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#avatar the legend of korra
azulasbluefire1236 · 16 hours ago
Katara: They're like childrens.
Asami: Definitely.
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punk-63 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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linsallyworld · 3 days ago
So I'm sorry for taking so long but uni is truly getting on my nerves. But here we are hope you like it.
Chapter 3
The Iron Lady
Chapter 4
Words: 3600
Tumblr media
"I hate that woman." That's what you say when you sit next to Asami and Korra on one of the sofas in the library. Most of the school was in class at the time, you were supposed to be studying for Professor Tenzin's history test, but you couldn't stop thinking in those eyes and those words. She seemed to have been teasing you for the entire reading of the play and now there was the iron lady again.
"Oh, you're doing a great job demonstrating that." Asami murmurs under her breath and your eyes go straight to her, who was actually reading her notes.
"What is this supposed to mean?" Asami just shrugs, but there is a small mocking smile in the corner of her mouth that makes you narrow your eyes.
"What was the year of the French revolution again?" Korra inquires, clearly bored as she flipped through a book with a cover that clearly said "Ancient History".
"1789." You answer without taking your eyes off the window. That was the kind of information your brain easily retained.
"So ... About what happened today ..." You glance at Korra again, only to notice the mischievous smile she has in her mouth as she places the book on the table in front of you. "I would say Professor Beifong is at the very least trying to provoke you and I don't even need Asami's great perception skills to realize this." A sigh leaves your mouth while you roll your eyes. Resentment starts bubbling up in your blood just remembering how suddenly she was all indifferent and bitter again. What was the problem with this woman being at least cordial?
"I have my own assumptions, but I will keep them to myself until further notice." Asami murmured again under her breath and you decided you truly needed some air.
"I'm going outside." You announce and Asami just nods, but Korra gets up.
"I'm not going to read anything before the day before the test, I don't even know why I keep fooling myself." You smile sideways and Korra puts an arm around your shoulder as you go out into the courtyard. There is a nice smell in the air, there were people mowing the football field and the moist smell that comes to your nostrils is pleasant, it calms your brain. "Oh don't fuck with me." You turn to Korra with a frown, but she's not looking at you. She's looking across the courtyard where a girl in a green blouse and a huge braid is heading to the building where the art classroom was seated. It takes you a second to realize who it was ... Kuvira.
"No ..." You start murmuring, trying to put a slight judgment on Korra's head. But she's already smiling from ear to ear, taking you by the hand. You know this is a stupid idea, you would end up screwing yourselves even more. Yet Korra never cared about that, which is why she has spent so many hours in detention.
She's already running and it's extremely hard to follow her pace as she grabs your hand. There is no one in the building. You should know there wouldn't be. Most of the classes here were before the break and now that most of the seniors were having some free time, there was no reason to be in the furthest part of the school. It was the perfect strategy, you had to admit that.
Korra crouches as soon as you reach the corridor that leads to the art room. You imitate her gesture, even if it's so stupid you don't know why you just didn't run the other way when she started pulling you.
You lean against the wall, the door to the art classroom is right next you. Korra gets a little closer and your heart starts beating clearly fast. This could end incredibly badly if Professor Su saw you and even worse if Kuvira saw you. Korra leans over, just enough to be able to look through the window glass.
She quickly comes back, covering her mouth to avoid laughing. Her blue eyes are twinkling with amusement.
"They are making out!" She announces in a completely nonstandard and extremely hoarse whisper. You don't want to see. But at the same time you are already here. Then you lean over Korra to look out the window, just enough for your eyes get a view.
Kuvira's sitting at Professor Su's desk at the back of the room, where she usually kept the paints for painting lessons. Professor Su's between her open legs, her hands so firm on Kuvira's hips you are sure she's leaving marks. You can see how her head is moving and how the kiss seemed to be the beginning of something else.
"I thought Kuvira was a top." You whisper when you crouch next to Korra again and she has to cover her mouth to keep from laughing.
It's at that moment you hear footsteps.
The sounds of heels hitting rhythmically on the floor. The panic begins to materialize in you. It could be any teacher ... Or worse ... It could be Professor Beifong.
