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#avengers au
mamalazzer · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stranger Avengers AU
Ever since the Hydra facility came into town, strange things have been going on. Only a handful of teens (and a pissed off Sheriff) try and get behind what is happening. 
My other Avengers AUs
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nev3rfound · 2 years ago
collection of writing : avengers
* all of masterlist is constantly being updated and will be marked with a (*) if they’re new to the list. thank you for all the love and support and please, do share! *
* permanent taglist *
bucky barnes : 
S E R I E S :
leaving the guardians (series) - complete 
chp.1 / chp.2 / chp.3 / chp.4 / chp.5 / chp.6 / chp.7 / chp.8 
lingering silence (mini series) - complete
lingering silence / two / three
before everything (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three / part four 
the swan (series) - complete
overview / chp.1 / chp.2 / chp.3 /  chp.4 / chp.5 / chp.6 / chp.7 / chp.8 / chp.9 / chp.10 / chp.11 / chp.12 
who we once were (series) - discontinued 
chp.1 / chp.2 
someone I once knew (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six  
oneshots / imagines
midnight dreaming
human / monster / you
longing for someone else 
friend in need 
distant stranger
cold nights
quiet spot 
look after him, please
helping hand
you is more than enough
watching over you
private moments 
blending in
not him
for nothing
stood up
two of a kind
bit of fun
a blizzard, not a breeze
drawn in
love me goodbye
me, jealous?
snug as a bug
not admirable 
drowsy nights
mistaken partner 
a battle between mentality 
if you’re gonna lie / undrunk 
sent from above, or another planet 
steer clear 
back before us 
inseparable, literally 
feels like this 
elements and emotions 
captured soul 
two ghosts 
you were a no show 
an old friend 
i’ll be waiting 
lost love 
there’s always another dance 
all love 
bringing you together 
time to start again 
night time comfort / day time disaster 
the show must go on 
christmas ornament 
creaking door 
not just an apprentice 
unknown match 
safe in your arms 
untrusting familiar 
night time wanderer 
why him? 
if you ask, i’ll stay 
it’s just a nightmare 
things couples do 
curled up 
guiding you home 
one last look 
option two 
in your arms 
in character 
blame it on the neighbours 
small changes have the biggest impact 
the other widow *
worthy of a princess *
treasures of life *
shut everything out *
whenever you need *
steve rogers : 
S E R I E S : 
not who you think (series) - complete
not who you think / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight 
beyond belief (series) - complete 
beyond belief / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight / part nine * 
girl back home (mini series) - complete 
girl back home / home no more / building a home 
in his world, temporarily (mini series) - complete
part one / part two / part three 
oneshots / imagines
lost without you
teddy bear
early sunrise
educated / lessons / nostalgic
overly protective
bumping into you
cut off
am i here alone? 
girls night 
a trio of surprises 
childlike romance 
it’s not a competition 
strangely bashful 
creative burn out 
was it a perfect day? 
you wouldn’t feel the same 
two pieces back together 
waiting to unpause 
keeping you company 
you came home? 
a chance to see you once more 
wannabe valentine 
slither of optimism left 
just in time 
 helmut zemo:
S E R I E S -
in another lifetime (in progress) 
in another lifetime / part two / part three *
allow me one last goodbye
don’t go yet, please
keeping an eye out
tony stark : 
envision it?
rising fears
pining after you
long time
when the party’s over 
won’t leave your side 
purple suits you 
peter parker :
late watch
bright lights
walking mystery
kings and queens
hiding behind words 
wrapped around you 
a trio of surprises 
knock quietly 
second place 
one day 
bitter sweet 
beneath the mask 
three taps 
mr shy guy 
two sides 
in plain sight 
winners and losers 
loki laufeyson :
too young
no need to fear
fighting for attention 
lost but not forgotten 
his true colours 
one of a kind 
save myself 
think of me as a friend *
bruce banner: 
helping out the innocent 
thor odinson: 
holding back nerves 
checking up on you 
mourning comforts 
resentful awe 
peter quill:
a day for us 
shameless flirt 
wanda maximoff:
sleepy head *
sweet as sugar *
a pact for her 
almost lost, but not quite 
sebastian stan: 
lost property 
securing you 
different meaning 
guilty or innocent? 
not as planned 
thirst tweets 
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nellblazer · a year ago
Kinktober 22 - Breeding (Loki)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Smut warning, dub con/noncon
(Possible proof reading errors)
Length: One Shot
“Why am I here?” you're struggling against the two S.H.I.E.L.D agents with the glazed eyes
Loki prowled in front of you, still dressed in his ceremonial robes. He'd said nothing to you since you'd been brought here, kicking and screaming from your ancestral home in Europe.
