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#avengers family

SUMMARY:You join the Avengers for dinner, part because you want to and partly because Tony wouldn’t take no for an answer. You meet the others who expected to stay at the compound. Steve and Bucky talk. Your work habits make an appearance.

WARNINGS: Bucky and Steve both deal with intense emotions. Also I allude a bit to the reader’s backstory. You have been shunned of sorts from a very wealthy family, you were forced to develop skills to better yourself to be of more value to your parents.
so there are some references to a sense of familial detachment, I am not writing it as abuse because the reader is well cared for but her parents are hard to please and distant.

NOTES: This is an everyone lives/no one dies, Living in the compound, Non Civil War compliant, No Sokovian Accords AU.

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(I lied on the last chapter? I guess I had one more ready that needed formatted. Told you all I am freaking clueless.)

SUMMARY:You discover just how far these two men are willing to go for you. You wonder at your inability to portray your thanks, they seem to ignore your determination to be polite.


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Tony: Foot on the pedal, never ever false metal! Engine runnin’ hotter than a boilin’ kettle!

Clint: My job’s ain’t a job, it’s a damn good time! City to city, I’m runnin’ my rhythms!

Tony: On location, tourin’ round the nation!

Clint: Beastie Boys always on vacation! Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable–Sing it Tasha!

Nat, unenthusiastic: I do what I do best because I’m willing and able…

Tony: Ain’t no fakin’, your money I’m takin’, goin’ coast to coast watchin’ all the girlies shakin’! BRUCE!

Bruce, mumbling: While you’re at the job working nine to five…


*points to Natasha and Bruce*

Nat, bored: No

Bruce, tired: Sleep

Clint and Tony: TIL’ BROOKLYN!

Steve and Bucky: *confused silence*

Thor: *confused but happily clapping along*

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There is a reason the Avengers have their groceries delivered each week. Tony made the mistake of taking them shopping only once and that was enough for him.

Tony: I already explained this to you, Cap–

Steve: Then explain to me again why milk is 4 dollars a gallon!

Peter, an arm full of instant ramen: Mr. Stark, they have a new shrimp flavor!

Tony: Kid, that had no nutrition at–

Natasha: Who wants bacon!


Tony: What the fu-

Bruce, trying to decide on which tea to get: I mean they’re all good, but this brand is cheaper.

Tony: Billionaire, Bruce, just–

Thor: Friend, Tony! We shall feast tonight on the Pop of Tarts!

Tony: Why do you have 2 carts of popt–!?

Steve, still distressed over the milk: How do you get milk from an almond!?

Peter, distracted: Can we get cheese sticks too?

Natasha: What about pudding?

Clint: Fuck your pudding!

Peter, excited: Mr. Stark cheetos are on sale!

Bruce, still deciding on a tea: Can we afford tea cookies too? I’m sure we have a coupon somewhere.

Steve, frantic: How do you milk an almond, Tony!?


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The whole Marvel Fandom: Bucky’s alive! Natasha! Holy shit we’re gonna get WinterWidow in the MCU!

[Infinity War happens…]



Fandom: It’s okay! We still have one more movie to straighten this out and get some Bucky and Nat action. I’m sure the Russos will come around, right? Everything will be fine! *stressed denial*

[Endgame happens…]

The whole fandom:

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Valkyrie: We need a diversion.

Bruce: Those guards are blocking us, we have to get past them to reach the Grandmasters ship!

Thor: *turns to Loki*

Loki: What?

Thor: *raises eyebrow*

Loki: What do you expect me to do? Dress in drag and dance for them!?

Thor, Bruce and Valkyrie: *nods*

Loki: *facepalm*

5 minutes later


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Steve: Tony, I just want to say that I’m sorry for what happened between us. Can we just- *Tony holds his hand up*

Tony, sliding on a pair of shades: BeCAUSE It’s TOO LATE TO RUPAULOGIZE!

Peter, sliding in: It’s TOO late!


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The first, and last, time Bucky realized Steve would choose Peggy over him.

This part of Endgame really pissed me off. It wasn’t the only part of the movie that could have been better - *cough* Tony not dying *cough* - but it completely undermined multiple characters in a single scene. Let’s start with how Steve has suddenly made the decision to go back in time and stay there…going against the laws they set in place for time travel to begin with. Why does he get to go back and create the life he wanted? Is his pain more validated than others? You don’t think Wanda would like to go back and prevent her brothers death? Or better yet, why not go back and keep Tony from sacrificing himself in the first place?

Let’s look at another perspective; Peggy Carter. So your telling me that Steve goes back in time and decides that he will finally get the girl he loves, destroying the future Peggy built for herself and keeping her from the man she would marry and start a life with, as well as feeding the stereotypical ‘oh, but she needs her man!’ that we still see in comics today. Peggy moved on, she let Steve go, she built a life of her own by letting go. Soooooo, I guess all that means shit now since Steve decided to make the choice of her future for her.

And can we talk about Steve leaving Bucky behind.

