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#avatar spoilers

Okay so I finished atla and it was cool and all yada yada but. BUT.


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Rewatchof Avatar: Kind of messed that the Earth King accidentally spilled the invasion beans to the fake warriors and then bounced into the wilderness with his pet bear for the rest of his days I assume. 

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I just realized, Zuko was the only person around to witness Zhao’s demise

I’m imagining like the gaang is just hanging around the fire a few days before Sozin’s Comet just

Sokka: “We’re really going after the Fire Nation again so soon after the Day of Black Sun… They’ll be far more prepared this time too, I bet. I wonder who they’ll send after us…”
Katara: “Probably Azula. She’s already found us once since the Day of Black Sun.”
Toph: “Maybe the Fire Lord himself? That would at least make things easier for us.”
Sokka: “No that would be too convenient. They’d send someone else. Possibly Zhao. We haven’t seen him in a while.”
Zuko: “????”
Aang: “You’re right. Not since the North Pole.”
Zuko: “??????”
Katara: “That is kind of strange, actually, considering how good he was at tracking us up to that point. Do you think something hap–”
Zuko: “Fish ate him.”
Sokka: “What”
Zuko: “Fish spirit ate him.”
Toph: “Fish what
Zuko: “Spirit. Ate him. Didn’t wanna take my hand.”
Aang: “…………….The OCEAN SPIRIT ATE HIM?”
Zuko: “Actually I don’t wanna talk about it.”

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I know right?? And he did SUCH a bad job of it that he put the nation’s Literal Crown Prince in charge after dethroning the current emperor. 

Dumbass that’s just the normal sequence of succession!!! you didn’t coup shit!! thats monarchy with extra steps!!!!!

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You know what is fucking hilarious i realized this morning

Zuko, crown prince of the firenation, sTILL ascending to the throne after the avatar fucking took out his dad is HYSTERICAL when you consider for like half a second what that looks like from the outside perspective

Like imagine you’re some earth kingdom peasant and the town crier comes through like “AVATAR DEFEATED THE FIRELORD. REPEAT AVATAR NERFED OZAI. WAR OVER. WAR OVER”

and you’re like “holy fucking shit 100 years of war over the madlad did it”

and then you’re like “what happens to the Firenation now?? did the avatar take over as ruler while sanctions are being put in place?

crier: “nope”
you: “are they under earth kingdom colonial rule now?”
crier: “nope”
you: “oh okay, so is it like. an earth-kingdom appointed panel of delegates who will oversee the firenation now?”
crier: “nooooope”
you: “…earth kingdom appointed leader?”
crier: “no : )”
you: “democratically elected leader?”
crier: “no :^ )”
you: “communism?????”
crier: “lmao still a monarchy!”
you: “okay, okay, guess earth kingdom is too, okay, please just tell me they crowned someone from the rebel faction who–”
crier: “Fire Lord’s Son : ^). First Son. First born.”
you: “??????????? the Crown Prince?”
crier: “Heir to the Throne :^^)”
you: “His SON?”
crier: “First and only :^^)”
you: “then what was the fuCKING POINT OF TAKING DOWN THE FIRE LORD?!!”
crier: “Avatar won :^^^)”

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And that’s important. One of the things that scares me the most is that people are going to take the kylo route with him. Meaning, they’ll try to excuse all his terrible actions, when in reality, the character himself never does. It is IMPORTANT to acknowledged that Zuko was an awful person. Yes he faced abuse, trauma, etc. But he still supported and thrived in a racist, xenophobic, imperialist regime and if things went well for him within that regime, he still would have held on to those toxic ideals. Zuko realizes this. Which is what makes his redemption work well. We can’t fall into this idea that he wasn’t guilty of his atrocities or that he shouldn’t be held accountable. let’s not turn him into kylo ren especially when zuko is the blue print for good redemption arcs. it works becuase zuko even acknowledged he was a bad person. and he wanted to actively change without anyone having to tell him. his redemption didn’t rely on him attempting to garner sympathy from the gang or them coddling him for being an awful person, he held himself accountable for his situations, did what he could to change and only then wanted their forgiveness. and he understood if he didn’t get it.

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I’ve come to make an announcement Firelord Sozin is a bitch ass motherfucker he betrayed my fucking avatar that’s right he stuck his pasty fucking firelord hand and then he betrayed my avatar and he said his plans were this big and I said that’s disgusting so Imma make a callout post on my Twitter dot com Firelord Sozin you got shit plans they’re about as good as this Maka'ole berry except way worse and here’s what my plans look like that’s right baby all saving no kills no comets look at that it looks like two water tribe members and an airbender he betrayed my avatar so I’m gonna

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Yeah! And i mean i think it’s good to say that he did help her restore the tribe, but i mean the show also think that it’s important to also take to mind what the show tells us too. Which is why i think there’s an inconsistency in the writing. Because in the show, his own children felt like he disrespected the culture. I think that as avatar he did do everything he could to rebuild all nations–it mentions that he AND zuko did that. but i also think it’s important to listen to his kids who felt their cultures and existences were disrespected by him. in addition to that, we don’t even really see tenzin, having anything to do with water bending culture so we can assume aang never taught him. 

and i’ m not disputing what you said. i just think at this point, it’s true we can both be right because both canons (the comics and show) present two different things.

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Don’t be sorry. I really thought your ask was interesting and engaging and i planned to answer it! I’ve just stopped avatar conversations however because people were getting offended by my views. but your ask wasn’t wrong or anything like it. i’m just not answering atla questions at the time.

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