“Sit,” he says simply.
“I don't want to.”
“SIT!” he commands and you flinch, your eyes flicking to the sceptre with the razor sharp point at the end.
You didn't have the advantage here. You'd have to play nice for now.
You sat demurely on the chair picked out for you and tucked your legs neatly to the side. You didn't want to seem afraid, you wanted to be defiant.
“Leave,” he says to the agents and they obey without hesitation. “Now, you're asking why you're here? I'm in need of some legitimising. Running this despicable excuse for a planet has been more difficult than I first envisaged. Midgardians don't accept those not of their world.”
“I wonder why,” you murmur and he shoots you a very nasty look.
“I've scoured your countries for your royalty. If I can get a half Asgardian, half Midgardian heir, it will solidify my hold.”
“You want to get me pregnant?” your mouth falls open, horrified. “No!”
“You seem to be under the impression you have a choice,” his eyebrow rises.
“Why me? I'm from the smallest country out there. Nobody will respect you for knocking me up. I'm not exactly going to play the good princess in public either.”
He holds the sceptre up, “This will make sure you play your part of the fawning partner and you will be my queen, not a princess. I think this is an opportunity for you to rank up in the world, in fact. I imagine you were destined to marry a cousin or some such antiquated tradition.”
“But why me?” you stress.
“It's precisely because you're an insignificant princess. Do you know what your beloved Avengers are doing right now? Hmm? They anticipated my plan. Your 'heroes' are out there sterilising every female royal they can find but they overlooked you. I'm sure they're realising their horrible mistake as we speak but...alas. Too late. You're mine now.”
“They're...they're doing what?” you blink.
Surely he was lying. Maybe some of the more morally dubious superheroes might do that but not people like Captain America...right?
“You heard me,” his eyes search yours, revelling in the disappointment they found there. “Now...on the bed.”
He points to, what was, Tony Stark's emperor sized bed near the balcony. Fear grips your body but you try not to show it.
“And if I refuse?”
“Then either I use the sceptre to make you compliant or I simply overpower you. You cannot surely think a mortal would outbest a god? I would prefer you were willing though.”
So your choice was to do this willingly or have your control taken away completely and perhaps forever.
“Glad we can come to an understanding,” he smirks and you resist the urge to strike him.
You go to the bed, sitting down on it and waiting as he makes his garments disappear until only a loose set of dark green trousers are left. His body puts you in mind of marble statues, regal, hard and unyielding and for just a second, you're mesmerised by the lithe frame of his torso.
“Warming up to me already?” he cocks his head. “Good. If you're willing to enter this contract with me of your own volition, I can give you anything you've ever I'm an excellent lover I'm told. Take off your clothes.”
You stand up, almost nose to nose with him as you let the nightgown you'd been captured in fall off your shoulders and pool onto the floor.
“I consider myself lucky I got the most attractive royal,” he laughs, surveying you with a predatory gaze. “Lie down. This will not be the torture you think it will be.”
You move up the bed, laying there, determined not to give him an ounce of pleasure at your reactions.
You expect him just to get on with what he wants but instead he starts kissing up your calf, delicately holding it in his hands, mapping a journey up towards your inner thigh. You're confused, knowing he could just simply fuck you and achieve his goals but he was taking his time and...
He was making it feel good.
You didn't want to like it, you wanted to keep your dignity but it was becoming difficult when his tongue reached your core and there was a groan from him as he delved it into you, tasting you. He dragged it up towards your clit and this is where you became panicky.
He was getting you too close. You could already feel the fringes of your orgasm pulling at you.
When you looked down and made eye contact with his intense gaze, something in your stomach just clenched. Knowing you had a god between your legs who was servicing you when he didn't have to but the circumstances....the fucking circumstances...
“Don't think too much,” he moves away slightly, recentering his lips around the little bud. “Just enjoy it.”
You tried to hide when you came, clamping your mouth shut and stiffening your limbs to stop them from thrashing but when he slipped his clever fingers into your pussy, stretching them out, you couldn't hold back the noises.
