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meet the romanoffs - natasha romanoff x sister!reader


Originally posted by marvelgifs

anon said: can you do a one shot where your natashas secret sister and while their one a mission you just swoop in and help. then their all confused at who you are and are even more confused when your so comfortable with her? please and thank you

  • pairing: natasha romanoff x sister!reader
  • warnings: [n/a]
  • fandom: marvel

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It was on one of your usual Friday nights, all of you stuffed into one of your apartments, that you found yourself sat on the floor of said man’s home, head tilted back to lean against the sofa cushions. You were a little drunk, but nowhere near the level of most of your friends. Clint had spent the last half an hour trying to challenge Steve to an arm wrestle, only fuelled by Natasha’s insistence that he would lose. Pushing yourself up from the floor, you headed over to the small kitchen, desperately in need for another drink.

“You wanna grab me a drink whilst you’re up there beautiful?” Bucky’s smug voice called from his spot in his armchair, eyes blatantly moving to stare at your ass as you bent over.

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Summary: She was one of Hydra’s secret weapons; a female winter soldier. And Bucky can’t let her go through what he did alone. Everything is coming back to her, and he’s the only one that can help her become human again.

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Violence, swearing, blood mentions, badly written fight scenes

Word Count: 4,383

Previously on A Soldier’s Spring | Series Masterlist

She didn’t know how long she’d been out. She didn’t really even remember passing out. Her head was throbbing, but at least she had some of her strength back. She was on her feet fast, grabbing her weapons and strapping them on, moving to leave.

(Y/N) didn’t have time to come up with a plan. Truth be told, she didn’t even know if she had time to worry about her weapons. She needed to get out before it was too late. Before they caught up and took her back.

She nudged the curtain aside and peeked out the window. Nobody seemed to have followed her. That alone was suspicious, but she wasn’t going to overthink the good things she had. She slipped out the door and crept around the back of the building. She kept close to the wall, hiding in the shadows and doing her best to avoid being seen until she had nowhere else to hide. She needed to get as far from town as her body could take her.

She kept her head hung low, her hood pulled up. Not many people dared to look her in the eye. Even when she was trying to make herself small, she was a sight to behold; an unrivaled force. Pedestrians scampered out of her way as she marched down the streets of town.

No matter the persona, the dangerous energy she radiated, she was nothing more than a terrified little girl. She was in a panicked tizzy, her head was everywhere else — anywhere else — as she searched for her path to freedom.

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“Dad, it’s not a big deal!”

“Hey, hey. I’ll decide if it’s no big deal.” He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with you. He thought you were smarter, more responsible. He guessed not, apparently, because when he came home early as a surprise he found you and a boy kissing in your room. Maybe it would have been okay if it were a random boy from school, but it wasn’t, and it made his job a hell of a lot harder, more complicated. Not only did he have to keep an eye on you at home, but now he had to watch your “boyfriend” too. Happy knew one day you’d start dating and find yourself in the world of relationships, he just hoped it wouldn’t happen until you were forty. “And I’ve decided this is a very big deal.”

“This is why I didn’t tell you, I knew you’d overreact.” You rolled your eyes despite not him being able to see. You hadn’t even heard him come in. Used to his loud greeting or the thump of his work on the table he had to bring home, you weren’t prepared when your door swung open. As soon as it did all of you were equally as horrified. Peter grabbed his backpack, saying hello to your father, promising to call you later before taking off, knowing better than to stay any longer. Your father simply walked to his room to cool off. You knew you’d have to address it eventually, explain yourself, as well a have a real introduction between the two despite them already knowing one another as well as working together. He wouldn’t be able to threaten Peter on company grounds.

“No, no I’m not having this conversation until I get home from work. You will wait until then to make up any excuse as to why that boy was in your room.”

“That boy has a name!”

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Bucky barnes x Reader

Warning: Character’s death, Desperation, Sadness (hopefully)


You opened your eyes and had no idea where you were.

It was dark, however a small amount of moon light that fell through the small space in between the curtains enlightend your room a little.

Then you smelled the bitter scent of alcohol and the peaceful moment between sleep and awakening crashed down, returning the painful memories and headache all at once again.

You didn’t remember how you had reached your bed yesterday, if you had even reached it at all or if Steve had to carry you back in your room, after you had fallen asleep somewhere else again, which had happened too often these last time.

But on the other side you could also remember that you in fact didn’t get the chance to get drunk as you planned because Steve that ass of a friend had taken your bottle of wine away immediately after he noticed the red glass in your hand.

He didn’t know it had already been your second.

Or was it your third?

