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#avengers imagines
headcanons for being an avenger as a teenager
- they all see you as a child (except peter since he’s only a year or so older)
-they know that you’re strong, and can handle yourself, but they all feel protective parent vibes over you, and try to keep you out of danger
-on missions they like to make sure youre near them, or they try to have someone with you at all times
- “y/n where are you”-sam, “my b, i’m right here”
-turns around and sees you fighting 5 people at once, and you wink at him
-used to random touches during the day, whether a hug, or a pat on the head (vision is not the best at showing affection)
- you and loki are very good friends, ever since he found out you enjoy pranking people
-“y/n, what’re you doing in my room”, “sorry to bother you mr.loki, but i was wondering if you could help me with this prank i was thinking of”, “i’m listening”, “ok what if we filled the whole compound with wasps, not real ones, just fake one with like that magic you use or whatever”, “i’m adopting you”
-you have a youtube channel of videos of all the avengers just lounging about, or fooling around
-your video of sam telling bucky “ok boomer” becoming the next twitter meme
-“captain america says a bad word: not clickbait”
-movie nights
-everyone sitting on this massive and soft couch, having a movie marathon whether it be star wars, harry potter, etc.
-halfway through, falling asleep on thor, and him feeling honored that you trust him enough to sleep on him.
-clint laughing that this teenage kid is sleeping on the lap of a literal God
-on that note
-clint teaching you archery
-*moves your arm into place* “okay kid, release” “i’m katniss bitch” “you completely missed the target” “irrelevant”
-nat trying to teach you some fighting moves
-“why do i have to learn this, i can literally move stuff with my mind”, “shut up and just follow what i’m doing”
-being pretty good at it
-you and peter making treats, and snacks for the team, like cookies and cupcakes
-having team members come up to y’all, requesting specific desserts
-sam just really likes snickerdoodle cookies, okayy?
- in the end, they all love you, and you couldn’t be happier with your big, super family
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sunset-curve-fantom · 5 months ago
Captain's Girl- Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
“A new recruit is starting today… Remember to play nice Steve” Tony told Steve in a teasing matter, as Steve ducked out of the boxing ring.
Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Tony’s teasing behavior, as sweat began rolling down his forehead.
“What’s his name again?” Steve said, taking a swig out of his water bottle, the cold liquid helping cool him down. He worked out a lot, mostly on the days when you were most busy with your administrative duties as well as your training.
“It’s James… Top of his class, the only one who showed some true Avenger material.” Tony said, the snarky tone clinging onto his words. He was never one for training or dealing with the new recruits. The last recruit accidentally burned down Tony’s lab because he was messing with some experiments instead of just listening.
Steve just smiled at Tony before heading out of the gym for a quick shower, he was always one for meeting the new kids and making sure they felt at home. But he didn’t like the ego that came along with the new recruits, as they think they already know everything.
He was drawn from his overwhelming thoughts by the sound of your laugh, he caught your gaze as you were walking towards him with Bucky close to your side.
The three of you were inseparable, you always had been since the moment they came into your world.
“Hey baby” you giggled, watching as his face lit up at the sound of your voice.
He couldn’t help but smile and tried to wrap his arms tightly around you, but you pushed him away causing an echoing laugh from Buck.
“No- you stink” you said to him, as you dodged his grasp once again. Your laugh echoing through the halls as you used Bucky as a shield between you and your boyfriend.
“I thought you loved me” Steve said, a frown crossing his features. Which only caused a small smile to cross your features as he pouted.
“I do love you… but I don’t wanna stink” you said, placing your hand on his cheek. Making a small smile appear on his face before he wrapped his arms around you.
Your protesting was bouncing off the walls as Steve continued to laugh as your loud protests. It was clear your small frame was no match for the super solider serum.
He gently placed you down, you swiftly punched him in the chest.
“I. don’t. like. to. be. picked. up. And now I stink…” you protested, the playful stomp of your foot making Steve and Bucky laugh.
He placed a swift kiss to your forehead, before beginning to walk away from you.
“Hey Solider” you said, loud enough that he would be able to hear.
He turned towards you, taking in your appearance. Your long hair flowing down your soldiers, your pants clinging to every curve, but your loose shirt leaving some to the imagination. But to him, you looked flawless.
“Take a shower” you said, scrunching your nose up as if to show that he smells.
“Yes Ma’am” he said, sending a swift wink in your direction before taking off down the hallway in a swift jog.
You stood patiently in the hanger, listening to Sam and Buck fight about dinner, but also hearing Wanda and Nat gossip about the new recruit and how cute he apparently is.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of someone standing behind you, you knew it was Steve.
“Hi baby” you whispered, carefully leaning back into his chest and feeling his gently chuckle.
“You smell stinky, you know?” he said, causing a gasp to erupt from your throat as you turned to face him.
“Steven Rogers” you threatened, trying to sniff yourself. But all you could catch was the scent of your lavender vanilla shampoo. There were no remnants of Steve’s body odor from his early morning workout.
All Steve could do was laugh at your behavior, but you were glaring knives into his soul.
Your comeback was cut off when Fury’s booming voice overtook the training room, drawing everyone’s attention from their gossip.
“Well, it’s nice to have everyone’s attention… I’ll make this quick” Fury started as him and Hill entered the room with a young recruit hot on their heels.
You leaned into Steve, as you all lined up to welcome the new recruit.
The new recruit was definitely cute, but not your type. He was on the shorter side of things, with dark almost black hair, with a leaner body.
You tended to go for the scruffier kind, and you definitely had a thing for blondes. But your type was definitely Steve and no one else.
You leaned over to Nat’s ear, “He’s definitely your type girl.” Which only caused the both of you to fall into a fit of laughter.
“So, this is the team” Fury’s voice boomed again, sending an unapproving look to Nat and you.
“Mr. Stark and Captain Rogers here are going to get you started and introduce you to everyone before your first training here at the compound.” Fury said, sticking his hand out to shake the new recruits.
“Thank you, Mr. Fury, Ms. Hill” The new recruit said, before turning to Steve and Tony. You could almost see him quiver in excitement over this new position.
“Hi, I’m James… It’s a pleasure” He said before sticking his hand out to Tony, and then to Steve.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the welcoming, “it’s a pleasure” – the recruits literally never say anything different.
“They always say that” Bucky said, a smirk playing on his lips as he watches you roll your eyes once again.
You stifled a laugh as the new recruit approached Buck, the clear nervousness was being to cross his features even more.
“This is Sargent Barnes” Steve said as he gestured to Buck, the smirk on his face was clearer as James shook his hand with what seemed like a decent grip.
You weren’t completely paying attention because you were watching Steve as he kept clenching his jaw every time James opened his mouth to speak.
Seeing as you were too busy watching Steve, you missed that James had moved to right in front of you.
Nat carefully nudged you, drawing you from your trance which only caused a blush to erupt onto your features.
“Oh hi… I’m sorry. I’m Agent L/N” you said carefully extending your hand.
He took in a deep breath before taking your hand, shaking it gently. He continued to shake you hand for a few seconds too long.
Pulling your hand away, you wiped your palm on your pants, “Pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine” James said, sending you a quick wink before being shoved by Steve to move on.
Focusing on Steve once again, you could see that his jaw was clenched worse than before. His eyes were a darkened color instead of his normal baby blues. You could see the shift in his appearance in a heartbeat.
But Steve could see the shift in you too, the way the blush crossed your cheeks when James stood in front of you. The way your leggings gripped your thighs, accentuating all of your best features, the way that he knew that James was watching how your body moved. James was looking at you in the way that Steve looked at you the first time and still continues too. The idea of James dreaming about you, was something that he couldn’t stand. Steve couldn’t stand that James was being introduced to an entire team and all this recruit kept doing was looking back at you as you smiled and laughed. So, he kept quiet, just trying to push his thoughts out of his mind.
But he knew deep down that you had an overwhelming effect on people and that was a huge part of who you are. It was the one thing that he loved the most about you, how real you were with everyone.
You were so caught up in talking to Nat and Wanda, you had no idea of the attraction that James was beginning to feel towards you. You never looked at anyone the way you looked at Steve, and that was never going to change but it was more than clear that James didn’t catch the obvious relationship in the room.
“Okay let’s start with some training exercises, we wanna see what you are capable of here.” Tony said as he looked around the room for a participant, but no one was listening.
“Are you ready to start?” Steve said, watching James’ gaze fall onto you once again. Your head was thrown back laughing as you talked with Wanda.
Steve stepped in his eye line with his gaze hard and cold, “I asked you a question, recruit.”
James took a deep gulp, “I’m sorry Captain, yes I’m ready.”
“So, here’s the plan, we are going to do some basic sparring exercises just to see where your training will take you. The whole point is to see what your skill base is and where we can expand your combat training for future missions” Tony said, drawing James’ gaze from your figure.
“Okay, sounds good sir” James said, taking a deep gulp.
“L/N” Tony barked catching your attention from Nat’s excessive gossiping about Buck and the girl from the third floor.
Your eyes went wide as you turned your frame, “Yes Mr. Stark.”
“You are gonna be up first for the training since you have some other things to do before our welcoming dinner tonight” He said, you quickly nodded your head before stepping into the ring with James. He sent you a quick wink, but of course you thought nothing of it.
“Ready?” you teased as James took a deep gulp before nodding towards you.
A smile erupted on your face before running towards him attempting to strike him with your fist. He quickly blocked before attempting to throw his own punch.
You smiled as you quickly dodged his punch, you both continuously threw punching and kicks to throw each other off your game. It was clear that his training was well rounded, but you were trained by Nat and Steve, so you had just as much training as well as in depth skills.
Catching Steve’s eye off the mat, you winked before sweeping your leg under James’ feet sending him down to the mat. The sound of him hitting the mat echoed through the training area.
That’s my girl, Steve thought as he glared hard at James.
He smiled up at you as he laid there, you reached your hand out to help him up.
He placed a swift kiss to your cheek as you backed away from him. You were flattered but you knew Steve was going to mad at the interaction. He loved you so deeply, and the idea of losing you was the hardest idea to face and that was vice versa for you.
Turning off the mat, you caught Steve’s gaze and his jaw was clenched causing the vein in his neck to bulge. You could see the anger and frustration crossing over his features.
You smiled at him as you returned to your spot between Nat and Bucky.
“Oh, someone is jealous” Nat said, nudging your shoulder.
“No, he’s not, he’s fine” You insisted, trying to figure out the true reason that Steve looked so angry.
“Yeah okay… James is flirting with you. Of course, he’s angry” she said, watching your lips form a frown as you tried to think about the last hour.
“No, he’s not, it is more than clear than I’m with Steve” you said, insisting that what Nat is seeing is clearly just a misunderstanding.
“Yeah okay… you say so” she said, a soft laugh coming off her words.
You began to think about the last hour, the wink, the overly kind words, the way he wanted to impress you… No, he had to have just been being nice since it’s his first day.
“Cap, you are up next” Tony barked, the clear annoyance crossing his features. New recruits were something that he always hated especially since we are so close together.
You watched as Steve stepped onto the mat, the clear jealously falling onto his features as he watched James.
His eyes caught yours, you sent him a quick wink before he turned back to James.
You watched carefully as James took a step towards Steve, sending a solid punch towards his upper body. Steve smiled as he carefully dodged the punch before sending his own punch at James. His fist connecting with his jaw, the sound of James’ body hitting the mat echoed through the room.
Steve went and stepped over James, as he clenched his jaw.
“Steve, off the mat” Tony said, approaching the recruit.
He couldn’t help but send a smile towards you as he made his way off the mat. The clear amusement was dancing off his features.
“Oh, you know that felt good” Bucky said next to you, laughing at James still laying on the mat.
“Don’t encourage it” you hissed, knowing good and well this recruit was in need of some improvement hands down.
The rest of the day seemed to rush by with the busyness of training as well as your double duties as administrator for Stark.
The welcoming dinner Stark planned was closer than you had wished, James sadly beat Steve to the dinner table making sure that he took the spot right next to you. You gave Steve a weak smile, knowing this was going to be a conversation for the both of you tonight.
The dinner table was filled with chattering between the team as James kept trying to catch your attention.
You rolled your eyes before turning to him, “so how was the first day?”
“It was amazing” he started, “thank to you.”
You shifted in your seat uncomfortably knowing that Steve was glaring from across the table. Your suspicions were confirmed with you felt his thick leg sliding in between your leg as a sense of comfort. Steve’s heart fluttered as you smiled at him, you saw him for him not the man he has become due to the serum.
“So how long have you been with SHIELD” James said, trying to draw your attention from Steve.
‘Why don’t you ask Steve, I feel very old answering that question” You said, shooting a look at Steve for backup as you were getting uncomfortable.
The conversations continued on into the night, filled with laughter and never-ending jokes. Steve wasn’t the only one watching you, James had a hard time taking his eyes off you and it was clear.
You were telling the story about the time you and Natasha went on a mission, and she accidentally sprayed herself in the face with one of those fancy Japanese toilets. Instead of helping on that mission, you laughed the entire time and could barely focus on what Stark had wanted done.
Steve couldn’t help but smile at your overwhelming laughter as you and Nat continued to tell funny stories about the team.
The laughter ceased though when James very kindly dumped his full glass of wine in your laugh, covering your white satin dress.
“Oh my god” you stood up quickly, trying to escape the dark liquid.
“I am so so sorry, shit” James said, just staring at the mess he had made, while Nat was running back to the table with tons of napkins.
You quickly tried to clean the mess that had been created, but with that happening your cleavage was on full display not only to your lover but to James who could not or would not stop staring at you.
Steve couldn’t help but bit his lip yet tighten his fists as he watched this pathetic excuse of a recruit who insisted on checking out his love.
“Well, I am just going to shower” You laughed gently as you stepped away from the table. The dark stain not only on your dress but surrounding your chair on Tony’s white carpet. “This just isn’t going to come out.”
James stood up as you backed away from the table, “Do you need help?”
Your eyes went wide, as gasps filled the dining room, “Excuse me?” you said, shocked.
“WITH SHOWERING?!?” Steve yelled, his chair quickly clattering to the floor. The anger clearly crossing his features.
“Cap, take a walk” Tony said, his tone stern but the amusement was clear on his face.
Steve quickly walked out of the dining room, hastily walking to your shared living quarters in the compound.
The door slid open, and he could see your white dress thrown to the side with the stain more than clear against the light fabric.
He couldn’t help but sigh at the mess.
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, laying in on the bed before he heard your soft voice coming from the shower. You were singing along to your phone,
You'll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You'd say he hung the moon
I'd say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh, the way he pulls me in
I've known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He's one of the good ones
He smiled as your voice led him to the shower, he could see your dancing as the suds covered your body.
The shower curtain flung open, causing you to jump at the sight of him, “Jesus Steve, you trying to scare me to death?”
He just chuckled as he stepped closer to you, bringing your back into his chest.
“Can I help you?” you chuckled as you turned around to face him, causing a smile to appear onto your face when you made eye contact with him.
He didn’t answer you instead grabbing the back of you neck, bringing your lips to his causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.
“You are mine” he gritted through his teeth as he pushed you into the wall, you body shuttering from the cold tile.
His free hand ran over your thighs, coming closer to your soaking, pulsating heat. Carefully pushing your thighs apart finding your sensitive nub.
You shuttered as he carefully pushed on your nub, the pleasure starting to overcome your senses. You loved that he wanted to be all over you, that he wanted to be in control.
His lips came into contact with your neck, quickly finding your sweet spot causing you to melt into him. His fingers moved from your sensitive nub, pulling you closer to him causing soft moans to fall from your lips.
He smiled down at you before moving his fingers into your pussy, quickening the speed causing your eyes to roll back into your head. The pleasure becoming overwhelming as you squirmed in his grasp. You felt your orgasm coming over your senses, with Steve’s name falling off your lips you let yourself go.
“Fuck doll” he said, pressing a kiss to your earlobe before picking you up in his arms, the cold against your back once again causing you to shutter.
You felt his tip at your entrance, teasing you gently. You moaned at the contact before he entered you in one quick move, your moans echoing off the walls. Steve pulled you close as you wrapped your legs tight around his waist.
Steve’s lips fell onto your mouth, as he slammed into you repeatedly. The mixture of the cold tile, and Steve inside of you sent your body into overdrive. He quickly picked up his pace, causing your eyes to roll back into your head.
Your climax was fast approaching, and Steve could feel you beginning to tighten around him.
“Are you mine? Tell me baby” He groaned out as he continued to slam into you.
“Y-Y-Yo-Yours” you moaned loudly, as your climax overcame you. Steve could feel you pulsating around him which only caused him to lose it. He moaned as he filled you up with his hot seed, causing you to moan at the contact.
He gently placed you down, your legs wobbling at the contact as you leaned back into Steve’s chest causing him to chuckle at your actions.
“Let me get you cleaned up, and we can go back down” he said, picking up the washcloth and gently washing your bruised back.
The two of you walked into the living room, you were clad in Steve’s clothing and he was holding you close. It was more than clear that you were Steve’s, even though most of the team knew that already.
Steve led you over to an empty seat, pulling you gently into his lap which made a laugh slip past your lips. You leaned your head back into the crook of his neck, taking in his sweet scent that made your world spin.
You could feel Steve playing with your damp hair that fell down your back, which sent a smile onto your cheeks.
“Can we talk?” A weary voice said, causing the both of you to look up, seeing James and his terrified expression.
You carefully nodded, pulling Steve behind you into the hallway. You could see James trying to find his words even though he was focused on your body, but Steve found the right words first.
"I’m hoping you are going to apologize to her, and hope to god she is more forgiving than I'm going to be" Steve sneered at the new recruit, who had barely taken five seconds to not look at your ass.
The new recruit was trembling, you could see his face change as he shrunk into the shadow of one, Captain America. He was terrified of what this man was going to do to him.
"Yes Mr. Rogers" he trembled, releasing a deep breath.
Steve rolled his eyes, bending down to meet the new recruit's terrified eyes.
"That's Captain to you, recruit."
Your soft laugh echoed through the hallway as you watched the young boy cower away from your Captain. You knew you were solid in your relationship, so the flirting was nothing new, but it was great to see him jealous.
