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Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Peter Parker x Male!Reader
Summary: What makes you think I’m so special?
Word Count: 1,188
A/n: Yes, I’ve listen to the mashup on repeat, it is such a good mashup of the covers. If no one has heard it, it’s this beauty - plus, this is me just writing for the hell of it, might not make sense at all - this was a need for me to write.


Originally posted by starkissedtom

“I don’t get it?” 

Peter looked at you, questioningly, as you looked at him with pure concern. Wide eyes almost innocent, if Peter hadn’t known the real you, he would have thought you were too innocent, more so than himself. And yet, he knows when the school bell rings for the end of the day - you two are enemies.

“What?” Peter asked.

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Word Count: 1,600ish

Summary: The Princess begins her travels to the different kingdoms. Starting with Asgard.


The next two days were all a whirlwind of activity. Upon hearing that King Steven had left to go prepare Brooklyn for the Princess’ arrival, the rest of the royals decided that’s what they were going to do as well. Much of her new wardrobe that the King had made was packed up for the unforeseeable weeks ahead. King Anthony was surprised to hear that his daughter had thought about which kingdoms she wanted to visit first. And gladly agreed to her request. 

It was early in the morning, when the carriages were ready to depart. Wanda was the only one of her servants allowed to come along. Pietro, Wanda’s brother, was to be her head guard and brought five of who he believed to be some of the greatest soldiers in the kingdom. Just in case. To see them off, the King, Queen, and Prince had also risen early.

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Once in Delirium

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Reader and Bucky are dating and they both getting badly hurt on a mission…

Genre: angst

Word count: 305

A/N: Requested by @alena19995​ . Sorry for mistakes, English isn’t my native language. GIF not mine.


- So what about dinner?

- Dinner as a date?

- Yes.

- Sure…

No one expected the mission to turn out so bad. As in delirium Bucky realizes that he is being led down the hallway of the Stark Tower. He doesn’t understand who is holding him and who is carrying HER. All he can focus on is her bloody face in front of him. Most of all, he is afraid of losing consciousness from loss of blood now, never knowing whether his “pretty doll” will wake up.

- Hey, pretty doll, I heard that now you are on our hopeless team. - Bucky is extremely playful around you. At first you thought he was always like this - until Steve started making fun of his friend. And when you realized what was the matter - you were already head over heels in love with each other.

- Where is he? - Of course they helped you first. Otherwise Bucky would have killed someone. But before you woke up, he passed out. It would seem that nothing can scare people like you, right? You have seen death more than once, you risk your life for the safety of others all the time. But now, lying on the neighboring couches and holding hands with the last bit of strength it’s so fucking scary.

- I love you

- I love you too. - You have been dating for half a year, but have not yet said these words to each other. But somehow Bucky decided to tell them this time before getting off the helicopter…

Everything is delirious, you no longer feel pain, but you feel the warmth of each other’s fingers - before falling into darkness.

“They’ll be fine,” Tony said to Steve, closing the door of the room where you two fell asleep.

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A fanfiction idea : Mandy is an exchange student. At the airport she fights with a mean boy ( Tom ). His Parents take her to their house and she is going to live with them for a year. A few days later Tom comes back from work and they finally see each other. They have to live together, but will they survive?

Hell is when I fight with you

But we can patch it up good

Make confessions and we’re begging for forgiveness

Got the wine for you


Originally posted by jcmieschung


Originally posted by underoos-tom

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Originally posted by hollandroos

“Pete,” she whispered against his skin. His rut was coming soon, she could feel it. “Do you want to go home?” He feverishly shook his head and pressed a kiss to the back of her hand.

An Omegas heat was nothing like an Alphas. Peter wouldn’t become a crazed sex machine. No, he was going to be whiny and needy until he had someone to help him out.

Y/N looked around in a panic. With Peters rut so close, every Alpha had their eyes on the both of them. She knew what they were thinking. Two helpless omegas was every Alpha’s fantasy. She protectively wrapped her arms around Peter. “Please, Pete. I don’t want you here when your rut hits.”

