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Hey, Seira, what do you think would be a good plan for the afternoon?

Oh, what if we watched a movie? Look, “Endgame” is available!


Originally posted by itseokjins-main

I thought i’d cry less after a year. I was wrong. So fucking wrong. Still cannot believe they ruined their best characters like this.

I’d like to formally thank express my gratitude to fanfic writers for fixing what Marvel destroyed.

Now imma go cry for another two hours, someone send something to fix my broken heart.

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2019 was a cracking year for genre films! What was your favourite? For me, it was Endgame hands down.

Also, which one are you most looking forward to this year? I would say either Wonder Woman or The Eternals, despite knowing next to nothing about the latter. Here’s to a great 2020! Happy New Years all!!

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Chris truly loves the ending for Steve, going back to Peggy.

And I see something different in these scenes. I can respect his work, but I don’t have to like it. 

It makes me question how I saw Chris as Captain America and it feels like I’m loosing a beloved character to a growing schism. 

If I didn’t like all the Marvel Universe and many of the other characters, I would actually move on now, since I don’t like the Endgame Steve Rogers anymore

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What happened to the Scepter?

Steve is taking the stones and the mjölnir with him, but not the scepter?

The scepter has an important part in Age of Ultron?

Did they leave the scepter behind and only came with the stone? 

How did Steve return the scepter back to Hydra?  :-)

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