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Does anyone know why the title card for Book 1: Episode 8 of A:TLA displays the title of the show as Avatar: War of the Elements?


It’s not a Netflix issue, it’s on the title card itself, part of the show. I never noticed it when I was watching reruns on Nick way back when, but I wasn’t looking for it. 

I thought maybe it was the show’s working title, but I can’t find anything to confirm this anywhere, and it seems bizarre that they made a finalized title card with the wrong show title?

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Did anyone watch Avatar The Last Airbender as a kid? Cuz I did. It recently was added to Netflix to I went back and rewatched it and actually really enjoyed it. But here’s Katara, and the water (if you can tell it’s water) took me so long to do. Also I decided to change the background mid peice so….


So yeah, here ya go

Title: “Controling The Tides”



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Fire Queen

~Zuko X OC~

0.  1.  

Thank you, Lee


I watch the water crash into the ship’s side, sighing as the wind brushes my face. “You keep acting like this and we’re going to get caught. You look like you’re in love with the water.” I look down at Zori as she smirks. I turn around leaning against the railing. “You’re right. Sorry, It’s just so beautiful compared to home.” I pull out Iroh’s old worn journal and read over the words and dates to make sure we’re on track. “We’re not far behind them. Maybe a week or two.” I smile as I read over Iroh’s words while trotting to our cabin.

“We should keep away from-” “Truble, watch out!” I gasp as I trip and fall only to be caught in two arms inches from the deck. I look up to meet golden orbs staring down into my brown ones. “I am so sorry. I should’ve been watching where I was going.” I gaze over his features, admiring the large scar covering his eye. A scar from battle no doubt. “You should wat-” “It was entirely our fault, miss. I’m glad you did not take a fall.” A kind voice rips over my savior’s harsh words.

I look over meeting the kind amber eyes as I stand up straight.

“Oh shi-” I shove the worn book behind my back into Zori’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her before she finishes her statement. “Hello, fellow refugees! I am, Mushi, and this is my nephew, Lee.”

One or two weeks my ass.

I smile at Iroh and press my hand out in front of me. “Truble, and this is my little sister, Zori.” Iroh shakes our hands in glee as Zuko stands put with his arms crossed. “I am very sorry. Thank you for catching me, Lee.” I smile at him and pat his arm. Why am I touching him? Why did I do that? Personal space much, Truble?

He looks down at my hand, causing me to remove it. His cheeks glow a light pink as he looks at the sea mumbling, “You’re welcome.”

“Right! Well, if you two… need anything. I can help - we can help.” I rush my words feeling my cheeks heat up. “Yeah, but not right now. See you two around!” Zori grabs my wrist and runs away with me.

She walks inside the cabin and shuts the door sealing us inside. “What was that? We can help you? You’re by far the weirdest person they’ve ever met!” “I panicked, okay? Iroh has these dates all wrong! We’re right on course with them. If I knew I was going to knock right into him I would’ve had something planned!”

Zori shakes her head, her long black hair flowing over her shoulders. “You were so red.” She giggles at me. “I was not!” “You think he’s cute don’t you?” I roll my eyes flipping through the book again. “That’s gross, Zori. He’s old in our timeline. Not to mention dead.” “This was your timeline before Sav jumped ship.” I groan, “I thought you came on this trip to help me.” “It’s not my fault you’re in love.” “I am not!” Zori smirks, shrugging her shoulders. “Sure thing, Red.” I close the book pointing at her. “One more word and you’re going overboard, missy.” Zori bursts into laughter. “Come on. Let’s get going before you draw any more attention with all your flirting.” She pushes me forward through the small hallway towards our cabin.

I lay out the maps and reread everything in the journal about this week and then next to come while writing everything down in my book. “This is going to be harder than I thought.”

Zori sits up from her mat. “How so? All we have to do is play along until we meet the Avatar. Then we make friends and boom. Fire Lord gone. Happy ending.” I put my pen down gazing at her defeated. “Zori, if I was a good actress I would’ve gone into theater, not heroism.” She sits next to me and holds my shoulders looking in my eyes.

Zuko and her had similar eyes.

“Listen to me. I wouldn’t come here if I didn’t know this was all going to work out. I have faith in you.” I smile hugging her close. “Thank you for coming. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” I look down at her pin in confusion. “Did you take my dad’s time pin?” She looks down at the golden coin. “What? No.” I narrow my eyes at her. “Zori.” “No, Truble. Would I lie to you?” “Yes.” She crosses her arms. “Yeah, maybe I borrowed it.” “Does he know?” “I don’t know yet.” “You’re impossible, kid.” I laugh, shaking my head. “Your parents have a handful don’t they?” She smiled looking at her shoes. “Oh, you have no idea. These swords? Yeah. Borrowed from my dad.” Zori’s laugh fills the room as I continue to plan every move from the detailed writings.


