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#autistic toph
zukoisgayforsokka · a month ago
Autistic Toph Masterpost
It’s a long one folks. The @mightyoctopus and I are both autistic, and the other day we were discussing and concluded that Toph is also autistic. Here’s some canon evidence to prove it.
It has been said before that bending is a metaphor for neurodivergence. An innate, often unconscious extension of the person, connected to emotions.
Toph’s Bending
Toph is the best earthbender in the world, and this didn’t happen by chance. She took to bending incredibly naturally. Here’s how it links to her being autistic.
Special interest - Toph knows everything about earthbending, more than most people as she learned from the badgermoles. She is truly an expert, and it’s her favourite thing to talk about, and the topic she knows the most about.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph at Earth Rumble holding up her Championship Belt, a serious expression on her face. /End ID]
Heightened senses - Many autistic people are more sensitive to sensory inputs than non-autistic people. Toph is incredibly in tune with the world around her, constantly aware of everything through her earthbending. This saves people on multiple occasions: hearing Azula in The Chase, and saving the pregnant lady’s husband in The Serpent’s Pass are two examples
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph lays on her front on the ground in an earthbent tent, her head tilted as though listening, one palm flat to the floor. Image 2: On the Serpent’s path, the man falls off the cliff. Toph, somewhat far ahead, has instantly turned and bent out a rock ledge to catch him.Momo sits on her shoulder. /End ID]
Stimming - Self-stimulatory behaviour is defined as “the repetition of physical movements, sounds, words, or moving objects”. Toph is almost constantly bending. This is partially due to using it to ‘see’, but through the lense of bending being neurodivergence, we know benders need to bend, and to deprive them of their element makes them depressed (See: Hama, or the LoK).
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph in greyscale, white beams traveling along the ground and over her to show the waves of sound and movement she uses to earthbend. /End ID]
It is not uncommon for adults, usually parents or teaches, to try and stop an autistic child from stimming, (very harmful for the kid’s mental health).
Toph’s parents and teacher discouraged her from bending, wanting to keep her only to the basics. It’s no wonder baby Toph ran away, overwhelmed and confused. The freedom she found through earth bending and Earth Rumble is what helped her be comfortable and confident, much like when autistic teens and adults allow themselves the freedom to stim and it benefits their mental health.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph sits quietly in a chair at her parents’ house. In focus is her earthbending teacher, talking. Image 2: Baby Toph has her eyes closed and sniffs at the nose of a badgermole. Image 3: Toph at Earth Rumble, she is pointing and laughing. /End ID]
Moving away from bending to other general autistic traits
Shoes - Toph doesn’t like shoes as they restrict her sight. Consider also: it’s very common for ND people to hate the sensory hell that is shoes and socks. Toph is the poster girl for shoe-hating autistic people
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph wearing Fire NAtion clothes and her Earth Kingdom head band. She is pushing one foot into a shoe, the bottom of which is straining against its seems as though about to break. /End ID]
Sensory - Toph hates the sensation of shoes and loves the texture of earth to the point of always being dirty
Toph: “You call it dirt, I call it a healthy coating of Earth”:
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph in her underclothes having just woken up in Ba Sing Se. Her hair is a large messy mane around her head, and she is speaking. Katara is out of focus in the foreground, looking at Toph. /End ID]
Blunt - Toph is blunt often to the point of insult, and sees no reason to pointlessly soften her words, which is a very common trait of autistic people.
