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#avatar: the last airbender

I’m dying at the thought of the first Sozin’s comet. None of the firebenders would know it was coming, and few would know of its effects. They’d just be going about their day trying to cook food and heat tea or whatever and suddenly their flames are 10 times as powerful and they’re just all accidentally setting everything on fire. The Fire Nation just accidentally destroys itself with mass arson on Comet Day.

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Someone commented on my Sukka post saying “Sorry, but Suki is gay” and I… what?

I’m tired of this culture of people claiming any character they want is canonically gay, even when it goes against canon. It opens the door for queerbaiting and is just flat out stupid. If you want to write headcanons, or alternate stories with whatever sexuality you envision for the character that’s fine, but don’t claim it’s canon.

You can head canon Suki as bi, or pan, or any sexuality which includes attraction to men. But she ain’t a lesbian. She canonically is with a male.

— a queer girl

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@omegansamurai​ said this: 


when I asked for request, and I don’t know what the hell happened, but it turned into the sappiest shit I’ve ever written. Hope you still like it at least a litte, because I’m not sure how much I like it. Sorry it took so long. 

ao3 | 


[102 AG]

Toph … was a girl.

He’d known that, of course.


The first vision of a giggling girl, jumping from branch to branch, eluding him, had quickly vanished after he’d seen her blow her opponent out of the ring without much effort, after he’d realized just how … not fragile she was.

(Because she’d always been able to knock him over, despite being half a head shorter than him back then, and almost a full one right now.)

But now …

Looking at her …

He felt a blush creep up his neck, his ears burning.

He couldn’t usually see her face like this, maybe that was it – with her bangs pulled back, it was free for him to marvel at, dark eyebrows drawn together and lips, painted red just for tonight, twisted into a frown, her slim nose crinkled in annoyance. And her eyes were defiant.

He wondered what she was listening to and was glad to not be the man standing next to her.

Aang started when an arm was slung around his shoulders, but when he looked up, his gaze was met by Sokka’s ocean eyes, sparkling with mirth.

“Watcha looking at?”, the young warrior grinned.

Aang flushed a deeper shade of red.

“… nothing.”

“Toph’s looking pretty tonight, huh?" 

[109 AG]

"You’ve got dirt on your nose”, Aang panted, fully aware that he was caked in dust and half-dried mud himself, a tear in his new pants – and he really should’ve known better than to wear those today, should’ve known better than to challenge Toph Bei Fong while in his shiny new trousers.

She smirked and wiped the sweat of her brow.

He tried to swallow past his hammering heart.

“Do I now?”

Maybe the rip in his pants leg was worth this.

To look at her now, basking in the knowledge that she’d forever be the superior earthbender between them, raven hair escaping the bun it had been tied into by practiced hands this morning, glowing from within and under the bright midday sun.

“Yeah, you do.”

And she was breathing deeply, too, her toes digging into the earth she commanded so easily, looking oh so very alive, so very … in her element, captivating, breathtaking, and Spirits, he wanted to kiss her more than he wanted to do anything else, dirt on her nose, tear in his pants, and never let go of her again.

She cocked her head to the side.

He swallowed again, harder this time. 

[112 AG]

“Help me up”, Toph said (almost-whined, and he smiled) from where she sat next to Appa’s paw, one hand resting on her stomach, the other stretched towards him, fingers wiggling insitently.

(He hadn’t know they could do that, until just now.)

“And stop grinning like that.”

Aang bit his lip, just for a moment, before he threw his bag onto Appa’s saddle and walked over to her.  

“I’m not grinning”, he laughed, then grabbed her hand, small and calloused and fitting perfectly into his much bigger one. “Gimme your other hand, c'mon.”

She pushed her bottom lip forward, and he couldn’t help but think that she was adorable.

“Laughing at me!”

“I’m not–”

“My own husband!”

“–your husband.”

Which wasn’t how he’d planned to end that sentence.

And he was still chuckling.

“Maybe I’ll just stay here.”

“Like I’d let you." 

[120 AG]

She was … etheral.

And his heart beat in his chest, a little too quickly, and his mouth was dry, his palms were sweaty, when she beamed at him, absolutely radiant, the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes upon.

Somewhere, distantly, a grinning voice said words that meant everything and nothing at all, but he had trouble concentrating on anything but Toph, her head tilted a little to the right, bangs tucked behind her ears just for now, and the smirk that pulled on her lips when they sparred, when the children managed to prank him, when he called her Sifu in a low, low voice, had melted into the most sincere of smiles.

And her hands in his were the only thing that made this feel real, made him feel real, let him know that he wasn’t dreaming.

Her thumb ghosted over his knuckles.

He sniffled. 

[140 AG]

The little boy grasped for long strands of hair that refused to lose colour.

