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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Confession time-

Sometimes I feel like a bad queer cos I ship remadora more than wolfstar. I don’t really like syd from odaat. I don’t like piper and Alex. I didn’t like love simon. I don’t ship drarry. And I don’t like Ava sharpe.

I think that says something about the fact that their is very little queer representation in tv/film that I feel bad for having preferences about characters and not always favouring the queer characters.

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Random 5x06 thoughts

(I was in a Benadryl haze when it first aired whoops)

-Ok, but like…Sara running to the get sword and kill Damien right after he throws Ava against the wall and force-chokes her…I love Sara defending her girl SO MUCH.

-There was absolutely no plot-driven reason at all for Ava to accidentally get the mousse with the ring other than to put the idea of Ava and Sara eventually getting married into our heads. They could have just given it to Nora, but they didn’t. I bet Ava and Sara will have some kind of engagement or ‘Are we forever?’ talk this season.

-I love that Ava is stressing about a long distance relationship when they literally have a timeship at their disposal.

-Either of them referring to the other as girlfriend still gets me 

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AU: Sara is attending CU Boulder, she plays soccer and lives with her teammate Zari and childhood best friend Ray. Ray’s best friend with Nate but Nate is in a frat. Charlie is on the team and has a massive crush on Zari who has a massive crush on Nate. Ava attends CU Boulder as well, she plays basketball, she’s lives with her best friend Nora. Gary is friends and is in the same frat as Nate, has a massive crush on Ava but will soon have a sexual awakening.

Part 9/? The Game I Was Talking About The Game


Originally posted by addy-hanlons

“You’ve got to admit she’s really good,” Charlie tries to make conversation as the game finishes. Boulder wins their first scrimmage which Ava loves because she’s as competitive as they come. 

“Right Sara?” Zari looks at Sara who is still sitting down in a bit of shock. A shock that for once she is actually enjoying basketball game and that nobody else has gotten her attention but Ava. 

“Yeah, c’mon we’ve got a party to go to.” Sara gets up from the chair and starts to head for the exit. 

“Wait why dont we go say hi?” Zari pulls Sara back and heads towards a welcoming Nora and a nervous Gary “Hey guys,” Charlie awkwardly greets digging her hands down deep into her pockets

“Hey guys glad you could make it, what’d you think?” Nora smiles knowing that Ava will soon come out from the locker room 

“It was good, they’ve got a lot of fans don’t they?” Zari jokes 

“Yeah actually, its crazy how much people love basketball–Ava hey!” Nora smiles and waves Sara immediately stiffens.

“Hey guys, Z, Charlie—Hi Sara.” Ava fixes her hair and joins the group circle 

“So basically, when people say ball is life–you actually meant it” Zari puts her hand up for a high-five. Ava chuckles and nods, “You could say that” she adds 

“Alright good game, Nora I was wondering if I could pick your brain about that one class we’ve got all together.” Zari lies and everyone seems to catch up on what she is hinting at 

“Of course, we’ll meet you guys outside” Nora smirks, Z and Charlie wink and Gary fan girls not so subtly 

“That felt like a set up” Ava chuckles as they start walking to where there friends 

“You’re telling me, when we’re you going to mention that you were the star player? Let alone have two awards for being the athlete of the month by gatorade?” Sara makes conversation hoping that Ava finally takes her bait 

“When we’re you going to tell me? I saw the big banner of you, Charlie, Zari and  2 other people but I saw you Sara. You were right in the middle.”

“Oh is that so? Because last time I check I wasn’t nominated nor did I win an award.” 

“We’re doing this? Fine I’m going to look you up right now-” Ava pulls out her phone and types in Sara’s name  “L A N C E right?” 

“Wai–wait a minute.” Sara tries to take her phone away by reaching over to Ava. But Ava simply pushes herself up against Sara while creating some distance between Sara and the arm with her phone in it. The girls chuckle for a while and Sara had the urge to kiss Ava but shakes her head. 

“You won’t find much.” Sara pulls away and puts her hand in her pockets

“Funny because-” Ava clears her throat to recover from the moment they shared “-It says you were the first freshman to be voted as captain, every summer since college you’ve trained with the US national women’s team. What’s that about Lance?”

“I–look its not that big of a deal. I’m just happy we’re finally having a conversation.” Sara smiles knowing how she missed her and Ava’s playful banter even though they’d only known each other for a week

“Are you telling me you missed me?” 

“ You are good. You are so good–the game—I was talking about the game.” Sara stutters trying to recover knowing that she wasn’t talking about sex. 

“I think you’ve already mentioned that but thanks, thank you for coming to my scrimmage.”

“I actually enjoyed myself-”

“Why do you sound shock?”

“I don’t know, I love sports and all but I never clicked with basketball”

“Did I sway you?”

“Not you personally but the game was definitely good.”

“Ah–alright what are you doing right now?” 


“Well seeing that you took me to a party, its only fair you come to one of mine. Right guys?” Ava turns to their friends seeing that they’ve finally caught up

“Right about what?” Gary wonders 

“They should come to a party with us since we went to a party with them last weekend.”

“Yes! We’re going to Kappa Sigma” Sara stops in her tracks hearing that familiar frat house 

“Wait why there?” Sara wonders

“Some of the girls on the team are “dating” some of the brothers. So are you down?” Ava looks at Sara who seems a bit unsure but surprisingly replies with a nod.