Either way the thought made you grin a little even for moment.

Yes, you weren’t drunk, but god you wished you were, not to feel this endless pain anymore…

If you’d only knew where Steve hid Tony’s supplies…

You stood up but midst your movement you lingered. Your eyes went back down to your phone which was frantically clung in your right hand.

Your damn phone… in the last days it had probably become your most hatred and simultaneous your most treasured belonging.

It had been one month already… it felt like a whole life time.

You dropped your head back into the pillow, pulling the blanket above your head.

The sudden bright light of your phone made you close you eyes in pain but you didn’t need to see the screen of your phone anymore.At least five times at day, five times at night, sometimes even more often depending on how you felt.

That’s why your fingers had already automated every movement to find the right page and press the right number in your contact list.

You held your eyes shut when you brought the phone up to your ear, feeling your heart bumping through your chest, the sick feeling rising again in your throat.

And even though you’ve done it nearly a hundred time somehow you still flinched when the first ringtone chimed in.

One time …

A second time…

A third time…

By know you had gotten to the point where you just wanted to throw up or just punch anything, anyone. Or both.

The fourth time…

After the fifth time and as always exactly 25 seconds-


Your heart stopped.

“Here is Bucky Barnes and … I’m not available right now, so - leave a message? Yes… good bye. Why are you laughing, Steve?”

“I’m not laughing!”

You could hear Bucky sighting, then he chuckled and then it seemed like he was saying something else but it was cut off by the beep, signalising to speak on the mailbox.

Your heart ached by the sound of his voice, his little laugh.

The memory of that day suddenly flooded into your mind, when you and Steve finally convinced him to make his own mailbox and honestly it was one of the cutest memories you had of him.

The chuckle at the end was because of something you said and he had given you THIS smile, the smile you adored, the smile you would do anything to see again.

You didn’t cry. Though you wanted, you felt like crying, but you guessed by now even your tears were tired.

Suddenly you realised you’d waited way too long to say something now and all at once you got angry with yourself.

With an annoyed huff you pressed the hang-up button and kicked your sheets off with your feet’s before you sat up straight in bed.

What were you doing…

It’s in the middle of the night, you should be sleeping, and not calling someone who will never even hear the messages, yet alone would pick up the phone ever again.

This is pathetic. So pathetic.

Sitting on your bed you opened the curtains - a little bit too forceful.

Shining down at you was the moon in its full beauty, somehow you got the feeling it was watching you in full judgement.

You weren’t blind, nor deaf if all. You saw the worry in their eyes, the whispering when they thought you couldn’t hear, and above all there was the pity.

This goddamn Pity. God, how you hated it.

He was the man you loved, not only with your heart but with your soul and your whole being.

But no matter how much you suffered, how much you felt like your heart is being ripped apart again and again every time you look behind only to see an empty place.

No matter thow often the thoughts of a future without him hurt so damn much -  you weren’t the only one who was in pain.

Right now nearly every single person in the whole world is experiencing the feeling of loss, grief and pure desperation in a completely new way.

The world it broken and honestly you saw barely any hope for the future. Thanos made sure of that.

And No matter how often Steve brought one of his speeches about hope, destiny, solidarity and never failing to mention ‘moving on’ at least three times, even he had moments in which he broke down. Felt like giving up.

You could see it in his eyes, he was broken, he felt like he let them down, the whole world, every single human being, his best friends.

So yeah, every lonely night you find yourself here in this room, staring up to the sky, talking to Bucky on your phone. Because even if he’s gone forever, he was an for ever will be your pillar, your anchor.

You’re telling him what’s going on in the world, what you had done this day, how Steve keeps up in this mess, trying to help people, Natasha never giving up and that there still wasn’t any news about Tony, if he’s still alive or long gone like all the other.

But tonight was none of this times. Somehow you felt a strange emptiness when you stared up at the pale moon, pleading for answers or some help.

But like always the moon stayed silent.

“I-I honestly don’t even know what to say anymore. I just wanted to-” you began suddenly, your voice sounded hoarse.“To hear your voice again…

Steve said what I’m doing isn’t right, that I should try and let go… 'move on’ like he expressed.”

You let out a dry laugh.

“Honestly I think it’s the only words he said in the last time. But Buck I- I can’t. I can’t let you go. Just like that. You, I-I don’t know. I just miss you. So damn much.” The last part was only a whisper, barely hearable.

His death had broken something inside of you and you knew I’d would never heal again.

And Bucky was the only thing that could put you back together.