"Steve, you don't have to be so tough on him... he's new" you said, the humor in your voice was more than evident.
He stalked towards you, forgetting about the frightening recruit.
"No one messes with my girl" he said, as he wrapped his arms around your smaller frame.
"My girl.... I like the sound of that" you teased, a smile playing on your features. You held him close as you headed back into the living room to enjoy the rest of your night with your man.
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absolutelyfizzing · a month ago
little dove
loki x reader
description - Loki acted so caring around you, more so than anyone else in his life. He loved to take care of you, especially when you had a long day, and he got teased by some of the team for it.
warnings - fem reader, cute loki and pet names, implications of gender fluid loki?, reader gets picked up, slight implications of a nsfw theme the night before
word count - 1900
A/N - this is a pretty plotless blurb but i just love this man, i have been obsessed with the new series and just wanted to write anything about him. i will inevitably be writing for him more so please end me now. there are no spoilers for the new series and it takes place in an AU after new york but pretty much otherwise out of timeline. all the avengers live at the compound together, endgame didnt happen and no i wont talk about it.
Loki was not someone who was overly friendly. To most of the people in the compound, he was courteous at best. That rule, however, was bent occasionally. The only exceptions were you and his brother (some of the time). He had been smitten with you the moment he saw you though he would never admit it. You were bubbly and light and the exact opposite of him. You were so friendly and kind that it almost made him want to be the same.
You were kind to him, which he was shocked by. Most of the people in the compound tolerated him but they were never caught being too nice. You, on the other hand, were friendly to him the day you met him.
You weren't an Avenger, you weren't really even a fighter. You were a genius in the medical field as well as the unofficial caretaker of everyone on the team. You made sure that they all ate, they didn't overwork themselves, that they were getting enough sleep every night because they were your closest friends. Everyone listened to you. You had this power over them all that they just wanted to make sure you were happy and that meant they wanted to do what you asked of them. They tried their best to take care of you as well.
When you met Loki and were very nice to him, he expected some ulterior motive. He assumed that there was something you wanted or that you would gain his trust and then humiliate him later. So he kept his guard up. This was proved wrong over the months to come. He noticed that you were that kind to everyone and you were just happy to be around other people. He let you in over time.
You became the only person who he opened up to, even more than his brother. You would keep him company even when he lashed out at others and when he was filled with guilt. You forgave him for his past without question and opened up to him as well. It took probably 3 months for Loki to realize that he was in love with you.
He couldn't believe himself. In love with a midgardian? What was he thinking?
But it was undeniable and uncontrollable. He just couldn't help himself. You would read to him and watch movies with him. You would braid his hair when he was stressed and would teach him how to cook when he asked. You were just everything to him. It took him a long time to confess. He was terrified that you would reject him. You could have had anyone you wanted, why would you choose him?
When he did confess, you were thrilled and he couldn't believe it. You kissed him and he thought he could die happy right then and there. He had never felt this much love for anyone besides his mother.
You continued to break his walls down and he fell deeper in love with you every day. He didn't, however, change his behavior towards others very much. He had grown closer to the team, having regained some trust from them all. He was no longer aggressive and he tried very hard not to lash out. Most of that was out of his own desire to be trusted. He realized that he was going to have to make his life work to remain with you and he slowly learned that most of the people in the compound weren't actually as awful as he might have originally guessed. That didn't mean that his personality changed toward them though. He was still slightly cold and short. He wouldn't smile too much and he was what some might call grumpy most of the time.
That only changed around you and everyone noticed. Loki got teased for it constantly and he couldn't care less. He just wanted to make you happy and he had no regard for what anyone thought of your relationship.
He was waiting patiently in the common area of the compound on the couch. Steve and Rhodey were sat on the couch watching something that Loki didn't recognize or care for, it was some kind of reality TV. When he heard the elevator door open he looked toward the door and you were walking towards him. A grin spread over his face and his posture relaxed. He could hear the men on the couch scoff at his sudden change in demeanor. When you got close to him he picked you up and pulled you to straddle his hips on his lap and immediately began kissing all over you. You buried your face in his chest and he kissed your hair.
"How are you, my love?" He mumbled sweetly and you hummed. "Long day?" he questioned and you nodded in affirmation. "Lets go get you some food then, yes?" He asked lightly and you hummed happily. He picked you up and you clung to him, arms and legs wrapping around him. He carried you with ease toward the kitchen. It shocked you sometimes how much he could lift and how easily he lifted you but you had to remind yourself that he was indeed a god.
"How come you never treat us that way?" Rhodey called from the couch and Loki grumbled a bit.
"Oh I'm sorry did you want me to pick you up and make you some tea?" He asked sarcastically and you giggled from where your face was pressed into his chest. He smiled at the fact that he had gotten you to laugh and he set you on the countertop. He tried to pull away to make you some food but you did not let him leave you, still holding on to the front of the shirt that he was wearing. "Do you want to talk about your day?" He asked sweetly, kissing your forehead lightly. You gazed up at him lovingly and his heart skipped a beat.
"I'm just tired. People are annoying and I didn't exactly sleep much last night." You winked at the last part. He smirked at your comment.
"I'm sorry, my love. I was under the impression that you enjoyed what we did last night but I would be happy to give you plenty of time to sleep tonight if that's what you would prefer." he teased and you punched him lightly in the chest.
"Okay fine you're right, I like getting kept up." You confessed. You paused for a moment and his eyes remained on you as he waited patiently for you to continue. "I was mistaken for an intern again today. You would think that after over a year of working here that people would recognize my name and my work but today there were some new investors walking through the facility. When they came to look at my work they started to talk to one of my coworkers and then turned to me to ask me to get them a coffee order while they waited for the doctor to arrive." You grumbled, your mood now sour at the memory. Loki frowned and he felt his anger begin to take shape inside of him. His eyes flashed green for a moment.
"Would you like me to go and teach them a lesson? Perhaps just to mildly terrify them?" he asked, fully serious. That cheered you up plenty and you chuckled. Loki knew that you were laughing because of the absurdity of his statement and the fact that he was dead serious but he was just happy to see you smile again. "I will never understand the midgardian obsession with gender roles. Though I suppose my own identity is more fluid than most asgardians as well." He confessed and you brought your hand to rest on the side of his face. He leaned his head into your hand as he beamed at you. You loved when he compared his home to yours. It reminded you just how powerful he was and that he still chose to spend his days with you. There was suddenly a flash of green before he held his hand out to you, now holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers. When you gasped and moved to grab them he slipped from your grasp to move towards the refrigerator.
"Hey that's not fair, you tricked me." You pouted at him, now grumbling that you couldn't hold him anymore.
"Little dove, I cannot make you food when you hold onto me. When I am finished cooking then you can stay with me for as long as you would like." He promised and you nodded solemnly. He quickly pressed another kiss to your cheek before moving around the kitchen to prepare you waffles as he often did when you were having a long day. You observed the beautiful flowers in your hand and watched him as he moved around the kitchen, a million times more comfortable than he had been when he first moved into the compound. You talked contentedly with the people passing by as well as the man who was diligently trying to improve your mood. Occasionally one of the other team members would walk by and laugh a bit at how caring he was acting toward you, all of them just happy you were content though. Eventually Thor stopped by while Loki put some batter into the waffle iron and sliced some fruit.
"You know, this is the happiest I have ever seen him." He stated simply, a smile in is voice.
"It's the happiest I've been too." You responded with a small grin.
"The last time I saw him open up to someone the way that he opens up to you was on Asgard with our mother. She would be happy to see him being so vulnerable again." He patted your back and walked away as tears started to come to your eyes. The brothers would talk of their mother sometimes and Loki often mention the fact that he believed she would have loved you, if not for your own personality then for what you did for her son. You wished that you could meet her.
You were suddenly taken out of your thoughts by someone handing you a plate of waffles and sliced up fruit with a little container of syrup on the side. You looked up at Loki and nearly cried right there. You put the plate aside for a moment to reach out and pull him into a crushing hug. He was a bit startled but responded quickly, a hand going to the back of your head and his fingers brushing through your hair soothingly.
"Did something happen, my love?" He asked softly and you sniffled a bit.
"Just love you and I'm very thankful for everything you do for me." You got out and he affirmed to himself that he would die for you in an instant.
"I love you too, darling, but I slaved away at those waffles and now they are getting cold." He teased and he kissed your hair gently. You took a deep breath before pulling away, looking up at him with love. You smiled and then hopped off of the counter. He walked with you over to the dining table where he sat next to you and serenely waited as you ate, the food lifting your spirits a bit and easing your anxiety of the day. You planned on spending the rest of it with the man next to you as well as every day after that.
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imsebastiansta-n · a month ago
Condom Mishap
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: fluff, a little bit of smut at the end, talks of condoms, shy bucky, nerdy bucky, mention of Bucky’s cock and erections
Word count: 1217
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It was a warm sunny day, you, and Bucky where currently in your shared apartment. You were in the bedroom sorting out your wardrobe while Bucky was laying down on your shared bed, talking about the mission he just finished for work.
“And then Sam blasted the last HYDRA agent. He’s now back at the compound for questioning.” He finished, with a little wavier in his voice. You knew how hard HYDRA missions were for him, you expressed your concerns countless times and each time he’d tell you that he was okay, that he can do it. But every time he came home, you could see that each mission took a piece of him.
You finished hanging the last item of clothing and closed the wardrobe doors.
“Are you sure you’re okay though?” you questioned with concern in your voice, and a frown on your face.
“I’m... I’m doing better.” He breathed, truthfully. Making you release a breath you didn’t even know you were holding.
“Now, how about a little fun time.” Bucky smirked, leaning in to kiss you but you pulled back.
“Oh no you don’t, big guy. If you want fun time, you need to pop down to the store and grab some more condoms.” You chuckled, as his face drained colour.
“H-how will I know what to get?” he stuttered so quietly you didn’t even notice.
“You know what size you are, babe. Just grab and go.” You softly smiled at him and walked out of the bedroom, leaving Bucky to his thoughts.
Bucky stayed on the bed for a few minutes, trying to sike himself up.
He’d never been to the store to grab condoms; they were so different from what he was used to in 40’s. It was usually you grabbing them when you went shopping, but you must have forgot this time.
He slipped on his shoes, not bothering to change out of his comfy sweats he was wearing and grabbed his wallet from the bedside cabinet.
Walking out of the bedroom, he made his way to the kitchen where you were pottering about.
“I’ll be back, doll. Love you.” He reached down to kiss you goodbye.
“See you soon, love you baby.” You kissed him back, not sensing his nerves and he was on his way.
It didn’t take Bucky long to reach the store.
He walked in, nodded politely at the little old lady behind the register as she said her hellos and made his way to the condom section.
Bucky’s eyes scanned the entire stock.
He’d never seen so many brands, styles, or colours of condoms before.
Getting more confused by the minute, he remembered what you told him. “You know what size you are, just grab and go.”
So, that’s what he did.
He grabbed a box, not even looking at the size or brand and went to the till.
As Bucky stood there, he tried to cover his face with his long hair to hide the blushing mess he had become. The little old lady didn’t even bat an eye. For that, Bucky was thankful.
She scanned the box, telling Bucky the total so he can pay and be on his way.
He shoved the box into his pocket and made a brisk walk home, so he could hide forever.
When Bucky walked into your shared apartment, you were sitting on the couch in the living room with a book in hand and a fresh cup of tea steaming away on the coffee table.
He pulled out the box and dropped it on the table making you jump as he walked away.
You put your book down and grabbed the box and saw the size he got.
You stood up with the box in hand and went to your shared bedroom.
“Baby?” you called opening in the door to see Bucky sitting on the end looking more confused than ever.
“There was so many. I was so confused.” He started and turned to look at you, “why is there so many?”
“I don’t know, baby. People just like variety, I guess.” You shrugged softly and sat down beside him.
“I got the wrong size, didn’t I?” he sighed and rubbed his face with his hands and groaned, causing you to giggle softly.
“Hey, its okay. Let me grab my shoes and we’ll go together.” You kissed his cheek and got up off the bed to grab your shoes.
You came back with your shoes on as Bucky stood up and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you both made your way back to the store.
When you both got to the store, you waved hello to the lady behind the till and made your way, with Bucky in hand, to the condom section again.
Looking at Bucky’s face filled with confusion, you explain what the types were, what sizes they had and what colours and flavours they came in.  
He was still a little embarrassed but asked a couple of questions which you were happy to answer to the best of your knowledge.
When you were both finished, you grabbed his size (king size) and went back to the lady at the till to pay.
Once you were finished, you put the box in your pocket and Bucky grabbed your hand linking his fingers again as you walked home.
It didn’t take long for Bucky to rip your clothes off when you got home and use up the entire box you purchased.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A FEW WEEKS LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It had been 3 weeks since the whole condom mishap with Bucky. During those 3 weeks, Bucky’s confidence in getting condoms had rocketed.
Every day you came home from work, or when he came home from a mission, he’d always had a new box for you both to try out.
You didn’t complain, you loved it.
Although you had so many boxes, Sam and Steve thought you were selling them. When you had to explain Bucky’s obsession with different condom types, they were sorry they asked.
 It wasn’t until one night; you had gotten in from work and made your way to the bedroom you knew Bucky would be.
What you didn’t expect, is to find the lights off and standing in the middle of the room, sporting a glow in the dark condom on his erected cock, was Bucky.
“Hey, doll. Check out my light saber.” You couldn’t see him, but you could sense he was grinning.
He leant forward and pressed a button on his phone. The sound that came out, is what made you die along with watching Bucky swing his erection around to the light saber effect.
When you calmed down with your laughter, Bucky stalked towards you and picked you up, chucking you on the bed and within seconds you were naked.
He flipped you onto your stomach, so your ass was in the air as he lent forward to whisper in your ear.
“Do you think you can take my light saber pounding you?” he breathed, causing shivers to run down your spine as he slipped his cock into your dripping wet pussy causing you to squeak out a moan.
You knew when he was like his, you’d feel him in your cervix for days.
But that was always the best part about sex with Bucky.
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
Family Reunion - Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Request from my friend @mionemymind "Natasha’s family (Yelena, Alexei, and Melina) surprise visit Y/n and Natasha at the compound. But as soon as they arrive, they see Steve and Y/n training but Steve accidentally takes it too far and shoved Y/n with his shield and sends her flying to the wall. Basically over protective Natasha’s family happens and Melina being like “you did not just do that to my future daughter in law”.
Words> 977
Warnings> None, pure fluffly.
A/N> Writing Natasha makes me sad, someone call Marvel and ask for her to come back please.
All Works Masterlist
Family Reunion - One Shot
You're distracted in training today.
But it's because of a special occasion.
It's the first time you're meeting your girlfriend's family, and you're pretty anxious about it.
Usually you have no problem matching Steve Rogers's speed and stamina, but with your mind elsewhere, you kinda did.
"Hey, focus!" Steve warns after a particular low blow, you almost lost your balance and got hit in the face.
"I'm focused" You retort back, wishing to keep to yourself that you're pretty nervous about meeting Natasha's parents and sister.
Steve takes a step forward as you two exchange choreographed blows and fast pushes. He's using the shield today, but you're using your practice stick, which has the same potential strength as the real ones so it's a fair fight.
You manage to deflect quick advances in Steve next, making him take steps back, almost stuck to a wall.
You could have won this round if the door of the gym didn't open the next moment and the four people you were expecting to meet for four months already didn't come in.
You wide your eyes, immediately lowering your guard to wave gently at them, and you even got a glance of Nat's shy smile to you before you felt a strong impact against your chest that throwed you across the room, directly to a wall.
Grumbling due to the pain, you force yourself to your feet, only to be met with the hands of your girlfriend on your face and arms helping you get up as she checks if you are okay.
"I'm so sorry, I thought you would defe-" Steve started but was interrupted by a strong punch in his face.
The red guardian, or best, Natasha's father, advances to the captain with an angry face.
"Attacking my daughter in law? Dishonoured American soldier, fight someone of your size!" The man shouted for the cap, who just looked stunned with the whole scene.
Melina, who you have only seen in photographs so far, seemed to be more reasonable and stepped forward to stop her husband, putting her hands on his shoulder while telling him to calm down.
You're about to explain that you and Steve were just training when Melina turned back to the captain, who just got his face up from the punch and seemed that he was going to say the same thing as you, but was involved in a quick blow from Melina that knocked him to the ground.
"Don't ever touch my family again, mister Rogers." She warns as she prepares for a final movement, her legs around Steve but you let out a desperate exclamation, moving forward.
"Please, stop! He's my friend!" You shouted to them, and they all looked at you with confused expressions. "Please, Miss Romanoff, don't break my friend's neck, he was just training me."
As if she almost didn't just do what you said, Melina released Steve and graciously got up, coming to you with her hand in the air to greet you.
"It's so nice to finally meet you, honey." She said as you smiled shyly at her, your eyes drifting momentarily for Steve sitting on the floor with a painful groan to the woman in front of you.
"I-I"m happy to know you too, Miss Romanoff." You say as you feel Nat intertwine your free hand with hers while she stands next to you.
"Please, Melina is just fine." She says and then gestures to the other two to come closer. "This is my husband Alexei, and this is Yelena, our youngest."
You're about to offer your hand, but the guardian steps forward and involves you in a tight hug, laughing at your awkwardness.
As he lets you go, you greet Yelena with a kiss on the cheek.
"Quiet the blow you got back there." She commented with a smirk. You let go of a shy laugh.
"Yeah, but it's okay. I'm pretty resistant."
"I wouldn't expect anything different from my Natasha." Alexei teases. "A rough and strong girl just like her!"
Natasha giggles, looking at you tenderly.
"Yes, she is."
You feel your cheeks heat up.
"Bet she's a poser just like you." Yelena adds next, making you frown in confusion while Nat rolls her eyes.
"What…?" You asked.
"You know when she's fighting?" Yelena begins to explain and you nod following her words. "And she does like this, fighting pose? Every single time. Such a poser."
You laugh as Yelena mimics to her words, remembering the times you saw Natasha fighting and you couldn't help but agree with the blonde.
