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Signed up for Marvel’s Avengers Beta game today, so played through the first section this morning!

Such tedium. Really…how do you make *this* boring?

Too much MCU synergy damages it, an MCU that was out-of-date by the time of Age of Ultron. Uninspired voice acting, insipid dialogue and designs made by people who seem to be embarrassed by super heroes and/or comics.

The Spider-Man game didn’t have this problem.

And as I was playing it, the amount of collateral damage and destruction caused *by* The Avengers is just so…uncool, maaan. There’s something totally off about a Billionaire destroying a poor family’s station wagon, can I skip that part?

(It’s 2020, do we really need to focus on Black Widow’s bum so much? Female athletes/fighters etc don’t stand with their back arched and with cheeks presented like that, guys.)

I’m so annoyed with my negativity. I was hoping I’d have the same joy and excitement as when I fired up Spider-Man for the first time. I was hoping the game would make us feel like a top-tier hero… but instead I feel like an authentic Avengers comic from the 90s; D-Grade and struggling to keep up.

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something i like to do is apply the characterizations and events of Norse mythology more to the Marvel incarnations of the characters, especially Thor, and you get some interesting consequences when you think that through, and one of them is that Thor should most likely come off as a fatalist.

it’s usually taken for granted, in most adaptations, that the Aesir know about Ragnarok. They know what’s coming, and you can make an argument that one reason that Thor is so brave is that he knows exactly when and where he is actually going to die. He doesn’t die fighting the villain of the day, or Doctor Doom’s latest evil scheme, or the consequences of Loki fucking up once again; he knows he will die fighting his own nephew, Jormagundr the Midgard Serpent, at the end of everything.

There is no escape from this; his doom is certain, and there’s no way to avert fate. So Thor can easily be read as a fatalist; the idea of inescape doom that invites nobility because you KNOW you’re going to die but you go to your fate anyways, with your head held high, is culturally a very powerful thing for him.

All things pass, but not the great and good deeds of heroes.

he DOES convey something of this attitude in Infinity War, interestingly, in his conversation with Rocket; his dialogue smacks of myth-accurate Thor’s entire mentality, though there’s a certain element you can add in: Ragnarok is over and done with. Asgard is ashes, Surtr’s rampage has been satisfied, but pretty much everyone he’s known is gone.

The prophesized doom is finished, but there’s not much happiness in that. What is he to do now, when all the certainties have burned away?

In this same way, you can apply a certain element of fatalism, in the Norse sense, to Thor’s mentality in a way that makes him come with a much more distinct way of thinking from the other superheroes in his friend-group. The others, perhaps, think of dying in battle as a horrible waste, while Thor views it as an inevitabiltiy (though Cap, having been a legit soldier in his time, probably has a more realistic view on it being unavoidable) that personally motivates him.

All things die, in their time, so he intends to meet his death when it comes striding as a giant.

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After a few months in Asgard, everything was finally back to normal in the kingdom. Thor was ready to go back to Jane and be on Midgard once more, that was until Heimdall stopped him stating this, “Be careful going back, you will find something very unpleasant” All Thor did was nod at the warning from the gatekeeper, ready to be reunited with his ‘love’ once more.

Finally landing on Midgard, he decided to surprise Jane with flowers from his surprise return. What he found when he arrived at her home completely broke him.

Jane had been cheating on Thor, every time he would leave for Asgard, she left for someone else. Only this time she had been caught by the one person she never thought would catch her

Immediately, Thor left, swinging mjolnir to the avengers tower only to be greeted by another surprise.

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Hey everyone! This is the first chapter to the new series, Petty! This is an Enemies-to-Lovers with mutual pinning series with Peter Parker. I’m happy that this is out now! Taglist is currently open, and I’ll be tagging people that were interested in the series before. Send in an ask or comment on the series masterlist to be on the taglist!

Canon divergence!! Endgame happened, everyone is still alive and happy. Peter Parker and Reader are seniors in high school, and they are both 18+. There will be smut in this series, additional warnings will be added on with each chapter, and on the series masterlist. This is a female reader insert series :)

Chapters should be updated every other day unless specified! 

Reblogs are very welcomed! Hope you enjoy!

Series Masterlist

Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: swearing
Word Count: 1.6k


You sighed into your coffee mug, already done with the morning as you saw Peter Parker swing into school, two hours early. Did he not realize that at least one person was at school this early? And that person would be you? You rolled your eyes, not getting how his secret identity hasn’t been revealed already. It was just so ridiculous. With Peter running around the city with a half-zipped bag, and a spiderman suit sticking out of it; just so stupid, in your opinion. You scoffed when you heard him crash into the closed front door, and you sunk into your seat even more, glancing back at the laptop in front of you, shaking your head.

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Hi everyone!!! So sorry for the hiatus, the past few weeks have been hectic!  admin A and I are currently getting ready to go back to uni in the midst of a hurricane and, of course, the pandemic. 

We are so thankful for all the love our blog has gotten in such a short amount of time and we will be posting more now that we’ve been settling into the changes!

Our ask box is open so please leave requests and send in submissions for any crack avengers AUs or any concepts you have for marvel in general! 

-Admin S

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I’m casually scrolling through the peter Parker smut tag (as I do) and all these “reader x Arvin” fics are coming up… I’m sitting here like who tf is Arvin?!… it’s been a day and that trailer already has smut god damn y’all do work harder than the devil (all the time)


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