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#avengers headcanon

Wanda is just doing what all of us do when we play Animal Crossing.

  • She changes her clothes too often
  • The characters have no understanding of the world outside of the town
  • She often rearranged the layout without anyone commenting on it
  • She resets people when they start talking crazy
  • She’ll boot you out of the town if she doesn’t like what you’re saying.

Originally posted by bearie

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So when Wanda works on her intro/montage for every “episode”, does the rest of the town just stand around not knowing what to do with themselves or do they pretend they don’t see it like,

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  • When he woke up, things were different. Aliens attacked New York, men flew around in metal suits and turned into huge green giants. But the most surprising was the movements that happened after he went into the ice.
  • S.H.E.I.L.D had given Steve some books about the world since his time. Including world history, politics, technological advancements, and of course civil rights.
  • But catching up on 70 years’ worth of history took a while. So by the time, Steve made it to the Civil Rights Section of the book store, it had already been a few months since Loki’s attack on New York.
  • Steve was in his room, reading his newest book on queer history, when Friday called out, “Captain Rogers, the Avengers are requesting your presence in the living room for dinner”
  • Steve dog eared his page and closed the book, getting up quietly.
  • He sat down on a couch big enough to fit all the Avengers and more and picked up a plate.
  • “So, how’s catching up with the world going, Cap,” Nat asked while balancing the biggest plate of food in the room, Steve hummed, chewing his food, “I’m reading up about the ‘LGBTQ’ movement” The room stilled as if expecting him to continue, and hoping he didn’t.
  • When Steve just kept eating, Clint spoke up, “so-uh, how do you feel about that?”
  • “I think it’s great, they’ve come a long way since my time” 
  • The room let out a collective sigh and continued to chatter.
  • A few days later and Steve was still on queer history when he found a term.
  • Steve walked out of his room, excited and a little nervous to share his news.
  • “Nat,” he said as he walked into the kitchen, she looked up from the island she was sitting on, “you know how you’ve been trying to set me up for a while?” she nodded as Clint and Bruce looked up as well, “well I was wondering if you could… expand your searches?” 
  • “What do you mean?” Steve took a deep breath, taken back to when he came out to Bucky, “when you’re looking for dates, you don’t just have to look at women. Men could work too” Bruce’s eye’s widened, stepping out of the kitchen to give Steve some privacy.
  • “Are you saying you’re bi, Cap?” Clint asked cautiously, Steve took a second, still trying to convince himself it was okay to tell people he liked men, “yeah, I guess” he awkwardly scratched his neck and smiled.
  • Things continued like normal. Clint, Bruce, and Nat didn’t bring up Steve’s admission, so he didn’t either.
  • It was a Friday when he discovered the word, Transgender.
  • It happened similar to when he figured out he was bi; he was looking through his queer history books when the word popped out at him. Again he made his way to the living room to tell his friends.
  • “I’m transgender” He announced, walking in and smiling brightly. “Great entrance, Steve” Clint laughed, and Steve smiled with him. “I can loan you a dress if you want?” it took Steve a second to understand what Nat said, and once he did he laughed.
  • “No, no. Already tried dresses, didn’t work for me” when Nat didn’t reply, he continued, “I was born a girl, but it never really felt right. Then I got the serum and everything just made sense” Nat made a silent “o” with her mouth and nodded.
  • Steve smiled brightly and for once felt open about his life. Like he had nothing to hide. It felt good. 
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Loki: It’s nice being an adult. I can enjoy the things I liked as a kid but with a mature perspective.

Thor: [passes out on the table]

Loki: Hmm, fascinating. The wine represents his life but his sudden collapse represents the untimely encounters we face with our own mortality.

Valkyrie: It represents you poisoned his food again.

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Guys. I realized I need more fanfics that show Steve and/or Bucky encountering Gen-Z things like tic toc, vines, memes, etc. and surprising the avengers by being super duper into them. Like Steve using vine quotes or Bucky making tic tocs. 

Given the type of humor that was rampant in the 1930s I am absolutely certain they would LOVE gen-Z humor.

