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#avengers x reader
lesbian-deadpool · 3 days ago
Natasha: It’s just that my mom is always very judgmental of my relationships. She’s never liked any of them.
Y/N: Okay, well, that’s no excuse for faking your Mom. It’s not my fault you dated a bunch of losers until you met me.
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missmonsters2 · a day ago
Between the Lines - Masterlist
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader / Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader / WandaNat x Reader
Summary: Vampire AU. Life has changed drastically since the 1600s. Things are always on the move, and you’ve been very careful to not get on SHIELDs radar. Living on the down-low owning a café, you’re content to live out a quiet existence. That is until the Avengers enter your life.
[Set after the New York Invasion, in CAWS, and goes up to AoU. Canon divergent after.]
Series Warnings: This series will contain smut(**), poly-relationship, and dark themes. Therefore this is 18+ series. If you read further, you are agreeing you are 18+.
Please do not repost/translate anywhere. Reblogs/Comments are much welcomed ♥
Main Masterlist || Library Blog
Tumblr media
PART XIV [January 3, 2022]
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8plasma · a day ago
lucky save
note: happy early christmas @c-is-writing ‹3 i hope you enjoy this. you asked for fluff and cuddles so i did what i could !!
prompt: you and natasha deal with the aftermath of protecting her during a mission. she hasn’t left your side since, too afraid to lose you.
you know, the fic where she’s a bit too overprotective now and she’s scared to death when you’re not anywhere near her eyesight, and she holds you and keeps you close all the time now? yeah, that fic (but you don’t mind it too much in this one).
warnings: mild talk of violence. fluff, so sweet and cute it kind of makes me want to die.
ty ally for proofreading
. . .
natasha remembered every detail about that day. it only happened two weeks ago, but she could remember step by step from waking up that morning to the minute she was forced to sit by your hospital bedside later that same night.
she spent the entire time praying to a god she hadn’t talked to in over a decade for some sort of miracle. that night and the few days that followed were some of the most cruel and excruciatingly painful moments of her life she’d ever had to endure.
natasha should’ve known you’d do something that stupid for her. it’s not like she wouldn’t have done the same though, you’re her wife for god’s sake. the only thing she hated about the situation was that it was you who put your life at risk to save hers.
you only knew now just how little natasha cared for her own existence when it came to the ones she loved. it broke your heart in a way you couldn’t explain. you’d made it a future goal that when you were better you’d show her just how much she matters to those around her, starting with herself first.
and contrary to what most people would think about natasha’s reaction to the situation, she didn’t push you away. that thought hadn’t crossed the spy’s mind even once since the mission.
natasha wasn’t going to let you slip away from her own fear and insecurities of losing you. having witnessed your near death experience only solidified your value of existence to her. it would be stupid of natasha to be anything except there for you, by your side, even if she did get annoyed with herself in the process of it all. she just needed for you to be safe, alive and well.
true to her unspoken promise, natasha hadn’t left your side. for nearly a week now she’d been helping you out with everything, including the things you were most embarrassed and ashamed of.
“hey nat?”
“i’m here.” she called softly from outside of the bathroom door.
“would you mind helping me with my bandages? i can’t reach my lower back in the way i need to.” natasha rushed over towards you, worry evident in her eyes.
“you should’ve asked me to help you the second you got in here! i don’t want-”
“natasha, it’s okay. i’m okay. nothings going to happen to me anymore. not while i have you around.”
she huffed, “yeah but-”
“not to mention i’m off missions for the next four months, all 121 days of those which you took off for as well.” natasha bit back her reply, choosing to solely focus on patching you back up, properly.
the bruises on your back were all still a familiar dark shade of purple. you both knew it would take awhile for your ribs to heal, but having seen the external damage done to your body only made natasha’s stomach churn with guilt.
“do you want to lay back down? i know the doctor said bed rest, but i know how suffocating that can feel, even if it’s just been short of a week. we can drive around if you’d like, or do whatever makes you feel better.”
you winced as you turned to face her, causing natasha to put her hand on your shoulder to stop you from moving any further.
“habit, sorry.”
“i know, it’s okay. just let me come around to you next time, please. you don’t need to be twisting your torso in any way, shape or form.”
you gave another wince, giggling lightly at her motherly tone. “i know, i know. i think i just want to lay down for now, though. maybe later we can try to go to the park when it’s not so busy.” you breathed, clearly short of breath from your multiple rib fractures.
“would you mind picking me up and carrying me back to bed? i think i’ve used up all my morning energy to use the bathroom and try and change my bandages.”
natasha didn’t bother hiding her hesitation around the matter, something she normally wouldn’t do. you were the exception however, and natasha knew she was safe to let herself crack around you.
“you won’t hurt me, i promise. you weren’t the one who hurt me in the first place anyway. and even if you do cause me a sharp little pain i’ll let you know, okay? don’t overthink it.” that was just the thing natasha needed to hear before picking you up and gently placing you back in bed.
natasha was normally always extra, extra careful when it came to picking you up, but ever since the incident she monitored every little millimeter she moved with you in her arms.
she draped the blanket over your body and sorted out your medication for you, double checking to make sure everything was right before giving you your first dose of the day.
“what would you like for breakfast, my love?” you pondered for a minute, weighing your options. the only problem was that nothing sounded good enough to eat, no matter how well natasha could make it for you.
“i don’t know. i’m not really that hungry right now.”
“well i’m sorry to hear that, but that’s too bad. we’ve got to get your body nourished so it can heal faster now, don’t we?”
you nodded sheepishly knowing she was right. “pancakes?”
“of course. you can have your probiotic drink with lunch since you just took your antibiotics. don’t try anything while i’m gone, okay? and if, for some unbelievable reason that you do, please, please be careful. i’ll be back in ten, and i’ll know if you’ve moved.”
“no you wouldn’t!” you challenged.
“but baby don’t you know who i am? a widow always knows.” she finished off with a wink.
waiting ten minutes for her to get back felt like an eternity when you couldn’t move to reach for your phone. you tried to close your eyes for a mini nap, but your pain levels were too high to try and focus your mind on anything else.
luckily for you natasha already knew how you were feeling, despite you reassuring her a thousand times that you were fine. she paced herself as fast as she could without burning or undercooking anything. after adding on a few finishing touches natasha made her way up the stairs and back into the bedroom with a reindeer shaped pancake on your plate.
“and now you get to eat rudolph for breakfast! how does it feel to be eating a poor, innocent, dead reindeer to start off your day? got anything at all to say for yourself? nothing? you’re one sick individual, you know.” she teased, hopping (gently) on the bed next to you with a fork and butter knife presented as your gifts.
you scrunched your face in amusement at your wife. “well if i’m eating him while i’m completely bedridden, i suppose you were the one that killed him, right? i mean it makes sense after all. it’s just you and me here-”
“hey now, watch who you’re accusing of doing what. i took no part in rudolf’s unfortunate death! it seems to be a mere coincidence in my opinion…” natasha trailed off, attempting to take the heat off her back.
“good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion then.” you snorted, reaching your hand out for the fork natasha held.
your wife only raised an eyebrow at you in response before pulling a handful of sarcasm out of her ass. “thank you so much for making me this delicious looking pancake with a cute red nose and everything–
–oh! you’re talking to me? it’s no problem at all. i had loads of fun making it for you! all six ingredients and everything. do you like the way-”
“you’re reallyyy annoying. but yes, my dearest natasha, thank you so much for for making me eat your first reindeer victim… that i know of… i’m sure it’s exquisite, top notch even! i cannot believe i got my wife, the black widow, to make me such a wonderfully crafted meal out of just six ingredients!”
natasha narrowed her eyes at you before jabbing a piece of pancake and sticking it in her mouth. “it’s not half bad. you know, since i made it myself and all.”
“natty are you sure you didn’t mean killed it yourself?”
“keep this up and see where it gets you when you’re all nice and healed again. take a note on the fact that widow’s don’t forget anything either. your ass is definitely getting kicked first day back at training.” she threatened loosely, a smug smile on her face as she handed you the fork.
“cause nothing like having your show-off wife laughing at you because all your super cool moves are rusty.”
“mhm. you can count on it.”
halfway through breakfast your mind caught onto the fact that natasha had distracted you from focusing on how much pain you were still in. your chest and ribs hurt more than anything now that you’d remembered it.
natasha noticed your change in demeanor the second it happened and she wasn’t about to let it slide.
“hey,” she cooed. “want to take another pain killer they gave you up at the hospital? you took your last one at three this morning. it’s nine now, so it’s safe for you to take another if you’d like.”
“yes please.”
“good thing your wife tries her best to be prepared,” she stated proudly, pulling out your prescription bottle from her sweatpants pocket. “you should know by now i know when you’re not fine, even when you tell me you are. it’s easier to just be honest with both me and yourself.”
“you’re the best i could ever ask for, natasha.”
“i can only hope i’m as good to you as you are to me, sweetheart. here, it’s kind of a big pill so take it with your juice over there on your nightstand. it makes it easier to swallow so you don’t feel it as much going down your throat as you would with a thinner liquid like water.”
an hour later and you were fast asleep. natasha had already taken care of the dishes before she slid her body next to yours, chin resting on the least damaged part of your shoulder she could find.
. . .
night fell quicker than expected and before you knew it you’d already finished dinner. now you sat back on the bed again, natasha criss cross in front of you as she helped you complete your breathing exercises for the night.
you had to give it to her, you’d never seen someone stick closer to a schedule like natasha did when she needed to. she had everything planned exactly as they went when it came down to your every day life and healing process. if it was just you, you’d be bound to delay your recovery a whole lot more by easily forgetting to take your medication and follow everything else the doctors advised.
if it wasn’t bothering you in the moment, then you had no need to worry about it affecting you in the future. this was something about you that definitely contrasted against natasha’s “take care of it now” attitude towards things. but by now you’d simply gotten used to just complying with what she says because your wife usually turned out to be right in the end anyway.
“there you go, come on, you’ve got it. good job baby! we’re done for tonight!”
“thank god, that was unbearable.” natasha kissed you on the cheek, taking her hand in yours so she could feel just a little bit closer to you.
“can we take a bath together, natty?” she smothered your face in more kisses, “of course we can baby. stay here, i’ll get everything ready for us.”
natasha came back over to you a few short moments later, hand extended out for you to grab. you held onto her arm for balance, too afraid to let go out of fear of falling.
she helped you undress, delicate as ever when peeling away your clothes. you could sense her distress the more your skin was revealed.
natasha wasn’t used to seeing you with so many marks on your body, especially not when they were still fresh and saturated in color.
“don’t overthink it natasha, it’s not your fault. i know you’re smart enough know that.”
you weren’t met with a reply, only the feeling of natasha’s arms and legs wrapping around your body as she adjusted you against her body in the tub. she rest her right hand over your stomach, grazing her fingers up and down the valley of your breasts.
“i can practically hear the gears turning in your head. what’s on your mind, natty?”
her body shrugged from underneath you. “i can’t stop thinking about it. seeing him attacking you over and over again. the way he stepped on your ribs and the sound of them cracking beneath his boot. the grin he had on his face when he held you down with the knife in his hand, how he used it to leave permanent stains on your body. and the grip he had around your neck when he was choking you…”
“natasha baby–”
“i can’t stop thinking about you. and how stupid you were for sacrificing yourself for me. the look on your face, you were dying and there was nothing i could do about it,” her voice cracked.
ignoring the pain in your chest, you pushed off of her, slowly inching your body in a position that was face to face with your wife.
“what are you doing? stop– hey– you shouldn’t be doing that.” natasha fussed, sending you a glare she didn’t mean.
but you didn’t listen to her, instead cupping her face with both hands. “i made a choice that day, a choice to protect you. hear me? i made it, not you. and guess what? i’m still alive. i’ve got you and you’ve got me. try not to let yourself think about what could’ve happened when i’m right here in front of you.”
she leaned her forehead against yours, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath in. “i love you so much. i don’t ever want to lose you, ever.”
“good thing i’m here to stay. now let’s get out, yeah? my feet are getting all pruny.”
natasha was the first to get out of the tub, putting her arms under yours in order to help you stand without falling.
“hold onto me while i dry you off, mkay?”
“i know the drill, natty, i’m holding.”
“and remember to breathe, even when i dry of your torso. i’ll be gentle as always.” she reminded, placing kisses on your shoulder, breast and ribcage. “you’re so beautiful, so, so beautiful. with and without scars and bruising.”
“well aren’t you just the sweetest?” natasha gripped your jaw and landed one last kiss to your lips. “take a seat while i dress you, please. arms up.”
“can we sit out on the balcony? it’s warm tonight and all the stars are out.”
“okay princess. are you okay to sit in my lap again? i like having you close.” you nodded your head, moving to get up and walk outside.
natasha sat down first, patting her lap for you to join her. you fought the pain of moving into position before resting your head on her shoulder once more.
“you sure you want to curl up? if your ribs are bothering you too much you can stretch out. don’t hurt yourself at the cost of my own comfort.”
you giggled into her neck, “i’m okay, promise.”
her fingers ran through your hair and soon enough you found yourself falling asleep. “there you go baby. i’ve got you.”
the last thing you remember was the feeling of natasha rubbing your back, along with even more kisses to your face every other minute.
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shangchiswife · a day ago
steve rogers- beach day
summary: y/n and steve go to the beach to relax
word count: 848
You sat at the beach with your fingers plunged through the grainy sand. Your eyes were closed as you concentrated on the sound of the waves crashing. The sun beat your back in a comforting way.  
It had been your first vacation in a long time.
Usually, you were surrounded by piles of papers and were exhausted from lack of sleep. Being Tony Stark's assistant was a tedious job. You were constantly running around trying to keep up with the billionaire.
Now you were sitting at the beach relaxed as you opened your eyes, grabbed your picnic basket, and dove inside of it and pulled out a grilled cheese sandwich.
You glanced over at the clear blue water and sighed as you looked down at your sandwich. The cheese was melted and the bread was toasted.
Your mouth watered.
Just before you could sink your teeth into the sandwich, you heard heavy footsteps in the sand.
"I was wondering when you'd show up," you said as you grinned up at your boyfriend, Steve.
"To be fair I got lost so Natasha had to drive me," the blonde replied as he sat beside you on the plaid blanket which was coated in a layer of golden sand.
"I bet you didn't even know that there were beaches in New York," you teased as Steve shook his head gently.
"I did but I just I didn't know how to get here," Steve argued.
"We both know that that's a lie," you stuck your tongue out at him as Steve offered her a cheesy smile in return.
"Anyways where's Nat?" you asked as you squinted into the distance.
"I think she grabbed a beer for her car and started walking around the beach I don't know," Steve admitted.
"Why don't you ask her to join us, I mean I made snacks!" you stood up and smoothed out the white dress you were wearing. The dress had large yellow sunflowers all over it.
"No, stay with me, I don't want her to eat my food," Steve pouted.
Steve pulled you back down with his strong muscular arms knocking you into his lap.
"Jesus, Rogers!" you breathed as Steve cradled you in his arms.
Steve kissed your cheek gently.
"You're such a softie," you rolled your eyes.
"I know, now will you feed me your snacks?" Steve gave you puppy eyes.
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," you climbed out of his lap and rummaged through your picnic basket while Steve watched you admiringly.
