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sarahreesbrennan20 days ago
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I have been very quiet on here because I am trying to finish a BOOK. I see other writers talking about their books on here and I think they鈥檙e so brave: I am just a bit too nervous to do so. I so want everything to go right, and if it goes wrong, for nobody to know! But I鈥檓 very excited about this one. So, wish me luck. And lots of love and luck to you and yours, my dears. 馃挅鈽橈笍 #writerscommunity #authorsofinstagram
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kiramartinauthor2 years ago
Writeblr Wednesday Spotlight Announced
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Do you like giving feedback and helping other writers improve? Are you looking for a critique partner or beta readers? Maybe you want to get some eyes on your book.
As you know, I've been having an overwhelming response to First Sentence Fridays. I want to use that energy to guest spotlight other writers/authors on Writeblr.
What it will look like:
On Writeblr Wednesday's, I will select a writer/author to feature. They will write a third person paragraph or two about themselves, their project, if their book is coming out soon, if they're looking for a CP or betas, whatever. A picture of themselves and any graphics/excerpts for their projects is a bonus! This is a chance for them to present whatever relevant information they would like to my audience.
Then, that Friday I'll send them 5-10 asks for their feedback. I'll add my own feedback as well, provided I have any. Each ask they answer will have a link to their blog and the post featuring them.
If this is something you're interested in, message me!
Tell me a bit about yourself as a writer, talk about your WIP/published works, and why you're interested in the Writeblr Wednesday/First Sentence Friday guest spotlight 馃槉
I'm planning on doing this once a week, so I'm really excited to feature this awesome community and especially indie authors.
Writeblr can feel awfully widespread sometimes. Let's make it smaller 馃挏
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petalstofish13 days ago
Tumblr media
馃寠Waterlogged 馃寠 鈥 Release Date: 12.25.2021 鈥 Available for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle on 7/25! Remember paperbacks won鈥檛 be available to order until a week before publication. Cover reveal coming soon 馃惉 鈥 Synopsis: Tori Fisher loves her life. Her fianc茅 is her biggest supporter, her dream wedding is coming up, and she is in the best job as a dolphin trainer for Aquatic Kingdom. Tori鈥檚 new goal is all about getting promoted to Senior Trainer. It is the biggest promotion of her entire career and she thinks that she might finally get it, when she is suddenly paired to work with a mischievous dolphin named Lilitu. They are as different as night and day, making the relationship strained from the second they start working side by side. Tori and Lilitu struggle to connect as Tori navigates a promotional system that works against her, a long distance relationship with her fianc茅, and learning to say goodbye to things that weren't meant to be. 鈥 Super excited to give you this book! It comes from a very vulnerable place that I鈥檓 hoping a lot of women can resonate with. I鈥檓 also super excited to give people a glimpse into what dolphin training is like in the day by day, as people have always asked me about it. Hope you鈥檒l give Waterlogged a chance in six months when she hits the stores! 馃グ 鈥 #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #newadultauthor #indieromanceauthor
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thewonderlustcreative7 months ago
Some days I wish To crawl up in your heart And lay my head Against its walls Feel the muscle pulse Beneath my ear and Fill my veins with The steady drumming Calming the chaos making Up the war zone that is my mind.
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athenareich28 days ago
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This is everything. Love that a #breastfeeding mom can still be #sexy on #tv Posted @withregram 鈥 Words cannot express (Get it? 馃槈) how overjoyed I am that @sexlife included all the sweet, cuddly highs and sad, comical lows of my breastfeeding stories from 44 Chapters About 4 Men in this series. No one tells you how hard it is is going to be. How many hours you will spend sitting on a fucking public restroom toilet鈥攖he most unsanitary environment known to modern (wo)man鈥攚ith your tits in a suction machine trying to relax enough to get your milk to let down while someone bangs on the door intermittently because you鈥檝e been in there for too long but the stress makes you tense up so it takes even longer and now you鈥檙e going to be late for that meeting and you have figure out how to wash your pump out in the sink without letting it touch anything and WOO HOO YOU GET TO REPEAT THIS DELIGHTFUL PROCESS 3 TIMES EVERY WORK DAY. No one tells other people what you鈥檙e going through either. And no one ever EVER shows it on TV, especially not on a show about a beautiful woman鈥檚 sex life! Thank you, @netflix , @littleruke , and @sarahshahi for making women all over the world feel seen and heard and whole. And thank you to @averyplewes for making Billie look so good while she was doing it. 鉂わ笍 (Also, this was the exact same pump and hands-free tube top I used. 馃槀 So crazy!) #sexlife #netflix #44chaptersabout4men #breastfeeding #authorsofinstagram #breastfeed #breastisbest #fedisbest #breastfeedingmom #momlife #momsofinsta #momsofig #mother #normalizebreastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding (at Toronto, Ontario)
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