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#avengers asks

I was tagged by the spectacular @takadasaiko, who clearly knows where my weaknesses lie!

(I would literally put Tony for nearly every single answer on this list, so I had to try real hard not to do that.  Someone appreciate my sacrifice.)

1. Which Avenger would you recruit to help plan your birthday?  I feel like Clint has the kind of wacky mindset that would lead to an awesome, pizza-filled birthday!

2. Which Avenger would you switch suits with for a day?  Either Falcon or Iron Man.  I WANNA FLY!

3. Which Avenger would you like to train with?  Hmmm… I’d honestly like to do all of them, but if I had to choose one… okay, I can’t choose one, I’d go with Nat or Steve.

4. Oh no, you need help! Which Avenger would you call if you’re in trouble?  Tony, absolutely.  He’s my hero.

5. Uh oh, you got arrested. Which Avenger were you with?  Tony (and probably also Clint).  Okay, let’s be real, there’s a whole posse of them.

6. The Avengers are playing basketball. Which Avenger would you pick first to be on your team?  Sam, because I’d be willing to bet he’s played before and he’d be good at it.

7. You’re trying to make your ex jealous. Which Avenger do you pretend to date?  If he was single, Tony.  Since he’s not single, either Sam, Bucky, or Thor.

8. You’re out for a good time and need a wing man/woman. Which Avenger do you pick for the job?  Honestly, most of them would do a good job, they’re awesome like that.

9. You woke up with a hangover. Which Avenger did you get drunk with?  Thor.  Boy can drink.

10. You’re going on a road trip. Which Avenger do you ride with?  Tony, he’s gonna have the best car and the best tunes, and probably snacks hidden everywhere.

11. Your favorite band is having a concert.  Which Avenger goes with you?  Carol!  She’d be so fun!

12. You’re going shopping and need a second opinion. Which Avenger do you trust to help you pick out outfits?  Nat, her taste is flawless and she wouldn’t let me buy anything that I looked bad in.

13. Your parents want to meet up with one of your friends. Which Avenger do you take to meet your parents?  Rhodey or Sam, because they’re adorable and charming.

14. You get injured on a mission. Which Avenger would you trust to be in charge of your care?  Bruce!  He’s got that legit medical training!

15. Your room is a mess. Which Avenger do you pick to be your butler and clean your room?  I’m pretty sure that not a single one of them could be persuaded to buttle for anyone.  But I bet Bruce has those good organizational skills that would come in handy.

16. You wanna play a prank on the team, but need help. Which Avenger do you pick to help you prank the rest of the team?  Oh please, we know Clint’s mind is built for this kind of thing.

17. Time to buy Christmas presents. Which Avenger is the easiest for you to buy for?  Bucky.  Gonna get that boy a super soft scarf and mittens, so he’s got something soft and warm to touch all the time because he deserves it.

18. You’re going on a mission, but only one other person can go. Which member of the team do you choose to go with you?  Tony.  Because fave.

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Can I have a headcanon for sleeping with Steve? And by sleeping I mean just sleeping. Does he like to fall asleep cuddling his SO? Spooning them?

He doesn’t sleep well or long.  You are likely to be woken by nightmares semi-regularly.  Even on days he sleeps through he’s up early to run and then hit the gym.  Unless you’re an extremely early riser you won’t be waking up in his arms.

On top of that, he’s also late to bed.  He avoids it mostly but he’s also got a lot of things he needs to get done in a day and tends to just stay up late.  Sharing a bed with Steve often means you’re in the bed empty.

He sleeps on his back, pretty rigidly really.  But if you want to cuddle up on him, or lie on him like a blanket, he’ll wrap you up in his arms and hold you close.  He does like being the protector and so that is a comfort to him.

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what would it be like to watch a horror movie with Bucky?

I don’t think you’d really get to watch a horror movie with Bucky.  He’s not seeking out extra ways to add horror to his life.  If you put one on, I think he’d just leave the room and go do something he’d actually enjoy doing with his time. Maybe if it was a tame ghost story kind he’d stick around, but then it would be the same as watching any other movie.