The two of you had first met when you had bumped into Steve at the Avengers Tower and all of your neatly stacked papers had fallen out of her hands. Right before you could yell at the person who knocked your papers down you were blinded by Steve's beautiful concerned blue eyes.
"Are you okay? I'm really sorry, I wasn't looking," Steve had said as he helped you pick up the papers.
What caught you off guard was how genuine and honest he was.
"It's okay it was clearly a mistake," you had shrugged it off.
After that, Steve had purposely started bumping into you just to talk to you. After a few more meetings the two of you had started hanging out more and finally Steve had asked you out.
You pulled out another grilled cheese sandwich and handed it over to the super-soldier.
"Thank you, sweetheart," Steve licked his lips and he bit into the sandwich.
"And then I also brought two cupcakes," you pulled out a cupcake that had blue frosting and little red stars on it.
"Well it's a good thing that Nat isn't here because then she would've had my cupcake," Steve joked.
You let out a small laugh and then turned around and faced the blonde.
He was already finished with his grilled cheese sandwich.
"How-how are you done what the hell? It's been like a minute and you already finished the sandwich," you looked amazed as Steve shrugged his shoulders.
"I eat food I like quickly," he spoke simply as you laughed again.
"Here you go a cupcake just for you," you handed him the blue cupcake.
"Thank you," he took it and started munching on it while you returned to your sandwich and started eating it.
You looked at her boyfriend's face and giggled. It was glazed with blue frosting now.
"What?" Steve furrowed his eyebrows.
You took out a napkin from her picnic basket and started wiping his face.
"Oh wow that's a lot of blue," Steve's eyes were wide as you finished wiping his face.
You giggled and then took out your cupcake which had white frosting on it and bit into it.
You closed your eyes and moaned at the delicious taste of the cupcake.
Steve had slid beside you and put his arm around you as you snuggled close to him. His navy blue buttoned-down shirt was extremely comfortable.
You put down your cupcake on the plaid blanket and sighed.
"Are you done with your cupcake, honey?" Steve looked down at his partner who nodded.
Your eyelids became heavy and your mind went fuzzy as you placed your head in the crook of Steve's neck.
"Is my darling sleepy?" Steve whispered as you didn't respond. Your head drooped and gentle snores came from you.
Steve chuckled as he pulled you in closer and kissed your forehead.
"Sweet dreams, angel,"
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xreader-writing · 9 hours ago
First kiss | Chris Evans
Sumarry → Y/n and Chris kiss for the first time after their first date.
Pairing → Chris Evans X Reader | Word Count → 718
A/N → I loved doing this, hope it's not too bad lol. ♡ English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for any mistakes.
Chris Evans Masterlist | Masterlist | Open request!
Tumblr media
Chris parks the car in front of Y/n's house, then looks at the girl in the passenger seat.
Y/n and Chris had just been on their first date, yes, they were both on cloud nine.
"Thank you so much for today Chris, I really enjoyed it" Y/n says after a moment of silence.
"I should thank you for agreeing to go out with me, I loved it." Chris says taking off his seat belt.
Y/n takes off his belt as well, and the two look at each other affectionately for a while.
Chris smiles at Y/n and slowly leans towards her, when he realizes Y/n is doing the same Chris holds Y/n's right cheek.
Their lips meet in a gentle, loving kiss, and when Chris tries to deepen the kiss, he feels Y/n turn her face away, and then quickly pulls away afraid he's doing something she doesn't want to.
"I'm sorry, I thought you wanted this." Chris says scratching the back of his neck and Y / n widens his eyes
"No Chris, I really want this I'm just a little nervous." She quickly explains herself, afraid to make Chris think she doesn't want to kiss him.
"I make you nervous huh." Chris says smiling to Y/n, who is grateful that it's dark inside the car and Chris isn't able to see the blush on her cheeks.
"Stop this!" Y/n says smiling and pushing Chris, who is laughing too.
"Don't worry, you make me nervous too." Chris says holding Y/n's hand.
Y/n smiles at him and intertwines her fingers with his, and the two of them sit in comfortable silence for a while.
"Can we get out of the car?" Y/n asks, and Chris nods, and lets go of Y/n's hand to open the car door.
When Chris walks around the car to open the door for Y/n, he notices she's already getting out of the car, so he stares at her in bewilderment.
"which?" She asks closing the door and laughing at the expression Chris is making.
"You didn't even let me be a gentleman with you, I'm offended." Chris says placing his hand on his chest dramatically.
Y/n smiles at Chris, and he laughs along, for him it was completely impossible to see Y/n smile, and not feel like smiling either.
Y/n looks at the sky, and realizes it's a beautiful starry night.
"The sky is so beautiful today isn't it?" She says, and Chris looks up at the sky too.
"Yes he is, he's just losing to you." He says, and Y/n looks at Chris and smiles shyly.
Y/n looks at the ground, and shyly moves closer to Chris, practically coming face to face with him.
"Do you want to try that kiss now?" Chris asks and kisses Y/n on the forehead.
"I want." That was all Chris needed to hear, he cupped Y/n's cheeks lovingly, and slowly kissed her lips.
This time when Chris deepened the kiss, Y/n grabbed Chris around the waist bringing him closer.
This was their moment, and Chris would like to stay there forever.
When the two slowly separate, they had passionate smiles on their faces, and a twinkle in their eyes.
"I don't know about you, but that was the best kiss of my life." Chris says with a smirk, and Y/n rolls his eyes playfully.
"I don't know, I think I've had better kisses." Y/n says fixing her hair, and Chris lets go of her, looking at the girl in shock.
"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear this so I don't leave here crying, okay?" Chris says pretending to wipe a tear off.
"Maybe I can make it up to you with some coffee in there." Y/n smiles at Chris.
"Coffee at this time of night? That's crazy...I accept." Chris nods, and Y/n takes his hand pulling him into their house.
That was the best kiss Y/n had ever had too, but Chris didn't need to know that, well not yet.
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toomanyrobins2 · a day ago
not my real mom - a little birdie told me
Tumblr media
Summary: Set in the Three Families story, Jamie had started to get older and with that come some growing pains for the Rogers Family.
Notes: I’ve played around with the idea of doing like a “deleted scenes” from the different stories. Let me know if you have any ideas! I can’t promise I’ll write them, but you never know 💛
series masterlist
Jamie had known from a young age that his mom hadn’t given birth to him. They celebrated his adoption anniversary every year since he could remember. It didn’t matter to him and it was like Y/N said to him: he hadn’t come from her tummy, but he was always in her heart. He didn’t remember the woman who gave birth to him and it was easy to forget that he was any different from his litter sister, Sarah.
Today was a bad day. It was Monday and he’d woken up late and couldn’t find his favorite shoes. Then he’d gotten in trouble at school for forgetting his homework and had to miss recess. The snacks in his lunch weren’t his usual ones and all of that culminated in him being in a foul mood. When Y/N came to pick him up, he saw on her face that she had gotten an email from the teacher. She didn’t say anything in front of his friends but he knew it was coming. In the car, Sarah was waiting and he saw that she was snacking one of his usual granola bars. As soon as everyone was buckled, she started to lecture him, “I told you to put your homework in your bag last night, Jamie.” He stared out the window sullenly. Y/N sighed and shook her head, “No video games until the weekend.”
“No buts, Jamie. You know the rules. As long as you do good in school, you’re allowed video games.”
He scoffed and folded his arms, “I don’t know why I should have to listen to you. You’re not even my real mom.”
As soon as the words left his mouth, Jamie felt sick to his stomach. He saw his mom’s face go blank and her shoulders tense. Y/N just nodded, “That may be how you feel, but your very real dad will agree with me.” That was the last thing that was said on the car ride home. As soon as they were inside, she fixed them both a snack and then went to do laundry. Jamie was used to having her ask about his day and spending the afternoon together, but he saw how hurt she was. He decided to go to his room and as soon as the door was shut, tears started to well in his eyes.
Tumblr media
Steve walked into the house and immediately felt the tense air. As soon as the door shut, his little girl came flying around the corner. Sarah was speaking so fast that he could barely catch a word she was saying. He picked her up and shushed her, “You got to say that all again, but slower. I can’t understand a thing you said, Sare-Bear.”
“Jamie told mommy she isn’t his real mom and now they’re both really upset. He’s been up in his room all day and she’s baking.”
Steve groaned and took a deep breath, “Why don’t you go back and play. Dad’s gonna try and fix this.”
“Please do it fast, Daddy. Mommy’s cookies are gross.”
He could help but chuckle as he walked up the stairs to Jamie’s room. Birdie may have mastered cooking years ago, but her baking was notoriously bad. Once he reached the landing, he knocked on the door and when he opened it, his heart broke. His son’s face was tear-streaked and he looked so distraught. Steve sat down on the bed and pulled him into a hug. Jamie immediately burst into tears, babbling about how he didn’t mean it. Steve didn’t say anything, he just rubbed his son’s back until he calmed down.
Jamie rubbed his nose and whispered, “Mom hates me.”
“Oh, your mom doesn’t hate you. That’s completely impossible,” he had Jamie look him in the eyes, “She’s just hurt. What you said was very unkind.”
“I didn’t mean. I wanted to take it back as soon as I said it.”
Steve kept rubbing his hand on Jamie’s back, “I know you didn’t mean it and she does too. She’s loved you since the moment she set eyes on you and that will never change. You’re the first Rogers she fell in love with.”
Jamie’s brow furrowed, “Even before you?”
“Especially before me. If your mom can forgive me for all the stupid things I do, then she’ll forgive you in a heartbeat.”
Jamie looked down at his hands, “I don’t know what to say.”
“I find that I’m sorry is the best place to start.
Tumblr media
It took a few minutes for Jamie to work up the courage. He walked into the kitchen, his little shoulders slouched and his eyes red from crying. Y/N took one look at him and crouched down, holding her arms open. He flew across the room and nearly tackled her with how hard he hugged her. She didn’t say a thing, just ran her hand through his hair and let him hold her tight. Eventually, Jamie pulled away and looked down at his socks. “I’m sorry, Mom.”
“I know, baby.”
“I didn’t mean it! You are my mom and I love you 100!”
Y/N pressed a kiss to Jamie’s nose, “I love you 3000. I know you were just angry.”
“You’re the best mom ever and dad says I was the first Rogers you loved and we are lucky that you love us even when we are stupid.”
Y/N looked at Steve, looking less than impressed. He stood in the doorway and just shrugged. “Don’t worry, Jaime. You’ll never be as stupid as your father. He’s a special case.” She stood up and looked over the mess she’d made in the kitchen and her failed creations on the cooking rack, “I guess I should throw all this out.”
“No, mom, I want one of your cookies!” Jamie looked like he’d rather do anything else but he still felt guilty.
“Are you sure?” Jamie nodded furiously. When he was presented with the cookie, he looked down, his nose wrinkled with disgust. He took a bite and tried to smile at his mom, but it came out more like a grimace. Steve had to hide his laughter in Y/N's shoulder at the situation. She shook her head and held out her hand, “Oh god, spit it out before you make yourself sick.”
Jamie left the nasty lump roll out of his mouth, “Can I have some water?”
Y/N pulled him into a hug and kissed his head as Steve poured him a glass. He guzzled it down before turning back to his mom, “I’m really sorry, Mom. I love you so much and you are my real mom.”
“It’s forgotten and the sad truth you’re stuck with me whether you want me or not. I adopted you kiddo and you’re stuck with me and my bad baking until you’re at least 18.”
Sarah was in Steve’s arms and tilted her head, “If Jamie tells you you’re his mom everyday, can you not bake anymore?” Steve barked out a laugh at how innocently Sarah asked the question.
Y/N smacked her husband on his chest and hugged her children, You got yourself a deal, kids. No baking for mom.”
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I'll take care of you - Bucky Barnes
First real fic that I've posted! A bit nerve-racking but super excited to get some feedback. I've actually never fully watched marvel (all I know about it is based off of clips on youtube lmao) so I apologize if this isn't accurate or if they're out of character.
Angst, Friends to enemies to lovers ? I have no clue lmao
Word count: Around 5.8k
Warnings: Serious injury, blood, combat, gun violence, reader has a traumatic past with HYDRA, breif mentions of physical abuse, angry bucky.
Reader is gender neutral! No usage of y/n. Sort of pre-established relationship with bucky? It's implied.
Summary: Reader gets hurt on a mission and has to rely on the one person they hate to take care of them in their weakened state.
"We infiltrate the HYDRA base, get what we need, and get right back out. Preferably not sounding any alarms in the process. Questions?" Tony was leaning over the map of the building on the table.
Heads shook no.
"Alright, teams. Me and Cap, y/n and Bucky. Good?"
"Excuse me? Me and Bucky?"
"You've got a problem with that?"
"Yeah I do."
"I'm not changing the teams."
"OH fucking great," I huffed, running a hand through my hair. "You sure you couldn't put me with someone else? We don't work well together Tony, you of all people should know that."
Bucky scoffed from his place in the corner.
"Nope, sorry. We've already built the strategy around each pair."
This was going to be hell.
Our job was the actual infiltration, which called for stealth instead of brute force, so I still don't get why Bucky and I were forced together. I would've done just fine on my own.
Tony and Cap were the distraction so we could get in and out without a hitch.
After getting in, grabbing the important documents and getting out, we were meant to retreat to one of Tony's many safe houses a few miles into the woods. We would stay there for a couple of hours and then they would double back and pick us up, so as to avoid any further confrontation with HYDRA just in case any alarms were sounded or anyone noticed something suspicious and decided to follow us unknowingly.
On the jet, Tony and Cap were having conversation, joking around and getting along like teammates should be. Then there was Bucky sitting across from me glaring at the floor and occasionally glancing up to glare me. I could practically feel the anger radiating off of him, wondering how he got stuck with me.
Once the jet landed a few miles away from the HYDRA base, everyone exited and Tony reminded us, "Remember no alarms if you can help it, no unnecessary risks. Got it?".
The last part was directed to me with a pointed glance, not that I couldn't tell from his tone.
Tony and Cap split off, making sure to give us some time to get positioned before they proceeded with their antics.
Bucky marched off without a word to me, which would've stung a bit before but didn't surprise me nor bothered me anymore. At least that's what I told myself, and honestly it's what i was starting to believe at this point too. He was decent and even friendly towards everyone else-even towards me at the beginning- but somehow, I don't remember exactly when, that changed. We used to sit across the table from each other having breakfast and talking, he used to brush his arm by mine when we passed in the hallways.
Little things like that made me fall for him but then he pulled this shit. Now the closest we got to each other was his nose almost touching mine in a heated argument or him shouldering past me out of the room.
I would never admit this to anyone, but there were times when he would raise his hand to angrily comb through his hair or make angry hand motions and I would internally flinch thinking he would hit me. I knew about his past with HYDRA. My past with HYDRA didn't help either, the torture and countless experiments they ran on me to give me my abilities. I was taught to obey and use my powers when they wanted me to or I would be beaten to a pulp by some other superhuman they had created.
But nobody on the team knew that. They believed-had been lead to believe by me-that I was powerless. To them I was just a highly trained assassin like Natasha though, in my own mind, not nearly as efficient even though I could hold my own against her most of the time and even best her in training on a good day.
