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married | p.m.


Originally posted by emcu7o

• he is very protective of his loved ones - especially since there are only two of them left - and always wants to make sure that you are okay at all times

• not a day can go by without him telling you he loves you before planting a kiss on your forehead

• waking up every morning by his side

• hearing his raspy morning voice whining for you to stay in bed « just a lil’ longer, dragosta »

• being used to hear him dash out around the appartment because he just can’t sit still for too long without going absolutely mad

• not even counting anymore the amount of vases falling because of him bumping into the furniture

• actually you stopped buying new ones because they’re obviously not going to last very long

• being married to Pietro means that you accepted him as well as his “job” as an Avenger but that didn’t imply that you were used to let him leave for such long periods of time

• it always breaks his heart to tell you goodbye without being able to assure you that he will come back

• when he’s away, he tries to text you or call you whenever he can, even if it’s just for a few minutes

“Hey,-” Pietro started but immediately stopped when he heard a sniffle at the other end. “Fu- Dragosta, don’t cry, please? I’ll be back soon. I promise, okay? Don’t cry for me, not when I’m not here to comfort you.”

• when he does finally come home, the hugs he gives you are always so warm, filled with love but also last very long

• he really loves to wrap his arms around your waist and nuzzle his face in your neck, leaving sweet kisses on it

• it’s also usually silent, only “i love you’s” and “missed you so fucking much” are exchanged from time to time given that you just want to embrace the other’s presence

• sex with Pietro is different each time, sometimes it’ll be rough and fast-paced if you made him jealous throughout the day, sometimes it’s slow and gentle and he’d make sure to listen to each of your demands and just make you feel good or relief your stress

• others, both of you would be goofing around during it all

• on your anniversaries, he loves to cover your eyes and make you guess where he had taken you this time

“Hmm. Paris?”

“Wrong guess, dragea.”

“Oh. Well, then… Milan?”

“I swear you’re getting better each time,” he laughed as he took his hands off your eyes and kissed your cheek.

• he often comes home from a mission or just a training day exhausted and completely collapses on the sofa

• if he’s too exhausted to do anything, he’d just try to articulate a soft “come cuddle me, I need it”

• though, there are times when all he craves is sleep but then he remembers that you too, have long days at work - or university - and so, he reluctantly gets up to find you either in the kitchen cleaning dishes and so he would come behind you to hug you and help you

• or on other occasions, he would find you focused on your work, wishing to finish it as soon as possible

• he’d walk up to you, massage your shoulders gently and lean in to kiss your neck with hope to at least, relief you from the stress that studies were causing you

• married life with Pietro is full of surprise but that’s what makes it so special

I might come back and add some things!

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Gif Requests.

Send a gif of any of these characters and I will write something based on it.

Pairings: 1940s!Bucky x reader

Warnings: angst, angst and more angst

A/N: Thank you for the gif love. It just screams angst!! I mean look at the poor baby, he looks heartbroken. You have been warned.

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Pairing: villain!Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader

Summary: Wanda explains everything and hopes she won’t lose you in the end.

Warnings: dark themes, manipulation, attempted murder

A/N: hiiiii. so some of the events in the second half of this chapter weren’t supposed to happen until literally the last chapter for a twist at the end, but then I watched the new episode last night and uh…well, you’ll see. no spoilers here, though! I tried to be careful with that haha

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“Why don’t we go inside?” Wanda suggested as she began guiding you toward the front door, mouth falling agape when you pushed her hand away from your arm.

“I’m fine right here. Wanda, what is all this?”

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It never stops


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A lead in the ruins of Sokovia brings a face from the past back.



Warnings: Set post-Endgame, swearing, a lil angst.

A/N: I have a bad feeling I’ve butchered your ask @badasseddy​ but I hope you still like it. Feel free to complain if you hate it. Currently writing a request a day, so I will get to everyone’s.

I cannot for the life of me remember who made this divider, so if it’s yours or you know who’s it is, please tell me so I can credit them.


81 years had passed since Bucky had last gone dancing, and he felt as though his eardrums were going to burst. Adrenaline shot through his veins, the alcohol having no affects. Sam nodded his head with the beat and Bucky groaned. Is this really what music passed for nowadays?

