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To celebrate reaching 200+ followers, I’ll contact my Biggest Fan in exactly one week (April 6) and ask them to choose whatever moment they want from the film for me to gif for them. If this person does not respond or does not wish to participate, I will go to the next Biggest Fan and so on. As always, thank you guys so much and I hope you enjoy! X

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Avatar (James Cameron) Jake Sully x female! reader

Specifics: drabble, blurb, fluff, comedy, avatar reader, na’vi language, race neutral reader

Words: 417

Requested: By anon Could you do 5 and 10 from your prompts list with Jack sully x reader cause I barely see any of him, and he is just a little adorable blue weirdo, I love your writing thank you!


5 -  “this is the opposite of what i told you to do.”

10 - “yeah, okay, but i’m cooler.”

Authors Note: so kinda new look on my format i wanted something shorter and more not so crowded so i just kinda changed it a bit. also nonnie i didnt know which from my prompt u didnt specify angst or fluff so i chose from fluff hope you dont mind :)


Originally posted by moviesawesome

You were training with Jake. It was brought to your knowledge that in order to gain confidence and trust from the Na’vi people you needed to learn their ways. Their culture almost had to be like a second language to you. You were part of the research team back with Jake and the others. It was your duty and job to study these civilizations. So now Jake was teaching you everything Neytiri taught him. 

You sat crisscrossed in front of Jake. It was quiet. The leaves rustled in the wind and animals were heard making their noises. Your straight posture suddenly deflated as you heaved a huge groan, “I can’t remember the words you taught me.”

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Y'all ever seen that part of Avatar (2009) where they’re gassing the Na'vi to make them leave the Hometree and everyone’s screaming and crying and the humans are shooting missiles and bullets and starting fires? Y'all ever noticed how throughout the whole movie they’re dehumanizing the Na'vi, calling them “savages” and “blue monkeys” and saying they’ll “just have to find somewhere new to live”? How they care more about that stupid material than the lives of the indigenous folk? How they consistently, without filter say they don’t mind killing “the indigenous” because they want that material more than they care about their lives? How they don’t care if they have to destroy the whole planet, they just want that material? How the Na'vi are only violent to defend their home and them defending the only home they have makes hailing them with bullets and missiles justified?

Seems kinda….familiar, doesn’t it? Like we’ve seen it before in real life….

If you haven’t watched the movie, I’d recommend it for multiple reasons. The CGI is stunning. Plot is good. They do really well at creating a fantasy world, though I do wonder why most creatures have 6+ legs. Seems kinda an overkill to me, idk.

And, y'know. There’s that whole scarily accurate colonization scene that really shows you what indigenous people have been going through for thousands of years.

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Hi guys!! I was going to have tomorrow and Wednesday off and was going to try to write more for “We’ll Meet In The Stars” but work hours just shifted dramatically in response to Covid 19 so I have to work until Friday which is good bc money! But bad bc all my afternoons are filled! So just hang in there please!!

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Why is there nothing on grace living AU for the avatar (2009) movie? It’s so sad ;n; and I loved her! She only wanted to learn!!

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