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#avengers 4: endgame


Pairing: (dark) Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning(s):  MCU spoilers, slowburn,  Stalking, Obsession, Non - con, Dubious content, Kidnapping, Sexual themes, Strictly 18+.



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Steve was sitting in his usual seat in the bakery. The place from where he could conveniently watch her every movement behind the counter. How she could move and work with ease. And just like that, Steve’s mind was miles away imagining things. Things like a contemporary or maybe a rustic themed kitchen with dark wood cabinets and counter-tops. Maybe a small wooden chandelier or two or some pendant lights instead of them. Maybe he’ll just leave it up to her, let her decorate it how she wants.

That’s the moment Steve realized that she’s the one. That she’s the one for her. Aside from that, the thought about the kitchen that dominated his mind the most not the goddamn counter-tops or cabinets. It was her. In his kitchen. Barefoot.

Steve sighed thinking about that, but not in exasperation. It was giddiness. The thought of her barefoot and pre-… Maybe it was too soon. Kids can wait for now. For how long, he wasn’t sure but there’s plenty of time for them. But he have to somehow get her. He wasn’t sure how, but he will. Whatever it takes.

Just then, he was brought back, out of his reverie by her placing a cup of black coffee that he ordered. Steve smiled looking at her and she returned the smile, placing a plate on his table, beside the coffee. Steve frowned seeing it. It was a slice of strawberry and raspberry cheesecake with some said berries beside the cake. He looked back at her face with a frown on his own.

“I didn’t order it doll” he told her.

Y/N’s smile widened hearing him, or maybe it was because of the endearment, she wasn’t sure. But what she was sure of was that no one leaves a bakery without eating or getting any of those mouthwatering goodies.

“You didn’t. It’s on house” she told him.

Steve shot her a look and Y/N smiled sweetly at him. The bakery was pretty much empty by then apart from her and Steve and she was kind of thankful for it as it helped her to talk to him a bit more freely.

“No one goes to a bakery and order just coffee, Captain America” she told him and Steve shot her look at how she addressed him and that made her stutter out “I mean Steve.”

At that he smiled.

“I mean, you can’t just go to a bakery and drink only coffee. I mean, who does that? It’s kinda like committing a crime!” she somewhat exclaimed.

“That’s why the cheesecake. I think it’ll be safe to say that it’s one of shack’s signatures” she told him, having no idea why she’s talking that much to him.

She’s not a talker. Never was. Just a listener. But the blond Greek god tend to bring out the talker hidden deep inside her.

The cheesecake might be one of the signatures of the shack, but the main reason she gave it to him on house was the huge tipping that Mr. Rogers keeps giving her. The whole ratio of tipping was practically twisted when Steve tips her. To the point that what he tipped her was more than what he ordered. Maybe he doesn’t understand the tipping dynamics of the 21st century, like he’s lost when it comes to tipping or maybe he thought that he’s helping her, but either way, that was just way too much tip and this was her way of giving his money back.

“Alright doll. I’ll remember that the next time I order just coffee” Steve told her and she grinned at him.

“Okay. Enjoy your coffee and cheesecake Captain Rogers” she told him and before he could reprimand her for not addressing him as Steve, she literally rushed back towards the counter and started sorting out some stuff there. 

Well, that’s probably the only thing that he’ll have to change about her. Her not addressing him by his first name.


That night, Steve waited there till the closing time and then left after bidding her a farewell. But that doesn’t mean he left the place. Oh no, he didn’t. He stayed there, a couple of feet away from the bakery, in the shadows, watching her like a hawk. He watched as she flipped the open sign to closed and started cleaning the counters and then doing the other chores. An hour later, she turned the lights off and went to the back of the bakery. He moved towards the backdoor but stayed hidden in the shadows and minutes later, she came out of it, dressed in not her uniform but plain denim pants and a white top. She tugged her coat closer, concealing her body from the cold of New York’s nights. The mist from her breath was visible whenever she breathed out and he cheeks flushed against the harsh cold.  He watched her as she locked the backdoor and walked out of the alley, towards the main road.

That night, Steve followed Y/n to her home, staying hidden in the shadows and just hiding behind a dumpster or a nearby alley whenever she turned while crossing the roads or just turned her head a bit. 

Steve was not surprised when he saw her heading towards a dirty and rougher looking area of Manhattan. The alley where he saved her all those nights ago was just a few blocks away. Ever since that attack on her, she changed her daily route. He watched as she went inside an Apartment complex or what looked like a shitty excuse of it. That was no place for her to live is what Steve thought as the lights of one of the rooms of one the apartment went on while the rest of the windows of the whole complex were just dark. Steve mentally patted himself for waiting till then since he also got to know where exactly she lived. There was a little plant in a small pot by the window, that he could see and saw her lifting the bottom rail of that window up and walking away from there, probably to let some air in.

All that while, only one thing kept ringing in his head and that was This is no place for her to live. That only kept his resolve solidifying. He is going to get her and give the world to her. No matter what.


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