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happy halloween week

handing out candy with them would include…


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

steve rogers:

🎃 the last time Steve could recall handing out candy was before he was frozen in ice. So he’s happy to do it again

🎃 Steve tried to hand out healthy candy but you wouldn’t let him. “Rogers are you trying to have our place egged?”

🎃 a kid dressed up as Captain America and of course it’s the most adorable thing ever. Along with some candy that kid gets a picture with Steve

🎃 “you really made that kid’s night”

🎃 “do you really think so? I’m glad if I did”

🎃 Steve just loves making all these children smile. It’s honestly so cute


Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

bucky barnes:

🎃 Bucky honestly can’t remember the last time he celebrated Halloween but when you ask him to help you hand out candy he agrees

🎃 he’s admittedly a little wary, nervous that he might scare some kids with his metal arm so he thinks about hiding it

🎃 it takes you reminding Bucky that Halloween is a time to dress up for Bucky to become less insecure

🎃 as he’s handing out the candy the kids actually think Bucky’s arm is awesome. It’s really cute

🎃 “woah I love your costume mister!”

🎃 “I uh… thanks”


Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

sam wilson:

🎃 Sam takes handing out candy very seriously. Every kid gets the same amount so everything’s fair… oh brother

🎃 for a lot of the night Sam’s a little bitter because he sees a ton of kids dressing up as Cap and even that annoying Spider kid

🎃 he moles until finally, finally one boy comes up to the door as the one and only falcon

🎃 well the sight of this nearly makes Sam tear up and you’d be lying if you said that it wasn’t adorable

🎃 “kid that’s an awesome costume. Want an autograph”

🎃 “yes please!”


Originally posted by hollaforholland

wanda maximoff:

🎃 Wanda is very excited to hand out candy to children that come by your place. She didn’t have the best childhood so making other kids smile really makes her day

🎃 rather than buying candy from the store Wanda gets creative and actually makes her own home made treats

🎃 admittedly you’re a little nervous but Wanda’s snacks end up being a hit! Some kids even try to come back for seconds

🎃 Wanda’s heart is just so warm through the entire night. All these children are grinning up at her instead of looking at her in fear. It’s nice to have people adore her and not afraid of her


Originally posted by marvelwomensource

carol danvers:

🎃 Carol just so happens to be visiting you on Earth when Halloween comes around. She hadn’t done this on purpose but she’s so happy that she did

🎃 celebrating Halloween is something she hasn’t got to do in years because of her memory loss + becoming responsible for the entire galaxy

🎃 so she’s so eager to hand out candy to kids that come by your house. She even wears her costume while doing so and man so the kids think it’s awesome

🎃 Carol does go a little overboard throughout the night and gives some of the kids too much candy. What can she say? She just adores the way their faces light up

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happy halloween week

telling scary stories with them would include…


Originally posted by rdjdad

tony stark:

🎃 Tony is so dramatic. He can’t just tell a normal scary story. Of course he had to have a few special effects

🎃 he uses a bunch of holograms as you sit around the fire and he tries to tell you stories his dad used to tell him

🎃 you have to admit that his tech is a good touch and by the end you are looking over you shoulder to see if a monster is sneaking up on you

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]”

🎃 “no!”

🎃 you’re lying of course and Tony knows it, which only boosts his ego


Originally posted by lesbriens

natasha romanoff:

🎃 Natasha has a load of old Russian folklore that she remembers from her childhood. So when it’s time for scary stories she puts them to good use

🎃 as she’s telling you these legends the intense look in her eye sends a shiver up your spine

🎃 you did not expect Nat to freak you out as much as she did but man that woman could be scary when she wanted

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]? Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe”

🎃 well how could you pass up an opportunity for Nat to cuddle you for the rest of the night to comfort you. So it’s even if you’re scared it’s a win


Originally posted by starkissedtom

peter parker:

🎃 when you and Peter decide to exchange scary stories on Halloween night you do it to see who can scare the other the most

🎃 Peter is pretty confident when he tells you a story that May told him that freaked him out when he was younger

🎃 when you share a legend that your grandfather had told you though… Peter’s ghostly pale

🎃 he didn’t think you’d be able to scare him so much but holy crap you did

🎃 “Pete are you okay? Woah, are you shaking? Was my story that bad?”

