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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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well, coronavirus shut down everything, so i have literally nothing to do with me life. i have regained my love for all things marvel after watching all 23 released movies in an impulsive fit of boredom. i will be accepting HEADCANON requests for any character you choose, as well as working on some of the requests that have been sitting in my inbox forever. 

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I was bored so I decided to colorize ‘The Fallen’ From Infinity War. 

What do you think ?

Image not mine, I only did the colorisation

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Imagine Loki finally being accepted as an “Avenger.” He’s pleased, aside from the fact that it’s right before a massive lockdown.

Just in time for him to do nothing.

But he still has to check on you. He needs to know you’re okay.

You’ve just told him over the phone that you’re fine, but he still feels the need to see for himself that all is well.

Loki “borrows” a vehicle and absolutely floors it. Needless to say, he gets pulled over.

“Any reason why you’re out? And in such a hurry?”

Loki barely hesitates. “I’m an Avenger now. I’m essential.”

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Y/n: *using hand lotion*

Y/n: *wondering* does hand massaging exist?

Y/n: *looks up and even start to watch a video*

Tony: *walking in* what are you watching?

Y/n: how to give a hand massage

Tony: ???

Y/n: wanna be me test subject?

Tony: hell no *closes door behind him*

Y/n: *smiling darkly at peter, who just walked in*

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