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#avatar: the last airbender
waterbenderkat · 2 days ago
Going to tell my kids this was ‘Dune’ (2021)
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Iroh (to Toph): “You sound like my nephew, always thinking you need to do things on your own without anyone’s support. There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you.”
Zuko: “I can handle Azula.”
Iroh: “Not alone, you’ll need help.”
Zuko (zero hesitation): “You’re right. Katara, how would you like to help me put Azula in her place?”
Katara: “It would be my pleasure.”
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low-budget-korra · 13 hours ago
TikTok audios and trends, Avatar edition #2
Oh you look so cute sitting there doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING BITCH. GET YOUR ASS UP! GET YOUR ASS UP! What having sitting on your ass got you thos far, lemme ask 
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CEO, entrepreneur. Born in 1964...
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Every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom bottom bottom bottom 
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Do you want to form an alliance with me?
Absolutely, i do
Good, good. Excellent 
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Waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things. I just wish things would get better... 
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Your aspirations to shreds.Another cog in the murder machineThey said, "All teenagers scare the livin' shit out of me"
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I'm single because God has someone special for me *Laughts loudly* 
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Theres one thing you can expect from me, and that's the unexpected. Cuz I'm internacional Super Spy. Super Spy! 
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You guys:
Oh my god 😨
Ohh my god 😏 
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suzukiblu · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: The Gaang & Zuko (Avatar), Mai/Zuko (Avatar), Azula/Zuko (Avatar), Ty Lee/Zuko (Avatar), Sokka/Suki (Avatar) Characters: Zuko (Avatar), Sokka (Avatar), Katara (Avatar), Aang (Avatar), Suki (Avatar), Toph Beifong, Lu Ten, Azula (Avatar), Mai (Avatar), Ty Lee (Avatar), Jet (Avatar) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Consensual Mind Control, Major Character Injury, Yeerks, Andalites, Hork-Bajir, morphing, Sibling Incest, kind of not really incest, look AUs are complicated, but for obvious reasons I'm tagging for it anyway Series: Part 10 of Avamorphs Summary:
Jet thinks this all went pretty well, honestly.
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zukkaoru · a day ago
for the 100 ways to say i love you
zukka with "i brought you an umbrella"?
if i got this idea from texts i got from corey @that-was-anticlimactic the other day, no i didn't ❤
( prompt list )
"I brought you an umbrella." word count: 1376 warning: brief mentions of medicine, just in the first two paragraphs under the cut
Sokka watches a bolt of lightning split the dark sky though the window, but the white noise of the dining hall muffles the following thunderclap. His hand makes its way down to his knee, which has been aching all day. Not bad enough that he’s having trouble walking where he needs to go, but enough to be frustrating.
Of course, the ache in his leg might have been worth it if he’d listened to his body’s way of telling him it was going to rain.
Unfortunately, he’d ignored it, because how was he supposed to know why his old injury was acting up today? It just does that whenever it feels like.
Regardless, now he’s stuck in the dining hall across campus from his dorm building and he definitely did not bring his umbrella with him because he’s an idiot who doesn’t bother checking the forecast before leaving.
“You good?” Suki asks, her fork halfway raised to her mouth. “I’ve got pain meds in my bag if you think that would help?”
Sokka shakes his head. “I already took some. I’ll be okay, I just… forgot my umbrella.”
Suki’s eyes widen, and she drops her fork back down into her pasta. She turns to look at the window behind her. “Sokka! It’s pouring!”
“I know!” he groans, burying his head in his hands. “I’ll be fine, I’ll just take a hot shower when I get back and that will cancel out the cold. Right?”
“You’re the science major; you tell me if that’s how it works.”
Sokka looks up at Suki, hoping she can see the annoyance in his face before he starts speaking. “Computer science and thermodynamics do not have as much in common as you must think.”
Suki shrugs. “You say that like I even know what thermodynamics means.”
Sokka scoffs. “Whatever.” He glances out the window just in time to catch another strike of lightning and huffs as he pulls his phone out. If Suki won’t give him any sympathy, then maybe Zuko will.
(Then again, this is the guy that said That’s rough, buddy when Sokka told him the only two girls he’d dated had both dumped him and were now dating each other, so maybe Zuko isn’t the best person to go to for sympathy either.)
“Let me guess,” Suki drums her fingers on the table, “you’re texting your boyfriend to complain that I’m being mean to you.”
“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Sokka grumbles, ignoring the heat in his cheeks from Suki’s jab. How does she always know exactly what to say to get to him? It’s not fair.
Suki hums. “So that’s a yes then. Tell Zuko I say hi.”
Sokka ignores her.