Toph: You blew it. You had a perfect stance, and perfect form. But when it came right down to it, you didn’t have the guts.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph poking Aang in the chest and shouting at him. He looks sad. /End ID]
Theory of Mind - this is understanding someone else’s thought process and perspective, which is harder for most autistic people. In Bitter Work when Toph starts training Aang, she gives him one set of instructions, then gets frustrated when he can’t grasp them. It isn’t until Katara suggests that “He responds well to positive teaching” that Toph tries again, and even then she doesn’t compromise her brash teaching style, just occasionally adding in a small nod of approval
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: Toph stands looking slightly cross. Katara is next to her, talking brightly and gesturing back towards Aang, who sits on the ground urther behind them. Image 2: Aang high in the air with his feet on 2 different pillars, holding a weight in both hands, he is smiling big and bright. Toph stands on her own pillar, hands behind her back. /End ID]
Masking - This is something autistic people learn to try fit in. When we see Toph around her parents, she is soft and quiet, nothing like her usual self. When a change in routine occurs (the avatar visits), she gets overwhelmed and angry by Aang’s threat and lashes out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: A close-up of Toph at her parents’ house, hair tied back, smiling serenly with an open expression. Image 2: Toph at her parents’ house, hair tied back wearing a fancy dress. She is stood up at the table, leaning forward on her hands and yelling. On the wall behind her and her mother’s face is smeared food from where bowls have flown. /End ID]
Inflexibility - Autistic people love routine, and we struggle when things go differently to how we expected. This is part of why Katara and Toph clash so much. As the lovely @rolandtowen​ made a couple of great (and correct) posts and is working on a masterpost for, Katara is also autistic
They initially clash in The Chase, as Katara has an expectation of how to set up camp (divide tasks among the group), whereas Toph had a different expectation of travelling (carrying her own weight). When faced with a routine different to the usual or expected one, both girls get overwhelmed, frustrated and constantly argue
In The Runaway, they keep fighting. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID:Image 1: It is night, Katara is angry with her hands on her hips. Toph is angry with one fist up and clenched. They are in the middle of an argument. Image 2: Toph and Katara wearing Fire Nation clothes, both stood in mud, hands braced against the other’s hands as they are fighting. /End ID]
Autistic people often have a very strong moral compass, as seen many times throughout the show in Katara. It’s also common for autistic people to reject or ignore social rules they see as pointless, as seen through Toph having no qualms against stealing.
Part of why they fight is a clash of morals, which also links back to Theory of Mind, neither girl fully understanding the other one’s thought process or behaviour reasoning, nor do they take the time to talk.
Tumblr media
[ID: Sokka, Toph and Aang in Fire Nation clothes, carrying baskets of supplies and laughing brightl.y /End ID]
Jokes - Despite finding many things funny, Toph doesn’t always pick up on jokes
Toph: Zuko needs to go back to whatever the original source of firebending is
Sokka: So, is he jumping into a volcano? 
Toph: I don’t know. For earthbending the original benders were badgermoles
Here Sokka is trying to set up a joke, and knows Toph has a dark sense of humour. But she doesn’t interpret his statement as a joke, she’s too focused on talking about her special interest: earthbending.
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph sits holding a bowl, staring straight ahead. Sokka sits next to her, smiling and looking at Toph. They are lit by a campfire’s light /End ID]
Boundaries - Toph struggles to know other people’s boundaries, and assumes them to be the same as her own. This results in her punching her friends harder than they’re expecting, and throwing around the gaang with earthbending.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Image 1: An image of a large rock potruding out the ground as though just earthbent. Image 2: Sokka in his sleeping bag flying through the air, screaming. Image 3: Katara with her arms out, angry. Toph in front of her, back to the viewer, one arm to the side. Following this arm’s motion Aang is flying through the air towards Appa, having just been thrown by an earthbent rock. Image 4: Toph and Katara walking away from the viewer, Toph punching Katara’s arm, Katara stumbling slightly from the impact /End ID]
Gender - There is a high comorbidity between autistic and trans and non-binary people. Some think this is because autistic people are more likely to know their gender and not care about societal roles and expectations, thus more likely to transition. We’re also more likely to be gender non-conforming, as we want to be ourselves and be comfortable, rather than bother with gender roles.
Toph is not just happy at being played by a man at the Ember Island Players, she is exstatic. She doesn’t care about hwo society percieves her, and potentially prefers being percieved by others as more masculine. Her relationship with gender is different to what is expected of most cis girls
Tumblr media
[ID: Toph holding the box railings at the theatre, beaming excitedly. Katara lounges next to her, looking disappointed. /End ID]
This concludes my masterpost on why Toph is autistic. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts or additional points, please let me know.