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the avengers and their reaction to fanfiction

avengers headcannon


Originally posted by madamebaggio

steve rogers —

  • is very, genuinely concerned about the future of this country
  • refuses to even read a word of it
  • when peter tells him it exists, he doesn’t believe it at first
  • “surely you’re joking, right parker?”
  • peter is not
  • steve is deeply disturbed that their over a million fics about him
  • he scrolled through one by accident and was traumatized
  • it was most definitely smut

natasha romanoff —

  • is deeply concerned too
  • kinda just laughs it off though
  • has only read one and will never do it again
  • she doesn’t really mind though
  • she likes the fact that people have different opinions on her other than being an assassin

bruce banner —

  • oh MAN
  • poor lil bruce
  • y’all stress him OUT
  • he sweats every time someone mentions the word
  • “plS why are these kids so nasty?”
  • takes off his glasses and runs his hands through his hair stressfully
  • “jesus, this is awful,”

thor odinson —

  • thor is amused
  • if anything, he’s deeply flattered really
  • “i am honored they’ve chosen me to fantasize about,”
  • he may not be strongest but he is the sexiest
  • “aha, look at this. there’s over a million people that want the mighty thor,”
  • will definitely brag about it

tony stark —

  • he’s actually read a few and let me tell you-
  • he can’t even believe that many people fantasize about him
  • “jesus chris, how many jarvis?”
  • “there are over two million fanfictions involving iron man, sir,”
  • he actually gets on multiple platforms to leave feedback
  • “first of all, i would never do that and second of all, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! I AM IN MY FOURTIES HAVE YOU EVEN GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL YET?!”
  • tony is done with y’all

peter parker —

  • absolutely wants to die on the spot every time someone mentions it
  • “you know peter parker x reader is the most popular category, right?”
  • “and how do you know that ned?”
  • he blushes bright red at some of the things y’all write about him
  • “jesus christ i’ve never even done that before!”
  • “oH MY GOD,”
  • is probably traumatized

bucky barnes —

  • don’t even get me started
  • the amount of shit he’s seen involving the words ‘choking’ and ‘metal arm’ have kept him up most nights
  • is so disappointed in the new generations
  • “i went to war to fight for THIS SHIT?”
  • bucky is so done with y’all
  • he read ONE smut, just ONE, and it was enough to make him log off the internet forever
  • “nope. nope. i’m sticking to newspapers from now on. there’s something seriously wrong with gen z,”
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Since Marvel is pretty much my main fandom even after I recently got obsessed with CoD, I had some personal headcanons of the characters so I thought it’ll be a great idea to share them here! 

I know some of you might be expecting another CoD HC time but here it is, some Marvel headcanons I’ve been thinking about 😂

Tony Stark / Iron Man

  • You all know Tony Stark as the billionaire playboy who’ll flirt with any woman he meets, but inside he’s just a confused being who doesn’t know the real meaning about love yet so he sticks into hookups and one night stands before he meets the one for him. 
  • Tony’s nightmares often makes him anxious even for a superhero. Sadly, he always hides them from the public since he doesn’t want everyone to see him as a pathetic loser who always cries at night. 
  • His dad/Howard always brag about Captain America being his greatest creation from his youth, which contradicts his statement about Tony, his son being his “greatest creation” and that made him jealous of Steve. 
  • Continuing from above, he always makes fun of Steve to make the soldier seems worse than him but all of it is done to cover up the fact that he’s very jealous of the more perfect Steve Rogers. 
  • There’ll be lots of sex if you’re dating him since he’s the fucking Tony Stark although he actually prefers making love to having sex since he secretly prefers to be more intimate with showing how much he loves you. 
  • As a guilty pleasure, Tony watches vintage romantic movies just to relieve his dream of finding his true love and that he also thinks that the movies from that times are simply romantic and not cheesy unlike some modern ones. 
  • His mom used to play the piano a lot when Tony was little so as he grew up, he learned some songs and he enjoys playing them to you while no one’s watching. 

Steve Rogers / Captain America

  • Due to being frozen for so long, he missed a large part of his life, at first Steve was confused on how he managed to end up in the modern times but then he slowly gets used to the technology and shit he didn’t understand.
  • Why did Steve always say “Language!” every time his teammates curse? Well, it’s just part of his old fashioned instincts that thinks swearing is bad for you and he didn’t want everyone to be a “bad guy” even though at times they didn’t swear as an insult. 
  • His teammates know him as the virgin grandpa but did you know that Steve is secretly so good in bed, he might even be a secret sex demon/incubus underneath his Captain America disguise? 👀
  • He’s surprisingly good in bed for a virgin, but you have to date him to experience the mighty American Hotdog™
  • Steve prefers the vintage stuff than the more modern ones since he didn’t understand the modern technology and come on, oldies are goodies!
  • Sometimes Steve will draw sketches of random things around him, including his teammates.
  • Steve is obviously a gentleman from the 40s so he tends to be a little too overprotective when it comes around you, though you still love him for being a sweet boyfriend. 