"It's a cute pose though, babe." You say as you turn your face to Nat, enjoying her playful grimace due to her sister's words. You kiss her cheek and Melina smiles as she says you too look cute together.
"C'mon, we should get going. I'm sure everyone is starving." Natasha says next and you murmurs in agreement, remember your plans were to cook for Nat's family and have a casual nice dinner with them all.
"Thanks for asking if I'm fine by the way." Steve ironized out loud as the group finally turned to his direction again, but now he's already on his feet.
"Watch your mouth around my sister and her girl, soldier boy." Yelena warned annoyed as she walked by him, a deadly stare in her face. You chuckle lightly at the captain's shocked expression and turn your head to your girlfriend gently.
"Are they always like this? You whisper.
"Only all the time." She whispered back, her hand returning to yours as you walked to leave the gym with her family. You gave Steve an apologize look, but he just shrugged, muttering he was fine.
You hoped you could keep a good first impression through dinner, but something about the way the Romanoff"s looked at you, made you feel like part of the family already.
Tag list> @imapotatao / @aimezvousbrahms/ @ensorcellme/ @helloalycia || @mionemymind / @abimess / @stephanieromanoff / @yourtaletotell / @tomy5girls / @justagaypanicking / @thegayw1tch / @idek-5 // @myperfectlovepoem // @helloalycia // @ENSORCELLME // @AIMEZVOUSBRAHMS // @drpepperobsessed // @sighsam // @olsensnpm // @sxfwap // @table57 // @madamevirgo // @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo // @emptysince18x // @xastrydx || @yuhloversxx || @ymzki-haruki || @wouldirunofftheworldsomeday || @lostandsearching || @lezzzbehonesthere || @musicinourlips || @chaekhan || @diaryoflife || @nervoustrack || @aquamarinescarlet || @cristin-rjd || @idamaemann || @fortunatelynerdylight
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nev3rfound · a month ago
five days late : b.b
after being sent on an undercover mission, you go missing and bucky can't help but worry about what might've happened to you. (the classic 'who did this to you' trope as I'm a sucker for it) 1.2k
requested: nope, but i am a true sucker for this kinda shit warnings: mentions of injuries, blood and protective bucky
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
Tumblr media
Everyone was tense but notably, most of all were Bucky.
Whenever there was an undercover mission, it was planned down to the finest detail. All bases were covered in case something went wrong, you would know what to do. Yet, something clearly has gone wrong as no one has heard from you in three days.
"What was the last message she sent again?" Tony repeats himself, hearing Fury mutter under his breath before pulling up the projection showing the coded message informing him you had the data required and the target was eliminated.
"This just doesn't make sense." Steve tries not to pace, having been scorned by Natasha for making her feel dizzy. "Y/n knows what to do in situations like these, it's her job." He states, sparing Bucky a glance who has barely reacted to anything since hearing you didn't check in with the base in Texas as planned.
Natasha rises to her feet and approaches the main console in the meeting room where your file remained on display. "Y/n is a trained assassin, remember? She knows how to keep cover or protect herself."
Placing his hand on Bucky's shoulder, Steve tries to keep a straight face for his friend. "She's only three days late, Buck." Steve attempts to ease Bucky but is met with a forceful shrug in response.
"That's three days without a morning coffee or any late night conversation when neither of us can sleep." Bucky comments, stopping himself before he says too much about the complex relationship you and he have together.
It had been a routine of sorts for months. Whenever Bucky would return from a run in the morning a cup of coffee would be awaiting him along with a smile from you. The pair of you could talk for hours if left unoccupied, or sit happily in comfortable silence. Bucky hadn't opened up to anyone besides Steve in the compound, and your friendship was a pleasant surprise.
"She'll come home, Sargent," Fury speaks up, all eyes falling onto the man leaning against the console. "just don't give up yet."
Another two days had passed by and now on the fifth day without you, the sun was just starting to rise as were some of the team.
"Anyone seen Buck?" Steve speaks up when entering the shared kitchen, noticing Natasha standing by the window with a solemn expression.
Nat glances over to Steve, motioning for him to join her.
With a sad sigh, Steve looks out of the window to see Bucky sitting in the training grounds with two mugs, one remaining untouched as he stares out to the entrance of the grounds.
"I don't wanna lose hope, Nat." Steve starts.
"Then don't think about it, Rogers." Natasha quickly retorts. "We can't have that mindset about this, because Y/n will be home."
Yet, it was obvious Natasha was thinking it too, everyone was.
Remaining lost in his own thoughts outside, Bucky hears his name being called once, and then a second time. He scoffs under his breath, believing it to be an illusion due to the lack of sleep he's had since you've been gone.
"Bucky Barnes could you not get up off your ass for one moment and help a girl out?" Your volume and clear irritation increase and Bucky rose to his feet instantly to see you stood a few feet in front of him heavily leaning on your left side.
"Y/n?" Your name leaves in a whisper from Bucky's lips, watching you try and nod only to wince from the action.
Approaching you cautiously, Bucky holds his hand outward and starts to notice how bad you look.
"Before you say it, I know, I look like shit." You joke, trying your best not to smirk due to your split lip.
Now standing directly in front of you, Bucky eyes over your injuries. A black eye, split lip and knife wound on your right leg along with bruises littering your skin.
"Who did this to you?" Bucky tries to keep himself level headed, but you can tell he's seeing red at the sight of your injuries.
"Before I tell you," Hesitantly, you look over Bucky's shoulder and force a small smile. "is that coffee for me?"
"Seriously?" Bucky huffs, hearing his heart beating in his eardrums whilst you stand before him after five days of silence. "Y/n, I was worried about you, I, I thought you could've been," He trails off, not wanting to finish that sentence. "So please, tell me who did this to you."
Lowering your arms in defeat, you uneasily walk alongside Bucky toward the two mugs of coffee, your hand feathering over his. "Once I eliminated the target and had the data Fury required, I was heading out of the hotel when someone jumped me." You begin to explain, remembering pieces of what happened. "I don't know who it was, but they injected me with something and I wish I remembered everything but, but I don't."
"What can you remember?" Bucky pushes further, passing you the cup of coffee in one of your favourite mugs, still feeling on tenterhooks as you shrug your shoulders.
"I woke up in another hotel room covered in plastic sheets, my head hurt and there was a figure who kept hitting me, trying to get information out of me." You lower your gaze to your leg, the multiple slices across your shin that got deeper with each unanswered question. "At some point, they gave up trying and I don't know why." You whisper the last sentence, feeling tears starting to well up in your eyes. "And it scares me, Bucky."
For once, you allow the facade to drop.
"Why did they stop and leave me?" Furrowing your brows together you lift your hand up and quickly wipe away some of the tears that fall despite the burn it causes. "They could've killed me if they wanted to, but they didn't."
Lifting his arm up, Bucky pulls you into his embrace allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder. "Don't talk like that, Y/n," Bucky tells you. "you're safe now." He mutters. "No one will hurt you again as long as I'm 'round, doll."
Before you can respond to the pet name, a series of footsteps can be heard approaching you both. "Y/n, oh thank god." Steve calls out, kneeling beside you as he slowly helps you to your feet with Bucky hearing you reframe from crying out. "How the hell did you get back here?"
"I stole a motorbike, it's out front if anyone wants it." You remark winking at Bucky. "Like to think I learned from the best."
Steve watches Bucky lift you in his arms, carrying you through into the compound with a look he never thought he'd see in his friends gaze again; love.
"Seriously, kid?" Tony groans in annoyance once you appear inside the compound, heading straight to the medical ward.
Giving Bucky a knowing nod he turns around, allowing you to briefly face Tony. "What? You expected me to walk back from Texas, Tony?" You joke, only resulting in a painful eye roll from the genius.
"Just go get cleaned up and we'll talk after." Tony waves you off, leaving you in the capable hands of Bucky, knowing that now you're back, he and yourself would be just fine.
t a g l i s t (thank you for the support!) link in my bio and at the top of this piece to add yourself☺️(if your user isn’t tagged, it’s because nothing comes up sorry!)@bissstuff @psychicforest@lourightm@mywinterwolf@justsomedreaming @stanlux17 @smokeandnailz @supermoonchildbroski @xrosegoldwolfx@courtneychicken@marvelsangels@supraveng@tommy-lee-81@smilexcaptainx@fandom-princess-forevermore@sarge-barnes-sir@pleasantlysecretdream @decaffeinated-fangirl @howdyherron @kirby-boo @florencxs@eldahae @handmesomecoffee @hi-my-name-is-riley @dev1lbella @thanossexual @alissaginger @sambucky8@notbrooklynsblog @nikkixostan @cosmiccaptian @adoreyou976@sarcasticallywitty15 @multi-fandom-princess07 @16boyfriends-and-me @courtneychicken @mackevanstan80 @torchwoodoctor @pleasantlysecretdream @yougottalovefandoms @magicalxdaydream@soccer-100000 @tenaciousperfectionunkown @talksoprettyjjx @btsonthedaily @jessyballet @katiaw2 @buckyswildflower@lucrea @weenersoldierr @katiaw2 @lucrea @amelia-song-pond @bluelakeee @dottirose @emilytheukuleleplayer @5-seconds-of-mendes @rudystilins  @bookfrog242@wild-rose-35@fleurlovesbucky@iiclarixa @soldierstucky@twinerd14@lieswithoutfairytales@ateliefloresdaprimavera@teenwonder@weenersoldierr@nobody-will @ilikemypolarbear @rottenstyx @original-in-itself @sebby-staan @bbl32 @lyoongx @iilwjbb @siriuslyslytherin @chazubagi @youngmarveltastypersona @iamninaannaisreading @marry-me-calum-hood @original-in-itself @clownerlyluv @emilyprentisslittlewhore @amelia-song-pond @buckleyx @jesuswasnotawhiteman @hallecarey1 @sleutherclaw @wonderwoman292 @paintballkid711 @leyannrae @blackwidownat2814 @lmao-ethel @fillechatoyante @evanpetersisreallyhot @i-neverasktwice @aconfusedslytherin @kpopnena
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honeysugarcoves · a month ago
✿His needy baby girl✿ S.Rogers
Tumblr media
pairing: steve rogers x little!reader
word count:1.2k
genre: smut, fluff
warnings: 18+ minors dni, ddlg , dry humping (reader rides steve thigh), pet names (baby,peanut,babygirl,sweetheart), unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy),creampie (steve cums in reader), kissing, choking kink (steve wraps his hands around reader’s throat),praise kink, dumbfication, semi-clothed sex??(readers and steve’s shirts are on), steve rogers (he’s a warning himself), fluffy ending
note: this is my first time writing so it’s not the best but i hope you enjoy! feedback is always appreciated! like and reblog☺️🧸🤍
You walk into your living room and see Steve working on papers. You know better than to disturb him while he’s working but the tingling between your legs is calling for him to help you.
You walk up to Steve and whine. Right then and there he knows you’re in your headspace… desperate for attention.
“What’s wrong peanut?” he questions you. Pulling you in his arms. Your arms rest around his neck and you lay your head on his broad shoulders. “Need you daddy.” you whine for him. “Aww are you feeling dumb for me baby? Need daddy to take care of you?” you whine at his soft but stern voice. You start to grind your hips back and forth on his thigh.
Steve feels the movements and smirks at the action. “Aww you naughty girl. You just can’t wait for daddy to finish his work huh? Such a needy little slut for daddy.” he taunts you. His hands goes to your waist helping you move back and forth on his thick thigh. You pick up the pace on his thick thighs as the bubble in your stomach begins to build.
“Da-daddy m’gonna cum” you moan, grinding faster and harder. “That’s it baby. Give it to me. Be a good girl and cum for me.” Those last three words set you off. You moan as you’re cumming on him. Shaking and squirming on his. As you come down from your high you look at Steve with a dazed look. His eyes darkened almost back and his breathing heavy.
“Fuck sweetheart. You made a mess on daddy’s sweatpants.” you look down and see a wet spot on his gray sweatpants. You feel heat rise to your cheeks as you hide your embarrassed face in his neck. “Don’t hide from my baby. I think it’s sexy honestly.” Steve says, pulling your face from his neck. He looks at you and leans forward to kiss you. You instantly respond, his tongue easily gains dominance.
Steve picks you up and lay you down on the couch. His broad figure overtopping yours.You feel his hard dick on your stomach. He leads his kisses to your jaw down to your neck. He bites and sucks at your neck. One thing you need to know is that he loves to mark what’s his… and only his.
Steve finds your weak spot when you moan loudly once he nips at it. He smirks and licks over the spot, beard tickling your neck. He leans back up and pulls your shorts off, throwing it somewhere in the room. He sees the wet patch on your panties and rubs his finger over it, earning a whimper from you. “Mughh daddy please.” you whine at the contact. “Please what sweetheart. Tell daddy what you want.” he teases you. His bulge predominant in his sweatpants. “Please fuck me. I need it. Please daddy please.” you whimper.
Steve chuckles at the desperation. “Your wish is my command, baby.” with that Steve pulls his pants and boxers down revealing his long thick dick. The tip red with pre cum leaking, begging for to be touched. Steve pulls your panties to the side and runs his dick between your slit. Wetness coating his dick. He lines his tip at your entrance and pushes inside slowly. “Fhuckk” you whimper. No matter how many times you and Steve fuck you can never get used to his size splitting you apart.
Steve pushes all the way in and stays letting you adjust. You give him the green light when you whimper needingly. He draws back, only his tip at your entrance. He slams back in you earning a porngrphic moan from you. His hips snaps against yours as he thrust in and out of your cunt. “Fuck baby. Gosh your so fucking tight.” he groans pounding you hard. His thumb reaches your clit rubbing it in circular motions. You feel pressure in your lower stomach signing that you’re close. Steve feels it by the way your pussy clenches his dick.
“Cum for me baby. Give it to me baby.” he moans. You cum after a few more thrust and stimulation at your clit. Moaning,whimpering, and shaking underneath him. Steve groans at the way your cunt clenches him. “Good girl. That’s a good fucking girl.” steve moans as you’re coming down from your high.
Steve continues to thrust into your cunt. His hand moves from your clit to your throat applying pressure. Not too much to where it would hurt you but just enough to send you through a world of pure pleasure. His pace grows harder and faster signaling he’s close to his release. He leans down to your ear, his low moans filling your ear.
“Fhuck baby i’m going to come so deep inside you. You want my cum baby? Fucking beg for it.” he groans in your ear. You close your eyes at his breathy voice in your ear. “P-please daddy. Give me your cum. Cum deep inside me.. oh fuck.. I need it please.” you whimper, nails scratching his back. It would leave marks but he loves that. He loves it when you scratch his back, letting everyone know who his babygirl is.
Steve leans up and moves his hands from your throat back down to your clit rubbing it vigorously. “Cum with me baby. Make a mess with me.” he moans. His thrust became sloppy and harder. Your clit is sensitive but that’s what sends you through a wave of pleasure again. You whimper and moan when you cum for the third time today. The way your cunt clenches his dick tightly making his cum deep inside you. He moans and groans at this release. His cum paints your walls with his load. He thrust slowly in and out of you making sure you get every last drop and nothing spills from your cunt.
Steve pulls out of you and looks at your cunt clenching to nothing. He looks at your spent out form. “Shit sweetheart. You did so good for daddy. Daddy is so proud of you.” he kisses all over your face and hugs your sleepy form. “Thank you daddy.” you say groggily. Steve smiles at your manners. “You’re welcome baby. Come on. Let’s go get you cleaned up and cuddle. Which stuffie would you like baby?” he asks picking you up and walking over to the bathroom.
“My bee” you say giggling. “Okay baby. Let’s get you cleaned up and get Mr.Bee.” he says kissing your temple sitting you on the edge of the tub. “I love you daddy.” you say softly, your eyes indicating your falling more into your headspace. “I love you more peanut.”. The rest of the day was spent with cuddles and loads of aftercare. Your daddy’s paperwork is long forgotten about. Honestly you're not complaining. You are overall his needy baby girl….
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My King [Loki x Reader]
Title: My King Summary: He Who Remains tempts Loki with a throne, with Asgard, with you... What if Loki, tired of running, gives into temptation. Warnings: none (happy loki?) Request: N/A
Tumblr media
A/N: After that Loki finale I need some fluff!! This is just happy Loki purely because I seeing Loki like that in the finale broke me! ALSO the fact we didn't get King!Loki upsets me greatly. Let me know if you want a part two with the dinner and coronation <3
A/N 2: First part of this fanfic is the script of episode 6 so i don't own that (link here ALSO obvious spoilers for Loki finale!!
Loki Laufeyson~My King
"Congratulations. Y'all had an awfully long journey to get here. He's impressed," Miss Minutes voice rang out in the daunting entrance of the citadel.
       "Who's impressed?"
       "He Who Remains."
       She says it as if it the most obvious thing in the world. He Who Remains. Even his title sounded imposing, and more terrifying than the fake Time Keepers or even the legions of indoctrinated TVA workers.
       "And who is he?
       "He created all and he controls all. At the end, it is only He Who Remains," her sweet Southern accent doesn't quiet align with the gravity of what she's saying, "And he wants to offer you a deal. He's been making a few creative adjustments, and he's worked it out so we can reinsert both of y'all back into the Timeline in a way that won't disrupt things..."
      "'Won't disrupt things'?"
      "Mmm-hmm," Miss Minutes confirms, "The TVA can keep doin' its vital work and y'all can live the lives you've always wanted."
      "And what have we always wanted?" Loki challenges.
       Miss Minutes almost shakes her head, "Now, don't play coy with me, mister. You know how you got into this mess."
      "The Battle of New York, silly. You versus those self-righteous Avengers. How would you like to win? But not just there. You can kill Thanos. You want the Infinity Gauntlet? Yours. Throne of Asgard? No problem."
         Loki makes eye contact with Miss Minutes- or, well, whatever that sentient excuse for a clock was called. Her eyes seem unhinged, and yet Loki couldn't seem to look away. The demi god then looks to the side and glances at Sylvie. She is so steadfast: she knows Miss Minutes is lying. Her words are empty promises, and the reality she offers will turn to dust as soon as Loki reaches out for it. And, yet, he can't help but want to reach out for it.
