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#avatar aang

Yo, Aang legit said that the Zhang and the Gan Jins has been fighting for a hundred years before anyone said they had a long standing feud and then he lied about not knowing later in the episode. Aang, what are you playing at?

Also, I actually want the live action show to rewrite the Great Divide so we can see the sick and elderly people getting along on Appa, learning to share their food and not fucking hate each other. Because watching their tribes again is a fucking nightmare.

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Katara: Straight up, Aang’s my boy. But not this Zuko fool, okay? Zuko’s a dumb name.  You come in here like you own the place with your cool firebending, steezing, like you’re some kind of master. You’re not a master. You’re a loser prince, okay? Everyones jumping on his little fire dick, especially Aang. Little firebending DOUCHE. Like I’ve known you since you thawed out of the iceberg, bro. You’ve been friends with this guy for maybe a week. Maybe.

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// an atla smau au where the gaang work as lifeguards together. however, not much work gets done- especially when zuko and y/n decide to start a secret friends-with-benefits relationship.

part 4 //part 5// ??





















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After Aang got shot with lightening from Azula, there’s this canon video from a video game or something Nickolodeon was doing that not a lot of people know about but basically, he reconnects with the past 4 avatars and his last one is Avatar Yangchen. After finding out that all Avatars have made human mistakes, and that no avatar was perfect, they have a really important discussion about why the avatar must be human instead of an all powerful spirit:

Aang: “Why is the Avatar Spirit human in every life? Wouldn’t fit be better if the Avatar was an all powerful spirit that never died?”

Yangchen: “I don’t think so. The Avatar must be compassionate towards all people and the only way to do that is to live with them. The Avatar must experience sadness, anger, joy and happiness. By feeling these emotions, it helps you understand how precious human life is so you will do anything to protect it. If you were an all powerful spirit living on the top of some mountain you wouldn’t have much in common with an ordinary person. So the avatar continues to take human rebirth and in each life, learns what it means to be human.”

Along his journey, Aang learns that by also being human, he is able to have one of the greatest strengths humans have, to love. The way that he is able to love and how others are able to love him make him human. He was able to be brought back to life because Katara loves him. Katara’s love and refusal to let him go ultimately saves Aang and bring him back to life. That’s what makes being the avatar so powerful. The fact that they don’t just have this incredible power, but because they are also able to love and be loved in return. By being human, he is able to have the strengths that humans posses.

That is why the Avatar state is only a DEFENSE MECHANISM as Avatar Roku mentioned. He isn’t supposed to be powerful all the time. He’s only supposed to use that in necessary times only. It’s also why he had to learn to control his emotions so he won’t trigger it out of anger.

Which is why the pointy rock thing, even though can count as DEM, it’s makes sense to the story in a sense that there’s a possibility that universe or the avatar’s spirits put that there for Aang so he was able to use his defense mechanism powers to help save the world. Just my thought/ theory. It may not be true but it works for me.

But can we also talk about how Avatar Yanchen also said “By feeling these emotions, it helps you understand how precious human life is so you will do anything to protect it.” Then Aang, despite feeling emotions of pain, grief and anger was still able to find balance balance between saving the world and spare Ozai’s life in the process. Aang, truly found balance between being a powerful spirit but also as a human and air nomad. Like this is why I freaking LOVE Aang as the avatar for his time period. He literally understand how precious human life is and used energy bending (which I think only the Avatar can do with their unique abilities) to save the world. Like he really used his Avatar powers to SPARE a life because he believed that ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. The monks taught him that and he was doing it for them too. Like he really combined his duty as the avatar and the teachings of his people who were wiped out and became Avatar Aang. He saved EVERYONE without having to do so at the expense of a single life. Which is why, Avatar Aang deserves all the freaking praise for being a freaking amazing Avatar, human and air nomad.

Not to mention, can we talk about the fact that he achieved this at TWELVE. Every Avatar before him trained to be the avatar at 16. Homeboy was only 12 and he was already out there bending all 4 elements in less than a year and became a prime example of what the avatar must to for the world. LIKE HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE HIM AND CRITIZE HIM SO MUCH. AANG IS BEST BOY <3

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Kataang headcanons because I don’t 100% like LOK Kataang canon, I choose not to see.