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there’s always been something between you and bucky. but when it comes to telling him, you’re left wishing for a daydream that’ll never be. (inspired by the song daydream by maisie peters)  (2.2k)

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(everything on my blog is my own writing. if it is shared on another page or website without being credited, it has not been approved to be shared by me. all rights reserved.)


Originally posted by xmissrubi

“Mornin’ Y/n,” Your ears perk up as Bucky strolls into the kitchen with a tired smile, one that never fails to warm your heart.

Natasha resists the urge to chuckle at your lovesick state as you try to subtly watch Bucky make his morning coffee. “Sleep well, Barnes?” Natasha asks, seeing your eyes widen out of the corner of your eyes. If only Wanda were here, she’d love to know what you’re thinking about.

“Not really, I’ve been finding it hard to fall asleep.” Bucky explains, now leaning against the kitchen counter as he blows on his coffee, unaware of the near heart palpations you’re having at the sight of his pursed lips. “A lot on my mind, but nothing at the same time.”

“I get that,” You speak up, now catching Bucky’s attention. “you wish your brain had an off switch, god knows I need one.” You chuckle into your cereal and hear Bucky laugh softly to himself.

“Well, maybe Tony will make one for us someday, doll.” Bucky jokes as he winks to you and nods to Natasha before exiting the kitchen.

Natasha raises a brow to you as you try and avoid choking on your cereal. “Huh, doll?” Natasha quips, causing you nearly splutter your coffee all over the counter.

“Oh stop,” You nudge her lightly. “it’s nothing really. Bucky calls all of us doll.”

“I don’t think so,” Natasha comments. “I think you’re the only one he calls doll, Y/n.”

You shake your head in disbelief. “Nah, I swear I’ve heard him call Wanda doll before.” You trail off, trying to think deeply if you’ve actually heard him call anyone by the nickname, or if in fact, it has only been you.

Picking up her coffee, Natasha simply mumbles into it. “Whatever helps you get through the day, Y/n.”

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Avengers Headcanon: Steve reads everything he can. Everything. He’s never without a book. He brings them everyehere, even if he ends up never opening it. He reads every night before bed and whenever he has free time. Every kind of book. Popular, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self help, everything. It’s something he can do to understand the world, understand where it’s come from, how it’s grown since he was last above ice. He likes historical books that fill in the gaps, and science fiction that connect all the movies he’s been watching. Fairytales that bring him back to the stories his mother told him, and true crime because that will always be a guilty pleasure. Stepping into a world he didn’t understand or recognize, he could always rely on books to be the same. He felt really lost, and really out of place. One of the things that never changed, and make him feel like himself, are books.

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//Wandavision Spoilers!//


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Geraldine and Wanda both wear similar jewelry in Episode 1 and 2.

At first I noticed Wanda’s necklace and thought they were daisies and thought that was an odd choice of jewelry given that pearls were the staple accessory in the 50s.

So I looked up the meaning of daisies and it wasn’t giving me much; innocence, purity, fertility. Meh, maybe foreshadowing her pregnancy earlier on but that seems a bit pointless and a waste of costume design if we the audience already know that.

Then I remembered how I noticed Geraldine’s brooch stood out at that scene where she first meets Wanda and then I took another look at the necklace. If you zoom in, those aren’t daisies, they’re swirls.

Just like the swirls Geraldine wears…


Originally posted by notias1

Like a portal Strange would summon.

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Avengers Headcannon:

As frequent flyers to different planets, Thor, Loki and other aliens (gotg etc) all accept vine slang better than adults of earth.