As we got into position at the base, Steve's voice crackled through my earpiece, "You guys ready?"
"Yup, we're in position at the back entrance."
"Any agents? Guards?"
"A few but if Bucky stays back I should be able to knock them out without alerting anyone." My indirect way of telling him to stay back. I had this under control.
"Alright me and Cap'll get started then. Good luck you two." Tony.
I ducked out from behind the corner of the building, slinking along the edge of the wall towards the first guard. 
As the second guard rounded the corner to the other side, I suddenly grabbed the first into a chokehold, effectively cutting off his air and knocking him out. One down, one more to go.
But then Bucky had to come jogging out, his quick, un-disguised pace causing the other guard to come marching back around the corner to investigate the unfamiliar footsteps. As soon as he rounded the corner, Buck grabbed him in a chokehold as I had and knocked him out.
"What the fuck are you doing Barnes?? I had this." I hissed. "Didn't look like it to me." He shrugged. I was livid. "I clearly had it under fucking control! You did exactly what I would've done, stop being an asshole and just fucking cooperate with me on a mission for once! Stark said not to draw any attention, and that's exactly what I was doing, I could've done this just fine own I don't know why he put you on the team. The only thing you're good at is forcing your way through shit. You don't know a single thing about stealth."
He was already angrily walking off into the building, not a care in the world about stealth. He was going to get one of us killed if he kept this shit up.
I remember when he first started acting this way, Tony had made it clear that personal arguments would not be brought into the "workplace". 
I had dealt with that well enough and once I could start ignoring the way he acted towards me I was fine with it. He was the one being an asshole about it.
I followed him into the building, catching up to him and pushing past him. "I'll handle this you got that? No more of that shit you did back there. That was reckless, you could've ended the mission before it even started if someone had seen you."
We continued down the corridor, knocking out guards here and there, and glancing at the layout map once in awhile to make sure we were going the right way.
It seemed Steve and Tony's distraction was working pretty well as most guards were gone out of the hallways, probably focusing instead on the two outside who were recklessly trying to blast their way into the place head on.
I easily made it into the room, plugging a flash drive into the pc at the desk, punching in a few access codes, and began rummaging around in the paperwork trying to find a couple of manila folders that were packed full with other useful information to surprise the team with when we got back.
Bucky, for once, stopped being a dick and stood in the door watching the hallway for any incoming threats.
The flash drive was just finishing up when Bucky hissed under his breath, "Guards! Hurry up!"
"It's almost done its almost done! C'mon! 98 percent!"
"Hurry the fuck up!"
"I know Barnes, I fucking know I can't make it go any faster!"
As soon as the 'Files Successfully Downloaded' text appeared in the screen I jammed the flash drive into my suit and, discarding the paperwork, I sprinted out of the room and down the hallway, Bucky on my heels.
When we entered a largish open room, we were forced to stop by two guards in the room. "Intruders!"
The guards tailing us had been left behind, but were quickly catching up. I couldn't take on five, Bucky or no Bucky, this was going to be difficult. With no time to waste I kicked the first one further into the room, landing a hit on his ribs, and he fell to the floor groaning. His gun skidded out of his reach and I kicked it away further before slamming his head to the ground, knocking him out, to deal with the second guard who had almost sunk a knife into my side. I barely dodged it.
"Bucky?? A little warning would've been nice!" I realized he had thrown the guard across the room, who had stumbled back to his feet and attacked the closest person to him, me.
"Not my fault you weren't paying attention! You're completely oblivious!"
"This is not the time for this bucky!" I yelled at him, sprinting over to the hallway to meet the on coming guards, who were just catching up to us.
Kicking the first one in the gut, I ripped the taser from his belt and shocked him with it as Bucky knocked the other out with his metal arm. I threw a punch at the third, he dodged it and landed a punch on my collarbone. I tried to ignore the pain that bloomed there and the bruise that most likely would too and punched him in the windpipe, knocking him down.
For a split second I stood to catch my breath and push down the pain in my collarbone as well as my neck and shoulder now, before we moved on. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bucky turning to start back down the corridor in which we came, as that seemed the safest route now, when I felt a harsh, shooting pain in my side. Before I could process it, I was thrown across the room and I heard something crack. Felt it too. I let out a groan of pain and struggled to my feet before getting kicked in the ribs again and again before the, obviously enhanced, agent was pulled away from me by Bucky and tossed across the room like a ragdoll. Even though he was stronger than a normal person, he was still no match for an angry Barnes.
I struggled to my feet, pressing my hand to my side to slow the bleeding. I was shot. It appeared to not have hit anything vital. Good. If i could just make it back to the safe house now, I'd be good. I've had worse.
I ripped the sleeve of my suit and winced as I tied it tightly around my abdomen where the bullet had struck me. My ribs were hurting terribly too, but the bleeding had to be stopped before anything else. I bent over to pick up a knife that had fell out of my pocket and flinched when I felt my ribs shift. They were definitely broken. Busted, in fact.
When I looked up I saw a pair of feet in front of me and I jerked up, holding back a cry of pain. 
"You look like shit."
"Wow thanks Barnes." I said sarcastically. trying to hide the pain and the defensiveness I felt.
This always happened. Whenever I got hurt to a certain degree, my instincts started to take over and I trusted no one. Like a wounded animal. Though I had forgotten a large part of my time at HYDRA, I chalked it up as a response to one of the many things I had went through there.
"Let's get out of here." I ground out, pressing my hand to my side. I straightened up and took a step forward only to see the ground come flying up to my face. I let out a grunt of pain, rolling over on my side to see Bucky standing over me with a disgusted look on his face. "Pathetic." I heard him scoff under his breath as he turned away. "Get up and let's get moving. We don't have all day."
Forcing myself back to my feet, I pushed the black dots to the edges of my vision and started forward, following him back down the hallway in which we came. I hoped that we would somehow manage to get out without having another run in with more agents. I didn't think I could fight anymore and I didn't trust Bucky to cover my ass.
As I stumbled down the corridor behind him, all stealth forgotten, I could feel my body beginning to weaken but again, pushed it back. There would be time to rest later.
I didn't want to admit it to myself either but I didn't want to seem weak to Bucky. I could manage just fine on my own and making a rookie mistake like that was a stupid move.
By some miracle, we made it back out with little interference from other guards. As soon as we exited the compound, I heard static and then Steve's voice in my earpiece.
"You got the flashdrive?"
"Yup. We're heading to the safe house now, see you guys in a couple hours."
"You good?"
"You don't sound like it."
"Just got sucker punched in the gut I've had worse." I tried to shake it off with a laugh that I barely stopped from turning into a hoarse groan as I felt a sharp pang in my ribs.
"Alright. See you guys there."
I trudged behind Bucky for a good mile there, not really sure where we were going at this point. I was trusting in him to lead us there, my head was as fogged up as my vision and I was starting to feel worse and worse.
Suddenly a wave of fatigue washed over me and I stumbled and clutched onto a tree for dear life. I tried to pry myself away from it, to keep going, but I knew if I did I'd fall flat on my face. I settled for sliding down to the ground and cradling my middle.
"Get a move on." I forced my heavy eyelids open and jerked my head up at the voice. Bucky. It's just Bucky. Right.
"Give me. A minute." I panted out. I was trying really hard to not succumb to the darkness surrounding my vision and I didn't need his bullshit right now.
He scoffed and stood back up, getting ready to move on without me. "How much further?" I didn't think I could walk much further without collapsing. "'Bout half a mile." Oh boy.
Slowly getting up on my feet, I had to take another minute just to clear the dots from my vision and stop myself from swaying. Bucky was already quite far ahead and I was struggling to catch up. He didn't even look back.
"Barnes I know you hate my guts but you could at least wait for me I'm the one with the damn flashdrive." Nothing.
Soon the safe house was in sight and I almost collapsed in relief right there. It was a small, unsuspecting cabin that looked almost run down or abandoned, but from what I remembered the inside was decent and could even be described as cozy once you lit a fire in the fireplace.
He barged in the door and I followed right on his heels, heading straight for one of the bedrooms. As soon as I made it in I slammed the door shut and slid down against it.
Finally lifting up my shirt, I assess the damage. Definitely a couple of broken ribs, bruised, cracked and everything else. Something was wrong with my collarbone but with all the other pain going on it was almost unnoticeable, or at least it was being drowned out for now. That didn't help me tell how serious it was though.
Unwrapping the makeshift bandage around the bullet wound, I found that it was soaked completely through and still bleeding steadily. I groaned, leaning my head back against the door as I shut my eyes. It was so tempting to go to sleep right now. But i knew that with the extent of my injures it was a possibility that I wouldn't wake up. Not without medical attention.
Shoving myself to my feet I stumbled to the adjoining bathroom and clumsily pulled out a well-equipped medkit from the cabinet. I pulled out a roll of gauze and some alcohol. Knowing I should probably stitch it but then realizing I would have to pull the bullet out to do that, I left the needle and thread in the medkit.
I stuffed a wash rag in my mouth and poured the alcohol in the wound, letting out a sob I let it sit there for a moment before hastily rinsing it out. The water that went down the drain was too red for comfort. I applied an antibiotic ointment and tightly wrapped the still-bleeding wound, extending and snugly wrapping the bandage around my ribs as well. I let out a sigh of relief with the extra support on my ribs.
Popping a couple of ibuprofen, I stood up, still shaky, and made my way through the bedroom and over to the hallway, creeping to the living room. I saw Bucky had already built a fire in the fireplace. I suddenly noticed how cold I was. Unnaturally cold. Probably because I lost a lot of blood.
I heard what sounded like talking far away, and looked over to the coffee table to my ear piece. It was flashing. I picked it up and put it to my ear. "Hello? You guys doing alright?"
"Yeah Steve we're fine."
"Listen, we think you might've caused a bit of a ruckus at the HYDRA base. I don't think they know exactly what happened though. In any case, they're suspicious and it looks like they're doing sweeps around the area. We're going to give them some time, so we're not coming to pick you guys up in a couple hours like we planned."
I hesitated. I did not like that news at all. "..Alright. We'll hang tight then I guess. How long do you think it's going to be?"
"We'll have to play it by ear but since you guys didn't leave a trail, they should hopefully calm down soon. Maybe in a day or two?"
"That's a lot longer than two hours, Rogers."
"Look, I'm sorry. Get along with him for me okay? He doesn't hate you, I promise."
"I've gotta go. Just listen to me yeah?"
He doesn't hate me? Really Steve? I placed the ear piece back down on the table with a frustrated sigh and leaned back on the couch.
Bucky walked into the room in sweats and a hoodie, saw me, and immediately turned around to leave.
"Hear the news Barnes?" He stopped and turned around to look at me, crossing his arms.
"According to Rogers we're stuck here for a couple of days until HYDRA calms down and stops looking for us."
"Great." He ground out, turning around to walk out of the room again. I let out a sigh.
The painkillers had started to kick in and I found myself dozing off on the couch. Just as I started to fall asleep, I awoke with a startled gasp, at the beginnings of a nightmare. My heart was racing in my chest and I could feel my pulse in the bullet wound. I struggled off of the couch and to my bathroom to check on my wound.
The entire roll of gauze I had used, plus what I had wadded up around the wound, was soaked through and had almost started bleeding into my tank top. I hunched over in the counter and squeezed my eyes shut. It was hurting and bleeding a lot more than a bullet wound should be.
"You got shot?" I spun around, immediately on defense, as I heard the voice in the doorway. Bucky was leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed.
"Good job detective." I growled at him. I hadn't even heard his footsteps, he had snuck up on me, and he wasn't exactly a quiet person if he wasn't trying. It scared me, being vulnerable like that. I had been at someone's mercy before when I was injured, and it had not turned out good for me. I swore I'd never let that happen again.
"What do you want?"
"Then leave me the fuck alone." He put me on edge. I didn't know why, I had once felt so comfortable around him, even sleeping with my legs across his lap watching movies. Now I felt defensive against him like he was a stranger. Someone I barely knew.
He held his hands up and then walked out of the room. Huh. Usually he always had to have the last word.
When I finished rebandaging the wound and my ribs, I headed straight to bed. I was exhausted and tired of fighting it.
Shivering, I pulled the blanket tighter around me but it was just like I couldn't make my own body heat anymore.
I passed out soon after my head hit the pillow.
I woke up sweating but still freezing.
I forced myself onto my elbows, my vision blurry, and felt around on the nightstand for my ear piece. I couldn't hide it anymore, I had to let the team know. Maybe they could get here a bit quicker, I wasnt sure if i could last two days without real medical attention. Even though a perk of my powers was healing faster and being able to come back from wounds that would be life-threatening to a normal person, I still had my limits.
That's why I had a habit of downplaying the degree of my injuries.If anyone on the team knew the extent of some, they would be wondering how I was still even alive, let alone standing on my own two feet.
That's why I was reckless too. Often taking bullets and punches meant for the others. If I couldn't use my powers to heal them, I could take the damage for them.
I realized I left it on the coffee table in the living room and I groaned. Swinging my legs over the bed, I stumbled to my feet and clutched onto anything I could for support. 
Once I made it to the hallway, I leaned on the wall to stop myself from falling, getting weaker by the second. I made it a few steps before my legs gave out on me. I blacked out as soon as I hit the floor.
Bucky came into the hallway at the thud to investigate.
He saw them collapsed on the floor in a heap. He couldn't stop his throat tightening up at the sight and worry almost overwhelmed him. He couldn't loose them, not on these terms. Anyone but them.
He was torn between calling for help on his earpiece and rushing to help them immediately, which is what his instincts told him to do. He knew if he did the latter there would be no turning back, he'd have to apologize to them, they'd probably hate him, or they could sort it out and go back to friendly terms. But he knew this was a turning point, he'd have to face them now and there was no more pushing them away.
He rushed to their side, gently slapping them awake.
I struggled to my forearms, scrambling up and shrinking away from my attacker.
"Get.. Away from me." I gasped out. "Please." I could them saying something but it sounded too far away. My vision was blurry and I couldn't make anything out.
At this, my mind went back to my time at HYDRA and I was on full defense mode.
I felt hands lifting my shirt up and pressing against the bullet wound. I let out a sob of pain. Weakly clawing at the hands putting too much pressure on the wound and my ribs. "Stop,"
"I'm not going to hurt you. It's me." I couldn't make sense of the words and my mind was too fogged over by pain to recognize their voice. I scrambled to right myself and pressed myself against the wall in fear.
"Hey, hey hey hey. It's okay." Bucky. He pressed his forehead against mine, our noses touching. "I'm not going to hurt you, I won't let anything hurt you. I just need you to stop fighting me okay? You're going to be alright."
Against my instincts, I nodded and tried to release the tension in my body. "Okay." My voice cracked. I was scared, of him, of disappointing everyone, of dying. It was the first time in my life I could remember actually caring if I lived or died.
"I'm going to pick you up okay? I just need you to trust me." I shook my head. "I can walk." I protested, trying to struggle to my feet. I clutched onto the wall. My brain was struggling as well, trying to comprehend this complete 180 in his tone and actions towards me.
He ignored my protests and lifted me up with ease. I felt my ribs shift and I struggled against him, trying to get away from the cause of my pain.
