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#avatar the last airbender

what if the citizens of kyoshi island (and perhaps some of the villages nearby) referred to the island as yokoya

just imagine the gaang is in some southern EK village and it’s like

someone: so where are all of you from?

suki: im from yokoya

sokka: ?? i thought you were from kyoshi island?

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wait imagine if aang had been frozen in the iceberg at the end of the show after defeating the fire nation (idk what his reasoning would be for running away maybe hes feeling a lot of pressure from not having a clear goal to work on as the avatar anymore) instead of 100 years before so he instead wakes up in a place kinda like the world in lok that would be so interesting

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I think both of them have both daddy and mommy issues but those issues don’t really fit either of those complex IMO.

Since Zuko’s issues with his dad persist even after his parents’s seperation and Azula’s issue with her mom persist even after said seperation too.

But then again, I’m not an expert so I might be wrong.

Thanks for the ask ^^

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no nuance november — avatar: the last airbender edition

i stole this from tiktok, i just wanna drop my avatar hot takes 

  • suki is the strongest non-bender.
  • and yes, she’s stronger than ty lee.
  • zuko is the weakest bender in team avatar. and that’s okay! his entire character is built off of the fact that he isn’t an extraordinary firebender.
  • a season 4 is not necessary. the show had a very clear series arc (master the elements & defeat the fire lord) and had a satisfying ending because it finished when it did. it’s one of the most well made shows of all time, a fourth season would’ve been a cash grab and ruined that.
  • guys the show is 15 years old. please let zutara vs kataang go.
  • actually, ATLA ship wars in general are pointless. romance was never the main focus of avatar, it was characterisation and plot development.
  • not every villain needs a redemption arc, azula included. zuko’s arc spanned 3 seasons, was fully developed and he paid for his mistakes every minute - there’s a reason it’s known as the greatest in TV history. an azula redemption would’ve been rushed and sloppy. she deserves therapy but not a full arc.
  • iroh is more to blame for how azula turned out than ursa. she was a victim of abuse, he wasn’t.
  • katara would wipe the floor with zuko in a fight and she DID! ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS! and he 100% agrees.
  • toph vs katara and toph vs azula are the only fights which are a complete toss up. i literally cannot tell you who would win.
  • people say toph would easily win against katara but it totally depends on circumstances. imagine: they’re in a wooden box, no full moon. katara has her water pouch, toph has a moderate amount of rocks. who’s winning? YOU CAN’T TELL!!
  • in a fight to the death between iroh and ozai, ozai would win. iroh is extremely moral and even after everything ozai’s done, iroh would still hesitate to kill his brother. ozai, however, would jump at the chance to attempt murder against yet another family member.
  • the final agni kai has the best music in the entire franchise.
  • jet gets a lot of hate but he was such a necessary character to show the consequences of being kid caught up in the war.
  • if it wasn’t for mai all your favs would be dead. put some respect on her name.
  • people only hate mai because they don’t relate to her and she ended up with their crush (and a reminder that she’s not a heartless bitch. she does have emotions, she just doesn’t express them.)
  • you’re allowed to dislike a ship simply because it’s not your taste, but don’t claim that characters are toxic and abusive when they’re not.
  • except tyzula. that’s actually a toxic/abusive relationship. (they’re cute in au’s but it’s good that they weren’t canon)
  • but azula defo had unrequited feelings
  • mai lee >>> tyzula
  • jin and zuko were not “perfect for each other” like so many people say. she knew absolutely nothing about him and they had no chemistry because zuko was lying the whole time. it was a cute short but that’s it.
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and start whining to their parents until Ozai goes: “shut up Azula.” And Ursa goes: “Zuko, you’re hurting my feelings.” So 🔥 sibs take out their anger on each other for a while before they realise: “hey wait a sec, if our parents got married it’s a lose-lose situation so why don’t we team up and make sure that doesn’t happen.” Cue some wacky hijinks of reluctantly teamed up Zuko and Azula trying to sabotage their parents relationship. 2/2

The ‘ “Zuko, you’re hurting my feelings.” ‘ part made me laught a lot XD.

I like your idea, especialy since it’s zucest which mean that Zuko and Azula get the brilliant idea of ‘Hey, our parents won’t get back together if we fuck each other!’ at some point.

A quick question tho, how can they not stand each other if they haven’t interacted since their parents’s divorce?

Thanks for the ask and nice AU ^^

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