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@taaroko replied to your photo: when i made this post last august i got dragged…

I just use that headcanon to patch the gap between Endgame and Far From Home, because that’s easier in my head than imagining that the Snap didn’t cause a crapton of deaths indirectly, even if Marvel won’t acknowledge that.

I actually love thinking about this kind of stuff. Honest question - don’t you think the majority of the indirect deaths would have come right after the Snap? Obviously there would have been a ton of indirect traffic deaths in that moment, planes crashing, stuff like that, and staffing shortages at hospitals, just generally but also doctors etc getting Snapped mid-operation. But five years later, I’m not sure. I suppose there could be supply chain issues that continued for years, but with half the population gone, you would think there would have been a surplus of food for at least a little while.

Even if Marvel doesn’t acknowledge all of this, the fact that it logically was going on delights me.

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Decided I don’t really care for how Strange is written in Infinity War. I feel like his character kind of fell prey to the fact that him and Tony teamed up, and their personalties were too similar, so Strange took the hit.

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