You stare at Korra in panic and she widen her eyes the same way in your direction. What were you going to do? If it were another teacher, the chances of Professor Su and Kuvira get screwed were certain ... But if it were Miss Beifong ... She would know exactly what you were doing there.
There was nowhere to run. This was the corridor that led to the art classroom, the other rooms were distant. Either you would get into the art classroom or you would run towards whoever was there.
"Come with me." Korra gets up and you don't hesitate to take her hand, because you have no idea what to do. She pulls you up and then towards one of the corners of the wall. You are about to ask what the fuck is she going to do when Korra grabs your wrists, getting them around her neck and then wrapping her hands around your waist. You widen your eyes and she does the same in warning before leaning over to put her mouth on your neck. She doesn't kiss your skin, but that doesn't vanish the shiver running through your body. Korra giggles and you hit her on the back of the head, finally realizing what she just did.
When the footsteps approach you throw your head back, an Oscar-worthy performance that makes Korra giggle softly once again.
"But what ... WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?" The voice made you freeze in place while Korra jumped away from you. You can hear some sounds that sounded a lot like cursing from inside the art classroom.
Professor Beifong has both hands resting on her waist, her posture so harsh she could break a wall. You swallow. Oh it wouldn’t end well.
"Forgive me, Miss Beifong ... I couldn't help myself." You look from the corner of your eye to Korra. She was walking on thin ice here and knew it well. The teacher's face looked hard enough for your legs begin shaking.
But it is gratifying to make her so mad. Taste a little bit of her poison herself.
"This is a school not a brothel." She announces each word so slowly, almost as if she's trying to control herself so as not to grab your neck and suffocate.
"We are aware of that, Professor Beifong, we're sorry." Korra tilts her head in such false regret you would be really surprised if Miss Beifong believed. But her eyes were not on Korra, they were on you. The same look from the play. Why? You ask yourself and have to avoid the urge to raise an eyebrow in defiance.
She was about to say something. Probably "detention until the end of the semester", but then ... Kuvira walked out the door, looking pretty well fucked. Her braid was messy and her clothes were wrinkled. Professor Beifong's gaze seemed to pierce a hole directly in the girl's shirt.
"Get out of my sight. THE THREE OF YOU." She screamed the last part and you didn't hesitate before taking Korra's hand and running down the corridor, deciding she might as well take out all that anger on Professor Su.
When you told the whole story to Asami she wasn't angry ... No, she laughed out loud at the whole situation and kissed your cheek when she noticed the worried look on your face.
"It's okay, Y/L/N." She looked at you for a moment and you frowned. "I wouldn't even object if you ever want to try." You widen your eyes in her direction and Asami lets out another chuckle before settling on the couch with the book she was reading. "Jinora's going to love this one." You sit next to Korra and together you wait for a moment just to reflect on everything.
"We really should be going home." You mumble and Korra chuckles before pushing your shoulders gently.
"You guys can go ... I have to stay for training today, Coach Bumi is picking on us because college evaluators are going to start coming to watch." You nod and feel pure pride resting on your chest. Your friend could be extremely stubborn and end up putting you in a lot of trouble, but she was good at what she did, the best you've ever seen and deserved that scholarship more than anyone else.
"I'm going to study some more, I think I can come back with you." Korra nods to her girlfriend and then looks at you. A new sigh leaves your mouth. You could not study particularly well in the library, so it was better to find Jinora, Mako and Bolin to go home.
"See you two tomorrow." You kiss the girls' cheeks and then grab your backpack.
Jinora, Mako and Bolin were at the school gate, waiting for you. You grinned and explained Asami and Korra would stay. So you started walking.
You had never noticed how therapeutic this way home was for you. Just walking with the people you liked, sometimes rubbing your hand in Jinora's hand, watching the sun go down over the horizon and feeling the light fresh wind. Summer was almost here, summer vacation ... It was your last year at school, the last year of studying things you didn't like just trying to get into college.
"Have you decided what you're going to do when you finish school?" You ask Jinora. Mako and Bolin's house was already down the street, so they waved and smiled at you before they left. Jinora shrugged for a moment.