"Shh I know, I know. It's just for a minute. Just for a second. Shit you're so cold." Even his metal arm felt warm against my skin, I was freezing but I didn't even have the energy to shiver anymore.
"Bucky." I weakly gripped his shirt. "I'm sorry." I hoped he knew what I meant. It wasn't just about the injuries I had sustained being an idiot.
"No, no don't you dare talk like that. You're going to be fine." He said sternly, though his voice started to crack at the end.
He shoved open the door to the bedroom I was staying in and gently laid me down on the bed. "Stay here, I'll be right back. Hey, hey no no don't do that. Stay awake for me, don't shut your eyes. Hey." My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton each, and they kept fluttering shut against my will.
He cradled my face in his hands and took a deep breath, touching his nose to mine once again. "I'll be right back okay? Don't you dare shut those pretty eyes."
I fought to keep my eyes open until he came back, to no avail. I found myself drifting off when he returned and put his hand against my cheek, I leaned into the warmth. "Hey," He mumbled.
"Hi." I croaked out.
"I'm going to need to take your shirt off to bandage you up alright?"
"I don't know if I can do that." He glanced at me. "My ribs."
"I'll help you." He gently pulled my shirt up, helping my to lift my arms to get it off and I winced.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's okay."
"No really I just.. I can't loose you. Not on these terms, not this way, not ever. I-"
"Barnes." He stopped. "It's okay." I mumbled. I was starting to fall asleep again.
"Right. Right, I'm going to take the bandage off okay? Hey. Don't do that."
"I can't help it." I slurred.
"How are you feeling? Tell me something."
"Cold. Tired."
"You've gotta eat something."
"'m too tired."
"I'm not letting you sleep until you eat something warm."
"'s not fair."
He started to say something but stopped short once he saw the full extent of my injures. "Holy fucking shit." He hissed out.
"'s not that bad."
"I think the bullet was tipped with something. You're still bleeding like you just got shot." Panic was rising in his voice.
"I've had worse."
"No no, wake up. Wake up. Shit you're so cold. Okay." He was all over the place, he hastily ran a hand through his hair and in my drowsy but defensive state, I instinctively flinched down into the mattress.
His head snapped to me. "What- what was that?" I had to stop myself from flinching again from the harshness of his voice. "What was that?? I'd never hurt you! I- I'm- I can't believe you ever thought- I'd never-"
"It's not you."
"Who made you so scared then?? You've been on guard since I've been taking care of you-"
"HYDRA." I mumbled. "Not right now."
He hastily walked out of the room and into the bathroom, coming back with the medkit. He was visibly shaking.
I watched through blurred vision as he pulled alcohol and bandages out of the kit, followed by a needle, thread and a pair of tweezers. "Bucky?"
He noticed me eyeing the thread. "I have to, you're going to bleed out if we don't get whatever the hell was on the bullet out of your wound."
"I don't think I can do this Bucky, please just-" I knew it was the only option, but I was in so much pain already. I couldn't even fathom pulling the bullet out.
He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to mine like earlier. He clutched my hand. "Look at me. It's okay. I'll be as gentle as I can okay? We have to do this. You said it yourself, you've had worse. You can do this." I took a deep breath, ignoring the sharp pang in my ribs, breathing in the smell of him. It calmed me.
"Okay." I whispered.
He gave me a rag to bite into and I watched as he sterilized the tweezers and then poured the alcohol in my wound. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes.
"Shhh, it's okay. It's okay." I'd never heard his voice that soft before. His hand reached up to pet my hair.
After the sting of the alcohol faded, black dots swimming in my vision, he gently held my hand. "You ready?"
"As ready 's I'll ever be." I mumbled.
"Don't pass out on me you got that?"
"I'll try."
I turned my head the other way trying to take deep breaths, but my ribs wouldn't allow it.
I felt the tweezers enter the wound and I let out a choked sob, squeezing Bucky's hand tighter. He started rubbing comforting circles on the back on my hand, saying nothing.
I cried into the rag as he dug around in my side trying to find the bullet. "I think I've got it. You're doing so good, you know that? You're doing great, i just have to extract it now." I tried to manage a nod but my head felt too heavy
As he pulled the bullet out, it felt like it was digging in more. "Bucky," I gasped through the cloth. "Bucky wait."
"It's okay. I'm so sorry it's okay."
"It hurts so god damn much" I whispered as he pulled the bullet the rest of the way out, I head him drop it in the lid of the medkit as my vision started blurring even more.
"What kind of fucking bullet is this??" He cursed. "It's got some barbs on it like a fucking arrow."
His voice got farther and farther away and soon it was quiet.
"Hey, hey wake up you can't go to sleep yet. You're too cold."
I opened my mouth to speak but a harsh cough came out. Soon I was doubled over, weakly propping myself up and my forearms, coughing my lungs up. I felt someone behind me snake their arm around my chest to hold me up, I was now pressed against their chest.
I struggled to free myself from their grip, still coughing and panicking even more by the second. Soon, I had no other choice to give in as more coughs racked my body, I allowed myself to limply lay there.
When the coughing fit had subsided, I weakly tried to struggle against them again, against my own judgment. I knew there was no escaping this.
"Calm down." Bucky. It was Bucky. Not some HYDRA agent looking to beat me to a pulp if I didn't comply. I was safe. I could trust him. I think.
At least, now I could. The complete change to his demeanor was still shocking and confusing to me.
I laid down limply in his arms again, trying to catch my breath in the short gasps my ribs would allow me. His other arm reached up to stroke my hair and I realized how warm he was.
"I contacted the guys when you were out. They still said we have have play it by ear but they're going to try and get here as soon as they can."
I also realized I had fresh bandages on.
"I'm so sorry. For the way I acted towards you. You didn't deserve that, you didn't deserve it at all. It's just- everyone who gets close to me, they get hurt. They die. I could let Steve and the others get close to me, they could withstand more. They have powers, they can take more abuse. But you? I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt, you're so- so fragile compared to them. You could get hurt so easily."
"That's why you pushed me away?? Barnes you know I-" He brushed his thumb across my lips, silencing me.
"You can handle yourself. I know. I know you can handle yourself in combat just as well as any of us and I have no doubt in your abilities, but you can also get hurt so much easier than any of us. You're not superhuman, and sometimes you act like you are. You trusted me so much during missions to cover for you, more than the others." I glanced up at him.
"I noticed that. And I couldn't help but think, what if I fail to cover you one of these times? What if you got badly hurt because you put so much of your trust in me?"
"That wouldn't be your fault, Bucky."
He suddenly looked down at me and touched his nose to my forehead. "You're still cold. This isn't enough. Let's get you to the fire."
"I can walk this time." I said, started to get up. "Oh no you don't." He closed his arms around me and gently picked me up, hauling me out of the room and into the living room. He gently laid me on the couch nearer to the fire and pulled away to go sit on the other couch.
"Bucky wait." He glanced back at me, questioning. "Stay here." I mumbled, a bit quieter. I saw a small smile tug at his frowning lips. "Just because you're warm, dipshit." I added teasingly.
Then he frowned again. "Are you sure you trust me?"
"More than that. I forgive you Bucky. I know your reasoning now and I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I had been through the same things you had."
"You flinched earlier." Oh, he was still going to bring that up.
"It wasn't because of you. I- I've had some experiences with HYDRA in the past as well."
He let out a sigh, I couldn't tell if it was out of relief or pent up anger.
"Those bastards." That answered it.
"'s okay Buck. Can't do 'nything about it now." I was sure he noticed the slur in my words. I was getting tired. He laid his hand on my head, then on my chest, letting out a satisfied sigh at how my temperature was beginning to rise again.
He tugged his hoodie over his head, leaving him in a black tank and sat down on the couch next to me. Lifting his feet up on the couch to lie next to me, he gently pulled me against his chest. I hummed contentedly.
I pressed myself closer to him and took a deep breath. He pet my hair and I felt him press a warm kiss to my forehead.
"I'll take care of you."
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binxiboo · 2 days ago
High Cupboards and Hot Chocolate
Marvel Masterlist // Full Masterlist
The amount of time you spent at your apartment wasn’t worth the rent you paid to ‘live’ there. Any working day was spent on missions, where they weren’t you were training at the compound. From the earliest hours of the day to the latest, you were always working on your fighting techniques or expanding your skill set. So, when you received a text from your landlord informing you of a rent increase, your reaction wasn’t exactly quiet. It also didn’t go as unnoticed as you thought it did.
As you were leaving the compound for the night, you were approached by Tony Stark, and, behind him, Steve Rogers keeping his distance by leaning on a wall further down the hallway. For how long he’s been doing his job, the super soldier wasn’t very good at looking inconspicuous. In a very ‘Tony’ way, you were offered living quarters in the compound, ‘free-of-charge, no expense to you’. After the number you’d received from you landlord hours ago, you weren’t going to turn this down.
So here you are now. Boxes of your belongings finally all in one place, your, arguably, oversized bedroom at the Avengers Compound. Well, it’s more of a mini studio apartment due to the area between the bed and the door. In other rooms that you’ve seen—Tony, for some reason, decided that you’d need guidance on setting up your space—most people had some form of entertainment and seating situation. The best you could do to recreate that was your two-seater sofa and the tv you’ve had since you first moved into your own place. In any other space, that would be a great set up, however, in the size of the space, it looked pathetic. There wasn’t much to be done about though, and it was good enough for the one body that would be occupying the space. Plus, it left you enough room to neglect unpacking your boxes for a while. Carrying them in one by one, with the cold weather outside, had left you exhausted and, quite frankly, your fingers were struggling to thaw themselves out.
That’s how you ended up in the kitchen. Your container of instant hot chocolate, thank God, had been in the easiest box to access. Finding a mug, however, was proving impossible. It had almost been half an hour of you searching through every cupboard in there and all you gained was the knowledge of where to find baking trays, pots, pans and every item of dishware that wasn’t a drinking receptacle. Eventually, you registered, at the edge of your vision, someone enter the space, reach up high and place a mug down onto the counter, pour themselves a coffee and leave again. So that’s where they are.
Approaching the counter, you assess the best way to access that cupboard. You know that you’re not even going to reach it on your tiptoes. You huff, knowing that you’re about to gymnast this shit. You check for anyone else entering before you embarrass yourself in front of anyone important.
“Okay, lets do this. Before anyone can witness it.”
You place your hands onto the counter surface and lean onto them, hopping up high enough to get you foot up next to them. You swing around and raise onto your knees, shuffling down to be in front of the right door. You were almost there when a voice from behind stops you dead.
“What are you doing?” Natasha.
You can tell from her voice that this is entertaining to her. She leaves you no time to respond, though, as you’re gently pulled backwards, off the counter and feet flat on the floor.
“I just wanted a hot chocolate.” You reason, acceptance of defeat present in your tone.
“And you were going to make it with that?”
You scrunch your eyebrows confused at her disgust until you follow her point at your instant mix. You roll your eyes.
“It’s easy and quick, and I’m frozen and tired!”
“It’s not even worth the water, move.”
There’s no way you’re going to let her boss you around the space after those insults. You tense slightly and cross your arms, staring the widow down.
It’s her turn to roll her eyes now as she effortlessly sweeps you off your feet and seats you on the island opposite the surface she needs to work. You watch her silently as she pulls down two mugs, glides around to pull a pan out of one of the cupboards you practically climbed into earlier and retrieves both milk and chocolate out of the fridge.
“I can’t believe you.” She begins talking as she stirs the chocolate into the milk.
“You work with the Avengers, and you don’t even respect yourself enough to make a good hot chocolate.”
“You’re mean.” You pout in response, even if she can’t see it from where she’s standing.
A clinking of mugs distracts you from your eyeline into the back of Nat’s head. A turn of your head lets you identify Tony carrying, what must be, a whole shelf’s worth of mugs. In his journey to the kitchen though, one must slip from his grasp because not even seconds later, you’re left flinching from your spot on the island, closing your eyes in a wince.
“Sorry! I’ve ran out of thinking space.”
“You’re going to have to get used to that.” Natasha quips, now holding a mug in front of you.
“What, Iron Man smashes a mug every month?” You carefully wrap your hands around the mug, letting her slip her hands away. Nat chuckles and Tony rolls his eyes as he deposits the remaining mugs onto the counter space.
“No. But he does hoard his mugs and then dumps them all in the shared kitchen space!”
She’s projecting in his direction as he slowly makes his way back to his lab.
“Oh, and Tony?”
He stops and turns to look back at the two of you.
“Yes, Spider Lady?”
“We need to become more accessible for the shorter population.”
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sebastianstansqueen · 2 days ago
Baby Egg Experiment one shot
A/N: This is just a weird little thing inspied by a tikitok can find it rn bit its funny I hope you like it, and as always Feedback is always appreciated if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 996
Warnings: Fluff, The Avengers proving that they shouldn't be parents and humor
Masterlist //  Taglist open
Tags:@cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond - @leyannrae - @avengerlex - @pineprincess - @nik2write - @dorothea-hwldr - @rosie-posie08 - @scxrletrecsmarvel -
Tumblr media
You and Bucky had gathered the Avengers in the common room, you and Bucky had been married for a year now, and all the team has done is pestered both of you about how they wanted a nice or nephew so you decided that you wanted to have a sit down, you figured out a good way to teach them a lesson. “Alright, Avengers. All you guys have done for months now is pester me and Bucky about having a baby. It has yet to actually happen you all have spoken. But before I let this man impregnate me, I need to know that my future baby child will be surrounded by people who can take care of them, there for I will give you all a baby egg, the point is you have to take care of the egg all of the eggs have my signature so if you by a new one after cracking it I will know. I’m also giving you a list of rules you have to follow.” You passed out little papers with rules for the eggs.
Name your egg Do Not Break The Egg Take Care Of The Egg Draw a face on the egg Do Not Drop The Egg Take Care Of The Egg Make the egg clothes Do Not Drop The Egg Take Care Of The Egg Keep them with you at all times Do Not Drop The Egg Take Care Of The Egg
“Are you getting an egg Y/n?” Natasha asked.
“Of course, not I’m the mother that is going to have to carry the baby for nine months I’ll have motherly instincts.” You answer.
Thor smiled. “Alright give me my egg baby, I’m ready!”
“Great.” You grabbed the egg carton and started passing out the eggs.
“Can I higher a baby sitter?” Tony asked after receiving his.
You sighed. “Tony that wouldn’t be you taking care of the egg.”
“I’m naming my egg Greg.” Peter said.
Steve looked at you like you were crazy. “I don’t see the point of this taking care of an egg will be es-” Steve dropped his egg right after trying to tell you that your idea was dumb. “.... That was an accident.” he said after a moment of silence.
“You are to get nowhere near my future children.” You teased being dramatic.
“No, no, no, no, no, it was an accident give me another egg please.” Steve begged.
“Give him another egg, baby, he’ll do better, we promise.” Bucky said to you.
“10 bucks.” You said flatly.
“For an egg?” Steve asked.
“For an egg that giving you a second chance to prove yourself that you are worthy to be around your future nieces and nephews.” You reprimanded both men handed you 1o$ bills.
“Keep the change.” They grumbled.
A few days later you were walking and you passed by Tony he had the egg following him in a weird stand with weals. “What the fuck is that.” Tony went on explaining it to you. “I didn’t get any of that but make one for me I hate walking.” You joked.
