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Me and my fiancée are trying to save up so I can move to the US when she goes back home… so we’re twitch streaming!!! It would be amazing if you guys would maybe follow or just pop in for a chat?🥺💘

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Y/N *standing up in front of the Avengers*: I want to say a few words. When Sharon broke up with Steve seven days ago, I didn’t give a rat’s ass. 

Steve *slightly offended*: This is your speech? 

Y/N: ‘Cause I didn’t understand why people care so much about their dumb relationships till I got a dumb relationship myself. I’ve only had Peter for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

Nat: Very violent, I like it.

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Fall Again

Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader x Wanda Maximoff 

Word Count: 3,856



Notes: I hope this what you were looking for.

Warnings: Depressive thoughts and talks of dying.


Originally posted by tanou123

The faint sound of buzzing filled your ears as the man sitting before you droned on and on. His words are meaningless beyond the first sentence. ‘The tests came back positive, I’m sorry, you have cancer.’ Words that had instantly filled you with a certain hollowness you had never expected. As if your entire being tried to comprehend the words. As your mind tried to wrap itself around the idea that you were dying. Causing everything else to simply fade away into a static background. Simple white-noise to your predestined existence. Even still bits and pieces slice through like knives. Cutting you open to the world that you would never experience in the same way again. Leaving you exposed and bleeding without any semblance of protection. 

The sound of the hospital filtered through your ears. Shuffling of feet and the distant voices of doctors and nurses speaking to one another. An overabundance of cheer and hope floating through the halls like air, but you could now detect the underlying sense of despair. The darkness that festered beneath the light pretenses of the spotless halls. A feeling that only seemed to come to the dying. The beautiful lies become a painful truth. You simply stared straight ahead at all the degrees hanging proudly on the wall. All mocking you, because no matter how many awards your doctor may have– nothing could ever truly cure you. Nothing could stop your body from tearing itself apart. Nothing could stop the suffering you were going to experience. His words mean nothing more to you than the mindless chatter you hear on the subway. 

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers and Pepper Potts

Words: 1k6

Warning: fluff, a tiny bit of angst, brief mention of domestic violence

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Notes: a little something that popped in my head today. Hope you like it! Feedback is truly appreaciated :)


Originally posted by sebastianstaan


To be honest, you never thought you would get married. Growing up and seeing your parents fight every single day, made you stop believing in such thing as ‘true love’, ‘the one’ and ‘forever’. Those remained in the fairy tales.

However, life has a way of proving you wrong. So, there you were, standing in front of the mirror in a white dress, with your hair half up in a beautiful messy but elegant bun. In just an hour you would walking down the aisle, holding onto Tony’s arm, towards the love of your life. James Buchanan Barnes.

It felt like it been a lifetime since you met instead of just a couple of years. You clicked since the beginning and became immediately inseparable. It sounded cliché, but you truly had never felt this way about anyone else. Of course you had ex boyfriends, but none of them had ever made you feel like you could reach the sky just with his touch.

You knew he was special when you first met him, but you never thought he would be so special. And yet, when he proposed a year ago, you were terrified. Memories of your childhood, of your parents fighting every minute of every day, of your dad hitting your mm and attempting to hit you flooded your mind. But you knew Bucky. You knew he wasn’t that person. He was kind, loving, funny and, most important, you loved him with every beat of your heart. You said yes.

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I dont think that we speak enough of this parallel between CAP wielding the hammer and shield and PARKER with his makeshift hammer and shield.

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Summary: Every girl fantasizes how to make her first time amazing, but Y/N never got it. That is until Steve Rogers comes to her rescue.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Virgin!Reader 

Warnings: description of panic attack, SMUT, loss of virginity, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), some minor swearing. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, PLEASE KEEP SCROLLING. YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THIS!!!



When she was 16, it seemed like everyone in her school was losing their virginities. It had gotten to the point where Y/N thought she was the only girl in her friend group who hadn’t had sex yet. Her two best friends had managed to lose theirs AND keep their boyfriends, so she thought the same would happen to her. But after graduating high school and college (twice), Y/N was still wondering when she was going to get her perfect first time. 

