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Oggi voglio solo urlare un grande VAFFANCULO perché ho capito che nessuno si merita niente.

L'ho detto in tutti i modi cosa provo e ormai giorno dopo giorno mi frega sempre meno.. e va benissimo così.. l'unico mio problema è che se un giorno tu ti renderai conto che vuoi me.. io non ci sarò più..

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Bucky’s number of lines in the MCU per film:

Captain America: The First Avenger: 38

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 13

-Lines more than 2 sentences: 1

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 13

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 4 (3 of which are in the flashback scene)

-Lines more than 2 sentences: 1 (also in the flashback)

Captain America: Civil War: 43

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 10

-Lines more than 2 sentences: 1

Black Panther (Post-Credits Scene): 2

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 1

-Lines more than 2 sentences: 0

Avengers: Infinity War: 8

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 0

Avengers: Endgame: 2

-Lines more than 1 sentence: 1

-Lines more than 2 sentences: 0

(he has the same number of lines in the post-credits of BP as he does in Steve’s final film in the MCU)

*For Winter Soldier and Civil War it’s arguable what constitutes a sentence but it’s worth noting that I was generous not the opposite.

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LEGACY: A Tony Stark Daughter Story


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Word Count: 1,375ish 

Summary: Bailey meets Peter Parker.


My first stop was to multiple ATM’s, taking all the money out of my account before disposing of my card. I couldn’t let Tony trace me that way. On the way, I signaled SARAH to turn off my location and send the suit to follow me. Taking the train and multiple cabs, I finally reached my destination. A small apartment in Brooklyn. Steve had an apartment there under a secret identity and only him, Sam, Nat, Fury, and I knew about it. I landed at the doorstep, found the extra key, and unlocked it. The apartment wasn’t as dusty as I thought it was going to be. It was small, it had a kitchen, a tiny bedroom and bathroom, and two chairs as the living room. I set down my bags on the bed.

I got all settled in, putting things in drawers, and determining what I needed to get from the store when my suit arrived. I ran my fingers over it once it was in the apartment, remembering the night he gifted it to me. Tears stung my eyes, I quickly wiped them away, grabbed a hat and some cash, and ran some errands. I had been at the apartment for a few days, when I woke up to a knock at the door.

“SARAH, why is someone knocking at my door?” I sleepily asked.

“Remember, you wanted someone to pick you up and take you to Peter Parker’s school?” She answered.

“Oh, yeah…. Please ask them to wait a few more minutes.”

“Will do.”

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the avengers watching criminal minds (as told by endgcmz, assisted by connorshxnsen)

  • tony hates spencer reid because he knows he’s smarter than him but denies it
  • peter and ned love derek morgan because he’s a total badass
  • steve is complaining about everything wrong with the show, specifically the justice system
  • bruce was dragged into watching by tony but secretly loves it
  • “hotch never smiles, hey just like tony” - bruce
  • they and peter laugh over the science stuff reid says
  • wanda is trying her best™ to understand what’s happening but loves garcia
  • scott is in love with jj but definitely ships her and reid
  • hope punches scott when she catches him drooling
  • pietro keeps unintentionally scooting too close to the tv so everyone yells at him to move back and it keeps going on five times an episode
  • natasha’s drinking wine and yelling encouragement to emily prentiss since they’re literally the same person
  • clint doesn’t care for the beginning and middle he just wants to see the unsub caught
  • thor tries to guess who the unsub is at the beginning of every episode and fails every time
  • vision and loki hate how everyone is so easily entertained
  • everyone agrees that vision is literally hotch - impassive constantly and never smiles but vision doesn’t see it
  • loki lowkey finds reid attractive especially with that hair in season six whew
  • “LUKE SKYWALKER IS THE UNSUB???” - peter and ned
  • tony relates to rossi but only because they’re italian
  • peter looked the cast up and is ordering “rumple buttercup” with tony’s credit card
  • “he voiced a chipmunk we need to rewatch the movies” - peter @ ned who says yes
  • the women swoon over reid’s s6 haircut
  • in fact everyone likes reid in some way except tony
  • “NO ONE CAN READ THAT FAST” - a raging tony
  • sam enjoys the asskicking morgan does and starts calling nat “baby girl”
  • bucky loves seeing jj’s sons and hotch’s kid on screen and was smiling when little henry was dressed as reid
  • “they’re cute, that’s it” - bucky
  • carol doesn’t know if she loves jj or emily more but lives to be as quirky as garcia
  • rhodey has big rossi energy™ and is so done with everyone talking over the show
  • [takes an aspirin] “can you guys please shut up i’m begging you” - rhodey
  • tchalla’s so quiet while watching you forget he’s even there after a while
  • shuri’s yelling out the scientific errors reid or blake make
  • steve almost throws up a couple times saying “the world war 2 battlefield was never this gruesome”
  • everyone also agrees that emily >>> elle
  • strange is criticizing everything as well even though he’s literally magic
  • “oh cmon that cannot happen in—“ “SHUT UP”

add more if you’d like!

(made while endgcmz watches s9)

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Title: Stop Your Cryin’ Baby Its A Sign Of The Times

Pairing: Peter Parker x Michelle Jones (Spideychelle)

Rating: Teen Audiences and Up

Word Count: 3,178

Summary: Michelle had groggily stumbled out of bed when what sounded like muffled cries traveled through the thin walls of her bedroom. Emanating from the wall that she shared with her neighbor. Her neighbor that happened to be her crush; and Spider-Man. Thus she’d taken it upon herself to see if he was alright. But it turns out, knocking on your crushes bedroom door at two o'clock in the morning is easier said than done.

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On the subject of man pain

I get the idea behind complaining about man pain. He didn’t get what he wanted boo hoo that’s no excuse to kill everyone. But really. To me the concept of it only applies to what Audrey did so to speak. She didn’t get the crown so she made people suffer. That’s part of why I hate her. To me that qualifies as man pain. But Ross’s state at the beginning of friends isn’t man pain. Neither is Clint’s situation in avengers endgame. They each went through a trauma. Ross’s wife cheated on him. Clint saw his family die in front of him. And that effected them immensely. But they’re decried and complained about because of man pain. And people say Clint should’ve died instead of Nat. He’d agree with them. But Audrey tries to kill everyone because she’s sad. And she’s celebrated. Kylo Ren from Star Wars is man pain. (I’m a man and I’m in pain when I watch his scenes). Audrey if she were a white guy would be decried as man pain. But because she’s a woc she’s celebrated for things she really shouldn’t be celebrated for

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