“Listen. I don’t care if people say I’m crazy that I’m talking to you, to the moon, to what ever is there… but maybe you do hear me. Wherever you are. I know this wouldn’t be what you wanted for me. Sitting here, crying like a little kid. And you have no idea how angry I am with my self that there’s nothing I could do. Nothing. I’m constantly  thinking of all the possibilities we have left, what we can do and none of them is ever good enough.

But you know what? I was thinking about it for a quite time actually and I guess I will be joining Steve tomorrow in his self-help group. Or at least I will try. It won’t help me, I know that but maybe I could help others, maybe I would be feeling like I’m doing at least something.”

You nodded. Maybe…

A cloud suddenly clustered in front of the moon, making the room go darker again.

And with the darkness your loneliness returned

You reached under the pillow on the side where Bucky used to sleep, grabbing his shirt he wore at night.

When you curled your self in the sheets on his bedside you pressed the shirt against your chest, holding it like it was the only thing keeping you alive.

And with his scent around you, you closed your eyes. Escaping into some more peaceful memories.

There’s got to be a way…

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You were built without emotions and feelings; Two things in the world that would slow you down and cause you to second-guess your choices. You could analyze anything in a few seconds, and all the knowledge and use of the object would be burned into your database. Of course, you were intelligent. Being built by Tony Stark, Iron-Man himself, would give you some perks. However, some people weren’t so happy that a robot was protecting them. Although, you had the Avengers on your side, and they were like a family to you. Listening to you through thick and thin, and always quick to stand up for you when someone doubted you. You were all a family. A very dysfunctional one at that. And you couldn’t wish for anything better.

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Originally posted by 25bees

one of y/n’s biggest regrets is never telling Loki of her pregnancy, she liked to believed that maybe, maybe, he wouldn’t have left that night. after years had passed, she still imagines every passing moment with him, how he would have replied, what he would have done, where he would have went. he simply never left her mind. she loved him too much to keep going but she still did, she was no quitter, and she had to do this for their child.

now, loki never wanted to leave you in the first place, but he needed his plan to work. so he left at night, and faked his death. he loved y/n, he truly did but she deserved more than he could have ever given her. well, that’s just what he said to himself, he only said it to try to justify his actions. he tried tricking himself into believing it.

six years had passed, he hoped she moved on but the mere thought of her being with another man made him shudder So he just never tried to think about it. he tried to forget her and her contagious smile, her infectious laugh, her bright laugh, and her silky hair that he would brush out of her face in the morning, he tried to forget all of it.

he never imagined that he’d see her again, though. he never really thought about what would happen if his plan failed, and it clearly failed now because here he was, in front of her, in the avengers tower.

thor tried to push his brother towards y/n but y/n only stepped back. her hand was covering her mouth as tears streamed down her face. she didn’t believe this, loki was here, in front of her. her loki. she didn’t believe when she had heard that the two princes’ were alive, but the words caused a sliver of hope to grow so she went to meet thor and ask about the rumors, only to see her husband in front of her.

betrayal was evident in her eyes as she glared at him, the only thing leaving her mouth was a short “why?” a hundred and one thoughts swarmed her head as she tried to come up with an appropriate reaction.

she didn’t know if she should yell, scream, or kiss him. suddenly, the image of her baby boy finally having his father back, but she didn’t even know if she should allow him back in their lives after he had abandoned them. what if he does it again? oh god, he doesn’t even know he has a child.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, his voice filled with remorse and shame. he stepped closer to her, this time on his own accord. he tried to see her reaction but she gave none, clearly in deep thoughts. he relished in her beauty, not realizing how much he had missed her. he put his hand on her cheek, his touch was featherlike. he wiped her tears with his thumb, his heart swelling to the size of a watermelon when she leaned towards his touch.

she looked up at him this time, waiting from him to say something as he opened his mouth only to be cut off by a small voice.

“mummy, I’m scared.” the owner of the voice said, coming from behind his wife. a tiny body made it’s way towards y/n, hugging her leg in the process.

a look of shock etched itself on Loki’s face as he tried to think of all the possible explanations. he looked alarmed as he saw her move away from him and picking up the child.

“he’s yours” her soft voice told him, a sad smile took place on her lips. tears almost spilled from his eyes as her words registere fully. a sorrowful chuckle left his throat causing her eyes to furrow at his odd reaction. he opened his arms and enveloped them in a hug, sobs wracked through him, his shoulders shaking in the process. he held onto them for dear life as he stammered out apologies and promises.

the child’s questions went unanswered but he giggled quietly, patting the strange man’s head, asking him if he was alright, which only caused him to cry even more.

