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#avatar the last airbender

okay i am drunk as usual but i can’t believe people choose to headcanon positive traits about zuko and literally all they do is take all of aang’s good traits and give them to zuko like did you actually watch the show or did u just pick zuko as ur fav and literally give every single one of aang’s positive traits to zuko 🧐🧐🧐

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Mooooore genderbending!

One of my favorite AUs is where Zuko keeps Katara’s necklace for longer, so why not genderbend it? In this one, Princess Zuko keeps Koi’s necklace until the beginning of the Southern Raiders- during that “I’ll end your destiny permanently” scene. Her neck feels kind of naked without it later… but she can get over it when she gets Koi’s forgiveness. (I might draw the GB’ed hug scene too.) I feel like Princess Zuko wears the necklace around her neck, because Prince Zuko wears it on his wrist.

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Avatar imbibing cultures from all over the world.

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Weird Girl Mai as a student from my school where we have shiny stones in the playground sand that kids can dig up and take home in plastic bags we provide.

Mai: staring appreciatively at her bag in the middle of class

Teacher: put your rocks away please, Mai

Mai: They’re not rocks.



Teacher: Wh-what do you have, then?

Mai: Ants.

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Ok so did the mind stone pull an ocean spirit and put a part of itself in wanda as a backup so that it could come back later if it was destroyed


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sometimes you just have to Ctrl + F the name of a minor character in fics to get some content 

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[Hello My Sexy Readers, Now I know on Tumblr I have at least three requests for Avatar the last air bender. And I know you all been wanting it but I am not able to get around to those at this time.

So I am doing a headcanons and scenarios challenge for the series. Not legend of Korra have yet to see it. May never see it

but we will start with the headcanons first vote your top nine you want to see in base headcanons oh and if you are on tumbler keep each votes in one section for votes and such

1: Aang

2: Katara

3: Sokka

4: Toph

5: Zuko

6: Uncle Iroh

7: Fire Lord Ozai

8: Azula

9: Admiral Zhao

10: Ty Lee

11: Mai

12: Jet

13: Jeong Jeong

14: Master Pakku

15: Princess Yui

16: Hakudo

17: Bumi

18: Suki

I think this is a good list to start off with one again vote your top nine you want to see in base headcanons again if you are on tumbler keep each votes in one section for votes and such

Now onto the Scenarios.

I came up with ones that are very unique to the world of avatar and some not so basic (You may vote for as many characters as you want in each scenario but for tumblr if you are voting one multiple scenarios do them in a separate ask box.

A: Reader engaged to a chief leader/prince/king/princess and so on in an arranged marriage who happens to be their yandere and on the day of the wedding day how it would play out with that yandere (List the yanderes you would like to see in this like fire lord Ozai or Princess Yui or anyone this even goes to Katara and Sokka as their dad was the tribe leader in the comics I think) (Also vote on the gender you want for reader same with their sexuality and so on if they are a bender or not)

You can do this with any of the ones in this category and we will see how it goes.)

B: Avatar reader in this slight AU Aang died or did not become the avatar and the cycle went on until it landed on reader (Pick gender and nation they were born with and sexuality for reader you want to see)

C: Once again vote gender sexuality and bending if they have it this is in which reader is married to her Yandere by force or not and they want kids but Reader is like nope not at all how would yandere react

D: Blood bending basically if blood bending reader was a thing and how she runs away from her yandere like this will she escape. Be bound, be caught, or be forced to use her blood bending.

These are the ones I wanted to start with and I hope that you all enjoy these and vote and stay sexy everyone!]

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I was drawing the moon and then a random girl, but then she ended up looking a l'il similar to Katara so I decided to go with it.

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not sure who needs to hear this, but draco malfoy is nothing like prince zuko and vice versa.

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Okay but there can be entire months without a single update from any of the stories I follow (not complaining, just an observation) and one day they all just post at the same time and this has happend multiple times and Im like ?????god, is that u????

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Catch up sketch (¼)

Did this as a celebration for the new AVATAR STUDIO!


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