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#avatar: tlok
damnlance · an hour ago
okay i just wanna introduce myself since this is my new account! :)
hi im rae , im 23 , and um i fucking love voltron: legendary defender and i miss this show so fucking much ughhh!!!!
i love writing fics a lot! i love fluff and smut but ANGST is my favorite!! i hope to write some stuff on here and ao3 pretty soon!
my other favorite shows are my hero academia, fairy tail, A:TLA/LOK, death note, star vs the forces of evil, steven universe, adventure time, sk8: the infinity, and more!
i love lance mcclain so much it ACHES!!! he is so amazing and beautiful and wonderful and he deserves the FUCKING WORLD! and also he deserved WAY better but we all know that!!! (fuck season 8)
klance is my whole world. period. i miss them every single day and in my mind, they’re endgame.
im really nice and i love making new friends soooo don’t be afraid to say hello to me! :D
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azulasbluefire1236 · 6 hours ago
Pov: You watch them fall in love after you break up with the most beautiful girls in show:
Tumblr media
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lu-writes · a day ago
day 16 - silence
It was all good. It was all fine.
A fine early morning, sunshine slowly showing itself, on through the windows. Showering young women's skin with its warmth. She walked through her mirror, with calm steps, everything is alright, nothings new.
A tired pair of green eyes. I was the one who killed it's shine, she thought.
"Liiin! Where are you? Breakfast is ready" she  heard her sister's voice from the kitchen. She turned her head to the door achingly slow. She signed and walked to the kitchen.
"I'm really done with you Lin. Why are you doing this to me? I sometimes wonder If just once, If you could commit to a good thing once in your life." other voice said. That harsh tone she grew up with, that impulsive gaze and, and that just. Look in her blind eyes. Lin knew who this voice belonged to.
She sat in her chair. Locked her eyes to the wall in front of her. A picture of her family. A picture with a broken frame, her and Tenzin's. She smiled bitterly.
"Yeah, smile all you want. Because that" she points.
"was your fault."
"You think he would stay after everything you done? Wake up Lin. No one would love someone  like you."
"Agreed" Lin said and got up from her chair. Voice kept following her, to her bedroom.
"It just about you. You're a loner. Look at you, It's your birthday and you still have no one else to go. People respecting you, yes, but do they love you? No. Even Kya left. Do you think she'll come back like she said? NO. SHE WILL NOT. WANNA KNOW WHO'S FAULT IS THAT!? "
A sudden anger rushed through her bones and veins, for a second she couldn't see or sense anything. She took a brush to her hands clench to it and realise some of her anger into and other some, left for the mirror. She threw the broken brush at the mirror and left million pieces behind.
It was a sign for her to leave this house immediately because If she can't control her thoughts, It's not gonna end well.
She furiously opened her closet. Then her breath cutted. A metal uniform. Her mother's. Suddenly she couldn't feel her knees, air sucked from her lungs, she couldn't observe what's in front of her from her tears. Her vision got blurry. She started to cry. She fell on her knees, tried to press her muffled screams with her hand but just couldn't. It was like her fresh ripping out from her, someone, something ripping her heart out from her and she can't do anything about it.
"Why..?" she said between her hiccups. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?" she let it out and started crying more. This time she couldn't press down her screams.
It took time for her to realize there's no one there and no one will. It'll be just her and silence.
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ifpercywasbucky · 2 days ago
Is it bad that the 1 second where they show aang in the opening sequence of legend of Korra is still the most exciting thing about the whole show to me
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appaango · 2 days ago
Yallllll I really hope that the avatar studios bring something nice out this year
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thetaleoftaicho · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This is a scene from My Avatar fan Fiction based on the next Avatar Tai Cho... His opposite MAY be the woman in the picture... GO follow My Instagram @thetaleoftaicho for pictures and links to the story (I am Currently on Chapter five)
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artworxlegacy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
💙👑 Sexy Water Korra! Long Hair! Thick! What do you think? 🎨 Comment below! 🙂😀
💙👑From your QUEEN OF KORRA, ArtworxLegacy! Queen Korra Legacy 4 ever!💚👑
#korra #artworxlegacy #teamartworxlegacy #art #QueenKorraLegacy #legendofkorra #artwork #drawing #clipstudio #clipstudiopaintex #avatarfanart #avatarthelastairbender #avatarthelegendofkorra #digitalart #coloredart #DanaiMartinez #Danai #Avatar #thick #korrafanart #watertribe #blue #waterdroplets #blueeyes #bluehues #ATLA #TLOK #longhair #powerfulwomen #sexy
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synne-i · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
BRUH! @alpyguo s art is AMAZING. Their artstyle really inspired me❤️
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lu-writes · 3 days ago
list of hc's of Avatar Family+ Beifong's:
Kya once had a fight with his dad when she was drunk. "You always loved Tenzin more meanwhile me and Bumi hated ourselves just because we're not an airbender!"