        "How? How can you do that? I thought I broke the time line- I thought... I can't got back to that time line," Loki questions, trying to hide his feelings behind questions.
        "Silly, you wouldn't be going to your time line; you'd be going to a new one. One where you win. You could have all your hearts desired-"
        "-She's lying!" Sylvie yelled, "We don't have time for this!"
        "You could see Y/N again..." Miss Minutes stokes the fire with an offer she knows Loki can't refuse.
        "Who?" Sylvie demands, looking from Loki to Miss Minutes.
        "They're gone," Loki refutes, his guilt and anger building, "I... They're gone! You're lying!"
        "I'm not... Let me show you-"
Loki's eyes fluttered opened slowly. He felt gentle kisses being placed on his face, first starting with his forehead, and then down to his mouth. The sensation suddenly left him just before he could be kissed upon the lips. Loki's eyes were now fully open, and the first thing he recognised was your face smiling down to him. His eyes widened in shock, not fully understand what was happening. You titled your head to the side in confusion, expecting your lover to raise his head to yours and meet your lips as he usually did upon waking.
      "Y/N?" Loki whispers your name in such shock you can barely hear him.
      "Were you expecting anyone else in your bed?" you tease, leaning back on the headboard of the bed, deciding it was too late to be kissed back by Loki.
       Loki couldn't process what was happening to him. He was in his own clothing. He was in Asgard. He was with you. How? Moments ago he was... He was with Miss Minutes. Everything clicked into place. This is what he was promised; his reality was being rewritten. Loki was getting everything he wanted: everything he deserved.
        "Sorry, my love, I just had a really bad dream," Loki nervously tries to explain his demeanour.
        You glance back over to him, leaning on your side so you could trace soothing patterns across his chest. With a seductive look, you gaze up at him through your eyelashes. Loki made eye contact with you, and found himself hypnotically entranced with you.
       "Maybe I can make that go away, my King?" you all but purr, not realising the severity of the internal crisis Loki was experiencing.
       "My King?" Loki murmured.
      "That's what you are," you reply simply, before correcting yourself, "Or, well, what you will be- but that's a matter of semantics."
      "Your coronation later? The event we've been planning for months? The dream you've had since we were children?" you say concerned by his confusion, "That dream must've been really bad if you're acting like this... Loki are you okay?"
       Loki's mine was reeling. If this was an illusion, this was a very realistic one. You felt so real. The softness of your touch, the warmth of your body against his, the melody of your voice... And, if this truly was an alternate reality... The shame he felt for staying, for believing the trick, was disappearing by the moment. Loki was brought back from his thoughts by your hand upon his upper arm. Your hand slid up until your fingers were at his chin. You brought his gaze to meet you, angling his chin towards his face.
      "Y-yes, I'm fine... I'm just... The dream felt so real," Loki confessed.
      You traced your thumb over his bottom lip, and you have a small smile ghosts over your face.
      "Probably just nerves for later," you reassure him, placing a kiss on his hand before shuffling towards the edge of the bed, "This is the biggest day of your life, after all. You are finally getting what you deserve, my love."
       You place your feet swiftly on the ground, and rise fully from the bed. The cool air hits your skin, and goose bumps immediately cover your skin. Your feet pad across the room to your vast wardrobe. You grab your dressing robe from off of the folding screen room divider placed next to the luxurious clothing collection. The silk material is a welcomed sensation against you. You tightly tie the ribbon in a bow, securing the robe around your waist.
     "Where are you going?" Loki asks, watching you from the bed as you scan over your wardrobe, occasionally pulling out dresses.
      "I'm getting ready for the pre coronation dinner later- with Thor," you prompt him.
      "Thor?" Loki questioned as casually as he could.
      You turn to him with a puzzled expression, "Don't tell me you've forgotten about your brother."
       "No, no, of course not... I just-"
       "-You forgot about the dinner?" you fill in the blanks, "I know Thor isn't your first choice of company, but Thor has returned from Earth so we can have dinner with your parents."
        Loki purses his lips, obviously in deep thought. Thor. In truth, he had been so wrapped up in the vision of you, he had not let his mind wander to what else this reality would hold. But, that temptress had promised him everything he ever wanted. He loved his brother, he loved his mother, he loved his father (despite the strained relationship): of course they were alive and well.
        "You're acting strange, Loki. Are you sure you're alright, my love?" you question, disregarding your task of picking an outfit, "I-I can rearrange the dinner! We’ll see him at the coronation, anyway! He... Thor will understand. I will explain we are too busy preparing for the coronation-"
        "-No!" Loki exclaims, "No... I want to see him. Sorry for scaring you, darling, I'm okay. I promise."
        You walk over to his side of the bed, where he was now sat up straight. You reach out for his hands, and he complies to your gesture. His hands link with your own, and your eyes travel down from his hands up to his face.
         "What was the dream about?" you murmur.
         "I... I lost everything. I lost you," he confesses, "I lost you, and it felt so real. Everything I loved was taken from me, and I was powerless to stop it."
         "Oh Loki," you whisper, gently squeezing his hands in yours, "I'm so sorry. I love you, I hope you know that. I'm always here for you: I'm not going anywhere, I promise."
         "I love you too."
         Loki shuffles his legs to the edge of the bed, so he is perching just on the edge. With one single movement, you were pulled into him. You were nestled between his legs and he rested into your chest. Softly, you ran your fingers through his hair. Loki listens to your heart beat, and it comforts him. You feel real. You feel real. You feel real. He repeats the phrase over and over in his head. This is real. He looks up at you, and you smile.
         "Help me pick an outfit for later?" he murmurs, with a small smile.
         "It would be my pleasure," you assure.
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slytherinchevy · a month ago
We goof a lot ~ Tom Hiddleston x Platonic!Reader
A/n: Hi! I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying hydrated. 
Things are getting a bit bad again with the pandemic so please do take care! 
I’m slowly getting through my requests and I hope this request satisfies you all. 
Feedback is always very much appreciated so please do leave your thoughts on my fics!
I’d love more requests with Natasha, Yelena, Wanda, Scarlett, Elizabeth Olsen and Florence Pugh. So feel free to hit me up if y’all get any prompt ideas with these amazing ladies. 
Requested by: @catsandbooksandstuff
Words: 1698
Warnings: Mild swears maybe. Nothing much, just some wholesome platonic fic. 
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You couldn’t believe that your journey with Marvel was almost over. Well….Kind of.
You can never know with Marvel. They might pull something again like they did with LOKI.
You were currently at Comic Con for your cameo in Loki and the fans had something planned that both you and your best friend Tom Hiddleston had no idea about.
After answering a couple questions and goofing around, a few seconds of silence spread across the hall causing you to look around in confusion. Tom seemed to be in the same state as you, both not understanding what was happening.
You two didn’t have to wait long before the projector got switched on with a fan-made compilation video a click away from playing.
It took a second for your eyes to adjust and read what was written but you almost fell over laughing when you saw what photo they had used.
It was you on Tom’s shoulder as he made an exaggerated face, as if implying he was trying to save you from Robert, Scarlett, Chris Evans and Chris H who were around you two, slightly blurred so that the focus is on you.
You recognized that still to be from one of the gag reels from the very first Avengers movie and you couldn’t help but laugh and tease Tom as you remembered that day.
All of you were just goofing around after a long day of shoot and this happened in between takes when the crew was setting up a new scene. Since you had been the youngest, you were the easiest to carry and Tom in his Loki costume was feeling extra mischievous, so he scooped you up relatively easily and started running around.
The rest of the Avenger Actors were basically chasing after him trying to “save” you and you screamed bloody murder playfully.
So, it was hilarious to you how the context was completely the opposite to reality in the thumbnail.
 It was as if Tom could read your mind as you were looking over the projector and immediately chucked the empty bottle at you, you in turn hitting him with your handkerchief.
The hall laughed at your antics before the host put a stop so that the event could continue,” Well we can clearly see the dynamic over here, but if you two don’t ,mind, we’d love to continue with what the fans have prepared so diligently for you!”
You two nodded sheepishly before settling back down in your seats.
The video started playing the very first clip made you want to hide under the table.
You didn’t even turn towards Tom because you knew he would have a smirk on his face at that moment.
It was basically a fan shot video of you and Tom goofing around at the movie premier site while the rest of the actors took sides. You had Scarlett, Lizzie, Chris H on your side while Robert, Jeremy, Aaron and Chris E were hooting for Tom.
You didn’t exactly remember what that topic of conversation was but, in the end, you tripped on something one of the fans had thrown at your spot, which you later found out was Loki’s crown.
Everyone including you had had a good laugh at that moment but it later zoomed to Tom death-glaring the crown and then proceeding to glare at the crowd which you hadn’t previously noticed.
You turned towards him with a purposeful look while he deliberately avoided your gaze, fiddling with the water bottle and comically whistling a random tune.
The video paused and a spotlight was put on one of the fans who stood and asked,” Well, we all could see what happened with you Y/n. But we would love to know what that last bit with Tom was?” she laughed slightly.
You took the mic and asked,” Yeah Tom. What was that about?”
You knew Tom would’ve flipped you off if he could before reluctantly reaching for the mic,” Uhm yes. I blatantly glared at the crown because I couldn’t really glare at the person who threw it seeing how I didn’t know who they were.”
His tone of answering elicited a laughed before the fan continued,” What happened to the crown?”
He gave his famous Loki smirk as he answered,” What do you think Loki would’ve done?”
The fan gave it a thought before answering,” I think he would’ve charred it”
“Bingo!” he exclaimed, earning a surprised look from you,” Ok not actually charred it seeing how it was plastic. Save the environment everyone but I definitely did uhm….stomp and destroy it before throwing it away in the recycle bin while going home.”
You smiled,” Well I think we all need a God of Mischief at time, don’t you think people?” You asked, getting an affirmative from everyone gathered.
Soon the host unpaused the video, going over many more embarrassing and funny moments between the two of you before pausing at a particular one again.  
This scene was from an radio interview you two had done together where Tom talks about Scarlett’s baking skills.
He utters something along the lines of not being sure if it was a gender thing or not when you interrupted,” It’s not Tommy, don’t worry.”
Him and the interviewer laughed at your interruption and usage of nickname before you continued,” You don’t need to be jealous. I’m pretty sure she’d love to teach you how to bake without burning your house down.” You pulled his leg, causing him to roll his eyes at you.
He then continues to talk about how great Scarlett bakes and when he finished, you dramatically groaned into the mic,”Ugh, did you really have to gush so muchhhhh, now I want her cookies! You made me miss it more than I already did!” you whined.
He smiled at your antics,” Well, let’s drop by her house after this interview. I’ll take you.”
“ Oh yay!!” you exclaimed,” Sorry Scar, but we are going to be crashing at your humble abode soon.”
You paused for dramatic effect before speaking,” Kids, this is why you should have a friend who has a driving license. Make them your personal chauffer!”
“See what I have to deal with here?” Tom asked the interviewer who couldn’t stop laughing at this entire exchange.
Another fan stood up to ask a question,” So did you two really crash Scarlett’s house?”
You were about to answer when Tom interrupted you,” You think I’d still be alive if I hadn’t taken this biscuit demon to her house?”
You smacked him in his arm lightly as the entire hall laughed their asses off,” Rude! But yes, we did go to her house. And she was so happy to see me too! It had been a while since we had last seen each other so she immediately hugged me and rushed me inside her house. I didn’t even have to ask for her baked goods because she placed her latest batch of chocolate biscuits in front of me. “
“ I love that woman.” You sighed happily simultaneously as Tom sighed in exaggeration,” and the said woman forgot me at the front door as soon as she laid her eyes on this little demon.”
You smirked,” aww tommy, it’s not my fault she loves me more.”
Since Tom didn’t exactly have a comeback for that he just playfully stuck his tongue out at you as you turned towards the audience,” And people call me the child!!”
Tom turned towards the host,” I suggest you unpause the video before we destroy each other “
The host did as she was told to.
The next few minutes went by the same and before any of you knew it, you were already nearing the end of the compilation which made you slightly sad.
The last video was probably your most favourite.
It started with a picture of Tom pouting while trying not to show how upset he was while you had your arm around him, trying to console him.
It was taken after Endgame premier and Tom had not been happy to witness the scene where your characters dies.
You had reposted the photo in your story with the caption saying,” Somebody isn’t too happy about Endgame”.
It then transitioned into another one of your stories, where Tom barged through your house as your manager took out her phone to secretly record the announcement he had come to deliver,” Hello my favourite child!”
“Oh Tom. Didn’t know you were stop-“
You couldn’t even finish your sentence before he lifted you up and twirled you around,” You got resurrected!!!”
“Huh? What??”
Tom puts you down before answering,” Ok maybe not completely resurrected. But you aren’t done with Marvel just yet!!”
He was bouncing excitedly and you couldn’t help but feel excited along with him,” Well don’t leave me in suspense!”
“ You are going to be appearing back in some of the episodes of LOKI!”
You looked at him with your mouth agape before turning to your manager,” Is this true??”
When she nodded you couldn’t help but squeal as well.
The selected fan stood up, and asked his question,” So  how was it to find that you two will still be working together one more time?”
You looked at Tom, silently asking if he would answer but you gestured for you to take the lead,” Well, honestly I loved it. I wasn’t exactly expecting to be employed by Marvel again and with the way Tom came to announce it, you can clearly see he was way happier than I was.” You laughed.
“Well, could you blame me! Your death scene was horrible!!” he defended, gaining supportive cheers from the crowd.
“ Alright, I’ll take that” you smiled,” It basically just means I did a good job acting” you proudly claimed, Tom rolling his eyes again.
Soon the time was up and everyone had started to leave one by one.
“So, what do you plan on doing tonight?”  Tom asked as you got into his car.
“Well, we both are leaving for London tomorrow so movie night?” you asked as you buckled in.
“Call the rest of the hooligans?”
“Oh definitely.”
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harleysarchive · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki watching you die, in his timeline, by Thanos hand
Gif credit goes to lokihiddelston
He couldn’t stop look at the tape rolling in front of him. His mind tried to understand what he was seeing, until it happened.
The shock and horror that he witnessed when Thanos killed you was indescribable.
Loki flinched away when he saw your lifeless body laying on the ground. His body shook with pain and grief. He was in disbelief and he could hear his heart breaking from the sight in front of him. 
Everyone he loved was gone, but you. You didn’t deserve this. You didn’t deserve to die. You had tried to protect him got kill because of him. Tears burned in his eyes when he thought about you. 
You protected him, and for what? To die.
Why did everyone he loved had to die? And he could do nothing to prevent it. He hated how powerless he felt by that thought. 
The tape ended and the room fell dark. Loki sat down with his face in his face.
He loved you, he had always loved you, and now you were gone. 
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writtenfangirl · 18 days ago
Flooring Nightmares
Tumblr media
I found this idea in a prompt list somewhere and I thought I'd write my own take on it!
I love Bucky Barnes. He's so precious and I just want to protect him from the world.
1,418 words
Summary: Waking up next to Bucky while he slept on the floor after a nightmare.
TW: Mentions of nightmares
The first time Bucky slept over in Y/N apartment, he thought he was lucky.
After years of being enslaved to HYDRA, sleeping over in his girlfriend’s apartment was one of the most mundane things he ever did. To most people, it would have been a milestone in a relationship. To Bucky, it was a milestone to his life. A stable relationship where they were one step closer to moving in together? He could only be called lucky and, he felt lucky too.
That was, until, he laid down.
Even with Y/N arms wrapped around his torso, her head laid on his chest, her legs draped over his own, he still couldn’t sleep.
Under any other circumstances, he would have adored their position. After all, being Avengers meant they rarely had the time to cuddle much less actually catch up on sleep.
But Y/N’s bed felt like a marshmallow, ready to swallow him whole. Even worse, when he drifted off to sleep, nightmares plagued him, memories of a life he’d soon rather forget.
When he was in the army, he was used to sleeping on the ground or on the lumpy beds in the barracks. When he was the Winter Soldier, his nights were spent on slabs of metal while his arms and legs were strapped down and he was tortured. When he was placed under cryogenic sleep, it was a metal coffin that provided little to no cushioning.
In other words, a soft bed was a luxury he hadn’t experienced in a long time. If he was being honest, it’s an experience he scarcely remembered.
So after three days of barely sleeping, he’d learned to settle on the floor.
He’d wait until Y/N would fall asleep before he shifted her, then he’d grab his pillow, an extra blanket he hid under the bed and he’d sleep on the floor. He’s wake up early the next day and lay on the bed with Y/N none the wiser.
It was a foolproof plan.
At least he thought so, until he woke up after one of his nightmares to find Y/N’s arms wrapped around him, her head resting on his chest while her legs draped on his own.
“Y/N?” Bucky asked groggily.
Orange light peeked between the curtain’s slits, an indicator of the rising dawn. Bucky usually awoke around this time to get back into bed and watch Y/N sleep. Except this time, it seems Y/N caught up to his schemes.
Y/N moaned, still asleep until Bucky shook her awake.
“What are you doing?” Bucky said as Y/N eyes fluttered open.
Y/N seeming to notice their position, buried her face in her pillow as she let out a defeated, “Crap.”
“Why are you on the floor?” Bucky asked gently.
“I could ask the same of you,” Y/N asked as she peeked at Bucky. “I usually wake up before dawn to go back to bed. I was so tired after the mission last night, my alarm must have not woken me up.”
Bucky paused at Y/N’s words. “Wait. You sleep on the floor with me every night?”
This time, Y/N fully faced Bucky. Her hair was still ruffled from sleep, her eyes groggy, her eyebrows crinkled like crumpled paper while a tired frown pulled at the edges of her lips. She was dressed in a ratty band t-shirt that she probably owned since she was a teenager and a pair of boxer shorts that Bucky was sure she stole from his mass of laundry. Bucky always appreciated watching Y/N wake up but something about actually waking up next to her had a warm feeling spread through his chest.
“Buck, I drink a glassful of water every night before I go to bed. At one point in the evening, I have to go pee. Usually, I join you then.”
“When did this start?”
“After the first three times you did it. I had to learn your pattern.” She said this sheepishly, like she thought Bucky would be upset with her.
