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#avengers fanfiction

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: ~3.1k

Summary: In which you’re asked by Aunt May to babysit Peter while she’s away at a business conference, and Steve tags along. Peter, being the innocent smol bean he is, tries to get you and the Captain together.

Warnings: none. Just fluff and a little matchmaking Spider-man :) and OH steve’s blue jacket heheh. tony’s your dad in this and had you at 18 oop cant resist a stark child. shhh CW never happened bc i’m still in denial 

Tags: @pies-writes-and-more​ If you’d like to be added to my taglist, feel free to let me know or click the link to my taglist spreadsheet (in my masterlist)!


Peter: Aunt May says she has a couple errands to run so she won’t be back until later this afternoon. Can you pick me up? School just ended.

You: Of course!

Peter: Ned and I are planning on building the Lego Death Star tonight. I know you’re a sucker for building stuff :)

You: You know me so well, kiddo. I’m definitely in. How could I miss out on our weekly date nights?

Peter: You’re the best! See you soon

You: See you!

“Where are you going?”

“May’s busy, so I gotta go pick Peter up from school,” you explained to Steve as you slung your purse over your shoulder and grabbed the keys to your (Tony’s) Audi, sliding your sunglasses on. “We’re having one of our weekly Friday movie nights, and he and Ned just got a new Lego set that they want me to help construct. You wanna come along?”

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One of Us: Masterlist (coming soon)


Chapter 1: Reunited & Accepted

Chapter 2: Judgement

Chapter 3: Confessions

Chapter 4: A Dark Secret

Chapter 5: You Won’t be One of Us!

Chapter 6: Bucky Runs Away

Chapter 7: Sam & Steve Against the Avengers

Chapter 8: Finding Bucky

Chapter 9: The Fight Needs to Stop

Chapter 10: A Happy Ending

A/N: These aren’t my edits!!!!
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Braving the Elements

Chapter 21: Word Gets Out

Part 2/2

Authors note: see part 1 for Tw!

You wake up and get changed into your workout gear. Normally you opted for leggings and large baggy shirts so as not to get any unwanted attention from the SHIELD recruits who had access to the tower facilities. But today you chose to go in a sports bra and cycling shorts. Putting your hair back into two braids you make your way to the gym. You run into Bucky in the hall.

“Were you heading too dressed like that?” he asks, looking you up and down with a smirk.

“Same place you’re going by the looks of it.” He was in a loose pair of joggers and a muscle shirt that showed off his arms one of your top five favorite body parts of his. He drapes his arm around you loosely and the two of you head off to the gym. You enter together causing a few of the agents, and Tony who was showing them the facilities, to give you a glare. You warm up and start on the weights spotting each other. Him, not so subtly, tilting his head to check you out during your reps. Primarily during your squats.

“Think you could press me?” you ask as you spot him.

“With one hand behind my back” you laugh and roll your eyes

“What, you don’t believe me doll?” you shake your head.

“Well, maybe I’m just gonna have to prove it to ya” he says, standing up towering over you and smirking at how flustered you were before heading over to the sparring mat.

The two of you square up drawing the attention of a few of the recruits. You punch first and he stops you twisting your arm behind your back. Using your free arm you elbow him in the ribs and he loosens his grip enough for you to turn under his arm and pull, freeing yourself. He swings, you duck and roll behind him kicking his feet out from under him.

“Something got you distracted, soldier?” you laughing, extending your hand to him as he grabs your hand he pulls you down onto the mat. He rolls over you and pins you down under him.

“Hey that’s cheating!” you exclaim in disbelief.

“You think this little outfit’s gonna distract me?” he whispers, with a smile on his lips.

“No but this might” you say kissing his nose. You surprise him just enough to slip out from under him. Standing up, you kick his back down, causing him to splay onto the mat. You twist his arm behind him and place your knee on his back smiling triumphantly.

“Now that’s cheating,” he says.

“So anything you want to tell me?” Tony asks as you exit the gym.

“What do ya mean?” you ask

“New recruits seem to be gossiping about a display between you and a certain white wolf.” He says, raising his eyebrows.

“God they really do gossip about anything.” You say

“Just be careful he’s a womanizer and that means something coming from me.”

“Alright Britney Spears I’ll keep that in mind.” You smile and pat his arm

“Just looking for you!” he calls down the hall

“I know robo cop and I appreciate it” you say, blowing him a kiss as you walk off in the direction of your room. You hear the shower going as you enter.

“Well either everyone here’s an idiot, we’re too scary to approach or we’re not being obvious enough.” You say throwing off your gym clothes and joining Bucky in the shower.

“Well what do you suggest?” he says, turning to face you.

“Gotta say im stumped, guess sex in the living room is next on the list?” you say scrubbing the sweat off your body and out of your hair.

“Well maybe we can just start here” he says leaning down to kiss you. You two proceed to have obnoxiously loud sex. Something you make a habit of over the course of the next few days.

“Barnes who the hell are you sneaking in here at all hours of the day, like seriously can’t you go to hers for once?” Wanda asks, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“Hey” you say entering the kitchen rubbing your eyes.

