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#autumn days
馃崄馃崅 Blessed Mabon 馃崅馃崄
I wish you a bountiful harvest and good fortune as we head into the dark. Remember, our greatest strength is each other and the ground we walk upon.
馃崕馃尵馃崅 Happy Autumn Equinox 馃崅馃尵馃崕
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cafeinevitable21 days ago
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Autumn Days
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itsstreetlove12 days ago
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A Day in Autumn
It will not always be like this, The air windless, a few last leaves adding their decoration to the trees鈥 shoulders, braiding the cuffs of the boughs with gold; a bird preening in the lawn鈥檚 mirror. Having looked up from the day鈥檚 chores, pause a minute, Let the mind take its photograph of the bright scene, something to wear against the heart in the long cold.
R.S Thomas ~ Welsh poet and clergyman (1913-2000)
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