"Daddy wants me to be a teacher like him. In fact he's already infecting Ikki with this idea and since she's the little girl in daddy's eyes she is already wanting to go on a preparatory course to teach in high school." You frown at the thought. You were lucky to have comprehending parents. When you finally told them you liked girls, mom hugged you so hard you thought you could suffocate and dad chuckled because he already knew. You had amazing parents and they would always support you, even if you wanted to go to college in drama and cinema.
"What do you want?" You correct the question and Jinora grins at you with the corner of her lips. She looks so beautiful when she smiles like that.
"I have been thinking a lot about psychology or medicine. I want to help people." It's noble of her and Jinora was exactly the type of person who would do that. She looks up and her short hair falls down the back of her neck, locks of hair with chocolate color. "Can you imagine that we will probably never have moments like this again?" A lump forms in your throat at the thought. You grew up with these people. Professor Kya healed your first scratches. You used to have dinner at each other's house every weekend when you were kids. And then the second year came. Korra got tired of flirting and kissed Asami on the Fourth of July holiday. Bolin started dating Opal, Jinora started dating Kai and little by little some things disappeared. You grew up, that was the truth you often tried to ignore. You guys grew up. "Sorry ... I didn't want it to sound like that." You sniff, feeling some tears have accumulated in your eyes. How are you supposed to hear Jinora give a speech on graduation night without bursting into tears if you could barely think about it all ending without your heart squeezing to the point of leaving you breathless? "Hey." Jinora holds your hand in hers. Her hand's hot and seems to scare away any bad thoughts. You take a deep breath and look at your friend. Her eyes are warm too, so sweet.
"I think I will be your first appointment." You joke and she chuckles, squeezing your fingers one last time before releasing your hand. You notice her cheeks look a little flushed.
You frown. No. Korra was imagining things for sure.
You guys talked a little more and she laughed a lot at the whole story about the fake kiss with Korra. You were already thinking about faking an illness tomorrow just so you wouldn't have to face Professor Beifong.
You kissed Jinora on the cheek before leaving and she smiled brightly at you before following the path to her home alone. You still watched her go, her hair shining in almost the same shade as the sunset.
You didn't want to have one last time. High school could suck sometimes. But you loved your friends and the thought of losing them made you want to throw up.
"Hey, muscles." You greeted Korra with a smile when she stopped next to you in your locker. She leaned over to put a kiss on your cheek and you yawned right away. You hadn't slept very well last night, thoughts about the end of the school year, college, your friends, and certain green eyes did not leave your head. It wouldn't be surprising if it simply exploded at some point in the near future.
"What class are you having now?" Korra asked as she stuffed the geometry book into her backpack. You forced your head a little sleepy to think straight.
"Biology." With Professor Kya. You liked her a lot, she was one of your favorite teachers, she was cheerful, but not the silly type who doesn't develop the topics and just moved everyone to the next grade. She knew how to be strict as well and lectured about marine biology like no one else.
The buzzer sounds in the distance and you close your eyes for a brief moment, wanting to the damn person who created that shit to be dead. Your head started to throb. It's not like you're worried, Professor Kya was relatively relaxed with schedules, she was late sometimes. So you take your time getting what you need for the next classes. Korra doesn't look incredibly excited for the geometry class and looks at you with exhausted eyes. Coach Bumi certainly made her work out like crazy yesterday, he could never leave the star of the team with a poor improvement.
You pull the last book into the backpack and then throw it on your back, ready to face the day as best you can.
That meant you would probably sleep in some class, perhaps Professor Su's who didn't care greatly about it.
"Hey, you two!" Your tired head takes a few seconds to realize whose voice it is and when you do, your eyes widen, just like Korra's. You turn back almost at the same moment to face Professor Beifong.
God. She was deadly beautiful that day. Heels, tailored pants, a belt with a golden buckle, and that black silk shirt with the first two buttons open. Why did you have to be so weak for a woman so stupidly thick and cruel?