🎃 “c-can we cuddle now?”


Originally posted by riricitaa

bucky barnes:

🎃 Bucky isn’t the biggest fan of scary stories. He has enough nightmares as it is

🎃 so instead you decided to tell some light hearted and even funny Halloween themed stories so you don’t creep out each other

🎃 the two of you spend your time laughing and cuddling by the fire as you tell your goofy tales

🎃 “this is much better than telling scary stories”

🎃 “I agree”


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

loki laufeyson:

🎃 when telling stories with Loki he quite literally puts on a play for you

🎃 he’d transform himself into different characters as he’s sharing his old Asgardian tale (Loki theatre nerd confirmed)

🎃 having him act everything out only makes the story telling that much scarier. It’s almost impossible for you not to be a little freaked out

🎃 “I assume that I told the best ghost story”

🎃 “it wasn’t a competition but yes I guess you win Loki”

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I hope you’re doing better, love :’)

  • peter is a soft boi
  • We all know this
  • But like when you get sick
  • :(((
  • He’s extra soft
  • He buys you your favorite flavor of cough drop/throat lozenge
  • And he makes sure that you’ve got a bottle of cough syrup or just cold medicine that you’ll actually like
  • So that you don’t resist taking it
  • Honestly you do resist taking it because it tastes like butt it’s fun to see Peter get all panicky like bUtWhAtiFyOuDiE
  • You don’t tease him too much tho because I have a feeling that that boi cries easily
  • I would not be surprised if you refused to take your syrup and he was like pLz nO and just burst into tears kandjakf
  • But the cuddles
  • oh
  • the cuddles
  • They’re always perfect
  • But when you’re sick they just hit different
  • Peter wraps you up in blankets and holds you like a lil baby
  • Prob kisses your nose or some stupidly cute bs like that
  • definitely rubs your back when you fall asleep
  • If you’re throwing up he’ll sit by the toilet with you and rub your back and bring you water and help you rinse out your mouth
  • 100% panics when you throw up tho is like :o that’s not good
  • Teases you about your raspy voice but then feels bad and apologizes 64769028685396 times
  • the kind of man to make you soup
  • homemade
  • And like
  • it’s better than canned
  • May gave him the recipe lmao
  • But like three meals a day you will be having this
  • So
  • I hope you like soup

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A/N: deciding to completely disregard canon and pretend Ultron didn’t happen to switch things up👀 thanks for the request and sorry I took forever to post it!


  • Okay so let’s just say that Wanda became an Avenger in a less hectic way
  • The team went to the Hydra base in Sokovia after catching wind of new weapons they were working on, quickly discovering they meant the twins
  • In an unexpected twist of events, Pietro and Wanda actually wanted to leave with the Avengers and help them keep peace in ways that resulted in fewer deaths than what Hydra had planned. Everyone but Pietro made it out
  • You were introduced to an emotionally devastated Wanda not too long after the team returned to the tower. You were in awe of her beauty and appreciative of having someone closer to your age around, but ultimately kept your distance at first
  • After a few days, Wanda approached you first while you were watching your favorite show in the common area, greeting you warmly and quietly sitting on the other end of the couch. She came to you again while you were working on a prototype in your dad’s lab, this time sitting across from you and watching your skilled hands build
  • Eventually it became a regular occurrence for her to seek you out wherever you were in the tower, until she was more comfortable with being around the others without you. Now you approach her while she’s baking or tending to the small garden she created on one of the balconies, and you stare at her until she notices and smiles
  • Everyone else in the tower could tell you were falling in love before the two of you even knew, mainly because Wanda believed that if she peered inside your mind she’d find the rejection she was so afraid of. When you finally did talk it out, you were inseparable
  • You welcomed Wanda’s constant affection because the family you’d gained since the formation of the Avengers wasn’t a ‘cuddly’ group (aside from Thor, of course). It was more often than not that one of them found you wrapped up in each other’s arms on the couch or in your bedrooms (with the door open so Tony didn’t bother you about it)
  • She tried to teach you different recipes and if it didn’t stick, you lingered in the kitchen anyway to watch her effortlessly float about the room. In turn you show her a few things around the lab, careful to stay away from Tony’s suits. You also may or may not have hacked into his cams and shut them off so you could avoid him seeing footage of you making out against one of the work benches
  • Speaking of Tony, he was a great supporter of your relationship when the two of you finalized things. He respected Wanda and trusted her not to hurt you, but that didn’t stop him from cornering her later that day for an overprotective dad speech
  • All in all, the two of you were the warmest, smartest, cuddliest couple with a great group of heroes to tease and love you