“Why, doll? The floor’s not very comfortable.” Bucky’s tone mixed with disbelief as he regarded Y/N’s sheepish expression.
“Well… You went through so many things in your life alone. I didn’t want you to go through your nightmares alone too. Sleeping on the floor is a really small consolation if it meant that I help ease your pain.”
“And you never tried to wake me up and bring me to bed?”
“I figured, if you wanted me to know, you’d tell me. I just wanted to support you, even if you didn’t know about it.” She peered at him through her lashes, doubt settling on her face. “You’re not mad, are you?”
This time, Bucky couldn’t stop the grin that tugged at the corners of his mouth. “No, doll. I’m not mad.”
He nodded. “This has to be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you.”
Y/N’s face lit up and she placed a quick kiss on his cheek. “You’re very welcome, James Buchanan Barnes.”
He pulled her to his chest, content with just holding her for a few minutes of quiet. The warmth in his chest evolved into a steady tingle that spread across his body, stretching across his torso until he felt just about ready to burst.
Is this what being loved by someone you love felt like?
“Buck?” Y/N asked, her voice soft as her eyes began to flutter shut.
“Steve told me that most veterans don’t like beds when they come home because they become so used to sleeping on hard surfaces while at war. Is that why you don’t like sleeping on our bed? You don’t have to tell me if you’re not comfortable. I’d understand.”
Our bed.
The thought of something being theirs brought an even wider smile to Bucky’s face. In the grand scheme of things, a bed or even an apartment was a small, insignificant thing to most couples but to Bucky, it felt like everything. Y/N herself had never used that distinction before. Even when he slept over, there was always her stuff and his stuff. The line was clear and drawn, a distance that Bucky was sure Y/N created to give Bucky the space he rarely had. He was always grateful that she had the compassion to always be attuned to what he was thinking.
But this? The fact that they shared something, even something as insignificant as a bed? It made the warm, tingling feeling in Bucky’s chest feel even warmer.
“Yeah,” Bucky replied. “That’s one of the reasons. Your bed is really soft. It feels like a marshmallow compared to how I use to sleep.”
“We’ll buy a new bed then. Something harder. I’m due for a new mattress anyway.”
“You won’t be bothered by a harder bed?”
Y/N let out a small, wry chuckle. “I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the better part of a few months. Right now, anything will feel like a cloud.”
Bucky couldn’t resist himself as he planted a kiss on Y/N’s temple. His hold around her tightened, a reminder of the preciousness that he held. Y/N was an absolute badass while she was out on the field and yet, despite all the horrors she faced, she never allowed it to make her hard. She was always so soft, so caring and compassionate. Bucky wouldn’t go as far as to call her an angel, but if such things existed, she was probably the closest thing to one.
In the beginning of his relationship with Y/N, Nat told Bucky that she would kick his ass if he ever hurt Y/N. Now, Bucky was one hundred percent sure that if he ever hurt Y/N, he’d kick his own ass and march straight towards Nat to have her kick his ass.
Y/N let out a content hum, the sound reverberating in Bucky’s mind. If he could bottle up that sound and listen to it forever, he would.
Sam had called Bucky whipped as well as a simp after they made their relationship public. After looking up what those things meant, Bucky was inclined to agree.
“Have I ever told you that I loved you, doll?”
Bucky could almost physically feel the happiness that radiated off of Y/N as she replied, “I could stand to hear it more often.”
“Well then, I love you.”
“I love you too.”
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randomoutsiders · 5 months ago
because sometimes even the most hardened souls need some comfort 
Tumblr media
“What’s wrong?” You inquire of the man, merely upon the abrupt echo of the walnut door slamming behind his hunched figure. 
Your back is turned, shoulders pulled taught with tense affliction as your shivering palms cradle a screaming kettle of raspberry tea. 
“Nothing. Why do you always assume something is wrong?” The brunet retorts, an everlasting shadow of lethargy clinging to his aching shoulders as he shrugs off his jacket and pulls his heavy arms up to hook the garment over the clawed hook of the jacket rack. 
“Cause you slammed the door.” You coo softly, gently plucking the ceramic lid of the teapot off and placing it on your marble countertop. “C’mere, handsome, tell me about your day.” 
“Would you believe me if I told you I was working with Sam all day?” He questions, toeing off the black sneakers that seem to be caked with some unknown earthy substance. 
“I’d think you’d lost your mind.” You retort, a small grunt of displeasure slipping from your tongue as you hoist yourself up onto the counter to fetch the soft brown mug, delicately shaped into a fragile elephant. 
“C’mere, bug.” Bucky murmurs, the sudden warmth of his chest finding your spine as he steadies his stilted appendage at your hip, his tactile hand grabbing the mug for you.
“Thank you.” You muse, lips quirking up in a grateful smile as you finally turn to rake your eyes over his contented visage. 
Spackled across his cheeks are a constellation of stars; bright and sterling under the unmatched luminescence of his cerulean irises.  “I missed you today.” You croon, your voice anchored with reverence and adoration for the man in front of you. 
“Hmm.” Comes his guttural response, the effort centering from his bulging Adam’s apple as he swallows the weight of today’s worries on his tongue. 
“Got a bath f’you.” The whisper hangs thickly in the air as love’s tendriling arms encircle you, grappling onto your unsuspecting ankles and dragging you into the welcoming arms of Satan himself. 
“All f’little o’ me?” The dark cushions of James’ warm lips are nearly stoic as he speaks to you, dark brows knit in a show of curiosity. 
“Only f’you.” Your voices have dripped into low whispers as if any octave higher will permeate the thick atmosphere. 
When Bucky doesn’t respond for a few seconds, some invisible force tugs at the corners of your lips, lulling them upward as you budge closer, nose smearing against his stubbled cheekbone with the attempt of hiding a bashful simper. “You’re staring again.” 
“I’d call it a problem but I got no problem staring at your beautiful face, doll.” He trills, shifting but an inch closer so that the subtle scratch of his growing beard creates abrasions against the soft flesh of your mandible, his pearly whites nipping at your earlobe as if tantalizing you. 
“C’mon, your tea is gonna get cold.” You hum, your palms finding his broad shoulders and giving the junction between them and his jugular a mighty squeeze. 
You retreat, albeit with hesitancy, taking the mug from the counter to pour him a cup of the warm drink. “How about you go into the tub and I’ll meet you there, hm? Gonna get all this dirt out of your hair.” You chide, rising up onto your toes to smear an enamored kiss atop his cupid’s bow. 
“Hm.” Bucky can’t resist the smile that stretches over his lips, revealing his top row of pearly whites as he turns on his heel and pads over to the bathroom. “Don’t be too long!” 
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” 
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mycosmicparadise · 5 months ago
Y/N: I just realised that I don't know what I would do without you guys, you're the best thing that ever happened to me.
Sam: We're the best thing that ever happened to you?
Y/N: Yes.
Sam: That's sad, I'm starting to feel sorry for you.
Bucky: Then start feeling sorry for me too.
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Just Once
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tony Stark x fem!reader
Summary: It’s been nearly two years since Thanos destroyed half of life in the universe. Since then, you’ve been alone and depressed. Tony’s marriage has been in the gutter for years now. When Tony comes to visit his old friend, you decide that just one time -- in the name of staving off loneliness -- can’t hurt. Is it wrong to not want to be alone?
(Takes place after Infinity War, before the time heist in Endgame.)
Warning: SMUT, dirty talk, slight dom!tony, fluff/angst, dub cheating(?) technically, friends with benefits, oral (female reader receiving) soft!tony
[Basically this is a super fluffy, a little sad, friends to lovers type story. Lots of soft!tony, emotion, and smut.]
Word Count: 4.4k. [long, sorry. had sooo many thoughts writing this]
[Also Part 2 is now here!]
As soon as you shut the door to your apartment, you take off your raincoat and shake off the moisture. Tony does the same.
“Well, I guess you’re really getting the full Seattle experience,” you remark with a grunt, sweeping the rain-drenched pieces of hair out of your eyes. 
Tony scoffs playfully. “You couldn’t have gotten an apartment with a connected parking garage?” He hangs up his jacket next to yours. “And I’ve been to Seattle before. I don’t need an experience.”
“Wow. You’re welcome for picking you up from the airport, by the way,” you say, rolling your eyes at him sarcastically. Despite his words, you knew that Tony was happy to see you. It’s been nearly two years since Thanos, and the past 700 days weren’t easy. They were filled with grief, anger, regret, and most of all, loneliness. The Avengers had effectively broken up -- Steve and Natasha were still in New York, holding onto some hope of undoing the past. The rest of the team were dealing with their grief in other ways: Bruce was off somewhere holed away with his work, Thor was in New Asgard, and Clint had completely fallen off the radar. Tony had moved him and Pepper to a beautiful cabin property in Georgia. You had thought that Georgia wasn’t really Tony’s style, but perhaps he was just taking a page out of Clint’s book.
You had relocated to Seattle, where you took up a part-time lecturer position at a university. Honestly, you didn’t much care for the job, but it was something to fill the time and keep your mind from laying idle. You kept busy enough to avoid it most of the time, but you were deeply depressed. Although you initially tried, you didn’t keep in touch much with your former teammates. However, your line of communication with Tony stayed strong. You were always similar personalities back at the Avengers facility, and you were close friends. Something else you liked is that Tony rarely brought up Thanos or the past. With the others, every conversation felt like a minefield. You didn’t like to linger on the past. It hurt too damn much, and there’s nothing you can do to bring everyone back. You wish there was.
You had visited Tony’s cabin a handful of times in the past two years, but this was his first time coming to pay you a visit. After you were changed out of your wet clothes and settled in, it was nearly 8 p.m. You pour two generous glasses of whiskey for you and Tony, both of you sinking into the couch. Tony doesn’t drink often, but seeing an old friend -- perhaps, his best friend -- was a special occasion.
The apartment may be small, but it felt spacious. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows and an airy loft are the highlights of the apartment. It’s not cheap, but you had the money, and you loved the feel of the space. The rainstorm outside sends pattering water drops against the large windows. A low growl of thunder rumbles in the distance.
Tony had changed into a thin dark red cotton long-sleeve. He takes a long sip of his drink before turning to you.
“Nice place. Very Scandinavian-chic.”
“Not too quaint for Tony Stark’s taste?”
He laughs. “Almost. But the high ceilings elevate the place. No pun intended.”
There was always something comfortable about you and Tony. Maybe, it was your shared gravitation towards sarcasm. Or, it was just that the two of you had known each other for so long.
The two of you talk about how you like Seattle, then about the latest publication of Technology & Life Journal. The conversation touches on the oppressive humidity of Georgia, then Tony’s opinion on intermittent fasting. Eventually, as the night comes into its full darkness, the subject drifts to more personal matters.
“And there’s nothing... nothing... Pepper hates more than the sound of my chewing,” Tony explains, waving his hands for emphasis. 
You scrunch your nose and chuckle. Both of the whiskey glasses are empty now.
“So, the situation over there hasn’t gotten much better?” you ask with a sympathetic expression.
Tony and Pepper’s marriage has been on the rocks for years. You remember the first time Tony had told you that he and Pepper were taking a break. That was right before Sokovia.
“Oh, god, Y/N,” Tony replies. “So much worse. We barely even talk anymore. I can’t stand her, and she can’t stand me. We’re just kind of like roommates, barely tolerating each other, anxiously waiting for our lease to be up so we can move to opposite sides of the globe. Except, who knows when the lease will be up.”
“Why haven’t you gotten a divorce?”
“What’s the point? She can leave whenever she pleases. If the sound of my chewing is really as ear-grating as she claims,” Tony remarks with an intense eye roll. He gazes out the large window to the right of the couch. His reflection in the darkened glass stares back at him. “And I don’t want to file first because of that horrendous pre-nup situation.”
“I still can’t believe you agreed to that.”
“Me neither. But I was crazy about Pep when I first met her.”
You feel a pang of sadness for your friend. You know just how debilitating loneliness can be. But loneliness is a million times worse when someone you used to feel so happy with is still right there. Out of reach. Together but alone.
“So, you’ve been investing in a lot of sex toys lately, I presume?” you tease with a smirk, trying to lighten the mood. 
Tony lets out of a hearty laugh at that. The two of you were never bashful when it came to topics of “natural concern.”
“Actually, yes,” he replies with a toothy smile. “I haven’t had sex in literal ages. It’s a sad, sad existence.”
“You and me both, pal,” you say, reaching to pour another glass for you and your friend. “I’m convinced every single person my age is a lousy lay. I’ve decided that hookups are a titanic waste of time and energy.”
“What makes someone a lousy lay?” Tony asks, curiosity etching a peak into one of his inquisitive eyebrows. “In Y/N’s expert opinion, of course.”
“Selfishness, overconfidence, acting like it’s a race to the finish line... I could go on and on.”
“That’s just inexperience. Sorry about the bad sheet-tumbles though, truly,” he replies in his usually snarky tone. “I could make you a cybernetic dildo, if you want?”
You both burst out with laughter. God, you missed your friend.
You just barely catch it, but suddenly something changes in Tony’s eyes. His cheeky smile shifts just enough to give an impression of seriousness.
“Or,” he starts, not meeting your eyes. “We could just fuck.”
You pause. Glancing over at him, he has his eyes locked on his drink.
“You wish,” you retort with a chuckle. He must be kidding.
When Tony speaks again, his voice is just quiet enough to give it an unusual quality. A quality that sends a shiver up your spine.
“I’m actually, sort of, maybe, kinda serious.” He finally raises his gaze to meet yours. “Why not?”
The little cock of his head on Why not? gives his words a lightness -- you’re almost fooled that Tony didn’t just suggest what he did. What was he thinking?
“Well, for starters,” you begin. Your tone is serious now. “You’re married. Your wife might be more of a roommate than a wife -- in your words -- but she’s still your wife. And besides that, you’re my friend. It would be weird.”
Tony seems to consider your words for a moment, mulling it over in his head. He swirls his drink a few times. You catch an almost imperceptible blush on your friend’s face, and for a second, you feel sorry for turning him down.
“It’s not like we would rent billboard space and announce it to the world afterwards,” he begins, a little quieter than usual. You’re certain now that he’s dead serious. “It’s just... we’re both lonely, aren’t we?”
He holds your eyes. He was right. You were desperately lonely. Skin-on-skin affection, real affection (even if the motives behind it are dubious) would be heaven right now. You can’t help but let you eyes trail down to Tony’s chest, so broad and adorned with that familiar glowing emblem. Your gaze continues down his biceps... his exposed forearms... his long, delicate fingers, so nervously clutching the whiskey glass.
When you snap your gaze back to his, he’s still looking at you, intently. He seems to be searching your face for any indication of how you’re feeling. Any indication that he didn’t just make a fool of himself, or worse, damage your shared friendship.
Finally, you speak.
“Just once.”
As soon as your words break through the silence, you see relief wash over Tony’s face. His typical snarky expression is suddenly back.
“Just once as in one time? Or one night?” he jests, setting his glass down on the side table. “Because I happen to be a man of stamina.”
There’s the Tony you’re familiar with. A smile spreads across your face, too. What the hell did you just get yourself into? Is this really happening? You half-expected Tony to burst into giggles, telling you this was all a joke.
“Are you ever not cocky? I could’ve sworn I just told you that I find overconfidence a-”
Before you can finish your retort, a pair of warm lips are pressing into yours. You forget to breathe for a moment as your heart jumps into your throat. You hadn’t even noticed Tony move from his spot on the couch. He was now standing over you, one knee on the cushion beside you. One hand on the back of the furniture, and the other on your cheek, guiding your jaw towards him. His kiss is firm, but confident. Unrushed. Intentional. 
When Tony pulls away after a few seconds, his eyes are scouring your face for a reaction. You can see the slightest glisten of wetness on his lower lip, and suddenly, you feel a rush of primal warmth through your body. You want him.
You languidly take one more sip from your glass before setting the amber-drink down on the table. Tony watches your slow movements like an animal.
Then, the coil breaks loose. Your hands come up to his face pulling him back down. Your lips crash together, hungry with desire. His grip on your jaw is firm as his mouth moves in expertly minuscule motions. What am I doing? I can’t believe this is happening. Thoughts course through your mind at light speed as you grab at Tony’s hair, tangling your fingers in his soft brunette locks.
He lowers himself further over you, guiding you to lay back on the couch. The slight roughness of his beard drives you wild. His kisses are hungry yet controlled: a lethal combination that shows how experienced he is. He catches your bottom lip lightly between his teeth. When he parts his lips, you take the opportunity to snake your tongue forward. A low groan erupts from Tony, sending wetness to your core. He’s on top of you, between your legs now, still being careful not to put his full weight down. 
Without warning he pulls back, his face lingering inches from yours. You look at him with concern, one hand holding his cheek. His beautiful brown eyes are dark with lust, yet tinged with an unexpected innocence.
“Is this wrong?” he whispers to you.
You think for a moment before replying.
“It is wrong to not want to be alone?”
With that, your fate was sealed. Tony’s lips return to yours, mouth dancing with a burning desire. You can feel yourself getting more turned on by the second with his experienced movements. The way he caresses your neck, face, and arms with such deliberation. You wrap one leg around his back, drawing his hips in to press against you. You both let out a soft moan at the contact. 
“You know,” you say between kisses. “I haven’t shown you my bedroom yet.”
“Show me now.”
You both rise from the couch, and you eagerly pull him towards your bedroom by the hand. As soon as you’re through the doorway, Tony’s back on you. He swiftly presses you against the wall, holding you there with his hips. His hands are gripping your jaw as his kisses continue to send shockwaves of desire through your body. Your fingertips trail from his shoulders to his chest, further and further down until you reach the hem of his shirt. You tug softly, and Tony briefly releases your mouth to pull his shirt over his head. 
The sight of his bare chest is stunning. Tony’s lean yet muscular figure was just what you liked. You had never been into the extreme body-builder look so many girls lusted after.