“Jesus who did this to you?” Nat, asks lifting up the hem of your shirt to reveal a few bruise on your ass and poking the bruise on your collar bone

“Oh please Nat like you don’t whip Steve!” you retort.

“Whoa too much info.” Bucky says looking up at you and winking

“Ya but we know each other!”

“Who says I don’t know this guy.” You say thinking this will give it away for sure.

“Oh ya because you are very well known for being in stable healthy relationships “ Wanda laughs. Guess today wasn’t going to be the day either. You think no one’s ever going to figure it out.

Until one Thursday morning when you’re standing on your tiptoes in the kitchen trying to get a cup that’s just out of reach. Bucky comes up behind you and smacks your ass, hard, causing you to turn around and Peter to spit out a mouth full of cereal.

“What the hell Bucky you can’t do that to her!” he says mouth still full of froot loops

“Why not?” he asks quizzically grabbing the cup down for you

“Wait why didn’t she immediately kill you ?” he says swallowing the cereal.

From the kitchen you can see Sam pass cash to Nat who passes it on to Wanda.

“Wait,” says Peter “are you two HOLY SHIT! Damn. Now I owe MJ 25$” he mutters going from ecstatic to deflated real quick.

You laugh “Anything that girl can’t figure out?”

“How long?” Wanda asks from the living room,

“6 inches” you reply, causing her, Sam and Nat to crack up, and Peter to spit out his cereal again. While Steve, who’s just entered, shakes his head.

“No you perv! Since you started dating!” Wanda exclaims

“So you told them?” Steve remarks from the kitchen

“You told Steve?” you say craning your neck to look at Bucky.

“Well he kinda figured it out!” He returns, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Oh my god, you two fucked at Tony’s party! In front of god on a Wednesday!” Sam yells finally piecing together who had given Bucky the hickey that night.

“You knew and didn’t tell me!” Nat yells throwing something at Steve

In an effort to stop the chaos Bucky pipes up “Well we started sleeping together in Russia.”

“Since Russia” you mumble sipping out of your mug.

“SINCE RUSSIA you sly bastards!” Nat exclaims “We thought it was just a one night stand”

“Only had eyes for her since” says Bucky, “only had eyes for her since the day she showed up here bruised and bloody if I’m being honest”

“Aww” you say sarcastically, gazing up at him lovingly.

“I’m only with him for the metal arm”

“Of course” Steve says

“Ya, that checks out” Wanda agrees.

“Gotta get me a metal arm” whispers Sam

“Wait? You exchanged money who had bets on what!” you asks

“Maybe we’ll tell you in 6 months.” Wanda says patting you on the shoulder as she walks out of the room. You tell the rest of the team that evening, turns out everyone had placed bets but no one had gotten it right except Wanda who had assumed for months now but was waiting for you to tell her. It takes a while for people to adjust to seeing the two of you be affectionate with one another, not that either of you were particularly into PDA. It was just weird for them to see Bucky so relaxed and happy and in a committed relationship .

“Man why didn’t we get him a girlfriend years ago.” Tony asks

“Seriously he’s so much more pleasant” Nat says.

“Hey! I was always pleasant” Bucky chimes in.

The first few weeks were blissful, the two of you in an untouchable bubble of joy. It all changed when the press found out. Someone had taken pictures of the two of you holding hands at the park and then someone got footage of you two out on a date at a fancy restaurant. The press had a field day. Most wrote stories about all the heartbroken people around the city now that Bucky was off the market. Others wrote about how the two of you wouldn’t last or how your beauty had bewitched him, blinding him to what you truly were. A surprisingly large number of articles were questioning the morality of your relationship. Guess people weren’t as accepting as you thought.

“Hey I’m going to drop off some stuff you wanna come with?” you ask him on a Sunday afternoon.

“Love too” he says, grabbing a jacket and baseball hat. You’re walking back through the park when you’re almost hit by a cyclist, Bucky pulls you out of the way and straight into a small group of anti-mutant protesters who had taken to protesting your, and every other mutants existence, in local parks on the weekend. Over the past few months you noticed more of them around not just in public areas, but on local channels.

“Disgusting, imagine being one of them.” A woman with a bob tuts, staring right at you.

“They’re a danger to society, remember the incident with the president? They should all be locked up, for their own good.” An angry man said.

“How could someone as lovely as him be with something like that. He’s such a fine specimen, why did he have to go and be with a mutant.” A young woman asks.

He drops your hand, and you close your eyes, you understand why he needs to separate from you in that moment. You didn’t blame him. When you open your eyes you see him walking out to the center of the group. You run after him, tugging on his arm in an attempt to stop him from causing a scene.

“James it’s not worth it” you mumble. He turns to look at you

“It is.” He clears his throat before stepping up onto a nearby picnic table. ”If anyone here would care to make another derogatory comment about Y/N, the woman I’m so lucky to be dating, please direct it to me. She has undergone hardships that none of you could even begin to imagine and at the hands of people like us, non-mutants. Despite this, she chooses to protect you, to help you. So next time you go to make ignorant comments about her or any other mutant, just remember she’s the one who puts her life on the line every day in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. So take your ignorance and your hate and shove it up your ass, if you can even find it.” He hops down from the table, pushing the microphones and angry protesters out of his way. He grabs your hand and pulls you out from the crowd. You were in shock. “You okay?” he asks, placing his hands on either side of your face.

