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winterserpent · a day ago
To every neurodivergent person who needs to hear this,
if you've learned growing up that people cannot like you but only tolerate you
that is a fucking lie.
You've been misunderstood and thus mistreated and that is not your fault.
"No one really likes me, they just tolerate me"
Stop that.
You are loved.
Stop telling yourself otherwise.
You are worth loving and you deserve to be loved
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butterflyinthewell · a day ago
Hey, heads up to autistic folks, the latest iPad iOS update changes your Home Screen, so be ready to mess around with your settings until it’s tolerable again.
My old lady butt is still figuring it out and arranging it so it’s less like a cheese grater to my brain.
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wealmostaneckbeard · 2 days ago
The Intersection of games and disability.
Lets start with a mixed simile/metaphor:
Consuming content is like consuming food. Not everybody has a functioning jaw with perfect teeth and not all content is easily digestible. I get that because I figuratively have lock-jaw too. But then I hear people complain about how inflexible-by-design game difficulty is discrimination against people with disabilities. And that makes me think: "There is large quantities of people online who are willing to chew up content and spit it back into your mouth, FOR FREE." I freely partake of other people's mastication and I think others should have access to it too. If one game developer wants to challenge players to reach a tasty treat, that is their right. If another game developer wants to provide an easy walk-in dining experience, that is also their right.
What I'm trying to say without the elongated Simile:
I am Autistic ADHD with terrible eye sight, I'm not good at planning or paying attention to the right things. I will never be good at strategy, racing, or fighting games. I have accepted this and found work-arounds that I think could work for you, person who wishes every game had an easy mode:
Go on to youtube or twitch and watch people play the game for you. If that's still not your thing then look up the wikis that people have painstakingly made for the game, both for the lore and winning strategies. That's how you get all the content without the challenge.
And now for something vaguely resembling a conclusion:
I think adversity created by complexity is only beautiful within the confines of a game. Outside of harmless simulations, it is indicative of a society failing to serve the needs of it's members. One should never condemn a game for being too complex but instead appreciate the person or people who put a lot of effort into it.
I believe there is no right or wrong way to consume game-type content, especially when it comes to single player games. However if there is a social element to a game then one should be aware that different people have different motivations for playing a game. I have made a handy chart to show those motivations:
Tumblr media
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tolkien-fantasy · 17 hours ago
I've noticed that one of my autistic traits is over-professionalism. Like I have a hard time being casual or having surface-level interactions because I just think so deeply that everything I say comes out very professional or philosophical. If you've ever texted or messaged me, or even just read some of my posts, you probably know what I'm talking about. Full, properly capitalized, punctuated and spelled sentences. I literally start my emails with "Dear s/o" like a business letter. I plan out my messages and fanfiction in Google Docs before posting so I can proofread. I feel like my attempts at small talk or casual interaction come across kind of stilted because I'm genuinely at my best when I'm talking as deeply as I think. But that's also why I don't get along with kids or young people very well, since they are usually incredibly informal and speak/spell/text in a way that sounds like alien gargling to me. I kinda worry about what'll happen when all the older people die out and there's fewer people who talk like me around. I hope I'm not the only Autistic person who's like this, because I genuinely feel like some kind of alien when I'm talking with people most of the time. At least with irl neurotypical folks Oh well.
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myundiagnosedlife · 2 days ago
Can we, autistic people, have a certain name for the type of ableism that is exclusively experienced by us? (Like how Deaf and hard of hearing people have "Audism" for it)
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tawnyspot · 20 hours ago
could someone give me sources as to why terms like "severe" autism are bad and why autism should not be quantified by severity? i want to share it with my teacher but i'm struggling to find credible sources (aka not allistic sources)
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ndtransaspeccultureis · 18 hours ago
Autistic agender asexual culture is loving the alliteration!
I’m also proud of being biromantic, but I’m a little bit disappointed it doesn’t fit the pattern ;)
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absolutechaossystem · a day ago
about autism labels and stigmatization:
(tl;dr at the end)
so we've all heard the labels "high-functioning" and "low-functioning" right? and they're still so commonly used (though usually by allistic people or neurotypicals). but what I hear is "people who are basically allistic and need no help (high-functioning)" vs. "people who are incredibly disabled and deserve no bodily autonomy (low-functioning)". putting all autistic people in boxes just...doesn't work. we're all different, with different needs, whether that be sensory, physical, emotional, etc. and slapping labels on us isn't gonna help. (also, "high-functioning" typically means "really good at masking and people-pleasing even though that severely drains the autistic person's mental and emotional health")
we've also all heard the "no, they prefer to be called "people with autism" not "autistic people"" (i've even heard, in real life, someone tell me that autistic people prefer to be called "people on the spectrum.") which...i am autistic and i literally just referred to myself as an autistic person. you can't tell me what to call myself, especially as an allistic person. also, the "person first" label is arguably worse- it tries to disconnect the person from the disability. autism is a huge part of me and how i function, and i am proud of it- don't disconnect me from such a big part of myself. the "on the spectrum" label is even worse, because it deletes the whole disability from the statement. i am an autistic person. (also, think about how we say "disabled person" rather than "person with a disability")
stigmatization of autism really sucks too. i've told people i'm autistic and gotten (as well as "correction" of labels) apologies. what are you sorry for? my brain works differently, but that's not something worthy of an apology. yeah, it's a disability, but i can still be proud of it and of myself. i've also heard people talk to me differently, as if i'm younger or "less intelligent". i'm literally the same person as five seconds ago, why did you change your tone? (especially since none of these people know of the system so to them we are literally just one person.) i am a fifteen-year-old child, a sophomore in high school, you don't need to talk down to me because my brain works differently than yours.