He knew just where to press to prolong the pleasure, to make it seem like you'd never come down until eventually you were a rumpled mess, trying to regain your breath as he discarded his final piece of clothing and crawled on top of you.
“Not so bad, was it?” he chuckles. “You're very receptive. I enjoy that. Now I'm going to take you, I'm going to fill you full of my seed and we shall bear witness to the union of Asgard and Midgard.”
He lines up his cock and you're not even looking any more, too dazed still so when he pushes into you, his length is a shock and you end up clutching onto his arms as you adjust. He seems to relish the contact.
“Hush, you will get used to it,” he coos softly, almost lovingly and that confuses you even more.
He starts gently rocking and it's too intimate, it's too close. Why were you even entertaining this? You were supposed to be just lying back and thinking of your country.
But he had a way of pulling that notion, that fantasy of 'love-making' to the fore and it was hard not to get lost in it. Loki wasn't just some conquering brute claiming the spoils of war, he wanted you to enjoy it.
“I must confess, the idea of seeing you round with my child excites me greatly,” he whispers in your ear. “The delicate swell of your belly.”
His hand reaches between you, stroking your stomach softly as his pace quickens a little.
“We will make beautiful children,” he continues. “They shall inherit the nine planets and our legacy will begin.”
He hits a spot inside you which makes your legs wrap around his back and he takes advantage of your head turning towards him to kiss you deeply. Caught up in his flowery words, you kiss him back.
Loki was not the person the world had come to fear. He was not the tyrant you had anticipated. The situation was horrifying but he was making it bearable.
“I'm going to fill you up,” his voice is getting raspier, more strained as his thrusts become harder. “I'm going to fill you so full of my seed it'll drip from your tight quim.”
Realisation hits about the situation the second he says those words. He's going to get you pregnant, he even enjoys the thought of getting you pregnant but you're not ready. You didn't expect yesterday that you'd be here right now with the victor of the Battle of New York wanting to knock you up.
“Be still,” he stops, brushing your hair back. “Look into my eyes and tell me you believe that I would give my life to protect our child.”
A fierce sense of fatherhood already resided in his features. There was no doubt he was serious.
“I believe you.”
“Do you believe I wouldn't hurt you now, now that you've willingly chosen me? I'm not the monster my brother paints me to be. I will look after you. This is not what you want, I know but I will make it easy to live with.”
Better the devil you know? You were left with the prospect of Loki's protection or forced sterilisation by people you thought you could look up to. Maybe they'd even get rid of you completely. You're sure the royal family of the larger neighbouring country hadn't been seen for a few weeks.
“I agree to be your queen,” you say levelly, coming to your conclusion. “And bear your child on the condition you never use that sceptre on me.”
“Agreed,” he nods seriously. “I didn't want to resort to it in the first instance. Now...where was I?”
He grabs underneath your ass, pulling you flusher to him as he fucks you deeper than before, grinding against your already oversensitive clit. You're finally submitting to him, kissing him, running your hands over his body as he groans loudly, his cock twitching within you as he empties himself.
True to his word, you can already feel his cum running out of you, pooling on the bed.
“And I look forward to doing that every day until the seed takes and even after then if you'll allow,” he pulls out, lying next to you.
He turns onto his side, hand on your stomach as he traces around it before flattening his palm on your skin and sighing contentedly.
“Am I truly safe?” you whisper.
“Of course you are,” he frowns a little before breaking into a smirk. “I told you, you're mine now. I protect what's mine. The Avengers will never touch you. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, my queen.”
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nev3rfound · 2 years ago
helping hand : b.b
brief summary: bucky not being able to tie his own hair up during training and needing some assistance. 
requested: yes! by the very sweet @hopeless-lovex0 (this was as adorable to write as the request was) word count: 760 warnings? none. 
* my requests are open so please, feel free to drop an idea *
** also I am currently planning on writing a series, if it is something you’d be interested in please let me know! **
Tumblr media
Bucky grumbles under his breath as he struggles with the band between his fingers, unable to get it around his hair without it all falling back out seconds later. 
You knew you were running late for training, but you tried to ease your guilt knowing it wasn’t for anything in particular other than a bit of bonding. 
