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#avengers x reader

Survival Pt. 4 (Loki x Reader)

“We’ve got approximately five minutes worth of a head start, that’s enough to sort most everything out. … Alright, we can afford to leave the blanket behind, although it would be helpful to have around … hm. Maybe we could roll it up and tie it to the top of your backpack like a sleeping bag. Then it could also be a cushion if you were to fall backwards. Yes, that’s what we’ll do. Alright, give me your … are you listening to me?”

The skin beside your thumbnail turns white and flaky, and your index finger cramps up in a hooked position. It draws your attention - the cuticle had been picked raw. Only at the sight and subsequent stinging of blood flow did you stop, and simultaneously hear Loki’s voice. He was standing above you, clearly annoyed.

“You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” you ask without looking up.

“Getting stuck in your mind. Stop it.” He crouches to your criss cross applesauce post in the house’s living room floor. Your gaze was glued to the loose board from the other night. Or was it last night? It doesn’t make a difference now. From this point forward this place is just a memory. Like all the rest.

“We have to go,” Loki insists. His tone surfaces a nasty resentfulness in you, and while you were partially aware that he was undeserving of it, that didn’t override it. He grabs the hand that you’re absently picking again and you jump, startled by the harsh touch. “What have you done? You’re bleeding!”

“It’s fine!” The nearing sound of inhuman croaks and moans drives your heart rate up. “It’s not a big deal!”

“It is a big deal,” Loki counters. “But we don’t have time to discuss that right now.” He snatches you to your feet by the same hand, plants his hands on your shoulders and stands directly in front of you. “We have to go.

“I heard you the first time.”

His eyes darken. “I’ve said it thrice now.”

You squirm, wishing he would understand. Wishing there was time to understand.

“Get out of your head,” Loki demands, shaking your shoulders. You want to punch him, but he’d just counter it. What are you gonna do, argue for half an hour? Wait for the infected to get there and ask them why all of this is happening? You’re not stupid.

You nod and feel your lip quiver, seething at your body’s betrayal. Being made to feel like a child is enough, but then to look like one too. Why is everything so fleeting?

Why is it that even at just the thought of what humanity has come to, at the thought of the infected monsters coming to ruin everything you’re fighting for, at the thought that those monsters were once people but are now closer to brainless rabid animals, why when faced with the inhuman reality do the most human feelings emerge? At the end of the day, you are the child that just wants to go home. But it’s impossible. There is no home.

Loki hard set jaw softens. “Listen to me,” he breathes, and places a cold hand on your bare neck. His big, round eyes are almost blue with worry. “Although it may not look like it, we’re one step closer. We’re going to be fine, I swear to you.” With a gentle pull, Loki brought you to into him and rested your foreheads together.

It’s moments like this that you wonder if he’s been lying this whole time about not being able to read minds and see the future and such. In his words was conviction. It’s a quality Loki rarely exhibits with his usual “any way the wind blows” perspective. It reminds you that at the end of the day you share a common goal. You breathe deeply, grounded by the weight of Loki’s head against yours. The intimate gesture made you want to cry; it was a reminder for you to trust him.

You wonder how he always knows what to do, or what to say to give you the appropriate kick in the ass.

“We better go,” you croak.

He pats your shoulder. “You know what to do.”

The old routine kicks in. First and foremost: make sure your pistol and knife are on you. Save the rest of the weapons for last. Pack all the food. Sort what supplies you need and don’t need. (Which, in this case, everything is a need.) Pack the supplies as neatly as possible. Distribute the weight. Put on dry socks. Boots. Dry gloves. Then you place your long rifle in your backpack holster that you’d crafted from a belt, and Loki does the same with his crossbow. Do a quick sweep of the area with your eyes for anything you may have missed.  The two of you do this separately.

The place is wiped clean, save for those stocked bookshelves. If only you could take the entire beautiful collection with you. In two steps you cross the living room, removing your backpack. Quickly you scoop up a few books with the most enticing covers at a glance. A voice nagged your mind that the weight of the books would pose a challenge and maybe outweigh the idea altogether, but in your heart you felt otherwise. The paper could be used for a fire at the least. Of course, if possible, you wouldn’t be burning any of them.

“They’re coming,” Loki says out of breath. “Hurry, we don’t have time!”

“I got it,” you call back, even though you’re merely feet apart. You can feel the herd’s stamping run through the floor boards, hear their widespread wails and screeching.

“Now!” Loki yells, opening the front door, squinting as he watched the oncoming infected. White light blinds you and cold wind bites your face. You wished you’d thought of putting on a bandana, but there wasn’t time. You run out of the cabin, leaving it behind.

Everything is white. Your feet weigh a hundred pounds each as they carry you through inches - hell, more like feet of unforgiving snow. Freshly falling snowflakes dampen your clothes; the icy air draws hot tears from your eyes. Or at least that’s the reason your brain convinced itself for crying. You ran towards the snowy hills, toward the frosted trees, toward nothing. You just ran. They were right on your heels. The ravenous sound of the herd was amplified in the wide open outside.

Your momentum got too fast - a leg jutted out too far for a running step and you almost lost it. The other leg quickly compensated, and you bent at the knees and kept running - but the thought of almost falling and being left behind makes you come to a screeching halt. Cheeks burning from the cold, eyes struggling to stay open.

Where’d he go?

“Loki!” you call his name into the air. The whirling wind whispers an empty reply.

Looking around, your aching, shrunken stomach twists into knots. You’re blind. Nothing but white everywhere, and no Loki. Standing still allows the grueling weight of snow melt to set into your clothes. Desperately you scan the area, and turn to find a patch of tall evergreen trees nearby. At the moment you saw them, the falling of snow dust from low lying branches reels you in. Too high to be a deer. Too stealthy to be infected. Below to your right was the ever-starving herd, now somewhat dumbfounded at the bottom of the hill. The mere fact that they’re within eyesight and earshot makes you decide not to yell out again.

If that isn’t Loki in the trees, you’re in trouble. But he’s nowhere. What choice do you have?

Your fingers grip tightly around the handle of your pistol, feeling like icicles underneath thin gloves. You make way to the trees, mindful of the oblivious but keen infected, scanning your surroundings. No footprints. The branches remain still. When the gun’s barrel is close enough to touch them you quickly act, snatching a handful of branches away. A sweep reveals the hollow in the thicket to be empty, free of animal droppings or tracks.

Maybe it was just wind blowing the tree. Maybe it was a flying pig. Regardless, Loki had to be hiding somewhere.

The area had grown quiet, as if the herd had begun blindly searching for their prey. They were likely staggering around the cabin, using their highly developed echolocation to try to spot you. Luckily, their intelligence stopped there. The rest was eat, eat, eat. You considered whistling out for Loki, but refrained from it in fear of rousing the herd up again.

Great. Nothing in sight, nowhere to go, and no one to complain about it to. Where the hell is he? And why is he still hiding? you pondered, circling the perimeter of the evergreens. No movement, no sound except for the thunderous crunching of snow beneath your boots.

And then the sound of snow pluming around your head. Snow in your eyes, ears, on your neck. Chilling your spine, cushioning your elbows. Your mind whirring as you open your eyes and squint them right back shut at the the bright, vast blue sky. Then a tall, thin shadow obscures the light, and your eyes shoot open.

Loki was standing above your body, laughing.

You raise your gun to give him a glimpse of the afterlife. Or whatever Asgardians face after they’re scared to death. Only, your gun is gone.

“Looking for this?” he chirps and dangles your pistol above you like a piece of meat, interrupting your panicked shuffling to find it.

Disoriented, lopsided and homicidal, you spring to your feet haphazardly and prepare to unleash a volcano of profanity, but you can’t. He’s smirking. His cheeks are as round and rosy as a kid on Christmas morning - he even lends a hand to help you regain balance.

Every bit of air leaves your lungs in a scoff of disbelief. “Wha - why’d you do that?” you ask, then interject more forcefully, “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Keep your voice down,” says Loki calmly, leaning in and commanding you with a firm hand on your shoulder. You sling it off, furious.

“Fuck you, I thought you were gone! I thought someone had taken you!”

“Yes, and if I had, you would’ve been taken as well.”

“You … you pushed me to the fucking ground!”

“Actually, I pulled you to the ground. From behind. It was a bit of a test of my ingenuity in the comforter blanket’s effectiveness of protecting your head in a fall. And I must say, I believe it worked quite well. Though I bet those books in your backpack proved to work against you, didn’t they?”

Your mouth hangs open as if to speak, but you’re so possessed by anger that no rational speech comes out. Hyperventilating, head shaking in denial, hands dying to punch him where it counts. How could he scare you like that?!

“Hey,” says Loki, taking one of your trembling hands. “Don’t take it so badly. If I were you, I’d be eternally grateful that it was me who caught you instead of someone else. Because it all comes full circle, dear. You mustn’t get so lost in your own mind. You have to be one with yourself, and be able to separate them when needed.”