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Lifeless in the bed beside you, Tony slept soundly. It was the first time you’d seen him sleep, really sleep, in months. It scared you, a little. You remembered, closer to the end, shaking him everytime his eyes lingered closed for too long, scared he was dying, that he would die if he wasn’t awake. The two of you wasted away, a kind of exhausted no amount of sleep could cure. Starved, dehydrated, hooked up to IV’s, told to rest. But you couldn’t. All that time you spent on edge, it was hard to come down from that. Pepper, Rhodey, everyone tried to make you feel safe, comforted. Extra blankets, pillows, begging you to close your eyes. The only way to heal right now was to rest. You knew that, and yet you still found it hard to close your eyes, to draw them away from Tonys chest, making sure it was still evenly rising and falling, that he was alive. You were scared, too, that if you closed your eyes, it would be for the very last time.

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Hurt | p.p.


Warnings: Homophobia, toxic parents/household, maybe a few grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, yall it’s 6 am and I still haven’t slept-

Word Count: 2413

“You make me sick!”  

You slammed the door behind you and you did not look back. It was all so suffocating, your family was so suffocating, living inside of a toxic household with such destructive, closed-minded people was so devastatingly harmful to your health and you couldn’t get away from it. Or, you never had the guts to storm out before. Things had gotten bad in the past, but this time was different from the others. This was no ordinary disagreement or argument. This was a direct attack initiated and orchestrated by the head of the household herself. There was something about the way that she spoke to you. The way that she spewed hate without an ounce of regard for your feelings or the fact that she was talking to another human being, her daughter, if that even counted for anything. The way that everyone else declared the side that they were on by not saying anything at all. You just knew that if you stayed there a second longer, you’d implode or combust. You wanted to vent. To say the words that you had been forced to swallow before you choked on them. There wasn’t a single person in your house that you wanted to speak to, so you rounded a familiar corner and started towards the place that felt more like home than your actual house these days. 

It was dark by the time you reached Peter’s doorstep and he got ready to scold you good when he opened up the door and saw you standing there. “Wh- Y/n!? Did you walk here, do you have any idea how dangerous that is?” And then he saw your face. Your stature. Your shoulders were slumped, your cheeks were tear stained and the way that your eyes were filling up made it clear that you weren’t anywhere close to being done crying for the night. “Oh no, babe, what happened?” 

He sounded like he was about to start crying right along with you, and honestly, it was a big possibility. He told you a couple of times before that he had trouble explaining the way that he cared about you. Even before you got together, he cared about you so much as a friend. Before that, he practically idolized you as his crush but that was all at face value. As he got to know you better, he was just as mesmerized by your mind and your heart as he was by your beauty, or so he told you. Anyway, your pain really hit home for him. He hated to see you cry, so you showing up like this really affected him. It made his heart pick up a handful of beats more a minute and made his blood run cold. And when you threw your arms around him and began to sob into his shoulder, he was so overwhelmed that he started to cry, too. 

He’d seen you upset before, sure, any regular human being dealt with complicated emotions, everybody had their share of bad days, but this was different. Peter couldn’t remember ever seeing you like this before. Not only did the sight break his heart, he was also at a loss. He was so worried that he wouldn’t know how to fix whatever was wrong. What if he couldn’t get the tears to stop? Or what if he couldn’t make the pain go away? Peter wrapped his arms around your torso and held you close to him. 

He was new at this, so he tried his very best to choose his words carefully. “You’re okay,” he murmured quietly in your ear. You obviously weren’t okay, but you knew what he meant. You weren’t alright, but you were okay there in his arms. You were safe. “I got you, okay?” He rubbed his open hand up and down your back and it made breathing come just a little easier. “Not gonna let anything happen to you.” The promise was sincere but he made it more with himself and merely let you in on it. Knowing loss the way that he did made his determination to protect what he presently had strong. As long as he was around, he’d guard your happiness just as well as your life. 

Peter walked your hug back a couple of steps so that he could shut the door behind you. For a short while, the two of you stayed just like that. This was probably the closest to that you’d get all night to a cleared head and that was stressing you out. 

“Peter, who was at the-” you pulled yourself off of Peter to look at Aunt May and brought your hands together, rubbing them slowly against one another. “oh. Oh, sweetheart, what happened?”

You hadn’t even told Peter what happened yet, nor did you have a single clue how you were gonna go about it and you told Peter everything. May was a great confidant, but the thought of opening up to her about what happened tonight intimidated you. On the same coin, it was the least that you could do after barging into her home this way. You took in a breath and readied yourself to answer her, but luckily Peter swooped in before you had to say anything. 