"The buzzer rang. Are you deaf?" You bite your lower lip hard enough to draw blood in order not to roll your eyes. She was on a bad day, you could tell by the heavy steps and the way she crosses her arms under her chest while facing you and Korra. Her eyes seem to shine, seem to ask for defiance. You were so tired and honestly, you were not in the mood for this little superiority game Professor Beifong seemed to appreciate playing so bad.
"We're on our way, you don't have to be all cranky pants on that, professor." Your eyes spot on Korra and the tiny smile she has in the corner of her mouth. Oh shit. You had extremely stupid friends. This was not the fucking time to tease Professor Beifong's humor, perhaps someday she didn't seem to break a wall with her shoulders it might work.
Professor Beifong looked at Korra for a moment, from the shabby shoes she liked to wear to the tip of her dark hair. A predator analyzing the prey. It takes everything in you to just not get in front of Korra.
"It looks like you're trying to get detention during the team's training for the rest of the semester." Your eyes widen. And you don't have to look at Korra to know hers are the same. This was real thin ice. Korra couldn't miss the team's training sessions, that was the college scholarship you were talking about ... You think she is probably bluffing because ... Who would leave the quarterback out of training? The director herself would not allow it. However ... When you look at Professor Beifong's eyes it's pure defiance you see shine there. If anyone could do that kind of thing at this school, it was her.
“Hey, she just made a little joke. There is no need for all of this. ” The woman's head turns slowly towards you as if she remembers your existence only at that moment. It's so evident when her eyes narrow, calculating, watching. You may feel your heart rate increasing, but for some reason, you aren't holding it back. You look back at her, because...Man, she is a teacher. She can't kill you in the middle of the corridor and if she wants to take that shit out of that temper...She can do that on you and not on Korra.
"Do not provoke me, Ms. Y / L / N." The way she says those words. It's calculated, like everything she says. She knows perfectly well what she is doing to you. The breath catches in your throat for a moment. Because her jaw is firm as a rock, you are sure she could cut your finger if you tried to run your hand over there. Even if you were never going to do that. You don't remember seeing that expression on Professor Beifong's face directly at you and you would lie if you said that it doesn't scare you.
Because she still looks like a high school teacher. But the way she tilts her head and her eyes shine in your direction makes a shiver swing your spine. She could break your neck with just that look. So easily.
You swallow. And it looks extremely dry.
You were a true brat with authority issues.
Because what comes to your head next... It's just that expression of indifference. That damn indifferent after she got her face flushed reading a play with you.
Fuck that she was pissed. She could get mad and walk around this school as if she were the worst thing that ever came upon earth, but you knew she wasn't.Because she smirked at you. Because she had that sparkle in her eyes when she did. Because she got flushed when she read that play.Because she had feelings.
You just want to stop pretending you don't realize that.
Fuck. You shouldn't.
"Or what?" As soon as the words leave your mouth you regret it. When Professor Beifong swallows you are sure she will actually break your neck and you can’t even say you don't deserve it. You believe you can hear her teeth gnashing inside her mouth as if she is holding it up so as not to do anything worse than just scream. Oh you were so fucked up.
You're a stupid brat. Because your next thought it's about how sexy she looked when her lips were pressed like that.
"Detention." She growled. Professor Beifong ... She growled. An eyebrow raised towards you almost like a spasm of anger. Your fingers are shaking. Why do you want to touch that scar so badly? "Only. You." Each word was said separately, while the breath came out very weakly through the teacher's nostrils. She was pretty mad. The color started to appear on her face, a red shade you don't know if you've seen on her. She points her finger at the school corridor and it's Korra's turn to grab your elbow and pull you hard away from Professor Beifong. Her grip is difficult, but you can still turn your face to see Professor Beifong's fingers tremble as they point where you are supposed to go.
You have never seen her so pissed off. Not even when half of the class cheated on the English test last year.
That was what you would have to deal with after class.
It would be better to just have a stroke. But perhaps even that wouldn't spare you from Miss Beifong's fury or you own hots.
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wolfietoria · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Korra witch moon! Looove my girl
Follow me on insta: Wolfietoria too | Old tumblr: Suwamuru
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linsallyworld · 3 days ago
Kya: if I say I love you will you say it back?
Lin: Yes.