Later you found Bucky Peter and Thor in the living room. “I named my egg ham tro and gave him a brown wig, you want to know why?” Thor asked.
“Because you think Peter looks like a hamster with fake brown hair?” Bucky asked the god.
“No, it's because I think Peter looks like a hamster with fake brown hair.” Thor said.
“I’m honored.” Peter said
Thor glared at the child. “You're not supposed to be.”
“How's your egg Peter?” You asked.
“Absolutely amazingly great I'm loving life with Uniqua.” Peter answered a little too thrilled.
“You dropped her, didn’t you?” Bucky asked, Peter hung his head.
“Yeah, I dropped her we were bopping to music when I slipped and yeah.” He said nervously.
“Bucky it's our turn to go to the grocery store. Let's go.” Steve told your husband.
“Where are your eggs?” You asked.
“In the basket.” Steve pointed to the two eggs.
“It’s like there raising them together like twins.” Peter laughed.
A few days after you walked into the lab and found Bruce but no egg Babie. “How's your egg baby?” You asked.
“Hey Y/n, Eggshella is doing just fine thanks for asking.” He said as he continued to work.
“Thats great how where is she?” You looked around seeing if you could find the egg baby.
“Oh, I put her in the fridge while I worked in here didn’t want to accidently knock her off the table or something.” He told you.
“Hold on, you put your egg baby in the fridge?” You asked your tone sarcastic.
“Yes.: Bruce nodded.
“You put your egg baby in the fridge with other eggs?” Your head tilted.
“I don’t think I’m understanding what you're trying to tell me Y/n.” Bruce replied.
“Bruce, you put your egg baby amongst other eggs. Now what would happen if someone got hungry and wanted to make scrambled eggs?” Your hands were on your hips as you looked at the older man.
“Oh...oh no.” Bruce dropped everything and ran out of the lab.
You and Bucky were lying in bed watching a movie and talking. “Steve and I have been taking care of our egg baby's together.” “Mhm yeah I know I've seen plenty of pictures from Steve, He’s sent me tones I don’t know if it's to make me jealous or just because he wants me to know how good he’s doing.” You nodded.
“He sends you pictures?” Bucky asked.
“Yeah, he sent me one of you kissing your egg baby.” You smiled.
“That wasn’t me.” He shook his head.
“I know what my husband looks like, I know your bright blue eyes down to your dark brown hair plus you're wearing the leather jacket I bought you.” You reply looking up at him.
“I want to have twins.” He admitted.
“Twins?” You asked. “Yeah, not happening.”
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bailey-whalieee · 7 hours ago
Off the Deep End
Tumblr media
No one said being an avenger would be easy, especially not after that mission, but the boys were there and it even caused her to realize what she had been missing this whole time.. 
Pairings: Steve x Reader x Bucky
Words: 3.1k
Warnings- traumatic events, shooting, PTSD & lots of stucky fluff. 
It had been three days since she had even left the comfort of the four walls that surrounded her. Three days of silent tears slipping down her faces throughout random times of the day. Three days of reliving the failed mission. 
Three days of literal hell. 
Each member of the team took a hard hit, but gods, Y/n was right in the middle of the chaos and watched it as it erupted. She was as innocent as the bystanders that were slaughtered and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to stop it. 
Y/n being the second youngest out of all of these Avengers had yet to even witness something so traumatic and horrifying like what had happened in Prague. She still had that one ounce of innocence that the world had yet to rip from her and it was gone before she even knew it. The others had seen the ugly and the screaming for help, but Y/n, gods she was practically a baby to all this. 
And to see all that blood shed at once, they all knew what would come at night and they weren’t wrong. She hadn’t slept for three whole days due to the night terrors that haunted her. 
They watched as she stood helpless amidst the burning buildings and the terrorized victims not even knowing where to begin. It killed all them to watch her try to revive as many people as she could and not one of them come back. 
The amount of blood that stained her stealth suit made them wince as she entered the quinjet with red, puffy eyes and her head staring at the floor. They all knew what she was thinking: ‘what did I do wrong?’
Steve and Bucky were the first to try and console the heartbroken woman, but nevertheless nothing they could say would erase the amount of death and screaming victims out of her mind. They all let her trek back to her room, knowing that none of their words would provide comfort or a small grain of hope. 
So, that is where Y/n was left. In the solace of herself and the ingrained images in her brain that she begged for someone to get rid of. 
At the stroke of 7 PM, Y/n heard the creaking of her door being opened and two tall shadowy figures entered. Steve and Bucky noticed her small body in the middle of her bed, still clothed in her dirt covered tactical gear. Small splatters of blood stained the tops of her combat boots and dust from the fallen debris covered her face. She had been the only one who didn’t go to the medbay that night after they arrived home and it worried the two super-soldiers sick. 
Y/n knew she had a couple minor injuries, but what didn’t seem minor to the two men was the gash above her right temple that had yet been treated. The gash looked swollen and bruises peppered her eye socket; the blood that once ran down the side of her cheek had ceased and dried. 
Softly speaking, Steve cleared his throat, “Y/n, Bruce told us that you haven’t been down to the medbay.. You sustained a pretty major head wound, so we figured we would go with you..” 
Every ounce of her wanted to acknowledge them, unable to defeat the monster ruling in her head she ignored them. Her eyes stayed locked on the ceiling, practically ignoring her best friends. 
Bucky gnawed on his lip, wondering if the head gash was the only injury Y/n left the battlefield with three days ago. They were all no stranger to the monster PTSD, but it worried him that it caused an even bigger problem than just PTSD itself. 
PTSD didn’t just bring itself to the party, it was never one to just be lonesome. It brought all its friends: depression, anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, survivor's guilt, suicidal ideation, etc… 
Steve sighed, “sweetheart, is it okay if we help you to the medbay?” 
Unmoving, she laid still in the unmade bed. Bucky began to wonder if she was even breathing, carefully counting her breathing patterns before stepping closer to her. 
And as he moved further, Y/n opened her mouth and barely audible said, “I feel too weak to move.” 
Choking up, Y/n concealed the tears that desperately wanted to fall from her eyes. The guilt 
Pausing, both men came to either side of her, careful not to hurt her. Lifting her by the waist, Y/n was struggling to even understand what they were doing. Her mind was racing too far for her body to catch up, hell she didn’t even feel real at this point and time. Between the dissociation and the lack of nutrients, as the men lifted Y/n to her feet they soon realized she couldn’t even walk on her own. 
Her knees buckled the moment either one of them lessened their grasp on her waist. 
“Hey doll, we need you to know that nothing you did was wrong, okay? You did amazing-” she cut Bucky off. 
“Please, don’t bring it up. It makes everything up here,” motioning to her head, “so much worse.” 
That itself made the woman hang her head down, not wanting to see the others or even see the looks on their faces. Steve made eye contact with Bucky as they walked through the double doors of the medbay, confirming both of their suspicions of PTSD. 
Banner turned his head seeing the two men practically carrying the woman like she was lifeless and his eyes widened. Just one glimpse and he could tell she hadn’t slept for days nor had any type of nutrition or water and not to mention the scabbed over gash on her right temple. 
He so badly wanted to curse the whole team for letting her wait this long with a head injury. “Sit her on table 3,” he directed, practically fuming. 
 “Hon, give me just a couple minutes. I’m going to have the nurse come run a few quick tests while we are gone, shouldn’t take but ten minutes,” he softly stated before hardening his glance back to the two soldiers. 
“You, and you are coming with me. We need to have a quick chat with the team,” he gritted through his teeth. 
Eyes wide, they followed him regardless back to the common area where the rest of the team could be found. 
“Are you out of your goddamn minds?!” Bruce shouted, making the avengers flinch. 
They all seemed taken back by his shout, especially Tony. “Bruce, what’s this about?”
“It’s been what? 3 whole days since you guys came back from Prague maybe longer and for some reason Y/n is just now being sent to the medbay? Are you guys serious?” He fumed, waving his hands wildly, redirecting their attention to something other than the mad Doctor. 
“She’s okay? What’s the big deal? The kid is fine, she took a couple hard hits, but we all did,” Tony sighed, nonchalantly crossing his arms. 
Running his hands over his face, Bruce yelled out, “she has a head injury Tony! And from what I am seeing she took more than just a couple hard hits, she looks like she is still in fucking shock! Have any of you even checked on her? I mean seriously, do you not understand how dangerous this could be?! She is still in her tactical gear from three days ago! THREE DAYS!!” 
A small wave of gasps and wide eyes covered the room, all except for Steve and Bucky who had found her looking more like a skeleton and less like chipper, save world Y/n. 
“You guys are ridiculous.. How many times did she check up on you guys when you took hard hits, disregarding her own problems? Every goddamn time. And not once, did you even think about checking up on her this time. I hope you realize just how much danger you put her life in, you all know the protocol,” he hissed, absolute rage filling his words, “head injuries go to the medbay immediately when landing, no matter how small. You all know that.” 
After his rant, Banner made his way back down to the medbay, composing himself for the sake of Y/n. Praying to the gods, that nothing serious was damaged or beyond repair. 
The rest of the team found themselves mute, unable to process their own stupidity because what Bruce shouted and ranted about had been completely true. They all knew she had been hit with fallen debris and it managed to gash her temple, they knew she hadn’t gone to the medbay that night.. And not one of them decided to go pull her out of bed and force her to the medical center. 
“Steve, Buck, be honest,” Wanda finally spoke up, guilt lacing her voice, “how is she?” 
Bucky cleared his throat, trying to hold the tears within, “she, uh, she’s definitely not the same Y/n that walked into that mission with a big smile and making fun of the hydra agents for looking emo,” he chuckled softly, “um, she practically didn’t say anything when went to check on her. Not even a hint of a smile or a stupid joke.. She’s struggling with something inside that not even Bruce can fix.” 
“She was staring at the ceiling when we walked in, didn’t even acknowledge us until Bucky got close to her.. Gods, Bruce is right. If something is seriously wrong, we failed her. We failed her just as much as we failed not realizing that hydra had planted those damn bombs. I mean, we sent her into the middle of that havoc not even knowing if she would make it out!” Steve ranted, pacing the linoleum flooring. 
Silence incased the group as they took in the Captain’s words knowing that all of them are true. They had been so caught up in making sure they themselves were fine to even realize how big of a hit the young avenger took. 
“We should’ve noticed, we of all people should’ve been the ones to notice,” Wanda softly whispered, finally breaking the thickened silence. 
Bucky shook his head, running his hand through his hair. He exited the room trying to keep himself together, but began failing to keep composure when he realized he and Steve may lose her.
They had promised to tell her soon, but it seemed that every chance they had gotten turned into a random conversation about her new favorite things, or her worrying over them, or them backing out last minute.. 
It never seemed like the perfect time to drop the bomb on her, that they were both absolutely infatuated with her. Steve and Bucky had never been so sure about a woman in their whole lives and they weren’t the only ones who noticed it either. 
The whole team could see it, everyone knew the small secret. To be honest, no one blamed the two super-soldiers. She fit perfectly between the two of them, the little slice of heaven they both were missing. She loved them more than she could ever imagine, but respected that they were both in a relationship with one another. Although, she had picked up on them only calling her pet names. 
While each of the avengers were stuck in their own little worlds wondering just how much they fucked up, Bruce had begun to diagnose the young woman. 
She seemed so dull and lifeless lying on the gurney, making his heart wrench. The wound on her had scabbed over making him wonder how big of a scar it may leave, so far Y/n didn’t have a concussion or any major head related injuries which lifted a lot of weight off of his shoulders. But, one major problem was the two broken ribs on her left side along with a small hairline fracture on her brow bone most likely due to whatever caused the wound on her temple. 
“B-bruce.. I, uh, I hit some rumble when the explosion went off. Umm, is anything, is anything broken?” she whispered, her voice coarse and rough. 
He flinched slightly, from how scratchy her voice sounded, “well, hon, you’ve got two broken ribs and a small hairline fracture on your brow bone.. Have you eaten anything in the past three days?” 
She softly shook her head, before saying, “I, I don’t, I can’t bring myself too.” 
Furrowing his brows, Bruce paused, “may I ask why not?” 
Her face dropped suddenly, and Y/n felt those dark thoughts coming back to life. The ones she tried to fight off the last three days, the ones that haunt her vision everytime she closes her eyes. 
Tears pricked at her eyes as she took a breath, causing pain to erupt from her side. “Bruce, I saw a lot of bad things.. More than I wanted too,” she gulped, “can I go back to my room now?” 
“Y/n, I think you should stay for a little-” 
“I’d like to go back to my room now,” she cut him off abruptly, swinging her legs over the gurney trying to ignore the burning pain in her side. 
Bruce tried to stop her, but she quickly walked out before he could get another word out. He noted her weird behavior, sighing. 
As she turned the corner to the living room, she noticed the avengers arranged around the living room doing absolutely nothing. Just in what seemed to be deep thought. 
The IV needle hung loosely out of her right hand, the tape holding in place as she turned to walk up the circular staircase. 
“Y/n? Hey, Y/n-” Tony called out, worriness covering the older man’s face. 
“I’m okay, I’d like to be alone for right now.. If you guys need anything, I’ll be in my room,” she breathed harshly, giving a tight smile trying to hold the tears in. 
“Goddammit, Y/n. Stop!” Tony finally shouted. 
It had felt like all of the air in her lung evaporated from the loud shout. It echoed within the avenger’s tower, causing Y/n to flinch and it sent her body into flight, but she remained frozen on the staircase. 
Sounds of loud ricocheting bombs rang in her ears, and images of her scrambling to make it past every exploding bomb flashed in her mind. The fight between life or death became prominent in that very moment as Y/n struggled to differentiate reality and the past. 
They watched as Y/n turned ghost white, her face dropped causing both Bucky and Steve mentally panic. Her fingertips lightly grasped the handrail as she teetered between what she thought and what she knew to be true. Y/n finally sunk to the flooring of the steps and a gulf of tears began to seep down her cheeks. 
Not being able to tell between reality and the past ate away at her mind. It was like she had gone completely mad, insane even. 
Rushing to the woman, Bucky and Steve wasted no time trying to figure out a way to help. 
“Hey, Y/n you’re okay sweetheart. I promise, you’re not where your mind is trying to convince you. You’re going to be okay, honey,” Steve gently coaxed, allowing for her small hands to grasp his overly large ones. 
Leaning into Bucky’s grasp, Y/n found a comfort like she never had. With both of their deep voices softly pulling her back to reality, she had found a home within two people. 
And so, the war between Y/n’s mind and herself began. Now, with all the Avengers realizing how much they had fucked up, the tedious task of healing what a surgical doctor can’t had fallen into their grasp. 
Many months flew by, and they had noticed how much the young woman had changed, but one thing had not, the way Steve and Bucky looked at the woman. The way their eyes shined and the way their ears would block out all other voices, but hers. 
They would sit in her therapist's office waiting for her sessions to be done, so they could comfort her after long or scary visits, remind her to eat or drink when she had forgotten, calm her down when something triggers memories. 
And after one session in particular, a realization had befallen the young woman. 
“So, Y/n we have spoken previously about figures in your life that are helping you cope after the events, but would you be willing to tell me about what they do to help you cope?” her therapist asked, as her pen contacted the legal pad softly. 