“Then come with me,” he whined.

She kissed him once, twice and pulled him to his feet. “Lets go, Angel.”


Peter was a sweating, whining mess by the time they got back to the apartment. He was painfully hard and kept his nose against her scent gland.

Y/N thanked her lucky stars when she discovered May wasn’t in the apartment. She released a breath and walked Peter over to the sofa. She pushed him onto the cushions and worked his trousers from his legs.

His cock sprang up and hit his stomach. The Omega blushed red as he looked at his mate. He watched as she took his shaft into her hands and wrapped her lips around his tip. She wasted no time and began bobbing her head up and down.

Peter threw his head back. His body was shaking as she sucked him off. It took everything he had not to buck his hips towards her mouth. Her hand was wrapped around his base and she held his leg with the other.

He was so close. So ready to come undone when she pulled away. His whine was heartbreaking, but Y/N shook her head. “Wait a second, Pete,” she whispered and pulled her own shirt over her head.

Peter watched with wide eyes as she stripped down. He reached for her when she let her bra, the last thing covering her body, fall to the floor.

His large hands were on her waist as he moved her into position, over his cock. Biting his lip, Peter watched as she moved over him, giving him only a taste.

He threw his head back and growled like an Alpha when she sank down onto him and began to ride his cock.

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Imagine Steve’s surprise (and heart eyes) when you hit an entitled party guest…

If it’s hard-to-get you want to play? One night with me and you-”

The tall, dark-haired man never finished his sentence because he saw a quick blur and felt something strike his face. There was a sickening crunch and he stumbled backwards, clutching his face.

The surrounding crowd gasped at the sudden violent behaviour and the disruption caught the attention of Steve and Sam who had just walked by.

“Are you okay?” Steve wondered as he ran over. There was a crowd of startled guests, a few specks of blood on the tiles and you - ruffling your hair angrily.

You shook your fist, knuckles stinging from the impact and glared at the man that had been struck.

“Fine. Someone might have a broken nose though.”

A few security guards entered and escorted the unwanted guest from the party room and off to the hospital as Sam made a lively joke which had the crowd laughing and back to enjoying the party.

Steve looked back at you and noticed that there was a discomfort in your hand, “Come, let’s get some ice on that.”

Gently placing a hand on your back, he guided you to the bar. Taking a seat, you explained the conversation that had led up to the action as Steve walked behind the bar to gather some ice, a thing strip of fabric, and a small bottle from the medical bag under the counter. He rounded back to you and sat opposite.

“Sounds like he deserved it.” Steve took your wrist and set it above the bar table, examining the light bruising.

“He was a bastard with wandering hands – of course, he deserved it.” You scoffed winced as Steve poured an antiseptic liquid over your knuckles. He whispered a quick apology and began to wrap a bandage around your hand.

Leaning across the table, you grabbed a shot glass with your free hand and set it down in front so you could pour a blueberry flavoured shot since it was closest bottle.

“It’s like I have a beacon that calls idiots my way.” You sighed, downing the liquid.

Steve shook his head as he pressed the small bag of against the fabric. “You really don’t.”

He went quiet and you noticed that he was watching you, thumb stroking your fingers so softly that it could have lulled you to sleep. You were so entranced by his blue eyes and kind expression that you didn’t realise that you had leaned forward until his eyes briefly flickered to your lips.

So close…

“(Y/n), what’s this that I hear about you throwing punches when we’re not on a mission?” Tony asked, walking over with a drink in his hand and entirely oblivious to the near-kiss that he interrupted.

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Series Masterlist

Word Count: 11,791

Summary: As you and Bucky grow closer and learn more about each other, you can’t help but ask yourself how you really feel about the man you spend all your time with. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of things to keep you distracted.

Content includes: No smut, but talk of sex. Violence, talk of blood and injuries, weapons, alcohol, brief mentions of assault, age gap (both are consenting adults)
If I missed anything please let me know!

