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#avengers endgame
😶, it's mephisto
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low-budget-korra · 2 days ago
Some MCU Hot Takes
-Tom Holland is a great Peter Parker but the script is just the worst. Treating him as a spoiled boy who cant do shit without Stark's money. In fact, his movies and all are just so depend on Tony Start that it sucks
-Okay, I admit. It's time to stop saying Clint should've died in Endgame just because we dislike his character or his actor
-Apart from Eternals and Black Panther, The MCU couples or just sucks or simply don't have the chemistry. Some of them can be cute like Wanda and Vision or Peggy and Steve, but there's something missing ya know? And this something we usually find in noncanon ships like Thor and Valkyrie, Steve and Bucky, Carol and Maria. Damn even Carol and Valkyrie who didn't proper met yet, have better spice and chemistry than 90% of MCU canon couples.
-Black Widow is a good movie but it's more of a Yelena introduction movie than Natasha own movie.
-Nebula should be the one to kill Thanos, or at the very least, have an important part on it.
-Endgame have great action and epic scenes but overall is a terrible movie. Too much fanservice and throws years of character development through the window. And lets not forget about Thor's ptsd being treated as a joke
-Speaking of it, Steve is kind of selfish in some moments in the MCU, okay not exactly selfish but just really stubborn. The point is, he would not be able to live a happy and normal life knowing that Bucky was being tortured and used as a weapon. Its like they forgot that Steve literally fought against everyone for Bucky. Steve going and staying the past aint sweet, ain't his character flaw, it's just the type of bad writing that ruins characters arc
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renicrusecal · 11 hours ago
Punch Me
Pairing: Yelena Belova x reader
Warnings: Mentions of minor injuries and end game
Requested by: VtRaAn56 on Wattpad
Pronouns: They/them
Extra Information: AU where everyone survived endgame.
Authors note: This took me longer to write than I'd like to admit, but at least it's finally out
Tumblr media
Y/N was one of the lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, 3.8 billion-ish survivors of Thanos's snap. It was hard but, in that time Y/N graduated med school and, through their retired SHIELD agent parents, got a job patching up the remaining Avengers.
It was a simple job, becoming almost effortless as the world came together to deal with the blip. Most days it could even be considered boring.
Of course that all changed after the second snap, for a while.
The whole ordeal with the Flag Smashers was unnecessarily vexatious, but at least it gave Y/N more to do than patching Tony up after an accident in his the workshop and helping Peter with his homework.
But everytime someone brought a friend or family member round, the compound would always liven up a bit.
Yelena wasn't usually one for understanding her feelings, or even acknowledging them most days. Practically her whole life, she had been trained to block out anything she felt to stop any sort of connection that could form. The only exception to that was, of course, Natasha. They grew up together, the bond they shared was inevitable. That's why when she joined the Avengers it was such a shock for her when she met Y/N.
She'd never had to worry about impressing someone or trying not to make a fool of herself before. When Y/N was around, her usually cool exterior just seemed to melt away until she was an inconvenient puddle of awkwardness.
This had been happening pretty much everytime she was in the same room as Y/N and Natasha had finally decided, enough is enough.
"So you already like Y/N?" Nat asks, putting the jam in her sandwich.
"Good, they're nice." She places her dirty knife down and turns to Yelena. "I know exactly how to help you with them."
"Like this." She punches Yelena right on her cheek, causing her to fall to the floor. "Now they can patch you up."
"I hate you." She gets up and walks out of the kitchen.
"You'll be thanking me later."
"What made Nat punch you?" Y/N asks, wrapping an ice pack in a white cloth before handing it to Yelena.
"Oh, you know, just usual sisterly fighting. Nothing important."
Y/N places the ice pack against Yelena's cheek. "Hold this here, it'll keep the swelling down."
"Thank you Y/N."
"It's no problem. Without you coming in I wouldn't have had anything to do today." They smile at her.
"Hey, would you like to go watch a movie sometime? Maybe tomorrow, if that's good for you?"
"Yeah, tomorrow's good."
"I don't know whether to thank you or punch you." Yelena says, taking a seat next to Nat.
"So you got a date?"
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cherryvouge · a day ago
Tony : grr.
Peter : hmm?
Tony : grr.
Peter : *scared* what...?
Tony : GRRRR.
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nkp1981 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan photographed by Dennis Leupold  for 'GQ Romania', 2014
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ztfangirl · a day ago
When my grandparents come to me for help on their iPhones
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willwriteforhugs · 2 days ago
i simply feel like if i'd been handed the raw, 6'2 shakespeare-nerd power of tom hiddleston and permission to make loki canonically bisexual i would have been able to come up with something better than that
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rennered4real · 2 days ago
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„I don’t think there is light without the dark. A truth doesn’t exist without a lie, you know? My job is always to look at other people’s perspectives, and in general, I always try to remain very, very hopeful about even the bleakest situation. It’s coming through darkness or hardships or failures in life, where successes become real success.” [x]
- Jeremy Renner for Flaunt Magazine (2021)
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mulltifangirll · 5 hours ago
Y’know what would make a great poster? The avengers eating shawarma but it’s a hole in the wall so it looks like an opening to a shawarma restaurant with a god, a couple old men, and a hot woman just stuffing their faces
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