He wets his chapped red lips and winks, crows feet crinkling around his big, round eyes. He was sincere, despite the condescending untertone in his voice. As much as it lit you up with rage, Loki had bested you. He’d not only proven a valid point of his own concern regarding the deficit in your caution, but he’d also brought something to your attention that you hadn’t fully considered; while you’re always subconsciously aware of your needing him to survive, you weren’t so aware of what you would do without him. Even knowing the cold fact that either of you could be killed at any time. That never completely processed before.

But frankly, it was never something you wanted to give a nanosecond of a thought, and you damn sure don’t want to now.

You extend the opposite hand to the one Loki’s holding. “I’ll take my gun back now.”

Loki is taken aback, his eyebrows raising in surprise as though he’d expected a more playful response - or even just something more elaborate. Which, normally, maybe you would’ve been. But clearly things are changing everywhere, and it seems you’re gonna have to change, too.

A strange, conflicted smile washes over Loki’s face, then he quickly straightened it out into a more distant look. Without breaking away from your glare, he plops the pistol into your hand with enough force to spring your hand downward.

“Onward, then.”

You tuck the gun in the back of your jeans. “Lead the way.”


welcome to the apocalypse, dudes

tag list: @sydneyss-worlddd @afinedilemma @fire-in-her-veinz @belladonnabarnes @drakesfiance @internetgremlin @dragon-chica @triggeredpossum @tarynkauai @sadwaywardkid

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Broken, Mended Chapter 6

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)

Summary: After breaking off an engagement, Y/N may have possibly hit rock bottom. But she doesn’t have time to think about it because she gets deployed to Iraq. Leaving their daughter with her friend, Sam Wilson, she’s gone for a year. She doesn’t like talking about her ex-fiance and is unsure if she’ll ever be able to love again. What happens a certain Captain is his literal doppelganger?

Words: 1800+

Warnings: Takes place in a hospital, but no medical jargon/scenes or anything.

A/N: Starting this chapter, we veer from canon. Or at least there’s no Raft situation. I don’t really know how I would place this parallel to canon, so I’m just not gonna think about it.
This is for @ussgallifreyfics​​​ 550 follower writing challenge!
Takes place during Civil War.

tag list is open


The steady beeping of the heart monitor is all too familiar. Sam thinks back to when he was sitting in this same exact spot - next to a bed - two years ago when he was waiting for Steve to wake up. 

Doctor Rush comes in and he stands. He looks over at his friend’s body as her chest rises and falls steadily with the beeps of the monitor. 

“Her most recent tests have come back. At this point it’s too hard to tell when or even if she’ll wake up. She fell from quite a height and a lot of damage was done.”

“Do you have any kind of estimate?”

“Nothing accurate. If she wakes up the earliest it would happen is maybe three weeks.”

He slumps back into the chair, “Thank you, Doctor.”

Keep reading

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Sam: Ugh, have you guys ever had one of those inner thoughts telling you something different?

Tony: Ugh yeah all the time. Telling you that you’re not good enough.

Natasha: Telling you that you always fail to help the people

Wanda: Telling you that you’re a weapon and it’s your fault that people dies everyday.

Steve: Telling you that Bucky has a fine piece of-

*everyone looks at Steve strangely, yet not surprised*

Steve: Oh, Uhh, you were…talking about something different…

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Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

“What the hell (Y/N)?” Steve seethed through his teeth, “First Buck and now you”

“Stevie-” you tried to grab his arm to which he shrugged off

“No, don’t Stevie me right now (Y/N)! Why? Was staying here with me not good enough for you?!”

“Steve you’re everything to me, I love you to the moon and back!” 

“Yeah but what if you die? What am I gonna do? I can’t lose you, Bucky and my parents. I’ll have no one left…”

“You won’t lose me”


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Help Me Forget


Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader x Tony Stark

- - -

The streets were busy and lively as you pushed your way through, desperate to fight the crowds and return to the safety of your home.

It had been a relatively normal day, a good day, up until you had stumbled across one little happening. 

Up until you had seen them.

As you walked briskly on the darkened pavement, you tried frantically to rid your mind of the troubling thought, but no matter how hard you tried, the images kept flooding right back.

Your eyes filled with tears as you recalled the unfortunate incident.

You had gone out on a food run for the group, it was a usual occurrence and it just so happened to be your turn. You had turned up at the restaurant to pick up your order, when you saw something that made you freeze in your tracks.

Sitting on a table not too far away, was Steve. Much to your shock, he was not alone. He was sitting across from a unfamiliar woman, looking very cosy. Too cosy. 

When you had first seen him, you thought you had imagined it. Perhaps, you had mistook a stranger for the Captain. No. You soon realised that you had seen right.

The sight had shocked you so much, that you turned around and speedily left the restaurant. The food long forgotten.

Returning back to the present moment, as you made your way back home, you had more time to process what had happened, but it only made it worse.

You and Steve had a history, to say the least. You had joined the Avengers not long before the attack on Ultron. The former solider was kind and gentle to you, two things that you had never been very familiar with, given your harsh background. You had found comfort in his warm personality, and you soon became good friends. Shortly after, friendship had blossomed into something more, and the two of you were known around the tower, as the ‘power couple,’ of the group. You were inseparable, and highly protective of each other. You were in love. Plain and simple.

However, your loving relationship came crashing down when you had got badly injured in an assignment. It was risky to begin with, but Fury had needed all of the team. You had been fighting off a gang of radical soldiers with Natasha, when the Hulk had a huge break out, he had lost control and the team needed Natasha to get to him, quick. Subsequently, Steve made the call for Natasha to go to Banner and go through their lullaby.

What he didn’t know, was that you were left alone with a very large group of bloodthirsty lunatics.

You had given the best you could, but there had been too many for you to fight off. By the time Natasha had warned Steve that you were on your own, it was too late.

Steve and Tony arrived to see you on the floor, unconscious, with blood pouring out from gaping wounds. They had rushed you back to the jet and straight to the hospital at S.H.I.E.L.D., where you underwent intense treatment, but had also slipped into a coma.

For weeks Steve sat with you, begging you to wake up. The image of how he had found you haunted him deeply, he knew he would never be able to forget what he did. When you finally woke up, you didn’t remember much about the attack, which turned out to be a blessing. 

However, you also woke up to a very broken man.

Steve was left traumatised after the event. No matter how hard you or any other of the avengers tried, he could not and would not accept that he was not responsible to what had happened to you. He blamed himself entirely. He could not live with the fact that he had caused you any sort of pain of injury. He could not bear the guilt and shame. 

As an unfortunate result, Steve had made the painful decision to distance himself from you. He had told you that he could not be with you anymore, that you deserved better than him, that you needed someone who could always protect you.

Needless to say, you had not taken it very well. At all. You thought he was being too hard on himself, to the point where it was ridiculous. He was being infuriatingly stubborn, and you told him as much, but he would not listen. He had made up his mind. He hated himself for putting you in danger, and it was too difficult for him to be around you, knowing that truth.

The two of you had been separated for a little over six months now. You thought that you had finally come to a place where you could deal with it better. It was hard and painful at times, but you had tried your best to come to a place of acceptance, knowing that he was not going to change his mind. 

However, seeing him, the man that you had loved, the man who had detached himself from you, seeing him with another woman…and looking so-so happy…it killed you. It hurt you in ways that you didn’t expect. The pain that you felt in your heart, reminded you just how much you still loved him. 

You were also angry. Very angry. 

You couldn’t believe that he had the audacity to do that to you, to simply find someone else and move on…casting you aside.

As you marched back into the tower, you had one single bitter thought in mind; ‘if he can move on so quickly, then so can I!’

The elevator doors rolled back when you reached the main floor. You took a deep breath then strolled into the allotment, very much aware of the multiple pairs of eyes upon you.

“Hey, Y/N,” greeted Clint from his seat on the sofa, but you ignored him, causing him and Natasha to exchange a concerned glance.

Piertro, who was over by the bar, noticed your empty hands and frowned. “Where is the food?”

“Didn’t get it.” Was all you replied, as you continued to stalk through the floor, passing by all your perplexed friends. 

Piertro pouted sadly. “Aw, but I’m hungry.”

Wanda rolled her eyes at her brother. “You’re always hungry.”

“What? I have a really fast metabolism.”

Bruce couldn’t help but pipe up at the scientific inconsistency. “Actaully, that has nothing to do with how your appetite works…”

You left the room as if you had never even heard them, your mind bubbling with too many things.

Noticing the hard glare that you were wearing as you walked away, Clint asked the others, “what was that all about?”

You walked up the stairs to your own floor, but didn’t go into your room. No. Instead, you stopped right outside a black, shiny door, and quickly knocked on it. The door opened and Tony stared back at you in momentary confusion, before registering that it was you.

He quickly fixed a charming smirk onto his handsome face. “Hi, sweetheart.”

You didn’t reply but gazed at him with semi-guarded emotions. He saw the pain in your eyes that you were half-halfheartedly trying to hide, and immediately sobered.

“Whats wrong, Y/N?”

You shook your head, not being able to say anything aloud just yet. “Can I come in?” You asked.

Tony answered your question by moving back and gesturing for you to enter, his concern increasing. Wordlessly, you went in and sat down on the large bed, waiting as he joined you.

You just sat there for a few moments, gathering your thoughts. Tony waited patiently, knowing that something had definitely upset you.