Kya: I love you.
Lin: it back.
* five minutes later *
Bumi: why is Kya crying face down on the floor?
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hey-there-ophelia · 4 days ago
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bolin (Avatar) & Original Character(s), Bolin (Avatar) & Original Female Character(s), Korra (Avatar) & Original Female Character(s), Pema/Tenzin (Avatar), Korra/Mako (Avatar), Mako/Asami Sato, Bolin (Avatar)/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Korra (Avatar), Original Beifong Character(s), Tenzin (Avatar), Bolin (Avatar), Mako (Avatar), Asami Sato, Pema (Avatar), Jinora (Avatar), Ikki (Avatar), Meelo (Avatar), Lin Beifong, Pabu (Avatar), Naga (Avatar), Tarrlok (Avatar), Hiroshi Sato, Amon (Avatar), Iroh II (Avatar), Katara (Avatar) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Original Character(s), Fluff, Light Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Attempt at Humor, Canon-Typical Violence, Mild Language, Slow Burn, Pining, Denial of Feelings, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Other Additional Tags to Be Added Series: Part 1 of Air and Earth Summary:
(Daily Updates)
Ana is the only child of Lin Beifong and the oldest of Tenzin’s children. After Korra arrives in Republic City, Ana agrees to help her father teach the Avatar airbending. Around the same time, while attending a pro-bending match with her friend Asami, she meets an earthbender named Bolin.
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So I took some random quizzes again and....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm pretty sure these aren't meant to go together. 😅😂
Tumblr media
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punk-63 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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nightowldraws · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believe it’s already been 9 years since Legend Of Korra aired. Here’s a quick little sketch to celebrate
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khrushchevs-corn-farm · 4 days ago
Happy 9th anniversary for the Legend of Korra!
Here's to more years of happy fandom!
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punk-63 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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artmitnay · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy 9 years of korra
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mightyoctopus · 5 days ago
Not to be bisexual on main, but Legend of Korra has three canon queer ships, actually.
Like, when lok got first broadcasted on TV, you obviously wouldn’t have known it, but for anyone who got the Korrasami spoiler before watching, or who watched the show more than once, you should be able to recognize that both the Mako/Korra and Mako/Asami ships are just as bi as Korrasami. Why? Because both those ships contain a canon bisexual character! Bi people in opposite sex relationships are not straight, they’re still bi.
Having Korrasami be endgame was amazing and revolutionary, representation for same sex relationships is absolutely vital and I love Korrasami, but that doesn’t make Mako/Korra or Mako/Asami “more straight” than Korrasami. Bisexuality isn’t “het light™” where half the time you’re straight and the other half gay, you’re bi 100% of the time. 
All three ships are 100% bi/queer and that’s amazing!
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hey-there-ophelia · 5 days ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Bolin (Avatar) & Original Character(s), Bolin (Avatar) & Original Female Character(s), Korra (Avatar) & Original Female Character(s), Pema/Tenzin (Avatar), Korra/Mako (Avatar), Mako/Asami Sato, Bolin (Avatar)/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Korra (Avatar), Original Beifong Character(s), Tenzin (Avatar), Bolin (Avatar), Mako (Avatar), Asami Sato, Pema (Avatar), Jinora (Avatar), Ikki (Avatar), Meelo (Avatar), Lin Beifong, Pabu (Avatar), Naga (Avatar), Tarrlok (Avatar), Hiroshi Sato, Amon (Avatar), Iroh II (Avatar), Katara (Avatar) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Original Character(s), Fluff, Light Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Attempt at Humor, Canon-Typical Violence, Mild Language, Slow Burn, Pining, Denial of Feelings, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Other Additional Tags to Be Added Series: Part 1 of Air and Earth Summary:
(Daily Updates)
Ana is the only child of Lin Beifong and the oldest of Tenzin’s children. After Korra arrives in Republic City, Ana agrees to help her father teach the Avatar airbending. Around the same time, while attending a pro-bending match with her friend Asami, she meets an earthbender named Bolin.
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Tumblr media
Today’s character of the day is: Asami Sato from Avatar: The Legend of Korra
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