“Aunt May, could I have a second with Y/n? Please?” It was almost like he read your mind. 

May nodded, eyeing you with a sad smile. “Of course,” she walked to you anyways, engulfing you in a warm hug. “I’ll be right down the hall if there’s anything that I can do.”

With a smile, you breathed a quiet “thank you” and watched her retreat to her room. As soon as he heard her door close, Peter led you to the couch, making sure to keep hold of one of your hands even after you sat down. Your mind was all over the place and your heart was starting to pick up again. Getting all of this out wasn’t gonna be easy. Peter had no clue what was going on, but that much was clear to him. 

“Hey,” his free hand touched your cheek. “we don’t have to talk about this right now, alright? If you’re not ready, we can find something to do, I’ll make you something to eat, or we can-”

You shook your head, making him stop short. It wasn’t gonna be easy, but you figured the sooner that you got all of this off of your chest, the better. “Remember how… I told you that I kissed Victoria Woodland at Donnie’s back to school party this year?” He nodded without comment, deciding it might be best to listen with as little interruption as possible. It was a confusing start, but he was confident that you’d connect the dots for him. “’N how I was dating Shelly Sinclair last year?” Peter nodded again and you took another breath. He didn’t miss how shaky this one was in comparison to the first one. “Well, my…” you pulled your hand from his and bound your fingers together tight, a nervous tick you had been doing for as long as you could remember. “my parents never knew about it, they..”

You desperately didn’t want to say these words. You didn’t want to tell this story. The deep shame that you felt took the physical form of a set of hands.  With each progressing word, it was like they squeezed tighter and tighter on your throat. 

My mother expressed more than a couple of times that..” you swallowed thickly, cringing at the compilation of memories of your loving mother saying exactly what you were about to say word for word. “that no daughter of hers would grow to be so sick and weird.” Peter’s eyes closed and he turned his face for a second. He knew exactly where this was going and he hated it. Dread weighed on his heart in a way that he just couldn’t explain. 

You went on to explain how you dated Shelly for six months behind your parents’ back last school year. When things crashed and burned with her, it felt like your entire world was ending, so that’s the way most high school relationships go anyway, and you passed a couple of months of sorrow and heartache off as fatigue and sickness. Your adoring parents fed you cups of medicine and urged you to keep in mind the importance of rest, but naturally, it did nothing for you. They couldn’t reach your hurt. They couldn’t heal you. Even if they knew why you were in pain, they wouldn’t want to help anyways. You told Peter how Mrs. Sinclair and your mother knew each other and were even good friends since before you even knew Shelly. Yet, miraculously, the conversation never came up between Shelly and her mom. Shelly knew that you had to keep things under wraps, after all, so maybe she kept it from her mom too. God, how you wish that were true.

“It came up in casual conversation during a phone call.” Your voice was breaking and so was your resolve. “She couldn’t wait to lay into me as soon as she hung up.” You swallowed hard again, doing the best that you could to mentally prepare yourself for what you were about to say. “She asked me why I wanted to be like that. She called me weird. Said she didn’t raise me like that, she…” You cut yourself off there, tears already beginning to roll, and looked away from him. You squeezed your eyes shut and felt more tears fall. Go on, you scolded yourself. Say it. “S-she said.. she said-”

Peter wanted to let you finish. He truly did, but what he wanted didn’t hold a candle to his overpowering need to comfort you. He couldn’t let you finish that sentence. He wouldn’t. Not when he could see how much it was tearing you apart. If he let you say it, whatever was remaining of your badly bruised spirit would break and dissipate into oblivion, and he couldn’t have that. 

Peter pulled you into a tight hug, the both of your bodies alike leaning forward rather awkwardly, but you didn’t mind it at all, because being held by someone who just accepts you was an indescribable feeling that you wouldn’t trade for the world. Without letting go for a second, he slowly scooted towards you in hopes of getting rid of some of the discomfort and pressed his cheek into the top of your head, doing his best to cry as quietly as he could. Your body shook with cries in his arms and his heart broke all over again. You didn’t deserve this.

At first, Peter really didn’t know what to say, which was fine because he had some time to think about it. The two of you sat there for more than a little while until your breathing finally evened out. 

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am,” he said, nearly cringing at the broken silence. “you don’t deserve this.” He couldn’t relate to you on this level, but he had absolutely no problem meeting you where you were at and talking you through your own mind. He just knew that it was in heartbreaking shambles at the moment. 