Finally, you managed to summon the courage to speak the words out loud.

“I saw Steve…with another woman…”

Your words were left to hang in the air, as Tony tried to process what you said. He looked at you worriedly, but was sure that you had to be mistaken.

“Are you positive it was Cap?”

“Absolutely. I saw them together at the restaurant when I went to get the food.”

Tony couldn’t quite believe it. It didn’t sound like the Cap he knew. “Maybe it wasn’t what you thought, maybe they’re just friends. Or he could have saved her from a burning building, its Cap, that’s kind of his thing. He can’t resist being the hero.”

You didn’t laugh at the jesting in his voice, instead you merely looked at him tiredly. “I know what I saw, Tony. Steve is never that comfortable with someone he’s just met, not like he was with her. There was familiarity between them, and not just the friendly kind.”

Tony was finding it hard to comprehend how Cap, Cap of all people, could be on a date with another girl. A girl that wasn’t you…it didn’t make sense, and yet, there was no mistaking the striking betrayal that lay in your pretty eyes.

He reached out and rested his arm across your shoulders, drawing you into his side in an attempt to offer you some kind of comfort. He didn’t know what he could say to make you feel better, if there was anything at all. The break up had been pretty rough on you, and to learn that the man who caused it had now done this…it made Tony’s jaw clench. 

He would punch Cap in his shiny, patriotic face the next time he saw him.

You lay your head on Tony’s chest and wrapped your arms around his waist, breathing in his pleasant aroma of aftershave and whisky. As you sat there together, with him gently rubbing your back, an idea formed in your bedraggled mind. An idea that may have seemed incredibly unwise, but one that brought you a twisted sensation of solace and satisfaction.

You lifted your head and angled it towards him, gazing at him with wide eyes. “Tony, if I ask you to do something for me, will you do it?”

He smiled softly. “Anything for you, sweetheart.”

You bit your lip as you removed your hands from his waist and brought them up to his chest, clutching his shirt tightly. 

“I need you.“

Tony stared back at you in bewilderment, certain that he had misheard, because you couldn’t possibly have said what he thought you had. 

“Sorry, what?”

“I…need you,” you repeated, judging his reaction carefully.

He was worried you had said that. Under normal circumstances, he would have been only to happy to oblige your request, however, these were not normal circumstances. You were in a highly emotional state and that changed everything.

“You’re clearly not thinking straight.”

“Maybe not,” you agreed. “But so what? I always think things through too much lately and I’m sick of it. Maybe, just one time, I want to do something not so right.

“I cant, Y/N. I can’t.”

Tony shot up from the bed and ran a hand through his hair, glancing at you with obvious temptation. 

“Why not?” You countered, standing up too and going over to him. “Because Steve wouldn’t like it? Well, he doesn’t seem to care how I feel right now, so why should I care about him? You saw me, Tony, I was a wreck after he ended things. I kept hoping that he would change his mind, but he never did! Now-now he goes off and finds someone else because it suddenly suits him! Without giving me a second thought!”

Anger, betrayal and anguish laced your voice heavily, making Tony’s wall break down one-by-one. He hated seeing you upset. He wanted to be there for you. You had always been there for him.

You sighed deeply, your eyes silently pleading with him as you wrapped your hand in his.

“Please, Tony. I need to forget. Help me forget.”

No more words were uttered.

Pushing away his final thoughts of conflict, Tony promptly captured your lips in his in a passionate kiss, wrapping his arms around you and backing you over to the bed.

As you lay down, he hovered over you, his eyes conveying the question he needed to be sure of. You nodded hastily in reply, giving him his answer, and he joined your lips again.

The rest of the night was spent in a whirlwind of emotions. Yielding to passions and succumbing to temptations that you knew deep down, you would come to regret. For that moment, you blocked out the rest of the world, as you focused on only you and him.


The following morning, you awoke early in Tony’s embrace, and instantly felt irritation creep up at yourself for letting things go so far.

There was no taking it back now.

As quietly as you could, you detached yourself from his arms and left his room, clothed only in one of his AC/DC shirts.

Since it was so early, you assumed that no one else would be up yet, so you went down to the kitchen, intending to make yourself a cup of coffee.However, you stopped in your tracks when you saw that you weren’t alone. 

Wanda was sat at the breakfast bar…with Steve.

You went to turn around and leave before they saw you, but you found that it was too late, for Wanda called, “good morning, Y/N.”

You sighed in frustration but turned back, plastering on a false smile. “Morning.”

Upon hearing your name, Steve swivelled around on his stool to look at you, his heart clenching at the sight of you. He couldn’t believe how you managed to be so beautiful all the time. It was still so painful for him to have to keep you at a distance, but he had to do it. He couldn’t risk you getting hurt again. It was in your best interests.

“Y/N,“ he greeted with a small smile.


Steve bit back a wince at your curtness. It felt so strange to hear you be so formal with him. He knew that something was amiss, you hadn’t called him that since you first joined the team, and even then it hadn’t lasted more than a couple of days.

Wanda handed you a mug of coffee but her eyes scanned your appearance curiously, until it clicked.

“Is that Tony’s shirt?“

That made Steve draw his attention to it too, scrutinising it with narrowed eyes.

You glanced down at the oversized garment, hurrying for an explanation. "Yes, I borrowed it a while ago and forgot to give it back, I just threw something on to come and get a drink.”

“That’s one of Stark’s favourite shirts,” observed Steve with a deep frown. “It’s strange that he doesn’t mind you keeping it.”

You took a sip of your coffee, trying to stop the panic from rising. “Well, he’s a strange guy.”

Wanda accepted that as a reasonable response and decide to change the subject, though Steve was still pondering it, he could always tell when you were lying.

“Steve was just telling me about this dinner he went to last night,” explained Wanda, unaware that the topic was a sensitive one for you.

“Oh, was he?” You voiced, sarcasm lacing your tone as you sent a small glare his way.

Wanda took that as a prompt to carry on. “Yeah, he met this woman on this old war website, and found out that she was related to-”

“I’ll take it from here,” Steve interrupted, not knowing how you would react to the information. “I found out that she was a distant relative of Peggy. She wanted to meet me to see if I could tell her anything about her great-aunt, and I felt obliged to.”

Your thoughts were screaming at you as you stared at him, not moving.

Steve mistook your silence for anger or hurt. Peggy was always a difficult subject to broach between the two of you. He had managed to move on from his first love by finding you, his true love, but you had always questioned whether he had completely let her go.

He stood up and walked towards you, his expression wary. “Y/N, I only went for the woman’s sake. I didn’t think it was right to leave her with unanswered questions, to leave her wondering. There wasn’t anything more to it than that. I swear. My history with Peggy is just that. History.”

You didn’t have time to reply or fully register what this new information meant, because Tony came strutting in, shirtless, and looking immensely pleased with himself. 

“Morning, everyone.” He went over to the counter and picked up the piece of toast that Wanda had made for herself, and took a bite out of it. He took notice of the soldier and tried to contain his anger at him for hurting you, so he settled for irritating him.

Tony threw you a wink as he walked back over to go to his room again. On the way out, he said cheekily, “thanks for last night, Y/N.”

Your pulse quickened as you looked at the gaping Wanda in front of you, but you were more concerned by the look of utter pain and shock on Steve’s face.

He swallowed thickly, his mind filling with every negative thought. 


He whispered, willing his voice not to crack. He could feel his heart breaking that very moment.

“I can’t believe you would do that…”

Steve’s eyes were full of pain, the same pain that you had felt the previous night. He knew he had to leave quickly, before his emotions overcame him.

He gave you one last, broken look, then stalked out of the kitchen, leaving you to watch after him helplessly.

You had messed up. You had messed up badly.

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Hey guys!

So I know I haven’t updated in a good bit, and that’s totally my fault. I’ve gotten into new shows, and new fandoms, and I’ve just been writing random drafts that I don’t like.

Requests are open!! I am finishing up my inbox now, but send in requests! I’ll be waiting!

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Who Am I?: Chapter 17

Notes: I mean no disrespect by writing or posting this, and in no way do I take the themes and topics discussed in this series lightly. So if you’re triggered by any of this, I suggest not reading it.

-> ->This story was inspired by @rae-is-typing’s story Lost but Not Forgotten.<- <-

Message me or leave an ask if you want to be tagged!

Chapter Description: Taking place after Isla’s and Matteo’s discussion, you’re asked what you need from your apartment. Lisa’s email is revealed. Finally, the eventual arrival of law enforcement.

Warnings: Anxiety, hope, and the arrival of law enforcement

Word Count: 2,474

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Previous Chapter: Chapter 16

A knock on Emmy’s door caused the two of you to turn around. Neither of you expected Isla’s and Matteo’s discussion to end so soon; it had barely been over half an hour. You and Emmy share a look before your best friend goes over to unlock and open her door. You see Matteo standing on the other end, looking as exhausted as he is worried.

“Y/N, do you need anything from your apartment?” he asks, looking at you expectantly.

“Uh, maybe some clothes,” you stutter. “My uh, toothbrush, and some hair stuff too.” You pause for a moment. “I could go, it’ll be quicker.”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Matteo states. “Isla and I are both heading over to your apartment, Isla will have her phone on her so if you need to contact us, call her.”