marvel requests?

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  • You bring your puppy over and his soft goes !!!!!!!!!!
  • Puppy!!!!!!!
  • He doesn’t have to do much to get on the puppy’s good side at first and it crawled into his lap at one point
  • He picks it up and goes to boop noses
  • He is not met with nose
  • teefies
  • He just kinda sits there like ???
  • You kinda :o for a moment and then you’re laughing more than you’ve ever laughed before
  • “Don’t mock me!”
  • He’s so sad omg
  • He’s like really I thought we had something here fren
  • Constantly reminds the puppy that he bit him one (1) time
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Requested by Anonymous for “Can you make a avengers x Male reader the reader is Bruce’s son and has anger problems like hulk but instead of going hulk mode he just gets a red aura around him when his pissed and hates people underestimating him and calling him a child and during a mission they go up against Loki again and he calls the reader a child and Tony ask Bruce to get hulk out but he says we won’t need him and the reader just beats the shit out of Loki and doesn’t give him time to talk or anything”


Originally posted by lockedwithloki

  • They had labeled you a… problem child.
  • It had to be your fault. Blaming your dad just made you… ANGRY
  • Like your dad, you had some… issues.
  • Due to leaked gamma radiation from your father’s lab, you too have certain hormonal imbalances. But you don’t turn into a giant green rage monster.
  • No, your blood feels like it’s boiling and your eyes turn red and you literally glow red.
  • And you hate when people talk down to you. Especially when they say you can’t do something because you’re a child.
  • Or when they insult your dad.
  • And Loki… well, he falls under both those categories.
  • “I’ve met your father… or, well, the dumb green brute inside him.” Loki taunts. “But you’re simply pathetic. A child trying to be a warrior.”
  • No one else is near. Everyone else has been trying to fight Loki’s minions and keep him out of the base, but he got in anyway.
  • “Banner! Loki got in, he’s with Y/N! You’ve gotta get the Hulk!” Steve roars over comms.
  • Tony lands to where Banner is sheltered and holds out his arms. “Come on, man! We need the Hulk!”
  • But Banner just gives a mysterious grin. “Heh, I don’t think we do. Check again.”
  • Tony checks the feed.
  • Loki takes a breath to speak - and eats your fist. You leap on him with startling ferocity, the red aura strengthening and empowering you, making you incredibly durable.
  • “Holy crap… your kid’s a… a Red Hulk.” Tony breathes, a little frightened at how easily you’re beating Loki into almost a literal pulp.
  • Of course, your body isn’t meant to handle that much power and radiation, and you go into a coma for a week afterwards, but other than that, you’re fine.
  • Your dad thinks your rage form is even more powerful than his is.
  • Still, though, he tries to help you manage your anger so the Red Hulk never emerges again.
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A/N: I like this idea! I set this to pre-Ultron era, so it takes place in the tower. thanks for requesting 💕