Peter pulled off of you and caught your face in his hands. He needed to look you straight in the eyes and know that he had all of your attention when he said this. “Do you understand me? You don’t deserve any of this.” Occasionally, you could tend to be just a little impressionable, especially when the given situation involved your parents. He needed to make sure that you understood that you, nor anybody else in the entire world, for that matter, did not deserve to be defamed, spoken down to, or bullied for being themselves. “The things that she said… they’re pure evil, but you know none of it’s right. None of it’s true.”

He made quick work of swiping your tears away with his thumbs and shook you gently when you closed your eyes, whispering a soft, “please look at me.” He paused until he saw your eyes again. “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of. I don’t want you to ever apologize to anybody for being who you are, there isn’t a single thing wrong with you,” he shook his head and you frowned at the tears that spilled down his cheeks. “there’s not a single thing that I would change, okay?”

You nodded at his words, wishing a little less that you could shy away from him. This was the most intimate moment that the two of you had shared so far in your relationship. You felt vulnerable and exposed, but you couldn’t disregard the positive outcome. How nice it was to be yourself, loved, and accepted all at the same time.

“I’m sorry that she hurt you, I’m… I’m so sorry, and I’m sorry that I’m not saying the right thing, because honestly, I have no idea what I’m supposed to say right now, but I’ll spend the rest of the night thinking. I’ll say the right thing, I’ll do whatever you need me to do, I-I’ll be right here beside you until things get better, I promise.” How would things get better and where would anybody even start? He had no clue, neither of you did, but he knew that his words were true and that he’d be true to his word. “They’ll get better, they’re just bad right now, I…”  Peter sighed, defeated because he had no idea how much his words meant to you. “I’ll be right there, always. Until things get better and every time after.”

You watched his face fall when he had to wipe away more of your tears, but eyed the small smile on your face hopefully. 

“You’re incredible,” he murmured softly. “her words can’t change how amazing you are. And her words could never change the way that I love you. I know it seems impossible right now, but… please try not to let it change the way that you love yourself either.”

Things were bad right now. So inexplicably bad, but they could be worse. You could be going through all of this alone, but looking straight ahead and seeing this lovable, beautiful soul right in front of you, you realized that you were about as far from alone as you could possibly get. 

A/N: Thank you sm for reading 💓 shout out to my lovely relatives for inspiring me to write this 🙃 Stay safe, be strong, spread love, be kind to one another ✨

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Something that sprang to mind. Had to do it!

Hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by glamour-divine


Originally posted by jeonghanscheekboness

“Mommy, daddy, look!”

You and Loki watched your little girl in front of you as she hit a big puddle on the sidewalk. Luckily, you were a good few feet away from the splash zone. A normal parent would’ve been more concerned about their child getting soaked by the rain. Especially if they weren’t wearing a coat. But you and Loki weren’t normal parents, and your Daphne was far from ordinary. 

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“We’re too high up, you’re running out of air.”

“Just give me a second!” You yelled, feeling your chest tighten. You knew you were running out of air. You were so far up, zipping past the skyscrapers into the clouds. If you let go, and there was no one to catch you, you knew there was no way you’d survive… Tony was there though, he always was. If he had it his way you’d be back on the ground by now, so would he, but the ship would be long gone, getting away with the destruction they caused. If you could just get up a little higher, find your way inside, you could figure out who or what these aliens were, what they wanted, why they did what they did. You weren’t going to give up just because it was hard, not like everyone else seemed to do.

“Y/n!” Tony screamed, angrier by the second. When he didn’t see you letting up, he took things into his own hands. “That’s it!” You felt his suited hands pull at your waist, tugging you off the side of the ship. A mask wrapped around your head, finally letting you breathe properly as the two of you fell away from the ship, the whole thing growing smaller and smaller the farther away you grew, same as your chances of finding out who these things were. You threw away your safety any chance you could get, coming up with the lamest excuses. He hated it. He wished you cared about yourself more than you cared about missions.

“I almost had it!”

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Thor had actually been genuinely happy for the pair of you. He was relieved that you were dating someone like Steve. He knew Steve was respectful and kind and Thor knew that Steve wouldn’t hurt you. You’d been so worried over nothing.

Thor clinked his bottle of beer against Steve’s and winked at him, “Be warned, you hurt my sister and the wrath of the nine realms will have you.” It was a joke… maybe… you weren’t completely sure.

Steve smiled, “I’ll never hurt her.” You smiled at him from across the room, he was perfect.