Zori and I rest along the side around the deck watching other passengers. I feel eyes burning into my back as I stare out into the dark waters. “Lee is staring at you.” Zori whispers as she tugs on my sleeve. I peek around my shoulder and indeed, the banished price is staring at me, but when he catches my eyes he quickly averts his gaze back to his food. “He is a curious guy.” “Iroh never told you anything about him?” “Very little. Almost nothing. I never pushed the matter. It was a sensitive topic.”



She leans against the side watching the waves as we sail. “You’re staring again, nephew.” I glance over at him. “I’m studying. They’re curious.” Iroh hums as he eats his food.

Jett passes food we had collected out to the other refugees on the deck. Uncle pushes two bowls of soup towards me. “I have plenty, uncle.” “Good, because you’re going to take this over to that lovely young girl and her sister. Have them join us.” I widen my eyes as he smiles at me. “She looks comfortable where she is.” Uncle shrugs. “If you’re too scared I can just call them over.” “UNCLE! NO!”


I slam my hand over my face as Truble waves. “Uncle. Stop it.” I beg in a mumble. “JOIN US!” I clear my throat and look away as they near us. “Smile.” Uncle pokes my knee.

“Hello Mushi, Lee,” Truble speaks as she sits next to me, her sister sitting on her right. “Hello,” I speak looking at my food. My uncle pokes my knee once more and coughs as he pushes the bowls to me.

I pick them up and turn to Truble. “Would you and your sister like some soup?” She smiles and I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks. “Yes, thank you, Lee.” I pass her the bowls one by one, our fingers brushing each time. “You’re welcome.”

“Hi there.” Jett stolls over with his two fighters. “You look like trouble.” he chuckles as he gazes at Truble. Zori laughs in her soup. “Do I know you?” Truble asks.

“Jett. These are my freedom fighters Longshot and Smellerbee.” “I’m Truble.” “And I’m chopped liver apparently,” I smirk at the young girl as her sister glares at her. “And if I was able to finish… My sister, Zori.” Zori nods her head, winking at Jett. “Nice to meet you.”


I roll my eyes at Zori sipping my soup. “Your name is actually Truble? Like Trouble?” Smellerbee asks me with a grin. “Story of my life.” I laugh along with them. “Where are your parents if I may ask?” Iroh asks with a sad smile. I inhale and set my soup down. “They’re not… in this land anymore. It’s just the two of us. Right, Z?” I nudge her, removing her attention from Jet. “Yeah, just us. Sad isn’t it? We’re just trying to make it on our way. Two girls just getting by.”

Okay, overkill. Cut it out.

“I am very sorry to hear that. We offer our assistance to you both.” Iroh grins as he passes a cup of tea. “This soup tastes amazing. I never had things like this at home.” I hum enjoying the taste. “Soup?” Zuko asks out in shock. I look down at the bowl then back at him. “Yeah. It’s been tough since… I was born, I guess. This is the first time I’m seeing an open section of water.” Zuko frowns, placing his hand upon mine. “I’m sorry.” He removes his touch as soon as it warms the skin. “Don’t be. I loved my family and we were very happy.” Jett pipes up. “Well, you’re in luck. From what I heard, people eat like this every night in Ba Sing Se. I can’t wait to set my eyes on that giant wall.”

“It is a magnificent sight,” Iroh speaks in recollection. “So you’ve been there before?” He nods looking down. “Once, when I was a different man.”

“Everyone has done things in the past they regret, but we’re all going to Ba Sing Se, right? New beginnings. A second chance.” I say smiling at the man who sees me as a mystery. “That’s very noble of you, Truble. I believe people can change their lives if they want to. I believe in second chances.”

“I do too.” I notice Iroh gives Zuko a meaningful stare out of care. What a mystery lies within his past.


Late into the night, I stand at the edge overlooking the fog running along the water in the distance. “You’re very entranced with the water, someone might take you for a bender,” Zuko says as he comes up behind me. I gasp turning around.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” He chuckles stepping away. “No, you’re alright. I was expecting Zori if anything.” I laugh turning back as he comes to stand next to me. “This is all new to you.”

“Yes. My home was… barren and burnt.” Zuko looks down at the water. “Fire Nation.” I nod with a sad smile. “It doesn’t mean they’re all bad. I know some citizens of the fire nation who care very much for others.” At this Zuko’s shoulders relax and he rests his hands on the wood, next to mine.

