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#avengers 4

Steve’s decision to go back to Peggy in Endgame didnt bother me too much (other than him leaving Bucky. That was sad) until i watched Agent Carter.

Season 1 literally had a subplot that was about her letting go of Steve and it was so well executed that the time travel in Endgame cheapens it.

HOWEVER, i am not against Steve going back in time to have that dance with Peggy, tell her he’s ok and so is Bucky. They would then mutually agree that they have lives in their own times. They would say goodbye and Peggy can go on with the knowledge that Steve is alive and well in his own time (and glad that he found love in Bucky).

Meanwhile the Peggy-Dottie-Angie love triangle is going on… (personally i love and am way more onboard with Peggy/Dottie but Peggy/Angie is cute too and def more wholesome).

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Peter Parker: don’t forget to leave out milk and cookies for Captain America to leave you fireworks!

Tony stark: no?? You know Steve??


Steve Rogers: actually Tony, don’t tell the kid, but I put a water gun out for him. I couldn’t give him explosives.

Tony: why??

Steve: he is too sad to disappoint. But the lie is killing me. I can’t go to every child’s house.

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some parallels i noticed between the avengers (2012) and endgame

(these have probs already been found but *shrug*)

- when tony in unconscious on the ground after falling from the wormhole, cap, thor, and hulk stand around him. this is vaguely, for lack of a better word, reminiscent of how pepper, rhodey, and peter stand around him at his death. also, none of them were around him at his death, which kinda shows how tony has more of a family in endgame, and that being iron man isn’t his entire life anymore. the fact that he has the people whom he loves and love him is entirely different from in the avengers where the only people around him were basically strangers and only knew him from fighting alongside him as soldiers, all of which goes to show how this character changed over the course of the mcu. he starts out as a selfish prick, with the only person really close to him being pepper and jarvis. the people surrounding him on his deathbed are strangers following him as iron man, a suit of armor around him, protecting him from vulnerability and caring for other people. he ends being next to his best friend, his wife, and his surrogate son. the strangers who fought by his side (yes, thor, cap, hulk, and clint weren’t strangers, but they represented the family of the avengers, which was completely tied to his iron man persona) took a back seat. in the end, tony wasn’t alone with strangers, he was surrounded by his family.

(oh fuck this is longer than i thought im sorryyyyyy)

- i’ve heard a bunch of parallels between cap saying “we won” and when he said “we lost” in infinity war, but the connection between when peter says “we won” to tony when he dies and how cap says it when he survives… idk i thought i did something there, but it wasn’t as deep

- also something, not deep at all: cap says son of a gun, a 1940s saying, then in aou he says son of a bitch… wonder where that came from…

- here’s more not as deep parallels (wow i started so strong): when tony’s unconscious, cap deadass tries to hear and feel his heartbeat through the suit (the thick-ass metal suit) whereas pepper asks friday tony’s condition, proving once and for all pepperony > stony (pls don’t attack me im sorry)

- this one’s sad, so imma end it here: when tony’s doing his whole “yay schwarma” bit, he says “let’s just not come into work tomorrow”, which connects with endgame in how he couldn’t go anywhere the next day ‘cause he’s deadddddddddddddddddd

ok byeeeeee 

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So I’m watching Avengers: Infinity War and it’s at the point where they’re fighting Thanos on Titan. They all keep going for the gauntlet but Thanos’ neck is exposed. Between the seven of them they could have just beheaded Thanos and taken the gauntlet off his cold dead hand. This would end the movie early and we wouldn’t have had to go through the pain of Endgame.

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This all falls into the need for more than one movie for the finale. There isn’t enough time in Endgame to deal with everything. Plain and simple. There are so many characters we want to see and hear but they couldn’t have done them justice in just one movie.

Steve is given a lot of crap about Peggy in general and I’m tired of seeing it. What irritates me the most is that most of the time (not all of the time) is that the criticism comes from a place of people being salty about Stucky not being canon.

They never were canon, despite what people read into their relationship. Even Sebastian says something akin to people making more of their relationship than was intended and people getting pissy that they didn’t get to see what they wanted. That’s not an exact quote or anything, but he said it in an interview about the reaction to Endgame.

Lol It’s one of the main reasons I am so aggravated about same sex people not being able to have a deep and meaningful relationship with love and affection without it becoming romantic. Platonic love is valid and it irks me when every relationship is made romantic.

Same thing goes for opposite sex relationships.

But I am right there with you. Steve would probably be brooding about the Avengers that fell internally, maybe talking only to Nat about it when they had a quiet moment after Wakanda. It’s not something he would tell a bunch of strangers, despite it being therapy and a safe space to talk about it.

Talking about a first love, a true love lost is accesible to those that he’s conversing with. Everyone lost someone in the Snap but for Steve it would be even worse because there would also be a sense of failure attached to that loss.

They didn’t just lose their teammates and friends. They lost the fight. Not once, but twice. The Snap and then once again when they went to find Thanos and found that their only chance was gone again. He would barely be willing to talk about it to those Avengers that survived (look at how Thor dealt with it) much less a room of civilians grieving their own losses. Talking about Peggy was probably easier. She’s always been a sort of sanctuary for him.

During the war he turned to her for comfort (there’s a reason it was her picture in his compass) and I think after the Snap he retreated to thoughts of Peggy to find solace in some way too.

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Peter Parker: I like how astrophysicists name things like butterfly nebula because it kinda looks like a butterfly.

Michelle: that’s cute-

Peter: whereas paleontologists name dinosaurs like ‘the Latin word for butterfly, Greek word for blue, add lizard king at the end’ to make one cute 22 letter word.

Michelle: Yeah, that’s nice-

Peter: and chemists just put their name on things. Or something cool like Star Trek…

Michelle: that’s really cool but I think the waiter was actually just trying to ask what’s up and not actually what’s on your mind.

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So the new Ratchet & Clank game features a new female character, and I’m spotting Rocket Raccoon design elements here, especially the goggles and red scarf used in Endgame (and the orange he wears in GotG vol 1).

Given that Tony Stark called Rocket “Ratchet” in Endgame, I’m wondering if this is the game developer’s response to that. 

Rocket and Ratchet have always reminded me of each other, so that Easter egg name drop didn’t come out of knowhere.

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