“Great I’ll see you in an hour. C’mon guys.” Ava waves goodbye and the two follow them 

“What was that all about? You were so confident and honestly hot.” Gary rambles earning weird looks from the two girls 

“You just had to make it weird didn’t you?” Ava jokes ignoring what Gary said 


At the party ;)


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Okay but - Avalance & Lauryssa double date. The Awkwardness 😂

Ava: So, babe, this is your sister?

Sara: Yep

Ava: And you were sleeping with her boyfriend?

Sara: Yeah not my greatest move…

Ava: And now she’s dating your girlfriend??

Sara: Apparently…

Ava: And her boyfriend and your girlfriend are married???

Sara: Yes, that’s a long story…

Ava: Babe I’m glad I don’t have a family…

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Meanwhile, Alex is ranting to Sara about how hard it is to talk to girls. Sara is trying to be suave and cool, of course, but we all know that Ava is the actual cool one in that relationship and Ava is a dork.

Okay, but Sara calls Kara and tries to get her in on plotting ways to get the two of them to hook up.  Her first suggestion is kidnapping them and leaving them tied up together in a warehouse.  Kara points out that any attempt to kidnap Alex would likely result in the death of the kidnapper, and possibly their next of kin.  Sara’s ideas get worse from there.

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Imagine the legends looking after a deaged gary . Have a nice day . 😁😁

(So I might have stretched this a little but I wanted to have some fun)

When Ava woke up, she remembered everything even though her body wasn’t the same. She was a kid again, just like she had been when she and Sara went after the striga. It wasn’t long before she found Sara, who was a year or two older than her and had no adult memories. The same situation applied to Zari, who was now nine and wanted to know where her dragon was. Ava wondered if it was being a clone that had caused her to retain her memory (albeit hazy) given she’d had no real childhood ones to begin with.

She had taken charge of the group searching the Waverider, which was so much bigger now that she was a child. The power shutting down on the ship and Gideon being offline weren’t helping the situation for them either. Ava had made a list of who else they needed to look for before leading them. That hadn’t sat well with Sara, who was the oldest of them all for now, but Ava had proved she could remember the most. So Sara had handed over control.

After finding a twelve year old Nate (who was as obnoxious as all twelve year old boys), Ava lead the group to the library. It was always a good hiding spot when they were all adults. Shining her flashlight around, something glinted off her flashlight before vanishing behind a pile of books. A very deliberately constructed pile of books now that she got a better look at it.

“Come out of there!” Zari suddenly called out. “I saw you!”

She ran over to the stack of books and disappeared behind it. Sara followed as someone squeaked and hauled Zari and another child out from behind there. Ava shined her flashlight on the new kid’s face to see who they were dealing with. His dark hair was cut close like some military style and he wore jeans and a dark jacket. When he lowered his arms from his face, Ava noticed the glasses and realized who they’d found.

“Gary, is that you?” she asked softly, lowering the flashlight so he wasn’t blinding him and Zari. 

“How…how do you know my name?” Gary whimpered. He had to be about Zari’s age, but the fear on his face made him look younger.

“We’re friends,” Ava told him. “All of us. But something happened and almost everyone forgot except for me.”

Gary fidgeted. “My father doesn’t like when I go by Gary. He says it sounds stupid.”

“It sounds like an old man,” Nate piped up unhelpfully. “But it sounds like your dad sucks too.”

“Does he know I’m here?” Gary asked him. “Because if he doesn’t, then we’re in so much trouble. He’ll kill me!”

Something about his tone made Ava think he wasn’t exaggerating. She didn’t know much about his childhood, but the fact that he’d always steered conversation away from it made her think it wasn’t very happy. 

“If he tries, we’ll stop him. I promise. But we’re all lost and trying to figure out what happened. You can come with us and we can all work together.”

“Ava knows what she’s doing,” Sara added. “You can trust her, Gary.”

Gary looked from Sara to Zari to her and Nate before nodding. “Okay.” 

“Yay!” Zari cheered and starting firing off a bunch of questions to Gary. Sara grinned over them at Ava. Nate went over to talk to Gary more while she pulled out her list. Her memories were getting harder to hang onto the longer she stayed a child. But they still had to find Behrad and John and Mick and Charlie. Maybe Mona too. Ava couldn’t remember if she’d gotten off the ship or not before-

A large bang echoed down the hall. The air around them grew colder. Gary suddenly pulled a pocketknife out of his jacket, hand shaking. Zari’s eyes widened in surprise while Nate gazed in awe. Ava frowned at his reaction as he stepped in front of them, pulling the blade out.

“Where did you get that?” Ava whispered.

“Father made sure I knew how to defend myself,” Gary replied, lowering it and looking embarassed. “I don’t like using it, but if someone wants to hurt my friends, I might.”

There were footsteps down the hallway, coming closer to the library. The cold chill felt like it was seeping into her bones now. It made her feel sluggish and tired. The other kids were feeling it too. She remembered they had been trying to run from something before waking up as kids. Now she had no idea what was coming, but Ava felt in her gut they needed to hide.

“Get this part of the floor up,” she ordered, pointing to a piece of the floor that she knew opened up to a larger hatch. “Follow the tunnel and keep going.”

“Why?” Nate asked.

The chill became more intense as Ava spoke again. “Because whatever’s coming made us this way. I don’t think we can trust it, so we have to hide.”

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