“Look, I know you’re trying to protect me from her,” you add, “but I know I can make the trip quicker for you guys. I promise.”

“Y/N, you’re not going in that apartment.” Matteo’s voice was firm, leaving no room for arguing. The kind of fatherly voice you’ve never heard before. “Is there anything else in the apartment you need?” he asks. “Is that why you want to come?”

Letting out a defeated sigh, you nod. “It’s my birth certificate,” you admit. You see the surprise in Emmy’s and Matteo’s face, so you continue. “If the police are coming in the next couple days, I’d like to have something to offer them, some kind of evidence. I don’t know if my birth certificate is a fake or not, but I’m hoping they’ll be able to find out.”

Matteo nods. “Where does your mother keep it?” he asks.

“In her room. I don’t know where though, I was never allowed in there without her permission, and even then she’d be right behind me, breathing down my neck.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Emmy asks. “What if your mom tries something?”

“She won’t,” you respond. “At least, I don’t think she will.”

“Your mother’s bringing her baseball bat for protection,” Matteo says, giving his daughter a comforting look. “If Hayley does try something…” He stops himself, giving you an anxious look before changing the subject. “I’ll tell Isla what you said, Y/N. We shouldn’t be long, and I want you or Emmy to lock the door behind us.”

You give a strained smile, murmuring a “thank you” in response. When Matteo turned to leave, you feel your shoulders slump.

“Don’t worry,” Emmy states, her tone soft and comforting, “they’ll be fine.”

“I know.” You don’t entirely believe those words. You don’t know if Isla and Matteo will come back unharmed. You don’t know if your mother will try something. You don’t know. If she’s capable of trying to attack you in broad daylight, she’ll have no problem attempting to attack your best friend’s parents. That’s how she is. If your mom feels threatened, backed into a corner, she attacks. She doesn’t care who it is, either. “We should probably say bye to your mom,” you say.

“Yeah,” Emmy responds, nodding solemnly. “Good idea.”

The two of you leave the bedroom, heading toward the front door. You both see Isla and Matteo standing there, quietly discussing something. Isla’s gripping an aluminum baseball bat in both hands, practically white-knuckling it. You can see the desperate look on her face as she whispers to Matteo, who looks equally as distressed.

“Mom?” Emmy calls. She sounds worried, approaching her parents hesitantly.

Isla and Matteo quickly turn to see the two of you, and just as quickly they attempt to hide their distress.

“You guys here to see us off?” Isla jokes, laughing nervously.

“Uh yeah,” you stammer. “Are you guys gonna be okay with this? My offer to come still stands.”

“You’re not coming with us, Y/N,” Isla declares. “Not after what she did earlier. Stay here with Emmy, Matteo and I will be back soon.”

“Just stay safe okay?” Emmy presses. “And call the cops if she does anything.”

“We will,” Isla affirms. “Now give me a hug, both of you.”

Without hesitation, Emmy walks into her mother’s embrace, giving her a tight hug.

You, on the other hand, hesitate. After Emmy let her mother go, Isla gives you a small smile as she opens her arms wider. You decide to give Isla a hug, more as a way of comforting yourself. If your mother tried something, you’ll have this embrace to remember. But you can already feel the guilt building on your conscience.


Isla feels her heart pounding against her ribs, and her breathing becomes shallow. She has no way of knowing how this will unfold. She has no way of knowing what Hayley will do to them. That scared Isla. But she has to keep going, and she couldn’t let her fear cloud her judgment. So as she and Matteo stand outside of Hayley’s apartment, they take a moment to compose themselves before knocking.

Matteo gave three firm knocks before dropping his hand. His body is stiff, his jaw set and his eyes unblinking as he looks at Hayley’s closed apartment door. Several minutes pass and no answer. Matteo knocks again, this time harder. Nothing. The couple share a look, anxious and uncertain. Instead of knocking again, Matteo checks the doorknob; locked.

“Do you think she’s still in there?” Isla whispers.

Matteo doesn’t respond.

“Should we force the door open?”

“Not yet.” Matteo gives his wife a look. “Let’s wait for now.”

“I’ll ask around, see if anyone noticed her leaving.” Isla handed Matteo the bat before walking off.

Matteo watches his wife leave before sighing. He turns back to Hayley’s door, trying to figure something out.

What can he do? He starts wiggling the doorknob again, praying it’ll somehow unlock itself. It didn’t, obviously, and he began to feel frustrated. Until a thought popped into his head. He’s surprised he didn’t think of it sooner. Going back to his front door, he shoved his hand into his pocket and took out his keys. Unlocking the door, he opened it and stepped inside. He could hear you and Emmy talking, then it abruptly stopping. Emmy walked out of kitchen and seemed genuinely surprised at her father’s quick return.

“Is everything okay?” she asks.

“I need to see Y/N.” When you came out of the kitchen, Matteo felt relief wash over him. “Do you happen to have a house key?” he presses. “Isla and I can’t seem to get inside and no one’s answering.”

“Oh, yeah I do.” You seem shocked. You didn’t think to give them the key before they left. Pulling out your cell phone, you pull the phone case back and drop the key into your hand. Walking over you hand it to him, a small smile on your face. “Hope this helps,” you state.

“It does, thank you.” Placing the key in his pocket, Matteo heads towards the front door. He stops for a moment to look at you and Emmy. “Em, I need you to text your mother that I got into the apartment,” he requests.

With a nod, Emmy goes into the kitchen.

“I’ll see you two soon, okay?” he says.

You nod in response.

With a nod of his own, Matteo opens the door and leaves. As he walks back to Hayley’s apartment, he takes the key out of his pocket and pushes it into the lock. With a twist, he hears a ‘click’ of the lock, indicating the door is open. Finally. Placing the key back into his pocket, Matteo grips the bat tighter in his other hand.

Opening the door, Matteo braces for some surprise attack. All he sees is the apartment in complete disarray. And no sign of Hayley, as far as he could tell. Was that a good thing? Maybe. But if law enforcement is going to be involved, then it’s definitely not good.

Hesitantly walking through the apartment, Matteo took note of everything. Cushions and pillows from the sofa were torn apart and strewn across the floor. Clothes were also scattered everywhere — who they belonged to, Matteo couldn’t say. When he peeked into the kitchen, he saw the fridge and freezer wide open, food and drinks splattered all over the floor and walls. He saw eating utensils, mainly forks and knives, thrown haphazardly on the floor. Matteo chose not to go in the kitchen, he didn’t want to risk his own safety in a mess like that.

Matteo chose to focus on the scattered clothes; they might lead him to something. Carefully stepping over the clothes as he ventures further into the apartment, he enters the first bedroom. He can only assume it’s Theresa’s. Matteo can imagine the room itself was once neat and tidy before Hayley got to it. The bedsheets were ripped off the bed, completely shredded. The mattresses were thrown off the bed and the pillows gutted. Any shoes and clothes in the small closet were scattered across the room, and the dresser was also destroyed. The drawers were thrown across the room and any clothes in the drawers were thrown about too. Most, if not all, of Theresa’s belongings (i.e. books, make-up, etc.) were destroyed.

Uncertainty settled in Matteo’s chest the longer he looked at the mess. Once he left, he made his way to the next room, which he knew was yours. The room was just as destroyed as Theresa’s, clothes scattered everywhere, the bed thrown about and personal belongings ruined. Kneeling down, he scooped up as many clothes as he could find, hoping it would be enough for you. He paused when he heard footsteps in the apartment. Was it Hayley?

Dropping the clothes, Matteo presses himself against the wall near the doorway, bat pressed firmly in both hands. When the footsteps get closer, he readies himself for a potential confrontation, and when he hears the footsteps practically outside of your room, he jumps out and is about to swing the bat…

…when he sees Isla. She looks surprised, her hands thrown out in an attempt to protect herself.

Matteo stops himself and lets out a relieved sigh. “Thank God it’s just you,” he murmurs.

“Yeah, it’s just me,” Isla remarks sarcastically. She drops her hands and lets out a huff.

“Did you find anything?” Matteo asks, lowering the bat.

“Julie said she saw Hayley leave not too long ago,” she responds. “Had a suitcase and everything.”

“She could be anywhere by now.”

Isla nods solemnly. “At least we know this place is empty.”

“At least until Theresa gets back.”

“Should we tell her?”

“This is her apartment,” Matteo says. “I’d like someone to tell me if our apartment was destroyed.”

“Good point.” Isla hums as she looks around your room. “How about you get the birth certificate and I’ll get whatever I can out of this mess?”

Matteo nods before walking out of the room. He walked to the only room he hadn’t been in — Hayley’s. The door is thrown open, clothes and books and shoes and other personal belongings are scattered on the floor. Books are shredded, the paper so damaged he can’t make out what they once were. He places the bat on the ground and starts digging through the clothes and torn pages. He doesn’t seem to find anything resembling a birth certificate. He keeps looking, checking the closet, dresser drawers, the bed, anywhere. He can’t find it.

She must’ve taken it, he thinks. Frustration bubbles inside of him. He walks back into your bedroom, watching for a moment as Isla carefully picks out clothes she thinks you’ll like.