Author’s notes: There’s two whole words of Spanish in this part and I am very much a beginner so I had to use googled translate so hopefully it’s not just blatantly incorrect but I think it’s correct? Also! If you would like to be tagged in any upcoming parts please either dm me or send me an ask 💞

DISCLAIMER: There are images in the moodboard that shows body types and multiple skin colors. I just want it to be clear that I try to write my reader inserts as vague as possible when it comes to appearance and these photos are not meant to reflect the body type or skin color of the reader


Pain. Agonizing, torturous pain is all you knew. Echoing through your head in steady, rhythmic pulses, unrelenting as you squeezed your eyes shut, praying for relief as you lay unmoving beneath a heavy mass.

“Ugh, would you turn it off already?!”

Bucky grunted in your ear and shifted to blindly swat at your alarm clock until it stopped screaming at you.

This wasn’t a normal thing for you, getting to fall asleep together. But after a particularly tiring night together you were practically passed out tangled up in each other anyway.

“Mph… I gotta go doll,” he muttered in your ear, placing a soft, sleepy peck to the top of your jaw. You whined, wrapping your arms and legs tighter around his body, nuzzling your face deeper into his neck.

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Word Count: 1,415ish

Summary: SHIELD is out to recruit help after Loki takes the Tesseract. 

(Sorry, not sorry, for the overload of gifs… but STEVE going at the punching bag is VERY attractive. Just saying.)


Steve was angry. Angry at all the memories that were haunting him. The memories of the war. Life before he crashed into the ice. He continually beat at punching bags like physically hurting it would repress his memories. He was so in his head and focused on beating the bag, that Steve didn’t notice Fury enter the gym. Fury watched as Steve punched the bag and it flew across the room. Breathing hard, Steve simply grabbed another bag and returned to his punching.

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Clint: Which way did they go?
Bucky: Well, based on the direction of the wind, the broken sticks in the corner, and the slight disturbance in the dirt, I'd guess they went left.
Clint: You could really figure it out from that?
Bucky: No, you idiot, they sent me a text. See?
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Prompt: Well everyone knows now. 

Warnings: age gap, language 

(Pt.1) (Pt.2)


  "SHE IS A CHILD YOU SON OF A BITCH!“ Tony yelled as he lunged for Bucky. Thor and Bruce were quick to grab Tony before he could begin a fight that could get both himself and Bucky killed. You sat crying on the couch as Peter and Wanda did their best to comfort you, as Bucky and Tony fought. 

  As usual, you and Bucky had ended up in the living room during the night. You had fallen asleep on his chest, with both his arms wrapped around you. Bucky would often wake up before the rest of the team and carry you to your room before anyone saw you guys. However, this time he ended up sleeping just a little too long. Tony had walked in on you two and immediately the fighting had begun. Had Steve and Sam not been with Tony, there would have been an all-out fistfight between Bucky and Tony. The immediate yelling woke the whole tower up and within minutes the entire team was watching the two men in their yelling match. 

  "I would never do anything to hurt her,” Bucky argued back, trying to keep himself from yelling. He didn’t want to escalate the fight, but the way Tony kept trying to get at him he might have too. 

  "Buck, I’m not saying I’m against you, but are you sure you know what you’re doing?“ Steve sighed out, worried that his friend hadn’t thought his actions through all the way. 

  "It was my choice, I made the first move. I’m not a little girl anymore, why is this such a big deal.” You called out as you pushed yourself off the couch. Bucky gave you a soft glance, not wanting you to get too close to the crowd worried that if a fight broke out you get hurt.

  "First move? What do you mean the first move? Did you put your fucking hands on her?! She’s only fucking 18 you shithead!“ Tony wouldn’t stop yelling, you let out an annoyed sighed pinching the bridge of your nose. 