  • Aang and Katara’s first kid is a girl who turns out to be an airbender. Aang is extremely joyful. But also knows how much Katara also values her culture and would want to pass down her Waterbending and culture as well so they have a discussion of having another child.
  • Their second child is a male water bender. To signify the important people they lost, they name their daughter Kya (who is literally Jinora in LOK but her name is just different) and their son is Tenzin. I love this idea because even though Kya is an airbender and not a water bender, her name lives on into an airbender and her culture and water bending lives onto their son culture. Like how beautiful is it that both their children are a combination of someone important to them AND the culture and bending that means so much to them! They said fuck trying to wipe out my culture and the people who meant so much to us, we SURVIVED to pass down our culture and commemorate the people we love yet lost.
  • Both their children are knowledgeable of not only the culture where their bending comes from but both of them. This makes them become excellent benders because since when they use their elements, they don’t think of just the philosophy of their bending but of both. For example, Tenzin doesn’t just think like a water bender but learns how to think and defend/ evade like a air bender.
  • They have a happy family where both kids feel equally loved by their parents. There is no sibling rivalry where they fight for their parents attention because both feel loved.
  • Even though Aang wants their daughter to pass down airbending, he makes sure that she knows that he loves her more than he cares about passing down airbending to her. He makes sure that she never feels pressured to just pass down airbending and want her to of live a life she loves as well.
  • Tenzin is also knowledgeable of the ways of the air nomads. He is able to meditate with them and gain a sense of spirituality but he isn’t willing to give up meat like Kya which is okay for both of them.
  • Kya is super in touch with animals and the spirits. She is kinda and gentle but she has fierce passion like her mom and stands up for herself and doesn’t take shit from anyone.
  • Katara has the idea of creating a healing hospital in Republic City and Aang is thrilled and is willing to support her however way he can. They have a statue of Katara for building the first hospital that also specializes in water bending healing.
  • Katara also has a water bending school that was passed down to her by Paku. She is known to be not only the best healer in her tribe but also the best water bender in the Southern Tribe. (She has a statue of her in front of her school) She teaches young girls not only how to heal but how to fight. There are so many girls who look up to her and admire her for not settling with just being a healer but a fighter. Occasionally, she goes to the Northern Tribe to also help train girls there where girls absolutely go crazy admiring her. There are countless times where young girls see Katara and Aang and don’t care much about Aang being the Avatar but run up to Katara and gush that they heard that the reason she’s able to also learn water bending is because she stood up and fought for women to also learn water bending. Katara is proud and so is Aang.
  • When Aang dies before Katara, Tenzin stays with her so she doesn’t feel alone. They bond and he helps Katara with teaching others water bending at her school and also helps her with teaching healing. Whenever a guy teases a girl for not being that good at water bending, he tells them off and say that her mom is the greatest water bender and she is a woman and he shouldn’t underestimate them because they’re amazing and won’t hesitate to show you how they can beat your ass in water bending if you provoke them. Tenzin literally looks up to his mother as a water bender and is inspired by her.
  • Kya visits them periodically and be close with them while practicing and keeping the airbending culture. Like her dad emphasized, her life is not just about making sure that airbending gets passed down but that she also lives a life that she’s happy about. She feels super happy when she’s with her family.
  • Tenzin is overprotective over her sister even though he’s younger. He makes sure no one hurts her even though he knows that she’s more than capable of taking care of herself.
  • Aunt Suki and Uncle Sokka also make sure that Tenzin drinks that respect woman juice every day.
  • Tenzin’s jokes comes from Uncle Sokka and his sometimes goofy personality is from Aang.
  • Early in their relationship, Aang learns how to heal from Katara and they go on these missions together to help heal people around the world who are injured (specifically in the fire nation and earth nations)
  • When Tenzin is old enough and learns how to heal, they bring that tradition back. Aang, to make sure that Kya doesn’t feel left out for not being able to heal, spends time with her during these mission by helping with gathering supplies and feeding patients and spending time with patients so they don’t feel lonely.

(Literally can not emphasize how perfect Katara and Aang having two bendIng kids is perfect for them. He’s the Avatar and she’s freaking Katara. Why would their first child be a non bending child after everything they went through, what the heck!)

  • In republic city, Aang built an animal shelter for animals that shows how much he cares for animals and being kind to them and giving them a proper budget so they’re taken care of and given a lot of space to roam around and for others to also appreciate animals too
  • Aang and Katara dancing together and teaching their kids dances (ex. Classic fire nation dances)
  • Aang and Katara having story times with their children telling them about the adventures they went on when they were younger.
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this is an old-ish sketch. I kind of drew teen aang (in fire nation disguise) and teen katara.

After a few years of training in the fire nation and going to meetings with Firelord Zuko about “rebuilding” the world, Aang finally visits the Southern Water Tribe. He hadn’t forgotten the kiss he and Katara shared after the fight with ex-firelord Ozai. He remembered their childhood days together, travelling around the nations and the places in-between.

Little did he know that he would not see the same Katara he was infatuated with before.

When he saw her, no words would come out of his mouth. She grew to a wonderful woman. He heard from Sokka that she was now one of the warriors of her tribe and taught other waterbenders who sought for her wisdom in waterbending.

She frowned when she saw Aang walking towards her. Aang wondered if she too saw changes in him. He also wondered if she liked it.

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