“Izzy.” She turns to see him, expecting to see the certificate in his hand. Her face drops when she doesn’t see it. “She must’ve taken it,” he says. “I looked and I couldn’t find it.”

“Typical,” Isla mutters. A scowl comes across her face. “I’ll go in the bathroom to get some more things and then we’ll leave.”

“That’s fine with me.”


You couldn’t sleep a wink that night. After Isla and Matteo came back, they handed you your things but explained everything regarding your birth certificate and Hayley’s disappearance. They explained they believe she went back to Massachusetts, or went to find a friend in New York who’ll take her in.

You chose to stay in Emmy’s room for the remainder of the day. The only time you’d leave was for bathroom breaks or if you were hungry. Despite everyone’s best efforts to make you feel better, nothing worked. Your mother — your possible abductor — is on the run with your birth certificate, and God knows what else. How can you possibly sleep knowing that? But if anything, that only proves the theories that you’ve been kidnapped are true. Why would she run, with your birth certificate, if she had nothing to hide?

By the time seven-forty-five (in the morning) rolled around, you sat up from your makeshift bed. Emmy and Isla gave you a handful of blankets and pillows for the night, and you arranged them beside Emmy’s bed in the most comfortable way possible. You need to clear your head, you need to figure out a way to prove to the cops you’re a potential missing person. You can’t make a claim as big as kidnapping and not have any evidence to back it up.

You quietly leave the bedroom, hoping to think of a solution as you make yourself breakfast. But it’s the knock on the front door that stops you from doing that.


“Ma, what’s wrong?” Shanna came running down the stairs at the sound of her mother’s shout.

“It’s her,” Lisa exclaims, pointing to her laptop. “It’s Y/N, it’s your sister.”

Fresh tears are rolling down Lisa’s face, as she rereads the email and looks at the picture. Shanna hurries over and looks at her mother’s laptop, reading the message.

Detective Daniel Quinn

Subject: Case in New York City, New York; State Investigation

A girl from New York called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children the day before. She provided pictures of herself at age seven and at her current age of fifteen. She will be questioned by police within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, where a DNA test will also be taken.

I believe this is the strongest case we’ve had. She bares a striking resemblance to the NCMEC picture as well as the age progressed drawings. I am feeling hopeful the DNA tests will come back positive. We’re putting together an investigation on what we know so far. I’ll keep you updated.

File: attached

Detective Daniel Quinn

A lump forms in Shanna’s throat. She clicks on the file and it’s like the air got knocked out of her. It’s you. It’s really you, there’s no doubt in her mind.

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summary: mj seems to think the summer trip to europe is exactly what you need to forget the events of the snap and the death of tony stark. only, peter parker doesn’t seem to know your real identity and trying to tell him you know he’s spider-man becomes a mess and a half.

warnings: swearing and typos, probably. 

a/n: as i write this i realize that peter and y/n couldn’t have been there when tony died at the same time because, ya know, they would’ve seen each other but let’s pretend y/n was able to say goodbye after peter left ok.

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MJ was pacing in her room while she waited for you to come get her. You had shooed her away without much talking after she has witnessed the look of panic paint your face and she didn’t want to question what you knew.

Truth be told, MJ didn’t know what to think. Maybe she should’ve pieced it together; Tony Stark being your “family friend” made a lot more sense now than it did when you first explained your relation to him. MJ came to the conclusion that she didn’t know you completely. She knew the careful, kind, and studious you, but not the brave, magical, and heroine you.

As she sat down on her bed and stared at your side of the room, she looked at a photo of you, Tony, and Natasha tucked behind clothes you hadn’t bothered to put into drawers. MJ’s heart ached for you, now knowing that you were mostly likely with Tony and Natasha in their near to final moments of their lives. You two had been separated from one another before The Snap and hadn’t seen each other until four weeks after the fact.

MJ also came to the conclusion that Peter was Spider-Man. There was absolutely no way his “internship” with Tony was fetching coffee if you were a magical being who learned under Tony’s wing. She just didn’t know if you knew it or if Peter knew your alter ego.

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LEGACY: A Tony Stark Daughter Story



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Word Count: 1,335ish

Summary: Bailey tries to help Morgan.


When I woke up, I shot straight out of my bed, almost right onto my feet. Surprisingly, it was morning. I rushed out of my room and right into Pepper.

“Woah, B,” she said, stabilizing me. “What’s the rush?”

“Morgan. Where’s Morgan?”

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and worry. “She should be in her bedroom. Why?”

I rushed down the hall and threw open Morgan’s door. She wasn’t in her bed. And after frantically searching her room, I came to the conclusion that she wasn’t in there.

“Mom!” Pepper hurried over at my calling. “She’s not here.”

We rushed down the stairs, shouting her name. Bucky and Wanda were in the kitchen making breakfast. They both were confused at our calls for the little Stark.

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Note- my mum said she wouldn’t let me marry Steve cause he’d cheat on me lol. If only she knew Steve perfect human™ Rogers. This is for @jtargaryen18 s 30 days of Chris. It’s a desi reader but I’ve kept it vague anyone can read it.

Please do not steal or repost my works. Reblogs are welcome.

Summary- Meeting the parents is never easy. Will Steve be able to work his way into your mums heart?

Pairing- Steve Rogers x desi!reader

Word count- 1.3k


Steve smiled looking at your head resting on his shoulder. You fell asleep watching some in-flight entertainment. He could feel you drooling on his shirt. He had half a mind to wake you up, you were going to your mothers house directly from the airport, he wouldn’t have time to change his clothes or make his face. He needed to look presentable. First impressions do matter.

But then you snaked your hand around his bicep cuddling it to snuggle closer to him. He couldn’t wake you up now.

He traced the diamond on your engagement ring. He had asked you to marry him over a month ago and you made him the happiest man in the world by saying yes.

He would have preferred to ask your mother for your hand first, but she had no clue that he existed. Something that still annoys him. But he trusted you when you said that you needed time.

He was excited to meet your family, see the house you grew up in. At the same time he was terrified. He was told that he’s perfect relationship material many times, he tried his best to be the most perfect boyfriend and now fiancé he could. He had no clue if your mother would like him. If she’d consider him too old for you or not approve of your relationship or unworthy of you.

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Summary: Loki fakes sick and you get mad. Soulmate AU

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,020


You closed Romeo and Juliet and looked at Loki. The sick demigod was lying on his bed, propped up by his pillows.

“Well, that’s just karma,” Loki said.

“Karma for what?” You ask.

“You cannot fall in love in first sight, and you certainly cannot fall in love with someone after two hours of knowing them!”

You study Loki for a moment, cocking your head to the side. That’s how I felt after I found met you. You thought.

You see, Loki was your soulmate. In your universe, soulmates each shared a special mark. Yours was on your wrist, as was Loki’s. It was the black silhouette of a male deer-a buck-on a grassy field.

When you had met Loki, you had just come back from a mission, intending on watching the new episodes of your favorite show, (f/s), that you had missed. Instead, you found Loki on the couch watching Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

Realizing that the silence had dragged on for quite some time, you opted on saying, “I suppose you’re right. Now, you need to get some rest. You’re sick.”

“Will you stay here?” Loki whined.

You rolled your eyes, forcing down the pink that tried to make its way to your cheeks. “I’m going to get you some water and some medicine. Then I’ll come back.”

You exited the room and shut the door softly behind you. You allowed yourself to blush as you thought about what Loki had said. Even if you knew that he didn’t know that he was your soulmate, did he care about you? Like that?

No, there’s no way. You thought. And if he did know, he would say something. Right?

You had no idea. Loki may be your soulmate, and you may do your best to spend as much time with him as you could, you still didn’t know whether or not he would say something. He was a rather good liar.

You made your way to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and some medicine for Loki.

“Where’s Loki?” Natasha asked.

“Hm?” You looked up. “Oh, he’s sick.”

Thor looked confused. “Loki’s never been sick in his life. I don’t think he can get sick.”

Quite a few thoughts went through your mind. “Oh, he is so dead.” You muttered.

You stormed over to his room, doing your best to not think the worst. Had Loki lied about being sick? If so, why?

You flung open the door. “What the hell, Loki?”

“(Y/n), I can explain-”

“Did you lie about being sick? I really wouldn’t put it past you.”

“Yes, but-”

“I cannot believe you! Why would you do that? You made me worried when you didn’t show up for breakfast. I thought something might be wrong, so I went to you. And what do I find out now, that you’re not really sick because you can’t get sick! Why the hell would you do something like that! I’m more mad about that than I ever was about-!”

“(Y/n)!” Loki cut you off. He got out of bed and walked over to you. “I lied about being sick to spend time with you.”

Noticing how close his face was to yours, you went pink. “You could have just asked…” You muttered, crossing your arms. You uncrossed them and pushed him back. “That’s not something that you should lie about, especially not to your soul-” You cut yourself off, slapping a hand to your mouth. You, in no way, wanted him to know. Not yet.

“My soulmate?”

You nodded.

“I knew, you know.”


“I knew.”

“You did?”



“You usually wear long sleeves or sweaters. But, once, during the summer, you wore a t-shirt. I saw it then.”