Have some happy baby Toph as thanks for making it this far
Tumblr media
[ID: Baby Toph kneeling on the ground laughing as a badgermole licks the side of her face. /End ID] @atladescribed​
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lathyrus-infodumps · 4 months ago
Autistic Toph Beifong Thoughts
It’s been said before hundreds of times - Toph Beifong is definitely autistic. But I wanna talk about some thoughts/ideas I have for Toph! I like the idea of her wearing her hair in a ponytail or have it cut super short. Like at first when forced living with her family, it would be very long and luxurious of course, but she always wanted to cut it, specifically because she doesn’t like the sensory experience of her hair being long touching her neck and around her shoulders. So when she leaves with the Gaang, she finally chops it off and it's super choppy and uneven, but she loves it, especially because it's her finally having some control over her image, even if she can't see what she looks like. I love the idea of non-binary Toph using she/her and they/them pronouns. Also aromantic and asexual Toph, or maybe a demiromantic lesbian asexual Toph. I honestly can't see her liking guys.
She has really bad tactile sensory issues, amplified by her blindness. She hates jewelry; as a child, her parents had to "fight" her to force her to wear luxurious jewelry and put her hair into tight braids and buns to look "beautiful." It caused a lot of meltdowns and shutdowns; I imagine she has a lot of childhood trauma and when she leaves with the Gaang and talks about her childhood and her life, she, with the help of the Gaang, realizes how abusive her family is eventually, down the line, learns to heal from trauma, accept it and such.
I love the nose picking in-show that she does purely because that's a genuine sensory/stim thing that a lot of neurodivergent people do (I forgot what it’s called!). I honestly think her autistic coding is intentional; there's a lot of small details into Toph's character that really scream Autism to me and I love it. The nose picking is just one thing I picked up on and her feet sensitivity is an obvious one, but I like it still. Her loose-fitted outfit could be partially due to sensory issues; the fact she doesn't clean her feet at all due to the sensory issues (and the fact it messes with her ability to "see"). Also like the idea of shoes being a really bad sensory for her. Her parents also had to fight to force her to wear them.
The fact she was shown to be really uncomfortable and unhappy in the desert because she couldn't "See", I imagine the feeling of the sand was a really bad sensory issue for her, only amplified by the fact she couldn't "See" in the sand. I like the idea of Toph hating sand and water - sand because the inability to see and Horrible Sensory; water because she can't see in it, and if she's touching the "ground" in water, she'll be touching Sand. So I imagine she Does Not Like Water Or Sand.
I imagine she absolutely loves to stim by sinking her feet and toes into grass - you know when you're standing barefoot on grass and you sink your toes in, spreading your toes and kinda "clenching", feeling the grass? No? Just me? Well Toph does that and it is one of, if not the, most comforting stim for her and she does it constantly when she's walking on grass. She also loves just touching the grass, feeling it between her fingers. At her home, when she'd get into fights with her parents, she'd run out into the yard and lay down in the grass, listening all around her, feeling the grass on her skin; it helps her calm down.
Anyways Toph Beifong is my #1 comfort character and I love her a lot, I have so many thoughts and ideas for her, her personality/character/etc. and would love to share more if anyone’s interested <3 I can infodump about Toph, instant serotonin.
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lesbianmaki · a year ago
atla/lok headcanons
i may have binged atla and lok in like two weeks, and i am FULL of bullshit headcanons to offer you all. number one is...
autistic toph beifong
okay so we know toph has seismic sense, the able to use her sense of touch to “see” her surroundings. that sense is really just hypersensitivity to the world around her, and she’s used that to her advantage with earthbending. as a lot of earth benders can’t use seismic sense, i’m gonna say that it’s hypersensitivity and that she, as an autistic bender, has learned to use that heightened sense of touch as an ability.
we also know that toph is not super emotionally skilled. when she and katara fight, she doesn’t really understand the issue, and doesn’t know how to sympathize and apologize directly. she’s bad with confrontation, and can only really explain how she feels to sokka. this inability to relate to and understand emotions is also an autistic trait.
in legend of korra, we find out that she goes off to live by herself in the swamp. it could be her being a cranky old lady, but it could also be that she’s sensitive to the sounds, smells, and general emotional overload of the city, and took suyin’s stunt as a chance to finally get away. 
this is definitely a reach but,,,, i kind of love it,,, so??? also if you have any other points ab her that i missed please reply/reblog and let me know!!