Thor huffed as he nudges Wanda forcefully, causing her to stumble as he motions to Bucky on the other side of the room. Bucky keeps his face partially concealed with his hair as it continues to fall back in his eyes. “I could help him.” Thor states and Wanda places her hand on his arm, shaking her head. “What? I am a God with long hair, rather dashing hair if you say so, m’Lady.” He comments and Wanda rolls her eyes before focusing back on the shell of a man sat swearing under his breath. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Thor.” She tells him softly as Tony glances around, raising an eyebrow as the two of them remain still whilst he wipes his forehead with a towel. “Bucky is still very closed off, I’ve seen it.” 
The way she says it makes the God feel for the winter soldier. He wasn’t willing to accept or even ask for help. Bucky was crying out for help in his frustrations, but he didn’t know how to vocalise those cries. 
Bursting through the doors you let out a loud huff, resting your hands on your thighs as you breathe heavily. “Hey, guys,” You mutter as you catch your breath and straighten up. 
Thor and Wanda smile as you head towards Tony, “How’re you doing Sleeping Beauty?” Tony jokes and you nudge him, “Oof maybe you didn’t get enough beauty sleep.”
Ignoring his comments you continue to walk through the gym, Wanda nudging Thor as he drops his weights, his attention averting to where Wanda is looking with wide eyes. “What the-” Natasha calls out to Clint who looks back at her with an equally confused expression. 
Tony stepped forward to stop you, but Steve held his arm out blocking him before he intruded. 
You remained blissfully unaware of the scene playing out behind you as you neared Bucky with a smile on your face. “Hey Buck.” You call out as you sit down in front of him, lifting your hand up to brush his hair behind his ear. 
His bright blue eyes melt from their icy gaze as they soften on yours. A smile plays on his lips and everyone in the room began to meltdown as you removed a hair band from your wrist and moved closer to the distant man. 
Humming quietly Bucky closed his eyes in content as you began to tie his hair up. Once you were done he lightly kissed your forehead, “What’d you feel like doin’?” His Brooklyn accent thickening around you, knowing it made him feel suaver like the old days. 
You shrug your shoulders. “I kinda feel like a lot of stretching, ‘specially after last night.” Muttering the last part Natasha’s jaw drops as a blush crosses Buckys cheeks as she hits Clint's chest.
“They’re a thing?” She asks everyone else and they all shrug their shoulders, just as confused as one another.
Everyone that is, except for Steve who smiles at the sight. The two of you, so wrapped up in each other that the confusion of your fellow team members doesn’t phase you. 
He could see what you didn’t, that look Bucky gives you as you stand up and stretch out. His eyes light up whenever you glance down to him and smile reassuringly. You were something Bucky needed without realising, that love he had never experienced was so precious and wholesome between the two of you. 
Bucky stood up and turned his head, seeing that no one else was working out anymore. Instead, all eyes were on the two of you. 
“Erm, doll?” Bucky nudges you lightly as you lower your leg and open your eyes. 
As you look around at all of the Avengers you let out a small laugh. “What?” You ask and no one speaks up, Natasha shakes her head in disbelief whilst Tony wears a strange smirk. 
“I told you, Thor.” Wanda mutters to the God as he lets out a sigh. 
“I’m sure I would’ve evoked the same reaction.” He retorts, crossing his arms as he watches you and Bucky train together, a side that no one but you had seen until now - him being perfectly content. 
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i-am-irondad · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Adoption AU: The Parkers worked for Stark Industries since its creation. Following a tragic accident that left the newborn son of Mary and Richard Parker, Peter, without a family; Tony Stark adopted and raised him. [Stark-r’s don’t interact, thank you]  Fanfiction out now (link!) 
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arzkiya-hai · 2 years ago
tony motherfucking stark
reaLLY went from DADDY MATERIAL to DAD MATERIAL from iron man 1 to avengers endgame and that's the glow up that saved the universe
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mamalazzer · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peggy as Tony’s Godmother AU - Part Nine
Because I’d like to believe that Peggy would have already figured out Obadiah’s game and warned him off like a protective godmama bear 
All the other parts of the Godmother Peggy AU
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clintfbarton · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Avengers AU: Interview with Clint and Barney Barton 
Text by @spectralarchers Gifs by me
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arzkiya-hai · 2 years ago
endgame spoiler ahead
Tumblr media
UPDATE: i see these posts where many says that the women power scene in endgame feels tokenized and also a bit forced...
looking back at it, it does kinda seems that but i remember the pre-russo avengers where the only female avenger was black widow, AND MCU has always been criticized for that and the lack of representation too (though the openly gAy chAracTEr scene was a bit disappointing) !!
i personally think that they have come a long way from that and though it felt forced its like the russos are trying to overcome that and YES THE SIMILAR SCENE IN INFINITY WAR felt more natural and organic
it's still one of my favorite scenes and i enjoyed it thoroughly!!
