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Kind of really ableist how the autophobia tag is all aesthetic stuff or someone’s fanfic :’)

Please realise that this is a terrible mental health condition that effects every moment of the sufferer’s life. It is incredibly difficult to live with and manage. It’s not some cool word you just learned.

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Thank you for clarifying who you are! It’s a pet peeve of mine when anons send it multiple messages and expect me to know which ones are related.

Anywho, no, I’m not mad at you. My author’s notes get ignored quite a bit, specifically with Instructions Not Included, so it’s what I assumed had happened. But there are author’s notes for each specific chapter, not just the summary, so make sure you read those too because I addressed long waits in between updates in chapter 5. I very much appreciate how much you enjoy my stuff, but asking if something is discontinued or ‘forgotten about’ is so disheartening to a writer. I have 2 jobs and school and a social life and when I have time to relax, writing is one of the ways I spend ‘me time’ and when I choose to write, I have 3-4 different projects to focus on.

I’m not upset or anything, I just want people to be aware that asking if something is discontinued (and not reading the author’s notes) is discouraging because it’s implying that we gave up because writing is something we often don’t have time for.

The latest chapter was posted exactly 10 months ago, to the day, and I’m sorry to say that you’ll be waiting for the final chapter for several more months. INI is my next big project and I want to put more time into that before people forget it exists completely (because the first chapter was posted almost 15 months ago).

The only fics I’ve discontinued are from fandoms I’ve fallen out of love with and I’m still here for Descendants, after 4 years, so nothing is discontinued.

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Thanks! Please pay attention to the author’s note (the one in the summary) that’s in Autophobia.

I appreciate you enjoying my writing! But it’s also frustrating for people to ignore my author’s notes. I promise I don’t write them for nothing.

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No more chaos. No more ups and downs. No more aching, gaping hole in your chest. Now there’s…not much of anything, really. Just the fog. And the silence. And you. Alone.

Nothing - A Song for The Lonely


Content Warnings are in the description. If I’ve missed or mislabeled some, please let me know.

Which Fear…comes…
Do I even need to ask? You Know the answer.

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This is something I had already opened up about on my twitter and touched on here in different words, but it’s something that needs to be spoken about in as many venues as possible seeing as there is so little awareness for my condition.I suffer from diagnosed, clinical autophobia. This is an unbearable, all-consuming fear of being/feeling alone or isolated. It’s been a life-long issue for me, however going to cons had always gotten me through in the past and I was able to keep it managed through that. Now with my sole safety-net ripped away for possibly years, I cannot cope. I’m under unlivable amounts of stress and fear constantly. So think twice when you insist that event closures are only for the best with no harm. Please remember people with autophobia and how complex this crisis is for us.

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Hey! You’re always free to ask me about my works!

Autophobia is not discontinued, just on a break. On AO3, I updated the summary with a note specifically to say it’s not discontinued, it’s just on hold so I can focus on Instructions Not Included.

I’m also working 2 jobs and finishing up school and looking for an externship, so I’ve got a lot going on now! When I graduate (probably in February), I’ll have more time to write, but I don’t have a lot of time now and any time I do have, I focus on INI.

Autophobia probably won’t be finished until 2021 and it totally pains me to say that, but that’s the schedule I’m working with!

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