“I’d like to invite you and Zori to join my uncle and I. We can protect you.” I look over at him smirking. “Protection? What makes you think I need to be protected, Lee?” His hand flies to his neck. “Nothing… I just assumed you-” I laugh cutting his sentence short. “I’m joking. I would appreciate it a lot actually.” His lip tugs up in a smile he fights to hold off. “I’ll let my uncle know. He will be happy. He enjoys your company.” “He is a kind man.”

Silence grows between us as the waves crash. “I have scars too.” I removed my jacket to show him my scar on my arm from running from guards when I was younger. “Just in case you wanted to ever… talk about it. Zori thinks it’s pretty cool. I have to agree.”

Zuko looks at me in confusion. “You think this is some mark of pride?” He hollers in a fit. “No. I just know what it’s like to be ashamed of the past.” I Zuko looks at me in shock as he clicks everything together. “Gotcha.” I smile, averting my gaze back to the water. “We all have a past, Lee, but it can ever defy who we are today.” He looks down at me and shows a small smile. “Goodnight, Lee.” I say backing away from the edge and leaving him in his thoughts.


I walk on the deck with Zori and catch eyes with Iroh quickly. “Good morning! How was your night? You look well-rested, Zori.” He jokes in a sarcastic tone. “Oh, great, the old man has jokes too.”

“Good morning, Truble. Would you like some tea?” Zuko asks from beside me with a grin. “Sure. What’s got you all happy?” He passes the cup to me. “We will arrive in Ba Sing Se today.”

Right. That’s why. Duh.

“You’re telling me. I’m sick of this swaying back and forth.” “I think it’s relaxing.” Zori scoffs, “You would.” I chuckle as I sip the tea. It’s hot. I look down at the steaming liquid in confusion.

Maybe they heated it early this morning.

As we enter the ticket gate an Earth Kingdom official with a sour face looks over our four papers dubiously. “So, Mr. Lee, Ms. Truble, Zori, and Mr…. umm Mushy is it?” “It’s pronounced Moo-shee.” She glares at Iroh from over the desk. “You telling me how to do my job?” I bite my lip as I watch the encounter. “This will go either really well. Or really bad.” I whisper to Zuko. “I’m hoping for the second.” I cross my arms. “I don’t know. I’d like to see you scale the wall.” I smirk at him nudging his arm. He shakes his head hiding his curved smile, mumbling, “You’re ridiculous.” “But I made you smile.”

Iroh steps towards the desk wearing a large grin. “Uh, no, no, no. But may I just say that you’re like a flower in bloom, your beauty intoxicating.” I bite back a laugh and cover Zori’s mouth as she cackles. The woman smiles down at Iroh, obviously charmed. “You’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself. Roarrr. Welcome to Ba Sing Se.” She stamps our papers and pushes them forward.

I smirk at Iroh as he passes our papers out. “Nice work there, Mushie.” Zuko snatches his paper from Iroh, disgusted. “I’m gonna forget I saw that.” I burst in laughter following them to sit down.

I spin my coin in my fingers as we wait in silence. “I like your necklace. Where’d you get it?” Zuko asks from beside me. “My father made it for me before I was born. It’s a family tradition.” “Well you- it’s very beautiful.” I smile at Zuko feeling the heat capture in my cheeks. “Thank you, Lee.”

His eyes gleam with golden flakes of fire. “Do you think you’ll enjoy the capital?” Zuko nods. “It will be different, but I’m glad there are others with us. Like you.” I smile at him forgetting everything I came here for. “Really?” Zuko leans on the stone arm of the chair, leaning closer to me, our faces inches apart. “Really.” Jett plops down next to Zuko pulling my attention away.

Oh, my spirits. We are like… really close. What was I planning to do? I move back with red cheeks and look over to my right to see Zori and Iroh smirking at me. I sit back in my chair, slumping with embarrassment.

“So, you guys got plans once you’re inside the city?” Jett asks everyone. “I’d like to see Truble perform for an audience.” Zori pipes up. “Preform what?” “She’s got a killer voice.” I shake my head in denial. “I do not. It’s for fun.” “I’d like to hear you sing, Truble.” Zuko grins at me.    

Maybe once…

“Get your hot tea here! Finest tea in Ba Sing Se!” A Tea Peddler yells. I smile and raise my hand just as Iroh does the same. “Jasmine, please!” Iroh and I ask at the same time. He points a finger at me smiling. “I had a feeling about you.” I grin at him. “You have no idea, Mushi.”

