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#avatar aang
megpeggs2 days ago
Imagine having an airbender bf whose daily ritual it is to call you beautiful
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aangarchy8 months ago
Zuko finding out about the gaang鈥檚 shenanigans after joining them and vice versa is still the funniest thing to me and I think about it all the time
Zuko: where did you even find toph?
Sokka: oh we ran into her while she was a pro wrestling champion
Zuko: .. that twelve yr old blind girl was a what now??
Zuko: you said you tried firebending before? Who taught you?
Aang: this strange guy called jeong jeong who lived in a forest
Zuko, who grew up in the firenation and probably heard all about this man: THE DESERTER??
Aang: ya how鈥檇 you know??
Aang: you know what鈥檚 strange? Zhao seemed to just disappear after the north pole... I wonder what happened?
Zuko: oh he鈥檚 dead
Aang: w-what?
Zuko: yea. Watched him drown too. A big grabby hand got him and dragged him into the ocean
Aang: .... *crying*
Zuko: so what did you guys do while hiding in the fire nation?
Aang: oh not much tbh, I went to school for like two days, Katara and I blew up a factory, we cleaned a river, Toph scammed a whole town, Katara learned bloodbending and I went to therapy
Aang: did I forget anything? Oh right Sokka got a sword
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sokka-fuck-yaa year ago
Aang, surrounded by baffled councilmen, interrupted mid meeting: "ZUKO I CAN鈥橳 BELIEVE YOU鈥橠 DO SOMETHING SO RECKLESS!鈥
Zuko, half burnt after fistfighting his latest assasin: 鈥淚t鈥檚 not that bad. Besides, you鈥檙e like twelve, you don't have to worry about this鈥
Aang: 鈥渙nly tw鈥擨 was the one who鈥! No, you know what? I鈥檓 calling your grandpa!鈥
The councilmen, thinking of Azulon: 鈥?!鈥
Aang, meditating aggressively: 鈥淭OO LATE.鈥
Roku, taking Aang鈥檚 place: 鈥淶UKO I CAN鈥橳 BELIEVE YOU鈥橠 DO SOMETHING SO RECKLESS!鈥
The councilmen, losing their fucking minds: 鈥?!?!?!????!??!???!鈥
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raewritez2 months ago
Random person: Honestly, I鈥檓 a little scared of Katara.
Sokka: She wouldn鈥檛 hurt a fly!
Random person: That鈥檚 reassuring.
Sokka: She鈥檇 kill a man, though.
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protectingstuckya year ago
aang: you muzzled appa??!? *enters avatar state*
avatar kyoshi:
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interpretive-dance-offa year ago
Last Airbender: *shows Azula having a severe mental breakdown after finally tasting defeat after a lifetime of her dictator father manipulating her into becoming the perfect model for a throne responsible for centuries of genocide
8-year-olds watching Nickelodeon that day:
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Atla characters as memes in my phone:
Zuko trying to rejoin Team Avatar:
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Team avatar @ Zuko:
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Sokka and Katara:
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The cabbage man @ team avatar:
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Iroh when he got captured by the earth kingdom soldiers:
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Sokka after aang said he wasn鈥檛 gonna kill Ozai:
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morro-wants-a-pie3 months ago
Cursed au idea:
Atla au, where everything stays same, except Zuko has Aang's personality, and Aang has Zuko's book 1 personality.
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tamberellaa year ago
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Tumblr media
Aang鈥檚 great loss
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