She and Aang made up but Katara didn't talk with her for couple of weeks. They made up later but there were always some tansion between them. After Aang died they bonded again.
Bumi was in depression(and lowkey anger issues) until his later 20's. When he left the RC for the army he didn't come back for vacations, etc. The person made him come back was actually Lin.
Bumi and Suyin were the worst trouble-makers. Especially in gatherings. Before Bumi left he teached her some fighting tactics. In his missions he kept visiting her in Gaoling, after, Zaofu.
Despite her jealousy, Kya( in lowkey) always protected Tenzin. She even learned fighting for any danger. Tenzin told everything about what's going on his life all the time. He cried to her not to leave. (They kinda drew apart after Tenzin broke up with Lin. Kya stopped talking to him awhile.)
Kya had a habit of shipping and teasing people with this all the time. Even Toph was her victim. (For example; When Toph visited Air Temple Island - which is very rare- she came with Sokka. "Oh If this isn't my favorite Water-Earth combination. All hail to perfect couple" - louder enough, even the acolytes to hear her- And Toph's like "I miss those times when you all brats scared of me" Which made Sokka laugh histerically.
Tenzin and Lin translated old languages to prepare an airbender style celebration party for the honor of Katara and Aang's 20th wedding anniversary. (They didn't really struggle much since Tenzin was the obvious nerd and Lin was lowkey genius.)
Bumi was the first one realized that Kya is total lesbian. The first person Kya told about her thoughts about this subject was him too. When she had her first girlfriend in Fire Nation Bumi made her make a move. With the help of Izumi and Bumi, she made it.
Katara taught all of them how to dance in her idle times. (Which ended up Aang's join and two of them dancing romantically in front of the kids.)
Kya and Lin always got drunk in their 20's. (Yes, they accidentally kissed once. No one knew
"I regret nothing."
"Damn Kya, me neither."
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lu-writes · 3 days ago
When Suyin had a fight with Toph, Lin usually came to her room and little spoon her sister to comfort her. Lin knew she didn't wanna talk abt it so she left early with Suyin's favorite breakfast and lunchbag prepared. Suyin secretly loved this attention.
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klara019 · 3 days ago
Angstpril day 14
(check tags for tw)
I wanted to dedicate it to my dear friend @alab211. I love you, dude ❤️
The night was silent and peaceful. A cold breeze flew through the half opened window and gave her goose pimples. It started to rain and the small drops of water began to hit the metallic windowsill.
Lin frowned in her sleep.
Even after a long time she couldn’t get used to sleeping alone. She often wakes up in the middle of the night, with sweat glistening on her tired face. Panting loudly, she always needs some time to pick up the pieces. She wipes the tears with the top of her hand and gets up, knowing that she won’t be able to fall asleep again.
This night wasn’t different.
She jumped on her couch, trying to catch her breath. Her wide opened eyes were full of fear and despair. She looked around but nobody was there. Only a blow of wind made the opened window creak.
She sighed, she had fallen asleep on the couch again, because she was too exhausted to make it to her bedroom.
The memories of a dream she had, started getting less blurry. She felt her heart racing.
“No, no…”
She wished someone was there for her, she couldn’t stand the silence and the atmosphere of loneliness. Lin went to the kitchen and made herself some tea. She felt like she was going to collapse, she hadn’t got a lot of sleep recently and it all was beginning to affect her.
Her worst memories were haunting her whenever she closed eyes.
She was on the edge of a breakdown.
Sometimes she couldn’t tell the difference between the dream and the wakefulness. She was waking up knowing that something wasn’t right. Once she even phoned Kya to ask her how is she doing after her injury but she responded that she hadn’t had any recently.
Lin was slowly losing her mind. She was feeling hopeless about the neverending nightmares. There was no one who could hold her or tell a kind word. No one who could protect her from her own imagination.
Every dream was worse than the previous one. She was sick of watching her friends and family die because of her mistakes. She was sick of losing her bending again and again. Sick of living in a constant fear.