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urfavisautistic · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
toph from avatar: the last airbender is autistic!
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ineffectualdemon · a year ago
So I was thinking about how Zuko reads as autistic and I decided that part of the reason Zuko likes Sokka is because Sokka is extremely expressive and has a very clear "I am being sarcastic" voice
This means that Zuko has a much higher chance of actually knowing how Sokka feels about things
He also will just straight up tell Zuko when Zuko does get confused AND will emotion translate for the others
Toph will also emotion translate for Zuko and will emotion translate for him along with Sokka but she's harder for Zuko to get a read on
The two of them tend to flank him at official parties and help him navigate the crowd by murmuring to him about who is lying and who can be trusted and scheming to protect Zuko
Sokka also helps fill in any awkward gaps and missed cues by being seemingly genuine and charming while Toph puts her posh upbringing to good use to help smooth any ruffled feathers
Zuko is endlessly grateful especially as after the party they take him somewhere away from it all and make sure he gets quiet alone time though increasingly that alone time includes either or both of them
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thepinkanimebakery · 5 months ago
Like many things I’ve written, nobody asked for us. I seem to do this a lot, writing about autistic characters or autistic readers, but I just like to insert myself in the situations or project my own mental state on the characters. So here we go...
Imagine the Gaang (ATLA) traveling with an autistic!reader:
A/N- I headcannon Zuko as autistic along with Sokka and Aang as ADHD, so that will be inserted into this. I don’t think Zuko knows he has it, Aang was just accepted by the monks as he was and they accommodated for him, Sokka knows and has tools that he uses to help himself. Now that I’ve said that, let’s get into it!
-The Story Of How It Came To Be-
We’ve all seen how they are with Toph, they don’t baby her because she’s blind, they make accommodations were necessary and wait for her to ask for help. That’s exactly what they be like with any person with any other disability.
Let’s say you end up traveling with them before Toph & Zuko join. For a while it was just you, Katara, Sokka, and Aang.
They were probably slightly confused at first, noticing the stimming and info-dumping. They didn’t think it was weird, it just reminded Katara a little too much of her brother. Aang noticed that you seem to know a lot about specific topics, like a lot a lot.
Sokka didn't really notice anything until Katara pointed out that you guys were similar. And since Sokka doesn't really hide his stuffs, he took the first step to mention it to you.
It wasn’t like a “Hey, I’m autistic. Are you autistic?” Kinda mention. More like a “Hey, I noticed somethings that we have in common, and I don’t wanna be pushy, but are you autistic too?” Kinda mention.
If you didn’t wanna talk about, they didn’t bother you. They just made sure to remind you that they will always have your back and if you need anything they will do their best to provide.
If you’re open about it (like me) then you and the Gaang will have a whole conversation about what you need from them as friends and what you need in general. It would be really sweet, not too serious because it’s them, but they’d be super understanding.
Anyways, then Toph comes along and she’s a little blunt and that can sometimes be either a blessing of a curse. Blessing, because there’s not hidden meanings to her words, which is great, but a curse because sometimes that way of speaking can trigger resection sensitive dysphoria.
I don’t think she’d be like, mean or a bully, but she might accidentally say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Which would cause the tension between her and Katara to increase, because she’s very protective of those she loves.
After the whole ‘Toph leaving and then coming back’ thing, she’d apologize. She’d say that while she doesn’t totally understand what she did, she knows that it hurt you. Of course you’d forgive her, and sit her down to descuss what happened.
