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#avengers endgame
iseathegalaxy · 3 hours ago
following my "why wasn't loki escaping tva approved when it led to steve and tony travelling back to the 70s" post...
what if it's all a lie? what if it's all a huge ass lie and there are multiple timelines, even if only a few, and the sacred timeline is but a cover?
and most importantly what if steve and tony weren't actually supposed to go back back in time but they did and so that created a new timeline, regardless of whether steve ultimately put the stone back, and that's why he was able to go back in time a live with peggy and then just waltz into tony's funeral, cause it was the very same timeline?
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denofgeek · 3 hours ago
Nobody said time travel was easy. When Marvel Studios officially introduced temporal shenanigans into its cinematic canon in Avengers: Endgame, it did so with noble intentions. Our Avengers had to save the universe and recapture the 50% of the population that Thanos dusted away. The easiest way to do so was with a dash of Pym particles and an entanglement within the Quantum Realm...
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uhthor · 4 hours ago
it makes me so feral that nobody ever comforts bruce in a touchy-feely way until ragnarok. after he hulks out or dehulks everyone is scared of him and threatened by him/everyone avoids him to let him sort out himself by himself but thor is the only person who has ever checked on bruce after dehulking (“i won’t hurt you.”) or something traumatic happening (stroking his forehead after he performed the snap and saying it’s okay as well as being the only one who gave a shit that it was hurting him). thor cares about bruce so fucking much, in a way that none of the other avengers even touch upon. every single part of him.
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academicgangster · 4 hours ago
1, 2, and 24 (the mcu for the XXX in question)
1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
There are quite a few, actually! I'm not into most of the major noncanon MCU ships. I don't really get Steve/Bucky, Steve/Natasha, Bucky/Natasha or Steve/Tony (with the proviso that I would in fact read and enjoy Steve/Tony if they were both rule 63'd).
My only super-popular MCU ships are Tony/Pepper, which is canon, and Tony/Stephen. All my other MCU ships are relatively rare.
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2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?
Clint/Tony used to be huuuuge back in the day - I don't know if it is any more. I can definitely see it, and I've read fics that do the pairing well, but I tend to prefer them as platonic bringers of chaos.
24. Would you recommend the MCU to a friend?
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Would any MCU fan recommend the MCU to a friend? 😅 I don't think any of us would - not any of us who've been around since before 2014, anyway.
I love the Iron Man trilogy and Avengers 1. I hope Black Widow will be good. Apart from those movies, I am now of the opinion that the entire MCU is not nearly worth the emotional investment it wants from its audience, and I'm done giving it my feelings and having it repeatedly let me down.
I didn't like The Winter Soldier - I get my espionage+action thriller fix elsewhere, in franchises that handle ensemble casts better. I dislike the way the MCU develops its characters in film (ie. that it mostly Doesn't). I increasingly dislike the way the MCU operates behind the scenes.
IM1-2, Avengers 1, and IM3 are all I would recommend to a friend.
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brucebannersimp · 7 hours ago
i was rewatching endgame when i realized that when they had hulk put on the gauntlet, with the infinity stones, thor was the only one to tell him to take it off when he was in oblivious pain.
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odetolove95 · 11 hours ago
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Tried some digital painting on one of my previous drawings. I don't have the tools digital artists do. I did this with a mouse, so it's not that great.🙈 Just started learning
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loki-once-said · 12 hours ago
So a tik tok pointed out the fact that when Loki was at the TVA room watching his death scene, "End of the File" doesn't appears after Thanos snaps his neck.
It appears after the explosion...meaning that his life ended with it.
He was probably just paralyzed and still felt all the pain but most importantly: Thor hugging him.
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Tumblr media
Credit to the creator (because my insta page reloaded accidentally and I lose it, dm me if you know pls)
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Tumblr ad at its best... Who is Marcel?
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defenderstvpodcast · 12 hours ago
Marvel's Loki Episode 1 Feedback Podcast
Marvel’s Loki Episode 1 Feedback Podcast
We received lots of Loki Episode 1 Feedback so we decided to record a special episode just with all of our fellow Defenders thoughts. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Loki Season 1 Cast Loki Laufeyson played by Tom HiddlestonMobius M. Mobius played by Owen WilsonHunter B15 played by Wunmi MosakuJuge Ravonna Renslayer played by Gugu Mbatha-RawCasey The Paperwork Clerk played by Jon…
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