“Oh. Well, you could have just told me.”

“You didn’t tell me.”

“Fair enough.”

He had crept closer to you while you spoke. You hadn’t noticed up until now. He was a hairsbreadth away.

“And how did you find out, Princess?”

You raised an eyebrow at the nickname, but allowed it. “When you raised a hand during a meeting to call attention to yourself. Your sleeve went down and I saw the mark. It wasn’t too long after we met.”

“Ah. And why did you decide to keep this from me?”

“You didn’t know yet, and you were going through a lot. I thought it best to tell you later, and to be your friend first.”

“I don’t think you cuddling with me after a nightmare entirely qualifies as being simply friends.”

You didn’t really know what to say to that. “I-uh-” You stuttered.

Loki chuckled. He put an arm up on the wall behind you. You hadn’t realized that you had been backed into a wall. Your face went pink.

His other hand gently gripped your chin. “May I kiss you?”

You nodded silently.

Loki leaned in. The kiss was featherlight, sweet and tender and not at all what you had expected. In it were words that hadn’t been spoken. The two of you didn’t seem to need to speak them anymore, however.

You brought your hands up to cup Loki’s face, drawing him in closer. He broke the kiss, and you whined and tried to follow.

“You want more, don’t you Princess?”

You pouted slightly. “Maybe.”

“Damn, (Y/n)!” Tony said when you walked into the kitchen for dinner, holding Loki’s hand. “Look at that hickey!”

You went red. “Like you haven’t had plenty, Stark.” You snapped. Loki smiled down at you as you took your places next to each other at the table. “What?” You asked him.

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

“No, it’s definitely something.”

“Must you make me admit it in front of all these people?”

“If it’s something you deign to keep private-”

He silenced you with a kiss. “Because I’m glad to do so.” He finished. “I love you.”

Your cheeks flushed. “I love you, too.”

Clint whistled, Tony cheered, and everyone else either applauded or made retching noises.

“That was disgusting,” Natasha said. “But at least you’ve finally put us out of our misery.”


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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1.7k

Summary: In which you leave for a mission that leaves you particularly distressed, and Steve’s there to comfort you when you return. 

Warnings: soft angst, fluff, and as always, major cringe lol


Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

“Why the long face?” Steve raised an eyebrow at you as you walked into the lounge, looking rather serious compared to the usual smile that graced your face upon seeing your teammates. “Clint swoop down from the vents and steal your eclairs again?”

“Fury happened,” you deadpanned.


“He wouldn’t tell me where the hell I’m even going. All he said was to meet with STRIKE team 4 and Copeland in ten. Nothing else.”

“How long will you be gone for?”

“I’ll be back by tonight. It’s just a day trip,” you reassured him, upon seeing the worried look in your best friend’s eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

The super-soldier just nodded, brushing your hair away from your face and pressing a light kiss to your forehead. You felt your cheeks warm up under his touch. “Stay safe out there, alright?”

“I know. I will.”

“Well, someone looks depressed at their girlfriend’s departure,” Sam said just as you left to go meet up with the other agents.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Sam.”

“Then why were you looking at her like the way Thor looks at a brand-new box of Pop-Tarts?” he countered.

“I wasn’t. I was just worried for her safety. She hasn’t been sent on as many missions without one of us compared to going as a team.”

“Dude, it’s Y/N you’re talking about here. You’re really doubting someone who’s as good of a fighter as Nat and can move things with her mind?”

“Tony worries about Peter and that kid can shoot webs.”

“Touché. But when the hell are you going to tell her?” Sam groaned.

“Tell her what.”

“That you’re hopelessly in love with her, duh.”

“Never, because I’m not.”

“Okay…whatever you say, pal.”

Steve waited for nearly six hours after eating breakfast, skipping lunch as he sat at the couch and stared at his phone, waiting for you to call in and update on your current status. The rest of the team was quick to catch up on what was happening and despite their relentless teasing he didn’t budge, until the sound of his ringtone filled the room, your contact picture filling up the screen.

“Hey, soldier,” you spoke in a flirty voice as you picked up. “You guys holding up okay back there?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “though I think Bucky’s missing you more than he’d like to let on. He fell asleep in your beanbag chair with Goose in his lap not too long ago.”

“Oh, really?” You smiled to yourself as you pictured the cat asleep on Bucky as he dozed off as well. “That’s something I wouldn’t mind using as blackmail.”

“How’s the mission going?”

You paused for a moment before replying. “Just fine. I’m on the flight back home…so signal’s not so good up here. I’m afraid I’ll have to hang up, but…see you in an hour?”

“Yeah, see you.”

Steve decided to busy himself with playing blackjack with Clint and Sam for the time being, and as he did you’d arrived and quietly slipped up to your room to change into something more comfortable.

You sat at the edge of your bed and exhaled loudly, rubbing your forehead as you blankly stared at the wall ahead.

“How long have you been standing there?” you asked, without looking up at the super-soldier leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed over his broad chest.  

“Longer than you’d like,” he sighed, making his way over to you and sitting at the edge of your bed next to you. “I didn’t hear you come in. How’d it go?”

“It was okay.”

“Okay as in, you could’ve done better, or you did well?”

You frowned as you thought back to the events of earlier. “It went well…I guess you could put it that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Um…well…I was sent off with a STRIKE team to this guy’s house somewhere in Nova Scotia, I assumed he was a major leader of HYDRA’s navy division…there were twelve of us, and it was just him and another guard. They weren’t prepared; only had pistols on them, nothing else. So we were in and out faster than I could blink…”

“What’s the bad thing about that, then?” Steve’s brows furrowed in concern as he saw your eyes water with unshed tears, “Hey. You okay?”

You shook your head, too busy thinking to realize that he was holding your hand in his ever so gently, his fingers just barely brushing against your own and frankly, it scared you. It scared you because it gave you a feeling of what could only be described as falling for him, hard, and that was the last thing you planned on doing.

You didn’t want this to happen; you knew you weren’t supposed to feel this way about someone you’d been working alongside for years. It wasn’t right. You weren’t supposed to feel this way so suddenly after coming back from a traumatizing mission that you were sure you wouldn’t be forgetting about anytime soon.

Steve was silent as you spoke. “Nobody told me that his family was staying with him as well. A ten year-old boy and six year-old girl. They killed them too. Along with his wife, and brother in-law. I shot them both. Then the girl recognized me. Called out my name, a smile on her little face as she told me she was a huge fan of mine before Agent Blake came in. A bullet tore through her back and she fell to the ground, her mouth was opened in permanent shock and she stared straight at me the entire time, didn’t look away. Can you believe it? The daughter of a man gone mad, was a fan of an Avenger. And I just stood there and let her die, as her brother screamed out for her to stay with him and I didn’t do anything about it. Then he was killed, too.

"I’m not supposed to be like this. This is HYDRA we’re looking at. So why should I even feel the slightest hint of remorse at their deaths? I’ve shot countless bullets into soldiers’ brains without a second thought, I could snap someone’s neck without a blink of an eye and easily kill them without feeling regretful at all. But these, these were kids, Steve. I don’t care whether they’re the family of an organization trying to plot our demise because they were kids, and they didn’t deserve to die the brutal death they did. Yet I let them die, willingly, standing by and doing nothing as they suffered all because I believed it was the right thing to do.”

“He killed a kid,” he repeated.

You nodded numbly, “Kids. Said he couldn’t leave them by themselves. That there was no point in keeping them alive when everyone else was dead.”

You wanted to cry, but for some strange reason the tears refused to come. In that moment, it seemed as if the easiest thing to do at the moment was to scream and let it all out in order to get rid of the guilt and regret, all the hurt and anger, that was stabbing at your heart like a thousand thorns of agonizing pain. Instead all you were left with was a sinking emptiness that gripped every fibre of your being and refused to let go, a hollow feeling leaving a never ending void that couldn’t seem to be filled no matter what.

“Y/N,” he said softly after several minutes passed in silence. “Talk to me.”

“What else is there for me to say?” your voice wavered, swallowing the lump in your throat. “I shot his family. And watched as a little girl died a brutal death right before my eyes. This isn’t who I’m supposed to be. But it is now. I’m a monster.”

“Don’t say that,” he pleaded, lacing your fingers together and squeezing your hand tightly, “none of this is your fault.”

“But it is!” your voice cracked as you tried to raise it a notch. “I was part of it all! We murdered five people in cold blood. And now I have to live with that burden on my shoulders for the rest of my life. How would you feel if you had to deal with that?”

“You did what you had to do, Y/N; you followed orders. You were just trying to do what you could,” he murmured, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you close, gently rubbing your arm. Despite the heaviness that lay in your stomach, you still felt your heart flutter at the feeling of your bodies pressed together. “It’s gonna be okay.”

You relaxed and sunk into the warmth of his side, inhaling his intoxicating scent of warm coffee and mint as your head fell against his broad shoulder and you let out a long sigh. After a moment you turned to face him, so both his arms wrapped around you and yours did the same, encircling his torso as you buried your face in his broad chest to muffle the sounds of your sobs. The feel of him so close to you seemed to calm you down more than you’d expected and you didn’t want to let go. The world around you fell away as he held you tightly, pressing a soft kiss to your hair and whispering soothing words into your ear.