Her job didn’t help to keep her distracted, though. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D regularly worked with the Avengers, so Y/N interacted with the most attractive people she had ever seen on an almost every day basis.

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Nat talking to Peter: Now, go home and do all your homework, or I will end you.

*Peter’s eyes widen*

Tony *walks into the kitchen*: Don’t let Nat fool you. She’s not that scary. She used to do ballet.

Peter *gasps*: No way.

Nat *about to murder Tony*: Which gave me the physical skills I need to strangle you with my feet. Now scram! 

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Clint: You’re so tense today. What are you worried about?

Laura: Us looking like idiots.

Clint: What? We’re superstars here. Married the longest, three happy children, one with a bright future.

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marvel masterlist


more characters to be added!

peter parker

hidden texts

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hidden texts — peter parker


Originally posted by sunsetholland

which it’s the weekly movie night at the compound and you can’t stop smiling at your phone

warnings none

notes first time writing for peter, so a little effy about this one. but he’s too adorable to not write about!

─────── ·𖥸· ───────

friday nights at the compound were reserved for watching a movie with all the avengers. since you were all out saving the world, having a night for peace and bonding all together was very needed.

every week someone different got to pick the movie, and everyone had to watch. now, every avenger had their own ‘routine’ when watching the movie. steve and bucky would actually watch whatever movie was playing, natasha wouldn’t pay attention at all, wanda and vision would cuddle into each other, sam would eat all of the popcorn, and rhodey and tony would criticize the movie. what about you? you would be texting peter, your boyfriend.

being the youngest avengers, you and peter would always have someone watching you. whether it was nat in training, or steve making sure you two wouldn’t goof off. over the course of being members, you and peter had gotten close, and eventually started dating.

but since you and peter were the 'babies’ of the team, you guys would always get teased by the others. separately or together, there was always something to be nagged on. so in order to avoid further teasing from the team, you two decided to keep your relationship on the down-low.

this is how it all went wrong.

you were sitting on the couch with peter, having a comfortable conversation while leaning your head on his shoulder, when the rest of the team came bounding in with popcorn and blankets. quickly, peter scrambled to sit in the chair opposite of the couch to avoid any suspicion.

“you kids ready for movie night?” tony asked, making himself at home in his chair while propping his feet up on the coffee table.

“always. who’s turn is it tonight?” you questioned.

“steve’s.” nat informed, taking a seat next to you, wanda joining on the other side to sandwich you between them.

“sounds good. just don’t pick something too old, cap.” you joked, sending steve a smile.

the movie started and everyone went about their own things, when you got a notification. it was peter. you opened his message, immediately smiling at the words. peter somehow always knew just what to say.

you hadn’t even realized how long you were smiling to yourself while staring at your phone until nat nudged your arm playfully. “what’re you smiling at y/n?”

this obviously caught everyone’s attention, making your cheeks flush with color. you swiftly hid your phone under the blanket you shared with wanda.

“n-nothing!” you replied, trying to act casual. but when you looked across the room and the way peter was biting back a smirk, your blush grew.

“are you texting a boy?” wanda gasped dramatically, poking at your side. you began to open your mouth to respond when your phone was snatched from your grasp.

unfortunately you forgot to turn your phone off, so your screen was exposed to nat easily. her eyes scanned the messages quickly and she let out a laugh, and passed the phone to tony who was beside her.

“looks like y/n and peter are dating, you owe me ten bucks, cap.” she exclaimed with triumph. a small smirk on her lips. steve sighed and pulled out his wallet, but the glint in his eyes said he wasn’t upset about losing his money.

you sent peter a look, only receiving a small smile and shrug from him. at another time you might’ve found this cute, but this time you became as red as a tomato.

you sunk lower into the couch, silently hoping the maybe you would be engulfed entirely by the cushions. wanda ruffled your hair, and chuckled, attempting to let you know that it was okay.

“dont be embarrassed, y/n. we all knew it would happen.” she reassured you gently. you immediately sat up at this.

“you did?” your brows furrowed, looking around at the team’s faces. they all wore smiles knowing looks.

“besides, the kid told me.” tony announced matter-of-factly.

“peter!” “sorry!”

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