A gentle smile grew on her face, “I mean, when I went off the deep end the whole team jumped in immediately to help me go back to being who I am. Reminding me to eat and drink, they figured out what my triggers were, allowed me to cry when needed, they helped me a lot before I came to you, but I have two in particular that really understood and..” pausing on her words, she gasped, “Dr. Howell, I need to go do something. I will be back next session.” 
Dr. Howell’s eyebrows furrowed as she watched Y/n scrambled to pick up her things and practically run out the door. She wondered if it had something to do with Y/n’s PTSD or if maybe the woman had finally become aware of something. 
Y/n’s heart raced as she barreled through the double doors and into the waiting area where Steve and Bucky sat watching some childish cartoon on the television which happened to be quite normal. 
They both turned around sensing another presence in the waiting area, and when they turned around they weren’t expecting Y/n to be standing there red cheeked and anxious. 
“Honey? What’s wrong?” Steve stood up, worry covering his face. 
“Doll, your session wasn’t supposed to end for another forty-five minutes? Is it another attack? Do you want to leave, take a walk, hell we could even go get ice-” 
Cutting Bucky off, Y/n started shakily talking, “no, no, no, it’s.. It’s, look I realized something just right now and it couldn’t wait and I am so stupid for realizing it so late.” 
Bucky and Steve looked at her waiting for her to keep talking, the nervousness eating them both alive. This could be a number of things, this could be a new fear, or- 
“She asked me about who helped me cope after the mission and I kept telling her all these wonderful things about how the team were there and my mind just kept screaming about how you guys were the ones to help me eat and drink and how you sit in my therapist office waiting for me to be done and how you know exactly what my triggers are and fuck, even when I went off the deep end you guys were there. Dammit, I just love you. I love you, I love you guys so damn much. More than I should, more than I am allowed too.” 
Bucky and Steve felt their faces curve up into a smile, she had finally said what they were so scared to say. She stood there, absolutely dumbfounded as to why they were smiling, considering everyone in the world knew they were absolutely in love with each other. 
“Why are you guys smiling? Why aren’t you running for the hills?” she exasperated, throwing her hands in the air. 
Chuckling, Steve pulled her into a hug, “because we are absolutely, fully in love with you too, silly girl.” 
Bucky grinned, kissing the top of her head, “trust me, we’ve struggled so much the past few months trying to figure out a way to tell you. Stevie almost breaks every time we see you, but I’ve been telling him to wait until you are ready. We know you’ve been through hell these past couple months.” 
A couple of happy stray tears dripped down her face, “and I wouldn’t have made it through hell without you two.. Gods, I can’t imagine trying to do this without you.” 
Y/n, Bucky, and Steve walked back to the Avenger’s tower content and enjoying each other's presence. When they walked through the elevator doors, the other avenger’s were sprawled across the living room. 
And like a lightbulb went off, Tony said, “about fucking time capsicle and metal armed idiot. Finally got your girl.” 
For the first time in many months, Y/n let out a laugh that made each avenger smile and though the hard times were not over at least one thing had worked out in return. 
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lesbian-deadpool · 20 hours ago
Wanda: You know what’s a stupid letter?
Pietro: Q?
Wanda: Yeah, why do I hate Q so much?
Pietro: ‘Cause it’s obviously just an O trying to be all fancy with it’s pointless little tail.
Wanda: Q’s pathetic.
Y/N: Piet, your superhero name is literally 'Quicksilver'.
Pietro: FUCK!
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takenbypeter · 2 days ago
No More Secrets
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x reader
Word Count: 806
Summary: You and Peter grew up together, he was the one person you always could count on. But suddenly he’s been acting strange and distant. You can’t help but wonder, is this the end of your friendship?
Finally I’ve written a Peter Parker story! i hope you all enjoy reading it. This was kind of a spur of the moment story so don’t judge too harshly.
You and Peter were inseparable.
Emphasis on were.
Ever since that one day, when you two met on that playground as little kids you’ve been stuck to each other like glue. Growing up you two did everything together, told each other everything. At least you used to.
During middle school your personality grew more on the introverted side, so having Peter by your side was always a blessing for you.
When entering high school, Peter’s friendship circle grew and you would tag along with him at times. And after all those years spent together you may have…grown a teeny…tiny…minuscule crush on the boy.
But, recently Peter’s been acting…strange.
You first noticed it a few months ago. It was almost as if in one day he was suddenly buffer and more alert than you remembered. Then soon after, he began to be more secretive. You weren’t sure what it was all about but you decided against bringing up the changes, knowing that he’d tell you everything eventually, I mean you were his best friend. But few weeks passed and he never brought it up.
During those weeks you heard from another classmate that Peter had been accepted into the Stark Internship.
Now that made you upset. Why didn’t he tell you? You could barely hold your frustration in anymore. That night you decided to bring it up to him. Without a warning you knocked on his front door and Aunt May opened it, “hey Y/n!” She said while you stepped into the room. “Hey May! Is Peter here?” You asked and she nodded. “Good,” you say before stomping off towards his room mumbling that you had to give him a piece of your mind.
“Peter!” You shout shoving open the door, not even acknowledging the body in the room. You begin venting while pacing back and forth. “Peter, I’ve been trying to ignore it but I can’t anymore. You’ve been acting weird, keeping secrets. And I’ve noticed it since a few months ago and this is high school I get it, but like now I hear you’ve been accepted into the Stark Internship and I didn’t even know you were applying, I didn’t even know that was a thing…” you pause at your last words, shaking your head trying to regain your thoughts. “No. That’s not what I’m upset about. You know what I’m upset about? Secrets. I understand everyone has secrets but like I had to hear this news from a random classmate. The fact that you didn’t even tell me a good secret has me confused. We used to tell each other everything. I can’t help but feel like we’re drifting apart and I don’t want to lose you. So please, just tell me what’s going on.” You look up, finally meeting what you thought were Peter’s eyes but instead you came face to face with Spider-Man.  
Silence fell over the room and it took you a second to figure out what was going on, until finally it clicked in your brain. The strength, the changes, the secrets. “You’re Spider-Man!” You exclaim and his hands automatically start waving around in denial. “No I’m not!” He clears his voice before making it obviously deeper, “no I’m not.” He repeats with a low tone.
“Oh please Peter, don’t lie to me,” a second goes by where he hesitates to admit it. “Fine. Yes it’s me,” he confesses before pulling his mask off.
“Oh thank god.”
Peter tilted his head, not at all expecting that reaction. “You’re not mad?”
“Mad? No, I thought you wanted to end our friendship. This all suddenly makes sense.” You were an avid comic reader so that also helped you to understand sort of what he was going through, though obviously not completely. But then you suddenly smacked his shoulder, “still it would’ve been nice to know,” you said but deep down you know he didn’t tell you to protect you.
“Do you know how hard it was to not tell you any of this? Every time I saw you I just wanted to say it, I’m Spider-Man. But I couldn’t…” You nod appreciating his words. “But I’m just glad I finally can tell you now,” he grinned and you smiled back. “Me too.”
After a moment of silence you jump over onto the bed. “I’m so glad. I literally thought you stopped wanting to be friends,” you laughed expecting him to do the same.
But instead he doesn’t.  Under his breath he says, “what if I do want to stop being friends?”
“Huh?” You ask not quite catching the last part. Peter shakes his head with a small smile. “Nothing. I’m just glad I can finally talk to you about it,” he says, flopping onto the spot beside you.
You grin before ushering for more details about the super powered boy.
The ending was kind of rushed but it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyways thanks for reading I hope you have a spectacular day! ❤️🕷♥️ (I’m so excited for no way home)
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shangchiswife · a day ago
bucky barnes- deja vu
summary: y/n has a hard time moving past her relationship with bucky who has moved on easily
inspired by olivia rodrigo’s deja vu :)
warnings: none
word count: 983
You sat on the couch in the Avengers compound with your legs draped over Bucky's lap with a simple smile on your face. He looked relaxed with a similar lazy smile on his face.
It was nice, sitting like this with him in a civil manner.
You and Bucky used to date for a while until a massive fight broke out between you two.
After Steve had left Bucky for Peggy he had started losing control more frequently and would have massive panic attacks. You would try to help him but he would yell at you and push you away physically.
It hurt you so much to see him hurt and him pushing you away so you broke up with him.
It had been a few months before you two had reconciled your friendship and now here you were, watching a Harry Potter marathon on the TV.
Just as Bucky made his way to put his metal arm around you, his phone buzzed from his pocket so he slid his arm in his jean pocket and pulled out his phone.
You couldn't help but feel disappointed.
Even after all of this time you still had feelings for him.
You tried your hardest to forget about him with pointless dates and one-night stands but no, in the end, you always came back to loving Bucky.
"Oh, it's Sarah," Bucky said as he looked at his phone with a grin plastered on his face.
Your heart dropped and you felt a twinge of jealousy.
Four months before you had become friends with Bucky again, Bucky had gotten together with Sarah Wilson who was Sam Wilson's older sister and you were extremely jealous of what they had.
Sarah was everything you aspired to be. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and hardworking. You admired her so much for taking care of her two boys all alone before Bucky came. She had the most radiant smile you had ever seen. The first time you saw her smile you were literally blinded by it.
And unlike during your relationship with Bucky, Bucky didn't push Sarah away, and he was open with her about his trauma and past.
You had seen them once with Bucky crying in a corner and Sarah wrapping her arms around him and whispering to him soothingly that he wouldn't hurt her and that she loved him.
"Can we put a hold on this movie, Y/N? I'm taking Sarah out for dinner," Bucky had a wide smile on his face as you nodded solemnly and paused the movie.
"Where are you taking her, Buck?" you put your head in your hands.
"Oh well I was thinking about taking her to the Beachwood Cafe," Bucky sighed dreamily as your whole body tensed up.
The Beachwood Cafe used to be the restaurant that you and Bucky would eat at all the time. 
That was the place where you both would laugh so hard that your bellies would hurt. That was the place where you both had your first date. Bucky had brought you a bouquet of beautiful red roses and a neon pink heart-shaped box full of chocolates that you'd shared together.
The Beachwood Cafe was the place where you had your first kiss with him.You remembered how hard your heart had been thumping when he leaned in to place a delicate kiss on your lips. His cheeks had turned red and he had apologized saying "I'm sorry I just couldn't help it."  Afterward, you had pulled him back to your lips by the collar of his button-down shirt.
That was the place where he had first told you that he loved you and you said that you loved him. It was a special place for you. It was a reminder of the good times you had with Bucky.
You hid your devastation extremely well.
"That's great Buck...tell her to order the fries they're really good," you offered him a weak smile.
"I will, she's coming up here, last time she left her jacket over here so I'm giving it back to her," Bucky got off of the couch and grabbed a long yellow raincoat from a table.
Suddenly the sound of a door slamming was heard and Bucky eagerly stood in place as Sarah walked into the room.
She was dressed in a red flannel shirt and a pair of clean blue jeans.
"Hey Buck, hey Y/N," Sarah said sweetly as she bent down and ruffled your hair.
"Hi Sarah how are you?" you asked her as Bucky looked her up and down and then pulled her in for a hug.
He buried his face into her neck and kissed her as you felt your heart shatter into a million pieces.
"I'm good. Ahh Buck, you're squeezing me too hard!" Sarah laughed.
Even her laugh was pretty.
Jealousy seeped through your body as Bucky kissed her cheek affectionately.
"Here's your jacket, by the way, doll," the man looked down on the beautiful black woman as he handed her her yellow raincoat.
Doll. That's what he used to call me you thought. Doll and so many other sweet nicknames that you used to adore.
"Thank you, also I think we should get going. Didn't you say we were gonna get ice cream after dinner?" Sarah questioned looking at her boyfriend through her long lashes. Her dark eyebrows knitted together.
Her boyfriend just another reminder that he wasn't yours anymore and that he was Sarah's.
"Yeah you're right we should get going," he nodded as he started towards the exit.
"Well bye Y/N, it was really nice to see you again!" Sarah beamed as she hugged you as you continued to sit on the couch still devastated.
"It was nice to see you too, Sarah," you gave her a feeble smile.
She trotted up to Bucky and the two of them left the compound with their hands laced, leaving you in complete solitude.
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make-me-imagine · 2 days ago
Marvel Christmas Scenario Game
(Link to Scenario Games Masterlist)
*This is not part of my '12 Days of Christmas'; just something I randomly thought of making.
Rules/What you do: Just match the month/day/letter to yourself and you got yourself a cute little scenario to imagine lol. And you can also leave in the tags or comments, what your scenario is :)
*Please consider reblogging or tagging your friends/mutuals to share this around. **A lot of the scenarios are very similar, because I could only think of so many Christmas related things lol.
Tumblr media
*technically they are not all Avengers, but I made this photo and then realized that, but whatever lol. It's Marvel/Avengers.
Your Birth Month
January: Stephen Strange // Natasha Romanoff
February: Peter Parker // Carol Danvers
March: Thor // Wanda Maximoff
April: Bruce Banner // Xialing
May: Sam Wilson // Maria Hill
June: Shang-Chi // Lady Sif
July: Clint Barton // Valkyrie
August: Tony Stark // Darcy Lewis
September: Bucky Barnes // Okoye
October: Scott Lang // Pepper Potts
November: T'Challa // Monica Rambeau
December: Loki // Gamora
- - - - - - - - - -
Your Birth Date:
1: Takes you Ice-Skating... 2: Surprises you with a Christmas Tree... 3: Takes you out to "play" in the snow... 4: Takes you on a Christmas trip... 5: Buys you a puppy/kitten for Christmas... 6: Asks you to make a snow-angel with them... 7: Takes you bobsledding... 8: Asks you to marry them... 9: Decorates Christmas cookies with you... 10: Takes you to make a snowman... 11: Surprises you under the Mistletoe... 12: Surprises you after being gone for a while... 13: Decorates the Christmas Tree with you... 14: Asks you on a date.... 15: Bakes you Christmas cookies... 16: Asks you to spend Christmas with them... 17: Takes you to a Christmas Festival... 18: Keeps leaving you surprise gifts... 19: Kisses you under the mistletoe... 20: Builds a gingerbread house with you... 21: Writes you a love letter... 22: Starts a snowball fight with you... 23: Asks you to move in with them... 24: Takes you to pick out a Christmas tree.. 25: Takes you sledding... 26: Takes you to a Christmas market... 27: Confesses that they love you... 28: Leaves you secret gifts... 29: Surprises you with a Christmas movie marathon... 30: Surprises you with your dream home... 31: Builds you a snow fort...
- - - - - - - - - -
First Letter of Your Name (Or Username):
A-D: Because it is your first Christmas together.
E-H: To make you happy.
I-M: As your Christmas Present.
N-Q: To confess their feelings for you.
R-V: To show you how much they care.
W-Z: Because it is your anniversary.
- - - - -
I apologize if your combo/match-up does not make sense, it is hard to make sure that every single combination does.