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earlgreydream · 2 months ago
| loki x reader | fluff | angst |
requested. Loki x Reader where they live in avengers tower and Loki updates the reader with his anger/annoyance level
slight angst for a dreary sunday 
Tumblr media
“Ten! Fucking ten!” Loki screamed, tearing into the kitchen where you were baking. 
“What?” Sam asked, looking up. 
“Nothing,” you said before wiping your hands on a towel and jogging over to the infuriated god. 
He was practically seething, his dark curls wild and eyes sharp with anger. You gave a look to Sam, Bucky, and Steve that said clear the room, and they took the hint, leaving you alone with Loki. 
You’d bonded with the god while he was at the tower, and you had a soft spot for Loki that no one else did. You had a system for gauging his unpredictable emotions. Loki would tell you a number, one through ten, that indicated his mood, or his anger levels. Usually, the moody Asgardian settled at around a four, just passive annoyance, but today he was shaken up by something. 
You didn’t speak at first, you just walked up to Loki and pulled him into your arms, wrapping around his waist. You felt some of his anger slip away, and his delicate hand came to rest on the back of your head.
“What happened, Loki?” you asked gently. 
“Thor. Stark. They taunt me, they call me a monster and they say that I should still be locked up in the glass cell, that I shouldn’t be let out of the tower. They were saying that I don’t deserve your attention, that I’ve casted some kind of spell over you to make you like me. It’s all lies, I’ve changed!” Loki broke down in your arms.
“Oh, Loki...” you hugged him tightly. 
The other’s distrust of Loki ran deep, and they couldn’t accept the fact that Loki really had changed. Thor spent multiple lifetimes witnessing his mischief, and he poisoned the well of hatred for Loki. It all broke your heart. You knew it wasn’t true, and you wished that the others could see it. 
Hot tears ran from Loki’s blue eyes, and you stroked through his dark hair, trying to calm him down. 
“Hey, Loki, it’s okay,” you whispered, kissing his temple. 
He looked so young like this. He was no longer the frightening villain that tried to overthrow New York. Now, Loki was just a wounded young god who’s feelings had been hurt by his brother, the one person other than you he thought that he could depend on. 
“Why don’t you help me finish the brownies? Get your mind off of them?” you offered, prying yourself free from him. 
He nodded quietly, following you back to the island where you handed him the batter to stir. You finished putting in the ingredients, going through the cabinets looking for something to add.
Loki smiled at the sound of your excited gasp, and you held up a bag of chocolate chips. 
“Lo, save some for the brownies!” you cried as he snatched some from your measuring cup. 
“There’s plenty, darling, I’m certain of it.” 
You let him steal some more of the chocolate chips before mixing them into the batter. He helped you pour it into a pan and slid it in the oven for you, insisting he wasn’t going to let you risk burning yourself. 
“How long until they’re done?” he asked, peering through the glass window of the oven. You smiled at him, running your fingers through his hair as he watched them cook.
“Half hour or so.”
“We have time for a chapter of our book,” Loki grinned, though his gaze was hopeful. You agreed, and Loki took your hand, pulling you to the couch. You sat beside him, and he read aloud from a novel. You loved his voice, getting lost in it. Loki loved to read to you, and you indulged him, leaning against his side as he read you stories of magic and romance. 
The oven beeped just as Loki finished the chapter, and you nearly fell over at the speed in which he bolted back to the kitchen. You smiled to yourself, thankful you were able to cheer him up, or at least distracted from the anger.
He set the pan on the stove to cool, leaning over them and biting his lip. You walked up beside him, your hand sliding up his slender back. 
“How are you feeling now?”
“After spending time with you? Wonderful,” Loki smiled. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Endgame Countdown 0
Reunited. Time to cope with canon by giving these punks the happy endings they deserve. Not sure if this counts as spoilers considering this AU doesn’t follow canon at all, but I’ll tag it anyway. 
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angelkurenai · 2 years ago
Imagine Steve being your bodyguard and you flirting with him and trying to get him to loosen up but making him flustered.