“It’s gonna be alright, Buck.”


That’s how you’re gonna end things? What happened to 'Til the end of the line’. You’re telling me that Steve went through all the bullshit of the Civil War, getting his ass kicked by the Winter Soldier, severing ties with Tony and his status as an Avenger, to save Bucky and get him back…all so he can bibity bobity boo back to the past without Buck?

The REAL Steve Rogers wouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry, but it’s TRUE. I know that there are a ton of Peggy/Steve shippers that absolutely loved how Endgame ended, but it was done in bad taste.

In the comics, which I know is completely different from the MCU…trust me, but in the comics, Steve talks about how if he had the chance to go back and fix things with Bucky then he would do anything to do so. He even talks about how he and Buck could become hobos if they had to just so they could spend their life together.

Think I’m lying?


Captain America: Man Out of Time #3

So, yeaah….MCU Endgame can suck it.

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Tony: Tell me why!

Bruce, unenthusiastic: ain’t nothin but a heart ache.

Tony: Tellll me why!

Nat, bored: Ain’t nothin but a mistake.


Clint, air guitar: I neva’ wanna hear you sayyyy!

Tony and Clint: I WANT IT THAT WAY!


Steve: I wanna go back in the ice

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Leap of Faith

Word Count: ~730 words

Ship: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark x Teen!Reader (We love Tony being a dad)

Warnings: Minor, non-detailed injury to reader; mentions of gunshots; non-detailed violence



“Okay, guys. I know I’ve joked about wanting to die a few too many times, but I take it all back now.” You spoke into the comms as you stood on the roof of the building. You fired your gun repeatedly as you took out the guards who had followed you. You cursed whenever your gun ran out of ammo, and you looked around for a place to hide.

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Clint: Steve! You have officially been promoted to my new best friend.

Steve: Ummm…thanks? But I’m Bucky’s best friend?

Clint: Bruce! I’m your new bestie.

Bruce: Sorry, but that position already belongs to Thor.


Clint: Tony, congratulations, I’m officially your new BFF. No take backs.

Tony, bored: I wanna be there when you tell that to Rhodey so I can see the look on his face before he breaks yours.

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Sam: Finish the sentence; “What doesn’t kill me…”

Peter, texting: Should try again.

Tony, drinking coffee: Gives me a lot of unhealthy coping habits and a dark sense of humor.

Bucky, twirling a knife: …should run.

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Tony: You’re all invited to my wedding. It’s this Saturday.

Natasha: So is mine.

Steve: Wow. You guys scheduled your weddings on the same day? What a coincidence!



Tony: Should we tell him or…?

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Imagine the Avengers having a team bonding night. They watch movies or shows, having a buffet of junk food spread out in the living room. This week, its Clint turn to pick what they watch. With his fucked up sense of humor, he chooses the original Captain America tv series from 1966, thinking it will be a great joke on Steve who has never seen it. Once the opening credits begin, the others quickly realize what Clint has done and have mixed feelings. Natasha glares at the archer, knowing he didn’t think it through. Tony hates the show because Howard forced him to watch it to try and make him love Captain America. Bruce is worried it might bring back bad memories for Steve, eyeing the super soldier beside them. Clint looks over at Steve to see the man looking at the tv blankly, suddenly feeling like an asshole because he didn’t think about how it may upset the super soldier. Everyone sits in tense silence as the cartoon begins, casting nervous glances over at Steve to gauge his reaction. When Bucky makes his appearance, the team know this was a horrible idea and scramble for the remote, but suddenly Steve starts laughing? The soldier honest to God ends up falling off the couch, laughing himself to tears because BUCKY is now the scrawny one of the two and ready to fight anyone standing in his way, not STEVE!

They all just end up staring in wonder as Steve makes joke after joke about the cartoon. He mocks the cartoon version of himself, giggling madly when Clint recites lines from memory, tossing popcorn at Tony when he makes fun of the cartoon Cap. It turns out to he a great night. Everyone shares a glance with Clint, silently telling the archer, thank you.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Thor: *tells a funny story*
Peter: *laughing so hard he spits his apple juice all over his Uncle Bruce*
Bruce: *jumps and gets the Hulk scared out and turns on Peter*
Tony: *now wearing the suit with the repulsors out, standing between Hulk and his kid*
Peter: :O :I
Thor: Midgardians! Why fight when you can drink! *Chugs beer*
Natasha and Pepper: *sighs*
Clint: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
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You Had A Bad Day

Word Count: ~990 words

Ship: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Bit of language, my lack of writing talent 😂



Today was the definition of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You were already exhausted from the all-nighter you pulled to study for an exam first period, and that was only the start of your bad day. You spilled coffee on your new top on the way to school, you dropped your surprisingly heavy chem textbook on your foot, and you failed your exam you lost sleep over. To make matters worse, Flash was even more irritating today and you got in trouble for yelling at him. You may have said a few curse words. Just like, two. Okay, three. And all of that happened before lunch.

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