“I am now. Thanks for that. First time a guy’s ever stuck up for me” you say as he wraps his arm back around you.

“Well, the only reason I’ve been accepted was cause Steve spoke up for me, about time someone started speaking up for you.”

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Braving the Elements

Chapter 21: Word Gets Out

Part ½

Tw: Swearing, mentions of sex,

Authors notes: artistically consitipated sorry things are taken so looonggggg

Part ½ You’re in the greenhouse unsuccessfully growing a jade plant. Bucky’s behaviour from last night was still weighing heavily on your mind and it was always harder to grow stuff when you were distracted. The more you try to forget about it the more you end up thinking about it. Sure you were flirting with someone else, but you had to, it was your job that night and you knew he had to play his part, but what purpose did he think hitting on anything that moved was serving. Seeing the jade plant suffering from your inner turmoil you stop, opting to stare aimlessly out the window instead.

“Thought I might find you in here.” You’re too glazed over to turn around but you know the voice belongs to Bucky. He sits down next to you using his hand to gently draw your gaze to him, snapping his fingers in front of your eyes a few times bringing you back to reality.

“Hey” you say curtly

“You okay” he asks, you shrug turning to look back out the window.

“Hey, Y/N, talk to me, tell me what’s going on in that head of yours?” he asks, trying and failing to mask his concern.

“Last night, I want you to know that everything that happened with Max, it was all an act. You know that right?” you ask glancing back to him.

“In theory.” He says avoiding your gaze, suddenly looking a mixture of guilty and despondent.

“Then what the hell were you doing with all those women? I know you had to act the part, but you coulda eased up a bit.” You can feel a lump forming in your throat about half way through the sentence.

“I don’t know.” He says quietly

“That’s not really an answer.” You snap back

“I know, It’s just, seeing you with him, acting like you did when you’re with me I just… I thought… I got in my own head and I acted out In the most immature way possible. I’m sorry.”

“Well at least it’s an explanation, even if it’s a shitty one.” You say turning abc to the window “Look, my whole life men have been playing games with me, I’m sick of it. I’m tired James, fucking exhausted in fact. Which brings me to my next point.” You say.

“Fuck are you breaking up with me?” he asks, you’re taken aback by the question. Turning around you see he’s staring straight at you, concern plastered in his face.

“No! “ you reassure him “At least not yet.” You say with a smile trying to lighten the mood but to no avail.

“Last night you said don’t worry. Why?”

“Well, I know you don’t want to tell people about us and I don’t mind so I…” he starts.

“What?” you interrupt him

“What do you mean what?” He asks, just as surprised as you.

“Jesus I thought you wanted to keep it a secret cause you didn’t want the world to know you were with a mutant.” you laugh, feeling like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

“No not at all I thought you didn’t want to be seen with me because I’m a murderous ex assassin.” He says chuckling and looking relieved

“Fuck here I was ready to say that I needed more from this. That I couldn’t carry on in secret I wanted other people to know.” Suddenly the jade plant you had been working on develops in full, fuelled by your happiness. He laughs wrapping his arm around you, you rest your head on his chest.

“You sure?” you ask, after a moment.


“That you wanna be with someone like me? A mutant. I mean it’s acceptable now, but James,” you stop failing to find the words.

“The only person whose opinion on the matter I care about is yours.” You feel like you can finally breathe.

“You mean it?” you say smiling up at him.

“Ya, you’re not getting rid of me that easily! So how do you wanna tell everyone Cake reveal, sex in the living room, email chain?”

“Okay I know I just said I wanted to tell people, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun if we wait to see how long it takes for them to figure out.” You say

“You’re an evil genius!” he says, kissing you.

The next few weeks were extremely fun. Turns out once the constant fear of being discovered was gone both of you were much more relaxed. Not to mention well rested now you didn’t have to set alarms for 5:00AM. Initially, you thought that would be how you two were discovered, but turns out Sam’s not nearly as observant as he pretends to be considering he’d walked into Bucky’s room twice to get him for a run and failed to notice your body under the covers next to him. After that you two decide to step it up a notch, by getting much more touchy feely with each other in the common areas. Placing his hand on your lower back to reach for a glass, him making you breakfast or vice versa, you using his special coffee mug.

“He’s gonna kill you if he see you drinking out of that” Sam says nonchalantly while reading the news

“You wanna bet?” you say sipping out of the mug

“Seriously he threw my wallet out the window when I tried to use it once”.

“I can’t believe you’ve never seen The Princess Bride ” you say standing by the microwave waiting for the popcorn to be done.

“Seriously guys, where is your culture.” Peter asks Steve, Bucky and Vision. The microwave dings. Nat turns off the lights and curls up into Steve while Vision starts the movie. You make your way over handing the bowl to Wanda as you climb over her and into the spot directly above where Bucky is sitting on the floor with his back pressed against the couch. You rest your legs down over his shoulders. Half way through the movie you start to braid his hair and he gently rubs your lower legs gently causing Wanda and Nat to shoot a confused look your way. You know they’re looking, but you keep staring at the screen. Neither of them say anything to you, but you do overhear them casually chatting about it in the kitchen the next day.