  • Tony had a feeling you were gifted when he found you, but he had no idea just how much until you came to his lab. You kept up with his fast paced working environment so easily and had answers to questions he hadn’t even asked yet
  • Whether you have a good relationship with your parents or not, your appreciation for Tony is immense. You were both into the same things science wise, and you loved that he didn’t belittle you because of your age. In the lab, you were equal
  • Although, he definitely made sure you didn’t abandon your homework while working with him, ate meals and got home in time for a decent amount of sleep. You tried to do the same, and he gradually began to follow his own advice when you were around
  • Because you spend so much time at the tower after school, you often end up eating dinner there with Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and occasionally Clint and Thor. They adored you as much as you admired them, looking after you like family too
  • It was on a Friday evening that Steve and Nat found you sitting on a couch in the common area, playing around with a holographic system Tony helped you create
  • “Hey, little genius,” Nat got your attention with a smile. “Are you staying the weekend?”
  • “No, I’ve got to get home. I’m just waiting on Dad to give me a ride.”
  • “Is he on his way now?”
  • “He’s in the lab.”
  • Before Steve could question how your dad got into the building without any of them knowing, the elevator doors opened and Tony peeked his head out of them.
  • “Hey, kid. You ready to go?”
  • You nodded and stood with your bag and device, waving farewell to the two Avengers as you approached your mentor in the elevator
  • “Huh. Never thought I’d see the day when Tony Stark became a father.”

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A/N: hi, anon! wasn’t sure if you wanted fem! or gn! reader so I put the focus on Nat trying on fits. hope that’s okay and thanks for requesting!


  • As much as you loved Natasha most when she was just being herself, there was something sinfully exciting about going undercover with her
  • “Who do you plan to be today?”
  • “I thought I’d let you decide.”
  • She disappears into the exceptionally large closet (perks of Tony being a billionaire), dramatically sliding the door closed behind her and reappearing minutes later wearing baggy overalls and a striped T-shirt
  • “What do you think?”
  • “I think you should put it back.”
  • She appeared again with a pale pink short sleeved dress that flared at the skirt, tiny flowers sewn in around the collar. You could barely hold back your laughter as you walked up to her.
  • “You look adorable, which means there’s no chance of you being taken seriously in this.”
  • She offered you a playful eye roll in return and headed back in, frowning in confusion when you pulled her back by the arm. The frown melted away, replaced by a gentle smile when your lips touched hers briefly
  • “Had to give you a good luck kiss.”
  • The last time she came out, a grin appeared on your face as you clapped loudly. She was wearing a dark pantsuit with heels to match, and even she seemed proud of what she put together
  • “It worked! You can’t deny my good luck kisses ever again.”
  • “Didn’t plan on it, baby.”

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A/N: I feel obligated to write some soft shit for Wanda seeing as she’s gone through a lot on my Sad Sundays. luckily I love soft Wanda regardless 🥰 hope you like it!


  • Wanda loves people, but she loves you the most. As she should, you’re wonderful!
  • When you first started dating, she carefully held back on how much affection she showed to avoid overwhelming you. But as soon as love was declared from both of you, she’d never hold back again.
  • She loves cuddling, absolutely.
  • Nighttime cuddles, waking-up-and-avoiding-getting-out-of-bed cuddles, middle of the afternoon cuddles, and “you’re bedridden from an injury and can’t escape me” cuddles
  • One of her absolute favorites happens to be the sick cuddle. Despite how much you fight it, being sick makes you clingy and needy and she loves every moment, encourages it actually. She’ll pull you in tight against her chest, rubbing gentle circles on your back and humming until you fall asleep.
  • And on the off chance that she gets sick from you because she spent the whole time glued to your side, she’ll happily jump into your arms for comfort.
  • Wanda loves date nights with you, going out to new American places she’s never seen before, holding your hand in public and kissing you when there aren’t as many people around.
  • Although she prefers the ones where you stay in most. Those are the nights she surprises you with dinner, placing the dishes in the dishwasher and leading you to the couch for movie cuddles. Sometime later you’ll finish the movie and end up back in the kitchen to bake together. You’ll make a mess as you always do and steal kisses in between cleaning
  • She’s eternally grateful that she met you. Before Ultron, Pietro was the only person left that showed her unconditional love and kindness. You picked up right where he left off and greatly exceeded her expectations of what it means to be loved
  • Basically what I’m saying is Wanda believes you’re the best person in the world and she would literally die for you. 10/10 experience!