autistic people are forced to mask to please and blend-in with neurotypicals because of this severe stigmatization. masking is learned at a very early age, that being yourself is "wrong" and "annoying" and you have to hide it and act "normal" (heavy air quotes on normal). i could go on a whole separate rant about the damages masking does to autistic (and generally neurodivergent) people.
i'm proud of my autism, and will off-handedly mention it occasionally. (ex. "why are you not making eye contact?" "oh, i'm autistic, eye contact is difficult for me.") and i hate all of the above responses.
you know what i do love though? the people who, when i say i'm autistic, or off-handedly mention it, don't react. they go "oh, okay!" or ask a (polite) question, or ask if i need any accommodations (typically i either say no or request a clearer tone of voice/clarification). they understand that i don't/rarely make eye contact (the extended eye contact that neurotypicals and allistics love gives me a literal headache), and sometimes speak slowly, analyze speech differently, and take some things too literally. they understand that my brain works differently, and don't judge me for it. be like these people please!
tl;dr: high/low-functioning labels are harmful to the community, person-first wording (people with autism rather than autistic people) separates us from a big part of ourselves, don't talk down to autistic people simply because of their autism or apologize that our brain works differently, masking is harmful. what you should do is respect autistic people and not judge them for their disability.
(since i know i'll be asked, the bolding and color changing is to attempt to help people with difficulty reading long chunks of text to differentiate the words better, i know it can be hard for me to read chunks of text)
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pajaritodeinvierno · 6 hours ago
la primavera solo trajo cosas bonitas 🌸
Tumblr media
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autisticuwu · 21 hours ago
hi is me being into "kid" stuff an autistic traits or is it regression? I just get so much joy from toys and they're not toys that even existed when I was growing up but idk
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autismawesomeness · 6 hours ago
Could RSD be an Autism thing? I think I could possibly experience it but I don’t know if it’s just something that people with ADHD experience
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anexperimentallife · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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autiefutaba · 2 months ago
Any dumbass NT that says "You don't look autistic!" genuinely thinks that every single autistic person looks like these mfs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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azuremist · 2 months ago
What’s happening to autistic people right now?
(Trigger warning for abuse, electroshock therapy, torture, and ableism.)
The US court has overturned the ban on shock devices being used against disabled students, predominantly autistic students in the US.
The shock device being legalized is called the graduated electronic decelerator (or GED). This is a torture device that is used to ‘correct’ autistic behaviors / symptoms. Autistic people are shocked for stimming, and for having meltdowns, ect. This device was made popular by a behavioral center (the Judge Rosenberg Center, specifically) that is infamous for its abuse and torture of autistic / disabled patients.
Tumblr media
(Image ID: someone is holding their arm out and resting it on a table, with their sleeve rolled up. Attached to their arm are wires, which connect to a small cube device.)
This is what the device looks like. It sends electric shocks into the victim’s skin; the victim often being restrained and held against their will. This is torture. GEDs have been reported to cause intense psychological trauma, PTSD, and physical injuries.
In March of 2020, the FDA ruled for GEDs to be banned. (Although, of course, they were still illegally used at a number of places.) This ruling has recently been appealed, and today, the US court of appeals has re-regulated the law to stop the use of GED. Sounds great, right? It would be!
... If not for a huge loophole in the wording, which basically allows this torture to continue. This device is going to have continued use on autistic students in order to “correct their behavior.”
“So.... What can I do??”
Great question! You can:
Listen to and boost autistic voices to spread awareness
As-of now (July 7th), autistic activists are trying to get #StopTheShock trending on Twitter, so Tweet out the hashtag if you have Twitter
If you’re in the US, email / call your legislators
Sign this petition if you’re in the US
Follow this case and look out for updates
If Autism Speaks (known ableist hategroup) says anything about this, DO NOT BOOST IT
That’s all! Thank you. Reblogs are very appreciated!!
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cowardnthief · 6 months ago
why do neurotypicals always assume there’s an ulterior motive behind “i don’t know.” bestie my mind is simply empty <3
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