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#avatar korra

There is a Japanese legend that says “Your current face is that of the person you loved the most in your past life.”


It would be great to see a future avatar that looks like Asami, it would be relatively cool.

Courtesy of: Mariana Ramos Lazaro (ok Facebook)

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My stupid mother invited my stupid sister, Jinora, to join us
I thought you liked your siblings
I have three siblings, Korra. And I like all of them except Jinora
Perfect Jinora! Jinora who was the first airbending master in a generation
Jinora helped save the world during Harmonic Convergence! Jinora bakes his own bread!
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In honor of the avatar universe continuing I made korra breaking through the darkness. Not what I usually draw but it was fun to experiment with different styles.

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#AvatarStudios #AvatarTheLastAirbender #TheLegendofKorra

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Korra as a kid/teenager is the epitome of that moment in Hercules where Phil tells Hercules to use his head, and he proceeds to headbutt a centaur.

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Korra by Amanda MacFarlane

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I never understood why those so called “avatar fans” feel the need to talk shit about The Legend of Korra. You didn’t like the show ? It’s okay.

But why you feel this urge to talk shit about a show that have lots of fans, a show that’s so important to so many people, especially people of color from the most diverse parts of the world, lgbt people who feel represented and finally saw some happy ending for lgbt characters in media(something that was rare at the time), people who suffers from mental illness and also felt represented in a time where this issue barely appeared on media and when it appeared, most of the time wasn’t a good representation.

So why? Why someone can feel joy and talk shit about something that is still so important for so many people? Why?

And when you call them for what they are :blind hypocrite haters who also probably are sexist, homophobic and racist. They get - don’t laugh- offended.

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Things I Want Out of Avatar Studios


Originally posted by twotheleft

  • More LGBTQ+ Rep: With Legend of Korra, we were treated to the beginning of Avatar’s wlw representation. We got Korra, Asasmi, Aunt Kya, Avatar Kyoshi, and Kyoshi’s girlfriend as sapphic representation. With their own studio now, I can only hope we’ll see even more inclusivity from Bryke, especially rep that expands beyond two girls kissing.
  • The Avatar After Korra: This one’s a no-brainer, with the revival of Avatar content, fans are of course eager to see what the next chapter in the Avatar franchise will be. Whether this is Korra’s immediate successor or just someone down the line, this Avatar should probably be an Earthbender or a Firebender, and frankly, an openly gay boy who gets crushes on boys and exclusively boys is the kind of progressive upfront representation I crave. No ambiguity, no beating around the bush. Just open and unapologetically progressive.
  • A Former Avatar: Whether we get a movie or series for avatars we’ve met like Roku, Kiyoshi, or Wan, or we’re treated to a new avatar entirely, the benefit of this option is that we get to see a pre-war Avatar world that can show us things like the oasis in its full glory, or Ba Sing Se before the creation of the Dai Li.
  • Expansion on Established Characters: We could get a movie showing Katara and Aang raising their three kids, Toph reuniting with her parents after the war, the life of Katara’s Gran-Gran or Mother, or the reign of Firelord Zuko. The benefit here is that we get to take characters already established and show more of their backgrounds, lives, or aftermath of shown events in the series.
  • Remake Old Material: While it’s pretty hard to improve on perfection, there’s always the chance they may take the opportunity to remake Avatar the Last Airbender. This could be expanding on side content, fleshing out secondary characters, making a more “mature” version, making the characters more diverse (ie incorporating more LGBTQ+ characters) or altering the world in an AU setting, such as changing the evil nation to the Water Tribe, or making Zuko the Avatar.
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The New Avatar Studios


Originally posted by twotheleft

If you’ve been living under a rock, yesterday it was announced that Avatar co-creators Mike and Bryan have returned to Nickelodeon to helm an entire new division called Avatar Studios, which is entirely devoted to the creation of new Avatar content, the first of which is a theatrical movie. As I gave it some thought, I think I have an idea what this movie could be. As Avatar was wrapping up its original run in 2008, there were plans for an Avatar the Last Airbender movie centered around Zuko and his search for his mother, Ursa. But, when the live-action Shamalan movie started to be planned, the animated movie was sidelined and released in comic form instead. While there’s no hard proof that this is the direction the first Avatar film will take, it is the only Avatar movie (planned or otherwise) that we know about. Mike and Bryan may have chosen to launch Avatar Studios by animating the story of Zuko’s search for his mother, since there are fans who only watch the animated shows and thus don’t know what became of Ursa, leaving it as a dangling plot thread from the original series. More importantly, most of the voice actors can still do their original voices, namely Dante Basco, Grey Griffin, Jack DeSena and Mae Whitman, although I’m not sure about Jesse Flower and Zach Eisen. I could be wrong, but as we know nothing of the upcoming projects, this is just my theory.

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