“Do you think they’re doing it?” Nat asks.

“I mean it seems like it, but she used to braid my hair when we’d watch movies so maybe it’s just a force of habit.” Wanda replies.

“Ya, but Barnes doesn’t let people touch his hair, ever.” Nat retorts

“I mean they did sleep together in Russia so maybe?” Wanda says scrunching her face trying to figure it out.

A few days pass and they haven’t brought it up to you so you move on to phase 3.

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Family Unit Chapter 4 (Natasha x Y/n)


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Tag list: @natasha-danvers@lesbian-x-blackwidow@xxxtwilightaxelxxx@disneykid125@summergeezburr@nowthisisliving27@sighsam@stop-drop-and-drumroll@hcartbyheart@rooskaya-yelena@aaron-despair@becka107

Word count:1,069

Wanda Pov

It has been a month since I had a heart to heart with Nat and two months since I became an Avenger and it has been both a tough few months as well as a great few months, tough because I am still not recovered from losing Pietro but great because I have gained a whole new family.

Steve was a solider with a heart of gold, Sam was always around to cheer me up with his very very bad jokes. Rhodey could be a very quiet man so we bonded over our love for meditation, Vision was someone who was always by my side when I needed him.

There were two people who I was the closest to though, it was the residential bad ass couple Y/n L/n and Natasha Romanoff. Y/n took me under her wing straight away, making sure I was taken care of. Natasha was the person I would go to when I needed to let out all of my guilt for my past actions, she understood what I am feeling more than anyone and she never judged.

It became a running joke within the team that you wouldn’t find me without the other two older women close by, as if I was their kid and they were the overprotective parents that wanted to keep me safe from any form of danger.

To be honest all though that was the joke a part of me is overjoyed when they call Y/n and Natasha my ‘parents’, the warmth and safety that encloses me when I am in their presence is something I’ve only ever felt with Pietro.

“Maximoff suit up you’re with me on this mission” Natasha informs me before walking out of my room, I jump up and change out of my sweat pants feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. This is going to be my first mission as I fully fledged ‘Avenger’, I’m just glad I am going to have the Black Widow by my side.

I walk out of the room and down to the courtyard that houses the jet, I walk up to the jet seeing Y/n in deep conversation with the redhead. I hang back not wanting to impose on their private moment, after a few moments Natasha presses a quick kiss to Y/n’s lips before she walks onto the jet. Y/n looks up and notices me hanging back so with a smile she makes her way towards me, instantly putting my nerves at ease.

“Hey kiddo, big day! It’s only you and Tasha on this one so keep an eye out and try to keep her out of trouble” Y/n tells me with a wink, laughter bubbling up at her playful nature.

“I’ll try but no promises, I better get going you know how Nat gets with tardiness” I remind the h/c girl, with a quick hug I run up to the jet seeing Natasha sat in the pilot seat getting everything sorted for take off. I sit down in the co-pilot seat watching the red head go about her business, entranced with how fast she was pressing the buttons.

“This is a simple extraction mission, get in take out a few guards then find the files and then we can go home” Natasha debriefs me as we take off, we fly to the base in silence as I get my head into ‘fight’ mode.

We land outside the base and with a quick flick of my wrist the security guards outside are dealt with, we make our way inside and I let Nat lead us down the hallway.

We both expertly take care of the few hostiles, making our way into the records room in search of our objective. We split up in search for the file, one that I manage to snag pretty quickly.

“Got the file Nat” I shout out over to the red head.

“Great let’s get going” Natasha says as she walks over to me, plucking the file out of my hands. I am about to follow the woman out of the room but another file catches my attention, the manila folder had my name printed on it.

I hurriedly pick up the file, gasping as I read the contents. I can hear Natasha calling my name but I ignore her, too enrapt in the text that I was reading.

name:Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch

age: 16

Powers: ability to read minds, mind manipulation, object manipulation and more undiscovered abilities

Scarlet Witch is located with the Avengers in their compound, must draw them out and kill in order to obtain the target. Use deadly force on Scarlet Witch needed, if we can’t have Scarlet Witch then no one can

I slam the folder shut as I try to keep my panic attack at bay, how the hell did they get all of this information.

“Wanda what’s wrong? We need to get moving” Natasha’s voice finally breaks through my foggy mind, I turn to her as I give her the file with my shaky hands.

I watch the usual calm and collected woman read the file, her face twisting with rage as she looks at the words. Finally after a few moments her emerald eyes look up at me, softening as they notice just how scared I am right at this moment.

We don’t say anything Nat just grabs my hand and drags me out of the base, clutching my file as we board the jet. We fly in tense silence as try to calm my breathing, not wanting to have a full blown panic attack flying through the air.

As soon as we touch down I unbuckle my seat belt before racing out of the jet, pushing past Y/n and Steve who had been waiting for us outside on the courtyard. I run into my room locking the door behind me, I throw myself on the large bed as I let my tears finally fall.