It took several punches to the arm for Bucky to realize that Sam was trying to get his attention, and he whipped his head around so fast they almost knocked each other out. Sam yelled and smacked Bucky’s metal arm, before screaming in pain.

 ‘Serves his right for dragging me to this hell’, thought Bucky. He watched as Sam pulled out a photograph and waved it in front of his face, “We’re looking for this girl. She’s undercover. Locate her and contact me on coms.”

 Bucky yanked the photo out of the air and stared at, memorizing the girl’s face. He vaguely remembered her, but he didn’t know why. Her Y/H/C hair was tied in a lose ponytail, with striking Y/E/C eyes and a distinctive smile. Her arms were wrapped out Sam’s shoulder, while Steve’s arm rest on her shoulder. Bucky tried to ignore the youth of his friend and chose to focus on the fact that the girl was pretty. The natural kind of pretty that all the girls wanted but compensated with layers of makeup. Bucky tucked the photo into his jacket with slight reluctance. It was the type of photo where he would have cut the girl out and tucked it into his army uniform, reminding himself what he was fighting for.

 The pair separated, Sam heading towards the dancefloor and Bucky the bar. A beacon of escape, Bucky decided. Sam had said no drinking on the job, but fuck Sam, if he wanted to drink, then he would. Bucky was immune to the addictive buzz anyway.

 The bar was empty aside from a man in a suit at the end, but he seemed a little distracted, a girl on his lap, giggling at something that probably wasn’t very funny. The girls in this club knew how to make their living. Bottles were stacked almost floor high, dirty looking glasses and a few dripping taps. A girl stood at the end, scrubbing a smeared flute with a grubby cloth. Bucky tapped his fingers and she sauntered over, “What can I get ya, pal? Looking a bit lost there…”

 “Well, I don’t really fit in. You see a lot of faces here?”

 “As a bartender? More than I care to count. Need help with something?”

 Bucky pulled the photo out, folded out Sam and Steve, and slid it across the wet bar, “I’m looking for this girl. Have you seen her?”

 The girl lifted it up gingerly, letting it drip. As she analyzed it, Bucky gave himself a chance to look at her, weighing her up. Her hair was black with green highlights, ending on her shoulders. Her eyes were the same as the girl’s in the photo but the smile, it wasn’t the same. This wasn’t who they were looking for.

 The girl slid the photo back, “She’s pretty, but I’ve never seen her. I think I’d remember her if I did.”

Bucky tucked the photo back into his jacket. The girl straightened up, a crease forming across her brow, “Are you sure you don’t want anything? A dry martini?” the girl looked up at him almost expectantly, but Bucky shook his head, “I’m good. I’ll probably be here till closing time, so if you see her, pull me over.”


 “We can sink no lower…” mumbled Bucky, the toilet creaking dangerously below him. Sam hushed him quickly, “The girl is here. We have to stay ’till we find her.”

 “And that means hiding in the toilets?” snapped Bucky, meriting another hush from Sam. Bucky frowned, “Hey, this is your fault! This was your idea! She never turned up, we could have come back another day, but no, we’re here, hiding in this hell hole.”

 A thump from outside silenced him. Carefully, Sam left his cubicle, closely followed by Bucky, and propped open the door, enough for them to see and hear what was happening.

 “Club’s closed boys. You need to leave…” the voice of the bartender echoed around the room. Several guffaws responded, “We weren’t satisfied with our service.”

 “Not my problem. I run the bar, not the brothel.”

 “I don’t think Batroc will be very happy with that. He employs you, does he not?”

 “Yes…” the bartender’s voice trailed off nervously, “What are you going to do to me?”

 “Show you what we do to unwilling workers. Grab her and strap to the table… That one, in the corner…”

 Without hesitation, Bucky grabbed onto Sam’s arm, mouthing, “I can’t listen to this. We have to help her!”

 Sam’s hand flew over Bucky’s mouth, “We’re not here for her… Stay put!”

