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Let’s get down to business and discuss some hot takes! Did they send me Azula’s redemption? You’ll have to wait and see. Your the spiciest lot of any fans, but you can bet, before we’re through, I’ll make a Kyoshi Novel fan out of yooouuuuu.

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In case you’re finding this post just by browsing the tags I’ve used for this post, this is the Watchathon, a blog where I’m hoping to watch an episode of a TV show every weekday, with a short blog post where I write down my thoughts as I watch. Each new thought starts with a hyphen and a bolded first word.

- Like so. Now that the introductions are over with, here’s my thoughts on The Avatar and the Firelord:


- First things first, it’s weird that Fire Lord is compressed into one word in the title. I was pretty sure it was two words in every other usage of it. Maybe I’ve just been wrong the whole time?

- I like that this is an episode focused both on Aang and Zuko. After all, this story is relevant to both of them.

- I like that when Aang meets with the spirit of Avatar Roku, he changes back to his appearance from Season 1 and 2. It’s nice to see that his Airbender attire is sort of like his true form, if that makes sense?

- It’s nice to see Roku and Sozin just hanging out, as friends, long before the start of the war. Also sad, knowing what comes later, but nice to see a simpler time.

- Okay, I’ve got to admit, I got it mixed up which one was Sozin and which one was Roku.

- Never would’ve occurred to me that Avatar Roku could’ve been friends with Gyatso.

- Nice touch that Avatar Roku wears the attire of each nation as he trains in that bending discipline. I understand why Aang didn’t do the same; he’s in more of a rush than Roku (and I assume most Avatars), training as he travels the world instead of in the traditional way.

- I like that Roku and Sozin are still friends, even after twelve long years and big changes for both of them. Won’t last forever, but it’s nice while it does last.

- It’s so sad to see the end of Roku and Sozin’s friendship as the war starts.

- I sort of figured that Avatar Roku’s death would come in a battle, but no, he did it battling a volcano to save the villagers.

- And Sozin let it happen so that Avatar Roku couldn’t get in his way.

- I like the title drop of Sozin referring to the then-unknown Air Nomad Avatar as “the last Airbender.” Really leaves an impact.

- I wonder how M. Night Shyamalan would’ve handled the whole idea of Avatar Roku getting married and having kids?

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When it comes time for Aang’s to learn firebending, Iroh is going to be part of the group. That means Jeong Jeong is going to want Iroh to teach Aang and back off.

After all, Iroh is the Prince, Jeong Jeong isn’t even an admiral yet.

Roku would hijack Aang to make sure that JJ teaches Aang firebending. It’d play out about the same except Roku throws around the “red dragon blue dragon” thing.

He might give Jeong Jeong a crash course in balance in firebending and his role as the blue dragon master for the avatar.

When Jeong Jeong mentions that the avatar usually only has one teacher per element THEN Roku would use intimidation to finish the job.


Originally posted by ianime0

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“ From a distance you look like my friend, even though we are at war. 

       From a distance I can not comprehend what all this fighting is for.”

I often think about their history and feel a bit emotional about it. Excuse me. Also was using this piece to test out new shading techinques and tints. As well as exploring hues and saturations. Make it less dull.

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You are the Avatar

I am making an avatar oc (which is kind of based on myself) and a whole story around them so I came up with an idea for a thing when you make an avatar oc (the avatar) based on yourself, post it here on Tumblr and tag me

{ an example;


element: air/fire/water/earth

your team avatar:

*a little bit of their backstory*

*and something about their appearance, might be a drawing instead* }

I am REALLY bored

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Wan walked into Kyoshi’s house, where the group agreed to meet up for their new team bonding exercise. Fall was coming and with it pie season, so Szeto suggested they each bake a pie for one of the others.

So, they put everyone’s names and favorite pies in a hat and drew them. Wan had gotten Aang and ended up trying to figure out how to make a lemon meringue pie. It looked stupid but Wan knew it tasted good at least.

“Yeah, yeah, we will be fine Kelsang,” Kyoshi said, pushing her adopted father out of the house past Wan.

“Hello Wan,” Kelsang said.

“Hi, sir, I’ll make sure the house is standing when you get back,” Wan said.

“A real challenge,” Kelsang joked as the door slammed at his back.

Kyoshi locked the door behind him and turned to Wan.

“He just wanted some pie but I made him leave,” Kyoshi said, blowing a strand of hair from her face.

Wan laughed slightly and followed Kyoshi into the kitchen where the others were.

Wan stared at the table of pies with slight trepidation. There was a soupy pumpkin pie, a burnt blueberry pie and a meat pie for some reason.

Wan was happy to note that the pear pie made for him at least looked okay.

Kuruk wasted no time. With Wan now there he took that as permission to drag the meat pie towards him.

“Whoa,” Kuruk said, taking a bite, “who made this again?”

“I did,” Aang said, “or well I couldn’t stomach making it so my girlfriend made it for me, or well for you.”

“Tell her she’s amazing,” Kuruk said.

“I’m going to pass,” Roku said, staring at the pie made for him.

“I don’t blame you at all,” Korra said. “I am so sorry.”

“Here,” Kyoshi said, sliding the pear pie to Wan as he handed the lemon meringue to Aang.

“Oh, thanks,” Wan said, taking a bit. “You didn’t cook this did you?”

“Kelsang may have helped me,” Kyoshi said. Wan stared at her. “Okay Kelsang may have made the entire pie while I sat in the kitchen and bothered him.”

“Okay,” Roku said, “but can we talk about how Yangchen made me make a cheesecake instead of a pie because I felt cheated.”

“Why?” Yangchen said. “You made something I enjoy and its easier to make than pie.”

“Still not a pie,” Roku said, stealing some of Szeto’s raspberry pie.

Szeto popped him on the hand but Roku was undeterred. Wan noted with interest that Szeto seemed rather content at having Roku steal his pie despite his protests.

Wan smiled. “This was a good idea,” Wan said, taking another bite from his pie.

For anyone curious, the pairings for this verse are Rangshi, Kuruk/Ummi, Aang/Katara, Wan/Korra, Roku/Szeto (idk it came out of nowhere and stole my wallet) and Yangchen/??? (maybe no one but we shall see)

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