When you tell Toph you have Autism, she’d be a little confused. Toph was pretty sheltered, and wasn’t ever exposed to all that stuff. So, you’d explain, along with Sokka and Aang. You’d all tell her about what your layble meant, what you needed and struggled with, and how she could accommodate. Toph was very accepting and while you guys weren’t treated differently, she made sure to keep her tone and words in mind when speaking.
Then later, Zuko joins. And let me tell you, this boy didn’t even have to be around you, Sokka, and Aang for more than a day before realizing that you all were extremely similar.
He’d bring it up to Toph, asking if she had caught how similar you all acted. She’d make a joke about not being able to see at first, but then would get serious and say that it was your choice on whether to share or not.
So, being the awkward bean we all love, Zuko shyly asked why you and Sokka both rocked back and forth while eating. Katara would glare at him and get ready to defend you, but Sokka would just simply state “Its called stimming, it’s for emotional regulation”. And Zuko would just nod and store that information for later.
Aang would point out that Zuko did it sometimes too, when he was upset or felt really awkward. Zuko would explain that it was something he did a lot when he was younger, but his dad would get really angry with him and made him stop. Same thing with eye contact.
You and Sokka both asked if Zuko was Autistic, to which he shrugged. “Maybe”. Zuko knew he had social anxiety, uncle had taught him how to handle it and that it was nothing to be ashamed of. But he’d never mentioned autism.
Later in life, Zuko would find out he was diagnosed and was never told. Uncle Iroh didn’t know about it either.
But anyways, Zuko would be super sweet about it, asking straight up what you needed and never judging. And the fact that he’s so blunt and doesn’t hide meanings in his words helps too.
Later in life, after he becomes the Fire Lord, Zuko would begin to write laws and advocate for those disabilities, especially those with autism. He didn’t do this just for himself, but for everyone he had met but hadn’t gotten the things that he needed. He’d most definitely ask for your help if you were willing, and would be determined to help change things for the better.
Now, onto...
-More Detail Into Living/Traveling With Them-
I think that out of all of them, Toph would be the best to go to when having panic/anxiety attacks or melt downs. She understandswhat it fells like to be overwhelmed by your surroundings, disoriented and confused. While Sokka nd Aang have experience with it, they can get a little overwhelmed as well when trying to help others through that. So, you go to someone who understands, just a little differently.
Toph would always just know when your having a hard time, going into a meltdown or attack. She can hear heartbeats after all. She’d make sure to remember all the stuff you need and help accordingly. You need a firm and solid thing to hold on to or sit on? Here’s some nice smooth rock. You need something soft and squishy? She’s handing you a ball of fabric or a piece of clay. Need whieght on your body? She’ll lay on you or, if you want, spread some dirt on you(This is something me and my brother do at the beach and it feels so nice). If somethings wrong, you don’t have to speak, she can just feel you heartbeat spread up.
Sokka would mention some stuff he does to help him cope and would be glad to share fidget toys with you, if you didn’t already have some. By the end of the war, all of your pockets —along with Aang’s and Zuko’s— were filled to the brim with fidget toys.
Katara, having some experience of looking after he brother, would be a big help in making sure you felt safe and comfortable. She’d pick up on the cues that you have for when you’re uncomfortable or felt overstimulated. Of course, she asked before helping, and if you except it she do her best to make sure that you felt safe and taken care of. 
Katara would be great at helping with sensory overload’s, especially if you like the feeling of water or or a visual simmer. If you like water, she gather some in a bowl for you to bring your fingertips along or submerge your hands in, as that can sometimes help people focus when an overload. She could also create visual stimuli using water around her to help you destress or distract you from the overload of sensory.
Uncle Iroh, when you get to meet him, would be extremely excepting and genuinely curious. He’s the type to ask questions about your personal experiences, if you’re comfortable sharing that. Of course he would back off if you did not want to talk about your experiences, but if you did he would take great interest in what you share.
This is all i could come up with in the moment, but i might add to it if i think of something. Feel free to add anything. If this offends anyone with autism or a neurodivergency, I apologize. Please let me know.
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strawberrymilkyumyum · 7 months ago
Do you hc Zuko as autistic? Just because of the stimming.