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Avengers x reader

Characters: Clint, Natasha, and Steve

Summary: Clint never misses a shot, except for when he does

Warnings: arrow wound, mentions of blood and pain, brief mention of sexual stuff, a swear or two, no angst

A/n: I finished this in December of 2018. Not sure how I feel about it

personal update


Not my gif


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Tony knew it the second he saw you he’d blown their cover, messed things up quicker than he could say sorry. He’d never meant to be out in the open like that, not where anyone could just see him, but he was, and you saw him. Caught a glance at that direction, making sure there weren’t any civilians left. That face, turned to see you for a second, too familiar. He hadn’t even realized you’d come up behind him until you grabbed his shoulders, scaring him and Scott half to death. He couldn’t come up with answers, fumbling over excuses as to why, mere minutes ago, you’d seen him in the sky in his suit, fighting, and now he was here with someone you didn’t recognize looking… . different. Something caught your attention, taking your eyes off them barely a minute, giving them time to run and hide, explaining how it all went wrong to Steve.

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Watch and Wait

Peter Parker x reader

warnings: it lame


prompt: y/n waits nightly to see spiderman


Originally posted by kpfun

There was a pattern of sorts when it came to the Spider-Man, one that you didn’t really want to bother figuring out, for his sake of course.

You sat on the rooftop of your apartment complex every day around the same time to watch the masked hero swing by. It never failed to cheer you up. It almost made you feel safe?

After a couple of weeks of your daily routine, there was a slight change. You see, the Spider-Man stopped on your rooftop instead of continuing on. It was a stunning day, you almost fell over when he began to speak to you.

“It’s funny, I see you every day at the same time. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I have to say, it’s nice to see a familiar face at the end of the day.” The vigilante sat on the ledge and conversed with your frozen body. “I mean—hey, are you okay?”

“Me? Yeah, of course.” You let go of your breath and realized that the real Spider-Man was trying to have a pleasant conversation with you. “I noticed that you always swing by at the same time, I like to watch sometimes.” You admitted to the arachnid-boy and blushed at his chuckles.

“Nice to know there’s someone looking out for me.” He patted the brick ledge next to him, inviting you to sit beside him. “What’s your name?”

“It’s, uh, y/n.” You stuttered and took a seat with him.

“I like that, my name’s Spider-Man.”


Your daily routine went from watching for Spider-Man to waiting for him. You ended up forming a bond with him, he visited you each and every day. You’d wait on the ledge, he’d land next to you, you’d share until the sun went down.

“I still don’t know your name.” You told the masked vigilante, peering over to see his lips curved up. The most of his face you had ever seen was the lower half, he’d pull his mask up occasionally.

“It’s Spider-Man.” He replied, knowing exactly what you were meaning to say.

“Yeah, yeah.” You chuckled and crossed you legs, your eyes fixed on the horizon. You saw movement out of the corner of your view and figured it was time for your hero-friend to get a move on, but when you turned you were able to see his full face for fhe first time.

“My name is Peter.” He fidgeted with his mask in between his fingers. “Promise you won’t tell?”

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Troubles at a Concert with Peter Parker


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hey guys! so i’ve only been to like three concerts and never been in a big crowd, but it looks fun! and i decided to write out a peter parker x reader concert imagine/headcanon. i hope you enjoy, love y’all!


