I love my hands. I love my shoulders. I love my ears. I love my nose. I love my jaw. I love myself.
10.) Don鈥檛 fetishize us.
11.) We don鈥檛 exist solely for your entertainment. So stop making us suffer for you.
We鈥檙e proud to be trans. We鈥檙e here. We exist. Stop erasing us from your literature when there is no reason not to.
(trans ppl--add on! cis ppl-- dont hijack. reblog.)
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emilylaj2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
July's WritingTipWed! Every Wednesday I post a writing tip on my Twitter! If you want to see these weekly, follow me @/EmilyLaJaunie.
#WritingTipWed 51聽-聽Every writer has their struggles. Some have difficulty writing dialogue, others descriptions, others world-building. Write what you鈥檙e comfortable with first, then fill in what鈥檚 difficult. And always be kind to yourself.
#WritingTipWed 52聽-聽It鈥檚 obvious, but it takes time to write a novel. It鈥檚 completely standard for a book to take years to finish, so don鈥檛 worry about how long you鈥檝e been working on yours. You鈥檙e writing it, and that鈥檚 all that matters.
#WritingTipWed 53聽-聽There are 3 types of character flaws: Minor, Major, and Tragic/Fatal.
Minor: Makes character distinguishable and well-rounded
Major: Impairs/restricts character in some way
Fatal: Brings character鈥檚 downfall
Minor ex: Childish, Clumsy, Lazy
Major ex: Arrogant, Envious, Short-tempered
Fatal ex: Greedy, Disloyal, Violent
Some flaws can be minor for one character, but fatal for another depending on how they work around it.
#WritingTipWed 54聽-聽Quirks are necessary to create a memorable, relatable character. These can include habits, beliefs, actions, style of dress, etc.
Ex: Always wears a wide-brimmed hat and taps foot when nervous.
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books7 months ago
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Writer Spotlight: Everina Maxwell
Everina Maxwell is the author of Winter鈥檚 Orbit. She lives and works in Yorkshire, where she collects books and kills houseplants. She grew up in Sussex, UK, where she was lucky enough to live near a library that stocked Lois McMaster Bujold, Anne McCaffrey, and Terry Pratchett. And so she spent all her spare time devouring science fiction and doorstopper fantasy, her family鈥檚 Georgette Heyer collection always a reliable friend when the library books ran out. Everina first took part in NaNoWriMo in 2004 and continues to precariously balance writing, a day job, and watching Let鈥檚 Plays of video games she claims she doesn鈥檛 have time to play. You can find her online at
Your book is chock full of tropes鈥攕low burn, arranged marriage, and more. Which trope is your favorite and why?
Slow-burn mutual pining. There鈥檚 something incredibly compelling about two people who barely notice they鈥檙e falling in love until it hits them in the face, and it鈥檚 even better when there鈥檚 a reason (it does have to be a good reason) that they both know the other one won鈥檛 want them and they can鈥檛 take it any further. By this point, they've memorized everything from the shape of the other one鈥檚 soul to the freckle on the inside of their elbow, but all they can do is Keep Doing The Job And Not Make Things Weird.
What鈥檚 your favorite thing about Winter鈥檚 Orbit?
The extroverted, golden retriever, if-I-don鈥檛-get-to-talk-to-anyone-today-I-MAY-die Prince Kiem is probably my favorite. Although he鈥檚 an absolute disaster in many areas of his life, he鈥檚 good with people, and it was fun to write someone who genuinely likes everyone and wants to be liked himself. Also, I enjoyed the other main character just constantly sitting across from him going, 鈥渦m, what,鈥 as Kiem carries 90% of the conversation.
Do you ever experience writer鈥檚 block? If so, where do you seek out inspiration when it hits?
Everyone鈥檚 in different places on the 'planning' to 'winging it' spectrum. I get stuck if I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 going to happen over the next few scenes, plus I need to have a vague idea where the story鈥檚 going. Writer鈥檚 block is usually a signal I haven鈥檛 hit the level of planning I need or that my brain isn鈥檛 happy with the plan I have. Actual planning can be awful; I usually take lots of long walks with film soundtracks until something clicks.