Tumblr media
“Please. Please! Miss (Y/l/n) won't take any more photos. That will be enough.” Bucky, one of your bodyguards, said to the fans that had piled up and were all asking for photos with you or an autograph.
“She doesn't have time for this. We would like to ask you to stop now.” Sam, another bodyguard, tried to say over the loud screaming and cheering of your name, the fans only asking for more photos and you weren't one to say no.
“That will be enough for today, (Y/n).” somehow over all the noise you could make out and be able to focus on his voice. Steve Rogers was your main bodyguard ever since you got involved with acting and he had been there through it all. If there was one person on this world you had blind faith in, that you trusted with your life 100% was him. You had come closer than you would ever admit, much less let the media know – not that the fans didn't already ship the two of you as it was, but no matter how you'd see him as more than your bodyguard or friend, the man was too professional to do anything about it. Sometimes you loved the perfect gentleman and what a sweetheart he was but sometimes it got on your nerves how proper he was and how he just refused to overstep his boundaries. Especially when all you could think about, when you saw him in that great suit giving you an adorable boyish smile, was to grab him by the tie and crash your lips to his.
“(Y/n), come on, we need to get going. We have a flight to catch.” he kept a firm voice, being the most professional he could be when others were around, but always very patient with you.
“Come on, just a couple more photos, ok? Two or three... or ten? Alright? Alright!” you gave him the most adorable smile you could and you noticed how a laugh left his lips, his head lowered as he shook it softly.
“(Y/n)” he warned in a softer voice this time, placing a hand on the small of your back as he showed your way to the car waiting for you.
“One more! One more!” you said before turning back to your fans for more autographs, grinning and laughing “Oh my gosh is that a Wonder Woman drawing you did yourself? That's so awesome!” you said in awe, signing it when she asked for an autograph.
“No more. No more photos.” Steve said firmly but the moment he took a step forward he stopped, realizing that you weren't following him anymore but more like totally ignored him and kept smiling while you talked with the fans. He sighed softly, giving you a stern look that just made you pull away and roll your eyes.
“Fine” you sighed in defeat and he smiled in victory, as you pulled away from your fans after telling them how much you loved them, and followed him as he held the door open for you to enter the car. You got inside before he followed suit, never leaving you alone even in the car. Sometimes you wished he wouldn't leave you alone even in the bedroom but you couldn't always have it your way, sadly, despite how much you wanted to see firsthand again what he hid underneath that perfect suit of his. Not that Steve Rogers wasn't already the kind of man to open a door for a lady whether he got paid for it or not. You were sure that he was a bodyguard just because he was a perfect kind of man, ready to protect anyone and be caring too.
“Sometimes, you're like a kid in a candyshop when you're around them.” Steve said with a soft smile, holding a hand out for you to hold onto as you walked up the small stairs to your private plane.
“I am also like a kid in a candyshop when I'm in a candyshop.” you giggled and he smiled that adorable smile of his that made your knees go weak, making you even more thankful for his support. You made sure to link arms with him so that he would walk next to you, sometimes he was too formal and would take his job as a bodyguard too seriously.
“That I've seen firsthand.” he nodded his head, looking at you from the corner of his eyes with a smile.
“And you are always such a bodyguard, too. Whether it's the candyshop or the fans or anything else for that matter.” you admitted with a soft sigh as you got inside the airplane “Εven around me.” you added so softly you doubted he even heard you. Or if he did, he did a good job at hiding it.
“It's still good to see how all the fame hasn't gotten in your head. I've had to-” he sighed, looking down at the beer bottle he was holding “Ι've had to see people I considered friends lose themselves to all this, they weren't the same. It felt like I lost them too, some of them quite literally-” he choked on his words but cleared his throat before he could let it affect him in front of you. Another thing you wished he'd stop was hiding his feelings or tears from others and even more you, that he'd just let you comfort him for a change for once at least, but he had been through so much in his life that you were still learning new things after 6 years of knowing him “Βattling an addiction sometimes is hard b-but when everyone else just makes it harder for you and pushes you over the edge you just lose yourself in every meaning of the word before inevitably other lose you too. I've been alone since I was 18, you know it, but this... It was something I couldn't believe, and I ended up finding myself in a place where without them around it felt like I didn't know where I was. You know, something like waking up into the future?”
“Yeah” you said in a hoarse voice “Ι know. Bucky's... He's told me a couple things.”