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loki-leufeyson-81 · 12 hours ago
What I’ve Been Reading #1
Tumblr media
A/N: I had time today, so decided to do this. I don’t think they will be as regular as I used to do them, but is this one. I’m not including everything I've read otherwise it would just be way to long. Warnings: Each fic has there own warnings, so please be sure to read those. Also, a lot of the fics I read (if not all) are from 18+ only accounts (my account is also included in this) so minors please DNI. A/N 2: all mistakes are my own, if there is a mistake, please feel free to let me know (through DM) and I will fix it up as soon as possible. Please do not tag me unless I have already asked you to do so or you have talked to me about that.
Tumblr media
Above Image: Google
Holiday Grump // @hiddles-and-skittles​
Always back to you // @majestyeverlasting
Chamomile Kisses // @bucks-bunny​
Untitled (Mafia) / Construction worker / Lumberjack // @angrythingstarlight
Delicate Edges (final) // @wkemeup
One in a trillion // @softlybarnes
Some Alpha // @ofstarsandvibranium
The sound of your heart // @jobean12-blog
Alpine for you // @tuiccim
Unforgettable // @anotherwritersblog
Tumblr media
Above Image: Google
Home for the holidays (master list) // @jewels2876​
Lovesick // @lipstickstainedred​
Tumblr media
Above Image: Google
The red effect // @ticklish-lilavenger
Sleepless nights // @angelkurenai
Untitled // @angrythingstarlight​
Just like her father // @http-hiraya
Tumblr media
Above Image: Google
(Steve x reader x Bucky)
Double Agent // @wicked-mind
A touch to far // @angrythingstarlight
Tumblr media
Above Image: Google
(Multiple pairings / unpaired flics)
The Pain in Serendipity (pt 14) / The Tower: Happily Ever After (pt 32) // @avengerscompound
The Witness (pt 6) // @river-soul
Avengers finding out that your a black widow // @randominagines
Ready.....Aim... // @jewels2876​
Tumblr media
Above graphics by: @firefly-graphics
Other Character's
Untitled - Jake Jensen x reader // @river-soul​
Stay - Andy Baber x reader // @geminixevans
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toomanyrobins2 · a day ago
sweeter than honey pt. 5
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Honey” Cirillo has been many things in her short life: an unwanted child, a dancing prodigy, a teen mom, and now she’s a replacement bride. After her sister runs away, Y/N is forced to take her place and marry into the Barton family. The Three Families are already dealing with enough. With the murder of a high-ranking member and HYDRA continuing to make threats, they need this marriage to go ahead without a hitch. Can Clint and Y/n find happiness or is there too much against them?
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader
Word count: 1.5k
Content warning: Arranged marriage, sex, violence, murder
Notes: Can't believe it's already December! Where has the time gone???
series masterlist // next part
Clint sat at the bar in The Ivory, one hand buried in his hair and the other clutching the near empty glass. He'd be lying if this was his first, or second, or even third. Ant had been topping off his glass for the last hour and he did it without question. That’s what made the barman so good at his job. He could talk your ear off if he wanted to, but he knew when to keep the drinks full and his mouth shit. His mind kept going back to the dinner with his fiance and her family. It had been beyond awkward and tense. Y/N had been quick to point out the fact that the ring was being reused and that had been the extent of their conversation.
A hand running over Clin’t shoulders pulled him from his thoughts. He looked up into familiar green eyes and tilted his glass to indicate his companion should sit. He and Alexa had kept each other’s bed warm for nearly three years. They never defined things nor were they monogamous, but the relationship - whatever it was - was a constant in their lives. Ant reappears to put a wine glass in front of her. Alexa crossed her legs and raised an eyebrow, “So, what's happening to make you so angsty.”
“Whatever this is, it needs to end.”
Alexa’s brow furrowed as she took a slow sip before speaking, “I don’t understand.”
“What is confusing about what I said?” Clint’s tone was harsher than he intended, “We aren’t fucking anymore.”
“Look, if this is about Barney--” she put her hand on top of his.
Clint whipped it away, “It isn’t...I’m getting married.”
Alexa laughed bitterly, “If you don’t want to see each other anymore, that’s fine. You don’t have to make up some bullshit about getting married.”
“I wish it was a lie, but it’s something leftover from Barney that’s fallen on my shoulders and we need to go our separate ways.” Clint just stared at her as she took it all in. Curly, dark brown hair fell against her neck, a place he had kissed more times than he could count. Her fingers drummed on her thighs - thighs that had been wrapped around him numerous times.. The anger seemed to melt out of his body as his shoulders hunched, “I’m sorry. This is all such a mess.”
“It’s okay. We both knew this wasn’t forever,” she tossed back the rest of her wine before pressing a kiss to his forehead, “I’ll see you around.” Clint just nodded and motioned Ant over for another refill.
Tumblr media
On the other side of town, Y/N was having a very different, but no less difficult, conversation. “Eleanor Guilia Cirillo, get into the bath now!”
“No! Five more minutes, mom!”
“It was five minutes fifteen minutes ago. Bath now or…no nutella waffles for a week!” She heard the five-year-old groan but started to stomp her way over to the bathroom. Her own personal form of defiance was to leave a trail of clothes from the living room to the bathroom. Y/N looked to the ceiling, willing the universe to provide her with enough patience to get through bedtime. Eleanor had been increasingly difficult since she realized that she wouldn’t get to live with Andi and Jackie anymore. Explaining that she was getting married to someone Nola had never met had gone over about as well as to be expected. The sass was reaching new levels and Y/N was close to tears or tearing her hair out, or maybe both. The other occupants of the apartment came through the door and immediately saw their frazzled friend.
Andi sighed, “Oh, Honey…” This was the third night in a row that they found her close to tears. The bags under her eyes were only deepening and she looked close to collapse. Her friend clapped her hands as she took control, “I’m going to take over bath time and bedtime with the little terror and you are going to lay down on the couch with Jackie and she’s going to make sure you sleep.” Y/N was dragged over to the couch before she could argue and was forced to lay down and close her eyes for more than two hours.
When she did wake up, it was in the early hours of the morning. The sun had just started to rise and so she quickly made herself a cup of coffee before anyone was awake and just sat in silence. She felt more well-rested than she had in days, but then it hit her. Today was the day of her engagement party and suddenly Y/N was fighting back nausea. Dread seemed to flow through every vein in her body.
She had to put her pity party on pause as Nola came into the living room. She had her baby blanket trailing behind her and was rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Y/N help her arms opened and she climbed up into her lap. It was rare that Nola was so cuddly nowadays and she took any opportunity she could get. Y/N ran a hand up and down her back, “I know that us moving is hard on you, sweetheart. I know you don’t want to and I don’t want to either.”
Nola picked up her head from her shoulder, “Then why?”
“Because sometimes adults have to do things they don’t want to.”
“I’m not an adult. Why do I have to go?”
Y/N laughed, “Because you have to go where I go, kiddo. That’s the worst part of being someone’s kid. They get to make the big decisions until you're older.”
“I don’t want to stay here if you’re going Momma.”
“That’s good,” she pressed a kiss to her daughter’s forehead, “And just think, now when you have sleepovers with your aunts, it’ll be a real sleepover.”
“I can still have sleepovers?”
“Of course you can! Jackie and Andi would never let you not have sleepovers.”
“Okay, then we can move.” Y/N smiled at the decisive tone and just kept cuddling Nola until the other two joined them and their day started. The couple listened happily as their niece babbled on about how they could have real sleepovers and eat as much candy as they wanted
Tumblr media
At the studio, Nola had just gone into her dance class. Y/N and Jackie were chatting about the night when a familiar redhead came in. Nat stood there with a young girl standing nervously next to her. She smiled at the women in greeting and then crouched down so that she was at eye level with the little girl, “You must be Evie. I’m Miss Y/N.” Evie was adorable, with bright blue eyes and her dark hair pulled up into pigtails.
She waited a second and then spoke, “Mommy says you’re marrying Uncle Clint, is that true?
“Yes, it is,” Y/N was amused by how blunt the young girl was, “Is that okay?”
The little girl looked down at her pink ballet flats, her little brow furrowed, “I don’t know.”
“Well, how about we go dance, and then afterward the four of us can go get milkshakes and you can test me?”
That perked Evie up, “Strawberry milkshakes?”
“With whipped cream.” The little girl grinned up at her and grabbed her hand. Y/N led her into the practice room. “Evie, this is my daughter Nola. You two can pair up for the class.” It calmed Y/N down some to see that the two girls immediately got along like a house on fire. They apparently giggled through the class and looked disappointed when it came to an end.
They got changed and walked out to join Nat, who Y/N had spent the 45 minutes getting to know better. The group waved goodbye to her friends and walked to the nearby diner. Nola had directed the group to their usual booth and everyone put in their orders. As soon as the waiter left, Evie turned to Y/N, “Do I need to call you aunt?”
Y/N choked on air at the abrupt question, “Do you want to call me aunt?”
She shrugged awkwardly, “I don’t know.”
“What if you guys came up with a special nickname for Y/N?” Nat offered the idea, “Plenty of us have nicknames in our families. Like Aunt Birdie and Aunt Indy.” Evie sat back against the vinyl seat, clearly lost in thought. She leaned over to Nola and the duo whispered to each other as the two women shared an amused look.
Finally, they nodded at each other and turned back to Y/N. “Nola says your friend calls you Honey. Can we call you that?”
Y/N melted when she saw how nervous the young girl looked and nodded, “I think that’s a great idea.” She didn’t have the heart to explain that Andi was just southern and called plenty of people honey.
Their milkshakes were brought to the table and everyone tucked in. Nat had a massive grin on her face, “I hope you know that I will only be calling you that from now on.”
“I thought this was Evie’s special nickname for me.”
“Yes, but you’re joining our family. It can be a family name.”
Nola looked up from her oreo milkshake, “Can I call you Aunt Nat?”
The redhead looked very excited, “Of course, you can!”
They finished up their milkshakes and said their goodbyes, having to get ready for the event that evening.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 2 days ago
Love and Medicine ~ 21
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 3,940ish
Summary: Steve’s day does not go as he wants it. 
Tumblr media
Previous on Love and Medicine…
“What does this mean?” You asked Steve as the two of you rushed to get dressed. “Where’s my panties? And fix your tie.” You were panicking. “It’s going to be obvious—“ Steve shut you up by kissing you. “What does this mean?”
“It means that I love you,” he whispered against your lips. “I love you and I want to be here with you.”
“But your wife.”
“I’ll leave her. I promise. Tonight.”
You shook your head. “Don’t promise me things that you can’t go through with.”
“I’m going to go through with it. For you.”
“For me?” You pushed away. “What about you? Don’t you want this too?”
“That’s not what I meant.”
“Then what did you mean?”
“Y/N—“ He reached out for you but you stepped back.
“No. Do you really want this?”
“Yes. Of course I really want this.”
“Then prove it. Leave your wife. I’m not talking to you or doing anything else with you until you do.”
“I’m serious, Steve. I’m done playing your game. Make up your mind for real this time. You either want me or leave me alone.”
Peggy was already sound asleep in bed when Steve returned home. He changed, leaving his clothes thrown about the trailer, before leaving again. He couldn’t be near Peggy right now, not without telling her that he was leaving. He went back to the medical center, choosing to sleep in an on call room.
Sighing after realizing that she was waking up alone, Peggy went about getting ready for the day. When she noticed Steve’s clothes everywhere, she decided that she’d hang them up. Peggy was fishing through the pockets, checking to see if Steve had left anything in them, when she pulled out lacy panties. And they were definitely not hers.
She ground her teeth as she held them away from herself. Peggy looked at them for a long few minutes before deciding what to do with them. She got up and threw them in the wash. She stepped in the shower to get ready for the day. Once she was done in there, Peggy threw the panties in the dryer. She changed, took the panties out, folded them nicely and stuffed them in her purse. 
When Peggy arrived at the medical center, she hung up the panties on the lost-n-found bullet board behind the center nurses station.
Steve had been woken up after a few hours for an emergency surgery. Now, he was sitting on a set of stairs, with his head in his hands, thinking about the night before.
“Back already?” Fury questioned as he walked up.
“I didn’t leave for long,” Steve said. “I did a craniotomy on a ruptured saccular aneurism.”
“I’ve been here most of the night too.”
“Yeah… You seen Y/N?” Steve stood up, looking around. “Uh, Dr. L/N. Have you seen Dr. L/N? Or even my… have you seen Peggy?”
“Why? What’s going on with you?”
“Could you get someone to cover my rounds for me so I can take care of some stuff?”
“Dr. Rogers!” Gamora called from down the hall. “I’ve got an incoming head trauma.”
“Sorry, I’ve got—“
“Go, Steve,” Fury ordered. “You’re needed for that trauma.”
“But I need to—“
“So… just so that I’m getting my facts straight,” Tony said from his spot on your bed. He was up against the head board, sitting above the covers as you were curled beneath them. “You came with Bucky to make Steve jealous. Which obviously worked because you ended up having sex on an exam table, and losing your panties. And I shouldn’t forget the two most important parts of the story… Steve told you he loved you and he promised to leave Peggy for you.”
“Yes…” you groaned into your pillow.
“Did he say he loved you before or after you had sex with him?”
“Both!” Tony laughed. 
“Please don’t laugh at me.” You curled into your pillow.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Tony’s rough hand began rubbing your back. “I shouldn’t have laughed. I’m sorry.”
“He’s going to break my heart again, isn’t he?” Your voice was eerily quiet, almost broken. You pushed your face further into the pillow. “Why am I doing this to myself?”
“Cause love makes us do stupid things… unfortunately…” Tony sighed. “I need to show you something.” 
You peeked up at him as he fished through is jacket pocket. His jacket was laying on the nightstand beside the bed. As he revealed a ring, you sat up. 
“No…” You took the ring from him, carefully examining it. “It’s gorgeous Tony.”
“I bought it after Pepper and I’s first date,” Tony admitted. “She’s the one for me. I know it. I don’t think she knows it yet, but I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to show her that it’s the truth.”
You pursed your lips as you handed back the ring. You looked away from Tony, trying to hold in the tears. Tony sighed and moved closer to you. He pulled you in and allowed your head to rest on his shoulder.
“He won’t be as stupid as he was the last time,” he whispered. “That can’t be possible.”
“And if he is?” You quietly asked.
“Then I’ll make his life hell.”
Peggy sighed as she hung up the panties on the lost and found board. She checked her surroundings once again, having made sure the coast was clear multiple times before hanging them up anyway. When she turned back around, she made eye contact with Bucky. She quickly walked away, trying to lose him.
“Peggy!” No response. “Peggy!” Still nothing. “Damn it, Peg! Look at me.” 
Bucky chased Peggy down the hall of the medical center. The woman was doing a fantastic job at ignoring the man as she slipped into a stairwell to duck away from prying eyes.
“Peggy!” Bucky called again.
“What, James? What?” Peggy stopped, looking up at the man from a few steps down. “What could you possibly want?”
He went down a step. “You found those on him… didn’t you?” 
She pursed her lips. “So what if I did?”
“We both know whose those are…” He took a few steps closer to her. “Why are you trying to save this marriage when he’s clearly in love with someone else?” He stood in front of her. So close, he yearned to reach out and brush his fingers across her cheek. “And you’re in love with me.”
Peggy shook her head and took a step back. “I’m not in love with you. What we had wasn’t real.”
