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HEY UHHH i want some more tlok/atla blogs to follow so 😳 please rb if you post about either of them and you ship at least one of these: sokki, zukka, what’s the ship name between zuko, suki, and sokka cause that too, kataang, mailee, korrasami, wuko, or bopal

i’m trying to move my blog more into atla/tlok content bc it’s been a really big hyperfixtation for me lately so !!! thought it’d be good to find other blogs dedicated to it :>

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A Suzukka Royalty/Canon Divergence/Nothing really changes except for the fact that It is more modern, and Suki, Sock, and Zuko have never met each other until this moment AU! It can also be found here on Ao3 :)

Reference: The time zones I used were based off of the IRL time difference between where Inuit live (Canada), and Japan. In addition, Bocchan Dongo is a popular Japanese dessert, so that’s what Sokka, and Suki were eating in that one flashback of the kitchens. Both of these facts were found through brief google searches, so please correct me if I got anything wrong. Thank you!

Tagging @sukisbxtch @thomaslightwood @emiikas @zafirafoxx @older-brother-kit @ronan-lynch-deserves-the-world @sterllast @potter-redheads (I didn’t know whether the people who simply liked this wanted to be tagged, so I tagged them anyway, and I’m sorry if you didn’t want that)!

Sokka had never expected to fall in love. He certainly did not expect to fall for someone during a business trip, nor did he expect it to happen as quickly as it did.

It had all started out perfectly normal, Sokka packing to stay at the Fire Nation Royal Palace for a few months to discuss the economic, and political affairs between the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe after nearly a century of war. He had become the Ambassador of the Water Tribe not too long ago at the ripe age of 19, and this meeting seemed like a good opportunity to gain hands on experience. It was, of course, but Sokka hadn’t expected to fall for the nation, never mind meeting two people who would bury themselves into his heart in that fateful trip. 

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S: <Stares>

Z: Got something to say, ponytail…?

S: <Tch> Fucking bender…


I’ve had these edgy boi references saved on a Pinterest board forever now, and today between rehearsals I finally sketched something out!!  

And ooooh have I found myself yet another Zukka AU to feed my soul.

Edgy modern bad boi Zukka AU?  Yes please.

(Also - enjoy my incorrect boomerang) (worth it because omfg Sokka cleaning his boomerang all edgy like that??? yesssssssssss)

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Why is it that people who don’t ship Zutara are so fucking hateful about it while in my experience people that ship Zutara are just trying to live their lives??? Like why do all these antis gotta be out here going out of their way to be negative, you don’t even fucking go here so stop showing up 😂😂😂

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Hating how when I have zero time to write and six WIPs I need to finish is when I get struck with all the cool fanfic ideas. Sigh…


I’m now obsessed with the idea of Zuko and Azula as royal bastards. Imagine, Ozai’s wife is infertile, but he has children with a servant. In a desperate bid to curry favor with Azulon, who constantly throws Iroh’s son in Ozai’s face, Ozai decides to acknowledge them. Zuko, raised as a peasant, is suddenly a prince.

Zuko tries his best, but he soon learns that Ozai is impossible to please.

Zuko and Azula’s use of peasant as an insult would take on a whole new meaning. Zuko, very good at domestic chores, but having had it beat into him by Ozai that such things are beneath him. Zuko obsessed with propriety, because screwing up had such severe consequences.

Anyway… This idea is keeping me awake, and I really need to sleep.

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Originally posted by horsesaround

  • Your relationship is very special though very complex due to the fact that you’re both complete opposites
  • When you first met you actually butted heads often. You approached the same situations in different ways, and because of your earth bender stubbornness this often led to things becoming messy
  • But then you’d risked your life to save him, and Aang was able to see that there was more to you than just the hard exterior you put on in front of your friends

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Sokka: “Anyway, Katara believed she could talk to penguins. She tried to convince everyone in the village that she could. You get how little sisters are. What was Azula like?”

Zuko remembering every single time Azula shocked his hand with electricity pretending she wanted to hold his hand because she was scared:

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the guards standing outside of the firelord’s study suddenly hear voices from inside the room even though they know zuko is in there alone and think someone snuck in to antagonize him (or worse) and they’ll burst in, swords drawn and ready for a fight, but it’s just zuko having a one-sided conversation with druk

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Zukka Shadowhunters

1, 2

Zuko Hard of Hearing

Original hearing loss ask 

Headcannon, 1

Avatar Sokka

1, 2, 3, 4


Martial Arts, Road Trip, Baskin Robbins, Pets, College AU, Fluff, Food, Sailor Moon, Academic Team (fic coming soon), Skyrim

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Characters as Masks

ATLA 1 + 2, LOK, ROK

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The Dancing Warrior: Chapter 1

(Sokka x OC Reader)

The sunshine danced gracefully within the room as Navani stirred awake. She sighed in content as she sat up and brushed her black curls away from her eyes.