The point of them getting dinner together was not so Suki could taunt him about his crush on his roommate; it was so they could catch up since they haven’t spoken to each other in weeks despite going to the same school. They’d both been swamped with homework because of midterms, and this is their first weekend where they’ve had a moment to just breathe.
Of course, Sokka probably should have expected that Suki would want to hear about any new developments with Zuko.
Not that there are developments to speak of. Because Sokka’s infatuation is entirely unreciprocated and he’s completely okay with that because he’s getting over it. He appreciates having Zuko as his friend, and he’s not going to let some stupid, childish, crush ruin that. Which is why he’s shoving any romantic feelings away until they dissipate because it’s really not that serious, regardless of what Suki might say.
Or, it’s not that serious until twenty minutes later, when Suki nearly choked on her drink before asking, “Is that Zuko?”
Sokka whips his head around before he can stop to think maybe it’s just a prank so Suki can embarrass him.
It’s not though - Suki was right. That’s Zuko walking straight for their table, his hair and jacket damp from the rain. He smiles and picks up his pace when he catches Sokka’s eye, and despite his confusion, Sokka feels himself grinning back.
“What are you doing here?” Sokka asks as Zuko approaches he and Suki’s table. “I thought you already ate?” Not to mention the fact that it’s still pouring, and there are, like, three dining halls closer to their dorm than this one is.
Instead of answering Sokka’s question, Zuko holds something out towards him. “I brought you an umbrella.”
Sokka blinks at Zuko, and then looks down at the object in his hand. It is, in fact, an umbrella. It’s black with a deep red design on it, and Sokka doesn’t recognize it. Zuko’s still holding another umbrella in his other hand - his own plain black umbrella that’s still dripping from the rain.
“What?” Is the only thing Sokka can think to say.
“I brought you an umbrella,” Zuko repeats. “I didn’t know where yours was, so I just grabbed the one Azula left when she and Iroh visited last month. She told me to just keep it and she’d get a new one, so,” he shrugs. “You don’t have to worry about her, like, murdering you for using it or anything.”
Hesitantly, Sokka reaches out and takes the umbrella from Zuko, half-expecting it to disintegrate as soon as he touches it. But it stays firm and real in his hand as he turns it over, inspecting it. “Did you…” he looks up at Zuko. “Did you walk across campus in the rain just to bring me this?”
Zuko flushes and looks at his feet. “You said you forgot yours, and it’s supposed to rain like this all night. I didn’t want you to have to walk back without one.”
All Sokka can think is Oh.
Oh, Zuko cares about him a lot more than Sokka has given him credit for.
And Oh, Sokka’s feelings for Zuko are a lot stronger than Sokka has given them credit for.
“What?” Zuko asks, glancing back up at him.
Sokka swallows thickly. “Nothing. I just… Thank you.” And Sokka isn’t naive enough to think Zuko can read the I love you behind his words, but some part of him hopes he understands everything Sokka isn’t saying.
(And how crazy is it that Sokka’s wanting to confess love over something as trivial as an umbrella? It’s a good thing Suki can’t read his thoughts right now, or she’d never let him hear the end of it.)
Zuko offers him a small smile and shrug. “It’s not that big of a deal. I didn’t have anything else going on tonight. Besides, I was thinking I could get something from Starbucks while I’m here or something.”
Sokka won’t call Zuko out on the obvious lie. The only time Zuko ever drinks Starbucks is when someone else drags him there. He’s told Sokka on multiple occasions that spending his high school years working at his uncle’s tea shop has ruined him for any sort of coffee chain. The drinks just aren’t made with the same care at a chain like Starbucks as they are at a locally owned café, Sokka.
“Well I appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome,” Zuko responds in a small voice. He clears his throat and kicks the leg of Sokka’s chair. “Don’t stay out too late; you have class at ten tomorrow. I’ll see you later.”
“I won’t,” Sokka promises as Zuko turns to leave. “See you later. If you’re not asleep by the time I get back!”
Zuko throws a glance over his shoulder, glaring at Sokka. “If I’m asleep by the time you get back, that means you stayed out too late.”
“No, it means you’re a wuss who can’t stay awake past eleven.”
Zuko responds by flipping Sokka off, and then walking out of the dining hall without looking back again. Even after Zuko’s walked out through the door, into the rainy night, Sokka can’t shake the smile from his face.
“Wow,” Suki says, shaking Sokka out of his Zuko-induced serenity. “And people say Suki and I were bad before we finally got together.”
Sokka frowns, turning back to Suki and sticking his tongue out at her.
But not even Suki’s taunting can erase the warm, fuzzy, feeling spreading through Sokka’s chest.