On his grandmother’s face lay a peaceful smile, and her eyes were soft, as they only ever were when a child’s hand slipped into hers, when he kissed her forehead in quiet moments, when they were with their friends and nobody was looking, and Aang blinked, and the world felt a little weird, because his wife was holding their first grandchild.

And the smile on her lips made her look younger than they’d ever be again.

And she couldn’t help but think how very lucky he was to sit beside her.

"Can you believe this?”, she mumbled.

“I can’t”, he replied, without taking his eye of her face.

She traced the child’s features with a delicate finger.

He touched his tiny toes.

“Hey there, Metok." 

[168 AG]

"You’re beautiful”, he said.

She didn’t lift her head, didn’t even crack an eye open – and why would she, he thought –, but he saw her mouth twitch into a smile, small and tired.

“Go to sleep, you sappy old man”, she mumbled into her pillow.

“You’re beautiful”, he repeated, because she was, and in fifty-nine years of loving her, of being in love with her, he hadn’t grown tired of looking at her – sometimes, he still felt like that fourteen-year-old boy realizing for the very first time how pretty his friend had grown to become.

(Had always been.)

“You’re senile”, she replied with a yawn.

“You’re beautiful”, he said once more, a soft, soft smile on his face, and she reached out a wrinkly hand to cover his mouth; he pressed a kiss to her palm.

“Love you, too, Twinkle Toes.”

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I’m So F*cking Tired

How is it that ATLA has two toxic canon relationships, yet all anyone seems to be ragging on is Zutara?

Aang forced himself on Katara twice, and the second time she explicitly said no in the gentle way women are taught from birth.

“Now’s not a good time” = “I’m not interested.”

“I’m confused” = “I’m not confused. I just don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Mai blatantly disregards Zuko’s needs, and this is not necessarily her fault to bear alone. It just means she and Zuko were not right for each other and could not be there for each other in the way the other needed.

Look these are just two examples, but all these Puritan people saying “Zutara is toxic or would never work because Zuko’s her oppressor/ Katara wouldn’t want to live/rule over a nation responsible for the death of her mother/ the people would never accept her./ Katara hates politics,/ Zuko is gay.

I’d like to break these down a bit—first, the “oppressor” argument. I already made a post about this. But seriously, it’s insane. He. Was. Ten. When Katara’s mom was killed. What do you want a ten-year-old to do? Serisouly. Think about it. And frankly, as a woman of color and Native American it’s insulting to have people speak about shit they know nothing about. Get off your high horse.

Katara wouldn’t want to live/rule over a nation responsible for the death of her mother: … Ummm, did we watch the same show? She literally spends the first half of book three helping every village she comes across in the fire nation without question. Because she knows the difference between civilians and soldiers, she also spends an entire episode going out of her way to save a dying fire nation village as a vigilante. Her most famous line is literally, “I will never ever turn my back on people who need me!” She doesn’t say, “I will never ever turn back on people who need me… minus the fire nation.” This is even in the context of saving a fire nation village.

The people would never accept her: The people already do accept her and love her. If they hear the painted lady is going to be their queen, the girl who risked her life to save their village, the girl who learned bloodbending to save a town from a psychopathic bloodbender wouldn’t be singing in the streets at the news? Wouldn’t be hoping for the girl who saved their Fire Lord’s life to be their future queen? The fire nation already shipped it based on the ember island players and the scene with the, in the crystal caves.

Katara hates politics: … what?!?! Did you forget how she was more than happy to take over the talks with the earth king? You’re telling me Katara… miss “I’m gonna start a riot in an earth kingdom prison.” Miss “I’m so excited to meet with King Kuei about battle plans.” The girl almost skipping with excitement to hand over the battle plans for the day of black sun, hates politics? It sounds like fake news, but okay.

Zuko is gay: Seriously? I personally HC Zuko as bi. But gay? Seriously? I’m all for respecting headcanons. But this one irks me when it’s used to discredit one ship in favor of another.

Lastly, I want to talk about Zukka. I personally never shipped Zukka as I always found them to have a Bromantic relationship rather than romantic. However, I still respect the ship and know some beautiful and talented people in the fandom have contributed gorgeous art and brilliant fics. But lately, with the resurgence of Atla, people have been actively disrespecting Zutara as a way to justify their ship. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve had to blacklist Zukka because of all the negativity that now surrounds it with Zutara. Which I frankly fail to understand, because Zutara isn’t even canon! If you want to rag on ships for being toxic, how about the actual canon toxic ships that already exist? I’m all for ship and let ship. But I’d like to be afforded the same sentiment.

P.S.: all these people making posts “Zutara and kataang stop fighting.” Or “Zutara and kataang both have problems…” What are you doing? Seriously, who is this helping? It’s just making both sides angry, and you look like a preachy wanna be savior. That’s not helping anyone. I’m a Zutarian, and this is probably the most inflammatory post I’ve made in a long time. But it’s only because I’m fed up with this discourse and seeing the same sh*t on my dash over and over again.

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