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Taang Week 2020, Day 1: Tradition

They’re wearing clothes inspired by traditional wedding gowns, so worn during the Tang Dynasty, which is the period of time Gaoling’s fashion is based on. According to thirty minutes of googling, that is, I am absolutely not claiming accuracy here.


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Watching the Last Airbender

You know what’s truly hitting me right now.

Throughout the whole series, there’s an entire war/invasion happening.

There are some parts where the war hasn’t touched anyone at all to the point where you can forget that a war is happening.

It’s hitting different.

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i have now watched every episode of avatar. my mind is cleansed, and my soul enriched. i have achieved an apotheosis. the vast possibilites of life feel more within reach than ever. i ask that you take this good word and spread it to all you know my friends. deliver upon the unenlightened the glory of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

go in peace.

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good morning to reincarnated spirits in the bodies of 112-year-old boys, badass feminist vigilantes, boomerang enthusiasts, undercover pro-wrestlers, disgraced ex-princes and their hot younger sisters, goth girls, circus freaks, girls who turn into the moon, old men who love tea, and leaders of elite teams of female warriors

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im still completely enamoured with something the legend of korra set up in the avatar universe which is: international/intercultural families. 

like, can we assume that bolin’s proficiency for lavabending is a result of his mother being a firebender, even though he would have gotten earthbending from his father? is he genetically predisposed to it because he has firebender genes?  how are genes transferred from parent to child? how will this evolve in third, fourth, fifth generations of benders? or is the increasing existence/use/proficiency of these “meshed” bending styles a result of how a bender learns? is bolin’s ability to lavabend because he learnt to earthbend in close proximity to firebenders, because republic city is essentially multicultural, but also because he was always with his firebending brother? would  increase in intercultural marriages lead to even more “meshed” bending styles? are they already beginning to exist? if so, which are formed because of greater cultural cohesion and a multicultural approach to these nations now? what will come to be of a new air nation?  and that’s based solely on bending, which doesn’t even touch on all the other cultural developments that could be made! like, how exposed to healing with waterbending were bumi and tenzin, despite not being waterbenders?  how is culture shared outside republic city? is immigration increasingly commonplace?

the fact that in LOK there is much more global unity between nations is absolutely phenomenal, and it raises so many questions about how culture develops and i adore seeing something analogous to the “mixed” experience that second generation immigrants have in real life (at least in like the US and the UK). it’s just fucking fascinating. 

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