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oceanmoonfishing · 19 hours ago
Something that infuriates me to no end is how people in atla fandom constantly harass others for completely asinine reasons. For example: disliking the ship/character others like; liking a ship/character others don't like; having a different interpretation of the show; ect.
But even worse than that is the way some people defend themselves or others from harassment. They don't say that it's wrong and you shouldn't do it. No no no no. They always say something like: "Why are you harassing me/x person/x group when you can harass someone else?"
Reading something like this makes me want to tear my own hair out. How could you not only justify but endorse harassment?! Especially if you yourself have experienced it?! And the reason given why it's wrong to harass one person but completely acceptable to harass another is always bullsh*t. Apparently, it's because other people's opinions about fictional characters are more """problematic""" than theirs/people they are trying to defend or their race/gender/sexual orientation/age somehow make it more acceptable to harass them. And mind you this is not a single instance. I've seen this happen multiple times. And I'm sick of it.
TL;DR: Real people are more important than fictional characters. Harassment is never OK. Don't harass someone. Don't encourage others to harass someone. And most importantly, don't be a hypocrite.
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slpytea · a day ago
Put It Down | E for Explicit | 3/5
Summary: Zuko makes sure that he’s there for Katara. For Zutara Smut Week (Day II - “Do you trust me?”).
Katara rolls her eyes at him, and the mirthful smile that tugs at the corner of his mouth to match hers is genuine this time. It’s the most Katara she’s been since this morning—the silence she’d lapsed into has faded, and the temperature around her has changed from icy to a simple cool. Hell, he’d even managed to pull an actual jest from her just a second ago.
To think that Jet had her happy all along, only to turn around and put the spoiled notes of anguish and distress in her scent..
Zuko clears his throat, biting back the urge to bare his teeth and punish. “I really want to take a quick shower,” he tells Katara, mind running through more ways to calm his heightened instincts, “but I laid everything out in the kitchen already, so you should go and eat, alright?”
Thankfully, Katara does not thank him again—only offers a tiny, grateful smile and turns to bound down the spiraling stairs. He counts backwards from ten as he watches her go, barely allowing himself to move after hearing her hit the bottom of the steps, lest he give into the whisper of his instinct to prowl after her.
Catch her, it demands gleefully, the points of his canines lengthening at the mere possibility of a chase, omega is running. Catch her! And for a moment his muscles coil as if he truly might; his weight shifting as ultraviolet tints his vision, steam curling up from his nostrils in thick wisps. “Not a fucking chance,” Zuko grumbles quietly at himself after a long moment of internal war, swallowing a pool of saliva as he forcibly turns on his heel and slips into his bedroom. He stops at the wardrobe and the closet only, gathering a simple change of clothes and his usual robe for when he lounges around the guest house. He leaves immediately after, beelining for Lu Ten’s room across the alcove so that he can shower there instead. He doesn’t dare think to use his own—not after Katara had just been in it. [ x ]
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waterbenderkat · a day ago
We started a Zutara Discord!
Tumblr media
There’s already a great community of Zutara shippers over there— if you’re interested, just DM me here or on my main @arcadialedger!
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phantomrose96 · 3 months ago
One piece of Avatar lore I don't quite believe is that most avatars don't learn they're the avatar until they're told on their 16th birthday.
like, POV you're some Earth Kingdom kid who knows the previous Water Tribe avatar died suspiciously close to the time you were born. You CANNOT tell me that that entire class-year of starry bright-eyed children doesn't spend every waking moment trying to prove they're the avatar. "Shut up Hang Lee you're not the avatar I'M the avatar. That stream just moved toward me." "Nuh-uh a fish did that and Avatar Tepek died on the summer solstice and YOU'RE a winter baby." "All the seasons are opposite in the water tribe Hang Lee!" "Nuh-uh"
You're 8 years old with all your other 8-year-old friends at your first day of How To Throw A Rock Class you CANNOT tell me that every kid present doesn't waste half the class trying to catch grass on fire with all the sincerity and conviction of a gas station hopeful snagging a mega-millions lotto ticket with their Mars bar and $30 gas fill-up.
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babypears · a month ago
Tumblr media
my full drawing for @firenationzine 🔥
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damianwaynerocks · a year ago
ok but if bruce wayne somehow came upon zuko fresh out of banishment he would lose his mind.
black hair? check. bad parent(s)? check. trauma? double check.
bruce: how’d you get your scar?
zuko: my dad got mad at me for saying that killing people is wrong so he lit my face on fire and banished me.
bruce, vibrating with excitement, already pulling adoption papers from his utilility: that’s terrible. how do you feel about capes.
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