She looked through the window, the sun was still down. She went to the bathroom, trying not to look at the mirror. She didn’t want to see her dark circles, her sallow skin and trembling lips.
It was just too much.
Lin splashed some cold water on her face, hoping to wake up from this nightmare she was living in.
But it didn’t help.
This fanfic is the most personal of them all. I usually write about things that I know or about my thoughts or anything but this one is especially mine.
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sapphicseshatwrites · 3 days ago
hi <3 i hope you're having a great day!! can we get some korra nsfw alphabet things because i'm an extremely unholy child
Korra NFSW Alphabet
Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Pairing: Korra x F!Reader
AU: None, canonverse
Type: Headcanons
Warnings: Explicit. 18+ ONLY. G!P Korra because yes.
A: Aftercare (what she’s like after sex)
Korra is very snuggly after sex. Dopamine runs high with her, and all she wants to do is fall into your boobs and fall asleep with you playing with her hair or you held tightly in her arms.
B: Body part (hers and her favourite body part of yours)
Her favourite body part is her arms. She’s pretty proud of how ripped they are and how they’re able to hold you to her so tightly and lovingly .
Your hands. She loves lacing your fingers together in the middle of sex. She also loves how your fingers dig into her hair while she’s eating you out and leave marks down her back when you’re fucking. (Also, she keeps imagining what a wedding ring on your finger will look like every time you cum and she’s just ready to wife you up.)
C: Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
She’s filthy and sloppy. She’s not high on degradation, but she loves calling you her “little cum slut”. She loves leaving you wet and dripping, especially when it’s her cum mixed with yours that’s glistening on your body. She likes to leave you plugged up with her cum still inside you and always makes a show of painting your body with her cum. She also smears it all over your pussy when your cumming—all over your lips, clit, thighs, stomach, and face.
D: Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of hers)
Korra’s secrets are rather tan compared to what they could be. Her dirty not-really-that-dirty secret is that she gets turned on thinking about having sex in the spirit world. When you go on vacation there, she’s all over you.
E: Experience (how experienced is she? does she know what she’s doing?)
Korra wasn’t too experienced when you first had sex together. Honestly, all the experience she really had was with herself. Back at home, there weren’t too many people that she trusted enough or even wanted to be intimate with, and once she was in Republic City, she got so caught up in the chaos of being the Avatar that she hardly had much time to really experience.
Just because she had limited experience, however, doesn’t mean she was clueless. She’s a quick learner and she let herself be guided by the sounds of your pleasure as she learned the secrets that make your body tick. Sooner than you could imagine, Korra was the one leading, needing nothing more than your hands in her hair to reassure her that she knew more than enough to do you right.
F: Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Your legs over her shoulders or hooked over her arms as she braces her hands by your hips and pistons into you. She loves that she gets to watch your face and hear your sounds of pleasure, but she can also lean back whenever she wants to watch your pretty lips stretching around her, your cum trailing down your thighs and pooling into the bed.
G: Goofy (is she more serious in the moment? is she humorous? etc.)
Korra is a dork. She loves fucking rough and fast, long and slow, but she also just likes being inside of your, your bodies pressed together as she talks about whatever. She likes the sound of you crying out her name, but hearing your laugh at something she did or said in the heat of the moment also has her chest swelling with fondness. The fact that she can make you laugh and moan and cry and you have no problem being vulnerable around her during sex makes her glow with happiness.
H: Hair (how well groomed is she? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Korra likes hair on herself, but she trims it often and keeps it neat and short. She personally thinks that it looks good on her, but she doesn’t like to let it get wild and gross. She likes being clean for you.
I: Intimacy (how is she during the moment? the romantic aspect)
More often than not, Korra “makes love” to you rather than fucks. Sure, sometimes she gets in a different mood and fucking is the thing that gets her off, but she loves having an emotional connection with you during sex. She thinks being able to be so close to you is special and she finds it romantic how your bodies become one. She likes to cradle you close and kiss you, hug you, whisper how much she loves you, and remind you of how precious you are to her. She makes you feel beautiful and loved.
J: Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Korra has had nothing but her hand to help her get off for a long time. Even though she has you, sometimes she falls back into old habits. When you’re too tired, fucked out, or just out of it, she doesn’t have the heart to tell you she’s in the mood. She’s scared of making you feel like an object instead of a person, so there are moments where she will resort to secretly jerking herself off instead, lip caught between her teeth, chest heaving as the coolness of the water splatters against her hot skin.