I had just gotten settled with this team, I had just started to feel like I had a family and now someone wants to take me away. They want to take me away and in the process eliminate everyone who stands in their way, I curl up into myself as I sob into my pillow. I just want to be safe.

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Avenger x Stark!Lawyer!F!Reader

Warnings: lightly emotional - nothing too heavy though

Context: your Uncle is the one, and only, Tony Stark. You’re dad had died in the car accident, along with your Granddad and Grandma, but not before he had impregnated your mum, six months before. You didn’t even know you were a Stark until, one day, the billionaire had turned up at your flat in New York, after discovering that his brother had a child. Despite the revelation, you begged your Uncle to keep it all a secret because you were being considered at a high-brow law firm and you wanted to have the satisfaction of knowing you got in, not because you were a Stark, but because you were just that good. At least that was until COVID-19. Tony didn’t want you to be alone and so he invited you to stay at the compound, with him. However, your new Uncle also forgot to inform you that all the Avengers were also in the compound…

A/N: I still don’t know who (y/n) will end up with so let me know who you prefer.


Originally posted by sunoficarus

It was about midnight and you were sat on your balcony, lamp on, continuing to fill out files and reports, so you would be prepared when lockdown was finally lifted. Since your exciting afternoon with Wanda, Natasha and Peter, you hadn’t seen anyone. Uncle Tony had popped in to tell you that he had to have dinner with the team, as it was their routine movie night and he couldn’t leave otherwise they might grill him even more about you. You knew he felt guilty for leaving you alone but you understood why he was doing what he was doing. Tony was only trying to protect you and you couldn’t fault him for that, besides you were starting to see the close relationships he had with everyone here and you couldn’t take him away from that: family or not.

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The Evil Within: Masterlist


Chapter 1: Break In!

Chapter 2: Nightfall

Chapter 3: Training & Warnings

Chapter 4: Peter’s Betrayal

Chapter 5: The First Battle

Chapter 6: Shed Some Light!

Chapter 7: Saving Peter

Chapter 8: New Plans

Chapter 9: Preparing for War

Chapter 10: The Final Battle


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Chapter summary: Freed from your room you meet up with Steve for the first time planning and scheduling how your training will go. 

Pairing: Avengers x reader (will change over time)

Rating: Mature


Word count; 3.274

Warnings; nothing major, perhaps combat for those who’s picky about warnings

Author; @the-goddess-of-mischief-writing


It wasn’t the most comfortable, but the size was right so it had to do.  The Captain, or most likely whoever gave the sparring suit to him, made a good job picking it out in that aspect. While you only had wanted to look in the mirror to see the suit, you couldn’t deny you took a quick look over your face. You didn’t look tired, at least not more than I usually do. You thought that the tight ponytail or at least the hair against your scalp which was almost slicked to perfection, made you look a bit less… lifeless.

When you walked out of the changing room you couldn’t keep yourself from trying to adjust the suit.

”Bad fit?” The question made you stop fiddling with the suit and look up.

”Not particularly, just not comfortable”, the Captain hadn’t moved far away from the spot you left him in, however now he was closer to the middle of the sparring matt.

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Series Masterlist

The Evil Within (Action)

Overall Summary: When the compound is broken into by Brock Rumlow running a new branch of Hydra, the Avengers narrowly escape. Thinking of a plan, they lay low with Nick Fury and Maria Hill in the bunker they used back in 2014. Wanda senses someone will turn bad without knowing. Will the team be able to prevent this from happening while creating a plan to defeat Hydra?

Saving the Innocent (Awareness Fic)

Overall Summary: Peter had a rough childhood. Between the loss of his parents, uncle and now recently his aunt, he finds a safe place with Tony Stark and the Avengers…that is until Skip Westcott makes a return. Peter swore to hide his past abuse but when Skip enters his life again, will he be able to open up when all he sees in himself is that same scared little eight year old boy?

One of Us (Stucky)

Overall Summary: When the Avengers allow Bucky to live with them, they notice a very romantic relationship between Steve and the Winter Soldier. When Bucky opens up about what happened to him, they all allow him to be a member. When Helmut Zemo tries to tear their relationship apart by exploiting the fact that Bucky killed the Starks, Tony loses his mind and the team pushes Bucky away. Steve is angry and goes on a mission to find Bucky while Sam is his good wingman. (Inspired by The Lion King 2’s songs “One of Us” and “Love Will Find a Way”)

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Part 1 & Part 2 

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Word count: 1,105

Summary: Why things are the way they are, also Steve is Stronk.

Tags:  COVID-19, Second Civil War (historical, non canonical) graphic descriptions of broken bones, graphic descriptions of wounds, canon-aligned fight scenes, age difference, PG-13 language, canon-divergence, foul language directed at police officers

Tag list: @teetles-and-other-stuff 

We finally get into the meat of this story! I’ve gone through and tried to fix whatever issues there are grammar and continuity wise, but there may still be some issues as I don’t currently have a beta. If you catch any, please let me know! 

