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#autumn colors

With everything going on right now, it’s hard to think about anything other than the present situation. Mindfulness and focussing on the autumn walks from last year, whilst lighting my autumn candles seems to keep me grounded right now. My thoughts are with all ❤️

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The Milky Way Over Ushguli by Alex Berger
Via Flickr:
In the last couple of years I’ve had a number of friends visit the country of Georgia. They’d come back and the comments were always the same - it’s amazing, the people are lovely, the nature is stunning, the prices are wonderful And yet, every time I searched for images, even on NatGeo and other outlets, I only saw the same three or four locations photographed. So, with a head full of misconceptions and a certain amount of trepidation II set out to drive and wander western Georgia free-form, with no set agenda, and only a hope I’d make it to the Svaneti region and ultimately the remote village of Ushguli. What met me was a country full of warm people, incredible nature, spectacular autumn colors, gorgeous mountains, rich history and so much more. Photos were taken during a 10 day road trip with a four wheel drive vehicle. For licensing or usage requests, please reach out directly.

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Nature Has Done All the Hard Work Over the Eons for Anyone to Behold and Enjoy! by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
A view looking to the southeast while walking the Talkeetna Lakes Trail. With this image, I decided to use an opening through some nearby trees to capture an image of the lake and that “view beyond.” My thought in composing this image was to center the opening in the trees and yet also just the nearby trees to frame the image itself. Metering was a little more tricky, given what I imagined was a very large dynamic range. I decided to use some of the woods caught in the sunlight and be able to later pull the more shadowed area in post-production. I did that work making adjustments to contrast, brightness and saturation while playing around as I learned how to work with DxO PhotoLab 3 that I’d recently purchased after moving away from Capture NX2.

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As requested by @maggiescarborough :

“Gabi,I’d love a moodboard for making music with Ferdia 😭”

I fucking love Ferdia!!!😭😍 I hope you like it,darling!🧡




Vikings tag list: @inforapound @naaladareia @gearhead66 @msmorganforever @artemiseamoon @thelaughinghvitserk @saldelys @alicedopey @myname-ishuman @maggiescarborough @hecohansen31 @angelaiswriting

I hope y'all enjoy these moodboards because i really liked making them,and if you want to like,comment or reblog,i will love you forever!!😁

If you want to be added to my tag list or if you want to make a request,send me an ask!!!😁

Picture credit:Pinterest(i don’t have the rights to none of this pictures,just to the moodboard/collage)

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