The peddler pours tea into two cups for Iroh and I. “Cheers, Truble.” As soon as the tea hits my lips I spit it back in. “Blaugh! Ugh. Coldest tea in Ba Sing Se is more like it. What a disgrace!” Iroh complains as I agree. “False advertising. My mother had a recipe for a white leaf honey tea that was so sweet. It was like eating candy.” “Oh, we must make it!”

Zori pulls on my sleeve and smiles at me. “Take a walk with me?” I look at her and smile. She needs to tell me something. I nod standing, taking notice Zuko is talking with Jett to the side. “Mushie, we will be right back.” He waves us off with a smile. “We won’t leave without you.”

Zori and I make a round through the station. “You need to say something, kid? Or did you have to stretch your legs?” She smirks at me. “I wanted to talk about, Lee.”



Jet hits my leg as Truble and my uncle gush over the tea. “Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” I rose reluctantly and sigh, following him away from the company. “You and I have a much better chance of making it in the city if we stick together. You want to join the Freedom Fighters?” Jet asks me with a confident smirk. “Thanks, but I don’t think you want me in your gang.”

“Come on, we made a great team looting that Captain’s food. Think of all the good we could do for these refugees. You can take care of your girl no problem.” “My girl?” I ask, narrowing my eyes. Jet nods his head to Truble who is laughing away with uncle Iroh. I look back to Jet. “I said no.”

Walking back I notice the two girls gone, and my uncle now holding a steaming cup of tea. I look back towards Jet, who now wears a look of hostile suspicion on his face as he turns and walks off. Watching him leave, I abruptly turn and push the cup of tea from his uncle’s hand. A simple ancient.

“Hey!” I lean down to him, whispering through gritted teeth. “What are you doing firebending your tea?! For a wise old man, that was a pretty stupid move.” Iroh looks at his tea with a frown. “I know you’re not supposed to cry over spilled tea, but… that’s so sad.”

“Where are the girls?” I ask, crossing my arms. Uncle sniffles stop as he looks up at me smiling. “What?” “Where are who?” “The girls, Uncle.” “The pretty one or the small sassy one?” I slump in my seat silently.

“The beautiful one,” I grumble watching people pass. “On a walk with the little sassy one.” He chuckles. I nod, relaxed knowing her whereabouts. “You think she’s beautiful?” He asks teasingly. “Stop it, Uncle,” I mumble fighting the smile as it creeps on my face.

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Oops, I turned them into benders. My bad. >.>

They’re not supposed to be friends. Katsuki is the next ruler of his people – the prince of the Fire Nation. He’s lauded as one of the strongest fire benders ever born, and hailed as the future of the Nation.

They’re not supposed to be friends.

Izuku is a monastery brat – an air bender apprentice that can whip air like bullets and crack it like lightning. He’s intelligent and friendly, with the biggest green eyes Katsuki has ever seen and a head of wild green curls to match. When Katsuki sneers, he smiles back – calls him Kacchan and lets insults roll off him like water off a turtleduck’s back.

They’re not supposed to be friends.

Hell, Izuku isn’t even staying. He’s passing through with his Master, a skeletal blonde man who knows Katsuki’s father and considers him a close friend. While they tuck themselves away, drinking tea and catching up, Katsuki is left to be Izuku’s entertainment. He has so many better things to do with his time, and yet he’s escorting the young monk-in-training around the local bazaar, showing him wonders he’s never seen before.

They’re not supposed to be friends.

They aren’t, but Katsuki still sneaks into Izuku’s room at night, smuggling scrolls with him from the library. They huddle together, ancient pages illuminated by Katsuki’s fire so they can read side by side with their shoulders touching. Izuku is voracious when it comes to knowledge. He absorbs it like a sponge and desperately seeks out more with a hunger Katsuki has never seen before.

They’re not supposed to be friends, but Izuku is the only one who seems to be able to go toe-to-toe with Katsuki when they spar. He’s fast, and strong, and Katsuki barely wins. It’s the most thrilling fight he’s ever experienced, and he’s as hungry for more as Izuku is for reading.

They’re not supposed to be friends, but they become friends anyway. And when Izuku finally leaves, giving him a sad smile and a quiet, subdued bye, Kacchan before he’s gone, Katsuki feels like he’s lost something a lot more potent than simply friendship.

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modern AU where ty lee is a myspace famous popular scene queen bc of her hyperactive sO rAnD0m XD rawr personality. she’s the boxxy of the avatar universe who went viral and all the emo 4chan boys are obsessed with her. she has a mustache tattoo on her finger and wears 3d glasses with the lenses taken out that azula stole for her from the movie theater. 

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