 Bucky pushed against Sam, trying to free himself from the Falcon’s grip, but Sam held him fast. A brief squabble broke out, Bucky and Sam fighting against each other, until Bucky used his metal hand to break free, rushing through the door to shocking sight.

 The bartender wiped her lip, staring down at three men, “Touch me again, and I will fucking kill you.”

 “Fuck…” thought Bucky, ‘I should not be this turned on…’

 “Hey, pretty boy? Pretty boy? Pay attention to me!” the bartender’s voice snapped Bucky out of his daydream, “Meet me in the alley in 5 minutes. Bring Sam.”


 The dingy alley smelt of piss and sick, but the bartender seemed unperturbed, flinging her arms around Sam’s neck, “Oh, I’ve missed you Birdie!”

 “I’ve missed you too! We’ve been looking for you all night! Where have you been?”

 “At the bar! Your friend approached me, I thought he would recognize me, but no, and when I said the words, he didn’t reply with the code!” the bartender shot Bucky an angry glance. Bucky snapped, “What words? I wasn’t told of any words. And why would I recognize you? I’ve never met you in my life! This is so stupid!”

 The bartender huffed and pulled on her hair until it come off in her hand, revealing Y/H/C underneath. The black hair was a wig. Next, she pulled out the photo from Sam’s pocket and pulled up to her face and copied the smile. Bucky saw the resemble immediately, “It’s you…”

 “My name’s Agent Y/N L/N and I’m undercover here. You probably don’t remember me, we didn’t really meet, but I helped Steve and Sam disappear in 2016. I saw you from a distance, but you were kinda wiped out, no metal arm and longer hair. As for the words, I was told to offer you a dry martini, and you should’ve responded with ‘I don’t like my martini’s dry’.”

 “I hate martini’s altogether! And I gave you a photo of yourself!”

 “I’ve had 4 people give me a photo of myself today alone! The people after you are on your case!” Y/N’s chest heaved with anger and frustration, “Baltroc will be in the old Sokovian church tomorrow at midday. He’s made several attempts to take over the Sokovian people after the country fell with Ultron. We’ve tried to enlist the help of Wanda Maximoff, but we’ve had no response.”

 “She’s gone MIA… No one knows where she is…” responded Sam slowly, “If what you say is true, not that I am doubting you, then we need to get moving now. You are relieved of your duty. Where will you head?”

 “To New York. I’ll go to the compound.”

 “Well, I’m looking forward to seeing you there…” Sam pulled Y/N into a tight hug before turning to Bucky, “We leave in 10.”

 Bucky nodded his head and looked down at Y/N, “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.”

 “Not your fault. I’m sorry I lost my temper.”

 “Not your fault…” Bucky shifted awkwardly. Y/N smiled slightly, “Do you miss him?”

 Bucky’s eyes widened almost comically. He hadn’t expected that from her, the mention of Steve. He noticed the way her shoulders slumped at the question, her eyes losing their sparkle slightly. He wondered how the snap had affected her, and, for the first time, wondered what an Agent like her was doing here, in the burned ruins of Sokoiva. He tried to match her smile, “Everyday… It’s hard… I know that he is still alive, but the whole world believes him dead, and I don’t actually see him very often now, so sometimes, it’s like he’s dead to me too. It just never stops, this life. It’s fast and hard.”

 “I understand…” Y/N nodded her head, and Bucky spied a tear, and felt a pang in his heart, “Did… Did you love him?”

 “Oh God no!” gasped Y/N with a chuckle, “Me and Steve were more like siblings or best friends. He helped me and I helped him… I wasn’t snapped away, so spent the last 5 years with him. I trained with Natasha, and when Scott came back, Steve sent me away. To protect me, he said. I don’t doubt him, but I wonder, if I stayed, would’ve I been able to stop him from leaving?”

 “No. He had his mind set on it…”

 “Why’d you ask if I love him?”

 Bucky cheeks reddened, “Well, after I messed this up so bad, I wondered if once I got back to New York, you’d like to go for drinks… or not?”

 “Sargent Barnes, are you asking me on a date?”

 Bucky shivered at the use of the title, but tried to cover it, “Would you be opposed to the idea?”