It seemed that years ago, the world had started hurtling towards destruction. The virus itself came to be in 2019, escaping a study in Wuhan and becoming volatile towards humans. Though it spent most of its existence being considered biological warfare conceived by the Chinese government, official name COVID-19, and mutation following SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The respiratory virus was considered more contagious than influenza. While the virus was not as fatal as it’s predecessor, it quickly mutated into something more sinister than that. It was said that the virus could go undetected for up to 18 days, but still be transmittable through coughing and airborne particles.

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Thanks so much! I was so excited for this one because I was hoping someone would requests those prompts! So i hope you like it @hallolizzo​ :)



Originally posted by mcu-marvel-comics

This relationship was something new for both you and Bucky. He hadn’t been with anyone since he broke free from HYDRA’s grip, but a voice in the back of his head told him to take a chance on you; that voice was also helped by Steve and Sam’s voices as well. And you never thought you were one for a secret relationship, but when Bucky explained to you how his enemies could use you against him and the secrecy was purely to keep you safe, you agreed.

It was a completely chance meeting for you two. You were both in a little hole in the wall coffee shop when the barista called out the coffee order. Since you and Bucky unknowingly had the same order, you both reached for the coffee cup at the same time. When you locked eyes for the first time, your heart leapt up into your throat. Bucky’s hand tensed under yours and you could tell that he felt that instant connection as well.

Things went very well for a few months. Bucky was always careful whenever he was around you, and he always looked over his shoulder when you were out in public. If it were anyone else, you would have thought he was paranoid, but once night, Bucky sat you down and told you everything, so you completely understood. You even started to keep a more watchful eye on your surroundings as well.

But everything changed one fateful day.

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Part 3 

A/N: Told myself I wouldn’t mash another movie/seres/fandom in here but I couldn’t help myself. Doves man. Also, if you´re into symbols, theres a lot, and I mean A LOT of them in this one. Writing Steve like this is really fun. Also, writing a sassy reader is really fun. Not that I had to changed much from how I normally am… XD Still a part of @buckysknifecollection​ challenge. Check out the other entries as well! GIF-cred to owner

Warnings: Swearing (I swear a lot, okay), sexual innuendos (later chapters), alcohol, mentions of death/killing, mentions of religion(s), descriptions of toxic relationships!, talks about manipulation

Words: 3109, a little longer than usual, I know…

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: ~3.6k

Summary: In which a certain bond is tightened during the magical holiday season.

Warnings: None. Some language I think? And really shitty writing because I’m 14 and don’t know any better oops. I shouldn’t even be on Tumblr but oh well

A/N: We’re still days away from Christmas lmao, but who cares

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“MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!” Thor boomed in reply, slamming his hand against a baking sheet.

“Shut the hell up!’ you hissed as you shuffled into the kitchen, a cranky look on your face. You grabbed the nearest pillow to you from the couch and chucked it at Bucky’s head. He winced and immediately stopped what he was doing. 

“Ow! What was that for?”

“For waking me up at nine-thirty in the morning on a Saturday, asshole,” you muttered, reaching over to pour yourself a cup of tea. “Do you ever shut up?’

“9:30 isn’t even that early. You’re just lazy,” he argued. “And why am I getting all the hate? Thor was in on this too?”

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Who Am I?: Chapter 1

Notes: I mean no disrespect by writing or posting this, and in no way do I take the themes and topics discussed in this series lightly. So if you’re triggered by any of this, I suggest not reading it.

Y/N = Your name; Y/M/N = Your middle name; Y/L/N = Your last name; N/N = Nickname

Message me or leave an ask if you want to be tagged!!

-> ->This story was inspired by @rae-is-typing’s story Lost but Not Forgotten.<- <-

Warnings: Mostly a flashback chapter, spelling errors here and there, bad writing maybe 🤷🏻‍♂️

Chapter Description: You’re remembering your upbringing, the life you had before being reunited with your biological family.

Word Count: 765

Masterlist: Click Here

Previous Chapter: Click Here

November 2013

“I’m telling you, it’s better than the first.”

“Bullshit,” you laughed, taping your half of the decorative ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ banner on the wall. “It’s worse than the first, and you’re lying to yourself by saying it’s good.”

“What do you have against Thor?” Valerie gives you a playful look, a smirk on her face, taping her half of the banner on the wall as well. “He’s obviously the best Avenger.”

“I think Marvel made him this Shakespearean douchebag,” you responded, giving your friend a playful eye-roll. “And they made his movies absolute trash.”

“Can you girls focus?” You turned to see your mother standing at the entrance of the living room, arms crossed over her chest and a stern look on her face. “We’re really cutting it close,” she voiced.

“Sorry Ma,” you exclaimed.

“Yeah, sorry Mrs. Y/L/N,” Valerie added with a laugh.

“It’s fine, just pick up the pace.” Your mother gives the two of you pointed looks. “Y/N, your father will be back with your grandmother any minute now, and there’s still so much that needs to be done.”

“I know.”

“Go set up the table then,” your mother ordered, moving out of the way so you could get by before turning to look at your friend. “Valerie, are you sure you can’t stay?”

“I’d love to, Mrs. Y/L/N,” Valerie said, “but my sister’s coming home from college later today and I promised I’d go with my parents to the airport. Can you give Nanna my regards though? I’d feel like shit if I didn’t at least leave a message for her.”