“Wasn’t real? Peg. We were together for months after he left. Then you suddenly caught word of where he was and you were gone. Chasing after him like he hadn’t just up and left you.”
“He caught us cheating, Bucky! He wasn’t the only one to make a mistake!”
“A mistake, huh? Is that what I am?” Peggy stayed silent. “Well… this mistake loves you. More than Steve ever could.”
Not willing to wait for a response, Bucky turned and headed back up the stairs and back into he hallway.
Steve couldn’t get out of that surgery fast enough. He needed to tell Peggy that it was over and to see you. But he had to see you before you lost complete faith in him and never let you near him again. Before he left the medical center, Steve needed to make sure that you hadn’t come in. It would be pointless if he was chasing you around and around aimlessly. As he walked, he tried texting and calling but you didn’t answer. He caught Scott in the intern locker room.
“Scott! Have you seen Y/N today?” Steve asked. “She’s not answering me.”
“She called in sick today,” Scott responded, backing up his bag to head home. “I was actually on my way to go check on her.”
“Oh, okay. I’m going to head that way—“
Suddenly a man with a sealed white hazmat suit came through the doorway. “Dr. Rogers?” The man called. “I’m with the IDC. Is anyone else in this room?”
“Yeah,” Scott responded, “me.”
“You performed the surgery on that head trauma, correct?”
“Yes,” Steve answered.
“Well, she and her husband were in close contact with a victim of the plague. She may have been exposed.”
“Which means I may have been.”
Steve shook his head. “I gotta go. I can’t do this.”
“We’re waiting on the official diagnosis. Until then, this room will be sealed off until we know the threat has been contained.”
“Wait! Even me?” Scott asked.
“Yes, even you. Neither of you can leave. You’re being quarantined.”
“Can I have my phone, Tony?” You mumbled, face pressed against your pillow.
“Nope,” he replied, popping the ‘p’. “Not until you eat something and take a shower.”
“I’m not hungry.” Your stomach quickly gave you away.
“Uhuh, sure. Come downstairs and I’ll make you an omelet.”
“An omelet?” You peaked up at him. “Seriously? Is that your version of comfort food.”
Tony shrugged. “It’s the only thing I know how to make.”
“That’s just sad.”
“Okay then, how about you get in the shower and I order in? Does that sound better?”
“Come on then.” Tony slid off the bed and took hold of your arms. “Up, up.” You groaned as he pulled you up to a sitting position and then onto your feet. “That’s my girl. Food will be in the kitchen by the time you’re all showered and dressed.”
“And my phone?”
“It will be waiting for you down in the kitchen.”
“You have no idea where it is, do you?”
“Not a clue, but I’ll find it.”
You chuckled lightly as you pulled your arms from Tony’s grip and headed for the bathroom connected to your bedroom. Tony sighed in relief once the door was shut and the water began running. To say he was worried about you was an understatement. Steve had already screwed up before, and Tony was worried that Steve was doing it again. 
If that were the case, Tony would do anything to get Steve to leave the medical center. Especially because, to only a few peoples knowledge, the medical center belonged to your parents, who passed it on to you when the died. You didn’t even know it was yours. Tony had your spot on the board until you were an attendee. He knew that he needed to tell you, but with your intern year being both your intern year and filled with Steve drama, now was not the time.
“You’ve exposed me to the plague,” Scott said, laying down on one of the benches in the locker room. Steve was doing the same thing from across the isle.
“They don’t know if it’s actually the plague,” Steve replied.
“So the men in the white suits? They’re just, what, making a fashion statement?”
“No, it’s a precaution. When the blood work comes back, we’ll be out of here.”
“What if the blood results come back and it’s the plague? What if we get the plague? Do we die in here with the crappy benched and the dirty scrubs and the lockers full of food?”
Steve sat up. “There’s food in the lockers?” He stood up and began searching through the lockers.
Scott sat up as well. “Dr. Rogers, those are people’s personal— that’s Peter’s apple.” Steve bit into it. “That’s just rude.”
“No. What’s rude is Y/N not answering the phone. Or the fact that I’m stuck in here with no way to get to her.”
“So… you’re leaving your wife then?” Steve took another bite with a nod. “Have you told your wife yet?”
“Well… no. I need to see Y/N first. I need to—“
“If I know Y/N, she will not want to see you until your marriage is officially over.”
“Well, it is… Peggy knows it, we just haven’t talked about it.”
“I’m just saying that if you don’t talk to her about it before going to see Y/N, she may not actually want to be with you.”
The hot water that scolded your back was welcoming as you tried to both live in and forget the moments with Steve last night. His mouth on your skin. Your hands gripping his as he loved on you. You could still feel the lingering tingle of all your nerves last night. But you couldn’t let yourself get too lost in it. You hadn’t talked to Steve since last night. Yes, he had promised to leave Peggy, but was he actually going to go through with it? That’s the real question.
You left the shower when there was no hot water left. Changing into a set of sweats, you headed downstairs to find your favorite foods all over the kitchen table.
“Eat up,” Tony ordered, sitting on the counter with his own plate of food.
You sat down and began dishing up some food. “Thank you, Tony,” you said softly. “You didn’t have to do all of this.”
“I kinda did, kid. You and I are family. The only ones we really have left, blood or not.”
You gave him a small smile. “Did you find my phone?”
“Yes, but it was completely dead. It’s in the living room charging.”
“Do you think… do you think Steve has told Peggy yet?”
“If he hasn’t, he’s a complete dumbass.”
Tony sighed. He hopped off the counter and came over to the empty chair beside you. “He probably got stuck in surgery and he’s on his way over to you right now.”
“He’s going to make the right decision.”
“But is that decision right for him or me?”
“Trail mix and warm soda,” Steve said, pulling out the items from a locker. “Who puts warm soda in their locker?”
“As usual, Natasha is too lazy to stock her locker with food.”
Steve opened another locker. “Oh here. I hit the motherload.” He began to pull the food out. “Look at this. Cookies, Granola, Muffins… who eats this much?”
“Oh, that’s Val’s locker. She eats a lot, says it keeps her energy up. Y/N actually steals a lot of food from her locker. She’s too lazy to pack her own food most of the time.”
“Huh…” Steve nodded. “You know, Lang, there are moments where all of a sudden in a split second, your life changes forever. Before you know it, you’re somewhere else… you’re someone else…”
“Gentlemen,” Fury called through the blocked doorway.
“Chief!” Scott replied. “Can we please get out of here now?”
“No. I just came to see how the two of you were holding up.”
“A split second,” Steve mumbled. He pulled his phone out to call you again, only to find out it was dead. “Damn it.”
“Also, Steve, that woman you operated on earlier. Unfortunately, she died.”
“And this day keeps getting better.”
“Straight Tequila? Really?” The bar tender questioned. “You’re going to be sorry in the morning.”
“I’m always sorry in the morning,” you responded with a grin. “But tomorrow I start my first day at work, so keep them coming.” The bar tender shook his head and pour you a few shots.
A man sat down in the bar stool two down from you. “How you doing?” He asked the bar tender. “Double scotch, single malt please.” Happy went off to get his drink and the man turned, noticing you. “So, is this a good place to hang out?”
“I wouldn’t know,” you answered. “I’ve never been here before.”
“Oh, well, you know what, I haven’t either.” The man moved to the stool next to you. You went back to focusing on your shots.“I’m new in town. I got a job so… ah, you’re ignoring me.”
“I’m trying to.”
“You shouldn’t ignore me.”
You turned to the man, curious. “Why not?”
“Because I’m someone you need to get to know to love.”
You laughed. “So if I know you, I’ll love you?”
“Oh yes.”
“You really like yourself, huh?”
“Just hiding my pain.” The bar tender set the man’s drink down and the man took a sip. “So, what’s your story?”
“I don’t have a story. I’m just a girl in a bar.”
“I’m just a guy in a bar.”
You opened your eyes. The moment you first met Steve replaying in your head as you laid on the couch. The tv was playing some movie Tony put on. He was sitting in the chair, asleep. You were very thankful for his watchful eye on you today. It meant a lot to you. Just past Tony, you could see your phone charging on one of the end tables.
You heaved yourself up from the couch and went over to your phone. There was about a dozen or so missed calls from Steve. Even messages: where are you? / If you’re home, I’m on my way. / Please just answer me. / We need to talk.
If he needed to do all of this, why hadn’t become over or kept calling you? You couldn’t let yourself over think it all, or get your hopes up. Your finger hovered over the call button. With a deep breath in, you pressed it and held the phone to your hear. It immediately went to voicemail. Which could mean a few different things. All, for some reason, worrying you.
Peggy decided that she needed to get a hotel room. So, after all her patients were taken care of, she went across the street and booked a nice room. After taking her things to the room, she found herself at the hotel bar. Peggy was about three drinks in when Bucky sat down beside her.
“No,” Peggy said, shaking her head. “Nope. I’m not doing this.” She tried to stand up but Bucky grabbed her hand and kept her down.
“Please, stay,” Bucky pled. “I just wanna talk. Or drink silently with you. After that, I’ll leave town and I won’t come back.”
“You promise?”
“I do.”
Peggy’s hands cupped Bucky’s face before she kissed him. Bucky quickly wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. He lifted her so that her legs were around his waist.
“Let’s go to my room,” she rasped between breaths.
“That woman died,” Scott said. “Actually died.” He began pulling at his shirt as he paced. “Is it hot in here?”
“No,” Steve replied. He was laying on the bench, hand over his eyes.
“Than why am I sweating?”
“Cause you’re pacing.”
“My pulse is rapid.”
“Cause you’re still pacing.”
Scott came over to Steve. “Feel me.”
“I’m not going to feel you.”
“Seriously, no.”
“You’re an ass. You’ve lived. You’ve done things. And you have the hair and the hot wife. And the beautiful ex-mistress who’s pining for you.”
Steve sat up. “She’s pining for me?”
“My point is, you’ve lived. If you die, who cares? But if I die, what? This is it? I told told Hope I loved her yesterday and she just sat there. I mean… she might not be ready. But I was and now I’m going to die and not even get a chance to hear her say it back… You ever tell Y/N? You ever tell her that you love her?”
“Yes.” The honesty surprised Scott. “And I should have told her sooner, been more honest with her. Things would be different. Just… don’t give up on Hope. She’ll get there. Probably not fast enough for either of you, but she will.”
“Yeah… you really don’t feel anything?”
Steve sighed. “I feel like I’ve been here a very long time. I feel it might be too late.”
“Too late for what?”
The IDC guy came in, breaking the barrier. “Thanks for your patience and cooperation doctors,” he said. “You’ll have to go on a course of antibiotics, but the threat has been contained.”
“Good.” Steve jumped up.
“What?” Scott questioned.
“You’re free to go,” the IDC guy confirmed.
Steve then rushed out of the room. He wanted to go straight to you but he knew he couldn’t until he had told Peggy everything.
“Gamora!” He called, seeing her down the hall. “Have you seen Peggy?”
“Said something about getting a room at the hotel,” the woman responded. “Are you too officially over?”
Steve hurried out of the medical center and to the hotel across the street. It didn’t take him long to find out which room she was in and get there. Peggy answered, dressed in a hotel robe, not long after he knocked.
“Oh, I thought you were room service,” Peggy said.
“Can I come in?” Steve asked.
Peggy looked back at the bathroom before nodded and opening the door more. Steve came in and the both sat on the edge of the large bed. Steve admitted what happened the night before and Peggy admitted that she had found the panties.
“I really do feel terrible,” Steve said honestly. “I’m not around of what I did. You deserve better. And I’m sorry about the panties. The gala. I’m sorry I did that.”
“Yeah… I’m sorry you did that too,” Peggy said.
“Our marriage is over.”
“I guess it is.”
“It’s all my fault. It’s incredibly sad.”
Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. Peggy cringed as Steve looked over his shoulder. Bucky walked out, steamy and naked.
“Well, this is awkward,” Bucky said.
“Actually,” Steve said, standing up, “I don’t feel bad at all.”
He exited the room. That part of his life was over now, being Peggy’s wife and Bucky’s best friend. He was ready to start a new life with you, if only you felt the same.
Your roommates were all home and asleep in bed before you were able to shove Tony out of the house. He wanted to make sure that you were actually okay. And, to be honest, you kinda felt numb at this point. Scott had told you about being quarantined, but you still hadn’t heard from Steve and it was getting late. You were cleaning up the kitchen, almost ready to go to bed yourself, when there was a knock on the front door. Opening it, you were way too surprised to see Steve standing there.
“Hi,” he greeted with a shy smile.
“Hi,” you responded.
“Can I come in?” You nodded, letting him in. “I was going to come over earlier but, uh—“
“I heard, the quarantine.”
“So… what does all of this mean?”
“It means you have a choice. You have a choice to make, whether to give me a chance or not. And I don’t want to rush you into making a decision before you’re ready. This morning I was going o come over and I was going to say… what I wanted to say… well… my marriage is over. Peggy and I are through and I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for… ever. I’m a little late about it all, I know. But I just want you to take your time… you know. Take al the time you need cause you have a choice to make. And when I had a choice to make, I chose wrong. So, I won’t pressure you and I’m going to try my damnedest to prove to you that I am the write choice. Okay? Alright.” He brushed the briefest kiss over your lips. “Good night.”
And then he was gone as quick as he came. Leaving you standing there in the entryway, trying to suppress the coming grin.
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Dating Jock!Carol Danvers
carol danvers x reader
warnings: uses of girl (referring to reader), hints towards bullying, idk what else
a/n: i wanna wear someone’s letterman jacket
Tumblr media
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She lets you wear her letterman jacket
You practically own it at this point
Best seats to all her games
She flaunts your relationship. Like a shit ton
“That’s my girl”
Holding hands while walking to class
Weekly movie nights
Helping her with any work she’s behind on
Carol is literally a golden retriever and you can’t convince me otherwise
She always comes to you with the most giddy grin, bouncing off the walls with good news
She follows you around like a lost puppy
She gets excited very easily
You’re not necessarily popular and other students will come up to you, saying Carol could do better
But your girlfriend is there to reassure you that there is no one better for her than you
Will fight anyone who even looks at you wrong, deadass
If anyone doubts that fact, they can look at the former quarterback star who mysteriously got a broken nose and sprained wrist the day after he went up to your locker
(When you confronted Carol about this she neither confirmed nor denied anything)
On weekends or breaks, she’ll try to teach you how to play her sport
She’ll grab your waist and move you into the correct position
She will be standing right behind you (the whole time) and you can feel her breathing on your neck
You never accomplish anything because it always ends up in a make out session
She hypes you up allll of the time
You’re feeling sad? Not for much longer with Carol there
Got a test grade that you’re upset about? She will comfort you and make you laugh until you can’t breathe
You guys are attached at the hip
Carol is very clingy
But you wouldn’t have it any other way
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It’s a Bucky x reader fic where they have a one night stand and then reader gets a job at the avengers and they run into each other and Bucky says he’s not ready for a relationship and reader agrees. Bucky goes to wakanda and tiny finds out about the pregnancy during the interview and helps her. I think it was maybe 2 parts reader has a son and names him George Anthony Barnes and tony and pepper are the godparents. Bucky comes back and they run into reader and son at the grocery store and George recognises Bucky cause tony set up some cameras so he could watch his dad . Ends with a happy ending .
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