  "Exactly she’s 18!” Bucky exclaimed, “If you paid any attention to her you would realize she is one of the strongest brains you have on this team. She’s quiet, but jesus christ is she stubborn. She knows what she wants, she thinks shit through! She has shown me what it’s like to love someone again, she makes me so fucking happy. Tony, I would never do anything to harm her mentally or physically. She is 18, she knows what she wants. She wants me and if one day she doesn’t, then I’ll leave.”

  You stared at Bucky shocked, he was yelling, but he was not in a state of rage. You could feel the love in his words and see the care in his eyes as he pleaded with Tony to relax and let him explain everything. The entire team stood around the room, everyone split down the middle not knowing what to think of the two of you. Thor, Wanda, Peter, Clint, Vision, and Nat seemed to be a little more understanding than Tony, Bruce, Sam, and Rhodey. Steve just seemed stuck. 

  "She is a child that you forced to grow up, Y/n, sweetheart please.“ Tony’s voice softened as he turned to face you, his eyes begging you to agree with him. He begged that you would realize what he saw wrong with the relationship and end it right there and then. 

  "Tony, he makes me happy. I’m in love with him, please you have to try and understand." 

  "Y/n, you are too young to know what love is.” Tony shook his head, disappointment laced his words. “So all of you are okay with this shit?" 

  "I see no issue, in Asgard love is love,” Thor spoke with a joyful smile, his attitude contradicting the feeling that had settled in the room. Natasha nodded, along with Peter and Wanda who still stood next to you. Both of your friends kept their arms around you, showing that they were by your side. 

  "Steve, Clint, guys you’ve gotta see how wrong this is? It just isn’t right.“ Bruce dragged Steve and Clint into the argument. "Clint, what if that was your daughter?" 

  "I would support her and if it fails, be there to help her up,” Clint said giving you an empathetic look. Everyone turned to Steve, his word would be the final push to see whether you and Bucky were going to be together. If Steve was against the relationship you knew it wouldn’t work, you would cause an all-out war within the team and you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if that happened. 

 Steve watched how Bucky had spoken about you, he saw a light in his best friend’s eyes that he thought had been lost for good. Steve had watched as you slowly brought the real Bucky out. He saw how much bigger Bucky smiled around you, how louder he laughed with you, how much he loved you. Steve knew Bucky had made some wrong choices in his life, but you. You were one of the right ones. 

  "You don’t have to like it, but you have to live with it.“ Steve finalized, a smile covering your face. 

  You may have not had the entire team’s support, but you knew you would eventually. You knew the age gap was a bit much for some of the team, but you weren’t going to let their feelings affect your relationship. You were in love, why give that up to please other people? Of course, love comes and goes before you find the one. But once you’ve found them, one will know instantly. Some people are lucky enough to have their first love, be their one and only. You were one of those very lucky people. 

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Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Male!Reader
Summary: Starks are cocky little shits
Word Count: 1,280
Request: There was a request I deleated it after I wrote this but when I published this, none of the fucking text came through so luckily I saved my writing on a google doc


Originally posted by romanoffsvalkyrie

Starks are a….handful, to say the least. 

Of course, a terrifying emotionless Russian has fallen deeply in love with a cocky Stark. In her mind, at least it’s not Tony.

But, there was something about you when she came to babysit Tony - you were somewhat tamer, you were wildly intelligent just like Tony and if more reckless, but you were sweeter. Less snarky and stubborn. There was a way with your charm that swoon her, that caught her under a spell. Could have been your bright mesmerising eyes, could have been your glistening smile. Might have been your humour or the utmost respect for her that is unwavering even now. 

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Part 3

This is his first big deal with some serious men and Chris is impressively confident. Also this is your first undercover work to get to know him in person…and you are impressively nervous


(gif isn’t mine)

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  • Characters: Reader x Wanda Maximoff
  • Warnings: swearing, violence
  • Prompt: 32. “Oh God… I think I’m in love with you.”
  • Word Count: 416
  • A/N: kinda had a hard time deciding but i hope you like it!