“Of course,” she said, giving the teen a warm smile. “You know she loves you, and I don’t doubt she’ll appreciate it.”


As you’re setting the table, you can’t help the excitement bubbling inside of you. Your grandmother, Erma, was recently declared cancer free, after years of struggling with the illness. You’d just turned thirteen when you received the news of her diagnosis — stage 2 breast cancer — and it broke you. You’re very close to your grandmother, and the news had you crying for days on end. Your parents had been there to comfort you, and every visit to the hospital during your grandmother’s chemotherapy and radiation appointments, even her recovery from surgery she would reassure you. Now, a little over three years later, she made a full recovery and would be coming home.

You couldn’t help but smile. She was like a second mother to you. You couldn’t imagine what your life would be like without her.

“N/N?” You nearly jumped out of your skin, a surprised yelp escaping your lips. A brief wave of relief washed over you, knowing you weren’t handling any dishes. Looking up, you see Valerie, looking at you with a playful smirk.

“I swear to God, I’m getting you a bell for your birthday,” you exclaimed. “You’re like a ghost.”

“You’re just too easy to scare,” Valerie teased. You giggle at that, knowing it’s true. You’ve all but given up trying to argue her, or anyone else, on that. “I’m heading out,” she added, “I promised my parents I’d be home close to five, and it’s already fifteen after.”

You nod. “Thanks for the help,” you said. “And tell your parents and Lily I said hi.”

With a nod of her own, Valerie flashes a bright smile before leaving. After hearing the front door close, you let out a soft sigh. For the most part, everything looked nice. A majority of the morning and early afternoon was spent cleaning the apartment, and the remaining time wa spent decorating. Sure, there were a few more things to get out of the way, but for the most part everything looked great.

“All right, N/N,” your mother exclaimed, walking into the kitchen, “your father’s two minutes away, and I think we’ve done just about all we could do.”

“Are you sure?” you asked. “I could probably throw something together really quick before the come home.”

“No, it’s fine.” Placing her hands on her hips, your mother gives you a reassuring grin. “We got everything cleaned, and we got it looking as celebratory as we possibly could. I think that’s good enough.”

“Okay,” you sighed. “I’ll have to thank Valerie for helping, I forgot to do what before she left.”

“I’ll have to do the same. As well as her parents, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

A knock on the front door ended the discussion. A bright smile came across your face, a wave of newfound excitement filling you.

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Summary: With a garage to run and a young daughter to, well… run after, Bucky Barnes doesn’t exactly have time for dating. And with his relationship track record – and the constant meddling of a certain overbearing best friend – he’s not so sure that’s a bad thing. But then he meets Annie – a rather insistent, pretty damn cute fellow car enthusiast – and it’s got him asking himself, despite all his hesitations, why not?

Author’s Note: Written for Little Darlin’s Mystery AU Challenge. Thanks to @sourpatchkidsandacokecan​​ for triggering this… sprawling thing simply by supplying me with the prompt of Mechanic!AU for Bucky. It’s taken on a life of its own already… look at what you’ve done! 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC

Warnings: SUPER fluffy. Always some language.


The beginning of the week – and all of Wednesday thus far – passes slower than molasses in January. Slower than a herd of turtles in a marathon. Slower than rush-hour traffic in downtown Boston. Slower than…

Hello?” rips into her periphery, tearing her focus away from the melancholy countdown percolating in her head. “Angela,” Tony intones thickly as he glides into her small office. There’s a sly, knowing smirk brewing on his lips, his voice full of innuendo when he goes on to ask, “What has you so… deep in thought?”

“Sorry,” she mutters, straightening upright and beginning to shuffle papers back and forth erratically in an attempt to make herself look busy. “Nothing.”

A long, haughty laugh, a lingering pose by her desk, a deliberate quirk of his brows followed by a clever wink… and Annie’s done. She rolls her eyes, pushes back in the oversized office chair, and rises to leave. “What? No chitchat? No coffee klatch?” Tony almost whines as she grabs her cell and prepares to head out. “Where’s the gossip, huh? C’mon, kid, spill the tea!”

She tries – tries damn hard – to keep from laughing as he sputters next to her. But the corners of her mouth tick up nevertheless, even as she works to keep her lips pinched firmly shut.

He steps slowly over to her, looming in front of her. “Is tonight the night?” he asks with a wiggle of his brows. Then, eyes tracing down along her frame, expression setting in something akin to disappointment, “Is that what you’re wearing?”

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prompt: this is for @wxntersoldiers​ ‘s 6K writing fest. thank u for having this!

pairing: vampire!thor x reader 

genre: romance, vampire, Avengers / Marvel fandom 

overview: the darkness calls to y/n, whether she likes it or not. however, when a handsome stranger with eyes of amber topaz saves her from a horrific experience at a mysterious club, she begins to accept that she likes the darkness more than she should.

warnings: vampires, blood - vampire violence related + not intense, sultry themes ? really not anything huge lol, language, unwanted advances from a guy and an attack related to vampire violence , darkish vibes. this is a legit au ahahahahah ha. all characters and any ideas / background relating to Avengers / the MCU and Marvel universe is not owned by me, and belongs to the creators. this is just fanfic (:

music: ‘Black Swan’ - BTS 


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There is something dangerous about the night that draws me to her hold. 