If so what other things does he do? How does it affect his life?
Something serious and/or fluffy?
Also add in a bit of zutara if you want 😊
hi anon! thank you for the ask! im sorry it took me so long to get this but i hope you enjoy!! (i do hc zuko as autistic, i think it makes sense with his character)
Zuko always felt that there was something... different about him. He didn’t understand the rules and always felt like he was drowning under the pressure of his father. It frustrated him when he saw Azula doing so well when he could never understand or follow his father’s commands. 
Ursa was his best caretaker. While she never knew exactly what to do, being around her always helped calm him down. Since he started reading, he was obsessed with old plays that his mother used to perform. When he was small, Ursa would read him and Azula the old plays written with old grammar. Though it was hard to understand what the words meant, Zuko started using more of those words in his own vocabulary. He also started doing his own research in the library, he found old spirit myths and had every story memorized. Azula used to like that about her big brother, she looked up to him and wanted to be like him. But Ozai would get mad whenever he saw Zuko do something ‘weird.’ She grew to resent Zuko for being like that. Not only did Father hate him, but his little book club kept Mother away from her. 
Iroh was never really around for Zuko’s childhood. He cared for Zuko has a baby, sure, but once he became a toddler, Iroh was forced to start taking his military career seriously. He didn’t really see Zuko again until he was 12. 
Zuko was very different then. Since Ursa left, his anxiety was over whelming for him. He covered his ears at any and all loud noises, he was unlocking his jaw when he was bored, and he never looked anyone in the eyes while talking to them. When Zuko was banished, Iroh went with him to try to help him. 
But... Zuko didn’t like the sea. He loved water and swimming, but being on a boat was terrible. Ozai knew that his son didn’t respond well to loud noises and assigned him the loudest ship available. It was difficult for Zuko to get through his banishment because he could never get over the sounds of sea life. Metal would clang, engines would roar, and his crew chatted among themselves. Iroh thought music night would help and it kinda did, but not in the way he thought. All Zuko did was bury himself under his covers as he treasured the few moments he got to be by himself. 
When he joined the gaang, Zuko finally felt understood. At first, he couldn’t stand to be around Toph, she was always so loud and Zuko didn’t want to get mad at her. They had a conversation one day where Toph agreed to keep the volume down if he made an effort to hang out with her more. She was the person who understood this part of him most, she was blind and understood not liking loud noises. They were distressing for her so she decided as a child that she would be the loudest in the room so it could never scare her. 
Aang was also easy to get along with. The avatar was a boy out of his time and was very happy that there was someone else who used old fashion words (though Zuko still hated ‘Sifu Hotman.’) Suki was also able to connect with Zuko as one of his obsessions on the sea was the avatar’s past lives. One of his favorites was Kyoshi and was dying to try Suki’s fans. 
He and Sokka were quick friends. They balanced each other well. Zuko was impulsive and impersonal and Sokka was the plan guy and bubbly. Zuko didn’t show much emotion on his face and Sokka made it his personal mission to try to get Zuko to smile.
Once he and Katara became friends, she became his favorite person. She loved to hear about the old myths and plays he read, she thought his vocabulary was sweet, and she wasn’t draining to be around. The first time Zuko stimmed, he freaked out. Father always punished him when he did at the palace. He moved his jaw up and down, squeezed his eyes shut and wiped his hand in his scar like it would be gone if he used enough pressure. She didn’t understand why he was freaking out about her seeing him stim. 
She never pressured him to talk to her, but he opened up to her about his life. Because he had trouble sleeping, he would often be awake with her during the night and they talked until the morning. Touch was still weird to him, but he found he liked it when he held her. He also liked to take care of a lot of simple house chores, which Katara was extremely thankful for. 
Katara never babied him, nor did Zuko ever want her to. They were both grown, mature people and understood that Zuko was very much a functioning adult. Katara loved him because he was fun and thoughtful and good. Zuko loved Katara because she was kind, smart, and strong. They were as perfect for each other as two people can be. While the crying of their children could be overwhelming for him at times, he never gave up on himself and became the loving father Ozai never was. 