You remove your shirt, too, and Tony moans at the sight. You start walking him backwards towards the bed, pushing him down onto the mattress when you reach the edge. You straddle him, leaning down to kiss him more. Something about his lips is absolutely intoxicating. You test the waters by lightly rolling your hips on his. You’re nearly surprised by the loud gasp that escapes Tony’s lips. His eyes flutter closed as he pressed his head back into the pillow. You can feel his erection under you, strong and straining against his jeans.
“I never took you for a screamer,” you tease, moving to plant sloppy kisses on his jaw and neck. He laughs under you.
“Oh, trust me. This is nothing compared to how you’ll be moaning soon.”
You nearly growl at his words, the wetness in your panties continuing to grow. You feel Tony’s hands reach around your back to effortlessly unclasp your bra. You sit up for a moment to discard the piece of clothing on the floor.
“Fuck,” Tony says quietly, taking in your bare top. “You are stunning.”
In one swift motion, he flips you onto your back. Tony is on top of you now, caging you in with his forearms on either side of your head. He starts grinding his hips down into your clothed core, making you gasp raggedly. He starts to work his mouth down your neck, stopping to kiss and lightly bite at the sensitive skin. He’s careful not to kiss so rough as to leave a mark. After all, you don’t belong to him.
Moving further down, his mouth closes over your right nipple, making you moan and arch your back. A hand comes up to caress your other breast. He alternates back and forth between them, keeping his movements relaxed. You loved how he was taking his time. He wasn’t in any rush, and god, did he know what he was doing.
Your hands tangle in his hair, relishing the feel of his tongue, lips and fingers on your breasts. After a few minutes, Tony continues to travel downward. When he gets to the waist of your pants, he stops to look up at you.
“Y/N,” he says. His dark brown eyes blown out with lust. “Can I take these off?”
You nod eagerly, feeling weak and warm at his asking for permission -- even as he already had you a moaning mess under him. Yep, consent is sexy.
He swiftly pulls your pants down your legs, tossing them onto the floor behind him. You watch, biting your lip gently, as Tony hooks his fingers into the waistband of your panties. He slowly removes those as well, eyes locked on you. Seeing Tony kneeling above you, looking down hungrily was enough to make you groan with anticipation.
Tony lowers himself, head coming closer to your core. He uses his hands to gentle coax your legs apart. He starts kissing at the inside of your knee, trailing closer and closer to your pussy. His facial hair scrapes against your sensitive skin. By the time he gets to your core, you can’t wait another second for him to pleasure you. You feel his breath on your glistening pussy lips, and a moment later, Tony starts licking a thick stripe with his tongue. You cry out in pleasure.
His tongue travels from the base of your opening, all the way up to your clit. He does this a few more times, going slow, hands gripping into the side of your hips. Then, he latches onto your clit, expertly moving the bud between his tongue and lips. You had never felt this kind of ecstasy from oral before. Tony seemed to know just how to touch you. You shut your eyes tight, seeing stars form behind your eyelids. You clutch the sheets, trying to ground yourself.
“You like that?” Tony moans against you.
“Fuck,” you manage to say. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Shit, you are really fucking good at this.”
You hear Tony chuckle at the intensity of your pleasure before continuing to work you with his mouth. You feel one hand release your hip, and a few seconds later, a warm finger nudges at your entrance. You groan as Tony slowly slides one finger into you, starting to move against your silken walls. He lifts his head from your clit to lock eyes with you. He watches you intensely, as if studying your face. The sight of his juice-soaked lips makes your head fuzzy. He looks utterly turned on.
Suddenly, his finger hits that sensitive rough spot on your upper wall. Your eyes roll back into your skull as you let out a feral cry of pleasure. 
“Ah, there it is,” Tony says with a grin.
That tone of smug accomplishment normally made you want to sock him on the shoulder, but right now, you didn’t care. This man was a god in bed.
Tony inserts another finger and continues to work your g-spot. The pleasure you feel has you writhing under him. The warmth in your core grows rapidly, and before you know it, you’re moments away from your release.
“Tony, shit! I’m so close. Don’t stop.”
He continues to eat you out, fingering you in just the right place. You can see his hips starting to buck down into the bed, turned on by your own ecstasy. Suddenly, you come, convulsing around his fingers and moaning his name. Your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest. You slowly come down, Tony continuing to gently coax out the last pulses of your powerful orgasm.
Once he satisfied that your orgasm has faded, Tony rises up to his knees, wiping his mouth with his fingertips. The sight makes you salivate. You waste no time jumping up yourself to meet him, reaching down to undo his pants. He kisses you fiercely as you both work to fully remove his jeans. Despite the solid deliberation of his movements, there’s a sense of desperation as well. You’re both panting like animals, needing more. Needing this.
As Tony removes his boxers, his cock springs free, rock-hard and engorged. You can’t help but stare. He’s well-endowed, and just anticipating his dick sinking into you is enough to make you bite your lip and groan. You reach down to start stroking him in your hands. This elicits a deep moan from Tony, who throws his head back at the sensation.
“Lay down,” you whisper. “I want to suck you.”
To your surprise, Tony pushes you back down onto your back. He comes down over you, immediately attacking your neck with his mouth.
“You can blow me on round two, sweetheart. Right now, I just need to fuck you,” he commands. His voice has transformed to have a darker edge now. There’s a primal quality that makes your pussy throb.
You reach over and open one of the small drawers of your bedside table. You quickly retrieve a condom, which Tony takes from your hands. He sheathes himself with desperate speed, keeping his intense gaze on your face.
He lowers himself back over you, and a moment later, you feel his cock beginning to prod at your entrance. He kisses you hard, moaning into your lips as he slowly begins to sink into you. God, he feels so good. The way he stretches your walls is perfection. You clench your eyes tight and can’t help but claw at the flesh of his back. He hisses in pleasure at the sensation.
Once he’s buried to the shaft, he begins to expertly stir his hips in a circular motion. You cry out. Holy shit. This was a new level of ecstasy. With every rotation, his public mount presses and rubs your clit. Most men you’d been with just defaulted to jackhammering in and out, chasing their own high as fast as possible. Tony’s movements were calculated and obviously geared towards your pleasure. This was definitely the best sex you’ve ever had, and it wasn’t even over yet. Your moans fill the room.
“Y/N. God. You feel so fucking good,” Tony growls softly into your ear. “Wrapped around my cock like this. Letting me take you.”
His words -- so nasty and so erotic -- drive you crazy. You start to feel that familiar rising warmth in your stomach again. Tony continues to grind on you as he takes your earlobe into his mouth, gently nibbling with his teeth. You can feel how much restraint he has in keeping his motions intentional. He’s a like a bull, ready to burst from the pen at any moment, but he’s holding back in order to give you as much pleasure as possible.
“Just like that, Tony,” you whimper. “Keep going. I’m going to come again.”
And right on cue, it only takes a minute or so more for you to unravel. Waves of intense pleasure ripple through your body, rocking you from the inside out. Tony’s name spills from your lips in an unholy chant as you orgasm. You dig your nail into his shoulders, unable to do anything but let your orgasm pass through you. It’s heaven.
You’re still experiencing the last convulsions of your high when Tony swiftly flips you over onto your stomach. You feel rough hands on your hips as he repositions himself at your pussy. You scream in pleasure as Tony’s cock rams back into you in one long motion. One of his arms comes down beside your head to steady himself while the other stays on your hip, pulling you back with each thrust. The sounds coming from Tony’s mouth behind you are pornographic. The grunts, moans, and growls come in a cascade along with explicit swears and peppers of your name.
He’s rough. He’s finally letting himself take the pleasure he so desperately needs. And you let him. You want to let him feel good. And, shit, does it feel good for you, too.
Laying down flatter so that his chest touches your back, Tony snakes an arm under you. Still fucking you forcefully from the back, he starts to draw circles on your clit, rubbing you into ecstasy. Even as he takes his own pleasure, Tony is still thinking about you.
It doesn’t take long before Tony’s thrusts start to become sloppy. You can feel the sheer primal need behind every stroke.
“Y/N, sweetheart. Oh, god,” he moans behind you. This is followed by a string of curses and growls.
Suddenly, along with an animalistic moan, you feel his cock pulsing inside of you. He’s holding your hip with a death grip, eyes clamped shut. After a few more half-thrusts, he slowly pulls his cock out of you. Tony collapses beside you, chest rapidly rising and falling as his breath returns to baseline. You roll onto your back, equally feeling the indescribable glow radiating throughout your body.
It must have only been a few minutes of silence, but it feels as it time stands still. It’s just the two of you, laying there in the mess of sheets. The only sounds filling the room are your heavy breaths and the soft pattering of the rain on the window. Finally, it’s you that breaks the silence.
“That was... Really. Really. Fucking good.”
You’re almost in disbelief that this just happened. You and Tony Stark, your closest friend, just fucked each other’s brains out. And it was amazing.
“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one,” Tony replies with his signature chuckle. His eyes are still fluttered closed. “And you were totally louder than me. No competition.”
A smile spreads across your lips. You reach over and punch him playfully in the arm. Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe this didn’t change anything. Maybe this was OK. You so wanted this to be OK.
“Not true. You sounded like a porn star. Everyone probably heard you,” you joke back. “But I will say: that thing you did with your tongue. Jesus. Good job, dude. Kudos.”
He laughs heartily, and you follow suit.
“I’ll do it again for you right now,” he says cheekily. 
He opens his eyes to flash you a devious glance. The corner of his mouth curves into a mischievous smile as he starts to snake his hand down towards your pussy. You chuckle and slap him away playfully, feigning mock offense.
“Dream on, playboy,” you retort, grinning from ear to ear. “We agreed, just once.”
“Unless I’m mistaken, we didn’t settle on the specifics of that verbiage.”
In that moment, Tony’s eyes say a million words. There’s so much teeming below those deep brown irises, and you see it all. Mischief, desire, intensity. But also softness, longing, affection... love? You don’t dwell on the thought, but you do allow yourself to fall into his pretty gaze.
“Then, I guess we can just do what feels right. And then sort it out in the morning?”
“Oh, I love it when you live in the moment, Y/N,” Tony announces with a smirk. “Irresponsibility always has a place, in my humble opinion.”
You giggle, and he seizes the opportunity to crawl back on top of you. He starts to tease you again, breathing soft kisses onto your neck and collarbone. Tony Stark. Dangerously charming, as always. You let your eyes close, letting the sensations bury you.
Just one night, you tell yourself. Is it wrong to not want to be alone?
[Part 2 here!]
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randomshyperson · 2 months ago
For every request I send, my love, tell me what you want from me in return and I’ll do it 😩😩
But can I request a Nat x Reader where Nat is surprise visiting her family in St. Petersburg only to find her girlfriend already there because they love her more than Nat. I can see Melina being like “she knows how to take care of the pigs”
Hello! Well, I would say i want hugs and kisses but we have an ocean between us haha Hope you like this my friend, it's short but it's sweet.
Tumblr media
Gif is not mine, blessed are the gif makers.
Warnings: None.
Words: 1.539 K
Dictionary> Медовый (darling/dear) | мой милый воин (my dear warrior)
All Works Masterlist
Sweet Petersburg - Oneshot
Natasha parked her car just outside her mother's house, the smell of recent rain in the air as she stepped out of the vehicle, a nostalgic smile on her lips to be back home after a while.
She's visiting for the weekend, St. Petersburg is cold in the autumn, but also really beautiful, and even if she didn't say it out loud, she misses her family everyday.
Nat walked towards the house, she hadn't spotted any family members, but judging by the noise of laughing and talking inside the kitchen, some of them were inside.
She left her bag on the sofa, moving to greet them when the sound of a voice made her frown. Sounded like you.
"Mom?" Nat called out loud and the laughter stopped. The next second two women were coming from the small kitchen to join Natasha in the living room, who was standing with her arms crossed.
"Tasha, darling, you're here!" Melina greeted excited as she moves to hug her daughter. But Natasha's eyes are on you, smiling shyly at her with your hands in your pockets.
"I am." She says. "I'm sorry, am I missing something? Why are you here, babe?"
She asks curiously directly at you. Before you can answer, Melina is touching your shoulder and smiling at her daughter.
"I invited her, of course." She clarifies. "She's great with the pigs, and she's such a lovely companion, Tasha."
Nat let's a short laugh.
"I know, mom. That's why I'm dating her." She says almost dry, and you roll her eyes at her jealousy. Nat is looking at you again next. "I thought you were in Turkey."
"I was." You say as you step forward, resting your hands on Natasha's hips. "I runned into Yelena there. Then she video chatted with your mom and they insisted for me to come for the weekend."
“And you didn't think about asking me to join you? At my family house?" Nat asked with incredulity, but you just smiled at how cute she looked when angry.
"Natasha, don't be like that, it's not like you two need to be together all the time." Melina intruders with a humorous gaze. "Besides, she's been here many times before."
"Wow, what? Natasha exclaim surprised, moving away from your arms as you give her a mixture of a guilty and playful look. "Are you two for real?"
Melina signs impatiently, turning away from this conversation as she walks to the kitchen, Natasha following her while complaining about not being fair that she was spending more time with you than with her own daughter.
You would have followed if Yelena didn't come into the living room with some groceries.
"Just saw Nat's car outside, didn't know she was coming." She remarks as you quickly move to help her with the bags.
"Yeah, you better keep these comments to yourself, Lena. " You say and rush to explain as the woman frowns at you. "Your sister is not pleased to know I’m used to came here without her."
"What? Why?" She asks while you two move to the kitchen, but you don't answer as you two meet Melina and Natasha again, still arguing.
"I just don't think it is fair that none of you called me to let me know that my girlfriend was around!" Natasha accuses grumpy making Yelena laugh.
"It's not our fault your girlfriend is nicer than you, poser." Yelena teases as she puts the groceries on the balcony next to you. Natasha lets go of an annoyed sign turning to her mom again.
"Mom, do something! She's mocking me!"
You want to laugh at the scene but you just stay behind, not wishing to upset Natasha anymore.
Melina sighs as she massages her temples with her fingers.
"Please,girls, don't fight each other." She asks as she ignores Natasha's protest saying that Yelena started the whole thing and moved to grab the groceries you and Yelena brought. "I'm making dinner, everyone out my kitchen!"
That's how you ended up outside, with a grumpy Natasha and a smiley Yelena, walking around the back of the house to join Alexie, who was fixing Melina's truck in the back.
"Hey dad!" Natasha greeted as you reached him, the man was under the car and lifted the vehicle in the air to smile at his daughter.
"Tasha! Hey, kid, good to see you!" He said and put the vehicle back down to roll out and stand up. "Didn't know you're joining us this weekend."
Natasha grumbles insatisfy which makes Yelena laugh and Alexei frowns in confusion.
As his girls moved to sit in the bench nearby, you whispered to him: "She didn't take well knowing you invited me over without her."
"But what's the problem with that?" He asks loudly, attracting the attention of the girls, you sign but he doesn't mind. "It's a good thing that we are having trips with you, you're part of the family now!"
Natasha wides her eyes.
"Having trips? Excuse me?" She asks angrily as she stands up. "How many times have you hung out with my family without me?"
"Well…" You started uncertainty, playing with your fingers. Yelena smirks.
"We had that trip to California last month." She counted while Alexie murmured in agreement. "Also went to Philly. She stayed here for independence day too, and we had tacos night last week. Besides that, whenever she's around my mission place I invite her for a beer." Yelena told and all Natasha did was stare in shock at her and yourself.
"Oh, don't forget China. We had that thing too." Alexie added and Natasha signed.
"You're all unbelievable." She accused as she rushed to pass through you and into the house again.
You were uncertain about following her inside.
"Well, that didn't go well." Alexei comments with an awkward posture. "I will try talk to her."
As he left, you moved to sit with Yelena.
"Sorry about that, maybe I should have left you to tell her about the trips." She said but you just signed softly.
"It's okay." You say. "It's my fault for keeping it for so long. She would have found out anyway."
Yelena murmurs and you two fall silent for a moment.
"California was really fun wasn't it?" She asks amusedly, making you smile.
"Yeah, it was."
You two exchange giggles before deciding to go back inside and you busy yourself with helping Melina with dinner.
Alexei came back alone from Nat's room with a slight grimace that made you worried.
So you decide you should talk to her yourself.
As you reach her room, you knock before coming in.
Natasha was sitting in her window, next to her bed while looking outside. In that position, you understood that she saw you laughing and talking to Yelena in the yard and by the recents events, that might not be the best.
"Are you mad at me, Nat?" You couldn't hold your words as you reached her, and she turned her head to you immediately, a confused frown in her face.
"Of course not!"
You sign in relief, taking a step forward. "Are you mad at your family?"
You take a deep breath. "Do you want me to stop seeing them?"
She gives a short laugh, shaking her head in denial as she extends her hand for you to grab. As you do, she pulls you towards her gently.
"Of course I don't want you to stop seeing my family, sweetheart." She says as she circles your waist with her arms. "I just got mad at them for not inviting me."
"I'm sorry, Nat." You say. "I should have said something, but they didn't and I was worried about sounding rude or something. You know how much their approval matters to me."
She smiles tenderly, her fingers caressing you gently.
"Yeah, that's why you're so sweet and polite all the time, and they love you more than me." She declares, making you frown. "It's fine of course, how couldn't they not?"
"Don't say that, Nat." You ask as you raise your hands to her cheeks. "Your family loves you very much. They just hang out with me because you're not around as much as I am."
"You think?" She questions, sounding so vulnerable that you wish you could banish all her insecurities away.
"Of course, Nat." You state. "We only talk about you, babe. All the time. And we all love to do it because we all love you. "
She gives you a shy smile before pulling you to her laps, making you giggle as she kisses your face a few times before moving away.
"Give yourself some credit, babe." Nat says with a lovely gaze. "You're a very pleasant company and I think they love to spend time with you as much as I do."
You smile before kissing her in the mouth, gently and sweet like this moment. Scenes like this are definitely your favorites with Nat. Along with late nights with her hands running through your body.
"I love you, Медовый." She whispered against your lips.
"I love you too, мой милый воин." You say and Nat giggles.
"Since when you speak Russian?"
"Your mom is teaching me."
"Okay, out."