Originally posted by buckybarne

Shit,” you hiss, ducking behind an armoured truck as your hear a barrage of bullets hitting the other side. You check your own gun, counting the distressingly low amount of bullets you still have left. Pressing your finger against your earpiece, you yell, “I need a little help!”

You look up as Sam swoops overhead, but he veers off to the side, narrowly missing the grenade that one of Rumlow’s men throws at him. You grit your teeth, momentarily looking over the hood of the car to fire off a few bullets, hitting at least one of the men before you duck down again.

“I’ve got you.” Wanda pipes up, and you look up to see her jump in from the balcony above you, using her powers to lower herself on top of the truck. You watch in total awe as she quickly uses her powers to shield the both of you, a red bubble wrapping around the perimeter as you jump into action. Taking advantage of the situation, you fire off your gun, hitting two more men before you reach down to grab another gun on the ground. Wanda waves her hand, restricting one of the man’s movements before pushing him back, slamming him against a wall before he crumples to the ground. 

The last one runs out, and you and Wanda exchange an amused smirk as she uses her powers, her signature red aura wrapping around the man’s body. She spins, throwing the man in your direction, and you hit him over the face with your gun, grinning as he falls to the ground, unconscious. You look up, smiling at Wanda, and she momentarily returns your smile before her eyes widen. Before you can even react, before you can spin around to fire your gun, she’s already beat you to it, raising her hands to use her powers to shield you. You hear the bullets firing, and Wanda flicks her wrist, practically catapulting the man in the air. He flies back, before falling on top of a car, and you whip around to face her.

Oh God… I think I’m in love with you.” you tease, and her lips quirk into a smile. Before she can respond, both of you hear Sam’s voice in your earpiece.

“y/n, Wanda, Cap needs help. Head to the market place.” he instructs, and you and Wanda quickly nod.

“Let’s go,” you urge, and you and Wanda don’t waste another second as you both break into a sprint. 

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I’m so grateful for every single one of you. 

In honor of reaching 300 followers…. I will be posting a chapter of:




This is just blowing my mind! Let me know which chapter you want first!!! (just by commenting on this post)

Reminder: if you want to be on the tag list for one or both of them, please dm me or send in an ask. It’s way easier for me to add you if you do it one of those two ways.


Originally posted by emiliaf25

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Prompt: A story of Bucky and an innocent girl. 

Warnings: age gap, language 

Tags:  savingprivatecass

Pt. 1


 "I swear to you Wanda, no one smiles like that assassin.“ You smiled widely as the two of you sat in the kitchen. You both sat on opposite counters, facing each other. She listened intently as you fawned over the one and only Bucky Barnes.

 "So where are these little meetings leading too?” Wanda questioned as she popped a grape into her mouth. You looked at her a little confused, but then realized what she meant. You weren’t quite sure how to answer, did Bucky see you as something more than something innocent? You had to admit over the past two months of the little night time talks you had with him, you could confirm that you indeed had feelings for the man. Though you couldn’t speak for him and you were slightly unsure of where he stood on the matter.

 "I like what’s happening now, why does it have to lead to anything else?“ You questioned almost childishly. "I’m so much younger than him, I’m not sure it will lead to anything more than it already is.”

 "Whatever you say, but speak of the devil himself.“ She whispered as you followed her gaze to the elevator doors. You met his eyes giving him a small smile, which he returned ever so slightly. Steve had led the way while exiting behind him was Bucky, Tony, and Thor following. Unbeknownst to you and Bucky, Bucky was not the only one who had seen the small smile you had thrown his way. Tony glared hard at the brunette, as he passed him.

 The rest of the day Tony carefully watched you and Bucky. He watched the lingering stares, the way you looked at the soldier, the way the soldier looked back at you. The two of you were attracted to each other and Tony could see it plain as day. And he didn’t like it one bit.