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A/N: hiiii and sorry this took so long! was gonna take an angsty route for the ending but changed my mind. hope you like it regardless!


  • Okay so I couldn’t see you liking Wanda as much in the beginning
  • You’re young, but old enough to work with the team (in your eyes, Nat still wants to keep you safe at home)
  • So you helped them track down Ultron
  • You were fighting one of the guards while Pietro knocked anyone he could on their asses, and Wanda made her rounds infiltrating minds
  • The two of you came face to face at some point, your gun frozen and pointed at her forehead and her misty red hand stuck by her side. That was the first time either of you had ever let your emotions get in the way of winning a fight
  • The image of her in that moment filled your thoughts as you laid next to your mom that night at Clint’s house, wide awake in her arms, hoping your presence was enough to fend off any nightmares
  • When she was around the team again, you were conflicted. The way she treated your mother and the rest of your family had you ready to help Bruce strangle her, but your heart clenched painfully whenever you met eyes.
  • You decided to push away your feelings until Ultron was taken care of, at the expense Pietro. Her anguished screams broke you, yet you understood oh so well. You’d already lost so much in your young life, and could’ve added your uncle to the list if her brother hadn’t stepped in.
  • A few nights later you made a couple mugs of tea, bringing them to her room as a peace offering. What was meant to be a few minutes of getting to know her turned into watching the sunrise together, and you kissed her a week later in the same room.
  • You kept your relationship a secret until everyone moved to the compound, and Nat caught the two of you making out in the gym.
  • “I guess I misheard you. I thought you said you were coming here to work out.”
  • She wasn’t very supportive at first, understandable, as you knew she still occasionally had nightmares of the Red Room because of Wanda. She kept a close eye on the two of you, most importantly your girlfriend
  • While she was watching, she noticed the way Wanda looked after you in ways it’d taken her a while to learn how to do. She saw the way your eyes lit up when she entered the room, how loud your laugh was when you joked around, and the precious way your arms wrapped around each other, falling asleep on the couch during a movie marathon.
  • The thing that caught her attention the most was the way the two of you looked after each other on missions. If you were injured, Wanda went through hell and back to make sure your attacker paid the price for it.
  • Nat was more than certain that you were in good hands

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Thor: [runs in Loki’s house] LOKI! HIDE ME AND DONT LET SURTUR IN!

Surtur: [banging on door] Is Thor here?

Loki: Do you have an appointment?

Surtur: No!

Loki: Well, we finished early, so we can probably squeeze you in!

Surtur: That’s very generous of you!

Thor: [screaming]

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being Steve’s fem! best friend

relationship: platonic!Steve x reader

warnings: mentions of catcalling/assault (very brief), mental health


[gif not mine]

• when steve wakes up in 21st century you’re one of the first people he meets

• you’re the one who helps him with modeen technology/pop culture

• you were there for his outbursts when he got overwhelmed

• but also his excitement when he learnt something new

• he becomes like a brother to you

• a very protective brother

• you can tell he treats you differently but you think it’s because he doesn’t believe in you

• “do you think i’m weak, steve? is it because i’m a woman? because i guarentee i can kick your super soldier ass”

• “that’s not it! i know how strong you are, y/n. i don’t doubt you for a second”

• “then what is it?”