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autisticzukoexpert · 5 days ago
i love episodes that have a lot of jinora in them like yass funky intelligent twelve year old girlboss master all parts of airbending thus completing the quartet of girls who are the most powerful benders of their element you go girl
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alta-bullshit · a year ago
i am literally IN LOVE with the headcannon of autistic!zuko because as someone who experiences a lot of the same things, plus growing up w a sibling in the spectrum, i think having this sort of representation, even if it’s not flat out said, is really really REALLY lit. even though it’s not directly said some kid may realize they sort of act like zuko when he’s trying to talk to new people or in other situations and i think that’s S W E L L
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qrowsboobs · a year ago
Toph? Autistic. Why? Because I said so
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crapflaps · 3 months ago
autistic toph beifong send tweet
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Tumblr media
Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender is autistic!
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androidemotions · a year ago
neurodivergent gaang continued !!
i think she has autism 💚
Tumblr media
[ID: a screenshot of Toph and Aang sitting next to each other with their legs folded, they’re low-lit by a fire offscreen and holding bowls in one hand, Aang has chopsticks in the other which he has raised to his mouth, eyes closed as he takes a bite. Toph is smiling slightly as she raises her hand above her bowl. End ID.]
- toph is obviously very good at reading ppls voices, but she struggles a lot with interacting with people her own age, she’s very used to adults underestimating her due to her blindness, and since most of the way she’s prepared for interacting with people is based on that, when ppl dont, esp ppl her own age, she can get thrown for a loop and when ppl (like katara) ask her for help, or when she’s offered help, not out of pity but from empathy. she can be very callous in those situations because she desperately doesn't want to be perceived as weak.
- sincerity, she’s good a reading sincerity if she’s paying attention and putting effort into it, better than allistics would be if they were trying to read someone bc she picks up on the details of inflection that they might gloss over. But when she’s caught off guard by someone she often wont catch if someone is sarcastic or mocking. she’s on guard most of the time around ppl she doesnt know for this reason, but this understandably becomes v tiring and often she can just end up isolating herself to cope to avoid this kind of thing, but her friends will come around draw her back out.
- sarcasm, she likes being sarcastic a lot, because she finds dry humor really funny, and around friends it’s easy to pick up the tone of their sarcasm bc she’s used to them so she can be v relaxed in those moments. she’s super witty as well and has a specific sense of humor and will make funny observations a lot of times bc of how her perception works and how her brain works in general
-  stimming!!! she ends up picking her skin sometimes as a nervous stim, but katara will smack her hand away if she catches her doing it, sokka (and zuko) tend to be more understanding abt it and give her something else to do with her hands, and aang will distract her from what is troubling her. She likes the feel of dirt on her hands and feet and will just rub her hands over the earth and stick her toes in mud whenever she gets a chance.
- affection, she has a very complicated relationship with affection due to her parents' ableism and for a while she avoids processing this and limits her shows of affection by being aggressive. She’s also very very touch sensitive, and that complicates her feelings about physical affection further, but she does enjoy hugs and sometimes her friends will put an arm around her which she finds she doesn’t mind. And eventually she starts initiating these gentler moments of affection, sometimes grabbing her friends arms to let them lead her, asking for a hug, or leaning on their shoulders.
heres sokka & katara’s post, and aangs post
zuko (w/ bonus mai) !
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tophthedaydreamer · 5 months ago
guys!!! i know i’ve already talked about The Chosen, but you gotta go watch it!!!! it’s such an amazing breakthrough in christian media!!!! if you want an actually good series about the life of Christ, watch The Chosen. even if you are a nonbeliever, i think you’ll enjoy it because of the likeable and interesting characters. plus!!!! found family vibes. 
you can watch The Chosen on Peacock and on The Chosen App (which you can get for free on Google Play and the App Store). if you want to watch it on your tv you can watch the show at “”. new episodes livestream on youtube, facebook, and The Chosen App. follow their yt channel and facebook for info!!!!
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