 One o'clock in the morning rolled around and as always you made your way down to the living room. The night felt different, but you shrugged the feeling off. You had something big planned for tonight, something that would either let something bloom or destroy something altogether. Needing a little extra time to calm yourself, you took the stairs. You took in deep, slow breaths as you made your way down to the floor of the living room and kitchen.

 As you pushed the door open, you spotted Bucky on the couch. He was already laying lazily on the couch that sat directly across from the tv, South Park running across the large screen. As you circled the couch, you smiled as you met his gaze.

 "Doll I don’t know if anyone has told you, but that smile could you get you anything if you just showed it off a little more.” He sat up, giving you room to sit on the couch. You smiled even brighter as his compliment left his lips, you could feel the blush gathering in your cheeks.

 You could feel his eyes on you as you slowly sat down. Your heartbeat hard,  your hands fidgetting nervously. Bucky was quick to notice your nervousness, as you sat near the edge of the couch. You couldn’t bring yourself to face him, causing him to worry he had done something wrong.

 "B-Bucky,“ You breathed out, scared of what you were about to do. In a blink of an eye, Bucky slid himself next to you, snaking his arm around you. He didn’t know what he was comforting you for, but he could tell something was off. You weren’t as happy as you usually were for your nightly talks. You seemed skittish and nervous, like the first time the two of you had met. He was terrified that he had done something, or someone else had done something to you.

 "What’s wrong?” Concern laced his voice as he stared at your small face.

 You slowly turned towards your face towards his, your eyes were wide and the anxiousness was glowing throughout them. You gradually brought your eyes to meet his glowing blue ones. For a moment that seemed to last for hours, you stared at him and he stared back. He watched your face, the innocent look you held, the lost puppy look your eyes were holding as they looked into his. He wanted to ask you again what was wrong, but he didn’t dare look away. Your eyes were enchanting to him, it was as if they swallowed him whole and brought him to a safe and loving place.

 With the courage that you had seemed to muster up with that moment, you had to study his beautifully painted eyes, you quickly squeezed your eyes tight. You softly crashed your lips onto his, your hands gripping each other tightly as they sat in your lap. You waited a couple of seconds to feel him kiss back, but he never did. Quickly you pulled your lips away from him, immediately standing up. Your back faced Bucky as you slowly walked away from him, muttering continuous apologies as you made your way to the elevator.

 Bucky sat on the couch, in complete shock. You had kissed him and he hadn’t kissed you back, he wanted to so badly, but he knew how wrong it was. You were so young, you were too young. You just had a crush on him, the kiss probably meant nothing. As you stood up, he begged himself to reach out for you, to stop you from leaving. Every bone in his body urged him to follow you into the elevator, to grab your face and connect his lips to yours once again. But something in him told him not too. He knew you had some feelings for him, it was obvious, but he never thought you would act on it. As long as you never did anything, he would be able to keep himself from you. As long as you held that innocently naive part of you, he would be able to tell himself that the way he looked at you was wrong. The way his eyes would wander up and down your body whenever he got the chance, the way he longed for the night to come so he could spend time with you, the way his eyes ached waiting to see your smile every morning. He would be able to scold himself for the way he thought of you as long as you did not try anything. Now that you had kissed him, you had made the move, you had put your lips on his willingly… must he be ashamed of his true feelings now? You were of legal age, not that that’s what he was focusing on, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he took advantage of you in any way. That was something he promised himself he would never do.

 The small sound of the elevator doors closing snapped Bucky out of his state of shock, he quickly shoved himself off the couch. He sprinted towards the stairs, making his way to your floor. Bucky knew he had sent you the wrong signal, he wanted nothing more than to feel your lips. He had just been worried you were too young.

 You had been able to hold the tears in, you knew you shouldn’t have done that. You hated yourself for not being satisfied with the small moments you had with Bucky, the thing you had going with him had been enough for you. Why did you have to ruin it? You kept scolding yourself as you exited the elevator, quickly making your way back to your room. You hugged your sweatshirt close to your body, doing your best to hold yourself together.