Her beauty is unmatched, but it is her voice that calls my soul to her darkness, time and time again. 

I go willingly. 

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Summary: You are a relatively new agent at Shield, but not a field agent, apparently that is about to change when you meet the Avengers and they realize you are a valuable asset

Word Count: 2856

Characters:Steve Rogers x Reader, Helen Cho, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, OC Jacob Miller

@farfromjustordinary  @ilovesupersoldiers​  @art-flirt


Chapter 7

You were barely in the med bay for an hour and your knee was already back to it’s normal size.  Expecting Dr Cho to be coming back and checking on your progress, you are surprised to see Nick Fury step into your room with a cup of coffee in his hand. 

“Heard you got into a little scrap today, how ya feeling?” he asked as he handed you the cup.  

“Well, my knee is already better, these high tech medical equipment might actually be worth the ass kicking I received” you reply sipping the coffee with a content sigh. 

“The word around the tower is you saved the day and shouldn’t be behind a desk, everyone on that team is grateful for your quick work today” he states and sits next to you in the chair.  

“Is that an actual compliment coming from you, Nicky?  I need to write this down, no one will ever believe me.  On second thought, can you do that again so I can record it?” you giggle enthusiastically making him more irritated than necessary.  

“Alright smartass, report to my office tomorrow and we can discuss changes to your position, that is if you want it” and he was out of the room before you could respond. 

“Thanks for the coffee” you yelled after him.  Deep in thought, you don’t realize Dr Cho is back and checking your stats. 

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Word count:766

Here is part 2, I will not be posting anything tomorrow as it’s my nephew’s birthday so as a sorry here is the second part now! :)

Y/n pov

I cheer internally as Wanda takes my outstretched hand, I don’t make a big deal of it though instead I make our way out of the jet and into the large compound. This mission had taken it’s toll on us all so it as no surprise that hardly anyone was hanging around the common areas, opting instead to head straight to their bedrooms.

We walk into the kitchen as I get the kid a glass of water, both of us looking up as the door to the room opens revealing a worn out Tasha. I see Wanda avert her eyes almost like she was afraid of how Nat would look at her, she had really messed with my love’s mind so I am not surprised with the guilt that seems to be flowing through Wanda’s veins.

“It’s been a long week, come on Maximoff I’ll show you to your room” Natasha says with an exhausted tone to her voice, she goes to move towards the hallway but halts as she notices that Wanda wasn’t moving.

“Can Y/n come too?” She asks timidly still not meeting Nat’s eyes, seeing that the awkward silence was making her more distressed I decide to walk up to stand next to Nat.

“come on, I don’t know about you guys but I am knackered” I groan as I stretch my aching arms, I press a quick kiss to Natasha’s temple before walking off leading the way to the bedroom wing of the compound.

“we’ve put you in the room next ours, thought it would be best incase you needed anything since Y/n and I are both light sleepers” I listen as Tash tries to start up a conversation with a Wanda, making sure to speak in a more softer tone.

“Thank you that’s good to know” the sad girl politely states as she wanders in the room, both Nat and I stood by the door watching her.

“We will leave you to it, don’t hesitate to knock if you need anything” Natasha says before walking away and into our room, I am about to close the door before a small voice halts me in my track.

“Thank you Y/n for not leaving alone, good night” I smile warmly at that statement, happy that Wanda is warming up to me.

“You are most welcome Wanda, get some sleep I’ll cook you some pancakes in the morning” and with that I close her bedroom door, walking into my room to be met with an undressing Natasha in front of me.

I walk over to her wrapping my arms around her waist as I lay my head on her shoulder, Natasha leans back into my body letting out a content sigh. I bury my face in her neck letting her scent wash over me, finally feeling like I can relax now I have my love in my arms.

“She doesn’t like me, probably blames me for not being the one to save Clint” I hear the shakiness in her normally calm and collected tone, I tighten my arms before I pull her around to face me.

“She doesn’t hate you or blame you baby, she hates herself for putting you through hell with her powers. She can read minds Nat, she can probably pick up on the aftershocks that her powers caused.” I try to calm her, hating that she blames herself for the kid’s death.

“I let Clint go after that boy, I should’ve ordered him to stay put and I should’ve gone. Clint was slow due to an injury, I would’ve been faster and wouldn’t have needed the boy! He died because of my failure” my heart breaks at the sound of defeat that fills Natasha’s voice, I pull her into my arms letting her cry into my chest.

“this isn’t on you Tasha, you did all you could” I keep repeating in her ear as I start to feel her calm down, this was our routine after a tough mission. She would turn up a mess full of self hate and I would hold her close, reciting reassuring words until she would listen to them and calm down.

That was how I spent a lot of the night, holding Natasha as I try to get her to listen to my words. Unknown to me that in the room next to me was Wanda listening into the distress of both of our minds, hating herself just a little bit more for the crap she put us all through.

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