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#auto voice
360magazine · 15 days ago
Conversation with M F Husain
Conversation with M F Husain
India’s Newest Museum Allows Conversation With A Dead Artist Via AI The Museum of Art and Photography and Accenture Labs have collaborated to create India’s first conversational digital persona of the celebrated artist, M F Husain. This unique digital experience was created during Covid 19 lockdowns as a way to feel engaged while experiencing art.  Husain’s persona gives a glimpse into the life…
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ask-aph-angel-canada · 16 days ago
Oh hey fair point...also I refuse to believe I have exhausted your tagging capabilities
Anon now I gotta write full tags
#alright we got onto the laptop#you see I'm fancy anon and I tested my typing speed it's 70 wpm#which I want it to get to about 100#or higher because you know how cool that would be? super swaggy#oh yeah Tumblr on my laptop looks cooler because it's in VAMPIREMODE#yeah I'm edgy#sigh of only you guys were as cool as me#you know on my laptop I have less typing errors but also on Tumblr I have an auto correct which isn't on discord or YouTube#actually now that I think about it it probably is#i don't wanna check tho because then I have to change the song#the song playing is It's been a long long time I love it :DDD#i found it via Laufey on Tiktok#gah I love her voice it's so angelic man#she sounds WONDERFUL you need to hear it#literal angel#i almost spelt angel lol but hopefully even if I did nobody would notice#oh yeah because I've been typing the correct (it's in quotes pls Tumblr doesn't like the quotes when I finish the tag) way for a year#my hands are sexy thin now#like you can see the vein#it's either concerning or cool but I like em they look cool B)#they look like those people on Tiktok and Twitter with hands that are like so veiny that one papercut would be the absolute end of them#cough cough corpse husband#just kidding but my hands aren't that veiny just more softer looking#though it looks nice :)#i was looking up corpse husband hands to make sure I'm talking abt it right and#the picture was jacksepticeye instead of like his icon#i mean if it works it works#so does this laptop want to explain why it can spell Jacksepticeye no problem and even corrects me when I spell it bad but can't spell like#idk I can't think of a word example sigh this is so sad#my sister just came up to me to show me a video about this guy
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king-galaxius · 26 days ago
Kid uses grandmas voice box for auto tune
Kid uses grandmas voice box for auto tune
Kid uses grandmas voice box for auto tune Kid finds and uses grandmas voice box device for auto tune. Literally my favorite video rn.
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