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Peter Parker: I think a lot of people here know, but I suffer from anxiety and depression, and used to self harm a lot few years ago… huge part of my family don’t know because I’m not sure how they’d react… so I guess that’s kind of a secret 🤷‍♀️💜

Clint: My safe place is 100% at my parents house, my home, because I can’t be truly myself there without a judgement ❤️

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Loki: I think I’m generally a good person, but I once swore at my grandad and never truly apologized for it, and now I’ll never have the chance

Drax: I wanna be invisible nonstop! Especially from my responsibilities 😅

Rocket: I once stolen a pad for my bra because it was missing 🙈🙈

Valkyrie: I’m a huge tea person, so whenever I have the chance, I drink tea. If we’re talking aboutt alcohol, then probably gin tonic 😇❤️

Thank you for the ask my sweet thing ❤️

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Count on Jess to ask me such thing 😅❤️❤️

I have so many omg 😅😅 but I think the biggest one right now is daddy kink combined with praise kink? 🤔🤤

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Essa é uma boa ideia!

Quando a história for avançando e os casais forem se revelando ou avançando eu farei um moodboard para cada casal 💜

Se tiver algum outro request pode mandar pelas asks, é uma grande fonte de inspirações ver suas sugestões, perguntas e teorias!

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Avengers Asks!! (Honorary Avengers included!)

Thor: What gives you strength?
Captain America: Generally speaking, do you trust the government, or do you believe it’s corrupt?
Drax: Do you ever take things too literally?
Spiderman: If you have the ability to help someone, do you believe it’s your responsibility, or your choice to use it?
Black Widow: Do you believe in redemption?
Groot: Are you a fan of nature?
Shuri: Do you think technology can always be improved, or do you ever feel like things should be left as they are?
The Hulk: What calms you down when you’re upset?
Doctor Strange: Has something bad ever changed your life in a positive way?
Ironman: If you had the money to do so, would you buy power?
Nebula: Do you have any family issues?
Deadpool: Do you ever find your moral code conflicting with those around you?
Antman: Do you believe that small actions can make big differences?
Hawkeye: Do you ever feel overlooked?
Rocket: What’s your favorite insult?
Valkyrie: Who are you most loyal to?
Black Panther: What do you hope your legacy will be?
Star Lord: What song (or songs) always make(s) you feel empowered?
Captain Marvel: Do you ever have to shoulder other people’s expectations of you? How do you deal with it?
The Winter Soldier: Is there anyone you can always trust to be on your side no matter what?
The Wasp: Is your family legacy one you would want to take over?
Loki: Is it ever ok to deceive someone? In what circumstances?
Okoye: If you had to choose between what you believe is right and what you’re told is right, what would you choose?
Gamora: Are you a person who dances, or a person who doesn’t dance?
Scarlet Witch: Do you prefer magic or technology?
War Machine: Would you ever be able to act as a soldier, or are you too opinionated for blind loyalty?
Falcon: Flying: Yay or nay?
Mantis: Do you ever find your emotions changing because of the people around you?
Nick Fury: What’s the story behind one of your scars?

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Hank McCoy and Hulk?

Thank you so much for the ask!! I love your blog btw <3

Hank McCoy: Favorite book?

Honestly, this is like picking a favorite child for me. I absolutely adore books. My favorite rn is probably Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. I can’t get over how incredible this book is. I highly recommend if you want some cute, very well developed gay romance!

Hulk: Dream Job?

Oof, this is hard too. I’d perhaps like to be an author of poetry and/or fiction. I’d also love to go into the sciences and become a biologist or ecologist.

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Natasha Romanoff: Are you a particularly skilled liar?

Yeah abdjsbsk, I’m an actress & also had super strict parents so I can hide a Lot of stuff if I want to. I’ve only ever gotten caught in a lie once and it was in seventh grade when I said I wasn’t on my phone in class until some other kid rattled on me.

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