• “i’ve lost everyone. i can’t lose you too”

• he’s terrified that one day he won’t be able to save you, just like he couldn’t save bucky

• you’re so sweet and kind but you have this fire inside

• a lot like pre serum steve

• you won’t hesitate to do something dangerous and it causes steven s t r e s s

• but you point out that he is just as bad as you

• “how come one of us is always doing something reckless and the other one has to be mature? cant we just be smart at the same time?”

• y'all share one (1) braincell 🥰

• and he just thinks ‘was i this stressful? how did bucky not kill me, i would have killed me’

• so he promises he’ll be less reckless if you do too

• steve will just casually pick you up and carry you away whenever you try to start a fight

• “y/n! you’re an avenger, you can’t just beat up civilians”

• “he was trying to touch me”

• steve goes back and breaks the guys jaw

• since he’s known as america’s golden boy people don’t expect him to have a temper

• he’s usually very levelheaded but if someone he cares about is hurt/threatened…

• he turns into scrappy pre serum!steve real damn quick

• catcalls make him livid

• and you try to explain, “steve, i’m a woman. this happens all the time”

• and that makes him even more mad because “that doesn’t make it ok!”

• a lot of casual cuddles and hugs

• at first the avengers would tease you and smirk because they thought you liked each other

• but you explained that cuddling helps steve relax and it’s kind of theraputic for him

• steve tries to hide his feelings because he thinks he has to be the strong leader

• he likes to tuck his head against your neck or chest when he gets upset and just let you hold him for a minute

• it reminds him of his mom

• he’ll only cry in front of you and sam

• playing with his hair + forehead kisses always calms him down

• steve does the same for you if you’re upset

• he’ll scoop you up into his lap and hold you against his chest

• if you say you’re too heavy he’ll get so sassy

• “i’m captain america, i think i can handle you”

• cute nicknames (sweetheart/doll/honey/darlin’ are his favorites. sugar/princess on special occassions)

• you two will cuddle on the couch as he goes through his list of movies/tv shows

• but one of you usually winds up falling asleep on the other

• you both have very stressful lives so when you get the chance to nap you gotta take it 🤷‍♀️

• and steve won’t even be mad if you fall asleep during a movie because he knows you need it

• he’ll just pull you closer against his chest and if anyone walks in he’ll send them him his 'captain’ face

• and they just slowly back out of the room

• steve is very strict about your health (physical and mental)

• he will always make sure you’re taking care of yourself

• you roll your eyes and go “yes, mom”

• but it honestly makes you happy that he cares so much

• “hey, you been sleeping ok? how about i skip my meeting and we take a nap, i’m honestly kinda tired too”

• if you’re sick/injured he gets so protective (even more than usual)

• you: *training when you’re supposed to be resting*

• steve: *agressively carries you to your room and tucks you in*

• you wear his clothes because they’re comfy + they smell good

• if he has to go to a fancy event you help him get ready

• can you imagine styling his hair and helping him with his tie 🥺

• in conclusion: you’re family and steve would do anything for you <3

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a/n here is a new head cannon. tomorrow there will be an update of secrets and summer at the burrow so i hope this tides you over. 


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  • Dating peter is an adventure
  • He seemed very secretive at first 
  • But that’s only becomes he is spiderman
  • Once you figure that out it is smooth sailing
  • He always puts your needs first
  • Nomatter how much you beg him to prioritize himself once in a while
  • He insists saying how ‘parker luck’ is going to get you if your not careful
  • You understand that he has dealt with more than anyone ever should so you cave and let him take care of you 
  • This makes him happy
  • Dates consist of really normal things that he somehow makes so special
  • Like whenever you both go to the movies he sneaks in your favorite candy to eat with the film
  • Or you will go on dates to the forest and he will climb trees with you and you will eat at the top of them
  • During his first Stark party he insists that you come
  • You meet tony stark
  • One minor freak out you are fine
  • Int becomes routine for you to go to these parties
  • Pepper really likes you
  • She takes you on as a personal interns
  • You definitely have more privileges that a normal intern 
  • But you do work too
  • Before parties the two of you get ready together
  • She becomes like a second mom to you.
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