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nev3rfound · 5 months ago
in your arms : b.b
bucky keeps dreaming about one of the worst nights of his life and seeks comfort from you to help (1.2k)
warnings: violence, mentions of blood, hospitals, angst but hints of fluff  requested: nope! but i am accepting requests so feel free to send one in :)
masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!
(everything on my blog is my own writing. if it is shared on another page or website without being credited, it has not been approved to be shared by me. all rights reserved.)
Tumblr media
“I’m sorry,” You whisper, your breathing becoming shallower by the second as Bucky shakes his head.
“No,” He insists, clutching you closer in his arms. “no you, you don’t get to go like this, doll. Not like this.”
Rushing into the lab, Steve and Natasha pause at the sight of blood seeping through your clothing, covering Bucky’s hands as he refuses to part with you.
“We can fix this, you’ll be okay.” Bucky pleads, sparing a glance at Steve as tears form in his eyes. “You’ll be okay, Y/n, just please, stay with me.” Bucky whispers into your hair as your eyes begin to close.
“It was always going to be me, Bucky.” You manage to chuckle, feeling all sense of pain alleviating from your body as a chill replaces it. “You’ll be okay,” You insist, despite Bucky disagreeing with you. “I promise, it’ll be okay.”
Steve lowers his head as your hand drops to the ground, your body becoming lifeless in Bucky’s arms as he mutters your name under his breath repeatedly.
“We, we can fix this, can’t we?” Bucky speaks up, tears rolling down his cheeks as he focuses on Steve. “We can save her, she, she can’t be gone.” Bucky states, glancing down as he brushes your cheek. “She can’t be.”
Stepping forward, Steve sighs under his breath. “I’m sorry, Buck.” He says sadly, kneeling down in front of his oldest friend. “I truly am.”
Gasping for breath, Bucky sits upright in bed, clutching his damp sheets with both hands.
It takes him a minute to compose himself, gather his surroundings whilst he focuses on his breathing. “Compound.” He mutters to himself, keeping grounded as he looks to his left, the space beside him still absent.
Running his fingers through his hair, the ends feel wet with sweat once again. Yet, Bucky cannot process anything besides finding his way to the only safe place he currently has; the medical ward.
His feet guide him as sleep covers his gaze, half aware of where he is as the antibacterial scent engulfs his senses; snapping him out of any sleep like state he previously was in.
Walking past the guards, they barely register him anymore as he frequents the hallways.
In the back of his mind he knows it’s not the same, that things will never return to how they used to be; but hearing the sound of beeping faintly, it’s enough to provide some sense of comfort.
As Bucky turns the corner, he rubs his eyes before pushing the door open to the private room within the medical ward, the one you haven’t left since you returned from that mission.
“Hi, doll.” Bucky breathes out as he softly closes the door behind him, a small smile ghosting his lips whilst his eyes wander over your unconscious body remaining hooked up to various monitors, but your breathing remains consistent.
Moving toward your bed, Bucky pulls up the plastic chair that remains in the room at all times. His visits are constant, and even if he doesn’t always use the chair, the Nurses keep it there just in case.
“It erm, happened again.” He admits quietly, sitting down in the chair as it squeaks, causing him to wince. “But I, I know you’re still here,” Taking your hand in his, he ignores the IV drip attached to your hand as he brushes his fingers across yours, the blood that previously coated them gone, your ring shining in the moonlight.
Bucky pauses to take a deep breath, feeling tears rising in his eyes as your chest rises and falls, the thin fabric covering the majority of your body but exposes the bruising around your neck.
“If I had been just a minute faster this wouldn’t have happened.” Bucky explains, his mind drifting back to the nightmare as the man who caused this laughs sickly before Bucky shot him. “I could’ve saved you, Y/n.” Tears fall down Bucky’s cheeks as they drop onto your hand.
As he closes his eyes, he wishes you could tell him it’ll be alright. He misses your comforting words, the gentle whispers as you curled up with him as you’d run your fingers through his hair. Bucky longs to even hear your voice, to see your eyes open and see how they crinkle when you smile at him or laugh at his attempted jokes that don’t always land.
“I don’t know how much longer I can do this without you, doll.” It hurts to admit it, but Bucky knows it’s true. You’ve been unconscious for just over a week now, with no signs of waking up.
Thankfully you’re stable and comfortable, that’s all they can do for now.
“It’s down to you, Y/n if you can hear me.” Bucky whispers as he takes your hand and brings it to his lips, missing you giggle as his stubble brushes against your palm.
Closing his eyes, Bucky rises to his feet as he gently lies down beside you on the bed. After the first time, the Nurses found him lying next to you on a single bed, they ensured to make you and him more comfortable by providing a larger bed.
Being careful of the tubes and wires to the machines, Bucky winces as he tugs on one and mumbles an apology to you.
“Come back to me, Y/n.” Bucky sighs as he pulls you into his embrace, your head resting against his chest as his eyes grow heavier, the sound of your heart beating comforting him as he lulls into a deep sleep.
“Well he’s here somewhere,” Sam huffs as he walks alongside Steve through the compound. “it’s not like he’d get far, the guy can’t even use a smartphone.”
Ignoring Sam’s comment, Steve carries on through to the kitchen with no luck.
“Where else would he be?” Sam thinks aloud, causing Steve to sigh to himself before rushing off. “Yeah okay, don’t tell me then!” Sam yells after his friend, heading back into the kitchen for some breakfast.
As Steve reaches the medical ward, he finds himself stood outside of your room. “Where else?” He sighs under his breath, looking into the sight that causes his heart to sink.
The blinds remain open as sunlight pours into the room, illuminating the gold banding within Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your waist.
Yet, Steve can feel his breathing haltering as you begin to run your fingers through Bucky’s hair whilst he remains fast asleep in your embrace.
Looking up, you can feel a pair of eyes watching over you both. Noticing who it is, you can’t help but tiredly smile at Steve.
Before he can say anything, you lift your finger to your lips, and Steve nods in response, understanding.
Humming to yourself, you continue to run your fingers through Bucky’s hair as he quietly snores. “I’m right here, Bucky.” You whisper.
Slowly coming to, Bucky shuffles in your arms and tenses, noticing you no longer in his arms, but him in yours.
“Y/n?” Bucky mutters.
“Hi, James.” You chuckle softly, resting your hand on his cheek. “I promised you it’d be okay, didn’t I?”
Focusing on you in a state of disbelief, Bucky leans into your embrace as tears fall freely down his cheeks. “Thank you.” He mumbles, unsure of his own voice. “For coming back to me.”
Smiling sweetly, you press your lips to his forehead. “Always, James.”
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lfzyxf · 3 months ago
Summary: You had enough of the constant hate, everything was their fault, even your own death as you escape from them.
Word count: 553 (angst, suicide)
Avengers x reader
Enough is enough.
This is not your fault,
Its theirs.
Time and time again you were pushed away, an outcast of your so-called family.
Ignored by your ‘friends’ and hates by the public.
Your side wasn’t important, the Avengers said theirs. No one cares that Captain America pushed the bomb towards you, or that Iron Man hadn’t warned you.
No, it was your fault the building blew up, it was your fault people died.
The blood is on your hands.
The people you saved didn’t matter now, you had killed, you were a murderer.
Every mission you had gone on previously didn’t matter, only this one did.
Glares thrown at you every step you take in your own home, the place you had grown used to.
Words full of hatred aimed at you, expected of you to take them, and shut up!
No, no, no it wasn’t my fault.
It was their fault you came out of there covered in blood, surrounded by the scent of death.
You killed them!
No, no, no it was their fault.
Everything is their fault,
Even this, as you stand in front of them, limp body in one hand, heart in the other.
Blood covered your body, eyes filled with tears, blame dances around your vision.
They killed Peter, not you.
“What did you do?” angry voices questioned you, others simply staring at you in shock.
Your voice came out rough, “You did this,” a deep breath “this is your fault! All of you!”
“Enough is enough y/n! We’re taking you in!” Steve’s voice sounds harsh, anger obvious.
You shake your head violently, “No, no it’s your fault, this- this is all your fault! You did this, you killed him!”
Voice trembling as you kneel with Peter in your hands, the heart dropping on the floor beneath you.
Your hands wipe away the blood on his face, stroking his hear behind his ears. You move back and forth, tears falling onto his pale face.
“No, no, no Peter- oh Peter what did they do to you.” Your hands tremble as you keep wiping the blood on his face, soft ‘no’s falling of your lips.
Footsteps fall away in the background, only noticing them when Steve stands before you. He grabs Peter’s body away from you, a scream leaving your throat.
“Don’t touch him!”
The rest of the team inch closer, ready to take you in as you stand straight.
“Enough, I’ve had enough!” you shout at them, frantically looking around you. You grasp onto one of your knifes, holding it up at them. “Don’t get closer” your words fall silent to them as they keep getting closer.
An exhausted laugh leaves your body as you realize they won’t stop; they would never stop.
Face wet from tears you wipe them away harshly, holding your knife tighter, lifting it up to your neck.
Blood covers the place you stand, the sound of a knife falling down echoes in the room.
You choke, blood flowing out of your throat, Natasha moving to hold you up. Body close to hers, you stare into her eyes, for a moment she thinks you’ll apologize.
“Your fault” once black suit turning red as your eyes close, not fighting nor struggling as the familiar scent of death surrounds you.
Your fault.
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dameronology · 4 months ago
the loyalty complexity {zemo x reader/steve rogers x reader}
summary: you were once loyal to captain america, but it never worked out in your favour -- after his actions regarding the sokovia accords sent you on the run, you found yourself in an unlikely pairing with a former enemy. when rogers requires both your assistance, he's forced to face the truth: you're no longer his. you're no longer anyone's, in fact, but baron zemo comes close.
warnings: swearing, angst,
this is some weird au that totally disregards canon -- there are no falcon & winter soldier spoilers in this. hope you enjoy!
- jazz xx
Tumblr media
You'd loved Steve Rogers once - and what good had it done you?
Fuck all. Absolutely fuck all.
Rewind 5 years; it was you and him against the world. He was America's golden boy -- blue eyes and soft, blonde hair, and arms that held you tight when everything got a little too much. Months and months of naive love, making plans for a future that your jobs made sure was never guaranteed. Reality was lost on you, completely thrown to the wind every-time he held your gaze and declared his love and promised to protect you. And he did, he did protect you. In battle and from your own emotions, from the night terrors and sleepless nights that plagued the ragged edges of your mind every time you shut your eyes. An aureate reality tinged by the darkness of the world you were trying so hard to protect - but Steve Rogers, if anything, was a shining light upon it. An optimist who perhaps foolishly believed that the glass was half full.
Truthfully, the glass wasn't even half empty. It was smashed, on the floor into a thousand little pieces; knocked off the surface by the heavy thump of the Secretary of State slapping the Sokovia Accords onto the table.
It had seemed okay, at first. A lot of late nights and deep talks with Steve, before he took your hand and promised that no matter what, you would stay together. Maybe not the Avengers, but certainly you and him. The fact it made you a criminal, and the fact it stripped you of your freedom, hadn't mattered. You would have taken a life on the run over your liberty if it meant being with the man you loved. Your reputation and autonomy was a small price to pay if it meant staying by his side.
You could only laugh now.
The pressure had killed your relationship in cold blood. Steve had been nice enough to help you escape from the Raft, but after that, you were on your own. He never said it directly to your face, but his promises no longer held conviction. The forces you'd reckoned with in an attempt to stay together had been the very thing that tore you apart.
Exactly nine days after breaking free, you snuck out in the middle o the night. The last image you had of Steve was him passed out under a thin sheet, the dull glow of the moonlight illuminating his faintly pearl skin as he quietly slept. There had been no note left in your path, or even an explanation - he didn't need one. Part of him just knew, just expected, that one day he would find you gone. He'd probably mentally prepared for it for a while.
(He did look hot with a beard, but that wasn't sufficient reason to stay).
Things had worked out fine for him. By some miracle, he'd managed to redeem himself - perhaps it hadn't been a miracle at all, actually. For someone like him, someone who had several notches in their I saved the world! belt, it probably hadn't been hard to convince the government to let him be a free man again. You hadn't been so lucky to have that sort of leverage.
Europe, you found, had been the easiest to navigate. The amount of land-locked borders and rural fields made it easy to slip through -- most of the rustic cities you found yourselves in didn't have the luxury of social media or live news. Nobody knew who were you in the deep, twisting depths of Italian vineyards, or the mountainous French villages. It was easy to slip from country to country; as long as you kept your head low and ensured that your contacts could provide you with money and shelter, you'd be fine. It wasn't the life you wanted, but it was the one you'd ended up with. You couldn't dodge the punches that life through at you; you could only roll with them.
It was through those contacts that, two years after you'd originally gone on the run, you crossed paths with a familiar face. One of your old buddies from SHIELD, a man with too much money and several murder charges, had set you up with a little farm a few hours away from Amalfi. It was almost picturesque, with it's white cobble walls and terracotta roof. What you found to be slightly less romantic, was the sight of Baron Zemo lounging outside with a lemonade in one hand and a copy of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the other. You were less surprised to see him, and more shocked by his choice of reading material - he always seemed a little more an Orwell kind of guy.
"Last time I saw you," he spoke without looking up from his book, "you were trying to kill me."
"You hardly come out that story sounding like a rose." You shot back. Dumping your bags down, you took a seat on the patio chair opposite him. "What are you doing here?"
"Didn't you hear?" He peered up from his book, before placing it on the table beside him. "I'm a criminal now."
You grimaced. "I mean...what are you doing here? I don't believe for a second that you've given up your vengeance mission to sit in the sun and drink lemonade."
"I'm merely taking a break," Zemo explained. "I can't go anywhere until the Italian military scale down their search for me. After that, my mission will continue."
"Right," you murmured. "Who's your target now? Still the Avengers?"
He thinned his eyes at you. "No."
"So what is it?"
"What's yours?"
"My mission is making it through the fucking day," you said.
Hiding out in the little farm wasn't the worst. It was spacious, and it had running water and electricity - that was better than a lot of the off-the-grid hidey-holes you'd found yourself seeking shelter in. The first few days, you'd stayed out of Zemo's way completely. After all, you had been an Avenger, and you had been one of the people he'd blamed for the loss of his family - but as you'd come to learn, that was in the past tense as much for him as it was for you. Whatever vendetta he had out for you was no longer there. He'd moved onto bigger targets; more meaningful targets.
Zemo cooked sometimes; mostly whatever he could salvage from the tangled gardens of the farm's acreage. You'd tried to look after yourself for those tense, first weeks, but he soon found himself cringing at your watery soups and...well, he wasn't sure what else the slop on your plate was. As a resolution, he would make an extra dish and quietly leave it out on the side for you. You'd wait until he'd eaten out on the patio and vacated, and then you'd sit out there alone, watching the sunset.
It was on one of those evenings that Zemo properly spoke to you for the first time - like a human being, and not a hero he wanted to see fall.
"Mind if I join you?"
"Uh, yeah," you pulled out a chair for him with your foot. "As in yes, please join and not yes I mind and please fuck off."
He smiled at your statement. "I don't recall you being this quiet a few years ago."
"With all due respect, you were trying to kill me," you reminded him. "Staying out your way seemed like the smartest option."
"The past is the past," he replied. "I've changed my mission. You've changed your loyalties."
"I didn't have a choice," you solemnly recalled. "I wasn't going to stay loyal to people who weren't loyal to me."
"Captain Rogers, I assume?" he asked. "Things seemed to have turned out fine just for him."
"What about the rest of us?" you asked. "Wanda is still out there somewhere, on her own. Clint and Scott got separated from their families. Bucky and Sam are AWOL. And I'm here on a farm in rural Italy with you, and I have no idea where I'm headed or what I'm doing."
"At least the food is good," Zemo tried to offer you a smile. "But look, if you're truly that desperate to find a purpose, I have a mission too."
"Which is?"
"There are still some names on my list -- not any of your friends, but common enemies."
"Who?" you thinned your eyes at him.
"The men on the other side of the fight," he explained. "Those who supplied the materials for Ultron."
"I'm going to need more than that," you pushed.
"That's all I know as of now," Zemo replied. "You can join, or you can stay here, but I've seen your cooking skills, and I would advise you to join me."
He had a point; you probably would have died out here on your own. Furthermore, the idea of having a set mission again, and having purpose, didn't seem so bad. Instead of aimlessly wondering through Europe, you could at least do so with a goal in mind - and it wasn't that far away from what you would have been doing if you'd stayed with Steve and cleared your name. Part of you wondered what your life would be like if that had been the case -- would you live together? Would you be married? What a weird alternative.
You and Zemo set out a week later, suitcases in hand and with a dodgy Fiat as your main form of transportation. The ice between you was beginning to fade, and you were starting to see the man behind the thinly-veiled contempt you'd once held. It quickly became clear that your differences had never been personal; you fought for different causes, and whether it was through fate or some fucked-up luck, that was no longer the case. He'd destroyed the Avengers, and now he wanted to take down the other side of the fight -- the same side you had wanted to take down. You were on the same side now, and with little else left to lose, holding on to any former conflicts or grudges seem a little excessive.
Mysterious exterior aside, Zemo had a sense of humour. Not in an assuming way, but rather with his deadpan approach to everything around him. It made life on the run more interesting - but you didn't trust him yet. You weren't that stupid. The only thing you did trust is that he had no reason to lie to you -- what good would it do him? He'd already gotten what he wanted by ruining the Avengers. There was nothing else to take from you. You'd lost everything you loved, in the same way he had.
It was never meant to become anything...more. Zemo was your enemy, and you were his - or had been, at one point. He'd tried to hurt your family - even though they had hurt you - and your entire world had come down because of him. Then you looked at it from his point of view, and realised he must have seen you in the same light. Your original impressions of one another had been so one-dimensional, that coming to learn things about him, and about you, felt almost strange. Putting a personality to the cause you'd once fought against humanised things. And humans, as proven by Steve Rogers, had a tendency to do some dumb stuff.
The first time you kissed had been in the cold, icy plains of Russia. After slipping through Moscow, you'd come dangerously close to falling into the hands of the authorities, and the only hiding place was a small cabin a few hours out from the capital. There was very little heating, and you were both wearing thin jackets -- the only logical choice was to pull a blanket over yourself and press your bodies together on the battered sofa. The room was almost pitch black, save for the glow of the orange fire and the blue night sky leaking through the windows.
