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whatrambles · 6 minutes ago
Hey, Alpha Part 1
Warnings: Abo dynamics, talk of heats and homelessness
(A/N): This is my first time doing a social media au so this might not be the best. Feedback is always appreciated
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nebulousfishgills · 16 minutes ago
One month till Loki, my friends!
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diznak · 20 minutes ago
mental note: doing social studies homework on population distribution and lack of resources and settlement trends right after watching infinity war will make one sound like thanos
i’m not an evil psychopath trying to wipe out half the universe. at least i don’t think i am...
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sokoviarising-promos · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!
                                WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?
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callme-maria · 34 minutes ago
Tony: Y/n, Why are you barking
Y/n: Bark, bark bark bark!
Tony: I can't understand you, Y/n
Y/n: *clears throat* You know those beans that Harry Potter and his friends eat that make them sound like animals?
Tony: Never seen Hairy Glotter, but okay, yeah?
Y/n: I just ate a jelly bean and out of nowhere I started barking! Cool right?
Tony: Banner? Can you do a brain scan on Y/n, just to make sure everything's alright.
*after the brain scan*
Bruce: It seems that she has entered something called a 'fandom', and has been spending too much time on whatever 'Tumblr' is.
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lesbian-deadpool · 36 minutes ago
Natasha, holding a kazoo: You play it, you get a hundred million dollars. But a hundred million people will die.
Yelena: *Manic playing*
Natasha, wheezing: YELENA, NO-!
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avengers-resident-idiot · 37 minutes ago
Trying to Wake Tony up For a Mission
Bruce: *gently shaking Tony* Tone, buddy, you got to wake up the planes waiting
Tony: 😴
Bruce: *shaking Tony harder* Ok seriously it's time to get up!
Tony: 😴
Bruce: *using his Hulk voice* GOSH DAMNIT STARK WAKE UP!
Tony: *sits up straight, still sleeping* OH FUCK OFF I'M RICHER THAN ALL OF YOU!
Tony: *slumps back down to sleep* 😴
Bruce: 👁👄👁
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dreamsinthewitchouse · 38 minutes ago
What the heck, I wrote a fic! It’s a Stucky angstfest featuring Death of the Endless and now I’m burnt out and heartbroken. 💔
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell
(Complete, 4,652 words, Teen And Up Audiences)
Everyone tells Bucky something different. About himself, about Steve. Some things are comforting, some confusing. Most are painful, in some way or another.
In his report Steve had described, in excruciating detail, everything that happened on the train raid. It’s all in the SHIELD files, now.
Bucky doesn’t remember it too well; a harsh and freezing blur, right until the torn-out wall of the train car blasted everything into a heart-stopping focus and he was hanging onto the rail, Steve’s outstretched hand so very close to his, and yet-
Then: Bucky falling, out of Steve’s reach, out of his own life.
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skcrpius · 38 minutes ago
how do you go from making such a great movie with winter soldier to a piece of shit like endgame
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marvelstuff-iguess · 39 minutes ago
7 followers away from 100! Feel free to send any questions or fic/imagine prompts I could do for it :)
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coolcomicbookcovers · 40 minutes ago
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thestorywishbone · 47 minutes ago
Me? I’m just vibrating while I wait for Teddy Altman’s casting
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mackiesstuff · 51 minutes ago
A Day In Paradise -
T. H. *Smut*
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Tom are on vacation when he notices how needy you are.
Note: who next? Smut or fluff?
Warnings: dirty talk, praise, touching, smut, counter fucking
The sun had been beaming down on your skin for what felt like hours. The pleasant burn would later leave your skin sun-kissed, you knew that, but the sun isn't who you wanted to be kissing you right now.
Every since you woke up 2 hours ago, you had a specific yearning for Tom. He sun was shining in through the windows and shimmered on his beautiful body, the way the shadow of his abs casted and his v-line emphasized. Everything about it drove you through the roof.
"Love, you've been sitting there for 15 minutes. You're gonna get burnt." Tom spoke, chuckling a bit as he patted your thigh. You wanted his fingers elsewhere.
You didn't know how to tell him you wished he was balls deep inside you making you scream his name for the entire world to hear.
But you could show him.
Tom had already walked away to the kitchen. He was finishing up his eggs as you got up and walked over.
"Hey baby," you said slowly, voice a little sultry. He turned clueless, giving you a smile before turning back to the stove.
"Hey sweetheart."
You walked behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, something normally he did to you. He hummed, but said and expected nothing. You peppered kisses on his back, raking your hands all over his stomach and chest. Tom immediately knew something was up seeing as you're usually not this touchy.
"What's up, love?" Tom spoke up with a small chuckle, feeling a bit of tingle in his lower region from your touchiness.
"Mmm nothing," you smirked, kissing more. You started kissing his neck and he turned around, grabbing your face before pushing you against the counter and slamming his lips against yours. You didn't expect him to comply so quickly.
You hummed against his lips and wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs going around his hips. Tom smirked and grabbed your ass with both hands, making you pull away and gasp.
