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#avengers endgame

Right so my bf and I have come up with an avengers theory that Asgard isn’t actually a planet it’s on Midgard but it’s just super small like so small that all the asgardians are like the size of ants and the bifrost doesn’t actually send them anywhere it just makes them grow to normal human size. We already know that there is shrinking technology in the MCU because of Antman but what if the asgardians made it first or something along those lines.

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“Steve such a wonderful guy, He’s kind, smart, hot, an old soul he even has an nice ass for god sake and I love him so much!” You fangirl.

“well I think he’s right for you Y/N, why don’t you tell him you love him?”

There was a knock on Natasha’s door, you opened it expecting Clint but it was Steve he overheard you conversation.

When you opened it you saw Steve, his cheeks were bright red and awkwardly waved at you and Natasha.

“Hey Y/N, can you talk to you privately?”

“sure”, you look back at Natasha she nodded and winked.

You closed the door behind you

“so what do you want to ask me”

“w-well um would you like to grab dinner sometimes?”

you smiled at him trying to contain you excitement and said,

“Sure Steve”

“Good, pick you up at  7 tomorrow?”

“Yes”, you smiled as he walked  away, you entered back into the room and squealed.

“well what did he say”

“He asked me out to dinner!”

“really? I’m so happy for you!”

For the rest of  the night you couldn’t stop smiling.

Sorry if its bad, but request is open

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Steve and Bucky end up together at the end of Endgame.

I repeat, Steve and Bucky end up together at the end of Endgame.

How, you ask? Simple

Steve goes back in time to return the stones. After he’s finished, he goes back to 19-whatever and finds Peggy. He dances with her for the first and last time, because of course he does, he promised, and when does Steve ever break a promise?

As he dances with Peggy, he tells her all about what he’s been up to in the future, and about how the fact that being gay was so widely accepted helped him realize that he was in love with Bucky, had been for a long time. She understood, and wished him the best of luck. She was moving on anyway.

Then Steve goes off to find Bucky. He rescues him from Hydra, stays with him, loves him, and eventually they run off together and get married.

That’s why when Sam asked Steve about the GIRL he married, he didn’t want to talk about it. Because he didn’t marry a girl. He married Bucky.

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Marvel Writing Clint’s MCU Arc

Writers: How can we make him interesting?

Writers: I dunno maybe we can watch a show to get the creative juices flowing

Arrow: Oliver Queen lost everything so now he kills people he deems bad and corrupt in a dark leather hoodie

Writers: Oh write that down

Endgame: ✍️kill✍️bad✍️guys✍️in✍️dark✍️hoodie✍️

Arrow: felicity inspires me to be better

Endgame: ✍️Natasha✍️shows✍️up✍️

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Bucky: Wait for it, wait for it… 9:01. Steve is officially late for the first time ever. Alright, let’s do this. Who’s got theories?

Vision: His alarm did not go off.

Bucky: All three alarms, all with battery backups? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?

Peter: Oh! He was talking in his sleep!

Bucky: That’s what I’m talking about! Super dark, Peter, but way more plausible than Vision’s idiotic alarm clock theory.

Tony: I bet he tucked himself in his bed too tight and got stuck.

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