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#avengers x reader imagines

Y/N: Alright we have to talk

Y/N: I’m breaking up with Alan

Avengers: *Gasp*

Tony: Is there somebody else?

Y/N: No, no, no It’s just…

Y/N: Things change, people change

Wanda: We didn’t change

Steve: So that’s it? Its over? just like that?


Natasha: You know you let your guard down, you know you start to really care about someone and I just… I…

Y/N: Look I could just go on pretending-

Clint: Ok

Y/N; But that wouldn’t be fair to me, wouldn’t be fair to Alan, It wouldn’t be fair to you

Tony: Yeah well who wants fair?, I mean I just I want things back you know the way they were

Y/N: I’m sorry

Clint: Oh she’s sorry!, I feel better!

Peter: *crying* I just can’t believe this!, I mean with the Holidays coming up, I wanted him to meet Aunt May

Y/N: I’ll meet someone else, there’ll be other Alans

Tony: NO

Peter: Oh yea right!

Y/N: Are you guys gonna be okay?

Tony; Hey, Hey we’ll be fine, We’re just gonna need some time

Y/N: I understand


Alan: Wow

Y/N: I’m, I’m sorry

Alan: Yea I’m mean I’m sorry too, but i got to tell you I’m a little relieved

Y/N: Relieved?

Alan: I mean I had a great time with you, but i just can’t stand your friends


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Originally posted by sheisraging

“I really like Bucky” you tell Steve

“Well why don’t you confess be honest and tell him your feelings”

“Are you crazy? what if he rejects me?”

“I have a feeling he likes you too”

“I not sure Steve”

What you didn’t know is that Bucky was right outside you door listening to your conversation.

‘I like you too Y/N”, He thought.

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Tony: Alright ready Turn, turn

Tony: TURN

Clint: aghaahhh!

Clint: I don’t think we could turn anymore

Y/N: I just don’t its gonna fit

Tony: Oh yea well c’mon up, UP!

Tony: YES!

Tony: Here we go pivot, pivot


Tony: PIVOT!

Tony: PIVOT!



Clint: Shut up

Clint: SHUT UP!

Tony: Ok I don’t think its gonna pivot anymore

Y/N, Clint: You think

Tony: Alright lets uh, bring it back down and try again

Y/N: Oh wOAH

Tony: Ugh

Clint:…….. Uh yea its really stuck now

Tony: Can’t believe that didn’t work

Y/N: Yea I know… I mean you have a sketch


Clint: Oh you know what did you mean when you said pivot?

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Tony: *Leaning towards Steve whispering*  Steve has no idea I’m High

Steve: You’re High?

Tony: Oh shit hold up 

Tony: *Leaning towards Y/N whispering* Steve has no idea I’m High

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“Tony I’m not a child anymore you can’t tell me who I can or can’t date!”

“You know I don’t like Barnes and he killed our parents for god sake Y/N!”

“yea and?, he was freaking brainwashed!, look I’m dating Bucky and you can’t do anything about it”

Bucky put his arms around you and smirked at Tony, Tony raised his repulsors at Bucky

“Tony” you warned

He sighed and said, “Fine”

Request open

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Natasha: Alright lets do this you want top or bottom?

Y/N: Well I usually do bottom but I guess I can try top

Natasha: Ok cool you get the top bunk


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