K: Kink (one or more of her kinks)
Korra is into bondage. She likes being tied up and restricted by you. When the tables turn, she’s also more than willing to return the favour. Especially if you’re into shibari. The way those ropes curve over your body drives her crazy with desire.
L: Location (favourite places to do the do)
Korra is open to fuck whenever and wherever. Her favourite place though is your bed at home because that’s the place that’s already adapted to your wild sex shenanigans.
M: Motivation (what turns her on, gets her going)
Korra is easily turned on. You could be doing the most domestic, non sexual thing around the house and Korra’s cock will be standing at attention. Your existence is hot. Your love for each other is hot. That’s it. There’s nothing about you that Korra doesn’t find sexy.
N: No (something she wouldn’t do, turn offs)
No feet play. Absolutely not. She would never seriously hurt you, either. If you want to get slapped, she’s down for it, but once she feels that she’s getting too rough or your body looks too bruised up, she’ll stop. She can’t stand the thought of hurting you.
O: Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
She’s a giver. She loves to watch you come undone with the heat of her mouth. That being said, the sight of her cock disappearing past your pretty lips as your suck her off is an image that she will treasure forever.
P: Pace (is she fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
She prefers slow and sensual because she gets to properly show you her adoration, but when she makes your orgasm by going fast and rough it does stroke her pride a little bit. Especially if you tell her that no one else could ever make her feel like she does.
Q: Quickie (her opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Korra likes to take her time unless time isn’t on your side. She’s not opposed to quickies, she just likes to praise you the way you deserve. Quickies have saved her from exploding in her trousers many times, though.
R: Risk (is she game to experiment? does she take risks? etc.)
What’s the worst thing that could happen? Korra has faced death in the face many times and survived. She’s down to get naughty and experimental with you if you’re up for it. What’s life without a little excitement anyway? The riskier it is, the hotter she gets.
S: Stamina (how many rounds can she go for? how long does she last?)
Korra is, for better or worse, a mustang. She could go on and on and on and not get tired for a long time. Maybe it’s an Avatar thing? Who knows. Point is, no matter how much of a sex addict you could be, you’re the one to tap out first.
T: Toys (does she own toys? do she use them? on a partner or herself?)
Korra owns toys, but they’re toys that she uses on you. Wands, dildos, vibrators, Korra just likes to see you ascend to the heavens because of her.
U: Unfair (how much she likes to tease)
Korra isn’t a tease, only because she can’t stand waiting very long. Teasing isn’t just torturous for you, but her, too—if she teases you, she’ll lose her goddamn mind. She’d much rather torture you in other ways, instead.
V: Volume (how loud she is, what sounds she makes, etc.)
Korra is a loud grunter. Her moans are hoarse and she pants a lot. She curses a lot the closer she gets to cumming, too.
W: Wild Card (a random headcanon for the character)
Korra definitely uses her waterbending abilities to please you. Temperature play, ice dildos , clit massagers, whatever you can think of, she’ll make happen.
X: X-Ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Korra has a big dick, but we all knew that. It’s slightly curved and longer than it is thick, but when she’s buried all the way to her hilt inside you, her base still stretches you and her head hits all the soft places inside you that make your soul ascend. She’s not too veiny, but she does have a couple here and there where she’s more sensitive.
Y: Yearning (how high is her sex drive?)
This girl has the sex drive of a rabbit, soooooo, yk. Good luck keeping up.
Z: Zzz (how quickly she falls asleep afterwards)
After dumping her load in you, Korra is just ready to knock out for the winter. She feels so light and fluttery, and knowing that she’s with you makes her feel so safe. If you okay with her hair or hum or sing to her, she’ll be out for the next 24 hours on your boobs.
Tag List: @adoraisqueen @weirdway-boi @angry-gamer @raiinbowconnection @steampunkhell @spadezrazz
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lu-writes · 4 days ago
Lin trained Opal secretly about air gates. Opal was shocked of how her aunt was so great in airbender moves. Lin told her about how she used to watch Aang and Tenzin's training and that she likes mixing different elements' bending style.
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lu-writes · 4 days ago
When Toph was so busy she made Lin train her officers. She called Suyin to bully them togather so she can make Suyin stay by her side instead of her toxic friends and have fun at the same time.
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lu-writes · 4 days ago
Girls were always in the Police HQ after their school, practicing, etc which means when they arrived, they were always tired. Toph made her secretary to buy a couch to let her girls rest a little while they waited her to leave. Su loved that so she bought a sample to her house in Zaofu. Lin never changed that couch's location either.
Tumblr media
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