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#avengers fanart

30 Day Multifandom Fanart Challenge, Day 6 - *pls read before you hate me* - The worst canon couple EVER

(First of all, I decided not to watch the Endgame, so this is about the earlier movies.)

I love Tony and I, well, really like Pepper. And you know what? They both deserve better than their relationship.

He deserves better than being pushed into traditional family stuff he’s clearly not ready for - because jeez, he has so many things he needs to sort out first - and constantly blamed for being who he is.

She deserves better than mothering a grown ass man with PTSD and tons of emotional baggage, or not feeling safe sleeping in her own bed.

Yes, they do love each other and care about each other, but they want absolutely different things when it comes to relationships - and they really should have stayed best friends.

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so, ive got a whole page worth of avengers doodles and uhhh… no place to put them.. so.. i hope you guys enjoy them 🌻🌻🌻


i can only do traditional art lol

that’s my forte. but if you like my art, or have any feedback, let me know.

I have no idea what im doing on tumblr. 𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘱 𝘭𝘰𝘭-

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Steve: “Bucky, no! Sit that down!!! You don’t know if it has rabies or something!”

Rocket: “Oi!? I can hear you, your ugly furless monkey!!! Does it look like i have rabies to you?!?!”

Steve & Bucky: “Yes.”

Rocket: “…(mumbles profanities) It was a rhetorical question, you dimwits!!! And i may have fleas, but i do NOT have rabies!”

Steve: “Sorry Rocket…”

Bucky: “…I still wanna keep him.”

Steve: “BUCKY!”

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Here’s another drawing from last year. I remember how long it took me to draw this. I think I did quite well but Wanda Maximoff doesn’t really look like Wanda Maximoff (she’s the one on the top) and Clint and Natasha have weird faces. Still I am proud of it and I’m posting it here.

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hey im back with more expression practice from me and my friends RPs- now with bonus alters!

  • we have the MCU system (red) including: Bruce, Hulk, The Professor, Joe Fixit (mob boss form), Robbie (sunny yellow baby boy), and Turk (he’s a reformed Guilt, now just a goth teen, named after his turquoise scales)
  • the EMH (yellow) system: just a Bruce and Hulk for them
  • the SMASH system (green) : Bruce, Hulk, Professor, Joe (popular jock/frat boy form), Becca (trouble girl, cutie pie), and Green Scar (he hasn’t split off yet but it’s up coming- hes a king)
  • and of course from my AU, not a system, the Banner brothers (blue): Bruce and David (my human Hulk) 

MCU used to have a Rebecca alter but she integrated awhile ago. it was really emotional and me and my friend both cried while writing it out ;v; 

i love all of these guys and the shenanigans they end up getting into, and the crazy family they’ve made together. hopefully many more adventures will happen with these guys!

💚Reblogs make my day!💚

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Why do I keep my Facebook account you ask. Well I just saw someone share fanart of Tony Stark pole dancing while money is falling from above with a joke about how if anyone sees the person who shared it pole dancing like the picture to mind their own because car parts are expensive.

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