"Are you sure you're warm enough?" Zemo asked quietly.
"Yeah, getting there," you murmured. "I won't be inconveniently dying on you if that's what you're worried about."
"That's not what I'm worried about," he replied.
"What is it then?" You peered up at him.
"I suppose I've come to find your presence comforting," he admitted. "It would be a shame if you were to freeze to death on me. I might get quite lonely."
"Oh, I'm sure you'd find company quickly," you joked. "Natasha Romanoff is out there somewhere, but she might not be as forgiving as me."
"Do you miss her?"
"Yeah, all the time," you admitted. "I know the Avengers weren't deserving of much in your eyes, but she was like my sister."
"And Steve?"
"Since when do you ask so many questions?" you asked.
"Since when do you avoid questions?"
You huffed, pausing for a moment to think.
"Yeah, I miss him," you quietly said. "He let me down but I guess, of all things, I've realised he's a human, who made mistakes. If I can forgive you for blowing apart everything I've ever loved, I think I can forgive him for letting his priorities slip."
That last line had been a joke, and not the first time that you had tried to make light of your previous differences with humour. Normally, Zemo would have laughed and thrown a bone right back at you -- this time, it just made his chest hurt a little bit. Now that he knew you for who you truly were, and not just as an Avenger, it was making him realise what he'd taken away from you.
"Do you really forgive me?" he asked. "Wholly and completely?"
"Forgiveness is a thing of the past," you replied. "Do you forgive me for what I unintentionally did to your family? Or have you just learnt to forget about it because you've realised that maybe, just maybe, I don't suck all that much? And that I'm just a human who was fighting for my cause in the same way you fought for yours?"
There was no verbal response - just the soft brush of his lips against yours, as if to say yes, I understand.
That was the start of a slippery slope for your both; one thing lead to another, and before you knew it, you were slipping-and-sliding into a situation neither of you could prevent. Zemo found himself pressing kisses to your temple in passing, and little ones to your lips before he went to sleep. Moving from place to place and finding that there was only one bed was no longer a problem, because you now willingly shared. What had started with slow days in Italy turned into three years of hopping between Europe and Africa and Australia, hand-in-hand and only each other and your mission on your mind.
Whether it was just two people seeking physical comfort in a difficult situation, or whether you actually felt for one another, you didn't know. Neither of you stopped to think about it -- you just wanted to enjoy it, because your jobs were dangerous and things could have been blown apart at a minute's notice.
That was the reality, and it was one that quickly caught up with you in a hotel in Romania - you'd fallen asleep in your safehouse (courtesy of a Miss S. Carter), limbs tangled together and your head buried in Zemo's chest. He held one hand on the back of your neck, as he always did, and you'd let the sweet escape of sleep take over fairly quickly. The sheets were softer than what you were used to, and the gentle sounds of the city outside acted as a lullaby of an equally-loud place that had once been your home.
You were woken by Zemo moving from beneath you - he was muttering something in German, and you were too tired to make it out. Escaping? Moving quickly - and by the time your brain had worked it out, it was too late. The doors to your hotel room had burst open, and you were both forced off the bed with your hands in the air,
"Freeze! SHIELD! You're under arrest!"
Reality sucked. What sucked even more was that you'd let yourself slip away from it. You'd got so caught up in the idealistic little world that you and Zemo had lost yourselves in, that the threat of everything catching up with you had been lost, in the same way it had when you and Steve Rogers had previously spoken about the idea of forever.
Zemo tried to hold onto you as you were wrestled out of the room, but the SHIELD agents were intent on keeping you separate. The next fews hours were a blur of vans and planes, and crossing time-zone after time-zone, until you finally touched down again in New York City. The downtown SHIELD headquarters were practically unchanged, save for the fact that you were now on the other side of the holding cell.
It had been years - five exactly - since you'd last been in the city. That day was still fresh in your mind as though it had been yesterday; you'd woken with Steve beside you. He'd kissed you on the lips, and you'd wished him luck at Peggy's funeral, promising to catch the next flight out to London to meet him as soon as you could. How naive had you been?
Seeing the super-soldier again after half a decade apart felt like witnessing a sick ghost from your past. The smell of his aftershave had hit your senses almost the minute he stepped inside the interrogation room. He'd lost the beard, but his hair was a little longer, if not sporting a few more greys. He was decked out in his Captain America suit, the stars and stripes as bright and as fresh as they had been before he'd been a criminal too. What a clever bastard he'd been to pull an Uno reverse card on his bad luck.
"Steve." You coldly greeted him.
"Steve is for my friends and family - you're a criminal," he replied, voice equally full of contempt.
"For you," You shot back. "I became a criminal for you and yet, you're on the other side of this table. How's that fair?"
"I worked out a plea deal that got me my freedom back," he replied. "You went on the run with the man who ripped apart the Avengers in the first place-"
"- you left us." You cut him off. "Where's Natasha, Steve? Where's Sam, and Bucky? And Wanda? When did Clint and Scott last see their families, and their kids-"
"- that's enough." Steve grunted. "I - we didn't arrest you entirely because of your crimes."
"You and Zemo have a hit-list of men who helped build Ultron," he said. "Most of them have committed multiple crimes and are some of the most wanted people in the world."
"Oh, so that's where I know them from."
Steve rolled his eyes. "This could be your chance to redeem yourself."
"I don't want to redeem myself."
"If the two of you help us, you'll look at reduced sentences," he continued. "Nicer prisons with more privileges."
You sighed - if the gig was up, what were you meant to do? Refuse to help Steve because he'd hurt you, and let it fuck up the rest of your life? At least if you did accept his offer, the consequences wouldn't be so bad. There wasn't really an out now.
"I..." you trailed off. "For both of us, right? Not just me, but Zemo too."
"You seem to be quite fond of him," Steve observed. "Word has it that you two were in bed together when the team stormed the hotel."
"God, you sound so fucking judgemental," you snorted. "What I do in my personal life is none of your bloody business."
"I never said it was," he replied. "I's like looking at a stranger."
"Likewise," you nodded.
"Sorry it has to be this way," Steve murmured.
You shrugged. "I'm not."
"Right," his blue eyes fell to the floor, letting go of your gaze. "SHIELD wants to put you both up in a hotel down the road for the night. Four stars, but it's heavily guarded and you'll be kept apart from one another."
"You're spoiling us," you tried to joke, but your heart ached a little at the fact you wouldn't be seeing Zemo. "Guess you gotta cuff me up again?"
"It's protocol," Steve replied.
"Remember when we used to do this in a kinky way?"
The hotel wasn't too far away -- you tried to get a few desperate glimpses as your lost lover as you were dragged through the SHIELD corridors, but Zemo was no-where to be seen. The same went for the hotel; as soon as you got there, you were thrown inside, and the door was locked and slammed behind you. The fact it had a king-size bed and en-suite didn't hurt. It certainly wasn't salt in the wound, but it didn't exactly take it out either.
You hadn't expected to feel anything for Steve other than contempt, but there was...something. What exactly, you didn't know. Convincing yourself that everything you'd ever felt for him had gone away was easy when you didn't have to see him, but being in his presence had simply acted as a reminder that a body buried was not a body gone. Ignoring feelings wasn't the same as forgetting them.
He was a glimpse into your past life; a reminder of what used to be. When things were simple, when the only stuff that mattered was making sure you brought the right bread and made it to work on time. When the only angst in your life came from arguing with Steve about staying in bed longer, and when his arms around you had felt like shields away from all the bad in the world. Now, you'd become that bad, and every time you fell into Zemo's arms, you weren't protected from it - you were surrounded by it. You were it. Misery loved company, after all.
You fell back onto the bed, letting the pillows surround you. Guilt had been a stranger to you for a long time, but not it was seeping in through the cracks and consuming you whole. Had Steve been right? What if you had made an effort to stay by his side, and managed to redeem yourself in the eyes of the law too? He was just doing what he thought was best, in the same you had. Differences aside, he'd always wanted nothing but the best for you; wanted nothing but to protect you from the evil you'd come to fall in love with. Maybe if you'd been a little more patient, and stayed around a little while longer. Maybe if you'd just put your pride aside, and stuck around for the man you once loved.
Maybes were useless, though. The could have beens and would have beens meant nothing. The only thing that was certain was reality, and all the shitty things it was filled with.
Sometime after it got dark, there was a knock on your door.
"Who is it?" you called. "Is it room service? Because I'm fucking hungry!"
"It's Steve."
"Oh," you murmured. "I would say it's open, but we both know that's a lie."
There was the sound of the door unlocking, and a moment later, he stepped through the door. The stealth suit was gone, and in its place was a pair of blue jeans and a tight-fitted plaid shirt. How very sexy of him.
"I wanted to talk with you," Steve said. "If you'll let me."
"Well, it's not like I can escape," you huffed. "Might as well make the most of a bad situation."
"Right," he nodded. You motioned for him to sit on the bed opposite you -- the movement was a little awkward, but he obliged.
"What's up?" You asked.
"I don't have anything particular in mind," Steve admitted. "I just missed you, even if you were completely out of line earlier."
You couldn't help but smile, however sadly. "I think I miss you too."
"It's not too late for you," he continued. "You're not made of the same stuff as the other people we've arrested. There's good in you still."
"Padme Amidala said the same thing about Darth Vader," you quipped.
"And he turned back to the light side, didn't he?"
"Hmm, not before building two Death Stars and blowing up a few planets," you shot back. "Look, Steve, I appreciate it but you can't run from the truth - I've done bad things. Illegal things."
"So did I, and they let me back-"
"- you're Captain America," you reminded him. "And besides, even if I could come back, what makes you think I'd want to?"
"Because we could be together again," Steve gently said.
"There's no possible way for me to get absolute and complete freedom, and if I could, do you really think that running back to you is the first thing I'd do?"
Steve was quiet. Too quiet. You didn't like that, because it always meant one thing - that was he keeping things from you. That's why he'd been dead silent in the days leading up to the breakdown of your relationship.
"What?" You thinned your eyes. "What do you know, Steve?"
"I spoke to the Supreme Court," he murmured. "They said you'll be granted immunity, on one condition."
You sat up straight. "What is it?"
"Zemo is more...wanted than you. He's committed more crimes and there's higher stakes - if you give him up, give statements and witness accounts for the last three years, and you walk free." Steve explained.
Your heart broke all over again - you couldn't. Not in a million years. Zemo was the sole reason you'd made it through the last five years; Steve Rogers would not have been able to lay eyes on you again, or foolishly let himself dream of a future with you, if Zemo hadn't been around to make sure you were okay. You owed him your life now.
"No," you firmly said. "I can't. He's helped me."
"There's no such thing as honour amongst thieves," Steve said. "But is it an honour thing, or do you love him?"
"I..." you trailed off. "You lost me, Steve. The minute things got tough, you completely let go of our relationship and then ditched any hope of saving me or the other people who helped you. I don't owe you time or energy, let alone an explanation!"
"Maybe you're right," he replied. "I did wrong, I know - but didn't Zemo? He was the one who caused this whole thing in the first place. If you can forgive him, can't you forgive me?"
He was logical. How fucking annoying.
"You have no idea what's gone on the last five years," You said. "You don't get to tell me how to feel."
"I'm not," Steve replied. "I'm just asking you to think about it. Think about what we had-"
"- you mean what you ruined?"
"You left, remember?"
"Because you pushed me away!" You snapped.
It still hurt. You hated that, because it meant you still cared. You still cared that Steve had disregarded you, and you still cared that he saw hope in the ashes of what had previously been a great relationship. As always, he had a weird form of naive hope. He was clinging onto the past, trying to breath life back into it.
You'd yearned for the familiar during the hard times you'd experienced - the familiar being him, and your home, and your family. Normality, and freedom, and not being on the run. Had turning to Zemo just been a response to missing someone's touch? Had he merely been a substitute for Steve?
Maybe, just maybe, you loved him in his own right. Not because he gave you what Steve had, but because he'd given you something else entirely - stability, during what was otherwise the craziest, hardest period of your life. He'd protected you from the things you'd been running away from, and he'd gone out his way to look after you. Everything that was lost when you'd left Steve, had come back when you'd found Zemo.
"I've never stopped loving you," Steve reached out for your hands, enveloping them in his. "Everything I've done in the last five years, I've done for you-"
"- don't lie to me, Steve." You cut him off. "That's a lie, and you know it."
"It's not," he gently continued. "When I turned myself in, I was allowed a plea deal. Half the charges they wanted to give to you, I took instead so that if they ever did find you, that you would have a chance at being free again. That we would have a chance of being free again."
"If you took half my charges, how come you walked free?"
"I didn't walk completely free. There are terms I have to stick to," he explained. "Just...just think about it, please?"
You stared straight ahead, and Steve gently stood up. He pressed a kiss to your temples, letting go of your hands and slowly backing away towards the door. You were truly in the shit now.
"We have til tomorrow to give the courts an answer," He said. With that, he exited, and shut the door behind him. You barely acknowledged the sound of it locking.
Once again, you were posed with the price of freedom: giving up the man you might love, for the other man you might also love. You'd have complete freedom with Steve, but the only time you'd ever felt free was with Zemo.
a/n: ok real talk -- who would u choose? i'm curious
link to part 2 :)
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I am so sorry! ~ MCU Cast x Teen!Reader
A/n: Hey, sorry it took so long to make this request. I’m working steadily through them! 
I’m  very tired today so sorry about the typos you might find.
Stay hydrated and take care of yourself! You are beautiful. 
Requested by: @catsandbooksandstuff
Warnings: Mild swears. choking on food
Words: 1K+
Feedback is always appreciated.
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
It was quite a hot day. And to be in a suit in this heat was just torture for you. But you pushed through. Just three more hours of shooting before being done for the day.
And of the best part was that it was your fifteenth birthday! You couldn’t wait to be done so that you and the rest of the cast to go the new restaurant that had created quite a buzz. It was weird to know that you were only three years away from being an adult, exciting but also weird.  
Since you were shooting, you couldn’t spend your birthday with your family and friends but the crew made sure not to make you miss them very much.
So far, the day was going really well, except for the heat of course. The entire crew had gotten a food truck for your birthday, they were to be available the entire day so you could eat whatever you wanted from their wide menu all day long.
Your eyes had widened when you first saw the truck entering the premises and when you saw all the mouth-watering dishes they served. You couldn’t make up your mind and the rest of cast watched you in silent amusement as you tried to pick what you wanted to try first.
At least they knew you were very happy with their surprise.
“I don’t know what to pick!” you whined, looking at Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett who were standing beside you picking their own dish.
Scarlett chuckled and Chris H patted your head mockingly causing you to huff.
“Look just pick three that you want and ‘inky pinky ponky’ it” Scarlett suggested. You were relieved with the idea she gave and finally picked your food.
You did not regret it.
You probably were at your fourth dish from the truck, this time being a sandwich since you were still a bit full from your previous meals.
You were standing with Jeremy and Mark, just idly talking waiting to be called for the next scene.
A few feet away was Chris E, practicing how to throw his shield before his scene. You had been watching him for half an hour and he was still going at it,” Hey Evans! How about a break now?”
Chris chuckled just like he had when you had called him ten minutes before, asking the same now,” Just a couple more times Y/n!”
You sighed before turning to the actors beside you and continuing your conversation. Soon you were almost done with the sandwich, taking your last bite.
“Shit! Y/n watch out!”
It could’ve been the heavenly taste of the sandwich or you were probably way too lost in your thoughts, but you heard the shout of warning a second too late because the shield that Chris E had been previously practicing with had now hit you right at the back of your head.
And the last piece of sandwich lost it’s way and got stuck in your throat, causing you to choke violently.
You tried swallowing it but it seemed like you couldn’t breathe as the seconds ticked by. You felt people around you, tried to help you before you heard someone call for the medic team who arrived immediately.
It felt like forever had passed before the nurse made you spit out the food, letting you finally breathe. You were sure you looked like a tomato with how much you could feel the blood rushing to your face and neck.
You were still dizzy, the nurse suggesting it to be because of the suit in this heat along with this incident and immediately took you to the trailer to rest.
You hadn’t realized it but you had been clutching Chris Evans hand the entire time during the accident who had been the first to catch you when you started to choke.
He stood there, guilty as ever. It looked like he was going to burst into tears any moment.
“ Hey, hey, calm down. She’s fine now.” Scarlett rubbed his arm, seeing the man’s inner turmoil.
“But I still hurt her…” he almost whimpered, looking at his hands as if accusing them. Scarlett sighed as she couldn’t disagree with him.
The entire cast had their hearts in their throats when you were choking. You were their baby after all.
Robert came up to him, hearing the entire conversation,” Chris, accidents happen. What matters is she’s fine now.” Seeing that his words weren’t doing much for actor of Captain America, he thought up of something else,” Why don’t you get her something? To cheer her up?”
And you too along with her, he silently thought.
The man seemed to light up at the idea before sprinting back to his trailer.
“Scar, come on, let’s go gather all her gifts. We’ll be done with work soon anyways” Robert said before both went to their respective trailers where all of them had hidden their gifts.
When you woke up,the first thing you noticed was that you had slept through the rest of the evening and has missed your reservation.
But that didn’t make you sad because the next thing you noticed was Chris Evans holding the biggest chocolate cake you had ever seen.
You slowly sat up, trying to decide if you were still dreaming or not. The rest of the cast was also there, holding balloons and gifts.
Chris came up to you and held the cake in front of you,” I am really really sorry-“
“Chris, it’s fine. I’m alright. Nothing huge happened. Don’t worry.” You cut him off before he could go off on a ramble apologizing,” You apologize and I will never speak to you again.”
You gave him a look saying you were dead serious in your threat which thankfully made him shut up. Pushing past that, he told you to make a wish and blow out the candles.
It had been the most delicious cake you had ever had and it seemed like Chris E had forgiven himself after seeing you so happy with his cake choice.
The others didn’t seem deterred by the fact that were all cramped in a tiny trailer, partying. As long as you were happy and enjoying yourself, they felt content.
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