Peter Parker x Reader (established relationship) (Fluff!) Warnings: cursing

  • you were decked out in concert gear, even before the concert has started and you were basically pulling peter to the front
  • “so babe listen to me, you gotta be careful in this crowd, people will try to tear you down for some stupid ass reason, and if they do that just call for security, ok? and if…”
  • peter stopped listening to you, as he ogled the crowd you were leading him into
  • it was fucking massive, and people were already standing up and some were dancing- even though no one was on stage right now 
  • this was peter’s first concert, and you were a concert expert
  • you saw how peter stopped paying attention, so you saved yourself the trouble of talking for no reason
  • i mean, those rules must be sooo boring to hear, right? 
  • you were just trying to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid
  • “hey, babe? what were you saying?” peter asked, now embarrassed he basically ignored you
  • you smirked back at him, and looked into the crowd- it was fucking crazy and you knew it would be a blast
  • “oh nothing baby, it’s alright” you said back to him
  • maybe, just maybe, it was a little mean of you not to tell him the rest of the rules, but it was payback for the time he didn’t warn you about the actual damn spiderwebs that would get tangled in your hair from when he swung you around New York
  • the concert was starting now, and once everyone was on stage, and that first note of music played- it was pure chaos (but a good type)
  • everyone was screaming, including you and peter felt terrified (but excited)
  • he cowered down for a quick second to grab his camera he left on the floor, only to see it had been kicked to the next row
  • “oh, excuse me!” peter called out, trying to be polite
  • you didn’t notice what he was doing, as you were too pulled into the sway of the crowd, now jumping up and down and watching the stage
  • peter started shifting through the crowd, to get to the damn camera
  • it wasn’t even a nice camera, he got it from a sale a few years back
  • “excus-” he got cut off,
  • a large man had pushed in front of him, and didn’t even budge the slightest, as peter tried moving ahead of him
  • “i need to get something- i dropped it!” peter tried explaining, and he looked back at you, only to see you were dancing and shouting along the lyrics
  • the man barely even glanced down to peter, and turned back to the stage, ignoring peter
  • “hey!” peter called out, now getting pissed
  • the man, once again ignored him
  • “HEY!” peter yelled out, and at that moment you looked over to him, completely confused
  • in a quick few seconds- you practically flew over to peter, pushing people to the sides, trying to get peter to stop
  • “babe! what are you doing?!” you questioned, face all red and sweaty 
  • peter pointed down to the floor to his camera, “he won’t let me pass!” 
  • you huffed out a few large breaths, before tapping onto the man in front of the two of you
  • “mister, uh, my boyfriend left his camera down there-” you got cut off just as peter did
  • the man rolled his eyes at you, “leave me alone!” he pushed you back, turning back around 
  • you scoffed loudly, and peter looked at you confused as you suddenly screamed, “SECURITY!” 
  • the man in front of you turned back to the two of you, watching as you started to repeat your scream and he turned to run away
  • as he shuffled up his stuff, peter saw him pick up the camera, and stuff it into a bag
  • “HEY!” peter shouted again, now angry as the man tried stealing his camera
  • almost immediately, two security guards are next to you guys, and peter is off tackling down the very tall and big man while you grabble out the story
  • “pete babe!” you shouted as one securitiy guard tackles peter to the ground, 
  • and then it’s just a domino effect, in a damn mosh pit
  • everyone is piling up on each other 
  • the people on the stage stop, and it all goes silent after almost a full minute of complete fucking chaos
  • “babe? i got my camera!” peter called out
  • you laugh out loudly, as you stand back up 
  • peter found his way to you as the music started playing again
  • and once he finds you, you both just stare at each other before bursting out in laughs
  • “babe- that camera is almost as old as us!” you say in between laughs, peter nods in return
  • and the both of you ignore the rest of the concert goers as you lean in and kiss
  • peter sighed out, feeling at peace again before he pulled away with a sweet smile
  • “i love you-” he got cut off as the man shouts your way again
  • the man is actively trying to get away from the guards as he shouts, “i’m getting arrested because of a fucking camera?!”
  • you shrugged back at the man and with a nod, peter turned back to him and stuck his tongue out
  • once peter turned back around, you pulled him into another kiss, deeper this time and as you pulled yourself away, you spoke into his ear, 
  • “i love you too, camera man” 

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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can. 

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), none

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Note: first of all, huge shoutout to @venusbarnes​ for the idea of a young reader and creating such an interesting dynamic with that. I recommend her operation brat fic! Second, the reader is going to be black/woc. I try to switch it up with my stories, leaving some with ambiguous readers or with characteristics you can work around. But I feel like we don’t have a lot of explicitly woc!reader inserts like how we do for white or ambiguous!reader inserts so for this one I chose to be more over the head with it but anyone not poc, hopefully shouldn’t feel taken out of the story. 


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“Honestly, I think it’s just some magic trick. That’s it. All that’s to it,” Tony muttered as he downed his drink. 

“Didn’t we have this argument last year, Stark,” Natasha laughed. 

The Avengers were gathered in the common room, drinking and relaxing after a mission. It was the first real mission with Wanda, Vision, Peter, and Bucky. Bucky stayed monitoring in the quinjet, Wakanda might have been able to give him a new arm but even they couldn’t get rid of the mind control of HYDRA. It ran so deep in Bucky. Shuri thought maybe it’s because he was still scared. They would revisit the re-programming on a different day. 

Enjoying the little get together was everyone who stayed in the compound, plus Rhodey. Scott had left to do whatever. Peter went back to his Aunt May’s for the weekend and T’Challa was busy running whole kingdoms but promised to make it the next night.

“Ah ah. We had this argument but Thor wouldn’t let us try it,” Tony rebutted. 

Thor set Mjolnir on the table and gestured towards it. “Go ahead then, try.” 

The God of Asgard laughed as most of his teammates tried and failed to lift the hammer. He lifted his flask of Asgardian mead towards Natasha but the Black Widow just shook her head. Natasha didn’t need the hammer to answer if she was worthy or not. It wasn’t a question she really wanted to find out the answer to. 

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