You didn’t know how much time passed as he held you there like that, so carefully yet firmly as if he believed you were a fragile flower that could easily crumble even at the slightest touch. But it felt nice, and you just wished you could forget all the problems of your past, present, and future and stay like this with him forever. And he found himself hoping for the same thing as well.

“Um, Wanda made quesadillas, so I’d advise you get down there quick before they get soggy,” Natasha cleared her throat awkwardly as she pushed your bedroom door open and peeked in, bringing the two of you apart. “Peter came over for the weekend, says he’s gonna help Tony with some lab work.”

“We’ll be down in a sec,” Steve replied.

When you stood up with him he moved his arm to put it around your shoulders as you headed downstairs together.

“So I’m assuming everything went well,” Sam said with a slight smirk in his tone as you sat down at the kitchen counter, Wanda handing both you and Steve plates of freshly-made quesadillas. “Although Y/N, you look like you’re about to murder someone…”

You shot him a menacing glare, making him shut up immediately.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Gwen tries to steal your would-be boyfriend during auditions.

Warnings:Swearing, fluff, jealousy

A/N: GIF credit goes to owner. 


Originally posted by transparentparadiseglitterzombie

A week after you and Peter signed up for the musical, you both found yourselves sitting among a few familiar faces. In fact, a lot of them were your friends.

Gwen Stacey was there (no surprise), but so was MJ, Harry, Betty, and Harley. You hadn’t expected to see so many of your friends there, and although you were nervous about auditioning for a musical, being around some of your best friends make it better.

“Hey Peter,” Gwen says as she sits between you and Peter. You had a feeling it was on purpose, but you weren’t going to say anything about it.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You meet your “real dad” and end up learning more than you expect you would. 

Warning:Swearing, Angst, Angry!Reader, Angry!Avengers, Angry!Peter

A/N: Colab with @annies-marvel-imagines​. No GIFs are mine.


“Are you sure this is a good idea?” you ask. Ellie, somehow knowing where he lived, had practically dragged you there. You weren’t sure if he’d be happy to see you or not. You don’t even know if he knows you exist.

“Yeah,” Ellie says, gently pushing you towards the door of his apartment. “You deserve the truth and who better than your own dad?”

“Okay…” You knock on the door and wait.

“Just a second!” A man yells on the other side. You hear the sound of something breaking and someone swearing before the door opens. “What do you want?”

“I’m-”, you begin but he interrupts you.

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‘summary: pretending to be over steve rogers is hard. all it takes is a few glasses of expensive wine and a conversation with his gorgeous new girlfriend before the walls begin to come down.

warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing, jealousy.  

on account for the spam of star wars imagines (not that i’m complaining), here is some steeb content to tide you over till i write some more avengers stuff. love u all

- val xx 


Originally posted by ifoundkylo

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You’d been hiding for years and years now; from your  family, from society, from alphas and packs. Suppressants were dangerous but effective and necessary for an omega who refused to be owned—but no suppressants were strong enough to fool the nose of a super soldier, who together with his pack would stop at nothing to bind you to them forever.


pairings: dark!Avengers x reader
word length:
chapters: 2/?
A/B/O dynamics, power imbalances, noncon and dubcon sexual situations, loss of autonomy, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat — this is a dark!fic, read at your own risk. Open the read more and CTRL + F, search “content warnings” to skip to detailed trigger warnings at the bottom of the chapter.

hey read this: im desperately hoping this lives up to the standards the first chapter apparently set my dudes, fingers crossed i don’t lose any of you with this one 🤞🤞 also before we get started i just wanna let yall know i am very firmly set in my decisions for the designations and i do not apologize lmao 🤙 

You had been manhandled often in your life; even if you’d managed to pass as a beta for more than a decade, you weren’t strong and couldn’t stand your ground in the face of an alpha three times your size. Steve had sucked his fingers clean and hefted you up into his arms, following Bruce back into the cabin and down into the basement—you hadn’t been allowed to clean the basement, it was one of the off-limits areas that were noted in your many instructions. If a door is locked, leave it alone. No cleaning is necessary in the basement, garage, or third floor. Wash the linens with a scent free detergent. Make sure the refrigerator is properly scrubbed out.

He’d left you on a metal countertop with instructions to be good for Bruce. You weren’t sure what that entailed but as soon as the blond left the room, your mind started to race. There was no way you could get away from Steve, Sam you could potentially outrun, but Bruce? Being left alone with the beta was the best thing they could’ve done for you. You could get away from Bruce. 

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I Lived.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader (platonic)

Summary: on one of the saddest days, you think back on all of the memories you built with one of your best friends.

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: fluff, angst, endgame (is that a warning? i think it is.), reader is called bambi sometimes as a nickname?,

Note: Here is my first one-shot and I wrote it because Tony was my favorite character and I guess I had to say goodbye and I felt as if writing about him would help. I don’t know if this one-shot will be good or not, but I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by team-downey-1965


“Yes, miss L/N?”

“Where is Stark at?”

“In the lab, miss”

You signed softly, glancing at the digital clock on your nightstand before standing from your bed and exiting the room. Walking down the tower’s hallway at 3:00 in the morning was common for you recently. In a couple minutes, you ended up in front of the lab’s doors and walked in, smiling at the sound of AC/DC in the background while Tony worked on upgrading his new suit.

“Hey Stark,” you announced over the music, chuckling when you saw him tense slightly before looking over at you.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed, bambi?”

“Are you ever going to stop calling me that?”


“Well, there’s your answer,” you replied walking over to the couch by his work station as Tony sighed, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Then what do you need?”

You paused, sitting on the couch and playing with the sleeves of your shirt,”Just wanted someone to talk to,” you mumbled before looking up at the robotics scattered around the room.

If you were paying attention, you would have seen the corner of his mouth quirk up slightly,”so you came to the old man?”

You smiled softly before meeting his gaze,”no, I didn’t go to Steve. I came to talk to one of my best friends”

Tony finally stopped messing with his suit, turning around to face you fully and before you knew it, he was right by your side on the couch. “You now have my interest.”

You bit your lip before sighing,”I couldn’t sleep,” you began,”so I usually try to find someone to talk to before I can, but no one else has as many stories as the infamous Tony Stark.”

He smirked as he looked over at you,”what story would you like to hear tonight?”

“The one where you got so drunk in Brazil after a conference, that you woke up handcuffed to the bed of your hotel room.”

He let out a loud groan, causing you to cackle, as he covered his face,”you’re going to hold that against me forever, aren’t you?”

“Always, Tony.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Hey Tones”

“Yes, bambi?”

“When did you realize Pepper was the one?”

You heard a small sigh come from him and there were a couple minutes of silence. You didn’t think he heard you, until the words came rushing out.

“My mother used to tell me,” he began softly,”that when you meet the love of your life time stops and it happened as soon as I saw her. It still does happen, it feels like there is nothing in this world other than me and her. We both had our disagreements, but no matter what, we always came back to each other because I don’t think I could live without her.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” You whispered, smiling as you looked up at the stars.


“I’m glad you met Pepper, you’re truly happy with her and she is what you need. She always looks after you and takes care of you, even better than I could, Tone.”

You felt him squeeze your hand softly,”Don’t kid yourself, you both keep me in check. Both of you team up on me and it gets scary-,” he said with a small chuckle before pausing,”just don’t tell Pepper that.”

“I would never!,” you exclaimed with a gasped, feigning hurt. Tony laughed loudly,”You would and you know it!”

“I only tell her things when it seems best fit,” you said, lightly pushing him with your free hand, even though it didn’t do much with you both laying on the roof,”It’s only because I care about you, Tones.”

“I know, bambi.”

“You know I used to hate it when you called me that,” you began, squeezing his hand,”but I guess it grew on me, just like you did.”

“Oh please, you were stuck with me the moment you made fun of my goatee,” he responded and your bit you lip to hold back a laugh.

“Oh no, I think it was after that when we got into an argument that Pepper had to spilt us up for,” you laughed, tears filling up in your eyes from how hard you were laughing, causing Tony to start laughing too

“I had to defend myself!”

“You could have just taken a joke!”

And after a couple minutes, you both finally calmed down, breathing heavily from the laughing spell.

“You know you’ll be stuck with me forever?”

“Always, Tones,”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


“What’s wrong?”

“How’d you know something was wrong?”

“Because I know you like the back of my hand, now talk to me.”

“I got stood up,” you whimpered, clutching your phone as you tried to blink away your tears. There was silence on the other side before Tony finally answered,

“I’ll be there soon.”

Before you could reply back, the call ended abruptly. You sighed, putting your phone back into your purse and leaned back against the wall of the restaurant you had been at for the past hour and a half. After a couple of minutes, a black car pulled up and you shook your head.

“Of course he sent Happy,” you sighed to yourself as you walked towards the car, your step faltering when the car door opened and the billionaire got out with a small smile before opening his arms. Your pace quickened again and you wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face into his neck as the tears finally escaped.

“It’ll be okay, bambi,” he mumbled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and the other being placed into your hair, his fingering running through it.