 Bucky smiled at her as Sam yelled at him to hurry up. There was another moment of awkwardness before Bucky turned on his heel. Y/N stood still for few seconds before gasping, “Bucky! Wait!”


 It was Y/N’s turn to blush as she pecked a kiss on his cheek, “Be safe. Baltroc has a rep for maximum of casualties.”

 “I promise, doll…” Bucky smiled at took her hand in his, “Never thought the night would end like this. And now, I must really go.”


 Sam frowned as they stepped onto the Quinjet, “How do you do it, man? 5 minutes ago, you barely knew the girl, and now you’re going on a date with her?”

 “It’s called charm, Birdbrain, you should try it some time.”

 “I have charm! And a wingman.”

 “Redwing does not count.”

 Sam huffed and sat down in a seat, “He so does. Besides, when she realizes you have a cyber-brain, she’ll be gone.”

 “Nah, I’ll just charm her again.”

 “Not with that grouchy face. If the wind changes, your face will be stuck like that.”

“I hate you…” muttered Bucky. Sam burst out laughing, nudging Bucky’s shoulder, and the man let out a small snort, smiling gently. 

It might never stop, but Bucky couldn’t deny, when it did, it was nice. Steve was gone, but he had Sam and now, Y/N too. Yeah… All was good.

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Word Count: 2,300ish

Summary: More of Y/N’s stay in Wakanda.


Y/N was still in a little state of shock, pacing back in forth in her room. Bucky was here. Bucky was alive and had been getting help. She hadn’t spoke to him since Siberia and that was…. Y/N froze in her place when she realized that it had been nine months. Nine months… She should have had her baby by now. She would have had her baby… her precious baby that she didn’t even know the gender of. She collapsed to the floor on her knees. Tears streamed down her face as she wrapped her arms around herself and cried. She stayed like that into the morning hours.

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Gif Requests.

Send a gif of any of these characters and I will write something based on it.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 18+, kind of smut

A/N: This gif gives me jealous!Bucky vibes. Thank you for sending it, i hope you like this ♥️

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A/N: just a small drabble… honestly this might turn into a bigger fic. it has some personal meaning so… we shall see! I hope you enjoy!


“How do you feel?” 

“What do you mean?” you asked curiously, stopping yourself from taking another sip from the bottle. 

“You haven’t let yourself go like this in so long. You seem… free,” Natasha explained. You hummed, taking your next sip from the bottle. 

“Well, when in Palm Springs,” you chuckled, looking out over the balcony and breathing in the hot desert air. “But, yes, I feel… at ease.”

“Good,” Nat responded, wrapping an arm around your waist and playing with the hem of your tank. 

“And how do you feel?” you questioned, looking at your fiancee. 

“Here? With you? I wish I could marry you here. I wish our wedding was here, right now.” 

“We could make that happen, you know,” you mused. She chuckled.

“You’re drunk.”

“No, babe, I mean… while we’re here on vacation. The team is here, our friends, family, are nearly here. We could get the rest. We’re Avengers. We could get this wedding set up in a few days.”

Natasha smiled, thinking about it. It was possible, if you both truly did want it. 

“Why don’t we discuss this in the morning, when we’re both sober. If we want it, we’ll do it,” she said. 

You nodded, soaking in as much as you could of the moment. 

“Until tomorrow then,” you murmured, raising your bottle to clink it to Nat’s. 

“Until tomorrow.” 

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(A/N) so that first fic did pretty okay! here’s another natasha fic bc i have literally dozens just sitting around in my google docs bc i really didn’t think i’d ever post them anywhere but now i have this beautiful garbage can here and all you lovely little trash pandas! thank you so much for all the comments they were so sweet!! while i finish up my Long AF Diana Fic, I’ll try to post some shorter imagines i have shoved aside somewhere. Might open to requests soon, but no promises bc that diana fic really do be taking up all my hyperfixation… anyway, thank you guys sm i hope you like this one even if it’s not as intense as my 5+1 fic!