"Thomas!" You giggled as he smirked.
"You clearly want to be fucked, darling." He hums, "All you have to do is ask."
"I'll keep that in mind." You say, smirking as Tom picks you up and places you on the bare counter, biting and kissing at the sweet spot on your neck. You let out a small moan at this, tangling your fingers in his chocolate brown locks.
You were only wearing a white silk robe, which made it easy for Tom to grab what he wanted. His hands eased their way down to your breasts, groping you without shame as his kiss roughed your lips.
"Tom," you moaned out.
"God, you sound so good," he mumbles, dropping to his knees.
"What are you doing-"
"Shhh," he hushed, "Just let me make you feel good, darling."
Tom didn't give you a moment to respond as he forced your legs open, nothing but your dripping cunt waiting for him. You blushed, but he had a wanting gleam in his eye. It was hunger.
"I did this?" He chuckled lowly, "...dirty girl."
You just wanted to moan at his words. Everything he was doing was driving you insane and you loved it. Tom loved the effect that he had on you and your body whether you knew it or not. Just a touch and you withered in his hands.
Tom's hands roughly gripped your thighs, lifting them onto his shoulders as he leaned in closer and closer to your dripping cunt. You moaned softly, screwing your eyes shut as you felt lick after lick of Tom's tongue violate your folds.
You gasped at this, roughing tugging on his hair between your legs. He moaned at this, making it feel even better. He had his hands gripping your thighs roughly, sparing you nothing as he attached his lips to your clit.
"T-Tom.." you moaned out, throwing your head back. Your eyes were screwed shut, the overwhelming pleasure taking ahold of you.
"Scream my name, love. I wanna hear you."
Right on cue, Tom slammed two long finger deep into your cunt, making your toes curl as you screamed out. He knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it, which turned you on so much.
"Oh my love, you sound like a God send. I want to hear more." He chuckled, curling his fingers inside you. You stood no chance, screaming his name once more.
"You dirty girl."
"Scream my name."
"Does it feel good, princess? Having my long fingers fuck you like this?"
"Such a little slut."
"That's right, take it. You're so good for me."
His words got the best of you, he knew dirty talk was your weakness and you couldn't handle it. Your body tensed as your high rolled over your body, making you see stars as your vision becomes spotty. You winced as Tom pulled his fingers out of your dripping cunt.
"That was entirely way too sexy," he smirked.
"Tom..." you started, but couldn't finish.
"I can't wait to be inside your pretty little pussy, darling. Always so tight for me."
He stood up and dropped his shorts, already revealing his thick length. To you, Tom was the perfect size, not too small but not too big. But, he was thick, and always stretched you so good.
He pulled you up and pushed your body against his, which made his length rub against your core. You whimpered and winced, tipping your head back with your hands on his shoulders. Tom loved to watch your face, it got him even harder and he wasn't even in you yet.
He looked down then back at you, biting his lip.
"Please," you spoke softly, pleading with your eyes. Tom nodded and braced your waist, rubbing you more.
"Please, Tom, I need you." You whimpered, groaning softly. Tom smirked, kissing you deeply before slamming his hard cock inside you.
"Ah!" You called out, screwing your eyes shut as he bottomed out inside you. Feeling as all of him filled you up was almost enough to near you to another climax.
"Fuck..." he dragged out, feeling you clench tightly around him.
"T-Tom." You begged, aching for more friction. Tom complied and started finding a steady rhythm, thrusting inside you aching slow in order to find it.
Once he found it, he was quick to start pounding you. You breasts bounced infront of him as your body shook from his roughness, you didn't stop moaning.
"This pussy is mine." Tom spoke breathlessly, grunting deep and good and he fucks you.
"O-Only yours!" You nearly scream, holding on tight to Tom. His grunts and groans sent a shiver down your spine and you couldn't help but to clench around him.
"Do that again." Tom demanded, digging his fingers into your hips.
You did as he said and clenched your walls around him, bringing him closer and closer to his high. He let out a surprisingly loud groan and you were on the blink of your orgasm.
In the blink of an eye, Tom pulled out, leaving you to squirt all over his dick as his seed leaked from his pink tip. Your cheeks heated up as you hid your face, embarrassed that you just squirted.
"Holy shit- did you just-"
"Shut up!"
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rewrittens-ads · an hour ago
Tumblr media
                the year is 2012  …  again .   the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there's  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  
REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .   
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nsfwsebbie · an hour ago
I feel like if I'm gonna keep writing smut for you I'll need a Nonnie signature, Just for the sake of my own remembrance. You don't have an -avengers pet Nonnie do you?
okie that’s your new nickname thank you!!
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dxisyrogers · an hour ago
if thor was my friend, i’d force his ass to take me to space everytime🤕
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batgirlandie · an hour ago
Hi besties! After some consideration and wonderful support, I’M GOING TO START AN ETSY! I‘m beyond excited and as soon as I have it setup I’ll drop the link. Here’s a sample of some things I’ll be selling
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