You cried into his shoulder,”t-they said they would be here,” you whimpered, clinging onto him,”it was supposed to b-be our one year..”

Tony signed, squeezing you softly,”did he text you?” and you paused before bursting into tears again as you nodded,”okay, and what did he say?”

“T-that it was over..”

He started to rub your back, ignoring the looks that you both were reviving from people passing by. “I didn’t like him anyways, bambi. He wasn’t good enough for you.”

“I-I just wanna be somebody to someone for once..”

“Bambi, you already are,” Tony whispered,”you’re somebody to me, to Pepper, to the all of us. He just didn’t deserve to have a girl like you, sweetie.”

You sniffled, slowly loosening your grip from him before looking into his eyes as he smiled in the stupidest way you have seen. You giggled quietly as you wiped away your tears and he squeezed your shoulders softly.

“Go live your life, Y/N. Go see the world and own every second that the world can give you,” he whispered and he stared at you for a second before walking you back to the car and opened the door for you.


“Yes, sir?”

“Call Rogers and tell him that we have some business to take care of when we get back to the tower.”

“On it, sir,” the A.I. responded as Tony got into the car.

“You know I care about you, bambi?”


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



“We’re snowed in..”

“What?! I was supposed to go home to see my family for Christmas, Tony.”

“I know, but the blizzard isn’t going to let that happen anytime soon. So, I have an idea..” he trailed off, his arms hidden behind his back as he looked at you, which caused you to raise your eyebrows and looked at him to continue,”I bought your favorite Christmas movies!” he exclaimed, finally bringing his arms from behind him to show the DVD’s.

The stress you felt earlier slowly disappeared as you smiled at the man in front of you,”you’re the best, Tones…”

“So i’ve been told.”

You laughed quietly before it faded into a soft smile and you quickly pull him into a hug, catching him by surprise as he stood frozen before he finally wrapped his arms around you,”thank you.”

“I’ll accept that as long as you make the hot chocolate,” Tony replied with a small smile before it slowly disappeared,”…you will be making the hot chocolate right?”

“Always, Tony.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


“I have to do this.”

You sighed softly, pinching your nose as you closed your eyes,”this team is gonna be the death of me,”

“You even know I have to do this, Y/N, I have no choice because this is us. This is the team,” Tony scoffed and finally looked over at you, but not meeting your eye. This caused you to look up at him in disbelief and as you opened your mouth to respond, he beat you to it.

“117 nations, Y/N. What else can we do?”

You purse your lips as you shuffle your feet and cross your arms,”this isn’t going to end well for the team, Tony. Steve didn’t sign and I doubt Wanda will or Sam.”

“But what will you do? Are you with me or against me?”

“I’m with you, Tony,” you finally replied after a while, dreading what was going to happen next.

And you were right to. Steve and his team were nomads now and Rhodey ended up being paralyzed from the waist down after the battle that took place at the airport.

You squeezed Tony’s shoulder softly and if you weren’t paying attention, then you wouldn’t have heard him.

“Since everyone runs, are you going to stay?”

“Always, Mr. Stank,”

He groaned and tried to hit your hand away and he barely missed it as you cackled at him.

“You’re the worst, bambi.”

“Don’t blame me, Rhodey put it in my mind!”

“I truly am stuck with you idiots.”

“Always Tones,”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


“Y/N! Where are you?”

“Tones, it worked..”

You stood, bloody and beaten, watching in amazement at all the portals opening with tears filling your eyes as you turned to look at Tony.

“It worked Tones,” you repeated with a sniffle.

“It worked, bambi,” he whispered, looking around the battlefield before swallowing and turning his gaze back to you,”but it’s not finished yet.”

You swallowed as you saw what he meant and looked straight into his eyes before pulling him into a hug,”no matter what Tony,” you said quietly before sniffling again. He stayed silent, holding you tightly against him, not knowing if this was the last time it would happen for you both.

“No matter what happens, you better come back to me safe and sound.”

“You know I will, but you need to come back too. We’re both stuck with each other until we’re old as fuck.”

You chuckle softly, slightly shaking your head. “You’re the same man you were ten years ago, Tones.”

“So are you, bambi. I couldn’t have picked a greater woman to be Morgan’s godmother,” Tony whispered, bringing tears to your eyes as you pulled him as close to you as you could.

You watched in silence as Steve seemed to be talking to someone else over his com. “You still have a horrible goatee,” you joked, as he scoffed and pulled away for a second to finally smile down at you.

“I might, but you still love it and wouldn’t get rid of it,” he said before kissing your forehead.

“You’re right, I wouldn’t,” You smiled softly, still not letting go, but still watching as everyone started to come out of the portals. It was breathtaking.

“I love you, bambi,” Tony said and you froze. This was the first time you heard the words come out of his mouth and everything seemed to become more serious and difficult to comprehend.

“I-I love you too, Tones.”

“Avengers!” Steve yelled out as you slowly let go of your best friend and you swallowed, looking over at him.

“You’ll still be here, right?” you whispered, looking into his brown eyes as his lips quirked up into a small smile.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You were broken out of your thoughts when you felt a hand on your shoulder and you looked up to see Steve staring down at you with a sad smile.

“It’s time to go kid, where do you want me to take you?”


“Where’s that?”

You opened your mouth to answer and paused.


Home was where you and Tony would always mess with the team or just with each other. Home was watching your favorite Christmas movie with him while drinking hot chocolate. Home was at the lab in the middle of the night, swapping embarrassing stories until you were both asleep or crying from laughing so hard. Home was with Pepper as you both got on Tony for not taking care of himself. Home was with him watching his daughter grow up.

Home was in his bed where you had sleepovers when neither of you could sleep. Home was the living room where you made a fort out of blankets and pillows. Home was watching him fix his suit, no matter how boring it was. Home was crying into his shoulder when things went wrong. Home was going to him and telling him how horrible your day was. Home was the smell of motor oil, coffee and his cologne. Home was with Tony Stark.

You held back the tears as you choked out,”just take me back to the compound.”

You’ll still be there, right?


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A Grove of Trees

A/N: hi!! Apologies for my inconsistent posting but life has been a crazy time recently!!! Anyways, here is the piece I will be submitting for @gingerwritess​‘s writing challenge for the prompt “a grove of trees”. Congrats on 4,000 bby!! I hope you enjoy this fic!!

Warnings: N/A (just witch tingz) 

Summary: When Bucky is sent on a stakeout to investigate ‘suspicious activity’, he meets someone unexpected instead.  

Witch!Reader X Bucky Barnes 


Originally posted by milamai

The day Fury told him he would be doing a stakeout, Bucky could feel the back pain coming already. Sam could call him an old man all he wanted, it still wouldn’t change the fact that Bucky hated stakeouts. Specifically stakeouts like this one that involved staying in a tiny hut in the woods, watching a cabin that has had, according to Fury, “suspicious activity” going on inside. Fury had refused to tell Bucky what “suspicious activity” had been happening, only that some of the plants of the cabin’s garden looked like something out of another realm. The plants overgrown, scoring the walls and fence of the garden, but well-loved by what seems to be a woman who only comes out once a month. Bucky found it hard to believe that one woman in the middle of the woods had caught the attention of SHIELD, so much attention that he had to be sent on a stakeout but nonetheless accepted the mission with a promise of a month-long vacation by the end of it.

It was two days into the stakeout that Bucky suggested he sneak into the cabin, but Fury strongly suggested against it saying “It’s too risky with how little we know.” When Bucky had asked about a background check on the woman, Fury said that not even their high-tech cameras could capture more than an extremely blurry picture, so blurry it couldn’t be traced. It was mysterious, to say the least, and by day three Bucky had just about had it. With a near-constant combination of a headache and back pains, Bucky was done. Putting his Avenger status to good use and a small argument with Fury, Bucky stood at the door of the cabin with strict orders to only engage if absolutely necessary. 

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Summary: Your life has revolved around his, the Winter Soldier. Now you’re trying to live a life outside of Hydra, outside of him but he’s here too, trying to live a life outside of Hydra as well. Your therapist wants you both to work together but how can you do that when he’s the bane of your existence?

Warnings: Angst, PTSD Flashbacks, Blood and Gore, Love/Hate Relationship, Friends with Feelings, Enemies to Friends/Lovers, Nsfw-ish, Slow Burn

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader, Winter Soldier x Shadow

We were created to strip lungs of their breath. To destroy pretty little things and burn them to the ground. To bring the world to its knees and hear our name spoken only in fearful whispers. We were made to be a monster.

Healing in Time Master-list

Italics are flashbacks and/or thoughts!

So I decided to rewrite part six. I had posted it prematurely because I feel like it didn’t really make that much sense. So I decided to rewrite it. Plus I was finally able to order a new laptop and it’s supposed to get here within a week, hopefully.

Also I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates for this series! When my computer said screw you, everything was deleted including this story which I had finished. Now that I’m having to rewrite it, I’m having trouble trying to move the story along the right way. That and my niece starts homeschooling soon and my sister needs my help with her other kids so I’ll be staying with them for a while and they don’t have a computer for me to use. So updates might still be scarce.

There’s a time skip between part five and this part just so I can get the story rolling.

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