Rating: T (bc I swear a lot and cannot help myself)

Warnings: The overdone “I’m Sick And Refuse To Admit It” trope; pretty much entirely fluff; very little plot; weirdly enough i wrote this before the pandemic hit and i cant help wondering if that was god telling me to stop being a useless lesbian but oh well i left that bitch on read; another reader w fire powers bc i guess i was feelin like burning shit during this particular time

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

Word Count: 3,726

Synopsis: Natasha has the flu and to avoid her wrath, the Avengers decide to go on a top secret mission. Unfortunately, either because you’re the newest member of the group or because Natasha always seems to fixate on you, you’re tasked with staying behind and taking care of her. You may have bitten off more than you can chew.


Originally posted by santa-xx

this is my fav gif of her god damm get u a girl whos a cinnamon roll AND a sinnamon roll

“So is there a reason you guys are sneaking out on your missions so late?” You ask Steve, who looks over your shoulder with a shadow of fear and guilt. “And you’re leaving me behind?”

You had coincidentally been training later into the evening than planned. You were just exiting the gym when you saw Wanda and Peter tiptoeing down the hall as if they were a pair of school children trying to sneak into the kitchen for late night snacks. You followed them to the docking bay, where the quinjet was already firing up and ready to leave.

“Not you,” Steve shakes his head, lowering his voice to a whisper. “We’re leaving Natasha. She’s got a cold and refuses to take it easy. Wanda slipped her some NyQuil so we could have a few hours to prep and leave.”

“You’re scared of Natasha with a cold?” You scoff, and his grave expression makes your laughter die down quickly. You frown. “She hates me, Steve. I’ll probably be dead by the time you come back!”

The blonde rolls his eyes, a smile pulling at his lips. “She doesn’t hate you. You’ll be fine.”

“The entirety of the Avengers is running away from her, I really don’t think she’ll go easy on me because I’m new.”

“She’ll go easy on you because, when Nat’s got a cold, she’s miserable.” He places a comforting hand on your shoulder, squeezing it lightly. “Trust me, (Y/N), you’ll be fine. Besides, the place we’re going doesn’t do well with… well, fire.”

“But Carol is going!” You whine and he laughs.

“Carol can’t set an entire building on fire at the drop of a pin. Just stay here and make sure Nat doesn’t get too dramatic.”

You relent, at last, with a defeated sigh and watch the others load onto the jet before leaving into the starry night.

Cowards, you think bitterly to yourself before returning inside.

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Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

Summary: After allowing inner turmoil to take over, you finally decide that you have wanted the same thing as Bucky all along. Once you let him know, he is sure to give you a proper breeding.

Warnings: 18+ / Smut / Breeding Kink / Protected & Unprotected Sex / Oral Sex (Female Receiving) / Praise & Dirty Talk / Pregnancy Discussion / Slight Scent Kink

Word Count 2380

The Avengers Masterlist


At the sound of Maria’s voice, your eyebrow raises in confusion and a hum of uncertainty follows.

“You and Bucky went on vacation. How did it go? How was the baby-making session?”

“Baby…making? Maria, we went on vacation. To relax. How many times do I need to tell you that—“

“Yes, I know. You aren’t ready but is Bucky? That’s the next important question.”

“Well, he’s brought it up. I just…”

“You don’t want them? Or you don’t want them with him?”

“How can you even say that?”

Her hands raise in apology and prompt you to continue.

“Bucky would make a great father. It’s amazing to watch how his eyes light up when he talks about having them. Sometimes, I think he even surprises himself with how much he wants kids.”

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“Me. I just don’t think I’d be a good parent. Plus we’re busy, you know, saving the world.” Your hand waves, drawing attention to the fact that you both sit in the training room.

“I’m sure the world would understand you being selfish for once in your life. You both deserve it. Don’t let this pass you by (Y/N). Promise me you’ll think seriously about it, not halfheartedly like you’ve been doing. If you really aren’t comfortable with it, I’m sure Bucky will understand.”

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Gif Requests.

Send a gif of any of these characters and I will write something based on it.

Pairings: Steve x Reader

Warnings: 18+, groping, implied smut.

A/N: Thank you for sending this gif my love ♥️

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