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apologies for the late response! i haven’t written for marvel in so long, i was trying to remember how i used to :) i hope you enjoy these and sorry if these aren’t characters you were hoping for 


Bruce Banner

  • When he first met you, he was attracted to your closed-off quiet personality, always wanting to get to know you so he could dissect you bit-by-bit. 
  • Taking that into consideration, he preferred to have you by his side, you were a nice change of pace from the green monster within him, and the annoying sound of Tony’s blabbering. 
  • If in any case you were to bump into him, you would only mumble a quiet hello, wave, and be off on your way. 
  • But when he sees the side of you that he thinks no one else has, he’s even more attracted to your person. 
  • In the midst of a “avengers night” where tony would gather everyone for a big sleepover, he, and everyone else in the room finally got to experience you for the very first time. 
  • “Haha suck it losers, shy guy totally just kicked your asses!” 
  • At your sudden burst, they turned quiet, blinking from one another, gaping like a fish out of water before your smile dropped and they decided to yell at each other. 
  • “WHAT WAS THAT???” 

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headcanon #4: black widow end-credit scene

After the events of Black Widow, Natasha seeks out Sam and Steve, because the film is set between Civil War and Infinity War, and she wasn’t with them at the end of Civil War, but was with them at the beginning of Infinity War.

Sam and Steve return to their hotel room after completing a short mission, both in fairly high spirits. You can hear them both talking and laughing about meaningless things before they even show up on the screen.

As soon as they unlock the door, Steve notices something’s off - someone is in their room. So, he signals to Sam, and they walk further into the room and around the corner, slowly and quietly, guns at the ready.

And who’s there, sitting in the ancient, stained armchair in the opposite corner of their hotel room?

“Don’t shoot,” Natasha smirks at them, breaking out into a grin. Steve and Sam both immediately sigh in relief, dropping their weapons and smiling brightly at her.

“Welcome back,” says Steve.

And then the screen cuts to black; the scene is over.

Black Widow will return.

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Originally posted by valkyrierhodes

  • You and Bucky are incredibly close, and he’s very protective of you, and takes his role as your brother very seriously
  • Being pretty good friends with Steve, and the three of you love to hang out, watch movies, go to the local diner or just generally cause mischief
  • You had gone to school for nursing and Bucky was super supportive of you
  • “Well, seeing as you and Steve are always getting into trouble, you need someone to properly patch you up.” “Hey, can’t complain about that.” 
  • When the war rolls around, Bucky enlists and you’re also recruited as part of the war effort
  • You and Steve having to say goodbye to Bucky when he gets shipped out, which is a little painful
  • “Seriously, Buck, don’t do anything stupid.” “And you too, y/n. I’ll stay safe, promise.”
  • You actually didn’t get shipped off to the war straight away, and were actually sent to help out at Camp Lehigh with Steve, which is where you met Peggy
  • You’re immediately attracted to her, and also super impressed by her status and her personality
  • You find yourself a stammering, flustered mess around her, much to Steve’s amusement
  • “If Bucky could see you now, it’d be hilarious.” “It’s a good thing he’s not here, I’d never hear he end of it.” 
  • Peggy thinks you’re adorable, especially since she’s very aware of how flustered you get around her
  • Her asking you out, and the two of you going out on a secret date together, where you only fall for each other more
  • Peggy loves how caring you are, and also how you always try to help everyone around you
  • The both of you wearing matching lockets
  • Going to Europe together to help with the war
  • Bucky and Steve being the only two people to know about your relationship
  • He tried flirting with her of course when he first met her, but after finding out you’re together, he immediately backs off and is super respectful of your relationship
  • Him being very happy for you when you tell him the story, and he thinks you’re the perfect couple
  • Peggy always tries to help you when you’re tending to the wounded soldiers, ordering for people to bring you medical supplies when you need it
  • And she’s also there for you when you get some down time, massaging your shoulders because you’re always overworking yourself
  • “These men are lucky to have you, you know. You’re saving lives.” “Well, they’re not as lucky as I am to have you.”
  • Her comforting you after Bucky’s death
  • Steve had to be the one to break the news to you, and you were absolutely devastated 
  • You were so crushed over the loss of your brother, and completely inconsolable, and you wanted nothing more than to be left alone
  • Peggy stayed by your side though, holding you while you cried, and you felt so grateful to have her through such a difficult time
  • “I wish this horrid war could just be over.” “It will be soon, love, I promise.” 
  • You always think to yourself that meeting Peggy is the only good thing to have come out of this war
  • You always tell each other how much you love one another, because each day you have together is so precious
  • Spending nights talking about your future together, and imagining your lives without the war, full of happiness, love and peace

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Thor still sometimes calls Iceman an ‘Odd little Frost Giant’

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