 Quickly pushing open your door, you tried shutting it right behind you, but it had been stopped by something. As you looked up saw a metal hand, holding the edge of the door. Briskly Bucky pushed himself into your room and silently shut the door, not wanting to wake anyone up.

 "Listen I’m sor-“

 "Can I kiss you?” Bucky blurted out, staring at you intently. You stared at him in utter shock, unable to make a sound. Instead of trying to force yourself to speak you quickly nodded. “Dollface I need to hear permission.”

 "Y-yes.“ You stuttered and instantly his lips were on yours once again. He held both sides of your face, as he held his soft lips to yours. Both of you savoring the moment.

 "If I keep kissing you, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.” He breathed out as he pulled away. Sudden confidence came over you as you grabbed his hand, leading him towards your bed.

 "Then don’t.“ You smiled devilishly. Bucky immediately spun you around, watching as you slowly laid on your bed. Your sudden change in attitude surprised not only Bucky but surprised yourself. Where this sudden wave of confidence had come from, you have no idea, but you liked it.

 Bucky hovered above you, as once again the two of you locked eyes. He had fallen in love with looking into your eyes, they just pulled him in every time. He glanced down at your lips as if asking for permission once again. In response, you brought your head up so you could bring your lips to his. He kissed back, his hunger for you evident in his lips. Ever so slightly his tongue licked your bottom lip, without delay, you let him slip his tongue into your mouth. You let him explore your mouth freely, letting him do whatever he wanted.

 He pulled away, still hovering over you. You both stared at each other, your chests heaving. Bucky pushed himself up, sitting on the edge of your bed trying to get his breath and wrap his head around what was happening. You stayed lying on your back, as you slowly began to catch your breath, staring at the ceiling. Both of you trying to comprehend what just happened. Bucky slightly turned his head to look over his shoulder, eyeing you.

 "Y/n you’re only 18. We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said softly, the regret in his voice was hard to miss.

 "I know what I want. Do you?“ You whispered, sitting up. You slowly slid to the top of your bed, leaning your back against your headboard. With one last glance at the ground, Bucky said fuck it to his morals. No, he still had his morals, he said fuck it to the opinions of the others.

 "C’ mere,” He growled as he grabbed you.

 After that night you were no longer innocent, you had willingly given it away. You had let Bucky see parts of you no one ever had before, you gave him everything you had. He was gentle and worshipped you as if you a goddess that he had for only a night. He should you pleasure you had never felt before. He held you close, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he took you. The two of you connected in a way you never thought you would.

 The morning after you woke with Bucky’s large arm’s wrapped around your small form. You wished to never move, you wanted to stay like that forever. You wanted to have your bare back resting against his bare chest, his arms holding your unclothed body, protecting you from the world forever. You wanted to always feel his warm breath on the back of your neck, to hear his small breaths as he slept so peacefully. You wanted nothing more than to stay entangled with the man forever more than anything in your life.

 Carefully, you rolled yourself over. You admired Bucky’s face, he was such a calm looking sleeper. You wondered how such a peaceful looking sleeper could have such horrible nightmares. You gently brushed a piece of his hair away from his face and behind his ear so you could get a better look. You cupped his face with one hand, your heart skipping a beat as you took in how handsome he truly was.

 "I love you,“ You sighed ever so quietly, as you stared at him as if you worshiped him.

 "I love you too,” He breathed a small smile spreading across his face, though his eyes stayed close. You froze for a moment, did he mean it?

“Really?” You asked carefully, his eyes slowly opened. His eyes met yours and leaned to kiss you.

 "I love you more than anything Y/n,“ He said as he broke away from the kiss. The two of you smiled at each other, both of you too happy to care about anything other than each other. Both of you too caught up in each other to realize what time it was.


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Fury, annoyed by Carol: Danvers why don’t you go do your thing where you… close your eyes and breathe?

Carol: Do you mean sleep?


Y/N: I love sleep.

Fury: For the love of, God. Please, you do it too!

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