A light knock came from her door, “Come in, Mother.” She swung her legs over the side of the bed.

“Good morning, my love.” Meena greeted lovingly. Walking up to her daughter and placing a gently kiss to her forehead.

Navani’s own skin showed that of Meena’s and the rest of her Southern Water Tribe ancestors. As well as her single left eye that matched the crystal blue of every other person from the Water Tribes.

Her hair and opposite eye shown otherwise. Her right eye matched that of the golden sun. Showing her Fire Nation blood. Her hair, pitch black and as dark as the night sky. Opposing her mothers long brown locks.

Yet despite their differences, it was obvious they were related. From their similar lean, yet strong builds to their mannerisms and demeanors.

“I have breakfast waiting.” Meena mentioned, turning and heading towards the other room, “And I hope you’re ready. I need you to grab some errands from the pier.”

Navani groaned, falling backwards onto the bed, “Do I have to go? It always takes days to get there and back. Plus what if I fall back on my training.”

“You won’t!” Meena called from the other room, “Your bending is fine. Not to mention your non-bending skills. Just please hurry and get out here.”

With a huff, the girl sat up reluctantly to begin getting ready.


After a very filling breakfast, Meena sent her daughter off with a small bag on her back. Full of food, some water, and camping supplies. As well as a list of miscellaneous things and foods.

Navani walked with a quick pace, hoping it would make the trip a little shorter. Entertaining herself by bobbing a little ball of fire from hand to hand with quick, smooth motions.

After a few miles, she had already made it into town. Waving and smiling at those who greeted her.

She was well known here and across the Fire Nation. Seeing that her performance skills caught the attention of many from all over.

She was a prodigy in many ways. She danced like no other. Her flexibility and skill astonishing many. Using her knowledge of combat and dance together as one, as well as tying in elements of bending. Something people thought was amazing and innovativing.

People cheer as she walked along the roads, striking poses, showing off a few moves. Some people even asked for her autograph or gave her gifts.

When she eventually made it to the dock, her arms were full. She walked slowly, looking for a boat to hop onto. Her only two options being a small fishing boat or a Fire Nation Navy Vessel. It was obvious which one she had her eye on.

The boat roared, notifying that it was ready to set sail. Navani quickly shoved everything in her arms into her bag and set off for the giant boat. But before getting on she stopped and scouted the ship. She noticed a Fire Nation soilder walking up the ramp.

“Excuse me!” She called, the soilder turning towards her. She quickly jogged up the ramp to catch up with him.

“Do you happen to know who’s running this vessel?” She questioned.

“The banished Prince, miss.” He informes her, blocking her way up the ramp. An idea popped into her head.

“If you’ll excuse me,” She maneuvered her way around the man, “I need to speak with him.”

She broke into a sprint to make it up the rest of the ramp, in hopes of finding the Prince before she got caught.

And she did, she quite literally ran into him. Mistake number 1.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” The Prince yelled, turning around to see who had just ran into him.

“Prince Zuko.” Navani bowed her head low, “I-I apologize.”

She glanced up, feeling the Prince’s heated glare.

“I’m Navani. I don’t know if you remember but I performed at a royal event. A-and I was wondering if you could do me the small favor of dropping me off at the Seedy Merchants Pier?” She asked, gently. Hoping he would be easy with her.

“Ah, yes, The Seedy Merchants Pier! The perfect place to find a replacement for my lost lotus tile.” A voice came from behind them.

Navani turned in surprise, facing an old man. For some reason he looked oddly familiar to her but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

“Uncle Iroh, we’ve already changed course to stop here. I don’t need to waste any more time so you can find your stupid Pai Sho tile!” Zuko roared, annoyance evident in his voice.

“But Prince Zuko, the pier is only a few miles from here. It won’t be long, plus it’s always good for the soul when a good deed is done every once in a while.” The man smiled, bowing his head towards Navani.

She bowed in return, “Thank you, sir.”

“You are very welcome, young lady.”

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Aang: “You guys wouldn’t be able to handle airbender training. Ive mastered all 4 elements and air is still the most complex.”

Sokka: “I’m basically an airbender, you have seen how far I can throw my boomerang. It glides like butter.”

Aang after blasting Sokka off a cliff to prove a point:

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