If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose?
Miles Vorkosigan from the Vorkosigan saga鈥攈e would absolutely have driven me mad by Hour Two, but that鈥檚 coincidentally the amount of time it would take him to build a boat out of his left sock and some twine and get us off the island.
Do you have any advice for other writers on Tumblr?
Writing Winter鈥檚 Orbit taught me not to be afraid of leaning into what you love since that鈥檚 what鈥檚 most likely to resonate with other people. It turns out you鈥檙e just allowed to throw in all your favorite things, and no one will stop you. So if you鈥檙e wondering which direction to go: put in what you like, good luck, and good writing!
Thanks, Everina! You can follow Everina鈥檚 Tumblr here. Winter鈥檚 Orbit is out today at booksellers everywhere.
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moami9 months ago
I see many people saying "omg other people my age have kids and I am here with my life in shambles";聽
and I think:聽
There is no one way to be a mushroom. Have you seen how fucked up they are? How god-ignorant and wild? Listen to the mushroom wisdom.聽
Do whatever stirs your soul.
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we-are-inevitable3 months ago
you don't write KISS for readers? you make readers suffer without kiss for slow burn? oh! oh! jail for author! jail for author for One Thousand Years!!!!
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wednesdaywrotea month ago
i鈥檓 officially at the halfway point of writing my first romance novel 馃槉 hoping to have the first draft completed by october
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aj-artjunkyarda month ago
Logical Brain: Some superheroes lack metahuman powers, and that fact is baked into their character/personality. To give them special abilities would be like saying you need powers to be a hero, which you don鈥檛.
My excited little fandom brain, giving all my favs special abilities: ahhehehheh powers go whoosh
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quickienewyork4 months ago
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The Novel Collection
Hey friends! I often get asked "where should I start?" when it comes to my books. So, I thought I'd pull together a collection of my three novels, a filthy and kinky novella, and my favorite book of short stories.
And in an effort to keep Amazon at bay, I'm selling them all together for $20 almost all of which goes directly to me. I currently use SendOwl and PayPal to process orders which will automatically send you to a dropbox folder with all five books in it.
But if you'd prefer to use Cash App or something, just message me and I can send you the link directly once we work out payment.
Thanks again for all your support and for sharing my work so widely.
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cryptid-coalition2 months ago
Tumblr media
She's here, y'all! My speculative fiction novelette, SEED & BONE, is officially up for preorder. Release day is 8/31, which gives you a little under two months to get excited about it. Start by taking a peek at the blurb!
A gifted paleobotanist and rising star in the scientific community,聽Dr Yvette Coradi spends most of her time in a lab where she聽replicates ancient climates and聽synthesizes long extinct plant life for study and use in the development of new medicines. Her skills bring her to the attention of a聽quantum聽expedition team whose members invite聽her to take part in a聽harvesting mission. Along with time travel veterans, doctors, and pharmaceutical technicians, she sets out on a journey that she believes will help shape the future of wellness. Once there, however, she learns that not everyone's motivations鈥攐r hands鈥 are clean.
Taking cues from classics like Jurassic Park聽and A聽Sound of Thunder,聽this story聽occupies a space where the line between what can and should be done becomes blurred. It asks its聽characters to decide what sort of future they want to live in and what lines, if any, are worth crossing to reach it.
Coming in at 48 pages, it's the perfect size for a weekend read. I'd suggest a nice, hot day and pairing it with ice tea. If you like science fiction that centers on time travel, genetic engineering, and questions of ethics, I'm so certain that this is the story for you!
Are you sold? If you are, click this pre-order link and snag your future self a digital copy! If you prefer amazon, you'll have to wait to until release day. sorry; their rule! Tag a friend and/or reblog this as well to spread the word. If you think someone you know might be interested, don't let them miss out!
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