“Yeah, well-”he cleared his throat, putting on a brave smile on his lips “Αt least I know that you're not going to end up like that, especially as long as it is up to me. I am going to do everything it takes for you.” he said softly, looking back at you and you looked down shyly, feeling your cheeks heat up.
He cleared his throat, going back to pop open the beer bottle before speaking to you “Want anything to drink?”
“Glass of wine would be perfect. Red.” you sighed softly, sitting down on the chair to take off your heels and massage your feet 的t's going to be a long flight and then a long day of interviews.
“Why don't you take a nap? You barely slept last night.” he walked back to you with a glass of wine in one hand and a beer bottle in the other, sitting on the seat directly in front of yours.
“Would love to, but I'm sore all over.” you bit your lip, trying to keep yourself from grinning mischievously only to seem as innocent as possible before you spoke up again “I would ask you to give me a massage but I don't wanna make you blush or embarrass you to the pilot with the sounds I'll be making. I'm pretty vocal, what can I say?” you shrugged, again innocently, and a sheepish laugh left his lips.
“Shame.” he said with a hint or red on his cheeks “I'm pretty good with my hands.” and you were sure the words were just as innocent as the way he said them, in his mind at least, but not yours.
“Do tell?” you raised an eyebrow, crossing a leg over the other and of course taking notice of the way his eyes lingered on you and your legs, before he blinked and looked away slightly embarrassed “Then, what other parts of yourself are you good with other than your hands, Rogers?” you smirked, leaning back in your seat and once he understood the meaning behind your words, his wide eyes jumped up to meet yours and his lips fell apart.
“Oh oh I- I didn't- I-” he cleared his throat, looking out of the window “I meant in case you wanted a massage, that's... that's all.”
“Oh I got it crystal clear, trust me. And I'll definitely hold onto that, but maybe I'll choose a hotel room at first. Make it more private.” you winked and his eyebrows raised in surprise.
“What?” he asked in a more rough voice and all you did was laugh softly.
“Come on, Stevie!” you burst into giggles “Relax, nobody's watching now. And I'm certainly in no danger either, loosen up.” you said with a soft smile and he let out a small sigh, shaking his head with a smile as he looked outside the window once more “Don't need to be such a tight-ass all the time.”
“Language.” he muttered softly yet firmly, giving you a look that just made your grin widen before you burst in laughter and as realization set down on him, he looked down with a shake of his head.
“Did you just-” you started.
“It slipped!” he defended immediately but you still kept laughing, this time in a softer way.
“But you know what?” you whispered, only giving him a gentle smile “I love it that you have started being more of yourself around me than my loyal bodyguard. Don't get me wrong, I could never ask for a better protector than you. You're almost like- no, you are my knight in shinning armor.” the shy and incredibly sweet smile made your heart skip a beat because you saw your words meant a lot more to him than he dared say “But, you know Steve, I-” you let a soft sigh, getting up from your seat and walking towards him “I don't see you just as that.”
“What do you-” a small gasp left his lips when you sat down on his lap “What are you doing, (Y/n)?”
“Do you just see me as your boss?” you tilted your head to the side but the man only stared at you with wide eyes, holding his breath “Tell me, please. I want to now this, do you see my as only the woman you're working for?” you asked sincerely.
His baby blue eyes that always warmed your heart, moved back and forth before he finally took a deep breath and spoke up “No. No, you're much more to me.”
The way your heart leapt to your throat made it impossible for you to breathe for a moment - or were you maybe holding your breath all along? - you didn't know. All that could register in your mind was how crazy the butterflies in your stomach went. You smiled at him, a little shyly, before speaking “Then why are you so formal around me?” you tilted your head to the side “Just let me know you more... I want to.”
“I-” he started but struggled to speak for a second “I would love it too.”
“Then-” you could hardly fight your smile, your hands moving to his shoulders before you started pushing off his suit's jacket, him not doing anything to stop you as you got rid of it. Your hands moved to his tie which he had already tugged at to loosen up but you made sure to undo it and throw it next to his jacket. Last but far from least, you undid a couple buttons from his button-up shirt that in all honesty had you staring every time you looked at him. The way every shirt struggled against his chest made you lose your track of thoughts once in a while anyway.
You wrapped your around his shoulders and gave him a soft smile, whispering “Let's get to know each other better then, my lovely bodyguard.”
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